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Running Man: Episode 126
by | January 6, 2013 | 55 Comments

So ends another year with our lovable Running Man cast who send off 2012 with a bang. If you were wondering if the games got any easier… they didn’t. Instead, we get more laughs, more betrayal, and more deception and that’s always a good thing in my book. Who will come out as 2012’s final victor?

EPISODE 126. Broadcast on December 30, 2012.


Somewhere in Busan, our cast arrives on the red carpet to toast the end of the year with… grape juice. What – you expected something else?

We were last here when a group of hyungnims paid a visit to our cast members and some of them note that there’s an extra plate setting for a special guest. Just then, a white stretch limo rolls towards them.

And we only need to hear the Stairway to Heaven soundtrack to guess who today’s guest is. Gary doubles back when he comes face-to-face with actress Choi Ji-woo (Can’t Lose, Winter Sonata).

Haha on the other hand, is in awe with Ji-woo’s tall stature, so he steps towards her, giving us a hilarious sight gag. HA.


What concerns me, however, is that Ji-woo is sans a jacket and then I have to recall that it’s freezing in Korea these days. Even Ji-hyo has a coat!

Ji-woo politely refuses Suk-jin’s would-be chivalrous gesture with her hands (Jae-suk: “One hand means, ‘No, thanks.’ Both hands mean, ‘Definitely no.'”)

But on with today’s mission! Entitled “Star Wars,” it’s every man or woman for themselves, and the winner at each mission station will earn a star. The person who gathers seven stars at the final mission location will be declared the winner.

But… why do you look all shifty-eyed, Ji-woo?

Sure enough, one hour earlier, Ji-woo nervously picks up the mission card and gasps, “1:7?!” Today she’s a spy and her mission is to eliminate the Running Man members with the help of her partner-in-crime.

Squirming in her chair, she whines, “How am I to eliminate Spartakooks?” And if that wasn’t enough pressure already, Mr. PD explains that should her identity be compromised, that’ll be the end of the show. Ji-woo: “Just like that? But I came all the way down here!”

With a hearty cry from Ji-woo, they’re off!


… or so we think. Another flashback teaches us that the cast has seen and heard every word of this ‘secret meeting.’ After playing around with the notion of Gary as her accomplice (he protests), they decide on Haha.

Man, I love me some reversal, but what’s in it for these guys, Mr. PD?

Everyone piles on the double-decker bus and they all brace themselves against the bitter winter cold. Haha gathers up the confidence to ask if he can speak in banmal with Ji-woo (who allows it) and Gary blushes that he could never bring himself to do so ’cause he’s a fanboy. So cute.

Jae-suk teases the ex-Monday Couple for sitting next to each other and Ji-hyo barks in a half-exasperated tone, It’s Monday, whatcanyado?. Gary turns to her, shocked, “So we’re gonna [be together] if it’s Monday? Should I log back in?” HAHA.

Their first mission takes them to a beach obstacle course and the cast avert their eyes to avoid notice. Jong-kook and Kwang-soo are up first and the Tiger drags the Giraffe back to the right lane before squeezing into the first obstacle. Then he finds Kwang-soo trying to block the exit with sand.

Things only start spiraling out of control from there as they push and pull each other as Kwang-soo’s pants continue to go south. By the time he grabs the flag to clinch his victory, he’s given everyone a viewing of his blue briefs.

When Jae-suk and Ji-hyo face off, we get a reversal of the move Haha pulled Hyo-joo a few weeks ago… ’cause it’s Ji-hyo who sends Jae-suk to the ground. Twice.


Seeing Ji-woo’s fierce competitive spirit tells me that actresses should always be in variety. I mean, she’s trying to lift a tire to trap Suk-jin for cryin’ out loud!

Then I find it adorably hilarious that a forward roll baffles her, but after some more pushing and shoving Big Nose Hyung out of the way, she wins the match.

I cannot believe what I’m seeing. Kwang-soo is still pantsless so he affixes a makeshift pair out of a bathroom robe. But count on Kwang-soo to work it.


They’re off after a false start and it looks like Kwang-soo didn’t take Jae-suk’s words of wisdom about how beautiful actresses have a bit of a temper. It’s too bad we couldn’t see Ji-woo’s death glare ourselves, but it’s enough to shake up the Giraffe (and maybe his pants-not-pants).

