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Fashion King: Episode 2
by | March 22, 2012 | 97 Comments

We’ve got questionably-foreign gangsters, immigrant smuggling, mafia-escaping escapades, country-wide hitchhiking, famous designer ex-girlfriends, secretly connected pasts, and eccentric roommate hijinks all in one hour. Whether all those things work toward telling a coherent tale is up to you, but if there’s one thing this show has taught me, it’s that most problems can be solved if you have ROLEX! Very very expensive!

Ratings dipped to 8.2% for the second episode, which means Fashion King is facing an uphill battle, especially with Love Rain premiering on KBS next week.


Tensions arise on Young-gul’s crabbing boat, with one of the higher-ups beating an English-speaking man for talking back to him. Young-gul attempts to intervene with a “no violence” approach, but gets beaten for his efforts as well. The look on the previously-beaten deckhand’s face seems mutinous, though.

Lying on a crude cot with a bloodied and bruised face, Young-gul flashes back to a childhood memory of his father giving him (and what looks like his little sister) to his aunt for safekeeping. His father claimed that it would be only for a week, so that he could go to America to try and find his runaway wife – but I get the feeling he was gone longer than that.

Young-gul tears up at the memory and his generally miserable circumstances.

Cut to: The mandatory scene wherein all proper chaebols dress themselves in finery, and in this case, it’s our resident chaebol Jae-hyuk. His secretary lets him know that they need to hire a designer on a small budget, so what better place to look than the New York Fashion School?

It’s at that same school where we find Ga-young again, going over the whole rejection scenario with a severely rude secretary. Ga-young pleads with her, saying that she took a twenty hour flight to wait all night in front of the school – would she have done that if she rejected the offer?

The secretary could care less, and tells her that it’s none of her business. Rules are rules, and Ga-young rejected the offer (supposedly).

Around the corner comes Madam Jo’s daughter, SHIN JUNG-AH (Han Yoo-yi) who smiles in triumph before traipsing her way over to Ga-young. She gleefully informs her that she got accepted only because someone who was admitted with a full scholarship cancelled their admission – isn’t life a funny thing?

Tears spring to Ga-young’s eyes as she realizes all she’s lost, but she can’t muster up a thing to say in her own defense.

She has no one to call but Young-gul, and is dismayed when she hears that he’s gone off the grid. Even the seamstresses don’t know where he is, leaving Ga-young to aimlessly wander the streets of New York with only her luggage and some broken dreams.

Now we see her first arrival scene in reverse – where before she looked at all the glitz and glamour of the New York night lights in wonder, she now finds herself standing in the same spot, looking at the same surroundings in despair. She can’t even find a bench to sit on without crazy homeless people chasing her off.

Ga-young is able to find a motel, and thinks back to all the signs pointing to Madam Jo’s involvement in her losing her school opportunity – and all because Madam Jo wanted to give the opportunity to her daughter instead. Harsh.

There’s a mutiny on the boat, and everyone who is Korean gets rounded up by everyone who isn’t, along with Young-gul. They proceed to start throwing Young-gul’s shipmates into the sea, but the man he took a beating for thinks about sparing Young-gul’s life for a hot second…

But right as he’s about to be thrown overboard, Young-gul thinks back to his life of selling fake Rolex watches (that were of course said to be real), and suddenly screams out in English that he has a Rolex. A real one!

The other fisherman threaten to throw him into the sea even after relieving him of said watch, but he buys himself a ticket to life by telling them that he can get them more – and that he can get them into America, too. I’m sure it’s all lies, but boy’s gotta save his skin somehow.

With what looks like a whole twenty dollars to her name, Ga-young looks over some newspapers to reveal a front page image of Jae-hyuk with the dean of the fashion school. On top of that, she also seems to recognize him – or she’s just recognizing an opportunity.

Working out of his father’s company’s branch in New York, Jae-hyuk discusses the idea of launching a brand for their company with a group of dismayed board members. He doesn’t seem to understand the kind of money it would take to launch a brand in the competitive New York environment, but in his usual fashion, he ignores any words to the contrary.

Jae-hyuk finds himself in an elevator with Ga-young, who’s come to the school specifically to find him. She asks him if he remembers her from his visits to Madam Jo’s boutique with his mother. Jae-hyuk’s attitude is flippant as he tells her he doesn’t remember, and he does everything he can to give her a prompt dismissal.

Not to be deterred, Ga-young follows after him, affirming that they’ve indeed met before and that she came when she saw he was the dean of the school she was accepted into. She tells him the rest of her story – about the one-way ticket, and the fact that she couldn’t register and has no money to go back.

With hardly a second thought, Jae-hyuk instructs his secretary to give her money before stalking off. Ga-young’s got an extra dose of spunk, and completely bypasses Jae-hyuk’s secretary in order to storm into his office. She tells him that he’s misunderstood – she didn’t track him down for money, she just saw the news article with him and the dean.

“I came here to ask what went wrong,” she says, before pulling out the wad of bills that his secretary shoved in her pocket. She finishes her tirade by telling him that she’ll use the money well, and leaves. (What? Ga-young, you make the effort to invade his office, and then you just leave?)

Surprisingly, Jae-hyuk does seem to remember her, and even knows her by name. We flash back through his eyes to a fancy party Madam Jo hosted, where Ga-young was forced to wait tables. Jae-hyuk took notice of her and the fact that she was squirreling away food. Curious, he snuck up to her room to find the food set out on an altar for the memory of her parents, along with her personal sketchbook of designs.

He ends up watching a scene play out between a vicious Madam Jo and Ga-young, where she berates the poor girl for sneaking food to honor her parents. “Are only your parents important?” Madam Jo asks. “How about me who raised you? Am I nothing?” She then orders Ga-young to stay in her room until the party is over.

