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To the Beautiful You has its poster shoot
by | July 17, 2012 | 177 Comments

No, it’s not the final poster, but here’s the first official group still of the high school flower boys (and girl in disguise Sulli) of To the Beautiful You, the Hana Kimi remake about a girl who dresses as a boy to enter a boys’ athletic high school.

From left to right in the above poster shoot, we’ve got:

  • Kang Kyung-joon (Nonstop 5), the track coach. Despite being known for being tough on the kids, I’m betting he probably does a lot to help our hero, being a former high jumper himself. (Correction: It’s not Yoo Min-kyu after all, but he’s still cast. Aw, yay for his sophomore outing after rockingβ€”literallyβ€”in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band as bassist Casanova Ha-jin. Yoo Min-kyu plays Young-man, captain of the taekwondo team and also leader of his dorm. He’s got a rough attitude, but lots of affection for his hoobaes and his taekwondo team.)
  • Min-ho of SHINee as the lead. He’s “genius high jumper” Kang Tae-joon, who suffers an injury and falls into a mental slump.
  • Sulli as the heroine-masked-as-ordinary-dude Gu Jae-hee. She transfers to the high school because of Tae-joon, wanting to offer him hope in his difficult time.
  • Lee Hyun-woo (Equator Man) as the second lead leg of the main love triangle, Cha Eun-gyul. He’s a soccer player with outstanding skills and a positive energy that makes him popular with the girls, though he’s really a pure-hearted boy who’s never been in love before.
  • Last but not least, we’ve got sageuk regular Seo Joon-young of Tree With Deep Roots, Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child, and Great King Sejong. He plays Ha Seung-ri, captain of the fencing team and head of the dorm Jae-hee gets assigned to. A strong leader with a “macho” personality.

Hm, I like that there’s a mix of acting talent with the new blood, because at least the rookies will be playing off of peers with experience. I feel a bit better about the main cast despite being leery of Sully and Min-ho, although it’s really the producing side that has me worried: I see it as something of an unholy pairing, taking the clunky editing talents and dubious taste levels of PD Jeon Ki-sang (Boys Before Flowers) alongside the more nuanced writing of the High Kick trilogy’s Lee Young-chul.

In the grand traditions of gender-bending heroines before her (see: Yoon Eun-hye, Moon Geun-young, Park Shin-hye, Go Eun-ah), Sulli has chopped off her long locks and opted for a boyish cut. Gotta fit in to infiltrate the literal boys’ club, right? (For comparison purposes, there’s also a shot at bottom of the other actresses who have played the lead role in other Hana Kimi adaptations: Ella Chen from the Taiwanese version, Horikita Maki from Japan’s 2007 series, and Maeda Atsuko from the 2011 one.)

I understand the need to tone down a starlet’s feminine features so I won’t complain about her cut (though I don’t think she looks like a boy at all), but my one great sadness is that the adorable and talented budding heartthrob Lee Hyun-woo had to go and get a mushroom-bowl cut to match. What were you smoking? Sad beans.

To the Beautiful You airs on SBS beginning August 8.

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177 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. roro

    that’s yoo min kyu? hmm…

    • 1.1 roro

      i think that’s Kang Kyung Jun and not Yoo Min Kyu πŸ™‚

      • 1.1.1 javabeans

        You know, I think you’re right. When I wrote the post the site had him ID’ed as Yoo Min-kyu, but that’s since been changed. Whoopsie. He’s been ID’d as Kang Kyung-joon in a news article.

      • 1.1.2 Jihwan

        really? Maybe it’s been a while since I’ve seen him, but that doesn’t look like Kang Kyung Joon to me.

        • Julia

          I think the first guy is an actor named Kang Ha Neul.

      • 1.1.3 My Reply

        No it’s not Kang Kyung Jun.
        That’s Kang Ha Neul .

    • 1.2 colors

      I don’t want to be mean, but I find it funny that everyone is trying to figure out who the actor is out of a somehow tiny picture.

  2. UJ

    cant say i am too excited about this but i am sure i wont hate it as much as i hate the T version! HATE IT WITH A PASSION!!! *RAGE*
    But till now Maki’s version is my fav and Shun Oguri will forever be my leading man of Hana Kimi!
    fingers crossed for this one πŸ˜€

    • 2.1 Spooksmom

      UJ- I am 100% with you! Maki will always be my fav from any Hana Kimi version and Shun Oguri (yum!) was Sano.
      He is amazing…

    • 2.2 ~Feather~

      I always find that I favor the version I saw first above all the others. Hana Kimi 2007 was the first one I saw, and it will always be the best for me.

