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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 427
by | March 1, 2013 | 108 Comments

EPISODE 427. Broadcast on February 24, 2013.

girlfriday: The boys gather in front of KBS for the opening, and for once everyone looks rested and it’s not four in the morning.

javabeans: Plus Jeon Woo-chi is over so Joo-won’s the only one with a drama right now. Although the less we speak of THAT, the better.

girlfriday: *headdesk*

javabeans: I think *facepunch* is likelier.

girlfriday: The boys ask Bird (suspiciously, of course) why they’re gathered here, and Bird says it’s KBS’s 40th anniversary. Cue crickets. They’re like, “Yeah… congratulations?”

javabeans: I love Seung-woo’s reaction: “It was younger than me?” And then he joke-grumps that his hoobae (you know, the station itself) doesn’t greet him properly.

girlfriday: Ha. When did Seung-woo’s defining trait become old age??

javabeans: It’s worse when they go down the line to see how they compare to KBS, with Tae-woong being the same year. And Joo-won…’s father wasn’t even an adolescent yet, the caption says. Bird describes today’s plans as a “light trip,” which makes everyone grin because they’re staying in Seoul. It’s only Suwon, in fact, which is more like a commute than a trip. (Okay, does it crack anyone else up that they lay in a song titled “so-won” as they show us Suwon? SO not the same thing!)

girlfriday: In pun world, close enough is what you get. We get shots of Suwon as a preview, and then suddenly the soundtrack gets creepy and we watch as a blurred-out figure arrives at KBS and hides a food coupon. Other people get handed coupons too, but we’re not told why.

javabeans: Haha, the thing is, I want to ask the happy boys why these sinister turns always come as a surprise, and yet, here I am thinking, “Ooh, a light trip today!”

girlfriday: Right? It’s that tiny glimmer of hope that today, Bird might be humane. Just for a day.

javabeans: Remember when he was going too easy on them and we were wishing he’d be meaner?

girlfriday: Well, straight-up nice is boring. Mean and then suddenly nice is tense and suspicious.

javabeans: The boys are told they will get breakfast, since today’s a special day and all. There’s a knee-jerk reaction of “I don’t want it,” but when they figure it’s really a hot breakfast inside, everyone’s all smiles. Of course, they have to work for their meal, in that they have to track down a meal ticket in order to partake. Each member gets a hint, and then the race is on!

girlfriday: Lol, some of the people are easier to find and/or harrass (like a Music Bank guest, a radio DJ), but then Jong-min gets the head of the variety department, which is like Bird’s boss’s boss.

javabeans: Hahaha. Of all the guys, right? Joo-won’s made me laugh out loud — it’s a picture of a woman’s eyes, and the hint, “announcer.” He goes around holding the photo up to random women.

girlfriday: They have exactly 30 minutes to find their coupon and get to the cafeteria before breakfast shuts down. It’s interesting to see the difference between the guys who don’t know where anything is (Joo-won, Tae-woong) and the ones who walk around like it’s their second home (Tae-hyun, Su-geun).

javabeans: I know, it reminds you where they got their start. Tae-hyun even calls his father, all, “Yo Dad, where’s the KBS cafeteria?” I guess that’s how it is when you’re a showbiz family.

girlfriday: Ha, that cracks me up. I also love that everyone who passes by the IRIS poster says hi to Seung-woo.

javabeans: Jong-min makes his way up to the variety department and finds who he needs… but he ducks out of sight because he’s in this serious-looking meeting with all these execs in suits and it’s scary. Haha. I mean, you’re interrupting the work of the topmost guy in your job and asking him for a meal ticket.

girlfriday: Do you think they gave it to him before a meeting on purpose? It’s so awkward and difficult to just walk in like that.

javabeans: I dunno. It seems either poorly planned or an awesome prank, if they told ‘em to pretend to be busy or whatnot. (Somehow, I don’t think that’s the case.)

girlfriday: No, they seem actually busy, which is far worse.

javabeans: On the other hand, he’s the KBS variety head, and 1N2D is a huuuuge show for them, so it’s not like the guy’s gonna be put out. It’s just a total mindfuck situation.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung, meanwhile, skips to Music Bank because there’s zero worry there — he knows exactly where he’s going, and anyone who’s there is likely a hoobae.