Ga-young ended up noticing him when he took a phone call from his mom, and we’re out of the flashback and back to present Jae-hyuk, who smiles at the memory. Aww, I knew he was a softie at heart.

It seems like Ga-young has found the equivalent of a craigslist roommate, and one who’s late on her rent and already contending with a racist landlady. The girl who owns the apartment, BONG-SOOK, is definitely an eccentric one as she calls herself a fashion designer and lays out the rules for their living together: Ga-young can never bring a man into the apartment, must always eat by herself, and clean every other day.

However, she’s ready to turn Ga-young out the moment she realizes that she doesn’t have rent money. Luckily for Ga-young, an angry woman barges in with a dress that Bong-sook sewed poorly, and Ga-young immediately offers to use her superior sewing skills to earn her keep.

Meanwhile, Young-gul finds himself in Mexico, where they’ve apparently given over the entire crab fishing boat to the mafia. (And all they’re doing to cover up the evidence is paint over the boat’s name.) He’s supposed to fork over a few grand for a ride into the States, and ends up trading a Rolex instead. (Is this his previous Rolex that his shipmates took, or did he have a spare?)

Next we know he’s being smuggled away in a frozen fish locker on wheels with the men that didn’t throw him overboard. The one he took a beating for threatens him with his life if Young-gul fails to take them to his “friend” in America awash in Rolex watches, and our hero bravely makes his escape… only to end up wandering the highway in the middle of a Mexican desert.

It’s great that Young-gul knows the number to the Korean Embassy by heart when he calls from a pay phone, but even after telling the woman on the other end of the line that all his countrymen on the boat died, she chides him for being rude and hangs up on him twice. He’s understandably frustrated, and so am I – wouldn’t she have an obligation to at least hear him out once she heard that Korean citizens were killed? Someone needs to fire that secretary.

So there’s good news and bad news when the mob boss after Young-gul watches television later that night. Good in that the men thrown overboard were retrieved by a nearby ship, and bad in that they’ve all apparently denounced Young-gul as being the leader of the riot. (How? Didn’t they have eyes to see that he was tied up with them?)

Along with being accused of starting the riot, we find out that the men who actually started the riot were arrested trying to sneak into the States, and that Young-gul is being held responsible for boarding the ship just to sell it. Basically, he’s in a whole mess of trouble.

Young-gul calls his only friend, Il-gook, the right-hand man of the one trying to kill him. Il-gook keeps the call a secret from his boss, but Young-gul is panicking on the other end of the line – he doesn’t know where he is, he has no money, and no passport. He gets to find out that he’s been accused of stealing an entire ship before he runs out of money for the call and the line goes dead.

Young-gul is stranded and desolate, and can’t help crying. He’s certainly got plenty of reasons for tears, but I can’t figure out how seriously to take this scene when the music playing over it is inherently silly.

As a consolation prize, we get some exquisitely beautiful scenery as Young-gul wanders the highway alone, until he finally manages to hitch a ride.

Madam Jo declines a call from Ga-young, dismissive of the fact that she’s in America. She’s more interested to meet with Jae-hyuk’s mother, and with another gift of designer clothes she asks a tiny favor… that her daughter be allowed to stay in Jae-hyuk’s house in New York while their own gets remodeled. (And really this all seems like code-speak for an attempt by Madam Jo to net her daughter a chaebol husband.)

Jung-ah makes a big to-do about moving in with Jae-hyuk, and makes no effort to disguise her brattiness. She’s especially bad when Jae-hyuk asks her if she knows Ga-young. She seems offended at the mere question, and refuses to hand over Ga-young’s number, all while relentlessly pelting Jae-hyuk with questions as to why he would even want to know.

He seems interested when he hears that Ga-young worked as a seamstress for Jung-ah’s mother, and innocently leaves Jung-ah stewing over his dismissive attitude.

So what does the little princess do? She calls her mom to rant about Ga-young’s name being uttered from Jae-hyuk’s lips, and Madame Jo just tells her to stay on her toes around Ga-young.

At least Jae-hyuk’s mom knows that Madam Jo is a snake, and dismisses a call from her on the basis that she’s busy. Some news does get her attention, and not in a good way. The girl Jae-hyuk used to date has now become a successful fashion designer – and as luck would have it, she’s in New York at this very moment. Madam Jo’s face and demeanor tells us that she was/is not a fan of this ex-girlfriend.

We meet the ex in question, CHOI ANNA (Yuri), working on a fashion photo shoot. She’s waylaid on her way out by Jae-hyuk, who greets her stern face with a smile and easy-going attitude. He wonders if she’s still mad at him, despite her half-hearted claims to the contrary.

Jae-hyuk seems to know the way she is, and simply forces his way into her room so they can have a chat. She remains cold to him, even when he admits that he’s missed her at times. What he’s really come for isn’t to discuss their past relationship, but instead to suggest that she stop trying to please those who would racially discriminate against her, and come work for him.

He leaves her with a contract to mull it over.

Jae-hyuk’s secretary is a Debbie Downer of epic proportions, as he tells Jae-hyuk that the chances of a successful designer like Anna coming to work for their company are slim – they might be big in the Korean market, but here in the world market, they’re little fish in a big pond. More so than that, what if his mom were to find out that he asked her?

If there’s some good news to be had, it’s that his secretary has tracked down Ga-young under Jae-hyuk’s orders. A small smile crosses his lips, and it’s a blink-and-you-miss-it sort of deal. Except it’s adorable.

Back with Bong, some Americans ooh and aah over some glorified prom dresses. (Seriously, who are they trying to fool?) Bong’s made this recent killing due to Ga-young’s sewing skills, and it shows in her much-changed demeanor toward her new roommate.

Any potential roommate bonding is interrupted by a call from the New York Fashion School, asking to speak to Ga-young.