She borders on exhaustion after she wins and gapes when she has to go up against Haha to win a star. We learn that the stars contain clues to her spy accomplice, but it’s the cast’s job to stop her.

So we shouldn’t really be that surprised to see Haha’s shed his former playboy persona now that he’s a married man. He pulls his now signature ankle attack on Ji-woo but can’t manage a repeated attempt, no thanks to his short legs.

Ji-woo charges at Haha to wrench the fishing pole away from him but it’s too late. He resorts to piggybacking Ji-woo near the finish line, the pole still around his chest. In the end, he wins it and revels in victory.

Back on the bus, Ji-woo expresses her concern for Kwang-soo who replies that she speak comfortably with him. He blushes a fierce red when she calls him, “Kwang-soo ya,” and then sweetly adds that she knows the ‘shy’ persona is an act, so he can drop it. HA.

Ji-woo: “I’ve seen you do it to all the actresses [older than you].” Jae-suk praises her for her spot-on observation and when Kwang-soo sours after being called ‘ugly’, he comforts him: “It’s a trend lately!”

Then Gary pipes in: “No it’s not!”


That starts a discussion about who she thinks is the best looking cast member and complain when she chooses Jong-kook and Suk-jin respectively for first and second place. She names Haha as third, and the rest? Ji-woo: “Eh, they’re all the same from there.”

Jae-suk points to Kwang-soo as dead last and Kwang-soo defends that he’s heard plenty of people call him handsome. Ji-woo’s eyes widen: “Really? Where?”


Their second mission is a quiz game and Haha immediately cries, “You know we’re not good at that!” But the twist we’ve come to expect is that the cast are already aware of the questions and answers. Suk-jin astutely points out, “If we get the difficult questions right, she’s going to find it absurd.”

HA – turns out the questions are strangely specific in regards to Ji-woo. (Q: What were Yu-jin’s first words when she met Joon-sang [in Winter Sonata]?) Back in the present, the cast pretends to gripe about how it’ll be easy peasy for Ji-woo herself. Jae-suk: “There’s a chance Ji-woo doesn’t remember either!”

Everyone starts jumping up, claiming that they’re huge fans of Ji-woo (she beams). Haha: “I even know what her first CF is!” When pressed, he replies, “I’m not gonna say! It could be a question!”

I see you taking out your cheat sheet there, Haha!

The first question asks where Ji-woo and Lee Byung-heon’s characters in Beautiful Days had their first kiss. Ooh, I know, I know! Pick me, pick me!

Jae-suk gets there first and after he cracks a gourd over his head (ow!), answers, “Inside a car by the seashore!” Ji-woo cries that it’s wrong. Uhh.. it’s not a good sign when the actress says that you’re wrong.

In her memory, it was at the record shop. Did the staff not do their research? (Don’t worry – they did.)

Haha presses his luck to ask him about the storyline (Jae-suk: “They met and fell in love! I’m sure things didn’t work out!” Ji-woo: “It was a happy ending.”) which earns him a stern stare from Jae-suk.

Gary correctly answers a Winter Sonata trivia question, and by now Ji-woo’s thoroughly confused. She calls him on his “huge Winter Sonata fan” bluff and instructs him to sing it then and there. Gulp.

A few questions later, Ji-woo remains with two other cast members. Upset and frustrated, she finally bursts, “I don’t remember what happened [in those dramas]! How am I supposed to remember stuff from 10 years ago!”


She may not remember what happened in those dramas, but she certainly remembers her character names. The cast grows nervous as she starts to list them off… and then Haha cracks the gourd on his head, “You didn’t do this first!”

He gets them wrong, but count on our resident actress, Ji-hyo to list them off in the correct order. Whew.

Ji-hyo panics when she’s asked to repeat the names and she blurts, “You know that feeling after you memorize something…” She finishes, “… you forget it right away?” Still in shock, Ji-woo just nods along. Double whew.

Problem is, the cast is in hot water again when a Stairway to Heaven question is posed and Ji-woo gets there first. Worst yet, she spits out the right answer.