javabeans: Su-geun, too, is very at ease making his way to the radio department and he finds his ticket hanging out in plain view. Ha, DJ Lee Hyun-woo (the older actor, not the jailbait one) is on air and has clipped up the red ticket right in his window. Is it me or does it look taunting? So Su-geun has to hang out and wait for a commercial break.

girlfriday: That’s totally bait. During a live broadcast? That means Su-geun’s gotta be a radio guest to get that coupon, for sure. Heh.

javabeans: Joo-won goes to the announcer department with his photo, worrying, “What if she didn’t do her eyeliner today?” Haha. (Also: Fat chance.) He asks the others in the department for their opinion, and even the co-workers have a hard time immediately guessing, although one name comes up multiple times.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun finds his security guard and scores his coupon, and Jong-min finally decides to brave the meeting and tiptoes inside with this tiny squeaky mouse voice. At least it’s the variety department, so people recognize him, and he finally works up the nerve to ask the boss for his meal ticket.

javabeans: Oh noes! After all that, the variety boss doesn’t even have it! They’re like, I think the contents director has it.

girlfriday: WHAT? So they gave it to the boss, who gave it to HIS boss? Is Jong-min going to end up knocking on the president of KBS’s door by the end of this?

javabeans: Shi-kyung knocks on a few doors and asks some girl groups (Rainbow, Nine Muses), and it’s funny in the opposite way of Jong-min because here he’s the sunbae, but it’s still totally embarrassing to be all, “Uh, do you have my food ticket?” Then Su-geun gets roped into guesting on Lee Hyun-woo’s show, which is funny because he’s trying to grab his ticket and run, and Lee Hyun-woo’s all, “Stay. Sit around. Be a guest. You could spare five minutes.”

girlfriday: Ha, why is Su-geun’s radio voice so low and trying to be manly?

javabeans: Shi-kyung finally gets his break when he comes across CN Blue, and when he asks for his ticket Jung Yong-hwa totally smiles. But they won’t hand it over easily, saying that that’s “no fun.” Hee. They totally taunt Shi-kyung, wondering amongst themselves, “Isn’t this for us? See, anybody can use it.” Shi-kyung actually pulls out the “When did you debut again?” card.

girlfriday: Hahaha. I love how he’s trying to play it cool, all I’m sure it doesn’t matter that you were babies when I debuted. They settle on a rock-paper-scissors game and tell Shi-kyung he has to win three in a row to get the ticket.

javabeans: I love how at first Yong-hwa’s all, “We gotta win!” and then after he beats Shi-kyung, he blurts, “I’m sorry!” Shi-kyung to VJ: “Can we turn off the cameras for a sec?”

girlfriday: Shi-kyung does that alternating from laughter to scary sunbae thing really well. He finally wins and gets his ticket. Seung-woo and Tae-woong get theirs without too much trouble.

javabeans: Omo, so Jong-min makes his way to the contents director’s office… only to be told that he’s currently in a meeting with the KBS president. The look on his face is just….

girlfriday: DUDE. That’s crazy. I love that Jong-min is paired with that rookie PD, and he looks like he’s about to pee his pants.

javabeans: I was just about to say that! He looks even more deer-in-headlights than Jong-min.

girlfriday: Because, can you imagine? It’s say your first real job, and you have to interrupt a meeting with the president of KBS? What the? Meanwhile, Joo-won finally finds his announcer, but she’s prepared a speed quiz for him to pass. Uh-oh. He’s like, “I’m terrible at quizzes!”

javabeans: Tae-woong and Seung-woo are the first to get their meals, and wonder if they’ll have hungry castmates. Time’s tickin’ and Su-geun is still stuck in the radio booth… along with Tae-hyun, who has joined them just for kicks.

girlfriday: Hahahaha. It’s gonna crack me up if Tae-hyun doesn’t get breakfast because he was busy shooting the breeze.

javabeans: I know! He’s totally free and easy, thinking he has plenty of time since he got his ticket so quickly, but I’m worried they’ll run out of time. It’s already 9:27 by the time they get out, but they manage to hustle in time to get their food. So does Shi-kyung, and can I just say that seeing him literally skipping down the hall is a really weird sight? He’s the gentle giant, but skipping.

