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An introduction to Standby’s TV broadcast family
by | March 24, 2012 | 71 Comments

We’re a week out from the premiere of MBC’s daily sitcom Standby, which began shooting this past week. This also gives us a chance to take a look at the characters who will be populating this world, beginning with Ryu Jin as the series lead (though in a sitcom, it’s more of an ensemble effort than a one-top situation).

In any case, he plays Ryu Jin-haeng, who is determined to become a top news anchor despite — as the stills show us — not being very good at it. Aw. Poor bumbling reporter. In the studio scene, he’s taken down by a case of wanting it too badly, because Jin-haeng stays up all night practicing for his on-camera performance, oversleeps, and screws up.

In the other scene, he’s out in the field and accidentally hits his subject in the face with his microphone. Eep. I’m going to take a leap and say that bloodying your interview subject on TV is probably not going to do much to advance your career.

Then, in the next set of stills, Jin-haeng’s younger brother Ryu Ki-woo (Lee Ki-woo) gets doused with water by Jung So-min and winds up wearing an apron in a coffee shop. Is she just a clumsy bumpkin, or a wily fox? I know which one I’d be. Mrowr. *Thinks fondly of his Ramyun Shop post-army ab scene.*

Jung So-min (the character shares her name) may look like a city girl, but she’s a country girl through and through; she was raised in a small village and recently came to Seoul to make it on her own. The lucky girl gets to be caught in a love triangle between Ki-woo and Shi-wan.

“Perfect man” and perfectionist Ha Suk-jin is Jin-haeng’s opposite in every way, from his successful on-camera career to the way he commands the respect and favor of everybody at their station, TV11. One day, he starts to see his co-worker Soo-hyun in a different light, when all along he’d only thought of her as a colleague, starting off his own romantic tribulations…

That’s Kim Soo-hyun, a skilled variety PD who’s got a crush on sunbae Jin-haeng. Heh. Well that oughtta put Suk-jin’s knickers in a twist. She may not be the most perceptive and she’s not the flirty, coy type (thank you, drama), but she does tend to get shy in front of her crush, despite being so proficient at her job.

Im Shi-wan again plays younger than his age; he’s cast as an uljjang high school student, the good-looking boy next door. He’s a year older than Jung So-min in real life, but it seems likely she’ll be playing the noona here.

I’m betting Park Joon-geum will steal her fair share of scenes; she’s TV11’s big star announcer with a personality likened to Meryl Streep’s in The Devil Wears Prada. It’s a personality that’s been done to death, but Park’s got a killer icy glare.

Then there’s Kim Yeon-woo, playing a brown-nosing writer known as the King of Flattery. Ha.

Aw, yay for Go Kyung-pyo, whose career is starting to take off. He caught my eye by being committed and funny in Saturday Night Live Korea, then followed that up by being Yoo Seung-ho’s good-natured screenwriter friend in Operation Proposal. He plays little bro to variety PD Soo-hyun who’s also known as Idiot 1 out of the Idiot Trio. Haha.

Simon D plays Idiot 2, an aspiring rapper who’s always working at one part-time job or another.

Described as the uljjang of her high school, you’d suppose Jewelry’s Ye-won would be Shi-wan’s counterpart, since they’re the two school hotties. But she’s also Idiot 3, so I expect she’ll be hanging around with Kyung-pyo and Simon D most of the time.

And there you have it! Standby premieres on April 2.

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71 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Joy

    i’ve never been so excited for a sitcom. *cough* Lee KI WOOOOOOOOO! No shame no shame.

    • 1.1 molly

      the playful kiss girl lost weight

  2. Kate

    This is the first time I’ve like the whole cast! I can’t wait to watch it!!!:)

    • 2.1 dbsklove


  3. mrskimchee

    hopefully there’s eng sub for this one…really wanna watch thisssss T___T

  4. nuri

    Chan wook being idiot 1? He sure has good comic timing. I remember simonD from oh my school! He sure has no trouble embarrasing himself. Hope this will be as fun as the premise and heartfelt as high kick.