    • 2.3 Lisa-Loo-Loo

      I agree with you on the T-version, however I did like Ella. Shun Oguri is my favorite lead too, in just about anything. I LOVE him!!!! Rich Man Poor Woman iis my new favorite drama just because of him.

      • 2.3.1 zsa

        I had goosebumps (the bad kind) when I saw Ella’s potrayal in Hana Kimi…though I do like her in other dramas…can’t say I’m excited…I always prefer the JDrama versiion of all mangas like Hana Yori Dango, Kimi Wa Petto, Hana Kimi, Ittazura Na Kiss…compared to Koreans’…but sometimes the Taiwanese versions are great too esp for ISWAK and Meteor Garden…but the kdramas have not yet reach that mark…at least for me…

        • neener

          Agree about the jdrama version and how good was ISWAK and Meteor Garden!!

          I’m looking forward more on the person who will play Nakatsu’s part πŸ˜€ I mean Ikuta was really perfect for that role!

          The whole Jcast was great! πŸ˜€

          • EnaLeFay

            Base on the information above, Hyun Woo (Equator Man / God of Study) will be Nakatsu. I don’t know if I should be happy or unhappy.

    • 2.4 cheekbones

      Don’t forget Toma Ikuta as Nakatsu ! I love him ! I’m relieved that a capable young actor would play the Nakatsu character in this remake.

      • 2.4.1 enamor

        YES. I LOVE HIM TOO. My favourite Nakatsu role. The whole Jap cast is fluffy and fun, i love them all! πŸ˜›

  3. ck1Oz

    Ella looks like a boy.

    • 3.1 UJ

      kinda like B2ST’s Yosoeb :p

      • 3.1.1 nozomi05

        had the same exact thought.

      • 3.1.2 Rovi

        Maybe they were trolls in the past life…oh oh, maybe half of it she was a troll, and half was that she’s Amber’s long lost twin. LOL~!

    • 3.2 korean fashion blog

      I find Sulli the most androgynous looking among the lead actors, which is amazing because she’s incredibly feminine looking when made up.

    • 3.3 nokke

      true -)

  4. Rainerust

    I have to say that the jdorama made me realise my love for Ikuta Toma with his nuanced acting and adorableness, and I think it’s pretty hard to top his version but I guess we’ll see what happens. Minho’s character is pretty straight (even Oguri Shun didn’t manage to do much with it other than looking hot) so hopefully the writer manages to make him a bit more interesting than his counterparts in the TW and JP versions…

    I have to say though that if you are intending to watch this drama, please check your brains in at the door. Even the manga didn’t make sense to me, much less the drama adaptations, so be prepared for lots of logic loopholes and strangeness. The only reason I managed to get through the jdorama was because of Ikuta Toma and the shortness of the drama episodes. I didn’t finish the TW version because I wanted to kick Jiro and then Ella very badly by the second episode.

    • 4.1 Spooksmom

      Ikuta Toma was hilarious! I loved all the boys in the school in the Jdoroma! Oscar was so over the top. Love that show!

      • 4.1.1 im_eve

        BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Loved watching the Jdrama 2007 one! :)))))))))

    • 4.2 hanabi

      “I have to say though that if you are intending to watch this drama, please check your brains in at the door.”

      So true. The story is (to me) the epitome of shoujo manga – ridiculous, over the top characters, and a highly illogical/improbable storyline.

      But I love it anyway. It was one of my favorite manga, maybe because the characters were so fun. As for the jdrama, I agree with everyone else that Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu was all kinds of awesome. It’ll be hard to beat him.

      • 4.2.1 alua

        I’m not sure if it’s brains you need to check in at the door, but rather any normal sense of normal reality in order to be able to enjoy the, ummm, alternate universe. Or as they say in literary studies: “suspension of disbelief”.

    • 4.3 Lemon

      I love Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu too! He was the reason I loved that version of Hana Kimi so much – and well, it was the only version I watched since the rest really couldn’t capture my interest.

      I loved Oscar too – all the dorm leaders actually! They were hilarious, and I really enjoyed all the inter-dorm competitions. Such wacky fun!

      Hope the korean version will capture the youthful energy and wacky spirit of the japanese one. πŸ™‚

    • 4.4 danna

      heh…i lasted only 15 mins into the TW version..so props to you for sticking till the second episode…and yeah neither Minho nor Sulli should have anything of a hard time with those characters…they’re pretty much staple shoujo manga leads…It’s Lee Hyun Woo that’s really going to have to bring it because Nakatasu was hilarious…also is Seo Joon Young going to be Nanba Sempai??..he better be ridiculously awesome

    • 4.5 Gom

      lol at kicking the cast of the taiwanese version. that ella girl was unbearable, at least for me. i cringe.

      the japanese version (2007) is my favorite. i really hope they don’t ruin it. most especially nakatsu. please, drama gods, bestow in the writers enough insight so they don’t destroy one of the most adorable characters that ever graced jdorama world. just… please.