girlfriday: It’s weird and kinda awesome. Joo-won’s still doing his quiz, and something tells me he’s going to starve.

javabeans: Jong-min hears that the meeting isn’t over until after his breakfast deadline, so he has this really hilarious back and forth of almost knocking on the door, and turning back, then mustering up courage again…

girlfriday: Omg, it’s worse than I imagined. It’s a giant conference room with a circle table and a back row, filled with suits. All of them staring at Jong-min. The president of KBS is sitting at the head of the table and Jong-min’s literally like, “Can I… have my… meal ticket?”

javabeans: You can almost see the thought bubble over his head wishing for a re-do. That was maybe the most awkward thing he has had to do in recent memory. He goes out clutching his meal ticket and shaking. Isn’t it funny how he’s now looking back on interrupting the variety director’s meeting fondly?

girlfriday: Seriously, that was a cake-walk. He runs into the cafeteria with his coupon earned with blood sweat and tears… and he’s too late. Breakfast is over. Oh man, after all that?

javabeans: Aw man! In that case you wish he’d just forfeited, so that it was his choice.

girlfriday: Ha, his rendition of the appalling events to the hyungs is even funnier. He’s telling the story with crazy eyes: “He was in a meeting! With the president! And I went in anyway!”

javabeans: Tae-hyun just about cackles his head off. And now the villain of the piece is the variety director, hee. He curses him up and down for being weird and mean.

girlfriday: Joo-won doesn’t make it in time either, so he and Jong-min have to skip breakfast. The boys sit around and start asking Bird for coffee like they always do, but when he says okay, they’re like, “Wait, why?”

javabeans: Tae-hyun’s eyes literally narrow. They wonder if it’s fish sauce, and Bird asks exasperatedly, “Do you want me to taste test them all before I give them to you?” Isn’t it funny how he says that as though the boys are so out of line for suspecting him?

girlfriday: Jong-min: “Are you being transferred to the countryside?” Ha.

javabeans: They head down to the lobby where they find Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek mid-shoot. The boys hang back, but Su-geun squeezes his way through between takes and darts outside apologizing all the way.

girlfriday: How cute, did he do that just to say hi to Go Chang-shik? He was so cute in the actors special.

javabeans: So he’s first to see the secret message board being held outside (the first five members are to get in a car together), and cackles that he was the only one who looked bad for walking through the shoot and now he’s first to start the mission. Haha, and then the PDs wonder why he exited the way he did, and he’s all, “But how else was I supposed to leave?” Flashback to Bird telling them that the key was in their coffee — and drinking down his cup reveals the message to gather in front.

girlfriday: The rest of the boys sit around, and belatedly realize that Su-geun is missing. They start getting suspicious and Tae-hyun half-jokes that there might be something written on the bottom of their coffee cups… and then spies the message. Heh. He quickly puts it back and pretends that he didn’t find anything… while slowly walking towards the drama shoot like he’s just curious.

javabeans: His expression is awesome. He looks like an imp normally, but now that he’s got a secret mission he looks extra-imp-y. Meanwhile Su-geun waits outside, needing four others to join him before he can leave, going, “Dummies! Get out here!”

girlfriday: The rest of the boys catch on at the same time, so then it’s a race to the car, five guys for three seats. Seung-woo actually gets there first, but he picks the wrong car door, and so Shi-kyung, Joo-won, and Tae-woong win seats. Omg, I adore Joo-won and Tae-woong’s simultaneous looks of glee.

javabeans: It’s so conspiratorial and Wonder Twins. Poor Seung-woo and Jong-min, who get left out. I’m just about to feel really sorry for Jong-min, who also must be starving, only then they’re told to read their cupholders and I realize they didn’t even get the clue in the first place (they just followed the race). So then I don’t feel that bad anymore.

girlfriday: At least these two make a good team. And Bird gives them a few bills for bus fare, so it’s not like they’re totally left behind to hitchhike or anything.

javabeans: And Yeouido to Suwon isn’t that far… though I wonder when the last time was that Seung-woo took a Seoul bus.

girlfriday: In the car, Joo-won notes that Suwon is really close to home for him, and Su-geun says they should stop by his house. Really? Field trip to Joo-won’s house? How cute.