Our heroine soon finds herself before the board of directors of the school, who tell her that they’ve made this unprecedented decision for a one-on-one interview due to an “influential figure,” and we can all guess who that is. But even so, they’ll only make their decision based on her merit. (But hadn’t she already been accepted just based on her merit before?)

Our hero has meanwhile smuggled himself all the way from Mexico into New York City, and arrives at the fashion school via a chicken truck. He’s in need of a shower and a shave but settles for what he can get by borrowing a razor from a guy who just happens to be shaving in the fashion school bathroom.

Being in the building for a fashion school awards other amenities, like free wardrobe for the taking – and Young-gul picks the loudest outfit off the rack. Haha. He’s there to find Ga-young, but the snooty secretary informs him that she’s not on the official roster.

Unfortunately for him she passes right behind him after completing her interview, though neither of them see each other.

The original clothing designers track down Young-gul and demand their items back, which forces him to start stripping down in the stairwell. Ha! I love that he just does as he’s told, even though it lands him right back in his traveling clothes… so was the wardrobe change just for the funny?

As luck would have it, he sees Jae-hyuk walking two feet away. He’s so happy to see a familiar face, even though they’re not all that familiar with each other. When Jae-hyuk asks what Young-gul is doing there, Young-gul proceeds to lie about having a show in Vegas and that he’s here because of one of his employees. The second part isn’t a lie, at least, since Ga-young was technically his employee.

Jae-hyuk looks down on the fact that a businessman from Dongdaemun (which isn’t exactly the mecca of couture) would send an employee abroad to New York. I love that Young-gul defends Dongdaemun by saying that it has the best knock-offs around, and that if a design shows up in Paris, you’ll see it next in Dongdaemun.

Jae-hyuk asks him if that’s something to be proud of, and Young-gul seems to think that it is. He tries to buy time but Jae-hyuk isn’t having it, and Young-gul then proceeds to chase him down by calling his in a familiar fashion, as if they really do know each other.

He suggests that they go eat for old time’s sake, only Jae-hyuk doesn’t remember any of their supposed old times, and doesn’t care. Poor Young-gul is just trying to get some food, and suggests that he’ll wait for Jae-hyuk to get off work – but Jae-hyuk finally lays it out by saying that he just plain doesn’t want to eat with Young-gul.

Young-gul doesn’t give up, and suggests that they have tea instead. Haha, I like that he thinks that if food is out of the question, tea is still a possibility. Jae-hyuk pretty much tells him no again, which prompts Young-gul into confessing the truth.

Of course, when he starts to actually tell the truth it all sounds too fantastical – boarding a crab-fishing boat, having a riot on board, nearly dying, selling his Rolex to get into the States… and to top it all off, he can’t find his female employee. But if he met Jae-hyuk all the way here, doesn’t that mean that they’ve been touched by the hand of fate?

Jae-hyuk: “So?” Young-gul: “Feed me for a few days. If that’s hard, at least loan me money for food. I won’t forget it all my life.”

Jae-hyuk levels Young-gul with a stare, and tells him that he has no money to lend him. With a pat on the shoulder, he walks off.

Young-gul is in a desperate situation and isn’t about to take no for an answer, so he barges in on Jae-hyuk’s meeting and grabs him by the collar. He wants to take this outside, but Jae-hyuk is simply embarrassed to be grabbed in front of his clients.

Young-gul threatens Jae-hyuk, in that he’ll show him what being embarrassed really means.


The first episode of Fashion King didn’t blow me away on nearly any front, but I wanted to give the show the benefit of the doubt, just because I enjoyed the cast. With all the dissonant tones in the first episode, the show either had a chance of finding its footing with another hour or going further toward its other extreme of being wacky, yet serious. Yet wacky. But sort of serious.

As some readers pointed out, this show is asking for quite the suspension of disbelief on certain points – like Ga-young checking on nothing before her trip to the States, Young-gul being named as the chief criminal in the boat-stealing, Young-gul knowing the Korean embassy’s number in the middle of the Mexican desert, the embassy secretary ignoring him even when he mentioned dead Koreans (who were alive, but that’s besides the point), the schematics of how he was smuggled into the States, how he survived a drive all the way from Mexico to New York with just a five o’clock shadow, how Madam Jo knew that by knocking Ga-young out of the school her daughter would be automatically next on the list for acceptance, why Lee Je-hoon picked this project, etc.

And normally, I’m always willing to suspend disbelief in the name of a good time. But somehow I feel like we’re not getting a suspension of disbelief as much as a general sweeping under the rug of some necessary plot points, as if the show was telling us, “Move along, nothing to see here.”

I couldn’t shake the sense that Young-gul’s journey to America felt a lot like a wackier, less-serious version of All In, where Lee Byung-heon’s character was forced to flee Korea due to gangster affiliations and smuggled his way into the States to live as a poor immigrant for a while. I remember watching that show and being wowed at the budget it took to take our characters all the way to the States (with a cohesive storyline to take them there, to boot), and then felt like it was unfair to think that Fashion King was taking a lot from All In’s model just because All In did the gangsters-fleeing-to-America bit first, and quite famously so.

That is, until I saw that the PD for Fashion King, Lee Myung-woo, worked as an assistant director for All In. What in the what? I can’t even argue for unlikely coincidence at this point since he’s pretty much done this exact storyline before, so I can’t help wondering what he was trying to achieve here. I think I’d be more forgiving if he hadn’t worked on a drama that features an incredibly similar and unlikely storyline, because simply put, All In handled it better.

