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Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 9
by | June 25, 2013 | 91 Comments

The case is short but sweet today, and showcases some really nice character beats for everyone. The show continues to use the weekly cases as vehicles for our main cast’s developments, while managing to get us invested with the guests who come in and out rather fleetingly. I’m liking the little steps we’re seeing our tin men make, who aren’t perhaps as empty-hearted and tin-canned as they first appeared.


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So the first love comes back. Yi-seol chats with Byung-hoon, and it appears they’re ignoring the elephant in the room—the whole whoops-I-fell-and-landed-on-top-of-you couch embrace she witnessed—but it’s not so easily forgotten. Byung-hoon finds himself looking through the window at Min-young, and Yi-seol clocks his distraction.

Min-young tries to pretend she doesn’t care about the cozy couple, and notices that they have a visitor: that scary woman who’s been lurking around (cameo by Jung Yumi).

She calls Byung-hoon to deal with the client, which is when Yi-seol notices that Min-young wears a particular necklace. It’s the one Byung-hoon bought from her, which suggests (somewhat erroneously) that these two are closer than he’s letting on.

Byung-hoon insists on sending this client away, while Min-young wants to take her on. When the client starts to ask whether this is the dating agency, he cuts her off before Yi-seol catches on that they’re not a theater troupe and instructs Min-young to see her out.

Instead, Min-young sits with her at the restaurant next door, eager to hear her story. The client—her name is Su-ah—wants the agency’s help in changing herself, with no interference needed for the target. As in, Su-ah wants to win his affection the good old-fashioned way by expressing her sincere feelings, but she needs guidance getting there.

This speaks to Min-young’s love of romance, and she promises to do everything she can to help. Watching from outside, Arang notes in voice-over, “Up till that point, Min-young noona looked full of confidence.” I’m assuming that means we get a twist.

You can’t quite blame Byung-hoon for wanting to pass on Su-ah, because she seems haunted by an air of morbid forlornness. She’s also dogged by a bad luck streak, though she says she’s used to it, as though it’s no big deal. For instance, the tab of her soda can pops off, and Moo-jin steps in to fix it—and the moment Su-ah meets his eye, she keels over unconscious. Ha.

Byung-hoon agrees to a compromise of sorts, leaving the case in Min-young’s hands, warning that she’d better not come running to him for help. Su-ah thanks Min-young for taking on her case, and then runs into a street sign. Again, she assures Min-young that she’s used to stuff like this happening to her, which I’m not sure is much reassurance.

Min-young briefs the team on the stats: Su-ah works as a ghost in an amusement park (how fitting), lives with only women (mom, grandma), and only attended all-girls schools. She’s also curiously tight-lipped about her target, choosing not to reveal who it is.

Byung-hoon mocks Min-young for her inability to identify the target, and she huffs to her skeptical team that she can pull this off. This leads to a bet: If she succeeds, she can order Byung-hoon to do one thing. If she loses, she has to do something for him.

And again, Future Arang narrates, “Noona didn’t know then that she’d just made a big mistake.”

Min-young shares the bet with Seung-pyo, who throws his support to her. She points out that even if she isn’t positive she’ll succeed, she can’t work with a client thinking of failure first. Seung-pyo offers a bet of their own, though since they’re both rooting for her to succeed it’s kind of a faulty wager from the start: If she wins, he’ll grant her one wish, and if she loses, they’ll have a consolation drink.

Min-young films herself as she begins the mission, adopting a romance guru tone as she offers advice. For instance: It’s on the inside that counts… but in order to get to see that inside, how about we not scare off people with our outsides? That’s her reasoning behind the hairdo makeover session (“It’s like watching The Ring”), but Su-ah isn’t quite ready to shed her hair-curtain, saying that showing her face is like how others would feel walking out of the house naked.

They move to the next step: making eye contact. Using Moo-jin as a test subject, Min-young coaches Su-ah to think of him as a girl and look him in the eye. But Su-ah’s too timid to go through with it.

Byung-hoon has been watching all this while, looking like he’d do sooooo much better. I love that he was so smug about not helping and then can’t help himself. He steps in and instructs Su-ah to consider Moo-jin a mere rock… but even then she can’t meet his eye.

Frustrated, he’s all, “Is this hard? Why is this hard?” He turns to demonstrate with Min-young, only now they’re gazing into each other’s eyes and hearts start thumping. He excuses himself and hurries away looking perturbed, as Omniscient Future Arang narrates, “The mistake… wasn’t only made by noona.”

