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Running Man: Episode 122
by | December 9, 2012 | 50 Comments

We’re time-travelling back to the 80’s and 90’s in this Running Man time capsule. Before the era of the idol Oppas and Unnis, these legendary men and women ruled the stage. This episode is filled with physical comedy that will have you laughing from start to finish and now, I want to listen to all of their classic pop hits.

EPISODE 122. Broadcast on December 2, 2012.


We open at a club scene and our cast dances to a classic 80’s tune and they all get a solo in the opening dance sequence. Even their dress reflects the times but hey – haven’t we seen this before?


DJ Maknae FD takes the liberty to introduce today’s guests. He gives a hint about their first guest as “Korea’s ‘Madonna.’ Meet singer Kim Wan-sun, and the dancing queen’s presence excites the ajusshi cast members.

Their next guest only builds on the furor: Park Nam-jung and for a man in his forties, he’s still got the moves and surprisingly light on his feet. This is the man who created the famous “ㄱㄴ” dance and Wan-sun screams like a fangirl. Cute.

There’s more: singer Kang Soo-ji swings in and So Bang Cha (Jung Won-kwan, Kim Tae-young, Lee Sang-won) slides down a firepole and puts on a stunning performance.

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with these guests because I am as well. This era of kpop was just before my time but we’ll learn about them together, shall we?

What I can’t believe is how great all of them look even though their heyday was nearly two decades ago. Jae-suk jokes that Suk-jin, who’s younger than all of them, looks older than them.

The guests greet the cast and Sang-won admits that he’s a fan of Ji-hyo’s… which means that Gary will intercept the handshake on her behalf. Ha.


Mr. PD introduces today as a ’80s and ’90s Legends Special and the teams are the Running Man cast versus Team 8090. Since the numbers are uneven, there’s another special guest.

And just when Jong-kook wonders who it might be, the staff start playing Turbo’s “Black Cat,” complete with stage outfit and all. Now you’ve gotta dance!

He does and now my childhood memories are relived. Jae-suk laughs that Jong-kook is the maknae in the Legendary Singers line (Turbo debuted in 1995).

Then who will come for the Running Man team? Why, returning guest Goo Hara (KARA) of course!

Mr. PD introduces today’s race as a Time Machine Marble Race where they’ll blast back to the past because if you can see the future, then time-travel is no big. They’ll pick up their time-travelling marbles and the team who wins at the final mission location will be declared the winner.

Haha addresses Team 8090 as ‘Teachers’ as a form of respect and maknae Spartakooks yelps, “None of us are ‘Teachers’!” The other legendary singers agree with this and instruct the other team to call them Oppa and Noona. HA.


Both teams climb into their time machines and Team 8090 head into the wormhole first. Did you make sure to hit 88 mph and have a plutonium reactor under your hood? Ha – those are real sparks coming out of those machines! Nice touch, show.

Team Running Man announce that they’re headed to 1982 and Haha calls out, “Hara wasn’t born yet!” (She’s a ’91-er). In the Team 8090 vehicle, Jong-kook comments that he’s scared to be in a vanful of his idols and Tae-young pipes, “I was more scared of you!”


Their first mission location is a replica Myungryang Athletic Competition and it’s an obstacle race. Coach Kookie gets his team together and whispers that they’re not going to win on pure strength… so they’re going to have to cheat. HA.

Jae-suk teases Jong-kook for having his arm around Wan-sun (she doesn’t mind) and then they encourage Hara to playfully rip off his name tag. And Wan-sun is NOT pleased. Wan-sun: “Put it back!” Jong-kook: “So this is why guys date noonas!”

It’s Jae-suk and Haha vs. Nam-jung and Won-kwan and they look so cute in their Pokeball-like costumes. We’re in for some hilarity ahead, aren’t we?

Sure enough, the announcer blows the whistle and Haha grabs Nam-jung’s suit. That both causes them to take a tumble. Then they push each other as they run up and roll down the hill. Jae-suk: “This game is going to take 10 hours!”