The sense of tonal confusion from the first episode only continued in this episode, and it unfortunately worked against Young-gul the most. Ga-young is allowed to have sad moments replete with lots of pretty tears, but Young-gul’s character ended up feeling like unwanted comic relief. If I called my embassy from the middle of Mexico and got spurned for being rude, I’d cry too – so I thought it was completely legitimate for Young-gul to be sad, only his moments kept getting undercut with lighthearted music. I couldn’t figure out what the show wanted me to feel at that point, or how seriously I was supposed to take his sorrow. Should we not be sad because the music is funny? Or is the music ironic and this is all a secretly self-aware comedic romp?

There are some good things working for the show, like Young-gul’s character, played very charismatically by Yoo Ah-in. He’s a hero who doesn’t keep it cool and who’s quick on his feet, unafraid to throw his pride away in order to survive. That sort of quality is something that I appreciated in Ga-young as well – the moment she accepted the money from Jae-hyuk’s secretary left me cheering. She’s got pride, but she’s not going to let that pride make her homeless, which is a refreshing change of pace as far as poor and beleaguered drama heroines go. There’s definitely potential in seeing how Young-gul and Ga-young, two equally resourceful people, will work together in order to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, that appreciation remains on a cerebral level, and I’m just not smelling what this drama is cooking. As much as I like Yoo Ah-in, Shin Se-kyung, and Lee Je-hoon, there just isn’t enough to buoy this drama to the list of Absolutely Must Be Recapped. Its got the ingredients to be a fun watch if it figures out what it wants to be, and as a viewer I’ll be ready to embrace it with open arms if/when it does.


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  1. topper

    Thank you for the great recap. Yes the unbelievable journey from boat to mexico to stateside baffles me. No passport, and if I’m the mexicans i’ll just rob him of that Rolex instead of negotiating.

    But YAI is great with the pleading on the boat for his life scene, and showing frustration when calling at the petrol kiosk telephone booth. The writing is the real problem.

  2. Sate Ayam

    I just want to say I laughed SO hard on this scene:

    • 2.1 Raine

      DITTO! So epically priceless!

    • 2.2 aoiaheen

      Ha Ha ! I know! YAI was soo cute in that one. I must say, there’s been one sauna scene, One shirtless in front of the heroine scene, one remove clothes in public scene… That PD sure knows what we like to see.

      I really like YAI’s character. He’s kind of unique. He’s not the typical hero material but is very entertaining.

      On the other hand… I didn’t really enjoy this episode as much the first. I think I might skip this drama altogether.

      • 2.2.1 Jomo

        I agree on this: “I really like YAIโ€™s character. Heโ€™s kind of unique. Heโ€™s not the typical hero material but is very entertaining.”

        Some of it is the writing, as if they are trying to showcase ALL of YAI’s facets in each episode. They haven’t figured out yet which version the audience wants to see the most.
        (Other than the shirtless version, of course.)

        YAI may have taken this comedic role because he doesn’t want to be typecast as the sexy, volatile loner, but I am looking forward to when they let him take out his angry eyes and play rough. He is really good at that!

    • 2.3 Shaista

      2nd that! Uber cute!

    • 2.4 Francesca

      Despite some holes, I really like the story of the lead characters: Young Gul & Ga Young, they have an interesting independent story so far. Each of them are struggling to have a life, and they don’t give up easily. They’re also so cute together~ I demand more cuteness for the next eps! I adore Yoo Ah In’s acting. He has the ability to show many facets and feelings without necessarily speaking a word.
      People ask why he picked this project. I think it’s because he likes fashion and he once worked in a fashion business.

  3. Sate Ayam

    Okay, on to the story. First off, Yoo Ah In is really cracking up with his funny expression especially when they wanna throw him off the boat. LOL! Best- scared face-ever!
    Yoo Ah In is the only worth thing this drama can offer due to its wacky story line. At this point I’m just gonna see how far he can save this drama.

    • 3.1 Aidan

      I didn’t think I’d like this drama but I’m intrigued…I want to see where it’ll go

    • 3.2 Alvina

      Exactly!!! I’m not being biased at all [really] when I say that Yoo Ah-In’s character is the only thing keeping me watching.

      There is simply so much ridiculousness going on in the story (and it’s not the good sort of silly either) that I just cant realistically cope up.

  4. kyls

    that’s fast!!thanks for the recap!! ^^

  5. subject

    Oh, Dear HeadsNo2, I never though you’ll cover FK. I know, On the surface it looks promising because of the good cast and topic of the drama. after all fashion is close to the hearts of many people (almost everyone, no matter how old you are). BUT, unfortunately I found myself with huge doubts, wondering how much can I suffer to reach the last episode? apparently, not much.

    Thanks for the recap. I’m still part of viki’s team for this one, but I am no longer anticipating for the next episode. the selection is too big this days with better premise to waste my time on youthful drama.

    • 5.1 Raine

      subject, thanks for continuing! just laugh your way through it…and thank god for eyecandy!

    • 5.2 nomu nomu nomu

      You are definitely right about big selection of better premise. I’m currently trying out three out of the four drama premiered this week and Fashion King is out.

    • 5.3 HeadsNo2

      Don’t lose faith in me yet, subject. I covered the second episode to give it a chance but am not continuing recaps for the show. The second episode didn’t win me over.

      • 5.3.1 subject

        I’ll never ever loose my faith in you, be sure about that. Somehow I thought you’ll recap The Equator Man, so maybe I’m a little disappointed (not from you! but generally.) cause most of the recaps, almost in every blog, are about IDOLS, like the most important thing in dramas is the fact that they must have at least one young star.
        I’ll be the first to admit – it’s not you (again generally speaking), it’s me. I’m too old and experienced to eat that crap and say thank you after all. sorry, dear, if I sounded too harsh.

        • zsa

          I agree about the idol part…hmm I’m I too old for dramas already(figuratively, of course)…is it too much to ask for something poignant, or a comedy that is hearty?? Though some idols are just actors and actresses waiting to be discovered, pls audition them first before casting…jebal!!