Min-young asks about Su-ah’s hairstyle, and Su-ah explains that it just naturally ended up this way. Before, people would whisper about her or treat her like an outcast, so she hid behind her hair. Then, she found that it was less difficult being feared than being ignored.

But something happened recently to make her change her mind and decide to buck up her courage. We see it in flashback:

Su-ah gathers to watch a magic show at the amusement park, but gets shoved around and pushed back. She shrinks back in her usual way, until someone taps her shoulder, then clears the way for her to step forward.

Her helper is the magician performing here (whom we know is Gong Yoo, though we don’t see his face), and that brief encounter leaves a lasting impression. It also leaves behind his old watch, which she finds dropped on the ground.

Su-ah says that she’s most comfortable in nature, so to ease some of her anxiety, Min-young puts her in Arang’s tent… and then locks (er, zips) her in with Arang for an hour. If Su-ah bolts before then, she’ll get stuck with the “ghastly ajusshi” (Byung-hoon) next. HA.

Su-ah comments that having a tent in your room is strange, and Arang muses, “Is it?” He shrugs, saying that he doesn’t mind what people think as long as he’s happy, and Min-young (who watches from the surveillance station) smiles approvingly. Of course, she doesn’t know that he’s being fed dialogue by Byung-hoon, hee. She thanks Moo-jin for his great idea, not seeing Byung-hoon smiling smugly behind her. Just couldn’t keep his nose out of it, could he?

Turns out Min-young is taping everything because she’s come up with the idea to provide future clients with a guide of sorts. Ah, that’s cute, and kind of clever. She asks Byung-hoon to film her, but they’re interrupted by the loan sharks, here for another round of rooftop threatening.

The thugs find Su-ah in the main room and put on their intimidating gangsta faces to demand Byung-hoon’s whereabouts. She stutters that she doesn’t know, which they assume is a lie. So they get ready to menace the information out of her… until she stammers, “I saw you calling the restaurant Master h-hy-hyungnim.”

They immediately jump up and make nice, calling her noonim. Haha. Byung-hoon and Min-young catch some of the exchange, but not enough to get the real story. Thus Min-young assumes that the loan sharks were scared off by Su-ah’s hair, and decides she’ll have to do something about it.

Her methods are questionable—surprising Su-ah with the scissors before she can protest—but I’ll admit that Min-young has a way with the gentle explanation. She encourages Su-ah to accept herself and not hide, because those who don’t love themselves won’t be able to receive love from others. And so, Su-ah puts herself in their hands.

Next, it’s a test date in a restaurant with Moo-jin as her partner. Min-young gives Su-ah instructions over the earpiece, walking her through the exercise. Su-ah fights down panic at the thought of being watched by others, but Moo-jin explains that a person’s gaze can feel different based on how you let it affect you—and interpreting them as negative can become a habit.

Min-young is impressed with his long-winded and wise explanation… which is, of course, being secretly provided by Byung-hoon.

Su-ah says she’s plagued with bad luck, but Moo-jin answers (on his own, this time) that she isn’t unlucky—if she were, she wouldn’t have met someone who spurred her to come out of her shell. He encourages her to tell herself she’s cute, have confidence in herself, smile brightly… and it’s starting to sound like Moo-jin is drawing upon someone specific for this example.

That’s when Su-ah gets a text message, and she frets, “But I’m not ready yet.” Moo-jin tells her that timing is more important than preparation, because it’s hard to get that moment back once you’ve lost the timing. Su-ah takes that in, and looks him in the eye. Moo-jin says, “I finally see.”

He means he’s seeing Su-ah’s eyes for the first time, but perhaps he really means he’s seeing his own situation clearly, because after work that night he’s waiting outside the restaurant for Hye-ri.

He takes her on a motorcycle ride, arriving at the top of a hill overlooking the city lights. Moo-jin offers her his helmet, fiddles with some dials, and has her look at the city through the visor. The view activates a show of lights, which he’s rigged himself.

Hye-ri oohs and awws, and asks if he’s going to look too. He says he only has one, “Because until now, one was enough.” Aw.

As Seung-pyo locks up that night, he’s visited by some smarmy-looking gangsters. They’re obviously on familiar terms, though it seems Seung-pyo’s been tucking himself away; the leader scoffs to find him running a restaurant instead of being part of whatever shadiness is in his past.