Thankfully (for the cast), she gets caught on a technicality and Haha answers correctly, making this victory Strike 2 against Ji-woo.

Everyone except for Ji-woo earns Running balls (another Running Man classic!) and it’s Gary who comes out with a star.


The cast gathers at the final mission location and Ji-woo lights up when she’s allowed to enter first. Once out of earshot, the members start to strategize: how do they deliberately let Ji-woo win without getting caught?

Those without stars are in the most danger since once they’re out – it’s game over and Ji-woo wins. (Explanation: Just like how Ji-woo has a ‘spy’ nametag, theirs disclose how they’re tricking Ji-woo.) Moreover, Haha’s role as her “spy partner” will be crucial in order to win it for the Running Man cast.


Ji-woo searches for her spy partner and approaches Jae-suk. It’s hard to tell if she’s more embarrassed before, during, or after she tries the hint (a wink and the frog dance) out on him. They separate for now, but Jae-suk astutely criticizes the staff that the hint is way too obvious.

Dang – the staff sure are making the cast members jump through hoops to acquire stars. Suk-jin finds an envelope instructs him to squat-walk 100 steps and from this angle, it looks like Coach Kookie is scolding him. HAHA.

Suk-jin checks his pedometer too early and has to start over again, much to his displeasure. Which is when Coach Kookie orders him to get going… but nearly get caught by Ji-woo.

Enter Haha who now assumes his spy partner role with great ease and Ji-woo breathes a sigh of relief.

They spot Gary in the distance and lead him to an empty hallway and Ji-woo rips off his name tag. Gary acts surprised… until he’s out of sight and bursts in laughter. The others hear the announcement and smile.

Meanwhile, Suk-jin still hasn’t been able to complete his mission, and when he checks again, it reads: 93. Close but no cigar.

Kwang-soo’s practically ecstatic when he realizes that his tall height comes in handy for his mini-mission. He jumps and places one, two…. and finally five post-its onto the ceiling. This finally allows him to be eliminated without worry.

Ji-hyo’s mission sounds virtually impossible – how is she going to get close enough to change Ji-woo’s name tag to read as ‘Ja-woo’?

Right now, Haha’s got a bigger problem on his hands – Ji-woo wants to eliminate Suk-jin, who doesn’t have a star yet. So he suggests an alliance between the three of them, to which Ji-woo’s like, Nuh-uh. Take him out..

Oof – that’s gotta be a blow to the man’s pride, for sure.

Ji-hyo joins them and panics over her mission. As she whispers to Haha ’round the corner, Ji-woo targets the Ace… who turns her back to the wall just in time. To the cast’s luck, Ji-woo doesn’t suspect Haha’s suddenly strange behavior in the slightest.

Now joined by Kwang-soo, the four circle each other and stop to assess the situation. They decide to ally together and target Jong-kook who’s still without a star. Ji-woo is rightfully reluctant about this arrangement since she’s seen how these alliances have turned out before.

Kwang-soo defends, “The three most trustworthy people are before you.” Ji-woo: “I can’t trust YOU the most!”


Cut to: Suk-jin who’s still squat-walking. At least you’re getting a decent workout out of it? He gets caught by Ji-woo and his odd gait has piqued Ji-woo’s suspicions. But thankfully, she jumps to the wrong conclusion and leaves.

Haha suggests that they make a mark on their name tags to indicate their alliance. Ingenious. Both Ji-hyo and Kwang-soo have to turn away so that Ji-woo doesn’t catch them laughing.

So they slip away to write on each other’s name tags (which indirectly also helps Ji-hyo) and once alone, Ji-hyo apologizes to the camera, “Sunbaenim, I’m sorry I turned your name into ‘Ja-woo’!”

Then finally, Kwang-soo sets himself up to be eliminated with ease and stifles his laughter as he’s dragged away.


Elsewhere, Jae-suk has finally found his mini-mission: shout Ji-woo’s name and hit at least 125 decibels. So he shouts her name over and over and now I’m dying.

Ji-woo walks over, having heard her name, and coolly admits that she eliminated Kwang-soo. Jae-suk shouts her name, looking directly at her… and completely unaware, she’s like, “Yes?”

