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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 2
by | June 10, 2012 | 135 Comments

Hello! Javabeans and Girlfriday have kindly let me recap the hilarious, sometimes eye-roll-inducing drama that is A Gentleman’s Dignity. I’ve missed this community and I’m happy to be back for more fun, smexy times with you all. I know I’m really behind. I jumped on the bandwagon kind of late but I’ll be working hard to catch up as soon as possible.


The gentlemen sit at brunch and trash-talk an old classmate as Do Jin intently studies Tae San. Do Jin remarks that they’ve reached an age where one can’t even pick up the signals of a secret crush.

Tae San asks Do Jin if someone likes him and Jin and Jung Rok both ask: Is she pretty? Haha. Oh. How shallow can you get?

Apparently much more. The guys cut off Do Jin’s words about Confucian maturity to ogle at a long-legged model who just happens to drop something on the floor, giving them an extraordinary view of her back end.

At the office, Do Jin stares at Tae San’s gloves and thinks back to how lovingly Yi Soo stroked them, which spurs him to arrange them…neatly.

Yi Soo rolls around restlessly in her bed and tells Se Ra that she’s in no mood to cook today. Can’t they just order something? She also asks if Se Ra knows anything about Kim Do Jin.

Se Ra rattles off a bunch of characteristics: he’s good-looking, skilled at work and getting girls, selfish, arrogant, and cold. Ah. The perfect formula for a rich bad boy. All he needs is a sad childhood or a long-lost first love to fit the cliché exactly.

Yi Soo finds herself fretting the entire day between her two choices with Do Jin, concerning her students’ case: negotiation vs. explanation. After throwing a piece of chalk to wake up Dong Hyub, she turns to the blackboard to see the words “negotiation” staring at her. Later on, she encounters an ad poster that also suggests “negotiation.”

She takes this as a sign and rounds up the four troublemakers. They go to Do Jin’s office and Yi Soo flashes a glare at her students, which prompts them to apologize for the beating incident.

Do Jin scoffs that she must be an amazing teacher to take care of her students’ problems, even when she can’t manage her own affairs. After he goes into his office, Yi Soo scream-asks her students why they had to fight in the first place. Kek.

Yi Soo goes to Jung Rok’s café and asks him what kind of coffee a picky, arrogant man would drink. He responds that he knows someone exactly like that; he usually orders an Americano with three extra shots. Do Jin is a dark man indeed.

She recalls Do Jin’s question whether she likes Tae San as she waits for the coffee order. She had given him a dumbfounded look, which he took as her answer. She throws a small fit of embarrassment, which draws the attention of nearby customers. Hahah. She’s so cute.

In Do Jin’s office, she offers him some coffee and he grudgingly takes the Americano with three shots. She asks if they can have a talk and he tells her to sit down. Are you going to make her wait every single time she visits you just so you can secretly admire her prettiness? Girl’s got a life too, just saying.

Do Jin asks if she really doesn’t remember their first meeting. She replies that she really wants to, which hurts his ego. He abruptly gets up because he has some pre-arranged appointments to attend and leaves her fuming.

She writes a series of notes on post-its, which range from “please call me later” to “I shall call you” to “I’m a teacher and you are a…” to “XX kind of bastard.” Heh.

She ends up with a pile of crumpled post-its and tells herself to let it go. He knows what her butt did last spring. ROFL. She sweeps the pile of used post-its into her bag, along with Do Jin’s special pen.

As Yi Soo walks home, she sees Do Jin in Jung Rok’s café. They lock eyes and both recall the day in the rain when they saw each other for the first time. Just like last time, Do Jin’s girlfriend(?) covers his eyes with a “guess who it is.” (How is that even remotely cute…)

Do Jin rips her hands away to keep his smoldering stare and Yi Soo leaves a post-it on the window of the café saying, “I hope that your next pre-arranged meeting will be with me. I’ll wait for your call.”

Yi Soo comes home to find Se Ra in club clothes to go meet Tae San. She informs Yi Soo that she’s dressed up to fight with him, which…I don’t really understand but okay. She saunters out and Yi Soo receives a message from one of her old students. She’ll be landing in Korea soon.

The message sender (IM ME AHRI) sits on a plane and glances at her neighbor’s computer screen. A scene from Secret Garden plays and the guy offers one of his headphone buds. She exclaims that the writer is so good. Lol…okay…

When Tae San gets word that Se Ra has come huffing and puffing to the construction site, he prepares for battle with a hard hat and snazzy sunglasses. He tells Se Ra to leave if she’s expecting an apology for their fight from before.

Se Ra bristles at his coldness and responds that there’s a long line of guys with diamonds, cars, and apartment keys for her at any time. She turns to leave but ends up stepping in a pool of muddy water. Tae San swoops her up in his arms and walks across the water, which ends up in a make-up make-out session.

Yi Soo meets Me Ahri at the airport and exclaims that she really has turned into a goddess. Where did all the weight go? The guy from the plane shows up behind them, indicating that he’s someone to keep an eye on. I shall dub thee Vampire Boy for now. Interestingly, Vampire Boy has a picture of the four gentlemen and a woman in his wallet. Curious.

Me Ahri tells Yi Soo that she doesn’t want to go home quite yet. We learn that she is Tae San’s younger sister and that she dislikes her brother’s girlfriend. Also, she has a major crush on Yoon.

At Yi Soo’s house, Me Ahri and Se Ra pick a fight with each other. Se Ra comments that Me Ahri is quite demanding for a guest, which Yi Soo attributes to her own lessons on expressing feelings and thoughts boldly. Hahahah. Like teacher, like student?

Do Jin shows up at Yi Soo’s house and commands her to give him his pen back. She’s offended by his accusations and declares that she’ll show him everything in her bag. She turns her bag upside down and out falls her wallet, keys, and Do Jin’s pen. The crumpled post-its also rain down. Kek. I don’t know why I find this part so funny.

Do Jin picks up some of her post-its and one reads, “You make me wait? You XXX.” LOL. She hurriedly grabs the rest of her stuff and asks him to go outside so they can talk. She leaves behind one note, which states, “You look like a XX….”

Yi Soo jumps up and down, wondering how one person can bring such misery and misfortune. She goes outside, only to see that Do Jin has left.

When she calls him, he informs her that all thoughts of negotiation have flown out after seeing the post-its and stolen pen on her floor. Aw. Poor baby has his pride hurt.

Later, Yi Soo rolls around in frustration as Me Ahri silently takes her phone. After sending a couple of messages in an aegyo-fied tone to Yoon under Yi Soo’s name, she cautiously hands the phone back to Yi Soo. Yi Soo shoots Me Ahri a death glare and wonders if she should kick her out, which Se Ra readily agrees to.