    Can’t wait.. Dramaverse totally not giving me time to sleep this month.

    • 4.1 djinni

      i loved simon d on oh my school! i love his mischevious look in the pic here.

      • 4.1.1 Alvina

        haha, he looks positively devious. I wonder what Lady Jane thinks of her boyfriend’s turn as an ‘actor’?

        • Ani

          I don’t know what Mary Jane is thinking about it, but I know what I’m thinking and it’s along the lines of “Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.” He’s funny on variety (love him), but can he do it in a show? I hope so. *fingers crossed*

      • 4.1.2 nuri

        i know. that looks it self like he’s confirming “thats what im talking about”.

        show, please have a lot of stories about the trio!

  5. jay-z

    I really really like that apron. (no attempt at intelligent response this time)

    • 5.1 Steph

      And I like what’s behind it!

    • 5.2 Jossy

      *clears throat* I Love and WANT whos wearing it ;p

    • 5.3 AFan

      Me too!

  6. djes

    Oh my, this is getting more and more interesting.
    The casts’ descriptions are are interesting, I think I’m gonna give it a try..

    (and Lee Kiwoo with an apron? Who can resist THAT? )

    • 6.1 JoAnne

      how do both his shoulders fit in the same ROOM?

  7. yuna

    OMG! can’t wait for this and can’t wait for Lee Ki Woo to take off the apron *evil smile*

  8. Cynthia

    Wow. This SO makes me think of a present day Mary Tyler Moore version. The intro montage of Standby should totally include country bumpkin Jung So Min standing in a busy throughfare in downtown Seoul, looking up into the sky, twirling around and tossing her beret.

    I shall continue my harrassment of the PTB over at DramaFever to include this solely for my viewing pleasure.
    What?! They take my money easily enough, so it’s the least they can do. Heh.

    • 8.1 JoAnne

      well since you’re one of their originals…

      but I’ll throw in my support, because this looks FUN.

      and um…pretty.

  9. Cam

    Oooo ~ How interesting! 🙂 There are a lot of good casts in Standbys & I am curious to try to watch this sitcom Standbys (this is my first-time watching, yups!) when I have time. ^__^

  10. 10 mariolawpanda

    Wow. A lot of good people. I can’t believe Gyung Pyo is already getting this much show, although his acting is still a bit ehh.

    It feels like yesterday when he was just hanging out with KARA’s Nicole in her Back to School show on Mnet. I did see that show just this week again being rerun on TvN.

  11. 11 DramaticTeacher

    I love it! Hope it’s going to get subbed or at least recapped.

    This wil be be my follow up drama for High Kick 3!

  12. 12 Ace

    Jung So-min!!!!

  13. 13 DB5K

    I’m in love with the cast and the light office office romcom vibe. Even the casting of idiot 1, 2, 3 is perfect. I love Ssam D and Yewon!! Yewon is really cute, but once she starts talking, her “image” starts falling apart. She has the soul of an adorable ahjumma~~

    • 13.1 momogi

      did you watch her on invincible youth? she’s so funny there, like a comedian, and she’s often accidentally doing things that make her look silly, they call it her slapstick comedy. :))
      she’s one of my treat in that show, besides suzy & su-geun.

  14. 14 Nokcha

    Thanks for the character descriptions! Seeing it all put together, this is on my list….

    Such a busy drama season!

  15. 15 runawayflowerchild

    i will be watchin this solely for lee ki woo and that wonderful wonderful apron…

  16. 16 mud

    Thank you javabeans for the pictures! *saves Lee Ki-woo as wallpaper*

  17. 17 ck1Oz

    I swear I was going to start this purely because I like the casting. Really. I am not kidding or being sarcastic.

    That out of the way- how come he looks more kinky wearing an apron than when he was shirtless after a shower in the FBRS scene?

