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News bites: June 13, 2012
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R2B: Return to Base

  • Yet another name change for Rain’s last pre-army project, pictured above: The movie formerly titled Red Scarf, then Flight: Near the Sun, is now R2B: Return To Base. It will eventually be called BRB: 2Legit2Quit. It’s also got a newly released poster and an August release date. [Source: E Daily]
  • It looks like Joo Ji-hoon will be returning to dramas after all, despite recent controversy. He’ll be playing the lead role in the 50-episode makjang melodrama Five Fingers, from the writer behind makjangtastic A Wife’s Temptation and Temptation of Angels and all their face-swapping, revenge-concocting, hate-spewing characters. Joo will be playing a pianist (aaah, that’s why with the weird finger title—but why not Ten Fingers? Or Temptation of Fingers?) who’s naturally gifted but struggles because he’s underprivileged. Of course. The drama follows A Gentleman’s Dignity and premieres in August on SBS. [Source: Nocut News]
  • At a press conference for their new movie The Thieves, Jeon Ji-hyun declared that she was happy to kiss co-star Kim Soo-hyun. And that’s what we call a whole lot of DUH. [Source: Herald M]

  • ‘The Thieves’ co-stars Jeon Ji-hyun & Kim Soo-hyun

  • Lee Jun-hyuk (Equator Man, City Hunter) has received his official army assignment, and will be enlisting on June 19. That’s only a week away! Prepare your hankies and “I will wait for Oppa” placards. [Source: My Daily]
  • Go Soo will be making a return to dramaland in The Great Seer, aka Dae Poong Soo, starring Ji Jin-hee as the first king of Joseon. Go Soo will play a scholar of divination, the seer who gives Ji Jin-hee the political power to overthrow the Goryeo dynasty. It’ll be his first drama since 2010’s Will It Snow For Christmas. Ah, we’ve missed you and your eloquent eyes. The 36-episode drama plans to air on SBS in October. [Source: Star News]
  • Lee Hyun-woo (Equator Man) will be joining the new SM remake of Hana Kimi called To Beautiful You, starring idols Sulli and Minho. In this version they’ll all be soccer players, with the heroine cross-dressing to be on the all-boys soccer team. This is sounding a lot like that Amanda Bynes movie She’s The Man. Also, does this mean the sports drama is making a comeback? [Source: Sports World]

  • Lee Hyun-woo

  • Upcoming weekend drama May Queen starring Han Ji-hye has cast Jae Hee (Color of Woman) as its hero. Yay, and yet, not yay. The drama is a success story of a woman in the shipbuilding industry during Korea’s modernization, which is a terribly boring description but could, for all we know, be the next Giant (story set amid Korea’s rapid construction and modernization boom of the ’70s) or Great Merchant Man-deok (success story of a female merchant). Promo writers, where’s your punch? Kim Yoo-jung (The Moon That Embraces the Sun) has has also joined the cast as Han Ji-hye’s child counterpart. The 32-episode drama follows Dr. Jin and premieres in August on MBC. [Source: Herald Biz, Star News]
  • New movie 26 years casts Han Hye-jin (Thorn Birds), Jin Gu (Moby Dick), and idol singer Im Seul-ong (Personal Taste) in a story about the 1980 Gwangju Massacre, investigated 26 years after the fact. The film is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, and will be PD Jo Geun-hyun’s first foray into directing, after having been an art director on numerous films from L’Abri to My Way. [Source: Sports Seoul]
  • Kang Ji-hwan has a new movie with his Hong Gil Dong co-star Sung Yuri, a Miss-Congeniality-Meets-Zoolander comedy titled Detective Cha, pictured below. The movie’s holding a special fan-signing event this weekend with its “Flower Boy Foursome” (dude, it’s a whole thing!). But I only count three pretty boys… OH WAIT. [Source: Sports Chosun]

Detective Cha

93 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lezzy

    lOl.. “Whole lot of duh.” oh your sense of humor.

    • 1.1 trotwood

      I laughed out loud in the hallway at work reading that as well. Someone walked by and said I was too happy to be at work. Oh what kdrama can do for a rainy work day.
      I also liked the “new” title for Rain’s new movie.

    • 1.2 birdscout

      2Legit2Quit 🙂 javabeans, I dig your sense of humour

      Enjoyed this new bites post!

    • 1.3 jomo

      I need to do something with that tagline STAT.