Yi Soo informs Yoon that she’s still in the process of working things out with Do Jin, which makes him chastise Do Jin at the lounge where the men have gathered for a drink.

However, the only thing Do Jin notices is that Yoon has been text-messaging with Yi Soo the entire time. Hee. I love petty jealousy. As Do Jin and Yoon banter back and forth, Tae San looks for Jung Rok’s phone, only to drop it when it rings and the name “Wife/Witch” pops up on the screen. LOL.

The boys play hot potato until Do Jin picks it up and puts it to Yoon’s ear. Puhahaha. The boys freak out to realize that she’s on the way to the bar to check up on her husband, who’s nowhere to be found.

Yoon buys some time by telling her they’ve moved locations for another round in the opposition direction and they all scramble to head to the other bar. When Jung Rok’s wife shows up, she finds the four men cheering over drinks. As soon as she leaves, the boys start to beat Jung Rok. Hee.

The next day, Me Ahri and Yi Soo walk home when Se Ra texts that she and Tae San are on their way. They see Tae San’s car and Me Ahri tries to find a place to hide behind a moving truck. Can’t you just…run around the corner?

Yi Soo rushes up to the couple and tries to distract Tae San from turning around. Se Ra suggests that he stay over for dinner and a sleepover, which prompts Yi Soo to exclaim that she’s a light sleeper and the walls are thin. Hahahaha! Awkward…

At the baseball field, Do Jin complains that they should go golfing instead of playing baseball. Yoon says that Tae San should learn golf too, which makes Tae San exclaim that Yoon is supposed to be on his side!

Do Jin asks why Tae San gets so nervous whenever Yoon has a different opinion from his on any matter, to which Tae San replies that Yoon is the smartest one of the group. Do Jin bristles at the indirect put-down and notes that his grades were similar to Yoon’s when they were growing up. Hahaha. He’s such a little baby sometimes.

Yoon points out that Do Jin has tons of knowledge but lacks wisdom. Lol.

Jung Rok sits in the stands finishing up a phone call when he notices Me Ahri’s presence. He tries to charm her but she flatly turns him down, saying that his face says that he’s married. Bahaha.

She walks down the stairs and waves at the guys on the field, which leads to three looks of confusion. Do Jin and Yoon try to figure out who she is while Tae San wonders when that little troublemaker got back from the US.

Me Ahri runs up to give Yoon a hug (and leaves her older brother hanging, aww) as Jung Rok emits an “Oh Ma Gah…” Do Jin asks her what she did to her face (lol) and Jung Rok scolds Do Jin for his harsh words. That’s no way to talk to your friend’s sister…pft. You pedobear.

Tae San informs Me Ahri that Yoon has been using her room for the past year so she’ll have to use the guest room. He avoids her questions about what happened to Yoon’s apartment, which tells us something unhappy occurred that we have yet to discover.

Yoon and Do Jin walk home as Do Jin comments that Me Ahri has grown up well. The fact that Yoon is her first love hangs around in the air until Do Jin offers to have him stay at his house for the time being. Ack. Bromance, I heart thee.

Yi Soo and Do Jin meet up for dinner where she apologizes for accidently taking his pen. However, another girl and Tae San soon join them and Do Jin explains that Yi Soo had something to tell him, the other girl missed him, and Tae San was a pre-arranged meeting. You poo-fly.

Yi Soo starts to walk out only to have Tae San grab her arm, which Do Jin notes with a narrowed eye. He continues to throw barbs at Yi Soo until she snaps at him to leave her alone.

Tae San comes out to warn Do Jin to settle the case quickly or else. He mentions the pen recording of Do Jin pleading with the high schoolers, which shuts him up good. Puhaha. I love how he can become less than two inches tall around his friends.

Yi Soo tries to get Do Jin to negotiate a settlement, but he continues to be a poo-fly by “signing” contracts on gravel and coffee cups every time she tries to meet him at the construction site and Jung Rok’s café.

That night, Yi Soo somehow accidently sends a message to Do Jin that was meant for Tae San. The message, which states that Do Jin is a bad man who doesn’t seem keen on settling the case, starts off a cute conversation between Yi Soo and Do Jin who use an unknowing Tae San as their messenger.

Do Jin: Tae San, Ms. Seo seems to be talking trash about me behind my back. Isn’t it better if she just complained about me to my face instead of being a coward?
Yi Soo: Tae San sshi, I think Do Jin sshi has a big misunderstanding with me. Should I meet with him to clear it all up?
Do Jin: I’m going to [this address]. Do you think Seo Yi Soo will come if I ask her to?
Yi Soo: I’m on my way to meet Do Jin sshi!
Do Jin: Hey Tae San, do you think Yi Soo will buy me dinner [rice] if I negotiate this case?
Yi Soo: If he’s willing to settle, forget dinner, I’m ready to grow a rice field for him!

The two go out for dinner and Yi Soo asks why he’s so adamant about eating together and he tosses out that it’s the only way he would be able to see her. He also adds, “I fell for you at first sight.” Eee! Unfortunately, the confession goes right over Yi Soo’s head.

Do Jin asks why she likes Tae San so much and she replies, “I liked him the moment I saw him. And the more I saw him, the more I liked him. Now, I like him even when I don’t see him.” Aw. Do Jin’s pride (and maybe heart) is further crushed when she asks him to mind his own business and keep her crush a secret. Uh-oh.

Do Jin brusquely tells her that he sent the negotiation papers already. He thanks her for the wine and stalks out, leaving her confused. Later that night, Do Jin loses sleep over their conversation.

The next day, Yoon sits with a client in his office. She thanks him for his help with a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. She starts to bat her eyelashes and comments that he is so sexy in the courtroom and then incredibly boyish outside of it. Alright. Courtroom scenes with Yoon please. Like. Now.

Me Ahri comes to visit Yoon in his office and asks him for a dinner date, which he flatly declines. He explains that he has a family dinner, college reunion meeting, and a party with his baseball team that he has to attend tonight. Wow. You really don’t want to spend any time with her, do you? What are you so afraid of??

After Yoon’s rejection, Me Ahri drags Yi Soo out to have a drink. The girls sigh over their pathetic love lives and Me Ahri becomes determined to confess her undying passion for Yoon after getting really drunk. Yi Soo scolds her, saying that he’ll think of her as an easy girl.

Me Ahri responds that guys like easy girls and Yi Soo questions her sanity. Lol. I love their dynamic. Me Ahri offers the Valentine chocolates she bought for Yoon to Yi Soo and they sob-feed each other. Hahah, aw.

