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Weekend romance drama courts Moon Geun-young
by | August 12, 2012 | 80 Comments

There’s a new weekend drama on the horizon, and while weekenders aren’t always the most exciting offerings, this one has my attention because of the pedigree of the folks involved. I’m a little perplexed but definitely intrigued about Cheongdam-dong Alice, the SBS series slated to follow Five Fingers, which is a week from its own premiere.

First off, the drama is courting Moon Geun-young (Cinderella’s Sister) for the lead role, and her reps have confirmed that she’s “seriously considering” the project. She’s worked with one of its writers previously, Kim Ji-woon, whose credits include psychological thriller Tale of Two Sisters (which Moon Geun-young did when she was 15).

Yet, this is presumably going to be a romantic comedy. I know. Enter the perplexity. But a second and more junior scriptwriter, Kim Jin-hee, appears to be the main writer, having previously worked on Tree With Deep Roots and Queen Seon-deok. PD Jo Soo-won worked on dramas Swallow the Sun and Heaven’s Tree.

It’s possible that the drama will differ quite a bit from its source material, but assuming it doesn’t, let’s take a look at the original novel: Cheongdam-dong Audrey, written by author Lee Hye-kyung, is a romantic comedy set in the (small, posh) world of Cheongdam-dong. That’s the name of one of Seoul’s neighborhoods located in the Kangnam district: It’s ritzy, expensive, image-conscious, and fashion-forward.

In keeping with the locale’s fashion bent, the book’s heroine makes knock-offs of designerwear, her ultimate goal being to open an internet shopping mall. She has had a hard time trusting men after being betrayed by her first love in her freshman year at college. She’s also acting as mother to her sister’s child after unni died.

Then she meets the hero, who’s the president of a designer shop in Cheongdam-dong. Naturally. He’s noticed the heroine often and pursues her, after which point they “become close like lovers” (so… not lovers then?). Until complications arise, of course, including the reappearance of her first love, an incident regarding her knock-offs, and a host of other troubles.

I see the pieces, but not how they’re going to fit together. The drama appears to be a straight-forward romance with the standard obstacles, and its distinguishing characteristic is its location-specific tone. (Although, let’s be honest; tons of dramas are set in Cheongdam-dong / Kangnam / Apgujeong-dong anyway, whether it’s explicitly stated or not.)

Well, I’ll be waiting for updates on this one. Based on Five Fingers’ running time, Cheongdam-dong Alice will likely premiere in December.

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80 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fasiris Fay


    • 1.1 Cam

      Yups! This drama seem very interesting, ofc. πŸ˜€ Also, I am looking forward to this actress Moon Geun Young in this drama! Hopefully, this drama will be definitely good….(crossing fingers) ^_^

  2. mary

    Bbbbut Cinderella’s sister had a stellar cast, and look what happened…

    Writer-nim, please take care of us!

    • 2.1 MsGB

      You could say the same for Mary Stayed Out All Night…….

      • 2.1.1 yay

        i was thinking the exact same thing

      • 2.1.2 zsa

        she was soo wasted in Mary…it’s unforgivable…I hope her selection is spot on this time…love this girl!

  3. bashful

    The mere mention of “knock-offs designwears” reminds me of “Fashion King” which had the worst ending ever. So, although I can hardly wait seeing MGY in a new drama, part of me hopes she declines this particular drama and chooses another.

    • 3.1 jandoe


      • 3.1.1 mystisith

        Yep. Me too. Not ready to see another drama about fashion industry yet, may they design handbags or coffee cups.
        Seriously, handbags and shoes are becoming like neurosurgeons in medical dramas: Tired of it.

        • tonbotomoe

          If handled right and with some fresh twists, I wouldn’t mind watchng a fashion-themed trendy. I am partial to some kind of fashionable detective…
          As for characters in the medical field populating the drama scene, well if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. They’ve been crapping out big numbers in ratings so I don’t know if it’s going to stop anytime soon. (I could be wrong…) I would like some kind of steampunk elements to it though, like maybe a victorian version of prosthetics and automail (FMA much lol?). IDK. Sorry if you all couldn’t follow all of that

    • 3.2 Fishnet

      It reminds me of ”’I do, I do” which ended nicely.