javabeans: Aw, they totally go. Why am I half-expecting Gundam dolls in his room, like Gil-ro?

girlfriday: I don’t think we’ll be disappointed on that front. Su-geun even adds that they should play a joke on Mom and Dad, and Joo-won should pretend that Bird pissed him off so much he quit and came home early.

javabeans: That plan doesn’t work out but they do barge right in and look around at the place Joo-won’s lived for the past ten years. Tae-woong goes around looking at all the old photos calling Joo-won a cutie, but let it be noted that he’s the one walking around carrying a stuffed animal like it’s a baby. Ha, and Joo-won’s room is a mess. There are Gaksital action figures??

girlfriday: I want one! I love how normal his house is. You wouldn’t know an actor lived here, save for the current drama poster, acting awards in the corner, and collection of scripts.

javabeans: Omo, Tae-hyun laughs to find a book that Joo-won’s studying… on trivia quiz answers. LOL. Joo-won has totally taken it seriously, with notes and everything. Tae-hyun’s dying laughing. Naturally he takes this to all the hyungs, who run with it.

girlfriday: Hee. He’s so embarrassed. I love how cute they find it, like he’s five and they’re his uncles.

javabeans: Aw, and then they’re like, “We didn’t know Joo-won was so stressed by the quizzes!” Dude, Joo-won totally cut fruit for them. Give the boy a cookie!

girlfriday: He cuts his own fruit!

javabeans: I’m imagining his parents coming home to an empty fridge, wondering what happened. The bus team has to change buses (which they do while looking longingly at a bakery storefront like something out of Dickens), and as they sit, Seung-woo asks a guy, “….so whatcha eating over there?” HAHA. The guy actually offers to hand over his coffee, but Seung-woo tells him, “No, our PD will get mad.” Haha, and then he turns to a guy with pastries and says, “Is it tasty? It looks tasty.”

girlfriday: The guy shares a pastry, which the PD allows, so they make fast friends on the bus. Seung-woo gives him a 1N2D button, and now they’re both happy. They finally arrive at the palace gate in Suwon, where the rest of the boys are waiting for them. Aw, Joo-won packed fruit for Jong-min from his house because he didn’t get breakfast.

javabeans: Bird acts as their tour guide as he tosses out facts and they make their way around the grounds looking at the various features of the old palace. Then Bird asks a question, Shi-kyung answers, and Bird hands him his prize: an arrow. He says this isn’t a quiz… but I’m sure there’s more where that came from.

girlfriday: I’m more concerned with why they’re winning arrows, of all things.

javabeans: Especially since Bird seems to be handing them out rather willy-nilly: for being funny, for having a good reaction…

girlfriday: Aha, we get to the end of the tour and Bird says they’ll be using those arrows… and takes them to an archery practice field. He says they’ll be playing their dinner bokbulbok right now.

javabeans: There will be two rounds, the first of which is to earn money for dinner, based on whether you can hit the target. Wow, they’re better than I thought, although the limitation here is that each arrow is worth very little, so it’s hard to amass a decent dinner allowance. Seung-woo asks for more arrows if he can score 3 in a row, but then he shoots and misses them all, rendering that bargain moot.

girlfriday: Ha, Joo-won and Jong-min follow suit and miss all theirs too. But Tae-hyun is surprisingly good. Once they all win cash (according to their archery scores) Bird sends them out to the market to buy the heaviest thing they can with their money. Oh so in the end it’s a weight contest — the ones who can buy the heaviest load win dinner.

javabeans: So they trawl the marketplace looking for heavy things like a bag of powder, fish, radish. I think I’d buy a big tub of bean paste or something.

girlfriday: I’d try to find rice, but they’re limited by both time and money. I think Tae-hyun has the right idea with the radish, because it’s both cheap and heavy.

javabeans: Su-geun looks at those really heavy earthenware plates, which might be good. Seung-woo buys dduk, Tae-woong buys a potted flower, and Jong-min buys something that they won’t show us yet, which means it’s really good or really bad. They all head back with their purchases hidden (in the rolling bags they’ve been given), fairly confident in their choices.

girlfriday: It cracks me up that Tae-woong is super happy with his potted flower, but when he meets Tae-hyun and they try lifting each other’s bags, his face darkens.