The two drag their drunken selves into a chocolate store with Me Ahri complaining that Yi Soo ate the chocolate for Yoon. Yi Soo offers to buy new ones for Yoon and Me Ahri puts on a mischievous smile. She asks the store clerk for the most expensive chocolate set and starts to write a card to Tae San in Yi Soo’s name. LOL, uh oh.

The next morning, Yi Soo receives a text message stating that the chocolates she sent to Tae San’s office will be arriving shortly. Her drowsiness instantly abates and she panics. She calls Do Jin and asks if he’s at the office and he replies that is.

Do Jin sees a large basket of chocolate roses on Tae San’s desk, which he promptly moves to his own desk. LOL. When Yi Soo arrives, she frantically searches Tae San’s desk for the chocolates she sent but doesn’t see them anywhere.

At the same time, Do Jin proudly looks over “his” basket of chocolate roses and tells Yi Soo that he always receives way too many chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes he doesn’t even know who the sender is. Bwahah. Yi Soo belatedly realizes that those are her chocolates and tells him that those are from her. ROFL. Oh man. This is priceless.

Just then, Tae San waltzes in. He states that it’s a wonderful surprise to see her this early in the morning (Goodness me this is why she likes you. You’re too dang nice.) and Yi Soo flushes at his compliment. Do Jin’s jealousy meter rises and he states that Yi Soo brought chocolates for Tae San. And Poo-fly strikes again!

Tae San asks if it’s true and Do Jin replies that he doesn’t lie. After all, if they’re not for you, then who are they for? Suddenly Yi Soo blurts out that the chocolates are for Do Jin. She confesses her love for him, saying that even among a hundred men, she would choose him.


Woot! I love where this is going. I didn’t expect Do Jin to confess so quickly and it’s also interesting to see Yi Soo use her own confession to her advantage. We know Yi Soo is just lying to cover up her crush but it’s too early to tell whether or not Do Jin is being genuine or not. We’ve seen very few instances in which he has been serious, so it makes sense for Yi Soo to not believe anything he says.

There’s a great selection of dramas out there right now and I’m trying to squeeze in as many as I can between sleeping, eating, and other obligations. Out of them all, I particularly liked the breezy tone of this drama. There is also the superstar that is Jang Dong Gun who is pulling off Do Jin almost effortlessly.

I’ve seen more of Jang Dong Gun’s big blockbuster movies than his older dramas so it’s both thrilling and jarring to see him in a role that can veer off into jerk territory. It’s the same feeling I have towards Lee Jong Hyuk, who has always been “sexy villain” in my eyes. It’s strange to see him so goofy and childish, which probably prevents me from disliking his a-hole of a character.

I’ve been familiar with Kim Su Ro through his film roles but his appearance on SBS’s variety show Family Outing has put a certain image of him in my head that’s been hard to erase for several years now…much like how I will probably never be able to take Lee Kwang Soo in a serious role unless he does something drastic. Ah, the pitfalls of actors on variety shows.

As a result, I can’t bring myself to see him as this smooth guy who can make a girl’s knees weak. I actually feel a little bad because he is a good actor and he fits the tough yet nice character well. Unfortunately, his storyline interests me the least. It also doesn’t help that I find Se Ra ridiculously insipid, which I know is the point of her character. I just don’t really care for her…yet.

It’s only the second episode so I won’t go on and on. I really like how the relationship between Yi Soo and Do Jin is growing and I’m excited to see more of Do Jin’s petty jealousy. Dear drama, please don’t burn me in the future for falling for you this quickly. Please.


135 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Daniella

    Hello! Thank you for the Recap!

    I just want to start of by asking am I the only one who doesn’t like this show? I watched eisode one and it was surprisingly boring to me so then I was like I’d give episode two a chance since Secret Garden didn’t really grow on me till the fourth episode, but I just couldn’t get into this show.

    I love Kim Eun Sook after Secret Garden, City Hall, and etc but I really don’t like this drama. The parallelism between it and secret garden is just so over bearing (at least in the first two episodes. Granted there are more characters, it still feels like the same dynamic. I feel like the main character is just another copy of Kim Joo Won with his difference instead of a new character.

    IDK what happen but I feel like writer Kim Eun Sook was trying to ride off her secret garden fame with this one thus not leading to anything unique and new. Perhaps the pressure to create something just as amazing as Secret Garden led to this.

    I hope nobody takes offense to my opinion (:

    • 1.1 jyyjc

      No you’re not the only one. Ok I don’t hate this show, but it’s getting a lot more love than I think it deserves. This is a very light standard rom-com type drama, nothing really stands out, it’s just so…..light. Like, [SPOILER]nothing really happens! [END SPOILER] Yeah I’m up to the latest episode already, but I’m just watching it as a filler drama like when I need to glue my eyes to a screen while eating a late night snack or something. I was looking forward to liking atleast the first quarter of it because it’s coming from the same writer of Secret Garden(liked the beginning of that drama, then hated it as it progressed), but it’s really underwhelming compared to SG which is surprising to me.

      And “eye-roll inducing” is right. The characters, te dialogue, the situations, so many eye-rolling moments.

      • 1.1.1 Maidenelle

        Quote: nothing really stands out, it’s just so…..light. Like, [SPOILER]nothing really happens! [END SPOILER]

        Hahahahaha. I got a laugh out of this one. 🙂

      • 1.1.2 binnie

        yeah i watch this show bcuz of Kim eun soo’s secret garden.
        this F44 is like ajusshi version of sex & the city, i fastforward some parts that I felt boring .
        overall the plot is really light, and some part is really funny

    • 1.2 niKai

      I’m surprised. I actually thought this is better than Secret Garden. The conflicts are meatier, though represented in a whimsical, breezy kind of way, which I appreciate actually.

    • 1.3 Damselfly H

      I understand why you get to your conclusion. There are plenty of clichés in the drama: the arrogant jerk male lead and the bumbling female lead. I’d say Do Jin is the less arrogant rendition of the jerk male lead, and that impacts on the dynamics of the drama.

      The second cliché is how financially well off some of the characters are. I think in AGD, how successful these men have with their careers are more subtly presented, only at the beginning I saw how big Do Jin and Tae San’s construction company really is with all the staff. I see the characters as financially comfortable, without having the “I’m filthy rich!” motif rubbed in my face all the time. On that note, I’m really surprised that the rich wife’s house is not as elaborate as Kim Joo Wan’s house in SG.

      Sometimes I think the drama tries too hard to make me laugh, e.g. the teacher discovering the architect in his car was looking at her while she was sending nasty SMS to him in the parking lot. I think it’s funny and the characters are embarrassed enough without the cartoony sound effects. I am so glad that in later episodes, the cartoony sound effects are used less and the actors don’t over-act as much.