    • 4.6 Arhazivory

      It really wasnt a drama to be taken seriously. But jdrama audiences dont mind watching a whole series of hijinks. On the other hand kdramas will always bring in the serious tone no matter how comical it appears to be. I know that this drama will do that too.

      But i suppose I could try a serious version of Hana Kimi. Still not sure if I’m fully aboard this ship yet.

    • 4.7 Aquila

      Definitely – Out of the three drama adaptations, Ikuta Toma’s version of Nakatsu is a hard act to beat….

      But then 2007 Japanese version was my favourite… Oguri Shun!!! <3

      Oh the kiss scene between Nakatsu and Sano!!! I still blush and LOL at the same time!!!

      Oh Ikemen paradise!!! <3

    • 4.8 Amanda

      I love Ikuta Toma! I love him and Nakatsu a lot, so I’m probably going to be overly critical of the Korean counterpart. xD But I’m ready to love Eun-gyul too.

  5. Stacy

    Hana Kimi is the Jdrama that made me fall in love with Oguri Shun (my love for him was cemented in Hana Yori Dango – I’ve never had SSL as bad before or since). Now I’m watching Rich Man, Poor Woman and I’m SO GLAD to have him back on my screen! Sorry, fangirl moment there…

    I tried to watch the TW version, but couldn’t make it through the first episode. That was a couple of years ago, though, before I knew who Jiro was, so I may give it another try when I don’t have anything else to watch.

    I also tried to watch the Japanese remake, but it was missing the magic. Probably because it was missing Shun, Ikuta Toma, Mizushima Hiro, and the dude who could see ghosts and auras.

    Usually I can watch remakes without making comparisons, unless the remake is horrible (see: You’re My Pet). It’s gonna be hard to resist this time, cause the original J-cast made such an impression on me, but I definitely plan on watching it and I’m hoping they’re able to pull it off.

    • 5.1 Stacy

      That should’ve been SLS, not SSL. *goes to get another cup of coffee*

    • 5.2 Janet

      I’m watching Rich Man, Poor Woman, too.

      • 5.2.1 Betsy

        I’m already so addicted to Rich Man, Poor Woman too! So glad Oguri Shun is doing another drama. And after watching Office Girls (a Taiwanese drama) I’m ready for more romance workplace dramas.

      • 5.2.2 nokke

        me too -)) and it’s one of the most impressive first episodes in jdramas in some years…

        • Betsy

          I completely agree, the first episode of Rich Man, Poor Man was really well done and completely drew me in. The acting was great and the story seems really interesting with the whole social networking/e-commerce aspect and the differences between the leads (one remembers everything while the other can’t seem to remember anything. This will also be my first J-drama in like 1 year. I believe the last J-dramas I watched were Ouran High School Host Club and Oguri Shun’s Dr. Dolittle.

    • 5.3 firestarter

      Oguri Shun’s fans and HYD’s fans must watch Gokusen (2002) This j-drama has 3 season but the first is with Oguri Shun and Ishigaki Yuma the actor who played Tenouji-sempai in the first japanese HanaKimi…

      • 5.3.1 jubilantia

        Gokusen seconded! That one was my first Asian drama, and it’s still up there as one of my favorites. It’s not “good”, per se, but it is hilarious.

        • mary

          If you liked Gokusen, try to watch the older, Great Teacher Onizuka. Hahaha the professor is more flawed but more badass – but still a complete dork when it comes to love.

          PS I love the TW version better than the Jdorama but both are brilliant and a load of laughs. And Ella really looked like a guy, that has to count for something, right? πŸ™‚

      • 5.3.2 tosin

        I loved shun from gokusen 1 …he was great in it πŸ™‚

      • 5.3.3 foolmoon

        GOKUSEN…. FAITO-O!
        It’s better than the manga and gladly no one thinks to remake it, especially season 1.
        Looking at Korean remake history of Jdorama – which mostly suck (yes, I’m looking at you BBF! You ruin my HYD and not deserve for those popularity) or just so-so, I’ll just pass this one…

        • jubilantia

          I don’t know, I consider Seasons 2 and 3 remakes, since they’re pretty much the same setting but with different actors. I accidentally watched a few minutes of episode 1 of season 2 when I was looking for the original, and looking back, it was the exact same setup, almost scene for scene. Otherwise I have ignored the subsequent seasons.

          Also the Japanese HYD was way superior, at least with directing and writing and most of the actors. Nobody but nobody beats Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun, although Lee Min-ho gave it his best shot (which is pretty darn good).

