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Shin Mina’s October magazine shoot
by | October 17, 2012 | 45 Comments

With her drama (Arang and the Magistrate) nearly over, Shin Mina’s probably going to be busy on the interview circuit in the immediate future, and that includes the one she did for lifestyle magazine @star1. (Ugh, that name. Does nobody use proper punctuation or spelling anymore? Get off my grammatically correct lawn!)

Inside the interview, which features these photos, Shin Mina talks about filming Arang (which, by the way, seems to have flown by, which is not something I often feel of dramas I’m recapping), with the tight schedule, lack of sleep, and the usual drama-shooting craziness. (She was nursing a cold at the time of interview, having lost much of her voice.)

The press-release bits mostly focus on Shin’s secret to keeping in shape, which is too bad since there are a dozen more interesting topics I’d rather hear her talk about. Like her thought process behind creating the Arang character, or how it’s similar/different to the gumiho of her last drama, or how she feels about this revival in her career in the past year or two, or working with Lee Jun-ki, or what she thinks of the creative and fantastical world of Arang.

Sigh, but I guess we’ll have to settle for questions about maintaining her figure, to which Shin answered that “diet is essential,” although she also copped to loving to eat. Then again, Arang and the Magistrate did allow for some dieting wiggle room, so to speak, since she spends the entire show dressed in hanbok, which is more forgiving on the figure. “I gained a ton of weight,” she confessed, “because I relaxed a bit. You can’t tell very much because of the hanbok, but I’m a bit worried for when I’ll have to take it off.”

Shin describes feeling her age now—don’t we all, sigh—and how filming a drama is a lot harder physically than it used to be. I kinda wish I could hate her for sighing about gaining weight and growing old when she’s still basically a goddess, but I just like her too much. I’ll miss her sunny presence onscreen when Arang and the Magistrate finally ends its run this week. Episode 20 airs Thursday.

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45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Abbie

    Shin Mina is so pretty and cool. She’s one of my favorite actresses in Korea. I wish her the best!

  2. Leona

    OMO why so serious.
    She can look so different in 2 photoshoots…. sometimes cute, sometimes so cold… like this one

  3. chula

    hopefully she’ll get more substantial questions on one of the post-Arang interviews she’ll do ^^

    she’s forever lee min ji to me (lee byung hun’s sister in Beautiful Days) so i always forget she’s in her late 20s now. i feel ancient.

  4. saltandpepper

    She’s so beautiful 🙂

  5. Sam Eh

    Javabean’s mention of the focus of the press-release bits being on how Shin Mina keeps in shape rather than more work/drama/personal perspective -specific interview questions reminds me of a comment that (I think) Emma Stone made about how her boyfriend (also an actor) gets all the thoughtful or at least thought-provoking interview questions while she usually gets more fashion or trend related interview questions. Not to rain on anyone’s parade about being interested in health/diet/fashion trends that the stars are interested in. And I get that these types of questions might simply be geared towards the focus of this magazine (I’m not familiar with it). I hope that’s the reasoning behind the questions rather than is being due to the interviewee being a female actor.
    However, I would love to read an article about Shin Mina’s thought process before/during/after the drama involving her character, other characters, and the story.
    Sorry if my comment is way off the topic of this post 🙂

    • 5.1 Sabah

      Interesting point. I agree.

      I think that if her character were just the ‘pretty face’ in the drama then questions on how to keep your skin glowing etc would be appropriate but when your character is all character quirks and misdemeanour then question on how to create a flawed yet endearing persona would be more apt.

      I was trying remember any interviews where men were asked questions on health and beauty and there are some but normally when they had to show some skin or rather their abs. Interesting because I don’t think Shin minah had such scenes in Arang. Hmm. I would have found it more appropriate and interesting to hear what snacks she indulges in.

    • 5.2 pogo

      it also reminds me of Scarlet Johansson (coincidentally, the same age as Shin Mina! I seem to love all these ’84 babies) getting visibly annoyed during the Avengers press tour when all the men got questions about their character development….while all she kept getting asked was how she got into shape for the catsuit.

      It’s really ridiculous, because it wasn’t as if she was the ‘eye candy’ of that film either, ALL the stars had equally rigorous workout routines and Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth etc had more fanservice, but the woman is the only one who gets asked about her body and nothing else.