They’re not allowed to show their legs past their knees and Haha hobble jumps at the second obstacle… and lands in the water. He drags Nam-jung in too, but then Nam-jung rolls ahead for the lead.

Not that it does much because Won-kwan is as slow as a tortoise and Jae-suk hops in front. HAHA – the physical comedy is killing me right now. Won-kwan suddenly stops and breathes, “I think I just lost the feeling in my legs.”

So he resorts to rolling the rest of the way. They’re pretty much exhausted by the time they reach the snacks and Won-kwan sits there with his mouth open as if willing the snack to come towards him. Wait, can they even reach the snack?

Then Soo-ji calls out “Oppa, jummmp!” I know you mean well, but I don’t think he can make it!

And as if the variety gods wanted to wring out more entertainment, the wind starts to blow the snacks any which way. HAHAHA. About 10 minutes later, Jae-suk starts to blow the snack away from Won-kwan, who bites into it.

Now it’s just the last spurt and Jae-suk hops ahead, clinching the win.


Now it’s the ex-Monday Couple against Jong-kook and Wan-sun. The ladies are up first and Ji-hyo rolls ahead past the first obstacle. Poor Wan-sun can’t stand straight and Ji-hyo stays behind and employs Soo-ji’s help. Soo-ji: “Just roll her over!”

Wan-sun’s “crawling mode” makes her look like the girl from The Ring but what’s clear is that the dancing queen + round suit = hilarious. She has so much trouble that even with help, she naturally just rolls back.

Gary is surprisingly fast and soon the boys are neck and neck at the final leg of the race. Gary takes a tumble and then Jong-kook throws himself past the finish line.

The tie-breaking round will require three competitors on each team and Suk-jin and Sang-won go up first. They play a clip of Sang-won being one of those trolling spectators, jumping on the sidelines, asking why it’s so difficult. You’re going to get served, aren’t you?

Cut to: Sang-won lying on the ground, exhausted. Jae-suk comes round to see if he’s all right and he breathes, “Don’t talk to me.”

He successfully jumps over the water and is crawling to hand his baton to his teammate… but hands it to Hara instead. Whoops.


The ladies roll their way around the track and hand the batons to their teammates. The staff instruct Kwang-soo that his knees must be in the suit and he cries, “But they won’t fit!”

So Tae-young gets a small lead while he argues with the staff. They both end up at the second obstacle again and Kwang-soo jumps… and lands head-first into the water. AHAHA, oh man – poor guy can’t catch a break! Then Tae-young rolls above him for the win. HA.

Team 8090 chooses three marbles and when the Running Man Team attempt to show their marble off, Jong-kook reveals their king-sized one. Then Jae-suk tells them, “Take care of Sang-won!” who really looks like he’s going to puke.

Next stop, 1998. The Running Man Team fills us in on how old they were that year: Haha was in his first year at college, Gary in his third year, Hara was 7, Kwang-soo was 13 and Ji-hyo was 18.

1998 looks like an arcade and everyone gets so caught up in playing that they completely ignore Mr. PD’s instructions to gather together.

Once they do get together, they’ll be competing for the highest score on a punching game machine. The Running Man Team gripe that Jong-kook has the clear advantage – the current record was set minutes ago by Spartakooks.

It’s Nam-jung who steps up first and if his practice swing means anything, he’ll be a formidable opponent. He gets a pretty impressive number but it doesn’t beat Jae-suk who inches past him.

Jae-suk gets an 882 on his second try and jokes that he’s “never done this before.” I’m worried for Sang-won who looks like he hasn’t fully recovered from the previous game. Unfortunately, his punch isn’t strong enough to beat Jae-suk.

That new title of “Punching King” is short-lived because Won-kwan beats his score in the next round.


If ever the Giraffe needed some motivation, Suk-jin tells him to imagine Jong-kook’s face. So he jokingly spits at it. Dude. He’s right behind you.