javabeans: Ha, Joo-won spots Tae-hyun approaching and pretends he has to drag his bag along. They go for the weighing, and Joo-won makes jaws drop when his weighs in at over 5kg. His helpful entourage of ajummas pointed him to the cheapest place where he bought radishes at a big discount, making his 3000 won work just as hard as Tae-hyun’s 5000 won.

girlfriday: It’s extra funny because Tae-woong was sure Joo-won would end up hungry and pissy.

javabeans: HAHA, did everyone freaking buy radishes? Jong-min also had a radish, but he got ripped off and only bought one. Hee, this is what Tae-hyun gets for saying his ideas out loud in the car before the game even begins.

girlfriday: How does Jong-min manage to spend all his money on ONE radish, while the others all got giant bagfuls?

javabeans: Omg, it’s just so sad seeing Tae-woong pull out his little flowerpot after all that.

girlfriday: I dunno why, but there’s something extra pathetic about it being pretty.

javabeans: I know! Like, it sure is nice to look at but will it feed you? Literally? And looking at it while the others feast on short ribs… is extra pathetic. He did manage to beat Jong-min, but is still on the losing team. Shi-kyung is last, and his bag looks HEAVY. He bought radishes too, and five of them, but they’re monsters.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung’s got that look in his eye: My radishes laugh at your tininess!

javabeans: The radish boys all dig in to their meat, and we get this montage of extra-pathetic Seung-woo reaction shots, likening him to So Ji-sub’s wild look from I’m Sorry, I Love You. That table does look really sad. Especially since Bird makes them wait to eat, so they have to sit there watching the winners eat. Aww, and then Bird gives them the bones, so they’re chewing strenuously like dogs.

girlfriday: Is Jong-min using his bone like a seasoning stick? He’s like rubbing it on other foods. This is sad.

javabeans: OH MY GOD it is so sad watching them eat plain rice cakes and pretending it’s beef, with the whole ripping-off-bone motions and everything.

girlfriday: Looks like sleepytime bokbulbok won’t get any better. Someone’s sleeping in a clear plastic tent in the middle of the city, surrounded by signs telling the citizens not to feed the wild animals.

javabeans: With the caption: “The ultimate shame.” I’ll say.


108 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jinny

    Yay new trip! Thanks for the recap 🙂

    • 1.1 Jinny

      Omg this was an awesome episode haha i laughed the whole time while reading it. Favorite moments would be Jong-min’s priceless reactions while finding his meal ticket, Tae-hyun just being Tae-hyun (seriously he cracks me up every ep and his laughter is contagious), and the whole radish competition (Tae-woong with his flowerpot was so sad!). And we get to see CN Blue and Joo-won’s house (which seems SO CUTE and he cut fruit for his hyungs heh) !

      • 1.1.1 far

        oh, man…. watching the first part up to the breakfast part is really making me pissed off! poor jongmin~ it wasnt his fault that the directors switched his food coupons. he had to interrupt meetings to get it, and was late for 1 minute! and to not get food after all that….. poor jongmin….

        and this is the 2nd time where i see joowon got angry, though he was sweet and cute about it. he even threw the lady’s picture! the lady is kindda a stupid idiot for making joowon answer quizzes. it’s FOOD! i hate it when she does it to him. he tried hard to find her, and she was messing around with him. it’s not HER that has to go hungry, it’s someone else. she’s just a pretty face, but a selfish idiot. i hope she feels bad about doing it to joowon.

        sorry, cant help it. i really love these guys, and to see them losing food just coz someone else (irrelevant someone) playing around like this…. if they play games and lose food, it’s fine. they do get to eat even plain rice at the most. but in these case….. the girl….. and the directors….. this is supposed to be an easy task, which is why i guess the PDs didnt prepare an alternative if the boys didnt get to eat, coz maybe they expected everyone will get to eat.

        luckily, the rest of the moments are funny and sweet.. ^^ at least joowon had something to eat at his house. and seeing him brought food for jongmin is just adorable~ fruits are always better than nothing.

  2. Abbie

    Wait, isn’t Seung-woo in Iris 2? I saw him in it. Or is that just cameos?

    • 2.1 queen

      Yeah? are those just cameos? I only saw one scene of him so far.

