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Teaser and stills for Scary Story 2
by | April 28, 2013 | 26 Comments

Here’s a peek at the summer horror flick Scary Story 2, or what I like to call Shut Up And Kick the Flower Boy Next Door at Christmas. It’s a six-way dramaland reunionpalooza for White Christmas boys Sung Joon and Lee Soo-hyuk, Flower Boy Next Door’s adorable webtoon artist/editor couple Go Kyung-pyo and Kim Seul-gi, and High Kick’s housemates Baek Jin-hee and Kim Ji-won.

My interest in the movie is purely for the cast, since I never saw the first Scary Story, but the franchise has a pretty good thing going — it casts young up-and-comers in a series of short vignettes, directed by multiple directors. So it’s more like a horror anthology series, and can get some big names like Min Kyu-dong (Antique Bakery) and Hong Ji-young (Naked Kitchen, Night Before the Wedding) to direct short sections.

This movie has three stories, and the first stars Sung Joon and Lee Soo-hyuk as two friends who get trapped at the edge of a cliff while hiking in the woods, and one of them must die for the other to live. The second stars Baek Jin-hee and Kim Seul-gi in a story about a group of friends who get into a car accident in the middle of nowhere, marking the beginning of a “trip that turns into a nightmare.” The third story stars Go Kyung-pyo as a high school student who gets ridiculed on his first day of school, and meets Kim Ji-won, a strange student who practices black magic. He imitates one of her spells and gets himself locked in the doorway to hell, and she has to get him out.

Well those sound like entirely different genres of horror altogether, so I’m not really sure how they’ll fit. There will be an overarching narrative that ties them together, but I’m thinking it’ll be really, really loose. Like Here are three stories. They’re all really scary. In the end it might only be a true onscreen reunion for the White Christmas boys, though I guess we’ll have to watch to see if there are any crossovers. One thing the format explains is how on earth they manage to cast, shoot, and churn the movie out so damn fast. Divide and conquer, yo.

Scary Story 2 hits theaters in June.



26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    I like the cast…..and the movie seems scary!!

  2. Quiet Thought

    Judging by the shot of the staring chick in the middle of the clip, at least one of the stories is about the horrific effects of too much eye surgery. Very topical.

  3. anvesha

    I have the most interest in the first one, but that also seems like the least scary one. Well.. none of them really seem that scary from the plot…

  4. Rin

    I want to watch but… I can’t handle horror at all. Sighh, what to dooo? 🙁

  5. soiia

    Is JB going to watch this…? Or will she chicken out? I’m so close to chicken out…but the freaking damn pretty cast… gaaaaaaah.

  6. owl

    I might just settle for a line-up shot poster style of the flower boys – somethig along the lines of the cutest ever hallway line-up shot of all the fb in FBND – only in the hallway to hell? I dunno~

  7. Kiara

    “Shut up And Kick the Flower Boy Next Door at Christmas”

    LOL GF.

    OK I’m not watching this at night. That trailer alone makes me want to scream mommy.

  8. kumi

    No, I don’t want indigestion problems.

  9. JoAnne

    ‘Shut Up and Kick the Flower Boy Next Door At Christmas’

    I laughed so hard I kinda sorta had a little accident…

  10. 10 chickenwing

    Is this supposed to be a parody? The name reminds me of Scary Movie..

  11. 11 bigwink

    judging from the trailer, i think there will be a crossover.

    excited for sung joon and soohyuk! both are easy in the eyes and acts well. slurp~

  12. 12 Noelle

    OhMahGah!!! I need to watch this!

  13. 13 Roggy

    Nope. Not watching. But can I just say, DAMN Sung Joon looks smexy in the first photo! SOOO CUTE!

  14. 14 Zain

    It’s also a reunion of lee soo hyuk and Kim ji won from what’s up~ I might watch this movie only for lee soo hyuk and sung joon but I might chicken out bc horror movies are not my thing.

  15. 15 dtp_jnr

    I don’t think they would need to tie up all three stories together to make it work….It would be like 2 Extremes or Thia movie 4bia….I’m a huge fan of thrillers and horror movies so i can’t wait for this one…..The first story sounds like a psychological thriller…..

  16. 16 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Why oh why can’t Girl Friday get the job of naming dramas and movies…I’m starting a petition. Who’s signing?

  17. 17 acejihyo

    this beautiful cast ;~;

  18. 18 thelady

    finally lee soo hyuk is acting again

  19. 19 cho

    Is this a prequel of Scary Story 1?

  20. 20 cheekbones

    I’m not a fan of horror movies. But, if I could get my hands on this one, I’d watch it just for Sung Joon. The other cast is a bonus.

  21. 21 pigtookie

    Shut Up and Kick the Flower Boy Next Door At Christmas – I need to watch this drama! Starring these 6 actors please!

  22. 22 Deliane

    So excited for this White Christmas reunion, although I’m not sure I can handle this much horror. Can’t even bring myself to watch the trailer. Guess I have to drag one of my friends along to watch this!

  23. 23 redfox

    Sung Joon! hope he enjoys himself in this. I dont want to pressure my favorites, just want them to have fun! pleasantly scary stuff

  24. 24 denise

    At least the christmas boys and flower boys has actual acting talents, not just a pretty face. loved the cast.

  25. 25 queencircles

    I wanna see this!

  26. 26 sur

    not a fan of horror but would watch this

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