Jae-suk tries again once she’s gone but his repeated attempts now grates on her nerves. She tells Haha that she wants to eliminate Jae-suk because, “He’s so noisy!”

And then just when he hits the right pitch, Ji-woo’s right behind him… he whirls around just in time.

Jong-kook’s task (the Pepero game) is by far, the most hilarious mission I’ve seen today. He pulls a reluctant Jae-suk aside and looks at him with this face that says, Hey, don’t get mad at ME! It’s a mission!

Jae-suk notes how the health fanatic has bit the cracker end and Jong-kook jokes that he’s none too pleased about this task either, “Do you know how ugly you look up close?!”

They fail their first try (though the screencap can inspire a fanfic), but there’s no time to bicker ’cause Ji-woo’s on her way. So the boys grit their teeth and Jae-suk starts eating the Pepero like a chipmunk. Alas, it’s no good.


It takes a few more attempts because Jong-kook keeps cracking up at the last second but they manage to succeed. And as soon as they do, they start bickering again. HA.

Ji-woo hangs back as the cast pins Jong-kook to the ground. Then Ji-woo strikes and rips off Jong-kook’s name tag. Two seconds later, she reaches for Ji-hyo’s name tag and tears that one off before slipping away.

Finally, Haha holds Jae-suk just long enough for Ji-woo to acquire the last needed star.


Aw, it’s kinda nice to see the sign light up as Ji-woo places each star. Meanwhile, the cast looks on through the window with sympathy, “She looks so happy…”

Ji-woo places the final star and suddenly, a parade of fireworks burst into the night sky, startling her. She jumps in celebration… and the banner rolls down, revealing: Trick Choi Ji-woo.

It’s only when they show her the mini name-tag beneath hers (which says the same thing) does it dawn on her. She gapes, “Why would Running Man trick people?!”

The cast pockets their prizes (digital cameras) and send their New Years Greetings to the audience. But if the preview is any indication, Ji-woo’s revenge war path is going to mean a rough start to 2013.


55 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rainbow

    Thanks 🙂

  2. ice

    I hope gwang soo finds a new niche – something that doesnt involve being loud and rude and obnoxious.

    His pants gag was totally unfunny, and I’ve been bored of his physical gags for some time. Saw the last recap and seemingly, some others agree

    • 2.1 Alicia

      How is Gwang-Soo rude, loud, and obnoxious?!?! Its a variety show…..That’s his character!

      I find him really funny! I love his physical gags… MANY people agree that he is funny.

      • 2.1.1 reina

        agree with’s not totally wrong..his pants gag was somehow looking unnatural to me..he’s not 5 year old boy to run and enjoy being pantless..
        still like JK-JS pepero game the best!! and i like gary so much..he’s funny without being ‘rude’..he’s just so natural..
        anw this episode is jjang!!

    • 2.2 KimYoonmi

      I, personally, love his physical gags. To each their own. I liked the tag gag. And The pants gag was funny because it was by accident… as the tag gag was. He’s a dork, what can you do?

      I also find his yelling amusing since in real life he’s really shy and withdrawn, so it’s like a banjeon of his real life character.

      But I have a soft spot for dorks.

      • 2.2.1 lemonade candy

        agreed gwang soo is just a huge dork. lol

    • 2.3 vipkate

      well i like gwang soo and i find him funny as well…

      his face is funny enuf along with his gags. lol

  3. mr1

    I *DIED* at the pepero mission. Just *died*. I dont know what Jong Kook would have done, if really, like he said, Jae Suk was out and he’d be left to do it with Ji Hyo. It’d have been epic gold.

    • 3.1 ulaspotamus

      that mission killed me too. 2 main leaders in RM who always has a tense rivalry between them has to do something like that. that’s so awkward.

      • 3.1.1 KimYoonmi

        In real life they are good friends. I think if Haha wasn’t the spy he’d done it with him since he’s closer to Haha than Jae Seok. They’ve known each other since X-man, which is quite a few years.

        He’s not as close to Ji Hyo, which is why he asked Jae Seok. It’s a logic issue.