  18. 18 momogi

    the story promising so much fun! I can’t wait to see Jung so-min back to small screen and her bickering with Lee Ki-woo.

    btw, kbs also has a sitcom on a same airtime that stars our resident ramyun boy aka crazy chicken ba-wool! I just found out yesterday. So it means our ramyun boys is going head to head on the ratings war.

    by any chance do you consider to recap this sitcom jb? it will be great to replace high kick 3 spot..hehe 🙂

  19. 19 Mystisith

    Normally i don’t watch sitcoms: Not enough time, and i get bored after a while. But here the cast is really awesome! Who’s responsible for that? I want to shake his/her hand.
    And now my expectations are going through the roof. Hope the writer will be inspired with such a cast!

  20. 20 kaye

    Lee Ki-Woo-hoo!
    I’m saving hard drive space for this drama. I want to see Ssam D play an idiot. :))

  21. 21 Arhazivory

    *hoping for subs*

    *hoping for subs*

    *hoping for subs*

    • 21.1 Linda165

      *joining the chant*

      *hoping for subs*
      *hoping for subs*

    • 21.2 Mary

      *hoping for abs*
      *hoping for abs*
      *hoping for abs*

      • 21.2.1 Arhazivory


  22. 22 canxi

    I agree with Mysti! The cast is filled with people I like O: I like the set-up too, I really want to watch it.

  23. 23 Linda165

    Omo! What a pretty pretty cast!

  24. 24 canxi

    Just realized Kim Soo Hyun has the same name as…well, Kim Soo Hyun. Yeah. Needless to say that made her google search damn near impossible. But, I managed to find out she’s the actress from Brain! She played the heiress who had a crush on Shin Ha Kyun.Hahaha.

    Well..I’m hoping it’s her anyway. They’re are like 5 Kim Soo Hyun’s on dramawiki and only one pops up in google images. LOL…life.

    • 24.1 Linda165

      Well, thanks! That answers MY question 🙂

      • 24.1.1 canxi

        Haahaha! You’re welcome 😀

    • 24.2 hanjiyoon

      AHHH!! Yes yes yes! Kim Soo Hyun (female xD)!! I loved her in Brain! I’ve been dying to see her in a comedy after her few mellow and well, dramatic roles in her previous dramas. Hoping that the writers will find an excuse for her to spout out some English lines too! Hehehe.

      If Jin-haeng was to get together with someone, would it be her? It doesn’t seem like there are any other possible love interests so far. O:

      Btw, the cameraman of these above script-reading pictures must have caught her at a wrong time. She looks kinda horrified at whatever she’s reading. 😛

      • 24.2.1 canxi

        Hahaha maybe her character is upset. I hope Jin-haeng would get together with her. They would be super cute.

        • hanjiyoon

          Hahah yeah!! I totally agree with you. I can already imagine them together. Waiting anxiously for this sitcom to start next week! 😀

  25. 25 Linda165

    Wait, Kim Soo Hyun??? Where? Where?

  26. 26 lucy

    kim yeon woo! farewell taxi is one of my favorite songs.

  27. 27 FunnyBunny

    Ok don’t normally go for sitcoms but this will have to be an exception. Something may have changed my mind….. *dreams of Lee Ki-woo sans apron*

  28. 28 next one

    Tragic! Tragic! Tragic!

    for ME!

    I don’t know what I’ll do without the subtitles!

    I hope the show goes well, they all look awesome!

  29. 29 Noelle

    I like the three idiot siblings. I bet whenever they’re on they’ll steal it. Hmm, will this be my first daily? The thought sends shivers down my spine.

  30. 30 omo

    Gosh, that man in that apron is the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Yikes!! My eyeballs are stuck to this screen.

  31. 31 Elaine

    Words can’t express how excited I am for this. So ready for more sexy giant (LKW) and JSM is looking pretty as hell.

  32. 32 Autumn

    Ok, I really need to watch this. I missed Jung So-min so so much, 4and Lee Ki-woo, damn, those broad shoulders are doing funny things to me…

  33. 33 Geneva

    Love this cast, and like others already said, I really hope someone ends up subbing it!