      • 1.3.1 sally_b

        oh goodie….I wasn’t the only one who thought…”ooo, imma steal that.”;)

  2. tessieroo

    Truly. I don’t even really wanna see the movie that bad but I do wanna see any KSH kiss. (okay, yea – I concede I’m a perv) Thanks for all these interesting bits!

    • 2.1 pabo ceo reom

      lol you’re not the only one! news bites…yay 🙂

      kang ji-hwan’s pic = WIN

    • 2.2 Ilog

      Ha! Jeon Ji Hyun saying she liked kissing Soo Hyun…. YOU JUST GOT MARRIED, WOMAN!

      Loooooool. Anyway, who can blame her (her husband)?

  3. Stardust

    *crunches with glee* thank yooou jb!

  4. lucy

    joo ji hoon please go on running man! jk that will possibly never happen ;-;

  5. Kiara

    2Legit2Quit LOL

  6. crazedlu

    I lurve news bites.

  7. mary

    Teehee KJH uglified still counts as a flower boy?

    Can I mine him while koala’s not looking?

  8. kelinci biru

    Wow. That’s a LOTs of news to take at once. Thanks JB!

    For a second, I was who, what? Ji Hyun Woo? Isn’t he’s leaving for Army? Oh. Lee Hyun Woo. Oh. Boong Do. What have you done to me?

    • 8.1 JC

      Ha ha, I was also skimming, looking for news of Ji Hyun Woo.

  9. apple

    Sung Yuri looking mighty fine!

    And yay for Joo Ji Hoon! This drama may not be my cup of tea but he is back in Dramaland. That’s all that matters right now.

    Thank you SBS! I knew I can count on you!!!

    • 9.1 apple

      And to MBC, KBS: grow yourselves some balls!

      • 9.1.1 Rashell


        • cherkell

          DOUBLE WORD!!

          As much as I would have liked to see Changwook-ssi in the “Five Fingers” lead role, I’m very very very happy that SBS bucked convention and went with Ji-hoon!! This has awesomesauce poured all over it now!! 🙂

      • 9.1.2 Saima

        Because I love BigBang I know that VIPs fondly call KBS, KB$hit. heh

    • 9.2 krys

      JOO JI HOON!

      Okay, I wish the he could’ve taken on the project with Ji Jin hee (moar eye candy) but Go Soo will do as well, I think.

      But Joo! Ji! Hoon! \ /0/ \

      Even if I think the Temptation series was absolutely horrible, I probably will watch this just to see Joo. (:

      And Lee Jun-hyuk leaving for the army? My packets of Kleenex are ready. ;_______________;

  10. 10 Recovering from QIHM aka MsB

    “It will eventually be called BRB: 2Legit2Quit.”- thanks for making me laugh out loud at work again! Looking forward to seeing Lee Hyun-woo. Again he played the younger character in a drama where I loved his character a lot!

  11. 11 aoiaheen

    Loved that last pic of KJH. That belly! It is attractive all on it own. I swear! i didn’t even see the pretty girl and the guys behind him.

    • 11.1 DramaticTeacher

      LOL, I really want to see KJH’s movie and ‘ll give the sports movie a try. After having seen a dozen of that sort I’m like 1 more movie on my list for ‘watch and forget’

  12. 12 JaC

    get a real SHOCK at the last pic~… XDDD

  13. 13 jomo

    I started out giggly, and my day got gigglier thanks to you ladies…

    You missed a Soompi headline:
    Yun Jung Hoon and Han Ga In Reveal Plans for Children
    YJH explained, “You take THIS, and put in in THERE…”

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      OMG! There are things I really don’t want know… I need to wash my brain. Bwahaha…

    • 13.2 Saima

      ^^YJH explained, “You take THIS, and put in in THERE…”

      omigahhhhh!! hahaaaa

    • 13.3 Rashell

      HA…that is awesome! Good that they know the mechanics of the thing.

  14. 14 missjb

    sob, My lee jun hyuk is going to enlist soon *where is my tissue box?*
    Please JB, i wish u will post some photo of jun hyuk when he will wearing army clothes and of course his new hairstyle… *wipe of drool*

    Oh the last pic is kind hillarious, I can’t wait to watch KJH’s movie with Sung Yu Ri 🙂

    And ohh Jo JI hOON, why oh why you come back with 50 ep makjang drama ? Huhuhu… Should I start watching it for u? But nevermind… As long as u can come back again in dramaland. Hope u can regain your popularity soon… I miss u, Joo Ji HOON. I like him in comedic role the best, though he is awsome in dark roles, too.his role in antique Bakery will always remain my fav.