      • 3.2.1 Eeefu

        ditto! tho perhaps Fashion King may be closer background-wise, but I didn’t pick it up, so… weekend family can be flowing; hope it flows faster that I Do, I Do

  4. Miss D

    Wait, wasn’t she the main actress in ” Marry me, Mary” ?

    As for the plot, this like a pretty straight forward love-triangle, discovering yourself rom-com. Hope it’s good!

  5. Miss D

    Wait, wasn’t she the main actress in ” Marry me, Mary” ?

    As for the plot, this sounds like a pretty straight forward love-triangle, discovering yourself rom-com. Hope it’s good!

  6. UJ

    I really like MGY…i am really curious who the leading guy will be! Can we please get Joo Won to do it *wishful thinking* and then we can look at him screaming ALIIIIIIIICE…not exactly the same ring as GAKSITAAAAAL but i will take what i get :p

    • 6.1 Shin Haido

      lol. i can imagine that

    • 6.2 kakashi

      where’s Park Shi-Hoo hiding? I want to see him in a drama again, though not necessarily this one. but then… rather in this drama than not in a drama soon.

      • 6.2.1 kakashi

        ha! I must be psychic or at least PSH-psychic! Now he’s ‘positively reviewing’ the offer for male lead. keke.

    • 6.3 Meghan

      I would love to see Joo Won do a straight up rom com. He’s mostly taken more serious drama roles so far in his career, I think he would be adorable in a rom com, and some of his natural aegyo could come out. πŸ˜€

    • 6.4 Birthday Girl

      One of the few actors I am veryyyy fond of

    • 6.5 tonbotomoe

      I would love to see that collaboration but I would rather that they be in a thriller or action series (I haven’t seen MGY do badass yet). Maybe “My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent”?

  7. Danna

    I’m mostly apprehensive because of the (lack of) luck that MGY seems to have with the trendy drama genre….i’ve been following the news on this because of her but I have read at least four different scenarios for this drama leaving me with no clue as to what this is really abt…also most of them seem to point that this is set around the fashion industry which makes me wary…i mean look at all the casualties there: Fashion King, Cinderella Man, Style
    the one good thing though is that the production team really does seem to have some good creds

  8. aX

    I still can’t get over PAINTER OF THE WIND. Oh, how I wish she was actually a boy!

  9. jandoe

    JB, I’m with you on the capital RIGHT. I absolutely love her and though CU sort of went downhill I still do love the show fiercely – Mary, however less that’s said the better – and looking forward (okay HOPING) she’ll bring back that gravitas and pathos and all those good acting chops she has. PLEASE BE EPIC

  10. 10 Jo

    This…is weird. The writers wrote really deep or thoughtful scripts that are full of depth. But this sounds … anti-depth. In fact, it’s so CLICHEEEEE.
    I wonder if they are holding back on some info. I want to see these writers continue to write interesting, full of machinations, complex human beings with complex, but believable (or interesting) lives. We have enough sugary goodness. Let’s add in some intelligence, yea?

    • 10.1 foolmoon

      I’m with you in this curiosity.
      Though the novel offers a very simple rom-com story, it could be done a la City Hunter. You know, only taken the character’s name and masquerade plot, and the rest of the drama is so different from the manga.

  11. 11 Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

  12. 12 odet

    Whatever project she chooses, I’ll watch. I miss her terribly. She is one such unique actress. She’s good (if not the best) in everything she does. Hope this project goes well plotwise ‘coz i see no reason acting wise. Lee Seunggi please be his man. Here’s to little sis and little bro… kampai!

    • 12.1 odet

      I mean HER man.. Uh-oh… excited much.

    • 12.2 rabbitsfortea

      Me too.
      Granted her past few dramas were pretty cringing, but it’s MOON GEUN YOUNG <3

    • 12.3 MsB

      Hey I’ll watch her while paint is drying! Hey, wait I did (Painter in the Wind) but that’s how much I love her! Please, anything at this point will do! It’s been 2 years!

    • 12.4 twentyonebuds

      I know I miss her too! And Seungi!! All though I can’t quite imagine the two of them together.. MGY deserves a good drama, seriously. I want to see her in another sageuk!