      • 5.3.2 h311ybean

        I don’t blame you – based on what you’ve written, the crazy is too much for me to wrap my head around (even though I know it’s a drama and I should just suspend my disbelief, etc.). Had you continued with this, I would have read the recaps just for the YAI eye candy.

        (Sorry, Ah-in, I think I’ll just wait for your next project.)

  6. Raine

    I’m recapping this too and I actually found it incredibly fun to recap because of the sheer…ridiculousness. It absolutely begs to be made fun of! Take every single well-used cliche/trope/trick-in-the-book and throw em out there! See what happens! —->Yoo Ah-in screaming about Lorax’s…er Rolex’s.

    I thought Yu-ri’s scowl was pretty good too and I hope to see her handle other emotions just as well.

    Yoo Ah-in in the pimp suit was totally priceless and I think Lee Je-hoon is my new piece of eyecandy. Hot damn.

    • 6.1 momogi

      hey I just checked your blog, and you totally save my hunger of white christmas recap! I googled and can’t find anyblog who did the review but thank god I’m stumbled upon yours. thank you! I’ll wait for your next white christmas recap.
      btw, did you plan to continue recapping FK? because now I really depends on the drama recap.

      • 6.1.1 Raine

        momogi. i broke my harddrive and i’m redownloading White Christmas right now. I’m going to work on episode 3 soon:D

    • 6.2 jelly

      hi Raine, please show you link for your recap since HeadsNo2 won’t continue recapping. I’m kind of intrigue with the show. I like YAI and SSK. Thanks the Heads for recapping 1 & 2.

    • 6.3 Deeliteful

      ohhh link pls!!

  7. Fiercediva

    I have to watch, if only to see how badly my NYC hometown and the fashion industry are mis-represented. It just may be to fashion what Take Care of Us Captain was to commercial aviation.

    • 7.1 Mystisith

      Oh, my! God help us! Hahahaha!!

  8. LK

    I kinda like the 1st episode, but there are things I didn’t enjoy. This episode looks sort of… confusing. I think I’ll skip this episode and see if it gets better. If not, I think I’ll start Feast of The Gods instead.

    • 8.1 subject

      What stopping you? and how can you compare FK to FOTG? first of all, the eyecandy in FOTG is much better (my huge crash Lee Sang Woo and others crash Joo Sang Wook are here). beside that, the storyline, although it’s not too original (yes, they started as kids again *sigh*) it’s not bad either, but the characters written so good! and they doing great job to deliver typical k-drama (with the witches Moms and all that shit) in beautiful way. in other words, are you still here? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 8.1.1 leafy

        I think you’re judging this too early(or maybe you’re just not into RomComs). It’s too incomplete at this point to pass judgment and I believe this ramshackled plot they put together for the 1st 2 episodes can be blamed to the fact their airing was pushed back a week. That’s why it felt rushed and did not have the proper build up it should have done. I have a feeling this is their equivalent of “what were their childhood like?” part often featured in kdrama. I usually give drama 4–6 episodes to build up a plot. I even gave City Hunter 10 episodes to redeem itself (when I finally gave up..I felt like I was robbed..ughh Lee MinHo’s dramas are really…*shudder*). I have faith in YAI…. and SSk did say there was something interesting in the plot. I’m finding out what it is.

        • Shaista

          I have faith in this drama too ๐Ÿ˜€ Regardless, let’s continue having some fun ^_^

  9. starry

    thanks for recap! i’m intrigued by this show even though there are rather dissonant plot points. maybe it’s the wackiness (intentional or unintentional?) that makes me want to see how far it goes. i haven’t watched the actual episodes but your recaps made me laugh so hard especially the scenes involving young-gul.

    From the screen caps of Lee Je Hoon, the expressions really remind me of Kang Ji Hwan! He also reminds me of this Chinese actor-singer, Wilber Pan.

    • 9.1 jjangnisa

      i think ai agree that Lee Je Hoon expression somehow remind me of Kang Ji Hwan.

      this drama not buy me even though YAI on it.fiuh. waiting for his next project

  10. 10 Arhazivory

    Lol. OK….so this is a crack drama. I don’t mind though….sometimes watching things that require minimum thought is good for relaxation.

    Thanks for the recap Heads.

  11. 11 Maria

    initially, i compared the story lin eof FK to love rain, and i anticipated for love rain much much much more, but seriously, supporting both now, FK is hilarious and really surprised (in a good way ofcourse) that yuri handled her character well

  12. 12 Linda165

    Thanks Heads!
    I agree with you about this drama confusing me. Here’s this young man about to be thrown to the ocean (because the ocean is green said the foreigner?) and I’m thinking: “this is serious, scary stuff, so why am I laughing?? Other supposedly sad scenes I found funny too.

    Lee Je-hoon where have you been all my life? Worst case of SMLS ever!!! It hit me in the first episode, but by that little smile in the second episode, I was a goner. Hook, line and sinker.

  13. 13 Niz

    Throughout these two episodes, I felt that too much of an effort was put in to try and make it funny. It was more of a head shaker than a sincere laugh. Like you mentioned, unwanted comic relief. I do see the potential for the plot to develop nicely, but let’s hope the comic relief is actually… funny.

    So far this show is blah, but I will continue to watch it as well, hoping it’ll make a turn for the BETTER. X)

  14. 14 Rya

    I’m probably the only one that feels like this(and maybe only for this episode), but I feel like Yuri’s character was useless for the show. It could be because she only had a small part so far, but I just didn’t feel like she acted enough (like she held back her emotions). Her acting is kind of like that game on family outing (and other varity shows) where the person as to try to break their head through the plastic….in her case, even though she is pushing a little, Yuri could do better so that she breaks through. I understand she had to scowl or whatever but I didn’t believe it…not even when she was speaking on the cell phone…her English was good (I just hate the generic almost valley girl way that almost all of the SNSD girls talk), but I found it a little annoying, rather than her being upset with someone. I don’t think she is bad, I just think she should emote a little more…unless her character has some kind of semi-emotional defect.