    • 14.1 jomo

      Good question.
      I think it is good for him to choose a long project.
      1..He won’t have to go to any other gigs soon and be rejected.
      2..Steady paycheck
      3..Long dramas are a grind and require a big committment from everyone on the cast and crew. He can prove in a relatively short time that he IS reliable, hardworking, disciplined, and talented to boot.

      • 14.1.1 missjb

        you’re right. It’s good for his own carreer. I hope he can prove that he has redeemed and I hope some netizens should stop post a bad comment for him and give him a chance to prove his worth.

        But i miss him so bad…

  15. 15 redfox

    Detective Cha is so Doc Gonzo!!!
    reminds me of Benicio del Toro in F&L i LV

    Lee Jun-Hyuk, nooooo. My crush, don´t leave….iiiiiiiiiii. how long? 2 years?? why, Korea? consider foreigners, our boys only leave for half a year. we are not used to you taking away the best hunks.

  16. 16 Cynthia

    Detective Cha has that crazy Jack Black expression (and physique!)

    • 16.1 Atiras

      went back to take a second look at the expression….. muahahahahahaaaaaaaa

  17. 17 xnopex

    the sound that came out of my mouth when i read “remake of hana kimi” (it was a positive one!)

    • 17.1 Atiras

      speaking of remakes – i want to see Shin Ha Kyun play the lead in the remake of JDrama Legal High.

      let every other hunk show off their chocolate abs. i want the guy with the chocolate-eyes……Shin Ha Kyun….. saranghaeeeeeeee…..

  18. 18 Autumn

    Lee Hyun-woo as Nakatsu??!! Yesss~~~ I can totally see it, but nooooo~~ this means I have to watch it now. and why do dramas always get the girliest girl out there to play the cross-dresser?

    • 18.1 apple

      But as far as I know Sulli is quite a good soccer player. So this is a plus and she can come off as a tomboy even more so once her hair is short. I am crossing my fingers for this one though I don’t really like Minho but Lee Hyun Woo and Park Myung Soo(Infinite’s L) are in it too. So yeah I’ll give it a try.

    • 18.2 danna

      SAME EXACT REACTION HERE!!…Lee Hyun Woo as Nakatsu is a fantastic choice (and in my opinion the only good one so far)…except I was hoping they’d pick someone terrible and I wouldn’t have to watch it…and this is coming from someone who disliked the lead characters in the JDorama and watched it mostly for Nakatsu, nanba and the rest of the gang…but other than this casting I really don’t like the production behind the drama and now they’re setting it in a soccer bakground tooo?!!! yeah def not watchinng

    • 18.3 Arhazivory

      I thought the same thing. If he’s going to be in it….I now want to watch it. lol. He’s be a great Nakatsu for real. <3

    • 18.4 ilovemandoo

      Only thing I’m looking forward to in that drama tbh. I like Minho and Sulli.. but not so much as actors. Sulli isn’t that bad though, if you’ve seen her past projects as a child actress.

  19. 19 Jasmin

    No news regarding “Nice Guy”?:-(

  20. 20 ninji

    Korean Hana Kimi. Yes please. And finally. But soccer. Hmm.

    • 20.1 naos

      Agreed, yes please 😀 And I’m actually really excited about the soccer thing. (Not excited about the production staff though :/ )

      Anyway, I mean, Hana Kimi is one of my favorite manga of all time, but the starting premise is actually really ridiculous. In the original story, Mizuki has literally no good reason for going through all that effort to cross-dress. Even if I try to suspend my disbelief, it’s awkward. It’s like, oh she’s moving to Japan by herself, going to an all-guys school, pretending to be a boy, all so she can…have chance to hang out with this dude she’s never met? I mean, come on. As much as I love the original manga, I think making her a soccer player chasing her own goals sets her up as a much stronger character and makes the premise seem much more reasonable. It also makes it much easier for the drama to portray her as a strong girl with her own dreams, instead of letting her drift into “girl hanging around doing nothing but crushing on boys” territory.

      It’ll be weird for ALL the characters to be soccer players (even Sano? haha), but I think the positives may outweigh the weirdness.