Then to everyone’s astonishment, he beats Won-kwan’s score.

Time for Spartakooks to take the stage and he’s got three opponents to take down. He beats Kwang-soo by two points and Haha as well.

Now it’s Jong-kook against Gary and Jong-kook punches a high number. And then despite some jeering from Team 8090, Gary pulls ahead and wins it.

The teams travel to 2002 and here, they’ll be playing a variety show classic: tray karaoke. Even some of the old staff are with them today. As a last incentive before the final mission, there are 5 marbles on the line.

The gist: Sing in a round and if you make a mistake, the trays will fall on your heads and you’ll have to start all over. If I recall correctly, this game is nearly impossible because someone is bound to mess up.

The Running Man Team is up first and it’s an old So Bang Cha song. It looks like Jae-suk knows all the words and the young’uns give a puzzled expression. Once their order is determined, Haha asks the staff to drop the trays once.

So you can test out the pain? Jae-suk: “It hurts more than it did [years ago]!”


Suk-jin messes up on the first beat and Tae-young calls out like a crabby ajusshi, “It took us 10 hours in the recording studio to get the first beat right!”

Then when Haha mentions that Tae-young has already brought it up several times, Won-kwan confirms, “I’ve heard this six times!”


Team 8090 gets a challenging song of their own: KARA’s “Pretty Girl.” Even Hara admits that it’s easy to get a syllable wrong and Tae-young throws in the towel, “We’ve lost!”

They try to appease to Hara’s good graces to get a hint but she remains tight-lipped. At least the Legends get to their second person before the trays come crashing on their heads. It looks super painful but hilarious all the same.

Soo-ji ponders whether her, “The words that don’t make sense” portion is wrong and Jong-kook throws out some suggestions. Then Kwang-soo calls out, “The action that don’t make sense.” and Jong-kook tells him to shush.

HA – then Mr. PD catches Nam-jung looking the lyrics up on his phone and he acknowledges it, adding, “But it won’t load!”


The teams switch out again and while Suk-jin still hits the wall with the first beat, the others have trouble with the English lyrics. And though we finally get past Suk-jin, the trays come down again because Gary sounds more like he’s doing spoken word than singing.

Tae-young discovers a pretty good find: a helmet. Too bad it does little to dull the pain when Won-kwan raps Wan-sun’s head with his spoon.

Soo-ji is so hilarious. She instructs Tae-young to practice his portion ten times but when Wan-sun doesn’t know hers, she asks in a light-hearted tone, “Then should we use a ‘chance’?”

They use their chance to listen to the entire song once more and it looks like they’re pretty confident this round. That is, until Sang-won sings, “Walk healthily” versus “Walk confidently” and gets teased for the slip-up.

Omg, that stressed out look on Kwang-soo’s face makes my heart break for him. You can even tell that he’s worried as they start the song and then he misses the beat.

Then they’re ALL stressed out when Mr. PD tells them that they’ve got to get the chorus down too. Bah, and their ‘chance’ isn’t going to help them – they’ve got to change seats. All of their faces read, We’re scccreeewwweedd!!!!

While it’s Team 8090’s turn, Jae-suk finally remembers the chorus thanks to Tae-young’s hint. So Tae-young gets up to strike a deal: I helped you, so you [Hara] can help us.

Tae-young feeds the line word-for-word and Hara’s about to do the same when Kwang-soo cuts in, “You can just tell him if he’s right or not.” But Hara’s nice enough to return the favor.

In the end, the Running Man Team are able to finish the song in its entirety and now it’s back to the future!


Who knew that the final mission at 2012 would be nostalgic childhood game? It’s a marbles game and whoever has the most marbles inside the circle wins.

The first few marbles miss the circle but Soo-ji’s lands dead center. The Ace lives up to her name and after a few more turns, both teams get two marbles each inside the circle.

Won-kwan checks the conditions for Tae-young like a caddy and it comes down to him to throw the last marble for his team. He misses and the score is still 2:2.