      Fingers crossed that Shin Mina gets to speak in more depth about her character, the experience of working etc in post-Arang interviews (I can’t believe it’s ending! I don’t want it to end!).

      • 5.2.1 chinita

        Same here. I love how Scarlett Johansson replied to the reporter. Maybe the topic regarding the Shin Mina interview was focused on being in shape because it’s what the magazine is about or it’s what the section that featured her was about (at least, that’s what I’m hoping).

  6. DayDreamer

    Agree with you on having more substantial interview questions. But this is a recurring theme in journalism across many nations. Interviewers will ask the same old repetitive questions of beauty, diet, aging, etc….rarely anything thought-provoking. Particularly when I read about actors from Indian dramas and the really stupid questions are asked like what’s your shoe size, how did you lose weight, what’s your zodiac sign, etc…*facepalm*

    Anyways, Shin Min Ah looks very beautiful. I like her with her hair down than pulled back tightly like in Arang and the Magistrate with the hanbok. Just personal taste.

    • 6.1 Lian

      Is your name Mahfuza by any chance?

      • 6.1.1 DayDreamer

        Lol, no. Why do you ask?

    • 6.2 NikaNika

      OMG, have I finally found someone who follows both Indian and Korean serials/dramas?!

      • 6.2.1 anklegirl

        I do too.Except I tend more to lurk, than comment.

        • NikaNika

          “I do too.Except I tend more to lurk, than comment.”

          LOL, so do I! So nice to meet you all! <3

      • 6.2.2 engl

        Ahaha…is ur name’ little little’?

        • anklegirl

          Nope, I’m anklegirl everywhere. 😀 Gotta love dokko jin

      • 6.2.3 DayDreamer

        I pretty much go international. I watch Indian, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, and American television. Although by now, I have a much larger preference for Korean dramas. They have that x factor that manages to get me excited and antsy, LOL.

        • JP

          People after my own heart. I watch stuff from Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America. Way too many countries to list. But in terms of Indian TV shows, I don’t have dish/sat to watch it and they are kind of hard to find on the internet, so I stick w/ movie for most parts.

          • anklegirl

            Are we allowed to speak of other streaming sites here?desitvforum[dot]net is my go to site for streaming Indian soaps and old school Cartoon Network stuff.

        • anklegirl

          Sadly, it’s the pretty pretty boys who got me hooked to Asian dramas.Dang you! high-school me and “Endless Love” series.

      • 6.2.4 Lynnet

        Was just reading through the comments and saw your question, I dont have much access to Indian dramas but I started watching the movies a few years ago and actually really enjoy them(especially the older releases). It got to the point were last year if anyone came to my house there would either be a Korean drama or an Indian movie on TV and my little sister loves the music on Indian movies so much that though we dont speak a word of Hindi she can sing along after watching the movie a few times. Would definitely love to watch stuff from more countries but at the moment India and Korea are the most accessible.

  7. Lilian

    She seriously doesn’t look her age. Your questions are so much more interesting. I also am interested as to why she picked this as most people would could consider gumiho and Arang to be very similar characters.

    • 7.1 NikaNika

      She looks 25-29 to me..

  8. Sabah

    After reading that note on ‘getting old’ I checked her date of birth and well, now I feel old. Seriously though, there is that point in your life when you notice a decline in things and as Marilyn Monroe said “Gravity catches up with all of us.”

    I noticed her in A Bittersweet Life where she was as mesmerizing and hypnotic as she was meant to be portrayed; a beauty with an inner charm that makes you re-evaluate your life. I don’t think it would an exaggeration to say that the actress herself isn’t too far from that.

  9. Lila

    She’s still very beautiful. She’s older than me but I think she looks younger. I’m sad for Arang to be over but 20 episodes is the perfect length

  10. 10 piaaa

    Ah, these magazines. Don’t they think that kind of questions are asked over and over again?

    Anyway, I have a huge girl crush on Shin Mina. She could be cute and amazing at the same time when she acts. And, she’s utterly gorgeous. Sigh. I just love her.

    I’ll miss Arang so badly. I hope it won’t take another year for her to choose another drama. I know that it’s tiring but I would love to see her in a new drama again, soon. Like, maybe, Joowon’s female lead in his upcoming drama? Is that too much to ask for?