    • 5.4 himonogirl

      I’ve never been an Oguri Shun fan before (even though I did enjoy Hanakimi, but was TOTALLY in the Ikuta team), but I’ve found myself pleasantly entertained by RMPW.

      I’m working on a recap of this series, actually…:)

    • 5.5 Lord of the Things

      Omg, Oguri Shun has a new drama! The love I have for him outweighs the quality of pretty much all of the things I’ve seen him in, except the Crows movies. Goddamn he is badass.

      But he’s in a new drama? I will try anything with him in it. So much love.

      • 5.5.1 zsa

        yes he has, and he’s looking smashing…hehe…but i’m waiting till the drama is halfway through to start…Can’t stand the nightmare of waiting for next episodes…

    • 5.6 tia

      i watch rich man poor woman too. so goodd,, my first jdrama again after yearsss… is dramacrazy the fastest?? and do u know the forum for jdrama like soompi *lil obsessed with this drama. haha

  6. Lise

    Annoyingly its gonna be subbed super fast whilst am still waiting for Chaser ; ( am forever grateful to our dear subbers but…but…have u no taste (sorry dont kill me!!!)

    • 6.1 kopytko

      Heh. I share your pain. But there is also one question that is literally drilling my mind: do grown up viewers really watch that kind of stuff? I like a good laugh and absurd situations but still…

      • 6.1.1 Stacy

        Depends on your definition of “grown up” πŸ˜€ I’m 42 and I absolutely love over-the-top dramas like Hana Kimi and Mei-chan no Shitsuji – if they’re done well like these 2 Jdramas, at least. But then, my mom still claims that I’ve never grown up.

    • 6.2 Betsy

      So true, the trendy dramas always get subbed the day of.

      • 6.2.1 megara

        this. I am bitter how good dramas get ignored!

    • 6.3 zsa

      yep…i’m still waiting for ‘can love become money’ to be fully subbed…still only at ep 9 online…sigh…

    • 6.4 zsa

      …and then there’s Love Rain, which is fully subbed, but I don’t know what to do with…should I watch that while waiting for other dramas?..butbutbut…I can’t keep my eyes open for the entire episode…nope…

  7. nuna

    well….compared this Sulli with SHINee Taemin, then i’ll accept the femininity.
    Seo Joonyoung as Namba sempai? owh, u got me all in now~!
    since the previous adaptation got me jump off the drama wagon becoz of the leads(well, Maki looks tooooo much like a girl & Ella really make me annoyed, no offence) i dont care about the leads anymore.
    what important is who play Namba sempai, Taiki(looks like there is none in this adaptation or he’ll appear later) & Nakatsu(they got Hyun-woo so OK)

    • 7.1 girlatsea

      Here’s a side to side comparison of Sulli and SHINee’s Taemin (Replay era) http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/large/65d42be5gw1duz54dad01j.jpg

      She really does look like him. But then again, Taemin is known for looking like a girl…So, I don’t know.

      • 7.1.1 danna

        holy cow! they do like kinda similar

    • 7.2 jinkzz

      That’s actually the first thing that came to mind…Sulli does look like Taemin in the first picture…I still have serious doubts about the drama but we’ll see how it goes, I guess…

  8. Lucy

    I still like the japanese version hana kimi…..

    can’t beat them !. SUPERB !!

    • 8.1 EnaLeFay

      LOL…same here.

      For me, it’s because every character in JDorama version of Hana-Kimi were very memorable. LOL.

  9. queencircles

    Seo Joon-young!!!!! I loved him in Tree! He was so cute and excellent in that show. Such a good actor, and soo adorable. I’ve wanted to see him in something else so this makes me really happy! I actually just started watching Biscuit Teacher and he’s got a small role in that so I got really excited lol, do I’m very glad that he’s one of the main four in this.

    I’m not sure about Minho, I don’t really care for him, but he’s athletic for sure so I see it I guess. I just hope he can act…

  10. 10 queencircles

    Seo Joon-young!!!!! I loved him in Tree! He was so cute and excellent in that show. Such a good actor, and soo adorable. I’ve wanted to see him in something else so this makes me really happy! I actually just started watching Biscuit Teacher and he’s got a small role in that so I got really excited lol, so I’m very glad that he’s one of the main four in this.

    I’m not sure about Minho, I don’t really care for him, but he’s athletic for sure so I see it I guess. I just hope he can act…

  11. 11 queencircles

    damn… I knew that would post twice. sry.

    to make this comment relevant… who’s that white chick? I’m jealous. I want to be in a kdrama!! f my life. lol

    • 11.1 ~Feather~

      probably the “American friend” of the lead girl.