Suk-jin is the last to toss. He throws… and misses. Tae-young throws the tie-breaking marble as it rolls around and sinks into the circle.

Jae-suk’s got one last shot and he tunes into his Super Green Power for luck. He misses it by a long shot.

Team 8090 celebrate at their win. Haha: “Sang-won hyung, you wore your sunglasses again!” Now that‘s a cool win.


50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cg

    Thanks 🙂

  2. ice

    I’ve rewatched the scene where Jong Kook gets surprised to his own song playing in the background, and then burst into dance mode, way too many times. Awesome scene!

    • 2.1 nado

      me too!! he just so cute!! kookie like!

    • 2.2 min

      the best part is Haha dance with him automatically and help to cover up when KJK is dressing!

      x-man days re-alive!

  3. nova611

    i dislike this ep
    the SR singer are whinny

  4. Running Man Fan

    A really fun and nice episode. Thanks for the recap. I love all the games and the introduction of the legendary singers of the 80s and 90s. The ballroom dance was hilarious and cute. Kim Jong kook gave a classic expression when he heard the turbo song – black cat and eventually wear the suit and dance. Haha followed his hyung at the back was very cute. Gary is as usual very cute especially with the fat suit. The punching game is fun and Gary won the game although Kim Jong kook had the highest point. 🙂
    I know this is a little side track but I find it interesting to share.
    One day I was watching Music Bank with my dad in the living room.
    Dad: who is that singer? He look mature. Oh he is quite tall too.
    Me: he is Kim Jong kook and he is in his 30s.
    Dad: come back stage?
    Me: yes he had sung for many years.
    Dad: His voice is very good. It is good that these singers are coming back.
    Me: agree

    • 4.1 Minch

      hehehe KJK – mosquito voice

  5. Kaekae

    I didn’t have a clue who they were. But I wondered several times (I’ve wondered it before), if the Running Man team just throw it. Or they didn’t try their best. esp. since the age difference of the guests this time. I mean Sparta isn’t going to make up for a team full of older people vs young people (mostly) who do this ever week.
    I don’t have a problem with it if they do; I’ve just realized that guests rarely get punished.
    On a kinda-related note, I want them to do 1 vs X again. The sneakiness is funny.

  6. Quiet Thought

    The real problem was that none of the older idols were in good enough shape for that first game. Kinda painful to watch. Ji Hyo was gracious enough to not move ahead of her opponent, which cost the blue team a victory. Bad planning on the staff’s part.

    • 6.1 zodd

      Yeah the first game went longer than it should have. Some fun moments in the first game but they should have went with something else. The rest of the ep was great though.

  7. jae

    i like this episode, (RM) variety is not only for idols or actors.. seniors also can bring back memories!

    i love the dance and introduction part.. KJK was an idol ^^

    can’t to see this week episode: han hyo joo & go soo

    • 7.1 Nia

      agree with you…the seniors is awesome in their own way^^ me and my sisters laughed out loud (extremely loud) watching it~ to those who didn’t agree…oh well…just shut it ;P

      and i can’t wait for next week either…really wanna see kwangsu and han hyo joo’s interaction…i don’t know if they keep in touch after “Dong Yi”…

      • 7.1.1 Katherine

        I watched the teaser for the next episode and was wondering why Han Hyo Joo & Lee Kwang Soo looked friendly with one another, hadn’t realized they were apart of a drama together. [Now it all makes sense LOL.]

  8. onyxx

    not really an exciting episode. some parts were funny, but there isn’t really too much of a contest where you’re pitting old-timers (who must be in their late 40s) against younger adversaries. hopefully the next episode will make up for this 🙁

  9. 정남

    I must be old if I was able to bask in the nostalgia this episode and my old crush on Suzy or I guess the original Suzy haha.

  10. 10 Lea

    So Bang Cha!! They’ve appeared on Running Man already, though not physically xD I think ep 13 or 14 when The Commander tricks everyone 1vs8 singing their song. One of my fav RM moments!!