      I also watch for the bromance in this drama. I especially like the format for each episode, where an episode starts with F44 and their various adventures, like in the funeral home in episode 1 and brunch time in episode 2. It’s going to be a juggling act for the writer, but I’d choose friendship and bromance over standard rom-com if the writer decided to put more focus on F44 and have their romantic storylines as side dishes.

      Last but not least, I’d like to thank orangy911 for taking on recapping this series. I look forward to read all the recaps. 🙂

    • 1.4 cindy

      I find funny because SG also gained much more love it deserved. I think it is all thanks to the actors.

      In SG nothing much happened too.

      JW run after the girl, then he treated her badly, then he did it again, again and again. The soul body change happened just a little and wasn’t really the main plot of the drama.

      GD is just starting and you want to everything happen? If I remember SG also took time to have more plot going on, but it was all about JW being the asshole/jerk he was and treating the girl bad….

      Also had Oska for the funny parts, buy his story was also all the same ”being a star, running after his ex-girlfriend, and her doing the same…. and blah blah..

      I’m one of the people who didn’t like SG. I just couldn’t stand the main guy. And the girl? I still don’t get why she would like the main guy.

      On a second note, I’m liking AGD a LOT.

      It is light, funny and the writer isn’t trying too hard on the main guy, I could even say he is human! Thank god.

      Here, isn’t mean like the main guy on SG is.

      He is honest and he actually treats the girl well…

      He is a nice boss, he cares about others and is good friend…

      So yeah, he is much better than JW from SG IMO.

      • 1.4.1 Daniella

        I think I liked secret Garden because it was a new kind of plot to me but thinking about it again, I don’t think I like it as much when I rewatch it.

    • 1.5 lucy

      poor man’s queen of housewives tbh

      • 1.5.1 jiajia

        I completely agree. The show is pretty much running by it’s leading actors, mostly JDG’s fame tbh. The drama was doomed from the beginning when they cast KHN for the lead. On top of that, I completely agree that nothing happens and it will never have anything happen. I’m a big fan of dry humor but this one has nothing.

    • 1.6 leonardswench

      I’m also in the “not impressed” and “what a waste” line …

      so much talent, but the drama is begging, BEGGING, on it’s knees to be




      The relationships portrayed are laughable at these ages for all the wrong reasons, and just when the drama should be leaping through material, it’s dragging its feet with every relationship on the screen. Oh, yeah, there’s cliche progress in them all, the usual twitches and glitches and pauses for “EFFECT” ….

      BORING. So far, the first four episodes should have been slapped into 1.5 episodes. SIGH. It sucks that this drama SUCKS.

      • 1.6.1 judge

        rather than critic you seem to be hater, coz you dont mention the part that you dont like only general analysis,
        are you even watch it?

  2. Dewo

    I think I’ll wait 2-3 more episodes, before judging this drama. Right now, I watched only for F4-ahjussi.
    Anyway, kamsa hamnida orangy911.

  3. Ashley

    Thanks for the recap! I am looking forward to this show, and am trying not to compare it to the original f4… but no promises.

    • 3.1 Ashley

      I wrote the past comment before I read the recap and now that I have read it I am a little happier with the show then I was before. I have never watched Secret Garden, so none of my problems root from that area. Its hard for me to get on board with a show that has adults 20 years older then me acting like kids who are 5 years younger then me. At least when characters in their 20’s are acting like teenagers you know the drama gods are working out the ways to have them mature throughout the show. When its characters in their 40’s still acting like teenagers, I have to wonder how much growth we can get. I live for bromance though, so that might be the one tool this show has that will keep me attached.

      So far the main couple has no pull for me. I am more interested with whats going to happen to Yoon and Me Ahri. I wish at the baseball field she would have hugged her brother, and acted like she didnt even notice Yoon. Make him notice her changes and had him fall head over heals for her. Oh well, we have a whole series to make him fall in love with her, then have it bite him in the ass.

      • 3.1.1 Allie

        I’ve watched episodes 1-5 and totally agree that Yoon and Me Ahri are keeping me more interested than the other couples/couple-to-be. I still find her really annoying, she needs to mature and find something to do, be it a job or some college classes instead of being so clingy. I think Lawyer Yoon would fall for her more if she was her own person, and not just a silly girl constantly chasing/clinging onto him.

  4. Allan

    welcome back Orangy! i think the last drama you recapped was when Me Too flower Days? 🙂

    • 4.1 pabo ceo reom

      Yes…welcome back! I’ve been following this drama week to week and it’s been a breezy, fun(ny) ride so far. I’m liking it!

      • 4.1.1 Kiara

        Yes, welcome back :).

  5. appreciate

    Kim Min Jong is ♥♥♥

  6. Hipployta

    I’m watching this too…with Su Ro the Game Devil mentality works well with Tae San so I can accept it LOL.

    I have the same thoughts on “sexy villain” though LOL

    It’s weird that both Dong Gun and his wife are stepping back into dramas at the same time

    • 6.1 Hipployta

      Oh I totally rolled my eyes at the writer shouting herself out for writing Secret Garden in such a blatant fashion….how about you focus on this show hmm?

  7. xoxoxq

    Oh then am I the only who ADOOORES this show??? I love every bit of it!!! Especially when the FF4 are together!!! And this is very un-me… who used to shower love ONLY on young boys like Lee Seunggi and Jung Il Woo!

    I’d worried about a drama drought after Queen In Hyun’s Man ended.. but A Gentleman’s Dignity is surprisingly good!!! I actually like ALL the main and secondary characters in it! Everyone is fun to watch!

    I’m looking forward to more reviews from you, Orangy911! Thank you!

    • 7.1 trixicopper

      You’re not the only one! I think this show is a riot!I love the guys. You really get the feeling from them of long time buds. They bicker, stand up for each other, and have no problem cutting each other down to size. Bromance for the win! 🙂

      • 7.1.1 Betty

        Me too, I really enjoy this show. Actually I love the bromance storylines much more than the love storylines but still I enjoy it.

        • tt

          are you dojin’s car?

          • AGD Daebak!!!


          • Betty

            Lol, I wish… Did you see how much he loves her and take care of her! lolll

          • lexusfifan

            hahaha! this is the cutest comment (or i should call it as a ‘question’) here! XD

    • 7.2 aya

      not the only one. i ADORE it was well, the first five minutes of each episodes had be laughing so hard i had stomach cramps. Each characters has a spice to them, it seem i like Yoon and Mae coupling the most since i’m loving the age difference here and in I Do I Do. I’m watching episode 6 and I’m here crying.

    • 7.3 MJ

      I 3rd that notion too!

    • 7.4 delicatecloud

      You are not alone!! I enjoyed this drama tremendously…… the “boys will be boys” is so well dramatized here that it is giving me lots of laughs…..