      • 20.1.1 kaka

        I don’t know about the manga, but in the dorama she actually has a good reason –> She thought Sano (her idol) quit his dream as an athlete because of her, so she tried to make him jump again.

        • naos

          Yeah, that was a change from the original, and a change I liked when I watched it. But I still think her as an athlete has potential to be even better, because making big life decisions based on (somewhat misplaced) feelings of responsibility towards a stranger is fairly questionable, and idolizing someone to that extent is probably not a good thing. The soccer premise takes her firmly out of “girl building her life around a guy” land in a way the jdrama doesn’t. Which also makes it easier to portray her falling in love with Sano as healthy (something I think the original accomplishes largely due to time/length that a drama just doesn’t have.)

  21. 21 misachan

    “It will eventually be called BRB: 2Legit2Quit.”

    this is why I’m so addicted to this site!

  22. 22 Cam

    Ooo!! That actor Lee Hyun Woo (from Equator Man) will definitely be in his new drama “To Beautiful You”….Hmm…I will try to watch this. 😀

    Hahaha, Kang Ji Hwan look so ridiculously funny in this poster ~ Love this.

    That’s N.E.A.T ! ! ! 😀 I really love this news, woot-woot!

  23. 23 crysalide

    Hana Kimi as I know it is not about soccer only. it’s a school for Atheletes and the hero – Minho is a High Jump Athelete, Nakatsu – Lee Hyun Woo a soccer player and heroin – Sully is a track athelete.

  24. 24 graygirl

    SM remake of Hana Kimi?!?! I really hope that they won’t spoil this drama… >.<

    • 24.1 Saa

      I’m guessing this remake will be PRETTYYYYYYYY bad, but in the most comedic way possible (see: Attack of the Pin-Up Boys, trolololol).

      • 24.1.1 ilovemandoo

        LOLOLOL If it must be bad, I’ll hope it’s in that way as well.

    • 24.2 jyyjc

      That’s kind of inevitable considering their past drama work (paradise ranch, heading to the ground). But Lee hyunwoo is in this and L/myungsoo so I have to watch it T__T

    • 24.3 hanie

      it will be bad, I’m 75% sure of it. I mean Minho & Sulli are the lead. The balance 25% is because I like they cast Lee Hyun Woo as nakatsu, which is my fave character & (maybe) Infinite’s L. So no matter how bad it is , I’m pretty sure I’m watching it.

    • 24.4 J

      Speaking of? Who’ll be writing this drama? I know BOF PD is helming this (which is, half face palm already-HATED K-version of BOF) but with a sane writer, this could still be good (see: Dream High).

      Hopefully this is better than SM’s previous effort in dramas… I like the cast so far!

  25. 25 myra

    of all these news, i am really, i mean really, happy to read about joo ji hoon…i just love this man…
    but i’m really sad that lee jun hyuk will soon leave for the army

  26. 26 adette

    totally saw them filming detective cha a couple weeks ago.. i’m so excited for itttt

  27. 27 danna

    that’s Go Soo, Jae Hee and Joo Ji Hoon making comebacks as well?!! See, this really is the year where every actor is making a drama comeback….or every actor I love at least….too bad not every projected comeback has been that great…and with these three its like my kdrama first loves reunion…only problem is I don’t like the sound of any of their dramas..especially not the JJH one (makjang melodrama from Temptation of a wife writers??!!!) but I’m happy that he’s at least getting dramas, hopefully things will go up from here for him

  28. 28 canxi

    I heard L from SUFFBB was gonna be in that Hana Kimi remake too. I’m gonna be honest, I looooooved that manga, but not so much the dramas for it.The japanese one was OK (Nakatsu was the best) but it was just OK.And the taiwanese one was…I didn’t even finish it. So, I dunno if I’ll enjoy the korean version. They managed to make Hana Yori Dango a flop so I’m not holding any expectations,lol. But, I do enjoy gender-bending ahahaha.

    YAY! For Joo Ji Hoon! SO happy for him. And as a pianist? That’s hot. I’ll watch it even though it might depress me.

    And hahaha, I’m surprised Ji Hyun Woo’s love confession didn’t make it in here, but I guess it’s because everyone already knows. I still like to read about it though. It’s sooooo cute.