    • 10.1 gummimochi

      Aha! No wonder it seemed familiar. Thanks for that tip 🙂

  11. 11 Bravehart

    I dont like the episodes the guests I dont know and I agree oldies who whines alot and they are not even funny bad ep didnt watch the eng sub. Its really tough to be in a variety shows even if your a top star but passive it will be boring for the viewers however if your let say a second lead actors but have the variety charm the viewer will love the ep

  12. 12 bjharm

    it was funny but likely the most obvious scripted show in a long time, but as they always say it is a Variety game show..that is laughs and sponsors first…lol I mean when Ace even had to think of tieing her shoe lace up to try and keep behind her opponent you know the whole thing been scripted before had for the result the wanted.

    • 12.1 Katherine

      I don’t get how Ji Hyo tying up her shoe laces is scripted ?!! As in they wrote that down on paper and told her to do that because they knew before hand that the opponent would struggle badly in trying to stay upright in the over-sized costume ?!!.

      • 12.1.1 bjharm

        silly, every little thing is not scripted but the result is it up to the RM team to work in hopefully a funny way how to get that result..thus as she could have easily won that race indeed run it twice! by the time her opponent could have, one of the ways of not beating her by that margin was stop and ,,very slowly tie up her shoe lace..but it ok if you like to believe the races and games played on RM are always um..fair..then go for comment was not made to put the show down, as I say it a variety show the game bit comes a very distant third if that.

        • Katherine

          I understood perfectly where you were coming from but I personally see it as more of a consideration on Song Ji Hyo’s part than calling it “scripted”. Everyone knows that the Running Man members would’ve won that game hands down but then where is the fun in that ?!!.

          • zodd

            Yeah I thought it was obvious RM members were giving the oldie idols a chance in the first game not scripted just out of consideration.

  13. 13 Katherine

    This episode was hilarious. It’s nice that once in a blue moon an episode doesn’t have to require everyone to have to run around doing secret missions and seeing who will betray who or whatnot. The episode might’ve been simple but it had me laughing and smiling from beginning to the end.
    I’m with the majority in not knowing who these idols are but it didn’t lessen the fact that they were funny & I have mad respect for each of them for continuing to do the first mission even though they were exhausted and tired out mid-way through. I swear the body suit was hilarious, that portion of the show might’ve been long but it totally deserved it, got to feel for Kwang Soo being tall has its advantages but with this game it was a massive disadvantage – I couldn’t stop laughing at them trying to shove his legs into the costume.
    Kim Jong Kook dancing to his Turbo songs can never get old, even I squealed like a fan-girl when it happened & seeing him being the maknae to such older idols was funny.
    Over-all it was a good episode & can’t wait to see Go Soo in the next one ^^~

    • 13.1 Pari

      ‘doesn’t have to require everyone to have to run around doing secret missions and seeing who will betray who or whatnot. The episode might’ve been simple but it had me laughing and smiling from beginning to the end.’

      I second you! It was a LOLsome episode 😀

      @Gummimochi: I really enjoy reading your recaps 🙂 you’re awesome!

  14. 14 jude

    I took time to watch the english subbed of this episode because I am not familiar with the guests (usually when the english subbed of running man is released, I watch it right away like a mad girl I am) but then, I finally watched it and oh my.

    I literally rolled around on the floor. That fat suit is a comedy gold mine. I am still laughing whenever I remember the crawling Wan Sun.

    And yes I agree, it is obvious that the cast member gives the older guests a lot of consideration (case in point: Ji Hyo vs Wansun Race) but what is so wrong with that? It’s like having a fun time with older members of your family. You plays games with them, you are amused by their antiques (the nagging, the whinning) and you have good laugh. Winning might not be the purpose here. What’s important is feeling the warm fuzzies all around and I believe Running Man members realize this. It’s about having fun with everyone.

    And for that only, I declare my love to this episode

    • 14.1 Shikurai17

      This episode was hilarious. No clue who any of the guests were, but they were great watching. The fat suit race was the best. I love it when older guests come on.