    • 7.5 JoAnne

      Definitely not alone in loving this show – guys really do revert to their boyish idiot selves together, especially when they’ve been friends for a long time, and I find their banter entertaining.

      I am interested in how things work out for ALL the couples, although I must admit that most of my love at this point is for Do Jin/Yi Soo – he confesses so quickly and so often and she never really pays attention. I love how his personality leads him to mess with her, even while he’s falling in love.

      And the music? the music in this is GREAT.

    • 7.6 kewbie

      Yes, you’re not the only one! I think it helps that I had not watched “Secret Garden” before this show, because it seems like a lot of the criticisms I’ve seen here stem from either that show or other shows/movies by the same writer. I am enjoying the light tone of AGD.

    • 7.7 kkrazy

      Me, too! Love this show. Love the F44, who see something very different in the mirror than what we see!

      Thanks for the re-caps.

    • 7.8 lenrasoon

      yeah this show is awesome, my favorite thing it’s the ajusshis friendship lol, but everyone it’s pretty entertaining to me.

  8. Kaddict4ever

    Hello Orangy 🙂

    I was surprised at myself as I found parts of this drama pretty amusing and hilarious at times … the OTP is growing on me. Kim HN is getting to be less whiny/silly.
    The rich wife – she is ballsy! She rules his world 🙂

    Thanks for recapping!!!

  9. LadyF

    Thanks for the recap..i thought after 1st episode you wont do any recap. Personally, i missed JDG so much on tv screen so i watched the drama because of him. But after watching 6 episodes now, let me tell you, I AM HOOKED!!! i love it i love it i love it!!! Fighting!!!!

  10. 10 AnnaBanana

    Gentleman’s Dignity is a light, breezy drama although there currently is some speculation that the drama is going to get serious in the future. I hope not though. I agree that the conflict of this drama is pretty mild, which might not entertain some viewers who expected something more dynamic, but I’m really liking the chemistry between the F-44.

    I have to agree about Kim Soo Ro though. I first knew him though Family Outing, and he was fantastically dorky in there as the Game Devil/Little Boy. I just can’t seem to picture him as the swoony, typical second male lead that the writer and director portrays him as. I think I might just laugh when those sad,weepy scenes of his appear in the future episodes. (if it does happen.)

    • 10.1 July

      I get why a lot of people say about Kim Soo Ro, but his appeal for me is how nice he is, not to mention he has a great physique. He isn’t skrawny which I love. For someone like Yi Soo I can definitely see why she has fallen for him. He is charming, caring, and considerate. I would have a secret crush on a guy like that too.

      • 10.1.1 July

        sorry: I get *what* a lot of people say about Kim Soo Ro…
        Now it should make a little more sense. 🙂

  11. 11 aramint

    thank you so much for continuing the recap! ^^

    I’m here for Kim Min Jong and Kim Soo Ro, and of course the Vampire Boy, aka CNBLUE’s guitarist, Mr. Lee Jong Hyun. Hee… ^.^

    • 11.1 Saima

      LJH is SO beautiful!! hahaa. I hope we see much more of him in the forthcoming episodes!!

    • 11.2 Laya

      Jonghyun!! I knew my eyes weren’t deceiving me 😀

    • 11.3 coby

      thought I am the only one seeing as a vampire boy.

  12. 12 szufontana

    Oh boy, I can’t agree with you more about KHN’s character being whiny. Seriously, with the cast being in their 40s (I’m presuming) and KHN herself not youngish, I had high hopes of a mature show. Alas, this how has been the utmost disappointment in that respect.

    There’s only so much of “Ottoke?” from KHN that I can endure, and only so much of the “Don’t you love our bromance?” commentary in the background. Sheesh, give me a break. i’m in the age-range of your target audience. Gimme something I want—smart, insightful, witty rom-com.

    I’ve managed to sit through up to ep 4, but mind you, half the time I was on the PC multi-tasking. Think I’ll be giving this is a miss.

    Now that this show is struck out, and Dr Jin seems to be slipping away in terms of plot logic, looks like Gaktisal or Ghost would be the only choices left to fill in the hours.

    • 12.1 Saima

      I agree with you that YS turned me off of this show earlier…i think she picked up the mannerisms of her teen students. heh

      I skipped Ep 3 and then continued watching 4-6…her story line with JDG is getting a bit serious so hopefully she won’t be as whiny. Although I have no qualms about them getting together I REALLY want to know what attracted JDG’s character to her.

      • 12.1.1 enz

        i totally agree that the female lead really plays it too girlish to the point of being annoying. and i really find it unconvincing that anyone would be THAT embarrassed for THAT long. the situation she got caught in was not all that mortifying in the first place!

        and why would anyone just be that attracted to someone who can only look annoyed and pout and endlessly retort ‘what to do? what to do?’ ugh. i cant buy it

        i like the beginnings of each though – the bromance is the good part of the show. as for the boys being immature.. well i know quite a few in this age group that are esp when they are together 🙂

        • kewbie

          I think Do Jin is attracted to Yi Soo in part because he is used to getting his way with women, but she rejected him so many times, and ignored him inadvertently so many times. I think part of him is trying to figure out, why doesn’t this girl like me? Also I think he’s a bit amused by her behaviors and antics, because I get the impression that he dates women that seem to be more “together” and/or have more experience with dating. Yi Soo seems to be unlike anyone he’s ever dated in the past. On the other hand, I think Do Jin is genuinely physically attracted to Yi Soo, hence the scene in ep 1 where he’s in the cafe and she’s standing under the umbrella in the rain and they’re just staring at each other for awhile. In general, I think he himself can’t pinpoint exactly what it is he likes about Yi Soo, but he just knows that he likes her, and then likes her more and more every time they meet.

          • kkrazy

            Well said!

            I actually like everything about Yi Soo. She is such an interesting character. She likes her job and students as a HS ethics teacher, she loves being a baseball umpire, shes a good friend but has a propensity to talk to herself and let herself feel whatever she’s feeling. She tries to do the right thing, but it’ll get her into embarassing situations.

  13. 13 MAC

    Surprisingly, I’m finding this drama quite entertaining. The lines are brisk and witty. The characters grow on you. Maybe it helps that I had low expectations.

  14. 14 viz kenobi

    I had started 3 dramas at almost at the same time – Dr. Jin, Big and Gentleman’s Dignity. Neither Dr. Jin nor Big could sell well to me. I could not go past 3 episodes for Dr. Jin even though I really like Song Seung Hun(and used to like PMY) – the drama got boring. ‘Big’ – I have had too much with body transfer concept and it does not feel that funny. I just finished the 6th episode of GD.