    • 2.2 Ivoire

      Thank you for the recap. I have some questions:

      1–What are Gundam dolls? 2–I have seen in a few dramas that women cut fruit for their lovers or husbands or in-laws. GF and JB seemed really touched that JW had cut fruit for his hyungs and for himself. How significant is that? Does that carry a lot of weight/means a lot that a man did that for other (older) men (and for himself)? 3–Would that be a practice that is done a lot for children? (since they can cut their own fruit) and would that have the same meaning as doing it for a hyung, lover, unni or in-laws? 4–Also, I recently watched “Music and Lyrics” with Kim So-eun and Junho, and in one scene/segment, he cut fruit for her and for him (they had previously cooked and eaten their meal together). Is it more significant when the man does it for the woman?

      Thank you to anyone who answers.

      • 2.2.1 mikayla

        1) I’m also curious about what gundams are because they talked about it once on Hello Counselor..

      • 2.2.2 Mawiie

        1- Gundams are character from an anime that was widely popular back in the days. They were some sort of robots, and a popular marchandise from the series were platic model action figures. Boys loved to buy those and built them, and a lot of people collected them as well.

        2- not sure about that one, but in Asian culture, the youngest one is usually the one who has to do the chores. It is especially true for women, but I guess that it was just sweet that Joo Won still follows the tradition and take care of his hyungs (also it’s his house, so he’s the host)

        • Ivoire

          Hello Mawiie,

          I meant to respond and thank you early this morning, and I had not gotten to it yet. Thank you for your answers, I appreciate them. They, in addition to the other answers here to my questions, are helping me understand the Asian culture better.
          I hope that you will see this post.

      • 2.2.3 Jinny

        Gundam dolls are action figures based on a popular TV series (now developed into manga/movies/video games). Pretty sure they sell them in kits and different styles (think transformer kits) and you build them and there are instructions and everything. Some people collect them and display them, they definitely engage you for a few hours and it’s seriously amazing how into it a kid can get!

        I may be wrong (and confusing) about this but about the cutting fruit thing: it was mostly sweet that he did that but yes there is also a certain significance; usually daughter-in-laws cut fruit for their in-laws and they are somewhat judged on how well/how they cut the fruit (I think my mom once said you’re supposed to start from the stem and there are certain ways to cut it?). I would say that doing it for an in-law is a sign of respect and sort of an obligation (if they are very traditional) while doing it for a hyung/lover/unni is also a sign of respect but it’s also an “aww” moment because it shows they care for and accommodate their guest. I would say it is especially significant if you’re a guy because it is traditionally the daughter’s role to live in their in-laws house and perform those kinds of tasks. Also not 100% sure about all my facts/interpretations, sorry if I offended anyone or got something incorrect. Hope I helped!

        • Ivoire

          Hello Jinny,

          Yes, you totally helped and thank you for your time and your elaborate answers. Your answers made sense to me (based on what I have observed and sensed somewhat), and I always like to put my questions out there because I never know who might have some answers.

          So Jinny, sorry I keep pushing (I like details), however it would be safe to assume that besides cutting fruit for children (so they don’t hurt themselves), doing it is also performing that act of caring for them and showing affection, right?

          I liked what you said about your mom saying that there is a particular way to cut fruit. We have the same thing in my culture (I am from an African country). When I went home for a summer vacation (I was a college student in France, at the time), I was cutting plantains (they are from the same family as bananas, just harder and they taste good ripe and fried. I don’t mean to insult you, I just thought I would explain in case you might not be familiar with them) and one of my cousins scolded me (she is my age and I was born earlier in the year than she was), saying that I wasn’t cutting the plantains (and taking the skin off) the proper way (the way my ethnic group would do it). The thing was, those plantains had to be boiled and pounded to be eaten, so it really didn’t matter the manner in which the skin was taken off, as long as the skin was totally taken off.

          I became irritated (LOL), and I told her that those plantains were going to be boiled and pounded and cut up in slices and put on the a plate and served that way (which is what we do with that particular recipe). I added that it really didn’t matter how I took the skin off (how I held the knife while doing it, because that was what she was harping on), since once the plantains would be served, those eating them would be more concerned about the plantains being well cooked and tasting good.