      She tries to convince her to go back to america with her since her since the plan to get the lead guy to jump again doesn’t seem to be working.

  12. 12 lenrasoon

    I watched the Japanese and Taiwanese version and LOVED both, even though the Tw overacted a little it was still well done imo and Ella portrayal was the best of the two already aired versions, she was really boyish and her chemistry with Wu Chun was amazing. About the JP Hana Kimi the second characters stole the show for me to Nakatsu awesomeness to the other teams and their leaders (i loved Oscar).

    Should i have high hopes for this drama? i don’t know (i was excited for JIN too but look what we’ve got lol) but i can see it doing great, i’m not familiar with the cast so i’m going to watch without pre-judgments.

  13. 13 nozomi05

    I really liked the original Japanese version. Hoping for a good K-version but my expectations are not that high, I hated K version on of Boys over Flowers

  14. 14 nuri

    That’s what I was thinking too. Why oh why Lee Hyun Woo has to get that hair? He was fine in his equator man cut. I can’t even recognized Ha-jin. What’s wrong with me?

  15. 15 otk

    OMGd THERE’S NO DRAMA DORM?!?!?!!?!?!

    I was so looking forward to the awkward hilariousness from the drama dorm leader πŸ™ it’s just to bad that that guy ain’t there πŸ™

    Sulli seems to look the girliest among the other girls who took up the role previously.

    • 15.1 made.to.love

      I hope they have a drama dorm! The dorm rivalry really keeps the show fresh even during the angsty parts of the drama ^^ I think maybe they just haven’t revealed them yet >.< I'm going to keep hoping since I'm an optimist πŸ™‚

      • 15.1.1 danna

        nooooo…..how can they have no crazy drama dorm leader…also I really want the doc to be gay but I have a feeling they wont be doing that

        • Ppg2z14

          Why wouldn’t they have gay doctor?

          • Ppg2z14

            Why wouldn’t they have a gay doctor? If they didn’t have him then that excluded the gay photographer who likes the doctor.

  16. 16 Jules

    Ha, I just showed my (male) colleague the picture of Sulli-as-a-boy and he asked, “Why is that girl wearing a boy’s uniform?”

    My thoughts exactly.

    I know that most gender switch scenarios require a suspension of disbelief, as the girls still tend to look quite feminine, but with Sulli I just… can’t. Is there anyone alive (male or female) who would look at her and think, Wow, what a pretty boy?

    But maybe she’ll be an amazing actress and her appearance won’t even register as an issue; it could happen, right?

    • 16.1 Jackie

      Yeah, but it’s not like in You’re Beautiful and Sungkyunkwan Scandal they looked like boys. (I actually think that Sulli looks more masculine than Park Min Young and Park Shin Hye in those dramas)

      Also its supposed to be a girl dressing as a guy, rather than a boy-looking girl. (Plus in the manga and jdrama, it was one of the jokes that the entire student body had no idea she was a girl, when obviously she was one, and why Nakatsu fell for her so easily when he was straight)

    • 16.2 xnopex

      tbh the manga plays on the inside joke that it is a girl in a boys uniform. there was a running gag about how she’s too pretty to be a boy.

  17. 17 risa

    1) You’re right, she DOESN’T look like a boy. At all.
    2) Mushroom-bowl cuts ought to be banned.

  18. 18 pistachione

    I totally didn’t recognize Lee Hyun-woo. What did you do to him? huhu..

    But he’ll do a great job.. I know..

  19. 19 Shiku

    I only found Moon Geun-young to be the only actress who was believable as a boy in Painter in the Wind.

  20. 20 becca_boo

    *sigh* When will the Kdrama PTB realize that a bowl-cut does not actually make a girl look like a boy?

    As for Lee Hyun-woo’s hair-do… why on earth? Were they trying to make him look ridiculous so he wouldn’t outshine the idol boy? C’mon, that didn’t even work in his last drama.

    On the upside, yay for Yoo Min-kyu! Would it be asking to much if Kim Min-suk could at least do a cameo? I miss that bromance.

  21. 21 Joan

    What on earth happened to Lee Hyun-woo’s hair… I hardly recognised him in that picture HAHA.

    Also, Sulli goes as far as transferring schools and disguising herself as a boy to offer hope? Isn’t that a bit extreme…

    • 21.1 becca_boo

      Don’t forget that stalking is totally normal and healthy in the world of Kdramas. This isn’t extreme… it’s looove. It would only be creepy if she had cut her hair to match his.

      • 21.1.1 Jessica

        It’s based on a Japanese manga. Not an original korean drama.

    • 21.2 jubilantia

      It’s also based on a manga, which explains some of the zaniness. It sounds crazy, but once you accept that one logic hurdle the story’s really fun.