    • 14.1 qwerty8

      I think she did (surprisingly) okay, so much better than what I expected for her. She tends to be sooooo camera/self-conscious, and imo the worst “actress” in SNSD, which say a lot… but she actually did well in her small appearance here, and I hope she’ll only get better in future episodes.

      lol in SNSD’s defense, I think having two Californian girls in the group does make the rest of team to speak the valley talk…

    • 14.2 leafy

      I love her but I agree with you that she’s not there yet. She’s thinking too much and not living her character just yet. Her lack of body language is appalling and awkward. I think Yuri’s character is a wild card here. The script-writer can use it in so many ways to pull the story in any direction.

  15. 15 Jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    Totally understand why you would drop.

    I think I will stay on board as long as it stays interesting.
    If it goes all MoH, and makes me want to skip everything, I’ll bail, too.

    It is just as much fun to watch bad shows as good, if you’re not recapping, of course!

  16. 16 HallyuFan32

    so, are you saying that you are going to drop the show? or are you going to recap next week, and if it doesn’t move you, then you will drop it? i think it should be the latter. why? because i think they show rushed it self to get everyone in new york. Why? because new york fashion week was happening, and it being a FASHION BASED show, they needed the footage, but how they got everyone in New York (especially Young-gul’s character) was VERY VERY rushed.

    i just hope that now that everyone is there, they can finally lay some solid storylines. i appreciate the fact that we have a clear cut bad guy (Madam Jo) in the series. she just reeks of a “hate me because you’re supposed to” aura. and i feel that her daughter is almost like the equivalent of the guy who played Park Gi-Woong’s cousin in The Musical, in the sense that she’s her mother’s henchman that you’ll grow to hate because she does things and gets away with it.

    but so far, we are starting to get some plot, it’s just that a lot is being thrown at us and we don’t know where to start. I (like all the other SONES) am just happy to see my Yuri-ah. say what you want, but so far, i’m only looking at her. she will be my reason for finishing this drama weather it be good, bad, horrible, confusing, whatever. i’m gonna finish. just like how i’m going to watch Love Rain, and 3rd Hospital. but from a viewers POV with no bias, this drama needs to calm down, and just set a tone.

  17. 17 momogi

    wow headsno2 you clearly has a crush on Lee Je-hoon, but so did I. haha
    It’s a shame I can only read your recaps, and I literally mean I’m depending on the recaps now because I can’t watch this drama yet.

    Hm,,Lee Je-hoon <3 <3 <3
    my lovely Lee Je-hoon, I wonder why you picked this drama, it better for you to just stick in chungmuro.
    btw, I still love you..

  18. 18 DB5K

    ZOMG, the promise of rolex watches was hilarious!! I can’t take any of the crabmen riot/foreign gangsters scenes seriously. Who doesn’t know how common fake Rolex watches are in Asia? Who would sail all the way to Mexico and trek across the desert based on the promise for some Rolex watches? And how the heck did Young Gul hitch hike to New York from Mexico in that short time frame?

    So many scenes are JUST. SO. UNNECESSARY. Why did they have to have Young Gul wanted by the police for mutiny and ship stealing? Why did the script writers make him go to America if they’re going to ship him back to Korea anyways? I’m fine with loan shark/gangsters complications. But being wanted by the police for stealing a ship?? R.A.N.D.O.M. The script writers should have just kept Young Gul struggling and thriving in Dongdaemun while Gayoung was in New York.

    I really liked all the funny parts in the drama, though. I wish there was more of it. I chuckled when Young Gul asked Jaehyuk if they could have tea, if they couldn’t have lunch.

    @HeadsNo2, you’ve seen All In? It’s such an old drama and not a lot of people have seen it~~ I found out about it when I was in my Lee Byung Hun phase, when I was watching Iris ^^

    And what?? The Fashion King PD worked on All In?? I guess I was right when I said it felt plagiarized. Well, now I have someone to blame for the chaotic plot. I heard that PDs have the power to request script writers to change parts of their script, so now I’m convinced that the Fashion King PD asked the script writer to insert those scenes :/

    It just felt so disorienting to go from a frozen-fish-truck-in-the-Mexican-desert scene to an ultramod, all-white fashion studio blasting Ke$ha’s music.

    The scene of Young Gul crying in the desert undercut with the weepy violin music was supposed to be funny, I think. I think these sort of scenes could have worked in period dramas set in the 80s like Giant or Light and Shadow. But it seems really out of place in a modern FASHION drama. Like…what do mutinies have to do with fashion??

    Which drama do you think has more of an identity crisis: Bachelor’s Vegetable Store or Fashion King?

    After watching Rooftop Prince and King2Hearts, I realized what a relief it is to watch something directed properly.

    And the introduction of Young Gul’s sister and dad does not bode well. These characters could pop into the drama at any time and create plenty of opportunities for a makjang fest.

    Anyways, I’ll keep hoping that this drama swerves away from anymore ridiculousness. Feast of the Gods turned out to be amazing after the first two crazy episodes. Even if Fashion King doesn’t get better, I’ll be watching it for LEE JE HOON. Why does he have to be so hot, damnit *_*

    Besides, I have nothing else to watch on Mondays/Tuesdays. I am not a fan of Jang Geun Suk. Despite my weakness for sentimental melo dramas and my love for the movie The Classic, which Love Rain seems to have plagiarized, coincidentally, I will be too distracted by Jang Geun Seok to enjoy Love Rain~~

    • 18.1 Mystisith

      Agree with you 100 %. I will still watch it, but with absolutely no expectations at all, just for the ridicule and the WTF. This script is good for the trash can. Honestly, if YAI wasn’t in this, the show wouldn’t have 5 % ratings.