          I shared that story because it was interesting to me that she was focused on being traditional and bent on it, however in the end, that would not have matter (in this case). And also, I was quite irked that she was criticizing the way I was cutting my plantains. I have to admit, she was better skilled at it than I was (she had had more practice), but still, I cooked them and pounded them and cut them in slices, and they came out fine and tasted good. So I can totally relate and understand people in our cultures wanting things done the traditional way :-). I have experienced some of that.

          This is a long post, I hope you didn’t mind reading 🙂

          • javabeans

            It’s a gender thing. Women cut the fruit for the menfolk. The menfolk are served the fruit. What chafes is that this is simply expected behavior; no son would be expected to cut the fruit or even know how, but if a daughter did not silently and automatically assume the role of fruit-cutter, she’d be seen as ill-mannered.

          • Ivoire

            Thank you Javabeans for your explanation. I also saw that you answered my question in the recap of ep. 16 of FBND and in the recap of Level 7, ep. 11. Those answers have been very insightful, and I appreciate them.
            Also, now that I think about it, based on your explanation here, it is probably safe to say that it is interesting and counter culture then for the mom to order her son to cut fruit for her and her son’s girlfriend (and serve them tea), like GR’s mom did in ep. 9 of Level 7, which he actually did.

          • Jinny

            Wow that is a really interesting story, I love hearing about different cultures because there’s so much to learn, thanks for sharing 🙂
            Yep like javabeans said, definitely a gender thing and I feel an obligation thing. Regarding cutting fruit for children, it does hold a certain level of affection and I guess privilege if your mother cuts fruit for you as a child/teenager, I remember when I was little I just accepted it but now when she offers to cut fruit for me even though she doesn’t have to I feel affection.

          • Enz

            Thanks javabeans for the answer and ivoire for the question. I’m Chinese and I just thought the host must make sure guests are taken care of.

            Joo won has mentioned before in interviews that his mom wanted a daughter and he kinda fulfilled that in his family by helping with chores and cooking etc. this interview was from his baker king days, if I remember correctly.

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            I am glad you came back and read my answer to you. There is a reason why I actually shared that story. I have to run, however I will be back (later tonight) to explain. If you happen to read this (I don’t know if you will, but just in case), check back here late at night (Dramabeans’ time) or tomorrow, Monday. I meant to do it yesterday, but didn’t get to it. Sorry 🙁

            I hope your weekend is going well.

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    Jongmin’s mission to get his meal ticket was so funny too. Poor guy had to suffer so much and not even get breakfast in return.

    I’m glad this episode was not so much centered on suffering in the snow because frankly, those episodes weren’t as much fun (due to limited mobility) as the snow-less episodes were.

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      • 16.2.1 miami

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    About his current drama,I believe both Javabeans and Girlfriday can close eyes to it.That DUMN writer,wasting all the talents.I am sure Joo Won heard about reviews on that mess.I won’t be surprised if he starts next GOOD project right after this,just to make up this MESS.

    PS:Jong Min suffered so much.I want to see him winning everything for once.

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      Now, I would like to see him in a sageuk drama ^^
      Btw, I thought tae-woong would be soon (june??) in a sageuk… hope we will have more news about this project !

      • 29.1.1 Shiku

        I heard it was delayed till September then further delayed till 2014.

    • 29.2 ulala s.

      Joo Won’s talent is wasted on L7CS, which is such a shame because he’s so great at it, if only that drama wasn’t such a mess, I hope Joo Won does another drama immediately!!!

      • 29.2.1 tebz10

        That drama would have been okay, if only the lead characters had chemistry. I don’t mind noona-dongsaeng romances, but this one is just meh.

    • 29.3 Dreamer

      In contrast, i think joo won is really “smart”, his EQ is very high. Evaluation a person should not just base on the common knowlegde. Nowadays, EQ is even more important than IQ in some cases. When I saw joo won in win win, i understanded the reason why he can be so sucessful for being a newcomer. One of the MCs tended to mock him, but he was so calm to deal with. I don’t know whether he didn’t realize or pretended to ignore, but he totally nailed everything with his honesty and sincernce.

      Beside hard working, Joo won is the type that once he likes, he totally pour his heart on, and ignore what ever not related.

