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Lee Min-ki and Kim Min-hee’s Temperature of Love
by | February 21, 2013 | 68 Comments

I didn’t expect Lee Min-ki and Kim Min-hee’s new rom-com Temperature of Love to be that funny, because the early stills made it seem more contemplative and heavy on the break-ups. But this teaser cracks me up. We find out right away that the breaking up is only the start for this foul-mouthed, quick-tempered couple that breaks up and makes up like it’s a sport. They feel delightfully messy and endearingly real.

The first feature-length debut from director Noh Deok promises to cut out the fantasy in rom-coms and just tell it like it is, for real couples who date in the workplace, spend most of their nights in front of the tv over takeout, and fight over the little things. The teaser is a hilarious roller coaster of the typical cycle for this couple: Don’t ever show up in front of me again! / I’m freeeeee! / *drink* / I miss her! / *wail* / Wanna get back together? And back around again.

The two characters have been dating secretly in the workplace for three years, and while the secret part of their romance was always really exciting, the more they get to know each other, the more they keep repeating that break-up cycle. We’ll see every bit of their pettiness, from mortifying post-break-up SNS messages, to stalking each other’s homepages, and swearing matches in public. But then of course there’s the flip side, when they run back into each other’s arms as if nothing happened.

The copy on the poster: “I’m sorry.” “What’re you sorry for?” “Stop it.” “Stop what?” “Ah, I can’t take it anymore.” That’s almost a little too real. I’m looking forward to seeing Lee Min-ki and Kim Min-hee together, because they’re a really well-matched pair of actors and I trust them to carry a couple that might spew hateful words in one scene and then be snuggly in the next, without giving us whiplash. The movie is described as full of realistic episodes with blunt, relatable dialogue, that’ll explore everything about what real dating is like. So it’s the anti-rom-com rom-com, is it? Is that like all those love songs that swear they’re not love songs? We’re onto you!

Temperature of Love premieres in theaters March 21.

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68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. polka dots

    sounds good 🙂

  2. KdramaQueen89

    I really love these 2 actors. I wish they’d do more dramas though. Can’t wait till this movie is subbed one day!

  3. Dominique

    Will the reality-seeking drama include make-up sex (or what precedes it) as well?

    Lee Min Gi looks good on paper, but at least a dozen male faces on Korean TV today look virtually identical: same hair, eyes, nose, lips, height, even the particular group of muscles toned and shown on screen. I know I won’t be able to tell Lee Min Gi apart from them.

    • 3.1 Stacy

      Yeah, but Lee Min Ki’s acting is…his own. I’m not sure how to say what I’m trying to say. In the 3 dramas and a movie of his that I’ve watched, he’s definitely got his own persona that comes through regardless of his role. Dunno if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s one of the reasons why I love him/his acting. He stands out from the rest, IMO.

      • 3.1.1 waverly

        His face reminds me of Lee Seung-gi.

    • 3.2 mommai

      Weird, for me it’s the opposite. I can pick him out right away, but get other guys confused. Maybe it’s because I watched all of his drama with Eugene (one of my first K-dramas) and spent the whole darn thing waiting for them to get together.

    • 3.3 pogo

      Really? Lee Min-ki’s got one of the most distinctive faces of all the actors I’ve ever watched in kdramas, he def. doesn’t look like anyone else to me no matter what opinions on his acting are.

      • 3.3.1 Mystisith

        Agree. I don’t even know if it’s natural or not (and I don’t care) but really, he has a very specific face: Like a cat.

        • mary

          Yes! THIS! When he grins he really looks like a cat who just stole some milk and is saying sorry while plotting how to get the next serving. 🙂

          • pogo

            It’s those teeth, I swear. I’d totally buy it if someone cast him as a transforming animal, no lie.

      • 3.3.2 asianromance

        I think he’s got a distinctive face for kdramas/kmovies. I’ve only seen like one or two things he’s been in and can definitely pick him out right away out of lineup of korean actors.

        I do find his face similar to some people in the japanese entertainment industry.