  11. 11 Nokcha

    I remember seeing her on the cover of a Brown Eyes cd and then in Volcano High. I told my friends, she’s going to be really well known in a few years….she has the sparkle. She has chosen really good roles for herself, and she has a nice body of work that’s diverse and interesting.

  12. 12 rjyuggy

    I hate it when Shin Mina does FIERCE shots. I like her as a sweet and bubbly persona.

  13. 13 cute4u269

    Omo her bday is April 5th! Thats one day after mine! Just thought ill let y’all know…

  14. 14 alua

    Those photos and the interview are super boring.

    None of which is Shin Mina’s fault. I have only seen her in Arang and totally adore her (I don’t know why! I just do.). She’s just gorgeous. Which isn’t something I would say about a lot of Korean actresses, because although many are pretty they often look rather plastic to me. Shin Mina somehow stands out – she’s got some sort of aura.

    I really wish they had asked her questions of substance. She seems more intelligent than that and like someone who could have much more interesting things to say.

    Kinda sad that she’s pressured into dieting by her career.

    • 14.1 Saima

      You hafta HAFTAAA watch her in Gumiho. SO CUTEEEE that I wanted to squishhh her & adopt her as my unnie. THE most adorable female character I’ve seen in a K-drama.

      • 14.1.1 Saner

        Co-sign! She’s adorable…yet frightening at the same time. Awesome to watch!

  15. 15 Kiara

    Adorable Min Ah <3.

  16. 16 Arhazivory

    Um yeah…let’s hope there’s an interview where she’s asked more substantial questions. The ‘curse’ of being pretty: more interest in the looks.

    She stole my heart in Gumiho and is just as delightful in Arang. That ego part of me hates her cause she’s so beautiful though. Hehe…

  17. 17 hanie

    meh. Actor/actress can’t avoid from dieting whether to maintain one physical (healthy?) appearances or going method-y. And that kind Qs is done to death imo.
    They should ask her feeling when she had to put Lee Junki’s clothes on instead taking it off all the way. I’m more interested to know that!!! kekekeke….. or something related to acting? *shallowness cover up fail*

  18. 18 folie a deux

    Love the second pic more than the first, as if she’s thinking what to do next after Arang…:)

    I hope some other mags will have the brain to ask her some meaningful questions that focus on her career, recent and up-coming works (and of course not to mention her thoughts on LJK just like when she was asked about LSG before, hee) and other related stuff.

  19. 19 pogo

    I wish there was a half-decent translation of the interview out somewhere.

    She’s so beautiful, but unlike most people who could get away by coasting on their looks she’s actually a good actress – I’ve just been rewatching Arang while waiting for subs, and her face just amazes me. And she and LJK are so well-matched onscreen, it’s like all fangirl dreams come true.

  20. 20 qwerty8

    Apparently it’s @star1 because it’s pronounced like “A style” (a seuta-il? -__-) so yeah, it’s more of a fashion-lifestyle magazine.

    Anyway, Shin Mina looks gorgeous as always! It’s really sad Arang will end this week… 🙁

  21. 21 lovelyu

    she don’t have AMAZING talent, just mediocre, so the reporter only focus on other things.

    • 21.1 Suzie

      wow that’s some strong comment there. will ignore

  22. 22 Eliza Bennet

    The woman doesn’t have a bad angle and her on screen presence is awesome. To top that she has considerable acting talent too. Not to mention that she had great chemistry with everyone of her co stars so far.

  23. 23 Suzie

    I do hope the remaining parts of the interview tackles more about her acting and/or upcoming plans.

    In a translated Japan interview with LJK (translation with video link in Soompi), she explained that while Miho (MGIAG) acts more like a newborn, so innocent and trusting, Arang is more assertive and fearless.

    Additional stills were posted thanks to @eilasa from Minah’s soompi thread

    So pretty!! I cant believe they photoshopped her mole under her left eye..that’s like her signature mole! LOL

    • 23.1 Carinne

      LOL! Anyone care to PS the mole under one of my eyes?

      Nice pics, btw… thanks for sharing.

  24. 24 weissman

    Sum it up

    Shin Min Ah = Goddess

    Thats about it

  25. 25 bd

    SMA looks great as usual.

    One could tell that she had the acting chops early on in one of her earliest series, “Punch” w/ Joo Jin mo (she was already oozing that charm and charisma as well).

    She looks nice and healthy here and not bone-thin that so many actresses are.

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