      However, rather than hard-working, i think Joo Won is a blessed person. He has everything for an artist, his gift-acting, singing, dancing and the look. He even gets the luck as well. Many people work hard but never have opportunities like him. Hope he would never change his heart.

      • 29.3.1 Leap

        Cant help but agree with you on the that Win Win episode. I thought I was just being protective over Joo won but I also felt that emcee mocking him for his sensitivity. Suengwoo and Sugeun understood him bec they have been with him in 1n2d. I was irritated with that emcee. Joo won was all serious and honest and that emcee was being rude…no wonder moonlight prince was pulled-out… I watched the episode where lee boyoung was a guest and she commented that the hosts were a bit pushy…better if she said rude…

      • 29.3.2 far

        agreed. couldnt have put it better myself. i really like his gentle personality. such a caring and honest man. he doesnt tend to give up easily, and tries his best at things despite knowing those things are his weakness. after watching Win Win, i love him all the more for everything he tells the viewers.

        and he’s such a great, talented actor. it’s not easy to play such a deep, emotional, badass role like Gaksital. i have major respect for him for that drama. all those sensitive issues brought up, and he treated it as if it’s just a DRAMA instead of, u know, MEAN what he says or do in the drama. geesh, idk how to put this into words.

        he would make a great (my) husband someday.. ^^ I WANT TO KIDNAP HIM AND PUT HIM IN MY POCKET!!!! <3

    • 29.4 bambledd

      Wow- Joo Won goes to university too? Very busy guy!

      I’m enjoying his drama now (7 Civil Servant), although I may be in the minority. Love watching his acting.

      I noticed the guys are pretty affectionate w/ each other (ex. holding hands, linked arms). Is that pretty common in Korea w/ men? I think it’s a little funny to see but also sweet.

      • 29.4.1 bert_996

        yah, we really are in the minority although i don’t totally love L7CS, i do enjoy watching it and that’s mostly because of Joo Won.

        don’t know about it being common in korea, but skinship is one of my fave parts of 1n2d, there bromance is so adorable.

    • 29.5 far

      well, it depends on the courses taken as well. if someone’s strength is in science, then when u ask that person a literature question, he/she could find it difficult to answer it. same goes to those who studied other courses.

      joowon happens to major in acting/arts. so when they ask him history questions, he tends to get pretty bad at it. ^^ history isnt for everyone. i’m a science graduate, and if people ask me about economy or arts, i wouldnt know a thing.

      i like L7CS’s light comedy. but it seems to me like they’re trying too hard to be funny which doesnt end up being funny. and like GF and JB mentioned, the lack of character development made it hard to believe in the characters.

      anyway, joowon in L7CS made me discovered this show. i’m glad i choose to watch this show and backtrack since episode 1 of season 2. knowing the casts is a great experience to me. ^^ they’re such funny and loving people~

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    And joo won, oh so cute! he’s diligently studying for 1N2D quizzes. Unfortunately, that didn’t help him much with his quiz time with the announcer. Also, he looked like a loony when he was going around stopping women and holding up his clue to the women’s faces.

  36. 36 mmmaggie

    This episode cracked my shit up. Starting with the Seung Woo point to himself on the Iris poster, all badass and serious. Hahaha. And Jong Min. Only Jong Min would end up having to grovel for a meal ticket in front of the freakin’ president of KBS. I’ve been dying to see Joo Won and his mother together, but at least we got to see a peek into his house. His notes were so adorable — and Tae Hyun’s reaction to them was even more adorable. So much love in the group. Yay to the Go Chang Shik cameo too. Remember when he brought dduk to his 1N2D episode? <3

  37. 37 MariD

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    • 37.1 karz

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      now 1n2d s2 celebrate 1st birthday in latest episode adding together with ksw and suguen birthday

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    I never thought this day would come, that I would see CN Blue in 1N2D. Haha.
    But I would have been the happiest fangirl if it was Joo Won who went to them. Imagine my favorite actor interacting with my favorite band in my favorite show!
    But Shi-kyung seems close with them, judging by the way he pushed Yong Hwa after he won, so I’m still happy with that.

    Btw, thanks for the recap, javabeand and girlfriday! Hope you could talk about 1N2D in one of your future podcasts! 🙂

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