        • jd

          This is a minority opinion Im sure, but I actually think jong kook is pretty close to ji hyo. alot of eps have given me this feeling. i’m not saying they’re together, just close friends.

          she seems to go over to him quite often. the 2nd mission where gary guessed the wrong theme song, you could tell they are close by their actions there.

          • jd

            forgot to add. but of course, jong kook wouldnt want to do that particular mission with a female – ji hyo or choi ji woo (if it was possible). and thats understandable

          • JC

            Yes, I agree with this.
            They don’t really play it up in the show, but having followed RM throughout its entire run, I just get the vibe that Jongkook and Jihyo are actually pretty good friends behind the scenes.
            Like that episode where Jongkook was the spy and backstabbed Jihyo, and then she totally cussed him out.

          • Rotikirai

            @jd: Correction – Gary did get the answer right, he just sang the wrong tune 🙂

            I too notice the reaction from Jong-Kook & Ji-hyo! They really found it super hilarious!

          • KimYoonmi

            I said *closer* to Jae Seok than to Ji Hyo. That’s a comparison statement. I did NOT say “Not close at all to Ji Hyo.” Please read more carefully next time.

            Jong Kook is in order of people left closest to:
            1. Haha
            2. Jae Seok
            3. Ji Hyo

            When you know someone for over 10 years, of course you’ll be closer to them…

            *sighs* I wonder if I typed English.

          • myma

            I agree. I do think this pair (KJK-SJH) seems quite close, or at least, SJH seems closest to him of all the men on RM.

            They are always pretty near each other, and I noticed they are always hitting or laughing together during funny moments. Not to mention they are AWESOME when working together. Totally understand why the show doesnt play up their closeness, but I like seeing it

    • 3.2 min

      this mission, is the funniest among all and i think that few seconds / minutes is the best scene!

      i totally laughed unstoppable and bang table and clap hands and laugh really loud… >_<

  4. onyxx

    a great episode to end 2012. i was literally giggling like a fool during some parts of this ep. for one reason or another:

    1. Lee Kwang-soo’s epic wardrobe malfunction — his pants just won’t stay up! and his makeshift “trousers” weren’t any better.
    2. Ji-Hyo effortlessly flipping Jae-suk to the ground — TWICE! lol
    3. Haha getting a dose of his own medicine — his legs are just too short to do the job properly. i just wish he’d been thrown to the ground at least 3 times though.
    4. Suk-jin’s utter lack of stamina — let’s face it, he doesn’t really have much physical prowess to boast of. still, his efforts made me laugh so he gets an “A” for effort at least.
    5. Jae-suk’s “remake” scenes — they never fail to crack me up
    6. Gary’s hilarious fumbling efforts during the Choi Ji-woo quiz — mangled pronounciation, humming the “Godfather” theme
    7. the “biscuit game” between KJK and Jae-suk made me cringe and chortle at the same time
    8. the RM cast’s massive effort to contain their laughter as they struggled to “con” their guest. somehow that made things even funnier.

    all in all, i’d say this is one of the year’s best episode. i’m looking forward to more laughter in 2013!

  5. PollyRose

    Poor Suk Jin doing those squats! He looked so exhausted doing them over and over, I’ll bet he was thinking the moment he finished “Must get eliminated fast so I can rest in jail!”

  6. srainy

    i’m in awe at how tall choi ji woo is! i mean, i know she’s tall but she literally towered over everyone except for kwangsoo! even without heels, she’s still as tall as everyone (and compared to some, taller) except kwangsoo. bet she’s like well over 180cm with heels.
    i remember winter sonata..i think i watched it when i was 12. and now i’m more than halfway through uni – and she still looks the same *__*

  7. Running Man Fan

    Best looking ranking (for fun)
    1) Kim Jong Kook
    2) Gary
    3) Haha
    The rest are the same.. Haha
    Best moment
    1) Bicker pair – Kookie and Yoo Jae Suk pepero game
    2) Spartakook voice cracking when he scream anxiously and Jae suk shouting out Ji woo name with high pitch
    3) Gary humor and singing the ‘Godfather’ tune
    4) Ji Suk Jin duck walking and instructed by croach Kookie
    5) Kwang Soo saying I am handsome and choi ji woo asked where?
    6) commander pulled kwang soo pants
    7) Gary voted himself out and haha took over the spy partner role
    8) Ji Hyo wrestle Jae Suk
    9) Choi Ji Woo getting tired at the first mission
    10) Haha billiantly helped Ji Hyo to sign on Choi Ji woo tag/ kwang soo help Haha at the second mission
    I like the teamwork of Running Man family. Anyway, a nice game.. Haha the master of scheming makes a great haha imitating Rambo and choi Ji woo doing a wrink and a frog dance (so obvious)… Haha. Running Man trick a guest!! Unbelievable.. Haha revenge is never too late. Thank you for recap.