  29. 29 Lise

    ha! its the assassin from ‘tree with deep roots’! just finished watching it, pardon the excitement ; ) and Kang Ji Hwan u look sexy either way!

  30. 30 Arhazivory

    That last pic is win. LOL.

  31. 31 houstontwin

    What do middling level korean actors (like Go Soo) who don’t constantly have projects do for a living in between opportunities. Are they waiting tables, parking cars and teaching yoga like many American actors?

    • 31.1 jomo

      Go Soo does films, too.
      He also models/CFs – don’t know what he makes, but shure is handsome so he is everywhere.

      • 31.1.1 houstontwin

        I agree! I’m glad he has steady work.

    • 31.2 J

      Middling level??!!! Last year only, he starred in ‘The Front Line’, South Korea’s submission to Foreign Film category in the Oscar. Before that he had a plethora of high-profile film credits. Just because he ain’t on TV often doesn’t mean he’s mid-level. He’s above that level, dude, an A-list film star.

  32. 32 amhrancas

    *snaps out of academic exile*


    dammit. And I’m bound by shoujo-fangirl honor to watch this entire thing too, no matter how craptastic it may be (please not BoF level bad, please not BoF level bad >.<)

    • 32.1 amhrancas

      oh god- just read that the PD is the same one from BoF XD;; WHY, Self? WHYYYYYYY are you going to watch this??

  33. 33 anicheung

    “At a press conference for their new movie The Thieves, Jeon Ji-hyun declared that she was happy to kiss co-star Kim Soo-hyun. And that’s what we call a whole lot of DUH.”

    Seconded… cause who wouldn’t be?

    I’m looking forward to seeing The Thieves and will toil in agony for months after its release because that’s about how long I’d waited for various other Korean movies to become accessible to me after their release date.

    A Korean Hana Kimi remake is what I’ve been wondering about for ages (since Taiwan and Japan have done theirs). But I have a very bad feeling about this one and just the fact that we’ve switched to soccer instead of high jump really just changes too much already. But I’m bound by my shoujo-manga-Hana-Kimi-girl-disguised-as-boy-fangirl-ism to jump into this one and watch it until its bitter end. Me and my stupid cross-dressing-as-plot-device loyalty…

  34. 34 houstontwin

    Too many remakes!

  35. 35 21

    Kind of excited for Detective Cha as I love the pairing!!

  36. 36 oftheshore

    ‘aaah, that’s why with the weird finger title—but why not Ten Fingers? Or Temptation of Fingers?’
    – Or ‘An Angel Tempts a Wife’s Five Fingers’? An edgy supernatural romance for ahjummas, involving angels with awesome piano-playing skills.
    Oh, and – looking fab there, Kang Ji-hwan!

  37. 37 Carole McDonnell

    oh my gosh! Detective Cha looks soooo good.

  38. 38 QT

    the only thing that I’m happy about the Hana Kimi remake casting is Lee Hyun Woo 😀

  39. 39 kyary

    What? Hana Kimi remake? NUUUU! That’s one of my favorite mangas and Jdramas!

    Ughh…I hope they don’t mess it up like they did with Boys Over Flowers. Hana Yori Dango was awesome. Boy Over Flowers? Not so much. And why did they pick Sulli? I would’ve liked to see Amber play the role

    • 39.1 Rovi

      IKR? Amber is so fit to be Ashiya, but I heard one saying she looks much better as Julia, hehehehehe~!

      And actually, from what I also saw from one’s comments, the manga didn’t protray Ashiya as tomboyish-looking, actually she looks as much as a girl in boy’s clothes, just that she’s a fumbling failure in trying to hide her girliness. If one can remember, Sano found out right away, and so did the others gradually…

      But I want to see the scene wherein Minho (as Sano) play out the kissing-machine-when-drunk, kekekekeke~!!! XD

      • 39.1.1 kyary

        Yeah Mizuki didn’t really look like a tomboy but I love Amber and I’m not very fond of Sulli 😛

        And Minho’s playing Sano? I can’t picture anyone but Oguri Shun as Sano. Do you know who’s playing Nanba (Mizushima Hiro!!)? I don’t think I’ll be watching it

  40. 40 Rovi

    Yay, the return of news bites~!!!

