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Song Sae-byuk and Kang Ye-won headline rom-com
by | May 3, 2013 | 17 Comments

Ooh, there’s a new project on the way from the director of Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. Sadly it’s not another drama about angsty teen rockers. Boo. Hiss. *puts on whinypants* Whyyyyy not? This time he’ll be tackling a romantic comedy film called My 7th Man, and Song Sae-byuk (Dangerous Meeting) and Kang Ye-won (Fortunetellers) have signed on to star. Huh, so Kang Ye-won is going from her thousandth man to her seventh?

The rom-com is about a woman who has failed at six relationships and decides that she’s going to do whatever it takes to make this seventh one stick, come hell or high water. So she’s decided to marry Boyfriend Number 7, before she’s even met the guy? Why is it always the case that Bad Idea in life equals Good Idea in the movies? Song Sae-byuk plays an ordinary salaryman who has no interest in marriage. He meets the heroine by chance one day and they embark on a relationship with two very different goals in mind.

But then the story takes a turn when she begins to question his faithfulness to her, and decides to have him followed. Only what she discovers isn’t that he’s cheating on her, but something far creepier. We’re not told what it is, but my imagination is definitely running wild. I figure it’s something wacky, given that it’s a comedy, but I’ve seen plenty of comedies with dead bodies so I’m not counting anything out.

Kang Ye-won has just wrapped her Joseon-era Charlie’s Angels movie with Ha Ji-won, which is due out later this month. My 7th Man starts shooting in May for a release later this year.

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17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Orion

    Tempted because of Song Sae Byeok (he has something very likable about him), but cannot speak about the PD and frankly don’t like Kang Ye Won much. I guess I will check it out though. It sounds potentially hilarious and Song + rom-com is enough for me to at least give it a chance.

  2. snow_white

    The last part of the story about discovering something creepier sounds so interesting….

    • 2.1 jyyjc

      Yes I’m very intrigued. Maybe he’s a gumiho.

    • 2.2 Jo

      Or may be he entered the relationship (because it says he has different motives) for her ORGANS
      getting “Ahjusshi” up in hurrr

    • 2.3 Kan Min Seul

      Maybe he’s her sister lol

    • 2.4 Lilly

      Maybe it will actually be funny. We can hope.

  3. DayDreamer

    Okay, this sounds very interesting, especially that part about the main lead doing something far creepier than cheating. I didn’t think cheating was creepy in the first place so I wonder what would constitute as creepy here, ha.

  4. anvesha

    I was just reading blankly and then at the end with the creepy thing, I was like “ok, may be watchable” …

  5. IRSMan

    Oooh! Song Sae Byuk! He’s cool. Loved him in Cyrano Dating Agency even though his character was eh. Lol.

  6. rhia

    Isn’t this reminiscent of the starting premise in What’s Your Number?

    • 6.1 kang choco

      that’s exactly what i thought too!

  7. sml

    It also reminds me of 1994 film “Only You.” I hope fate takes a just as interesting turn in this one–love song sae byuk, anyway!

  8. z

    The “creepy secret” part seems intriguing. But I d feel like it would only work if the show can keep the secret from the audience too. We all know Korean Dramas are terrible at keeping secrets from anyone other than the one person who really needs to know.

  9. Gala

    I blame Happy Together. After watching that episode with the Ghost Sweepers cast (lee je hoon, I miss you!), I just developed an inane dislike towards Kang Ye Won. She just rubbed me the wrong way.

  10. 10 Hagar

    I’m excited for the Joseon-era Charlie’s Angels movie I hope it gets translated fast

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    Korean movie creepy can be scary.Good that we always have spoilers on the internet before watching.

  12. 12 wenlin

    plot looks interesting but haven’t watched any pieces from Kang Ye won…. hmmm

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