      I think people forget the point of Running Man and take it so seriously. Running Man’s main entertainment is the interactions and the funny stuff that happens. Winning the games and races isn’t the main point. Who cares who the winner is? Just relax and enjoy.

      • 14.1.1 Katherine

        Agreed. It was a fun episode, nothing to stress over or over analyze at all. I personally think it was a great episode for the members of the show, not only do they get to interact with idols that they’ve looked up to but also have a break from the usual and just have a good laugh.

  15. 15 Jen P

    I loved the physical comedy in this episode but overall I thought that the male “hyungs”/”oppas” were rather boring after that exciting intro. I would love to see SooJi on the show again since she was very upbeat. Juumpuu~~~ XD

  16. 16 Carmen C

    I’m in the minority with knowing everyone apart from Kang Soo-ji(Suzy) from the old idols, and nope, I’m not that old(91er). While I do agree with everyone that this episode was not about winning, but about spending time with these legends, I want to bring something way more important in the discussion. If you can hear and know your English you’d be amazed in the karaoke tray game. Just compare the song released in the 80s by Sobangcha( On the phone / 통화중) with Kara’s song released in frigging 2008(Pretty girl) and you’d wonder how comes it went worse instead of getting better.
    So, we have 80s “I love you, I need you, I wanna hold you” vs 2008 “If you want a pretty, every wanna pretty”. WHY THE HECK isn’t anyone talking about this instead of saying that the old idols are too whinny!? And they even had better pronunciation than some idols these days…
    So instead of saying how the old idols should have lost the running game, say how unfair it was to have such a legendary song for the younger team to sing vs a not even that popular song that has absolutely nonsensical lyrics for the veterans.
    Anyone that noticed this, or is it just me? Everyone else just “[wants] a pretty” for a guest?

    • 16.1 Dongsaeng killer

      “Every wanna pretty” Lol! The mystery of diminishing English skills. Pop music is truly about how catchy a tune is. Making sense? What’s that?

      • 16.1.1 Carmen C

        Indeed a mystery! haha. And what’s worse is that now, compared to the 80s, they have dreams of making it big in America. I want to send this to Simon and Martina from EYK, I know they’ll have e merry good time watching it kkk.

        PS. I hope all your dongsaengs are well, alive and kicking you know…

    • 16.2 Shikurai17

      I was wondering about those lyrics! That was awful. The sad thing is, English is being taught at schools now. They weren’t teaching English back in the 80s. There is no excuse for such awful English.

    • 16.3 Katherine

      I didn’t even take note of that to be honest LOL. I’ve heard Kara’s song before when they randomly sang it on Family Outing in front of Daniel Henney and I thought to myself “I wonder if he is cringing at how bad the Engrish is in that song” but just let it go because I’ve gotten used to the fact that Kpop usually has Engrish in a lot of their songs, the worst offender being the “leading” company SM Entertainment.
      I thought by now at least the company’s would hire someone or even the artists who are proficient in the English language would step up, when it comes to the use of English in their songs.

      • 16.3.1 Quiet Thought

        SNSD seems better at dealing with English lyrics that most other groups. It no doubt helps that they have two American members, but they all show excellent discipline in their English lyrics.

        That said, I thought I was experiencing a weird sort of time travel acid trip myself when I flipped through SNSD clips on the Internet and ran across their full production number of ‘Singing In the Rain.’ That one just flew in from another planet. I assume that none of them are Debbie Reynolds fans.

        • Katherine

          True. SNSD have good command of the English language when they sing but SM has built a reputation of having some form of cringe-worthy English lyrics in their songs, from the top of my head “My devil’s ride.”/”Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo.”/”I know life is a mystery, I’m going to make history.”/Call an emergency I’m watching the phone ring.” – I just can’t LOL.

          I don’t know why they didn’t choose one of Kara’s more popular songs, but I guess they chose a not so well known one to even out the playing field ?!.