      The Japanese drama and this one have actually made the premise better, since in the manga she came just because she had a crush on him and found out about the injury later.

      • 21.2.1 oftheshore

        Well, at the veeeeeery beginning of the manga, she didn’t even have a crush on Sano – she just wanted him to jump again, and I think she saw him as her source of inspiration (alright, maybe she was a little infatuated=)).

  22. 22 foraredrose

    Okay she is the least believable of all of them, and I thought Maki was pushing it…

    This needs to super good to watch the same story a third time around, and I’m not getting my hopes up after BOF…

    And yes, where is the drama dorm leader????

  23. 23 megara

    Sorry but this was a bad idea to begin with. I’m not against with the remake…but I think the cast is awful. I will definitely skip this one.

  24. 24 yren


  25. 25 jubilantia

    Nakatsu!!! He’s the Lee Hyun-woo character. His actor in the 2007 Japanese one totally stole the show (and all the chemistry with the main actress). We’ll see how this one does.

    Still, not sure how I feel about this. I couldn’t get through the Taiwanese one or the 2011 Japanese one; we’ll see if this one strikes the right balance between zany goofs and pathos.

    • 25.1 megara

      I refuse to watch any other versions of Hana Kimi. =) I’m way too biased with the original.

      • 25.1.1 jubilantia

        Wait, which is the original for you?

  26. 26 bluesky

    i totally agree w/ MEGARA; there is no boyish look in the main character. You can tell it’s a girl.

  27. 27 Byul

    I hope they live up to the Japanese version! It was the first j-drama I watched and I fell in love with all the characters, especially Nakatsu and the guy who could see ghosts… I miss them right now:( Well, I hope they do well!

  28. 28 Anime1234

    tsk, tsk…

    Some fans get so wound up defending their favorites. I have enjoyed watching all 3 of the different versions. Each one has its own charm. I had to laugh at what things were copied and was surprised by the differences and how they worked. Hey, Spiderman has been done to death but the new movie isn’t half bad. It is great that a a little romantic manga story gets adapted so many times by so many countries. Thank you, Ms. Hisaya Nakajo for my favorite manga story.

    • 28.1 megara

      lol, I enjoyed the new Spiderman and admit that Garfield’s better at acting as compared to Tobey.

      =) What’s annoying me is well…Minho can’t act and I suppose the other cast as well since I don’t know them except Seo Joon-young. Shun Oguri can be a blank sometimes but Minho…omg I don’t know..maybe he will be worse. They could have chosen a better actor.

      • 28.1.1 Jackie

        lol I definitely preferred Andrew Garfield’s to Tobey McGuire’s

        and Minho isn’t that bad, He was alright in Salamander Guru. Plus what’s done is done (at least he’s not as bad as Kim Hyun Joong. I know that much.))

  29. 29 ninji

    Wow, I can’t believe how much Sulli looks like a girl, all her facial structures just screams girliness. But it’s a drama, so I’ll roll with it, as always.

  30. 30 Banu

    OMO.. auww wish Yoo min kyu could play.. senpai Minami..XD he was awesome my fav..
    So he is the taekwondo leader hahah guy who played him in jap. version was awesome funny..
    Looking forward for this hope it’s funny as Japanese version.. Give us the korean Nagatsu love..

  31. 31 ohnoes

    yoo min kyu will play tennouji the dorm 1 head? i think he’d be more perfect as nanba-senpai’s character..keke..

  32. 32 Kay

    I actually ended up watching the TW remake before the Japanese and fell in love with Wu Zun (the lead)….Ella did a great job, it helps she has a lot of andro features which made her character believable..

    I’m not sure what to make of this..Sulli is way too pretty to make me believe she’s a guy but then again…so is Minho LOL

    • 32.1 Carinne

      I know, right!?!

      I am delusional… still hoping Amber would step in to take over Sulli place. =(

  33. 33 Steph

    I consider myself a Sulli fan. I think she’s really adorable. I liked the jversion. I might watch this.

  34. 34 alua

    Looks like… a girl. The face, but the other dead giveaway is the smooth legs!

    Nonetheless, the poster looks fun although I don’t think we needed a Korean Hana Kimi remake. Too many Korean remakes just didn’t work (Boys over Flowers and dare I mention You’re My Pet?).

  35. 35 infinite7l

    im surprised… sulli can pull off that look.. quite well πŸ™‚ the japanese actress i loved her, and for some reason, sulli is giving off a similar vibe.
    im a huge fan of hana kimi, watched jap and taiwanese version many times.. i just REALLYYY hope that the korean version, they can really get into their characters. the actors in the japanese one especially played their roles so well (even the side characters) and were just so fun to watch.
    i hope that in the korean drama, despite most of them being idols/pretty boys, they can really break into their character and become silly.