    GD is one of the best written dramas I have seen in recent times. The writing style is so fresh and new – it does not have any trace of the so many Korean dramas that I have seen. The dialogues are witty and humorous, the characters are the most unique as yet, the actors are polished and are doing a great job, the setting is lavish, the love triangle seems to have resemblance with ‘Secret Garden’ but that is where the similarity ends. This drama repeats nothing of what you might have seen.

    This is drama mostly centred around the gents. I love the director’s style of having the first 5 minutes of drama with a short story of the guys – separate from the ongoing story. By the 6th episode I was craving to see what they are going to show in that 5 minutes. The bromance between the 4 male leads is excellent. They are like those best friends of yours whom you can pull leg of any time you want and you all would laugh about it. They are like those adolescents who have not matured but just grown old. So it is really fun in that way. I like that little grown up 40’s maturity and that teenager’s urge for fun. And the relationships they have with the woman around them is what adds up the spice.

    This new character Me Ahri – she is totally awesome. She will probably grow on you as you watch more. The actor who plays this role beat some 180 actors to get this role. And she is totally a killer – great line delivery and super cute at times – maybe like a little kid but then she has her charms and is learning a hell lot. Me Ahri’s romantic angle is what I am rooting for in this drama.

    • 14.1 meredear

      I second that! I feel that Me Ahri’s portrayals are great. Despite a general consensus for many that her character is whiny and too forward with her feelings for Yoon, I feel that it is believable and parallel to the relationship she has with the rest of F44, the length of their friendship and her bumbling almost spoiled personality. Sometimes, I also feel that it is her immaturity that makes the Yoon-Me Ahri story endearing to watch and intrigues me (No doubt, Yoon’s parts also make it great).

      • 14.1.1 kewbie

        I love the Yoon/Me Ah Ri dynamic. I think her personality is the perfect one to break Yoon’s defenses. I’m on episode 6 and even he is getting worn down. He just has to own up to his feelings and tell her he likes her — then he has to be brave and tell Tae San he likes her, too.

  15. 15 keya

    Before I start reading let me just say first, thank you!!!! <3

    I'm watching this together with Ghost and after 4 episodes I came to like this drama as well, which is quite surprising,lol.

    I can't wait to see what happens with Choi Yoon and Im Me Ah Ri, they're super cute together! I'm rooting for them!

    • 15.1 keya

      If Yoon and Mae Ah Ri aren’t together in the end, I’ll riot. Them and the bromance what made me stay until the latest ep 6.

      • 15.1.1 Saima

        Yoon was SO friggin’ adorable in Ep 6…you know what I’m talking about, ne?! 😀 I was like, “HA!! There ya go…it feels awesome to be all jelly jelly!!”

      • 15.1.2 Kelinci Biru

        i don’t why, but that’s THE romance i’m rooting for.. but lets keep the discussion to ep2..

      • 15.1.3 Rashell

        I completely agree. They are so adorable. I love, love, love their interactions. Yoon is such a sweetheart. He totally deserves a girl like Mae Ah Ri who’s so head over heels for him.

  16. 16 Noelle

    Thank You for the recap!
    I have nothing but love for this show. Episode 5 is just as funny as the first episode. Please drama don’t break my heart.

  17. 17 Saima

    Thank you for recapping!!

    Watched ep 4-6 today and hahaaa….really like it!! YS is still annoying but not in the whiny kind that she was earlier.

    Sorry for spoiling but when the widowed dude was fanboying over the SNSD girl I busted a gut laughing and when he was flicking his leg I thought he’d hurt her!! His mates were SO embarrassed….too funny!! Even the married dude who’s an ass makes me laugh a LOT!!

    • 17.1 mtoh

      Saima my dear, I’m so on the road with Perv Mr.s…
      Bromance, no they are family…
      Sometimes I find myself being embarrased because of their stunts…that’s how much I enjoy…

  18. 18 Stardust

    Thank you Orangy911 =D Loving this recap!

  19. 19 kelinci biru

    Thank you Orangy911! I was not expecting another recap for this show (liar liar pants on fire) considering how many dramas you guys covering right now. But I’m really really glad that this come out. I need something for my In-Hyun withdrawal. And this one is lovely. As k-drama newbie, I almost never seen anyone besides Kim SuRo, and didn’t have a good impression. but. But. I fell in love to all of the F44 ajusshi (even the married-playboy). I know. I can’t help it. Maybe because I know he’s going to get it all back? Its dramaland after all.

    Anyway, my favorite is Kim Min Jung’s Yoon character! Maybe partly because his character is written as this great character, not an assy playboys as his friend or “the crush” Tae San. And dang he is one fine ajusshi and that charm. Where can I buy that charm potion for my future husband?

  20. 20 kirandeep sraon

    lol… episode three was so funny .. i lafughed out all.. like crazy… im lovin this show right now… it was slow at start.. but not its bangin …
    OMG… those two young guys .. are sooooo yummy hehe…

  21. 21 saranga

    i find this drama really entertaining, but that’s it. it feels soulless so far. i keep waiting for the drama to give me that something more, but i feel empty as of yet. i feel like it’s mostly glib (very glib) talk and fluff, albeit very quality fluff.

    the scenes between the four guys are the best- the chemistry is pure gold. i was slightly skeptical at the casting initially (i don’t really know kim suro, for example) but hell, i wouldn’t change a thing now.

    i don’t like jang dong-gun’s character. he’s a nicer version of kim joo-won (whom i tolerated, yet loathed). but he is way too glib. i know it’s the writer’s trademark where the characters talk snappy, but it’s getting old. i like jang dong-gun, but his character has yet to receive much love from me as of the latest episode.

    and i’m finding kim ha-neul’s character seriously annoying. she’s constantly landing herself in these ridiculous situations- of course, i blame the writer. these funny circumstances just seem way too contrived. as for kim ha-neul herself, she’s constantly twisting and contorting her face (ALWAYS looks like she’s constipated), and her voice is weirdly pitched and unnatural here. it’s like she’s trying too hard. seems to me she’s in one of her movies, rather than a drama.

    all that said, the positives (the quality mindless fluff and amusing side characters) do outweigh the negatives, but pity my annoyances lie with the two main characters 🙁

    • 21.1 univelie

      Entertaining but soulless…that’s exactly how I feel about the drama. It’s kinda hard to imagine how such a veteran screenwriter would write something this hollow. I didn’t mean to say the writer used to good at anything meaningful. She was not, but still the incredulous shallowness kinda shocked me.

    • 21.2 mtoh

      This is really how weekend drama should look like, for me.
      Vacation, and then forget about it until the next weekend.

  22. 22 MsTy68

    Yay! Thanks for recapping this show. I’ve been watching this drama week after week and I find it very amusing and funny.