  8. akikisetsu

    Most of the actresses whose onscreen persona are those of the weak type are the one’s most competitive (Choi Ji Woo, Han Ji Min etc) and those who are bad-ass onscreen tend to be the cutesy, needing help type (Ha Ji won etc) on Running Man so far.

  9. Quiet Thought

    The grappling and wrestling horseplay is getting entirely out of hand and I suspect the PD is going to quietly put a damper on them. Aside from disrupting the intended games, they could lead to injury. I keep expecting someone to get excited, react on instinct, and put a hard elbow into Ha Ha’s face. One bloody nose or a shot to someone’s groin would end the problem, but it would not be fun for anyone.

  10. 10 Quiet Thought

    I felt bad for Choi Ji Woo through most of the episode, all those veteran variety performers conspiring to play her for a sucker, but, ultimately, she was way too trusting for someone who’s seen the game before. She could have won easily in the last game if she’d just taken the initiative and pulled a tag on her own.

    Sigh. When is someone going to persuade Shin Min Ha to come on ‘Running Man?’ She’s so shy, but she’s whip smart and fiercely beautiful at the same time.

    • 10.1 bjharm

      they can not just pick anyone to go on the show, the bottom line really and it dosn’t matter who the person is, is do they have two whole days free just to do RM/ Most celeb find it hard to free a half a day, never mind two! So it is a matter of finding guests who happen to be free for that long at the right time.

  11. 11 hui ting

    The whole ‘trick Choi Jiwoo’ thing makes Choi Jiwoo so adorable and endearing. The part where everyone knows the answers to the quizzes and Choi Jiwoo didn’t suspect anything and even felt happy, omg, so cute! I hope she gets her revenge in the next episode, hahaha.

    p/s Ji Suk Jin doing those squats are really, wow, jjang. I think it’s very tough for young people (or maybe it’s just me LOL) to do those hundreds times over and over again, so kudos to him!

  12. 12 JC

    This episode was hilarious!
    Choi Ji-Woo was so not what I expected a famous Hallyu actress to be like. I can’t tell if actresses are just more willing to shed their images on RM lately, what with Han Hyo Joo and now Choi Ji Woo, or if the show’s just been happening to get more active guests.
    Still, my hands down favourite moment was with Jongkook and Jaesuk in that final challenge… although the Spartace shipper in me would’ve loved to see Jongkook attempt that with Jihyo. 8D

  13. 13 sophia

    omg this episode was one of the most hi.larious. episde I’ve ever watched. When yoo jaesuk had to scream Choi Jiwoo’s name and/or when he had to eat the peppero stick with kim jong kook i seriously almost fell off my chair laughing. suchhhhh a good episode!!! And choi jiwoo was so entertaining ahahahaha looking forward to today’s episode!

  14. 14 Lilian

    My fav parts:
    1) the peppero mission: it is awkward enough between the two guys, but I wonder how it will be like between the Monday couple. I bet Song Ji Hyo will just do it straight up without any waiting as she is the Ace!
    2) The shouting mission. seriously…that was funny, I bet Jiwoo was wondering what was going on. haha!
    3) the clues to recognising the spy and the helper. Haha, is definitely a good spy, luckily Gary realises that he cannot do it too! this reminds me of the episode where they tricked him too.

  15. 15 BattleAngel

    Thank you for recapping! I loved this episode! HaHa is the best spy. Yoo Jae Sook screaming CJH’s name over and over was hilarious and poor Suk Jin with the squats. The Peppero game made me cringe so much…I hope I never seek KJK have to do that again with another male cast member. The noodle one with HaHa wasn’t as bad for some reason maybe cuz of the loving dongseng relationship? I dunno.