      • 18.1.1 leafy

        I don’t think YAI would choose a script that would ruin his career. He’s had good choices so far… YAI I believe in you. >< Damn it… this is the director/editor's fault.

        • Mystisith

          There is so many things that the actors don’t control or know about when they sign for a drama. Sigh… It’s a roulette game for everyone involved.
          And even knowing, sometimes they accept a “bad” project for external reasons: Pressure of their agency, need of money, need to delay the army enlistment… And there is so much competition between actors, i don’t think they can afford to be picky much.

  19. 19 Noelle

    Huh? It seems all over the place. I’m gonna take a pass on this show.

  20. 20 lin

    “why Lee Je-hoon picked this project”

    My oppa is a brilliant actor and the reason I am sitting through this but I can’t help but cream at my screen “Why oppa, WHY!?”

    • 20.1 qwerty8

      lol actually, the only reason why I watch this was because of Lee JeHoon and Yoo AhIn. They’re good actors and I *believe* in their choices of projects… so I hope Fashion King’s storyline would be good enough to make these guys sign to this show.

  21. 21 leafy

    was it really stated he’s in Mexico? Coz you know.. they filmed it in Arizona. ^^ (sorry I couldn’t understand with the subs)..and about the korean embassy number… there’s always directory assistance. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I also find how preposterous all these connections are…with LJH again recognizing SSK in such a weird manner. I would’ve bought it if SSK somehow gave him a piece to wear or something but seriously… he intruded into her room? Wth? haha

  22. 22 leafy

    It’s not Mexico I’m sure of it now.. it’s just not possible to hitchhike across borders and without a passport

  23. 23 leafy

    It will be totally intriguing how Yoo Ah In will Buy out Lee Je Hoon’s company. How in the world will he even do it?

  24. 24 Sue

    Honestly, I didn’t even finish the recap. The story doesn’t appeal to me, even though Yoo Ah In is one of my favorites. Maybe I should just watch SKKS again…

  25. 25 ayeesha m

    nice recap.young gul’s crying shot is so funny.it would really be nyc if you could also recap ‘the king to hearts’.i hope you dont mind.thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 26 Anvesha

    I agree about the suspension of disbelief. I mean, I don’t mind closing my eyes to some details, but this one seems to have one too many.

    The second lead is cute.. I think he and Ga Young will be pretty good together. And too bad there wet no scenes of the OTP this epi.

  27. 27 seriously

    Is anybody else disturbed by that guy’s NOSE??

  28. 28 WTF

    anyone else bothered by the stereo-typical “Americans”? There are too many holes in this drama. What was young gul eating this whole time? HOW did he get to New York all the way from Mexico?? And how did he get there so quickly??? Sometimes K-drama’s thinks the audience won’t ask these questions. I know they’re not important but TV shows have upgraded their level of realism these days, audience wants to believe these things (even tho its a comedy) it would have been nice if he dropped a line like “i’ve been eating squirrels this whole time!” or something to Lee Je Hoon lol (to explain his eating habits and how he’s still alive)

    • 28.1 HeadsNo2

      Bahahaha. I died thinking of Yoo Ah-in screaming: “I’ve been eating squirrels this whole time!”

    • 28.2 h311ybean

      I think I mentioned trying to suspend disbelief (and just trying to enjoy the drama as entertainment) in my other comment to this post, but I agree that there are just too many logic holes now for this show to hold any water for me.

      Also, LOL @ the eating squirrels bit – although I also can’t help weeping for the poor things :p

    • 28.3 luv2rain

      I am also disturbed by the stereotyped Americans.

  29. 29 Shaista

    You know what? Call me ridiculous but I LOVE this friggin ridiculous show! XDDD Seriously, I don’t buy the premise and unbelievable storyline, and I hate the makjang elements ~like evil mothers and childhood friends~ But I just can’t stop laughing everytime Yoo Ah In shows up! I cried too when he cried and LOL-ed when he did silly things in this episode, I even laughed hard on his unfortunate events. Am I weird? Or issit just because the actor is awesome? LMAO!
    Thanks for recapping this drama, HeadsNo2 ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 29.1 Shaista

      And oh…LOLEX!! LOLEX!! AMERIKKAAAHHH!! *literally roll of the floor*

      • 29.1.1 Jomo

        You are ridiculous and I am right there with you.

        Rather than watch this as a show, I am watching this as a string of performances by some good actors.

        Plot and reality be damned!

  30. 30 sjs

    people, you just do not know, everything is possible.
    Smuggling, hitchhiking are common in us

  31. 31 momosa

    …isnโ€™t enough to buoy this drama to the list of Absolutely Must Be Recapped…

    Are you hinting of ditching the recapping? Please continue recapping, it’s still too early to make a call.

    Thank you.

  32. 32 Francesca

    Despite some holes, I really like the story of the lead characters: Young Gul & Ga Young, they have an interesting independent story so far. Each of them are struggling to have a life, and they don’t give up easily. They’re also so cute together~ I demand more cuteness for the next eps! I adore Yoo Ah In’s acting. He has the ability to show many facets and feelings without necessarily speaking a word.
    People ask why he picked this project. I think it’s because he likes fashion and he once worked in fashion business.

  33. 33 popcorn

    I’m fascinated by the connection you made to All In! All In is one of my favorite k-dramas of all time and I really liked how they handled the part where LBH is in America. Although they had a big budget and it was about gambling, so Las Vegas was an obvious choice. Anyways, I hope you continue to do recaps. I think we have to have a certain level of suspension of disbelief when it comes to k-dramas. =)

  34. 34 Alice20

    For the Korean Embassy, he could have just called information and had them connect him. But I don’t know why he would know THAT number, either. Oh, drama…

  35. 35 kdramafan

    is it me or Lee Je hoon has a resemblance to Yeon Jung Hoon?