Seung-pyo warns them to take a hike, they don’t, and a fight breaks out. He’s the fastest and quickly knocks down the minions and whips out a switchblade—whoa, where’d that come from?—and holds it to the leader’s throat.

The leader loses his bravado and calls off his goons. Seung-pyo warns them to get lost for good, which makes me wonder if maybe he’s the boss of this bunch, too.

He sends them off and turns around… and sees Min-young standing there, eyes wide. Whoops. He realizes he’s still holding the open knife and starts fumbling for an explanation, only the excuse sounds flimsy and panicked and Min-young instinctively backs up away from him.

He actually looks quite lost and scared, and Min-young puts on her reassuring face to tell him he doesn’t have to explain if it’s awkward. She says, “I know you’re a good person,” though her voice shakes. Then she hurries away, spooked, while Seung-pyo gets drunk in his empty restaurant.

Su-ah’s text message the other night turns out to be a notice of the magic show’s last night at the park. Hence her dilemma about timing versus preparation. So she calls Min-young to explain that she’s on her way to confess her feelings, which panics Min-young, who says that it’s too early.

Su-ah knows that it is, but today may be her last chance. She’s not expecting him to return her feelings: “Looking at his eyes and expressing my feelings honestly—right now, to me that’s the most important thing. It’s thanks to you that I can summon my courage like this. Thank you.”

Min-young grabs her things and runs out, determined to get there in time, and Byung-hoon growls a curse to realize he’s gotta leave the agency while he’s still in his unlucky phase if he wants to follow her. But he wants to follow her, of course, so off he goes.

Arang narrates, “And that’s when I knew that thinking everything had been a mistake… had been my mistake.”

Su-ah arrives at the magic show and works up her courage to approach, calling out to the magician, whose face we finally get to see. She asks if he remembers her, but he looks at her rather blankly, even when she says she watched every one of his shows here. Oh no. Is this going to end badly? He’s looking at her in puzzlement, polite but not exactly encouraging.

She explains, “That was my happiest moment of the day, like I was a different me in a different world. And so, I was always thankful to you, and I wanted to tell you how I felt.”

He just keeps standing there with that stoic face, and Su-ah returns the watch he’d once dropped. He says nothing. So she wishes him well and starts to walk away, whereupon he calls her back.

He holds out the watch and says that it’s stopped, and she’s embarrassed at her bad luck striking again; she explains that she didn’t break it, not seeing that he’s smiling now. Oh phew—I was afraid for a second that he was going to be an ass. Instead, he tells her she ought to fix it and return it the next time they meet. Okay, so that may sound a leetle assy still, but it’s all in the delivery. It’s sweet.

Min-young scours the park without finding Su-ah and arrives at the pier that must be part of the premises—which also looks just like the pier in Byung-hoon’s drowning nightmare, by the way. She doesn’t realize that as she dabs the sweat from her neck, the necklace falls off and lands in a boat.

Byung-hoon arrives at the same pier a bit later and tells himself to stay away; it’s bad luck to go near water while he’s still in his unlucky phase. From his reaction, I’d say the drowning wasn’t a memory after all, but a premonition. Despite the foreboding Byung-hoon approaches anyway, all while muttering, “This feels unlucky…”

That’s how he sees the necklace in the half-submerged boat, and grumbles at Min-young losing his present so carelessly. He reaches for it, stretching himself toward the water—and falls in.

Now we replay the scene we’d seen previously, as Byung-hoon sinks underwater. He reaches for his Sherlock pendant, but it remains out of his reach.

Min-young returns to the pier in time to see the danger, and dives into the water. She reaches out a hand to him, signaling for him to grab it… Byung-hoon opens his eyes… and throws a V sign. HAHAHA.

His scissors beats her paper, which is the most hilariously inappropriate response to your rescuer as you’re halfway to drowning, but SO HIM.

It’s also a nice way to put a period on his unlucky phase, since he’s back to winning. She shoots him this exasperated look even in the water and drags him back up (with his hand clutching her dropped necklace).

On the pier, Min-young rouses first and starts slapping his face and yelling at him to wake up. He doesn’t move, and she starts to administer CPR. Still he remains unresponsive.

Finally he opens his eyes just as she’s breathing into his mouth, and they both freeze.


I really liked the case of this week, even if it was a pretty skimpy cameo on Gong Yoo’s end. But from a story standpoint, it was actually very effective to cast the big star, build him up in our minds just as our client did, and then to have the great big sinking sensation in the moment that we realize he’s just a guy. Who doesn’t know who Su-ah is, who never registered her presence before, who isn’t a jerk because of it but certainly not the heroic guy who merits the slo-mo reveal highlighted by angelic choruses and glorious backlighting. It’s a case where the show actually played with our meta expectations and used them to subvert the moment, which I really appreciate.

