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Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-gook sing duet for 1997 OST
by | August 28, 2012 | 83 Comments

*Happy dance* What a nice treat for fans of tvN’s hit drama Answer Me 1997 — leads Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-gook are doing a 2-part mini OST for the show, called [Love Story]. The ’90s-set drama doesn’t have an original soundtrack of its own since a huge aspect of the show’s mood is set with era-specific music, one of its defining characteristics. So it’s nice to get some music from the idols in the cast, since Jung and Seo can really sing. They’re doing covers of ’90s songs, naturally, and the first duet is a cover of Cool’s “All For You.”

Here’s the original ’90s version:

Cool – “All For You” [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The show is getting an immense amount of attention and critical praise, not just because it’s taking cable ratings by storm, but because it’s got everybody talking. It seems like everyone has ’90s nostalgia fever, fueled by the endless pop culture references packed into every minute of the show. You really get the sense that the writers just have the best time hiding little pop culture easter eggs in every scene. Just the cameos alone are a Where’s Waldo of in-jokes.

The producers announced the duet OST as a special project to say thank you to the fans of the show, and released Part 1 with their cover of “All For You.” Part 2 will be released in two weeks, to match the show’s finale.

Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-gook’s version:

Answer Me 1997 [Love Story] – “All For You” [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Via Chosun


83 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      I don’t want it to enddddddddd ~~ 🙁

      • 1.1.1 Onew

        I don’t either! I wish it could air until the end of time! I would definitely watch all of it 😀

  2. crazedlu

    heard this last night. gah. love it.

  3. queencircles

    This show looks so cute. I gotta find some subs.

    • 3.1 Nicky

      Dramafever got them all 😀

      • 3.1.1 rahma

        and if you can’t access it, dramaholics can be an alternate 🙂

      • 3.1.2 a

        Once one get to the dramafever website, how does one go about downloading the dramafever sub file (i.e. for both script and timing)? One time, I somehow downloaded the dramafever sub only, but with no “timing”, so was unable to use the file. Thanks!

  4. happygirly

    i love them <3

  5. rjyuggy

    I hope Viki would get the license for this drama.

  6. questions987

    Is it just me or does Seo In Gook remind anyone else of Lee Min Ki? He looks like a mini Min Ki to me

    • 6.1 JoAnne

      We had this discussion somewhere, my friends and I…at the time Lee Min Ki and also Jae Joong were being tossed around. I think he has Min Ki’s eye’s and Jae Joong’s jaw line.

      • 6.1.1 aramint

        ah, that’s it. I watched a performance where he wore dark sunglasses and had the same hairstyle Jaejoong once had. I was thinking, this guy looks so similar to Jaejoong, but I couldn’t point it out where the resemblance is. Now, I know. ^.^

    • 6.2 bd

      SIG facially looks most like Kim Ji Hoon (“Joseon X-Files”), altho the eyes are a bit diff. (I guess his eyes are kinda like LMK’s).

    • 6.3 Sakura

      I always thought that Seo In Guk and BTOB’s Sungjae look like twins O_O

    • 6.4 Biggie

      Kim Soo-Hyun

  7. John

    I love Jung Eun-ji !

  8. soojin08


    Such a cute couple. :”3



    Love you, Answer 1997. x♥x♥

    • 8.1 noi

      yeeeaaaahhh inguk-hoya duet next please! xD

      • 8.1.1 Miss D

        I second the notion!

        I love all of the characters in this drama (well….right now Tae-woong is NOT my favorite person because he is getting in the way of truuuuuueeee loooooveeee by making Shi-won confused and Joon-jae sad….but still)!!!

        What better way to present all of the emotions the drama so delicately balances, all of the joy of youth, the roller coaster of being in love for the first time, and the wisdom that comes at this coming of age, than through music?!

        I would greatly appreciate some Hoya loving too!

    • 8.2 PurpleJam

      Yeah, I want a Yoon Jae/Joon Hee duet also 😉 Plssssss

  9. MmA

    I found the mv for this ost. Check it out. They’re so cute.


    • 9.1 moana

      the mv has a spoiler in it! i mean i would have remembered the scene i’m talking about if i had seen it. this ajumma is too old to be all fan girly about seo in guk but he’s adorable! and so is jung eun ji. this might be one of my favorite dramas evah!