    And one more thing, although I am not surprised since I am asian I’ve been watching K-Dramas and K-Variety for many years now so it’s no biggie for me…but I can’t help noticing the the huge cultural differences in the K-Ent vs. U.S.-Ent industry. In U.S. entertainment if someone was to get the peppero mission they’d automatically go search for the only woman of the team to do the peppero mission with and wouldn’t even THINK of asking a male member. But in K-ent the first thing KJK says he has to find his Hyung YJS to do this mission with and when YJS and KJK were bickering KJK said “What?! do you want me to get Song Ji Hyo for this mission?!!!” like it was totally out of the question for him to even fathom that. I get that she has a real life boy friend and in K-Ent it’d be a huge scandal but I don’t think that would stop any U.S. actor in that situation..and I’m not saying it’s good or bad…more like just an observation of the cultural differences.

    Anyway love this episode and can’t wait for the next one.

    • 15.1 KimYoonmi

      The pepero mission I saw like this: Out of the Running Man members still alive in the game, Haha is the closest to JK. They’ve known each other the longest and have been friends for the longest.

      But Haha is out of the question. He has to babysit the guest and make her not suspect anything.

      Ji Hyo, JK, while knowing her for roughly the period she’s been on Running Man, he isn’t that close to. He can’t use her without considerable misunderstandings.

      That leaves Jae Seok. He knows Jae Seok for YEARS. Even before X-man, IIRC. They’ve run into each other many times. Jae Seok is married. They know each other. There won’t be any misunderstandings that either of them is “gay” for it. Best partner is Jae Seok.

      If Jae Seok got the mission, I think he’d auto choose his oldest friend too… which is not JK. It’s Ji Seok Jin.

  16. 16 biankoy

    Choi Jiwoo’s gold on variety. This is my 2nd time watching her on one, the first is on 1N2D and on both times she’s the same persona. It’a kinda nice to see her be somewhat ditzy but still very competitive. I also enjoyed Han Hyojoo’s guesting on the previous episodes because she just take all the crap they pulles on her. I think that it’s very fun and endearing when famous actresses shows a different side, it makes them
    more lovable.

  17. 17 Cynthia

    I was looking forward to this episode and sure wasn’t disappointed!
    The minute I read that Choi Ji-woo would be the guest I knew that she would play like gang-busters. She’s no shrinking violet and watching her appearance on 1N2D really opened up our eyes as to how competitive she can be.
    What I found really funny was just how clueless she was especially when Jae-Suk was SCREAMING her name right in front of her while practically making out with the decibel monitor. Her vagueness was hysterical – no wonder the staff dropped that big sign “Trick CJW” at the end. Without it, she still might be in the dark.

    The 2nd part of RM is going to be excellent, especially since my favorite boys will be there.
    Yong-hwa, I’ve missed you.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    • 17.1 Rovi

      Haha, I’ve downloaded 130106, and can’t wait for the recap~!!! XD

  18. 18 dustdevil

    I’ve read a few recaps and watched a few episodes, but every time I think I understand the rules of the game, something happens that completely confuses me. (It’s sort of like my experience of watching cricket!)

    Does anyone know of a good introduction that lays out the rules of the game, that I can reference when I’m watching.

    • 18.1 ninjasocs

      Which game are you referring to? Are you talking about the games of this episode specifically? Usually if not all the time, the rules of the game will be explained right before the game / mission. Also keep in mind that RM usually play different games every week. However the earlier episodes featured similar games in consecutive episodes. Such as find the guest in a hide and seek game —> random mini game —> final seeking game.

    • 18.2 Freya

      Every episode is different and thus have different games..their games aren’t general, I mean their games and rules aren’t the same every episode so I suggest not to generalize the whole show as having same rules/games..the current episodes usually have mini games at first like 2-3 mini games..if they win a mini game they’ll get something that they can use in the final game or the major game like for example hints..

      and as I said every episode have different games (mini games or the final game) but sometimes it’ll take a lot of time or episodes before they make the same game because the PDs wanted the members to be clueless with the games too..