  23. 23 Pamie

    Thank you for taking up the mantle and recapping this drama!! I went into it with no expectation other than eye candy, suffering from withdrawal to recently completed dramas with disappointing endings which I will not name.

    I didn’t think anything could hold my attention…I tried QIHM (and I love Ji Hyun Woo) and i can’s sit through it, who knows maybe later. AGD has for some reason held my attention and kept me waiting for more. Not the edge of my seat can’t live without it kind of waiting but a pleasant anticipation. I think it is different and funny and what’s not to love about F44!

    Please recap and stick with it til the end. <3

    • 23.1 Daniella

      Wahhhhttt?!!! You’re like the first person I’ve met who can’t sit through QIHM, lol (:

  24. 24 kandy

    welcome back 🙂 and thank you for
    the recap

  25. 25 pigtookie

    I don’t know, this drama. I’m aware that there’s a chance floating out there that I may get burned and hop off a sinking ship, and some characters irk me not in a good way, but I’m watching this for the hoots… and Kim Min Jong is wonderful, though this is only my first time watching him in a drama. You can’t not have fun with F44 – honestly, it feels like I’m watching another high school-drama show, one that reminds me of several other dramas, but the actors are selling it.

  26. 26 [email protected]

    I’m staying tuned for JDG – he’s hot! I can’t really connect with any one of the characters, but I enjoy the quirky banter, the bromance and the ability of the show to surprise me from time to time.

  27. 27 hi

    Welcome back orangy , tanx really tanx because every times i surf the dramabean , the empty space of this gorgeous drama feels .

  28. 28 GANJI.

    Oh, I think I’m the only one who has fallen in love with the drama so soon? I watched episode 1 after the hilarious recap here at DB and then I watched episode 2 and just couldn’t stop smiling afterwards! I just kept thinking about all the fuzzy feelings this drama gave me 😀 I can’t help it but this drama reminds me so much of Soulmate (and it doesn’t help when they use Soulmate’s OST <3)… I love the F40, I love Kim Haneul and I'm starting to appreciate the rest of the characters too. Episodes 3 and 4 were kinda disappointing but episode 5 picked it up!

    Hope you will keep recapping it and people will see how awesome this drama is ^^

    • 28.1 mtoh

      I’m with this drama from the start…even when comments wasn’t good…
      Just like AGD more and more every week.

  29. 29 anne

    Thanks for recapping this drama! I’m currently watching the subbed episodes, but I’m not sure if I’m going to watch the whole drama, because as you correctly said in your very first sentence: this drama can be very eye-roll inducing at times.
    I love the friendship between the F44 men, and I find the ineractions between the married couple hilarious, but the slow-burning romance between the two leads is too childish for me. A twenty-something Hyun Bin might carry off a character like that and make it kind of funny, but a fourty-something (albeit very hot and great at acting) Jang Dong Gun doesn’t give me the same feeling of juvenile-idiocy-and-obstinacy-which-can-still-be-considered-kind-of-funny. Most of the time I only feel embarrassed for him.
    Well, still, thanks for recapping. It will be interesting to see your opinions on this show after each episode and to read the recaps in case I stop watching…

  30. 30 giddy

    Thanks for the recap, Orangey! I am enjoying this one immensely–it’s light and cute, and makes me laugh–great for a weekend drama when all I want to do is unwind. Kim Ha Neul has impressed me with her comedy here–love the moments when she gets caught by JDG–who looks delish, despite being a cad.

    Like the dynamics from all the couples and feel the chemistry between the guys, especially. No, I don’t think it’s over the top–I think the whole point is that the four guys turn into adolescents when they are together, despite having other personas when they are in their own careers. I buy it and love the dialog. The five minute opening is seriously funny, especially in ep. 5 with Kim Min Jong.

    JDG’s character getting dissed for once instead of being pursued is plausible, because Yi Soo is so enamored with Tae San–I get that crush that has rooted itself in a love for baseball. Great seeing men for a change (instead of pretty boys), even tho’ it’s all about boys will be boys. It’s rom com, and for me, it works!

  31. 31 yossie

    This is supposed to be a Rom-Com, so I don’t mind with the shallow plot. Well, for me I like this drama! Love it to pieces, maybe others find it too shallow, but for me that’s the main idea. I don’t like dramas with a lot of plots and angst. I watch drama because I want to relieve my stress. I don’t want to spend my time thinking of what will happen next about the drama. I like a drama that can make me happy after watching it. I don’t watch most of the dramas this year. This is one of my biggest obsession so far. I hope you can continue recapping this drama.

  32. 32 cielo009

    I actually love this drama, I’m glad someone is recapping this. Yes, the first few episodes are a bit slow and boring, especially if you set the bar too high, glad I didn’t and I’m enjoying it right now.

    The characters are a bit shallow, like adult version of BOF (the leading lady pining for the other guy, while the friend of the guy develops feelings for her but can’t really show it aside from being a jerk to her, then poof said guy sees her as a woman and develop feelings for her but she developed feelings for the jerk one). I just watch it for the fluff, it’s funny and it doesn’t really take itself too seriously.

  33. 33 dls

    I didn’t watch ep 1, but jump directly to ep.2.
    One thing that invites me to keep watching is Jang Dong Gun (swoon)…and the bromance…

  34. 34 racheose

    thanks for the recap!^^
    i really like this drama since it has something to do with architects (i’m studying to become one) i don’t know why but after watching four episodes i already love it.. i don’t care if its shallow as long as it can make me laugh.. life is so stressful so i don’t want dramas that needs too much thinking..

    personally i don’t like people who are whiny or childish but through experience when you’re in front of someone you like you won’t be able to help acting like a fool (or is it just me?) so i find all the childishness here so cute..

    its my first time watching jang dong gun at first i keep on seeing joo won and jo gook in him but in 3rd and 4th episode i find him funnier than the writer’s past heroes.. i don’t know but i can relate to his character well he’s very much like an architect and i’m surrounded by lots of them.. i’ll wait for your next recaps thanks again:D

    • 34.1 Sunshine

      i found the f40 childish acts really cute but kim na heul overreacted! love her phone though 😀

  35. 35 ella

    first, thank you for recapsss….! I love read recap with additional funny comments from you…its much funnier that way…..
    I find this series, adorkable, adorable, funny, entertaining… I like it….

    To be honest, i don’t like secret garden… Even others wld love it till death….So nothing i can compared and i don’t hv high expectation on this…

    I found every char here is so cute… All hot ajjussi are looking good and i always love bromance….