At the end of the day this was an episode about Su-ah, which was poignant and sweet—not for the way she found herself a cute potential boyfriend, but because this mission spurred her to loving herself and stepping out into the world. Whether she won the guy’s heart was, as she said, not the point of the story, and I think I would’ve been fine had she walked away from the confession a rejected but braver person. It’s just icing on the cake to have a hint of hope. And I like that the hope isn’t for their relationship to work out, but for Su-ah to simply even have a relationship.

What made the case even better was the way it utilized each member of the team and spurred them to their own little growths. Min-young has always been heart over brain, hope over cynicism, and sometimes you can see how that needs a little grounding. In this case, though, her brand of acceptance and encouragement were just the push Su-ah needed.

Truth be told, none of the actual events that the team planned were all that remarkable—a haircut, a makeover, a mock date—and so, the success was in the little bits of advice that came from the heart. Byung-hoon provided some of that on the sly, while Moo-jin had his little epiphany as well. And Arang’s narration had a clever twist too, by starting out seemingly all about Min-young’s errors and ending up with the understanding that his assumptions were the erroneous ones.

Now, if we could just get to the bottom of the Master mystery.


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  1. sanaa

    i just finished reading…. is that all for Gong-Yoo…WOW i was totally expected to see more of him :S LOOL!!!

    • 1.1 Anonymous

      I love how everyone was raving over Gong Yoo’s back in the previews, and then it turns out his back is all we get!

  2. j

    Thanks so much for the recap~

  3. mj

    Thanks for the recap! ♥ love this episode

  4. jenny

    I just finished watching this episode and it was the first one I had actually watched instead of just reading the recaps – honestly I found that your recaps elevated the show for me – thank you so much for the awesome recaps =)

    i also finally understand the appeal and flaws of this series. Somehow from just reading your recaps, I had the impression that this show had more depth than it really had when I actively watched it. However, I was able to appreciate the breezy directing and the absolutely spot on music.

    I have to say again that the music in this show (for this episode, since I haven’t seen any others) is fantastic. It is a little bit Indie, but so atmospheric and quaint – I absolutely love it!

    i am really enjoying this show as a light, breezy, romantic comedy – especially as I usually watch much more mellow, serious shows.
    when he did the V in the water I cracked up pretty hard hehe

    once again thanks for the recaps and looking forward to the next episode!

    • 4.1 ilikemangos

      Big baby driver always manages to add an indie feel to any show.

      • 4.1.1 jenny

        is that for the song that was playing as they were in the cafe? or when Moo-jin takes her for a ride?

        • ilikemangos

          In that scene with min young our heroine with their client and her explaining how she was made fun & about her past. There’s some soft singing by a girl.
          I also loved the song with moo jin when he was on the bike. You should also watch this show from the beginning, alot of times watching adds more depth than just reading recaps. 🙂 enjoy!

        • ilikemangos

          In that scene with min young our heroine with their client and her explaining how she was made fun & about her past. There’s some soft singing by a girl.
          I also loved the song with moo jin when he was on the bike. You should also watch this show from the beginning, alot of times watching adds more depth than just reading recaps. 🙂 enjoy!

  5. KDaddict

    Is this it, for Gong Yoo’s cameo? Will we see more of him in the next ep, when she returns his watch–the next time they meet? Pls say yes.

    • 5.1 jenny

      I highly doubt it, unfortunately.

      I think their story had a pretty conclusive resolution in this episode – by that I mean we are only offered a tiny window into Su-ah’s life and we already watched her growth and her new beginning. The focus was not on their relationship as such, but on Su-ah’s journey;

      But I know what you mean, we barely got a few minutes of his face ><

      • 5.1.1 KDaddict

        TQ for the answer, cos I haven’t been watching this show. Just thought that if there’d be more of Gong Yoo, I’ll catch the next ep. :'(

        • jenny

          yeah i miss GY…! i want to see him in a drama damnit!!