    But IDK why everyone loves that apron so much, I hate it and it should leave. >_>

  34. 34 piggie

    Isn’t this sitcom an adaptation of Japanese dorama called Stand Up! ? If so, this should be fun to watch.

    • 34.1 Ani

      The Stand Up with Nino and Oguri Shun? No. It’s different.

      But if you’re thinking of another Stand Up, maybe? The only one I know is this one:!!

  35. 35 Ani

    Hahaha. I love the 3 Idiots inclusion. WHat could they possibly have done to earn that “honorary” title? XD

    Ooooh. This looks like so much fun. Kiwoo in an apron? Meeeeeeee-ow baby. Hahaha. I sure hope I can jump on this when it airs…. and when it gets subbed. Heh. *goes back to trying to learn Korean*

  36. 36 sarang

    I might just have to watch this, the ensemble cast looks very promising. 😀 Glad to see Ryu Jin in a lead role, and Jung So Min it’s good to see her again.

  37. 37 lulu

    interesting cast! I might try watching sitcoms next time though they’re painfully long.

  38. 38 buttrcup

    Looks’ Great!

    Oh annnnnnd Lee Ki-Woo <3

  39. 39 egg

    omg Jung So Min! So happy that she’ll have cute story lines with not one but 2 hot guys

  40. 40 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the heads up JB. Having Lee Ki-woo showing off his hot bod is sure to pull in the punters! Fingers crossed for the rest of this drama!

  41. 41 Viki

    I like a lot of the cast!

  42. 42 Schmazel

    Ryu Jin in comedy totally makes my day! And Ye-won is one of my favourites on Invincible Youth 2. 😀

  43. 43 h311ybean

    Ryu Jin looks so adorably discombobulated, while Lee Ki-woo is both as hawttt and as cool as can be in that apron.

    I do love the sight of a man in an apron :-p

  44. 44 Cinderella

    Oh, God! I so cannot wait for this!

    Dramabeans, I hope you end up doing weecaps of this (similar to High Kick 3) since it’s always difficult finding subtitles for family dramas, especially weekday ones….

    I gotta say, I thought Jung So-min was going to be partnered in a love triangle with Ryu Jin AND Lee Ki-woo and let me tell you… I was worried! Since I thought Jung So-min and Ryu Jin would definitely be the end game (what with him being the lead and all), and I couldn’t help but notice how cute and PERFECT Jung So-min and Lee Ki-woo look together! So just the thought of So-min and Ryu Jin together sort of unsettled me. Thank GOD!!

  45. 45 Yuna

    “the good-looking boy next door” I don’t have a good-looking boy next door!! Maybe I should change homes XD

    Anyway, sound pretty fun 🙂

  46. 46 hanna

    Please tell me someone from here will be recapping the series! I really want to watch this series ~
    (And not just for Lee Ki Woo’s abs)

  47. 47 hanie

    Shiwan is everywhere nowdays, not that I’m complaining. I like the casts and would love to know more about the 3 idiots. hopefully you can kindly recap for us at least the first episode so that I can decide whether to watch it or not. too many drama in my watch list, too little time in hand =(

  48. 48 DC

    Ha Suk Jin!! <333
    And Go Kyung-pyo, I've followed since Jungle Fish then I Believe in Love. Saw a little of SNL, but haven't watched Operation Proposal yet. Great to see him get lots of work now!

  49. 49 crazyjnx

    I want to walk into a cafe with Lee Ki-woo half naked in an apron! who else would like to join me?!

  50. 50 Jjoo

    woah looking at those photos put a smile on my face already what more if we’re watching the actual sticom? i hope this will be uploaded, RJ looks so cute/funny — ah when i saw him in call of the country i cldn’t believe how funny he was — he cracked me and also in a thousand kisses when he was trying to sing & some of the gestures that i’ve never seen of him before, so i’m sure he’ll do an outstanding job here!

    thnx for sharing those photos DB

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