  19. 19 Rotikirai

    I enjoy the quiz part! Gary and his spontaneous Godfather tune was so hilarious! And the caption on the dog, as saying that it also could recognise the Godfather theme song! F.U.N.N.Y! Jong-Kook putting his palm on Gary’s face — adorable!

    I love Gary in that he’s funny without even trying! His Monday Couple quips, like the log out and log in thing, are so cute.

    I kinda felt bad for Choi Ji-woo though… hope she could get her revenge somehow. Maybe she could seek help from the Hunter 😛

  20. 20 mitzy

    KJK’s pepero biscuit mission was really fun to watch!
    How could Ji Woo haven’t any thinking about ‘there is a mission’ point, she saw JSJ – YJS doing weird things and still clueless. She’s really innocent 😀

    P. S: we should give appreciation for Big Nose Hyung who has done hard work to get a star. I mean, in ‘stressing’ situation like that (exhausted but had to try again and again to reach 100, suspected twice by Ji Woo) in the end he did 88+93+231 = 412 times squat down! Well done hyungnim!

    • 20.1 Rotikirai

      Yes, he did well to earn that star. Plus Ji-woo ranked him 2nd in terms of good looks. Compare this to the ranking in ep 93, where he was ranked 6th. So, it’s a good episode for Big Nose Hyung 🙂

  21. 21 therealpacman

    that pepero game was pure gold. It’s never been all that funny to me before on other shows where they try to set up love lines/romance but to see two guys go at it awkwardly was just hilarious

  22. 22 Lady Seoul

    This was a ridiculous episode! I laughed so hard at so many part and to think Ji-woo didn’t suspect anything mind boggles me! lol. Some running man fan she is. Bwhahahaha!

  23. 23 Cindy

    My first time watching RM due to CJW being in it. I laughed so hard that i wet my pants. Is RM always this funny? It seems that the RM members purposely let JW win a few rounds in the first mission before HaHa finally beat her in the final round. The competitiveness of JW and HAHA was so funny especially when she removed the hoop frm him and the piggy back ride. I like RM team too. What’s up with Monday couple and login/logout comment? Dont understand

    • 23.1 Andy

      You need to watch the first episode (first of 2) with Han Hyo Joo to get that reference

  24. 24 reyna

    i had to watch the pepero segment 4 times cause i couldnt stop cry-laughing and couldnt read the english sub

  25. 25 Chaloner

    The Pepero game was soo freakin funny I nearly had a heart attack watching it lol

  26. 26 Harihud

    Poor Suk-jin! I could feel his pain; his legs must have been numb. I still lol-ed at him. Can’y wait for next episode. Yes, to each his own Ji-woo…I think Gary is the best looking RM. I’m watching older episodes to extend the belly laughs. Song Joong-ki(?) Is a cutie pie, but still Gary is my #1.

  27. 27 pigtookie

    Yessss I thought it would be a standard spy/tribute-to-famous-actress show, too standard for their end-of-year fare, so I’m glad they gave it a simple twist on the overused spy trope. It spun everything around and made the chase very fun. Ji Woo was a very fun guest, and she must have missed the episodes where they all have to trick the guest into thinking they knew the answers to difficult trivia questions.

  28. 28 Jenny Park

    Gummimochi, my husband wants to know why I am laughing my butt off instead of sleeping!!! Thanks for the recap 🙂 miss you~

  29. 29 qeeee

    what song was played at 02.28?

  30. 30 Raptor

    JI Hyo’s battle with Jae Suk was amazing proof of what a formidable opponent she can be!

  31. 31 Raptor

    J suk jin was so frustratingly stupid in his duck walk mission. Just give the mission to Commander instead, or COUNT PROPERLY while you do your duck walk! In know he’s older and weaker than the rest but SHEESH those scenes of him counting to 88 and 93, so close to 100, were so irritating!

  32. 32 Raptor

    And then he OVERDID IT by doing 231 times and tiring himself out! I CAN’T STAND HIM HERE

  33. 33 Raptor

    The episode had me in stitches most of the time. Great work RM!

  34. 34 sharon

    i dont like this epsiode because, they were so mean to ji woo. they decived her made her look stupid and at the end they all got prize and she didn’t, even when they were playing the quiz it looked like she was crying, i feel bad for her 🙁

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