    1) Yay for Joo Ji-hoon comeback after his not-so-nice controversy…XP
    I LOL’ed so hard at “Temptation of Fingers” it sounds like some dirty naughty porn anyways~! XD And of course, it just had to be another makjangy drama we’re all spoon-fed up…

    2) Duh for the dumb girl (I’d like to plaster some “Bitch Please” macro…), who doesn’t want to be happy being kissed by Kim Soo-hyeon? I mean, look at his lips…yummeh~!

    3) “I will wait for Oppa” placard at the ready, hehehe~! And remind me who was slated to return in December 16 again???

    4) And now, “The Great Feng-shui Master” (LOL, like I know that’s the real title, ba gua and all that shizz), and another hello Taejo-Jeongjong-Taejong debacle, like we haven’t known about “Deep-Rooted Tree” and “Tears of the Dragon” in like forever…
    And I’m sure Go Soo will be the one slated to give Ji Jin-hee the famous quip “mok ja deuk guk” (목자득국 木子得國 “The ‘Son of Wood’ (aka the Jeonju Yi clan) will beget a kingdom.”)
    Prepare Go Soo’s eyes, it will nomzzz your soul~!

    5) Oh, so the new addition is Lee Hyeon-woo??? I thought it was L (Infinite’s Park Myeong-soo)???
    Yeah, it’s like “She’s The Man”, but the soccer part’s just because Minho’s a hyung-whore daddy is coach Choi Yoon-gyeom.
    And if sports drama is making a comeback, I don’t want to be reminded of “Heading to the Ground”. Yunho, I’m your fan DBSK-JYJ legalities be damned, but even I didn’t recognize you when my mom watched it…

    6) Umm, yay for Jae Hee, but hello??? “Giant” meets “Kim Man-deok”, not a very interesting drama to watch. But, another yay for sweetie Kim Yoo-jeong…

    7) Oh my, our Hong Gil-dong & Heo Yi-nok reunion movie, teeheehee~!!!

    • 40.1 ilovemandoo

      Lolol at your hyung whore comment.

      I’m also super excited for the last movie. Finally we see them reunited 😀 My favorite couple pairing for both of them.

  41. 41 Noelle

    OH Kwang Ji Hwan how I love you. I can’t get over just…him in that getup. I want to watch this soooooo bad. This and the Thieves movie are the two things I’m impatiently waiting for.

  42. 42 bbm

    YAY for lee hyun woo n go soo, not so much yay for jae hee though… ahh i miss his delighful girl chunhyang days…
    and LOL at Rain movie title…
    and joining the DUH to JJH

    • 42.1 bbm

      now i’m wondering whose character lee hyunwoo will be playing, Nakatsu? Nanba Senpai?

  43. 43 djes

    I’m soooo looking forward for Thieves and Detective Cha!

    I’m betting that the early episodes of May Queen will be way better than the latter ones……just because of Kim Yoo Jung. I adore this girl so much.

  44. 44 Elllen

    I like your News bites…so many good news!

  45. 45 eternalfive

    Ooh, return of the News Bites! Ahahaha:”It will eventually be called BRB: 2Legit2Quit”. Love your wit, JB. XD

    Oh, and darn, Minho’s in the Hana Kimi remake. =.=

  46. 46 makoto

    why can’t dramaland stop to pair young actor with adult actress? I’d love to see Kim Soohyun with Suzy or any other actress at his age. Jun Jihyun is very good actress though, it would be better to pair her with another adult actor. Won Bin maybe?

  47. 47 Alice20

    I really like Lee Hyun Woo. Hopefully he can pull that Hana Kimi remake into something decently watchable, cuz right now it just sounds retarded.

  48. 48 Tha

    Im totally excited to see JJH’s comcback! And the pairing of JH and HYH, that’ll interesting! Im so in!

  49. 49 Suzi Q

    If you didn’t say who Detective Cha was, I wouldn’t have recognized the scruffy, fat Kwang Ji Hwan.Instead of Miss Congeniality meets Zoolander, it will look like a male version of 200 Pound Beauty when he sheds the weight. It looks like a hilarious movie.

    Poor Joo Ji hoon! He’s been in the army for two years and has kept his nose clean and hasn’t taken any more drugs. Let the man earn a living. I’m excited to see him back in drama land.

    Definitely a DUH moment. Are you crazy? Who wouldn’t like to be kissed by Kim Soo hyun?

  50. 50 Tomokaze

    it’s Jung Ji-hoon (Rain /Bi ) and not Joo Ji-hoon (Princess Hours) ^_^

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