    Kim ha neul is so pretty, i don’t really get her ‘real’ personalities here… Coz, i don’t understand whether she is a weak, childish, panicky type of girl …. Or very bold, open, rightious, matured… She seems have all those… So kind of confusing…

    But she totally good actress… I like when she’s mad to her students…. Haha… So cuteee….. And the eyes…ow ow…

    • 35.1 asianromance

      I think in real life people just have different sides to them.

      At work, I’m positive and cute. At home, I’m witty and cynical. With friends, I’m a ditzy, funny little sister. With my cousins, I’m the confident, big sister. By myself, I’m anxious and always worrying. And when I’m being childish, panicky, and embarrassed, I try to rebel and go totally the opposite way, “YES! I WILL TAKE ABOUT MY PERIODS LOUDLY. IT’S A NATURAL FEMALE PROCESS! And I will talk about my pooping schedule as a bonus, because everyone poops. I know you do too!”

      It looks totally schizo on tv, but people are complicated.

  36. 36 delicatecloud

    So pleased to see that there will be recaps for this drama. Thank you for the recaps organgy – much appreciated. i kind of stumbled upon this drama after K2H and find this extremely entertaining – light hearted (for the time being) and full of bromance. It is my first time seeing JDG on the same screen and he is oozing sex-appeal, alright!! I love this drama – giving me lots of laughs. I’m sure that the serious stuff will start soon…..

  37. 37 angie602

    Thank you so much for the recap! 🙂

    I started watching when the recap for the 1st episode was out. And fell in love with our F44, mainly Do Jin and Yoon at first, but now, all four of them. Especially when they are together! So much fun and I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m totally looking forward to the starting little stories of the guys from every episodes!

  38. 38 x0mi07

    I saw Kim Su-Ro oppa in many a family outing episodes yet one smexy scene in Five Senses of Eros got me hook line and sinker for the guy. Everyone else flies over my head.^^;; You guys can fight over Jang Dong Gun all you like….=3 I’m happy with my oppa. *pretends happily that he isn’t married.* Tralalalalalalalalalala~~~~~XD XD XD

  39. 39 Duh-duh

    How old is Ahri ? Isn’t she a bit too young for Yoon ?

    All 4 of them are in their 40s, and she looks 24 at most to me.

    • 39.1 Rashell

      You’re right about the ages. But I still ship them. He’s so sweet and sensitive, and she’s so fun and bubbly. A perfect combo. He is obviously sensitive to the age difference since you can see that he does like her. I think that’s the hurdle they have to overcome.

  40. 40 apriltenfan

    Thank you! Thank you! I have loved this drama from the first episode and it keeps getting better. I have watched all of the dramas that have premiered in the last few weeks and this is only one of two that I can’t miss.

    Yes, I find the characters immature and ridiculous at times, but that’s what makes this show so much fun. Being very close in age to the characters in this drama, I can tell you that age does not necessarily lead to maturity. This drama is a fictionalized version of some of the same antics I see playing out with my friends and colleagues.

    I love Yi Soo. I see her as a smart woman, somewhat introverted, who has never really had a lot of confidence with men. Then, a man comes along (Tae Sun) who is sweet to her and pays attention to her. Of course, she’s smitten. Do Jin, on the other hand, has always gotten what he wants fairly easily. He’s not used to being ignored or disregarded and he can’t stand it. I love that he is having to work hard to get Yi Soo’s attention.

    Like others have mentioned, I enjoy the breezy tone and witty banter of this drama. I am enjoying the development of all of the characters. And this is my highest praise yet . . . this is the only drama that I don’t fast forward through. I sit and watch each episode from beginning to end.

    Can’t wait for your next recaps, orangy911!

    • 40.1 racheose

      you’re right forty doesn’t mean they need to be serious and mature all of the time.. this show reminds me a lot of my architecture professors whose even older than our gents those profs are a riot together. i think they’re like that because they’re with their friends who understands each other’s antics.. and it’s fun watching them!^^ though it kinda feels like watching my dad with his high school buddies.. it feels wrong crushing on these ajusshis but they look good haha

    • 40.2 mtoh

      Age doesn’t give you maturity that for sure, to get there with this kind of friends, no guarantee..but when I see them I see 4 mans who are on the end of the day happy with their lives… They are frank, honest, real, what you see is almost what you get.
      But they rock the suits, really pleasure to see superb acting, with body and face included.

  41. 41 vieny

    this show is hilarious.crazy.funny.eye candy of ahjussi.bromance.cute.pretty. always laugh at jung rok for trouble he makes. sat n sunday please come soon XD

  42. 42 mtoh

    This is how weekend drama should look like.
    With this drama you can really just seat back and relax, it’s fresh, funny, light, fluffy, enjoyable…right what you need on weekends.
    Forget stress, angst, pain, sadness you don’t need to go tru that with this drama, but you can fell little embarrased, wondered, teeny, surprised…
    Boys will always be boys…where that means, but somehow suit them perfectly…

  43. 43 Drama fan

    I find this drama very entertaining, am really enjoying it.

    4 ajusshi are so natural in their acting. Ghost and this are on

    my list.

  44. 44 July

    Yessss!!! I LOVE this series and I’m happy someone decided to take it on. Thank you!

  45. 45 Rashell

    So glad there are going to be re-caps of this because I love it! Thanks Orangy911!

  46. 46 Tara S

    I too am in love with this series. I know I love a series when an episode ends and I am like didn’t this just begin
    ! Maybe it also has something to do with my age being 30…but more so I think that the F44 characters are very realistic. My father owns a bar and nightclub, and has his own crew of brothers, whom over my lifetime I have spent a great deal of time with, most of them are moderately successful, and divorced or unmarried, and they are totally ridiculous. They gossip, talk about their hook ups, how manly they are etc. It is really funny but they have taken themselves so seriously for years. Only when they hit their late 60’s did they start to slow down, but still when they are together they are all… “Man, this”, and “Man, that.” Shakes her head. Perhaps this is why I like this show : )

  47. 47 rjyuggy

    Welcome back Orangy! Im glad that you are recapping this one. This show is really light and definitely has the wit of the writer Kim Eun Sook.

    Things will move along when Se-Ra and Tae San find out Yi Soo’s “unrequited love” lol. Thanks for the recap

  48. 48 Mary

    despite it’s similarities to secret garden, i adore this show and think it’s better than the other dramas that are currently airing. thanks for recapping it.

  49. 49 hit_me_you_die

    seriously, i gave this drama up after episode 5. ..im a fan of the writer but its just blahahh…i either cringed or roll my eyes over.. and khn character is just meh.. shes annoying. i cant stand her…

    thank drama gods for I do,I do. . OMG i love it.

  50. 50 Fatemeh

    Thanks so much. I am so happy you are recapping this drama. And I like it very much.

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