    • 9.2 Sabah

      Thank you so much. I was wondering where all those gifs came from.

  10. 10 ilukd

    I am so in love with this drama “Answer me 1997” …. I love these twins …. Hehehe … This drama is amazing … Perfect to the T ….

  11. 11 Dave

    How can i download directly to my phone

  12. 12 myra

    who knows what drama will air after this one ends?…even though i don’t want it to end

  13. 13 noi

    finally an ost~~ <3 <3

    the mv is freakin cute too!

    • 13.1 noi

      anyway, few days ago seo in guk tweet about recording in a studio after a long time… it couldn’t be that he was talking about this?

      • 13.1.1 Kandiboo

        he was wearing the same black shirt in part of the video, so could be it!

  14. 14 stars4u

    love love love!

  15. 15 Saa


  16. 16 p3rk3le

    gosh i love those two so much, i really ship Yoonjae/Shiwon!!! They sound really good together too 😀

  17. 17 red

    I just googled Jung Eun Ji…and shes from A Pink???…I didnt know, I love her!! and A Pink music I have always enjoyed!

    • 17.1 rahma

      she’s A Pink’s main vocal. so it’s reasonable that she got the voice haha. and Seo Ingook is a winner of Superstar K. gosh these two are just so adorable together, even off-air hehe

  18. 18 crzycpl

    These two are so cute together. They can sing they can dance they can act. ARGH! They’re going to be unstoppable.

    Loved the song. Love the drama. Love Love Love!

  19. 19 bigwink

    If after all this and they didn’t end up togetherrr….. *headlocks the dramagods*

  20. 20 flovin

    super duper Love love love

  21. 21 yanyanhye

    I have not been addicted to this drama since I started watching k dramas 6 years ago. this is series is just driving me cray cray

  22. 22 tarianant

    I know I’m going to listen to this song nonstop until next Tuesday.

  23. 23 ajj

    I’m becoming a huge huge fan of Seo In Guk.I cant believe he won in Superstar K and can reaaally sing,I thought he is a pro actor since he’s so great in Answer me 1997.

  24. 24 pohonphee

    If you have watched Love Rain, there’s Seo In-guk singing. I didn’t know it was him that time, all I knew I was just awestruck: Dude that was an awesome choice of cast, this boy Can sing! He was cast as college nerdy musician in that drama.

    • 24.1 jabberwocky

      me too! i feel in love with him (and his characters, both of them!) when i watched Love Rain (didnt really care about the other characters tho). and i always have a soft spot for cute boys with busan accent (Taecyeon in cinderella’s sister). but like u said, i didnt know he was a rookie, not until someone mentions it somewhere around here in DB. he’s that good. now i think i’ll just have to sign up for his fan club. LOL.

  25. 25 pohonphee

    If you have watched Love Rain, there’s Seo In-guk singing. I didn’t know it was him that time, all I knew I was just awestruck: Dude that was an awesome choice of cast, this boy Can sing! He was cast as college nerdy musician in that drama. So no wonder this time.

  26. 26 liz

    The music vid is so cute xD
    They’re so natural at acting..almost forgot they were both singers/idols!

  27. 27 Village Mrembo

    Just how old is this kid? Never mind am prolly a noonaphille but damn those eyes! Reminds me of that guy, he was the lead in Tales of a gisaeng and is also in Faith (the flute killer) swear down i would sell my soul to the jade emperor for them smouldering little jewels ; )
    Oh yeahs and i gotta take back my previous complaints about idols getting parts they clearly dont deserve cuz that Eunji girl is killing it! Kinda like Eun Hye, doesnt care if she acts and looks plain/ugly (for an idol) as long as she reps her character perfectly. SIG too, couldnt be bothered with Love Rain but am def a fan now, Lee Soo Hyun are u watching this? Be very afraid! He he

  28. 28 Ani

    Aaaaaaaaaaaw. Love it.

  29. 29 YChase007

    I adore it <3 YJ & SW all day. it's going to be sad to see them go… Two hours left 😛

  30. 30 tonbotomoe

    This drama is just all heart and sweetness and warmth. How could it not gain the following it has?