  36. 36 Carinne

    Well, at least I know Min-ho will do a superb job on the part where his character gets drunk and starts kissing everyone in sight (he did the same enactment in Salamander Guru… the cutest scene ever).

    I wish I didn’t have to wait long in the series to find this anticipating scene. Kkk~

  37. 37 Jenny

    I loved the dorama version (not 2011 one)
    Ikuta Toma was absolutely fantastic and stole the show in so many scenes.
    In the manga Ashiya was never supposed to be a believable boy, her cover was almost blown several times but Sano and Umeda usually helped her.
    Also the korean version will not have a gay Umeda-sensei, him being gay was confirmed by the mangaka herself.

  38. 38 JD

    Ella looks most like a boy, but she was the most terrible of actors -_-

    • 38.1 Sheri

      to be fair, she wasn’t very good when the TW Hana Kimi aired. but she vastly improved since then, i loved her in down with love.

    • 38.2 oftheshore

      As someone said on another thread, the whole thing about HK is that Mizuki didn’t *really* make a convincing boy. That’s why they made her dress up as a girl for the Christmas dance and some other events.

      • 38.2.1 Jackie

        Mmm. It’s really annoying that no one seems to get that she’s not supposed to be that convincing.

        The student body isn’t really that… bright. So it’s really funny that no one sees that she’s a girl.

  39. 39 Mic

    Well…Sulli was a child actress. I’m going to hope for her being solid like T-ara’s Eunjung was. She was also a child actress….fingers crossed. :/

  40. 40 lunitalunera

    When I saw the poster my first though was “I didn’t that Taemin was in the drama”. Sulli can exchange role with Taemin.

  41. 41 Stephanie

    Ella looks most like a boy. It’s gonna be hard to top my love for the taiwan version… At my high school, every class had at least one person with the DVD version of the taiwan drama. That’s saying A LOT. Considering we were students from an average school and they cost more than a week’s of pocket money at that time.

  42. 42 Kitchel17

    I’m not so sure about this. I read the manga and then watched the jdrama with Shun and FELL IN LOVE!!! So, I don’t think i’m gonna stick around for this one, i might just read the recaps if u decide to do it^^

  43. 43 oftheshore

    Just re-read a couple of Hana Kimi chapters – gosh, I completely forgot how funny it actually was! Mizuki was actually more outspoken then I remembered her to be. Also, I think Sano is supposed to be bit of a dork, eh?=) Either way, back to K-drama. Not a big fan of Sulli’s cut, but willing to give this a try – why am I such a sucker for gender-bender/cross-dressing stories?

  44. 44 mjaan

    I loved the zaniness of the japanese version and i really hope they keep that. Nakatsu had me in stitches all the time

    pfft one of my favorite scenes:

    • 44.1 ~Feather~

      OMG! I remember that! XD
      That’s right Nakatsu, when there is no other way out, sell it with a smile!

  45. 45 Rovi

    Oh fuckfuckfcukfcukfcuk~!!! Here it comes~!!!

    *So the track coach. No comments, yet
    *Yoo Min-kyu – ah, leader of Dorm 1, then…Tennoji’s claimed then…and wow, they retained the “affection for his hoobae“, since in the orig. manga, Mizuki’s first friend absolutely adores Tennoji from the start
    *β€œgenius high jumper”: as I’ve probably stated before, Minho’s known in the K-Pop world for being an “Ace”, meaning he never loses…Shawols and fans alike will have to see that coming…
    *I have to admit, of all the Hana Kimi renditions, Sulli’s Goo Jae-hee is the most closest I have ever seen of the manga’s Ashiya Mizuki. Maybe…hands down to her, then…
    *Finally, our Korean Nakatsu~!!! But wait, Cha Eun-gyeol…why does it resemble the name of Yunho’s character Cha Bong-gun???
    *Oh yay~, our Minami Nanba who’s now downplayed to macho…but does that translate to playboy as well????

    Major meh~ to Ella Chen, who’s probably Amber’s long lost twin, but Julia…is the actress portraying Julia a bit familiar???

    Anyways, I haven’t seen any major change in Sulli’s hair, at least from music shows…

    WHY~?! Why is our Nakatsu sporting a mushroom-bowl cut~?!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!

  46. 46 Jackie

    I’m hoping that the screenwriter covers all the plot-holes and inconsistencies. The manga didn’t exactly… make sense.
    Lots of suspended disbelief. I mean the girl goes all the way to Japan, dresses as a boy, goes to an all-boys school just because she saw the guy on TV.

