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JTBC branches out into the daily drama market
by | December 19, 2012 | 26 Comments

Y’know, of all the newly launched cable stations, I think JTBC is the one who got it right (or most right, at least). Even putting aside the quality of their programming (with shows like Padam Padam, A Wife’s Credentials, Childless Good Fortune, and Can We Marry), they’ve taken a gradual approach, starting small and expanding rather than jumping in all at once.

Now JTBC is rolling out its first daily drama, to be headlined by Jang Shin-young (Empress, The Chaser). It’ll be the first evening serial among the new general-programmer cable stations, and is titled literally Spineflower, though I think perhaps the more literal Thorn Flower (or Thorny Flower) may sound a bit better.

Jang will be playing another strong femme fatale (after playing an ambitious and vengeful bar hostess in Empress). Her character Se-mi starts out sweet and pure, till she’s cruelly crushed by two men and pushed to the brink of death; her trauma includes rape and the death of her family as well as betrayal by her lover. She returns wearing “an angel’s mask” and armed with a revenge mission. Sounds deliciously makjang and — done right — totally addictive.

Thorn Flower will be written by Lee Hong-gu, who was one of the writers of A Man Called God and also 2008’s East of Eden (though not the original one who got ousted mid-production). Directing is PD Kim Do-hyung, who was a secondary director on Playful Kiss and worked on the original Goong.

Revenge/makjang material tends to do well with the daily drama market; consider the soaring ratings of tvN’s Yellow Boots earlier this year, which broke records at the time with its ratings surpassing 5%. Impressive for a cable daily, and JTBC has gotta be hoping for similar success.

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mystisith

    XXXXX: Shutting my mouth before saying things about the premise… Not my cup of tea obviously.
    That said, the concept of this show looks like what tvN is doing these days with Glass Mask. I guess it must be a ratings success if this project sees the light.

  2. Abbyshosha

    Maybe makjang, but the synopsis really sounds like Usa series Revenge, even with the Thorn in it (wich is the last name of the main). It’s a really good series, so I think the concept may be a little similar.

    • 2.1 canxi

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • 2.2 hui ting

      I love Revenge!

  3. mskololia

    I’m not a fan of the candy character so if they can keep her away, I may be interested.

    Does anyone know how many episodes and how many minutes per will be aired?

  4. lovepark

    Ooh… the writer makes me cringe.
    The plot seems like every other revenge themed daily that’s churned to keep viewers addicted and brainless. Bleh. If it’s anything like Yellow Boots, I’d run far away from this… very far away.

    • 4.1 bishbash

      The “returns wearing “an angel’s mask” and armed with a revenge mission” is a troupe done to death.

      It all started with Wife’s Temptation and spiralled out of hand from there >.<

      • 4.1.1 Maya

        Temptation of Wife… I still can’t believe how a mere mole can fool her husband. (Btw, I didn’t watch it but my mom always made sure to keep me updated)

    • 4.2 mskololia

      It was that bad, huh? I just searched YB and it shows 108 episodes. That’s too many epis for me.

      • 4.2.1 lovepark

        I wouldn’t waste my time with YB. It’s ridiculously horrendous and stupendously frustrating. There are a lot more better dramas out there unless if watching stupid people yell and fight and act like nincompoops is someone’s cup of tea, I would avoid this like the black plague.

        • mskololia

          Thanks. Will avoid this one.

          • InSu

            At least look at the 1st 10 minutes of YB ep01. It’s wild, insane, crazy…

            I show it to all my friends.

  5. Daisy

    Why rape 🙁

    • 5.1 Annie

      Seems to be the theme du jour in dramaland. jTBC has some real balls though – I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a realistic treatment of rape.

    • 5.2 ladida

      I wonder why the men’s trauma never includes rape.

      • 5.2.1 Mystisith

        Homosexuality is still taboo in SK. And the idea of a raped man who could not defend himself is doubly shameful: It’s a direct attack to their masculinity.
        I read awful things about men being raped when they do their military service, so it’s definitely happening. But too touchy yet for the medias.

    • 5.3 InSu

      In S. Korea, rape on women and children has been zooming up. I watch/read the K-news.

  6. Gaeina Lee

    The best jtbc’s drama that I enjoy watching it again and again is Fermentation Family in my pov. I like JSY in I’m Legend and Empress, hope this drama would be better than regular makjang drama, and not too long (for the ep).

  7. Kstylick

    Good for her. Time to widen her horizons.

  8. goldeng

    Sounds like WIfe’ sTemptation and Temptation of an Angel?? anyways, hope they do well!! cable channels had won my trust so many good dramas!

  9. rainbow

    the usual daily drama plot, which definitely has a high possibility of huge ratings….

  10. 10 Kes

    I’ve never gotten used to the different standards of what makes a ‘hit’ on a cable network. In the other networks, they call a show a success if it gets more than 20% ratings, but people were saying Shinhwa Broadcast was doing really well to get 1%. A different scale entirely, lol.

  11. 11 Noelle

    this sounds interesting.

  12. 12 Dakchigo

    JTBC already had a daily drama before, the morning drama “When Women Powder Twice,” which starred Im Jung Eun. I’ve read a previous post that said it didn’t do well in the ratings and had to be cut from 120 to 65 episodes. Also, it had an evening daily sitcom, “I Live in Cheongdamdong.” So, JTBC isn’t exactly a newbie when it comes to producing daily dramas.

  13. 13 iatetoomuch

    From the writer of A Man Called God? Ooooo I’m tempted to check it out. Maybe there will be plenty of unintended hilarity

  14. 14 cath

    now that i wanna gonna watch!

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