  13. 13 xiaoSxin

    Can MGY and Joo Won be leads in a drama together? My new dream pairing. She is technically a noona (by a mere few months) but definitely a sunbae. Ooooh how I’d love to watch the BTS…

    • 13.1 Danna

      Ooh i’d love that!!!! But I’m thinking JW may wanna take a break after Gaksital…unless ofcourse he’s following in the footsteps of his hyung-crush Uhm Tae Woong

    • 13.2 rabbitsfortea


    • 13.3 rabbitsfortea

      Well, it’s Moon Geun Young…
      Much as this doesn’t sound very promising, I’ll still tune it for her, but I REALLY do hope it’s not ANOTHER flop.

      On the other hand, excited for male lead πŸ˜€

  14. 14 bong

    Most of the articles I’ve read say the writing tandem will be Kim Young Hyun (who wrote Tree With Deep Roots and Queen Seon-Dok) and Kim Jin Hee who she (not sure if it refers to MGY or the writer) has worked with before…

  15. 15 Alvina

    So… basically Fashion King or Baby Faced Beauty? I’m usually meh about this type of drama… but if it is done well (such as in What’s Up Fox) then I’m sure it can be amazing πŸ™‚

  16. 16 hmm...

    Geun-Young Kangnam Style!

    • 16.1 aliz

      I see what you did there!!

      Heyyyy sexy laady~~

      • 16.1.1 9to5

        LOLz πŸ˜›

    • 16.2 Arhazivory

      And it pops up. lol

  17. 17 nuri

    if its anywhere near I Live in Cheongdamdong (Cheongdamdong Sal a yo) i’m definitely going to watch. sometimes i wonder, why a better actress couldn’t find a better drama. Kim Hyeja is definitely winning there, but i wish someone better as Jieun (not that the actress is bad) its just can be done better if its MGY.

  18. 18 apple

    This seems to be the typical korean stuff you get?!

    Oh well I wish MGY the best and I hope this one will be a hit.

  19. 19 M92

    I hope if she choose this drama it will not be a bad drama. Moon geun yong is such a talented actress. i do not want her to choose drama that will be totally flop. The scriptwriter is good but not rom-com??Are they trying to test their writing for this drama??If the writer is the one that wrote the gentleman dignity,the woman who want to marry n etc, i will more anticipate it. But, hell!!The writer for saeguk?Thriller??Cannot still place a high hope. For latest MGY drama marry me marry,wow it totally flop!!The most bad drama for MGY!!

    • 19.1 MsB

      Wasn’t crazy about Marry me, Mary; I just liked the music the most! But the end of episode 3 will always be one of my favorite drama moments!

  20. 20 joan

    M3 is flop on TV but definitely a success here. It garnered so many comments. Including new plots and possible scenarios. It was both recapped by JB and Koala. I hope this project, if it pushes through, becomes a success in both. I simply love MGY, she rarely considers a project, so watch whatever she has to offer.

  21. 21 Gom

    Sor far, everything about the plot is nothing out of ordinary. I will wait for more updates though. πŸ™‚

  22. 22 BundaGhifary

    Good Luck Moonie, all the Best for u .. Can’t wait to see ur comeback on screen ^^

  23. 23 eny

    i see cinderella’s step sister and i like it but marry me marry is bad although her acting is good, so i hope she choose good drama this time

  24. 24 mskololia

    Reads smw like a female version of FK. Oh well…I wish her the best if she accepts.

  25. 25 neener

    oh! I just don’t want MGY to be in a drama that would waste her talent πŸ™‚

  26. 26 MyLabyrinth

    Only the other day I was bemoaning the missing presence of Moon Geun young. Brilliant news if she does take on the role. *__*

  27. 27 djes

    It reminds us to Fashion King…so how about the leading man is……..Yoo Ah In?
    I’d love to see YAI and MGY together. That would be..hot, no?

  28. 28 rjyuggy

    I will watch anything shes starring in. Kim Soo Hyun will be the perfect leading man

  29. 29 acejihyo

    crying, this reminds me of cinderella man/fashion king/generally migraine-inducing things. i’ll definitely be tuning in if mgy leads it but, dear gods, i do not want a repeat of either of those dramas.

  30. 30 ck1Oz

    The novel had an ending which readers already know. You guys were shocked with FK’s ending. I wasn’t going to comment but seriously… there are a lot of dramas set within a set genre. However it is the writers who elevate what can be done with the same plot lines. This is based on a novel- with set plotlines so what are the detractors basing their complaints about from the book?

    Be positive people!!

    And the novel has a happy ending ” facepalms ” at all the CS and FK comments.