    This may sound weird, but I hope that they cover her breasts properly. In practically EVERY cross-dressing drama, they do a terrible job of covering it up. It bothers me so much, because its always so obvious that they have boobs. And out of all the cross-dressing drama actresses, Sulli probably has the largest cleavage.

  47. 47 Angskeet

    i feel a little iffy about this drama…my guts tell me that it might end up like Playful Kiss, with super dry acting because of the rookie actors as leads

  48. 48 kirara

    just curious, but who’s the actress who plays Sulli’s best friend from america?? She’s the blond girl next to her when she cuts her hair.. I’m assuming they just picked a random foreigner?? I remember that her best friend from America played a pretty important role in the first few episodes and later (if the director/producer decides to add her in the show) so I’m thinking the girl probably has to speak korean right? πŸ˜€

    • 48.1 Jackie

      I don’t remember her friend having an important role. In the jdrama she didn’t even appear in it until the one-off special (and that wasn’t even important). In the first episode of the jdrama they just told the viewer that Mizuki is from America, rather than explain. In the manga she appears on one page in the beginning and then has a small arc.

      There’s a good chance that they just picked a foreigner, but you never know. (Thinking of BOF, they had a foreigner for the scene in the first episode with Kim Bum, but her english was REALLY awkward)

    • 48.2 xnopex

      i’m hoping with the ample amount of source material (two japanese versions and a taiwanese version), this version will be a great blend of the other adaptations. but, i’m a debbie downer and definitely see 3 issues that will def happen with this version

      – supporting characters are basically going to be human plot devices and plots to ashiya and sano’s romance.

      -the sexuality will be stripped from this. and we’ll have a long boring conflict of AM I GAY and how that’s THE WORST THING ON EARTH for a guy. hahah. it’s stupid but nakatsu’s internal conflict was comic relief and even when he admitted his crush, he didn’t see being gay as a HUGE MORAL FAILING. i def see the doctor being gay stripped from this show too. and oscar will be toned down.

      -longer format is going to mean a lot of stretched out bs. i hope this sticks to a 16 episode format bc i do not see the script writers delving into some of the smaller subplots that the manga had. seeing julia (the blonde girl in the image where ashiya is cutting her hair) hopefully means they’ll delve into the backstory as to why she came to that academy. that’s something i can appreciate as that was glossed over in all 3 adaptations.

      -sulli’s character is going to end up fighting a female rival for the affections of the main male lead. on the omona thread, they mentioned a female rival and i started banging my head on a desk. i do not want to see a bear fox fight in this drama. just wacky teenage hijinx and uncomfortable situations.

      my expectations are REALLY low and i’m hoping all of SM’s money will ensure a GOOD drama. CROSSING MY FINGERS

      • 48.2.1 Jessica

        I sincerely doubt that SM can make a good drama without fucking it up at the script. But hey, at least Lee Hyunwoo is going to be in it.

    • 48.3 xnopex

      i have a feeling it’s julia!

      • 48.3.1 Rovi

        come on, after watching both the Taiwanese and the 2007 Jap version (and a bonus if you’ve seen the manga), it IS Julia~!

        • kirara

          of course its Julia! but I dont know too many foreign actors who can speak korean well, then again.. we can always have a random foreign actress speaking english in the beginning scene when she’s with Sulli and then to save time she doesnt come back so they cut her out.. who knows..

          but yeah, I know its not important but since she’s in the picture in this post..You know she’s going to show in the scene.. I wonder if they were going to reveal it. thats all.. πŸ™‚

          Thanks for everyone’s input. πŸ˜›

  49. 49 tosin

    Lol this is gonna be soo funny to watch. Can’t wait to see min ho’s acting . Thought it was him in the poster … Was like omo omo !!! Kyaa :). The female lead looks soo much like a girl in The boys uniform, its ridiculously funny πŸ™‚

  50. 50 asianromance

    Given the number of pretty boy young celebrities, I think Sulli fits in well as a girl-disguised-as-boy. Thinking back, I don’t think our idols, Sulli and Min-ho, have to too much to do, so I’m not too worried. While they’re the main characters, there is a whole cast of guys to focus on and NAKATSU (Lee Hyun-woo’s character)!! I think the drama rests on whether or not Nakatsu can bring on the funny and the angst over his feelings for boy-Mizuki.

    I have mixed feelings about this version. Hanakimi’s great in that it focuses on more than just the romance. It’s about a bunch of guys at a school. I think the k-version will try to sterilize things (like un-gaying the gay doctor) and add too much romance drama where it’s not needed. I loved the first j-version (Oguri Shuuuuun!!) and the tw-version (despite so many things wrong with it, it really captured the school spirit!).

    • 50.1 xnopex

      hahah i JUST typed essentially the same thing you did. i wish i had seen your comment before!

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