    • 3.4 Dix

      Interesting. I find him pretty distinct. This movie really tried to make him look as regular as possible. Even Min-hee looks homely which is so unlike her.

      • 3.4.1 JoAnne

        Agreed. In those stills, he mostly doesn’t look like Min Ki.

    • 3.5 ck1Oz

      First off he doesn’t have double eyelids and looks really different with his high cheekbones and narrow chin. Also he is a terrific actor with a distinctive style.
      I am not much of a fan and even I recognise his looks as distinctive. However I would acknowledge that quite a few Korean actors look the same.It’s because he is not conventionally handsome that I can recognise him.

      • 3.5.1 LL

        Agreed. I do think he’s been too skinny for a while though, and I wish he would get back to his Dal Ja’s Spring weight, for all our sakes.

        • come2noona


        • Ennayra

          Me too! That was the drama that made me really love him as an actor.

        • ayuuri

          Noticed too he’s gotten skinnier. His cheeks are hollow. He should put on weight ~he’s more handsome that way.

          • yaya

            I totally agree with all of you! Hopefully Min-ki will return from the army a bit fuller. He was absolute perfection in Dal Ja’s Spring. His face, his hair…perfect! I long for Min-ki circa 2007…

    • 3.6 Anvesha

      But I always thought his face was the most different from other actors. And at first I didn’t like him, but then I watched Dal Ja’s Spring and loved him. He has charisma onscreen and his face is charming in it’s own way.

      • 3.6.1 정남

        You have to understand Dominque made the comment, judging from their past posts they are a troll and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

        • Ennayra


          And you are so nice.

  4. langdon813


  5. Sam

    Looks good 🙂 love the actors.
    And now the pain of waiting for subs. Which means i’ll prob watch this in 5mths.

  6. befuddled

    That does sound amusing.

  7. lovin it

    ahhh sounds good ^^

  8. moomincandylalala

    King and Queen of Quirky unite! Yay!

  9. RockPaperScissors

    Loved Lee Min-ki in SYFBB. His acting has improved dramatically since his Geum Soon days.

  10. 10 lili

    Wow nice, I’m so looking forward to this!! They do look good together…

  11. 11 Susan

    I like both of them, looking forward to seeing it.

  12. 12 trotwood

    I. Want. to. see .this. NOW!

  13. 13 pogo

    I will be sad when he has to go off to military service, but until then his movies should tide me over – I’m not always the biggest fan of his acting, but he’s done quite a bit of interesting work.

  14. 14 sweetyoon

    minki’s lost too much weight 🙁 i miss his cheeks~~

    • 14.1 mmmaggie

      Why did he lose so much weight?! He looks sickly!

  15. 15 someone12

    lee min ki oh lee min ki , why is it so hard to see ur pretty face on screen lately ? gotta love ur quirky n dorky ways.
    it’s a sad thing that some of my fav actors have been long gone from drama land , cuz it takes forever for movies to finish filming n then another long period for it to be out in the foreign market
    i cant hardly wait for this movie, the teaser seems interesting already

  16. 16 JoAnne

    It’s Lee Min Ki.

    Put Lee Min Ki on screen for 2 hours peeling grapes in a padded room with nothing else to look at, and I will buy a ticket for it, and then rave about how great he was at blinking and scratching and wiggling his eyebrows. And then that time he ate the grape, that was fantastic, too.

    • 16.1 pogo

      ^this is the truth, the absolute truth, and nothing but the truth.

    • 16.2 sweetcloud

      I just about rolled on the floor laughing

    • 16.3 Stacy

      Bwaaaahahahahahaha You nailed it!!!

    • 16.4 hanie

      The absolute truth. Lets watch it together. U need a friend to spazz anyway~

      • 16.4.1 afufu

        * silently sitting down, reaching over to your popcorn* “what are we watching?”
        “oh, lee min ki”
        “God, look at him blink”
        “OMG!! the way he’s eating that grape!”
        “that man is beautiful”

        • JoAnne


      • 16.4.2 JoAnne

        all y’all come sit on the couch with me and watch this!