          • Carmen C

            I so don’t think that’s evening out the playing field at all. Sobangcha’s song is an old, very popular song, and the chance that everyone in the running man team herd it quite a lot of times is huge. Kara’s song isn’t popular at all, and with all 100s of new songs coming out each year in recent years it’s almost impossible to hear that song if you’re not following the group. If Kara’s song was popular, then it’d have evened out things a bit. I mean I’m not even Korean and I knew Sobancha’s song, but not Kara’s.

          • racheose

            i just watched this and i am not familiar with kara or their songs… but if you watch superstar k4 which is quite popular (i think because of millions of auditionee and tvn had a lot of popular shows) it was sung by one of the contestants who i think ended up in second place… so i think it was quite popular and we know ajjushis like to listen to their girl groups…
            i just want to share a bit, i was just surprised that kara sang the song… i am not really much into kpop since i prefer ballads and i too agree on the quality of the songs nowadays, not just kpop

    • 16.4 Rachel

      They make money by being pretty, not by their English grammar skills. Or by singing skills apparently. I watch kpopstar and am amazed again and again how these “amateurs” have skills to take down so many well known idols in the music industry with no problem. Kara? SNSD? Afterschool? 4minute? Wonder girls? Yea, sure, they got the popularity they have because of their talents in singing. They are hellishly skinny, gorgeous, and barbie doll-like from every possible angle. That’s what got them to where they are at. Sorry that you faced the truth of the reality, but that’s how things run in this world. Or in Korea at least where everyone is dangerously crazy about appearances.

      Just in case some people are thinking that some of these idols can sing.. e.g. off the top of my head, Tae yeon and very few others. They can sing better than other terrible idol singers, but in my opinion only as good as high school pageant contestants.

      • 16.4.1 Quiet Thought

        Well, there are amateurs and there are amateurs. The young women in SNSD are so ruthlessly trained I would be hard pressed to call them amateurs at anything. In fact, I use them as an example of manufactured pop idols when talking to friends about Korea. It can be fascinating to watch them hitting cultural cues in their videos and events to maximize their appeal.

        That’s not to criticize the members of SNSD, of course. They’re just making a living and working hard to do it. The manufactured pop idol industry was criticized in the United States way back in the 50s, the British and Japanese have always been very good at it, and the Hallyu wave just shows how Korea can beat the others at their own game.

        The prime minister of Australia recenty did a clip for a comedy show in which she announced the end of the world, which was blamed either on the Mayan calendar, the Zombie Apocalypse, Global Climate Change, or the complete triumph of Kpop. It must be nice to be recognized!

    • 16.5 Kim Yoonmi

      If it makes you feel better, the lyrics of the Kara song in Korean don’t make sense either.

  17. 17 Rachel

    I laughed so hard when Kim Wan Sun was struggling in that potato suit that I was fighting for breath.

    • 17.1 infinite7l

      SAME HERE!! That part was HILARIOUS!
      I couldn’t stop laughing.
      It’s been a while I laughed so much.
      Overall, that first game was so fun!

  18. 18 jess

    ji-hyo must’ve really loved answer me, 1997 then…

  19. 19 kpshyazn

    sigh… kang sooji was my very first celebrity crush. LoL. I was just a little young boy back then.

  20. 20 Quiet Thought

    The Prime Minister of Australia pays tribute to the power of Korean pop stars at the end of this video.

    • 20.1 CM


      • 20.1.1 Quiet Thought

        Prime Ministers, presidents, and kings do not troll. They commit satire.

  21. 21 Hari

    I can’t remember when I haved laughed so hard, while watching a tv show. Tears were rolling down my face. RM is my new fav show. Thanks for the recaps. I just “discovered” kdramas & kpop this year and Dramabeans has helped me navigate this new fun world.

  22. 22 Raptor

    Lacklustre ep after the awesome baseball and spy episodes. Ace was nice to let her senior get her bearings though, even if it cost her the race.

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