    • 35.1 jen320

      Are you serious? Lee Jae Hoon and Yeo Jung Hoon look nothing alike! Yeo Jung Hoon looks very old and their features are very different. I think Lee Jae Hoon slightly resembles Wilber Pan – the chinese actor/singer.

      • 35.1.1 g

        jen320 – i think lee jae hoon looks alot like wilber pan too! maybe it’s the eyes and lips

  36. 36 luv2rain

    Well, I’m continuing to watch this drama. YAI wasn’t in the first two episodes long enough. I’ll assume that this will change as we get into the story.

    One thing I don’t like about the show is how badly Americans (from all walks of life) are being portrayed.

    I’m surprised that I like Lee Je Hoon. I feel like I’m being unfaithful to YAI by enjoying this other guy. Ha Ha.

    I’m disappointed that the show will no longer be recapped but the choice is up to you.

  37. 37 Elana

    “The secretary could care less, and tells her that itโ€™s none of her business. Rules are rules, and Ga-young rejected the offer (supposedly).”

    It’s should be “The secretary couldn’t care less…”

  38. 38 Suzi Q

    Separated at birth… I kept thinking Lee Je Hoon does look like another actor… Yes, Wilber Pan.

    Anyway, the only reason I’m watching this drama is YAI. He has comedic flair, and he’s hilarious.I miss his mane of hair though.

    Unfortunately,I’m not a fan of how the storyline is stretching your brains to believe Young Gul’s survival trip from the hijacked fishing boat to N.Y. and the way they badly portray Americans. Reminded me of Alaska’s Deadliest Catch T.V. show.I hope the writers can come up with some better writing instead of using this low type of comedy bits.

    Gee, I didn’t know fake Rolex could have such power. My husband bought fake one in Hong Kong and it looks real.

  39. 39 MsB

    With so much coming in the next couple of weeks, this is a maybe. I am not blown away as I hate love triangle stories. I’ve been spoiled by dramas like Salaryman, Padam, Kimchi Family, and even Wild Romance. This might end up on the when I am bored list.

  40. 40 supah

    Ohh… I am so all over this! It’s not got the gritty human drama feel that I was anticipating (who am I kidding? Ha!) but it’s pretty fcuking amusing — in a good way. And Yoo Ah-in and Lee Je-hoon are sexy as hell. I’m looking forward to the romances. ‘Tis the writer of Bali, crazy young love is part of the bargain. Bring it!

  41. 41 wina

    is it just me or Lee Jae Hoon really looks like Kang Ji Hwan??

    • 41.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      I had the same conclusion. I keep thinking… young Kang Ji Hwan.

  42. 42 A_Donuts

    Have come this show hasn’t been added to the recapped series in progress at the bottom?

  43. 43 obsidian

    I understand that they are in New York, but I really sincerely wish with all my heart that they would keep the English to a complete minimum!! When English is spoken, the acting is horrible!! The racist landlady, the crazy homeless women…the receptionist…the list goes on and on. With all the suspension of disbelief, I could go along with that everyone they come into contact with can speak Korean (with the audience knowing that they’re really speaking English, sorta like Return of Iljimae). If Young-gul can make it all the way into New York without any mishaps, I’m sure I can believe that everyone speaks Korean.

    I was also jarred by the music choice when Young-gul started crying. I felt sad for him, but the music was lighthearted and fun.

    I will continue to watch the show, but hopefully it finds it’s footing.

  44. 44 Canto

    Yah, this drama defies drama logic and plot holes are so many that one risk falling into a pothole like in a garden dug full of them.

    Suspension of belief…

    That is the best that they can make of Yoo Ah In? Sigh… all that pouty lips, chiseled good looks wasted! He looks like comic relief and that is a very bad place to go if you are a lead in a Korean romance.

    Double sigh… will the writer do his/her job properly now already?!

    The actors are pulling in their weight. Heroine looks pretty and tragic enough, I am just waiting for the ever hot Yoo Ah In to have some sweet moments with her…

    Still watching this mixed up show… like bad popcorn. It’s properly bad for you and makes you feel ill if you eat too much of it, but it is addictive by way of the butter (actors) alone.

  45. 45 Viki

    The show has a lot of unrealistic and racists moments…but oh well, I am waiting for the story to kick in…I am trying to ignore all the mistakes and stuff right now

  46. 46 dora

    and the horse goes crazy … pretty cute! …. but apart from that …. seems interesting … hopefully deepen a little on the subject of design, because I want … at least to know how to handle there …!!

  47. 47 judy

    thank you for the recap. does this mean you won’t be recapping the rest of the episodes?

  48. 48 Skylla1

    Oh no! No more blogging about Fashion King. It can’t be! This is one of my favorites. It deserves a recap Dramabeans!! There is purpose to the crazy storyline. Read on and I will explain why the plotlines:

  49. 49 nesiessi

    PLEASE….AM BEGGING FOR RECAPS. I am one who hates nonexistent plot lines or poor execution of same or bad actors making a good plot line suck…However, the problem here is that the show moved the story too quickly and made some poor choices as far as which music to use in scores and camera angles. Other than that , had the director chosen to use a slow pace as was done in A Thousand Kisses, the storyline at this point would have been more solid. All in all, I’m already on Ep 5 and cannot wait to see what will happen next. kronika heads2 Unni and Javabeans and Girlfriday unnis..chaebal…recap the show…chaebal

  50. 50 nesiessi

    btw…am i the only one who kept thinking that shin se kyung looked very much like kim ha eun?

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