        Wait, look, see, he’s about to BLINK.

        • hanie

          sit next you
          pass afufu some popcorn
          ‘gawd…that grape…block my view…..’

    • 16.5 Will work for soju

      Sign me up. It’s fortunate that he has been in a bunch of dramas and movies that are actually watchable, but that’s just a bonus.

    • 16.6 yaya

      Too funny…because it is true. I would do the same.

  17. 17 kopytko

    I would love to see this film. For the actors and for the subject. How great must be a story without damsels in distress waiting to be rescued by their princes charming, how refreshing a film that shows people eating takeway food instead of exquisite dishes on tables decorated with rose petals… Relationship based on emotions and not on cliches.

    KMH and LMK seem a very natural pairing to me, as if I’ve had an image of them together somewhere in my mind since I got to see their dramas.

  18. 18 crazedlu

    I. Love. Him. So.

    Great pair.

  19. 19 Ellie

    Fuk yeeaahh!! Can’t wait until the movie comes out , I love him ^^

  20. 20 Cherry

    Aw lee min ki, he looks better with the eye liner on (flower boy band) ♥

  21. 21 Sue

    Oh yeah! Lee Min Ki! I can’t wait.

  22. 22 sweetcloud

    Can’t wait to see a little Lee Min Ki. I wish he’d come back to dramas though…!!!!

  23. 23 hana

    lee minki looks much better when he acts as a bad guy …………………………like in shut up………………………………………………than a good guy ……………………………….as he acting now in this drama…………………………i was die heart fan of him as a bad guy……………………………………………welll …………….i like him in this too…………………………………keep on going……………………lee minki………………………….

  24. 24 hanie

    Like the trailer and I pretty sure I would love the movie too. Just looking at the stills makes me giddy. can’t awit for it. I love both of them separately but together???? Epic!!!! Minki-ya, why is it sooo harrrrdddd to see you these day? Seriously, stop idolizing Won Bin so much, kay???

    • 24.1 hanie


  25. 25 damianna

    trywatching chilling romance with him n sohn ye jin if u haven’t. could make the wait for sub of this one bearable. LEE.MIN.KI.SO.HAWT.

  26. 26 Elena

    I never seem to get to actually watch these movies. I am still waiting for the ” …. man ” one. So hard to find. He is my favorite.

  27. 27 KStyle

    It’s LeeMin Ki ahhhh!!!

    I love this man. I love everything about him, he is too awesome for words.

    It’s Lee Min Ki ahhh!!!!

  28. 28 kfangurl

    I love Lee Min Ki!! He’s awesome, with so much charisma to boot <3

    As a bonus, this looks like a fun movie – I'd watch this! 😀

  29. 29 asianromance

    Looks great! I need to remember to see this when it comes out and gets subbed!

  30. 30 Onees

    Love these two. Got all excited because I thought I saw it said rom-com drama. Dang it. I wish and wish it was a drama.

  31. 31 just-ine

    I hope I can watch it

  32. 32 Pepperanne

    Is it just me? Lee Min-ki looks like Hyun Bin.

  33. 33 Jeannette

    Thank god, my baby’s back! He said not too long ago on Twitter that he was going to have a comeback soon! YAY!

  34. 34 jubilantia

    Yeeeah Lee Min Ki! He’s so amazing. I don’t know the actress, but this looks like a blast.

  35. 35 Nikilann

    Can’t wait !!!

  36. 36 goldeng

    aagh… I had friends like them… I looked exactly like the people trying to avoid them from strangling each other… xD now i laugh but back then, i wanted to strangle them xDD
    gonna wait until it’s subbed!

  37. 37 Kandiboo

    can’t wait till it’s available here/online ~~~ movie looks good, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything KMH acted in and only saw LMK in I Really Really Like You. I haven’t even watched SUFBB yet.

    sounds like the normal stuff that happens when you date, except in reality probably very few break up/make up multiple times and still end up together (unless something life changing happens)

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