  31. 31 UJ

    I freakin love this show..out of all the shows that i am watching right now,this one has the most heart!! ♡

    • 31.1 oi

      so agree, this is the only show I watch out of all the shows that are airing now

  32. 32 myrahEeeeeeee

    “The producers announced the duet OST as a special project to say thank you to the fans of the show..”

    Seriously, we should be the one thanking the producers and the writers for creating an awesome drama that is Answer Me 1997!

    Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Gook you are the best pair ever!

    • 32.1 Ariel

      Yeah I second that, we should be thanking them, kissing them, laying flowers at their feet and raining them with confetti. I love you guys mwaaaahhh, now I want a duet with Eun Ji Won and Hoya with awesome raps and I want it now!!!

      • 32.1.1 Ariel

        Oh and an mv with 90’s dance moves and I want to see Jiwon do the Scorpion move he he he this should be epic!!!

  33. 33 dangerousgoods

    Such a cute song, with even cuter singers! Dear god I hope the higher-ups decide to release an official OST with all the tracks featured from the show – I’d buy it in a heartbeat 🙂

  34. 34 eternalfive

    KYAAAH love these two, love their voices, love this song, LOVE THIS DRAMA. <3

  35. 35 neener

    download it right away!!

    currently addicted to this drama! it’s just the best!

  36. 36 MhsC

    Beautiful :)))))

  37. 37 mizweng

    Love their version…and the MV rocks!!! so cute…. 🙂 and I do wish this drama is longer like the other sitcoms…. 🙁

  38. 38 kaka

    I hadn’t into k-pop and k-drama at 90’s. But this drama makes me addicted to 90’s k-pop songs.
    I remember there were Eunji’s and Inguk’s voices singing Sechskies’s Couple at the end of episode 0 and there was Eunji’s voice singing Tears at D-day scene. I hope they will release those songs.

    • 38.1 apinkcrazedfan

      you’re right! i hope they release the “Couple” song, Seo In Guk and Eunji’s version!

  39. 39 jellybean

    This song is just so sweet 🙂

    Now i will patiently wait for a Seo In Guk – Hoya collaboration soon <3

  40. 40 Sponge

    Cutest thing ever, and i truly love both of their voices so this is just my favourite thing ever *_____*!

  41. 41 kitchy

    Me likey like this song!

  42. 42 Stardust

    aaaaaaaah this song is light and nice!! Its so awesome that the leads can sing, because this makes the song ‘ theirs’ … How sure am I they are the OTP?? O.T.P !!! AAAAAH I ‘m going crazy with the waiting..

  43. 43 coby

    Wow! Duet! Meaning … they will end up together RIGHT? can’t wait for the subs!

  44. 44 mrstakahonda

    *Now KISS!!!!!!!*

  45. 45 Gaahhhbee

    MY FAVOURITE SONG!!! From my all time favourite Kpop group!!!!! kyahhhh~

  46. 46 flour

    guys guys lets tweet the drama creators @tvn_1997, show them some love! esp since i saw someone said we should be the one thanking them. so true.

  47. 47 pumpkin

    huhu… people know its a good drama but y can’t they sub it fast? but thanks for your efforts in subbing the prev eps.
    anyone know where i can watch eng subbed ep 11 and 12? tnx much

  48. 48 Yoon Jae FTW

    Is it Tuesday yet? Is it Tuesday yet? Can’t get enough of Answer Meeee 1997!! Who is the daddy!!

    Btw can I share this awesome blog, they also recap the drama.


    I love reading all recaps. Can’t wait to read yours Girlfriday. Thank you.

  49. 49 minhoswife

    I SUPER love this show!!! Have always been a sucker for best friends turned lovers kind of stories.

    Heard the song this morning and loved it as well!

    How many episodes will there be? 16 only?? I want it to be more!!!!!!

    Love love LOVE Yoon Yoon Jae!!!!

  50. 50 claire

    WHY WHY are they so cute? Gosh,this cuteness &sweetness just killing me.I love the MV. I Really hope YoonJae is EunJi’s husband. He must be,right?! Otherwise, I will hold grudge forever against Dramagods!!!

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