  31. 31 canxi

    Well with all those great writers and the PD I think they might be planning on putting some kind of twist on the standard-rom-com element. It’s still too early to tell and I feel like we won’t be getting any solid info until…November…or something. Maybe October.

    I’ll keep an eye out. I heard this synopsis though:

    She meets a guy at a bar, sleeps with him, and then they are re-united three months later due to a car accident.

    So the one you’ve written about is completely different and I conclude that no one, even the PR team, know what the story is about… O_O

    • 31.1 Danna

      I also read something about her wanting to make it big in the fashion industry and being betrayed by her bff and also another synopsis abt her living in front of Cheongdandong stores…so yeah….very confused as to what this is really all about

  32. 32 Cynthia

    It’s nice to see that MGY is considering coming back to the small screen, but I thought she was still at University finishing up her degree?

    I’m surprised at seeing the pedigree of the people involved for this new drama – surprised because the plot has been done over and over, and fairly unsuccessfully. But that being said, there must have been something in the synopsis that attracted MGY.

    • 32.1 maldita

      If I remember correctly, she wasn’t able to graduate last March because she got delayed from her drama filmings before. If she only has one semester to go, she’ll be done with her degree by the time filming starts.

  33. 33 misskania

    Omo, i never thought Mary Stayed Out All Night did so much damage to her acting career? I mean, another romcom with common background settings? Moon Geun Young, please, you can do better than this… You DID better than this, well, except Mary, of course.

    I think she just testing the water, maybe she already has another big project yet to come but still far away. So in the time being she will just accept whatever flag as appropriate for her level, that is.

  34. 34 riya88

    i ‘ m desperately waiting for her comeback!

    but i want her to do something challenging… pls choose your project carefully mgy!…

    and i want to see Um ki joon opposite her!!! (LOVE GHOST!!;)

  35. 35 SuperFanGirl

    Wait, is it Audrey or Alice? I’m seriously confused.

    Also, this reminds me of Fashion King, which I did not watch because the plot just sounded too ridiculous.

    • 35.1 ck1Oz

      This drama Alice. The book Oduri/ Audrey.

  36. 36 purexorange

    i’m getting a ‘fashion king’ plot vibe here, but less intense.
    i really don’t know how the team that’s shown here will pull off a rom com…

  37. 37 clumsy

    Rumors abound that Park Sihoo will be joining the cast of Cheongdam-dong Alice. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    • 37.1 cocoonedsoul

      but why would he fall back to a weekend drama when he’s smoking kick ass drama lead male material?

      • 37.1.1 clumsy

        Why not? It’s MGY afterall.. The youngest actor to win the Daesang. Who wouldn’t wanna work with her?

  38. 38 Simon

    I saw somewhere, the guy is going to be Park Si Hoo. How true?

  39. 39 colors

    “But what has me intrigued is everybody attached to the series β€” you can’t make that many good projects and come out with a bad drama, right? RIGHT??”

    Quelle naΓ―vetΓ© ! You may jinx it with your wishing! (I mean, we all could jinx it.) =p

  40. 40 alicesek

    i hope they will choose kim hyun joong or song seung hun casting in this drama , i like them both so much .

    • 40.1 tonbotomoe

      Yeah I like them too to a certain extent (KHJ after all is hilarious and Autumn Tale was one of my first kdramas) but I’m afraid that putting them alongside someone as great as MGY will only reveal their shortcomings and gap in acting.

    • 40.2 odet

      Oh uh.. MGY will eat them alive. I adore both too, but good acting eludes them.

  41. 41 tonbotomoe

    MGY is just as cute as a button and I have missed her in my computer screen. Though I see the appeal of picking a somewhat safe route after being out of the limelight for a couple of years, I’m a bit iffy about this project. I feel like she needs a more challenging material to really show us what she’s made of. Though a lot of people may think that she had already proved herself, I think that everybody, even great veterans, needs improvement because it’s what they owe to their fans who wholeheartedly support and love them and to themselves because of the amount of hard work they put in their acting endeavors.

  42. 42 MeeisLee

    Sometimes the drama gods have a way with screwing us over. It’s like we have our cake and eat it too, sometimes. Nice cast + nice production team = horrible drama, passable cast + decent writing = great drama/failure drama. You just never really know until you start watching, but by then it might be too late to get a refund on your time.

  43. 43 Ari

    My ultimate actress girl crush!

  44. 44 nadia

    i miss her a lot…MGY

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