        • jenny

          also no worries hehe =)

  6. yooook

    Great episode, love the characters and each of their chemistry. Thank you for the recap, means alot ♥

  7. CutiieAngiie

    I think that what I loved the most on this part is the developpement between Byung Hoon and Min Young. I have said it since the start of the drama but gosh’, can chemistry be more amazing ? I’m shipping them so hard and so, these little moments when they were together are pure GOLD. I giggled when they locked eyes and that their heartbeats increased. It was so cliché and yet, it is still so cute to see them like this, not being the romance pros but some puppies in love ;D

    Even if just a CPR kiss, it is a kiss so I’m happy to be alive LMAO. Seriously, I really loved Sooyoung’s acting in this scene. She made me cry whereas this kind of scene where female character weeping over the possible death of her lover makes me roll on eyes usually and that’s because I know he isn’t going to die so I find the scene rather unnecessary but in this one, aside from the fact that she slapped him so hard (which is funny and SO Min Young), I cried by the way she looked so desperate and fragile.

    Moo Jin can be so sweet with these words. I loved the “Until now, I only needed one”. Simple yet powerful <3

    I got it all wrong with Ah Rang. I thought he was giving hints abou the case's result but no. I find it great that we hear Ah Rang's thoughts and not just to give his character a little bit screentime but it gives us a different side/some kind of witness identifying with the viewer.

    Can I just say that the Master looked creepy yet cool ? Chun Hee is doing a great job at portraying him and at first I feared that his variety person will fail him but he really does look cold, manipulator and creepy but when he puts the kind smile, you actually believe it.
    What I liked was the way he held the knife. It can seem random to talk about it but it tell us that he is, indeed, an expert with knives and he already USED it. I don't know if he used it like killing/hurting someone but there is a high possibility.
    As for Min Young witnessing it, I think she is going to get more suspicions when time comes. She enjoys his presence.

    • 7.1 LizC

      The almost kiss was sweet, but in general the CPR-into-kiss trope drives me crazy. If you are giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so gently that someone could mistake it for a kiss, then you are doing it wrong.

      • 7.1.1 CutiieAngiie

        I think in all korean dramas, we consider it a kiss because their lips are touching ? Like some kind of peck ?
        Oh gosh’, I’m so bad that I didn’t even touch how to use correctly CPR. There was loud breathing noise so I guess she was really into the CPR but when she woke up, she realized that was an indirect kiss ? XD
        I waited for some kind of skinships like touching/kiss since episode 1, I might be satistifed with just that much 😀

      • 7.1.2 jenny

        HAHAHA omg so true!
        both people’s cheeks should be fully blown out and it doesn’t look romantic at all hahaha

        but as an aside – i find most asian drama kissing extremely lacking. I mean on one hand I love asian dramas – particularly korean dramas because they are chaste and show the developement of love as driven my emotions more than the physical; as opposed to Western media, where they kiss on the first date and then its off to bed on the next date.
        However – I do think that ‘kissing’ which is just two people touching lips – is just so frustrating (for lack of a better word) because it is so stilted and rigid!

        but I am only complaining because I like the characters and would like to see more chemistry and more skinship;

        also i am only talking about some of the mainstream dramas – there are Kdramas with awesome kissing (almost all Ha Ji Won’s dramas, cable dramas, k films)

  8. Belle3005

    Sigh, not sure that I’m digging the OTP ship, there’s a whole 15-year-gap after all. I get where this is going narratively and understand why it has to be that way, but emotionally I’m just not buying it.
    This is so weird but I’m really digging Arang and Moo-jin as the show progresses. They’re so cute to look at! HEH I love how awkward Moo-jin has his moment of epiphany as well. THAT HELMET FIREWORKS THINGY WAS SO SWEET AND ADORABLE.
    I spent the second half of this episode spazzing over the hotness and awesomeness of Gong Yoo (HEHEHEH) and I was sad that it was so short but narrative-wise I thought that this episode was pretty short and sweet.

    • 8.1 Belle3005

      OH and I really wished that they hadn’t censored the knifes lol it was so blatantly obvious it cracked me up lol.
      That really took the wind out of my sails. It’s just so, anticlimactic imo.

      • 8.1.1 nomad

        HA! In the beginning I thought there was something on my eyes that made the knife looked blurry..hahahaha!

        • Belle3005

          HAHAHAH you’re cracking me up with that statement of yours. You are not alone in this. Apparently there’s like some kind of rule saying that knives aren’t allowed to be broadcast (which kind of defeats the purpose of it, when it’s obviously meant to be intimidating) on tv – I think viewers of Heartless City/Cruel City will be able to relate to this problem, I’ve not watched it but I’ve heard of this same old problem in that drama too.
          Anyway, I’m just plain thankful that my eyesight is still perfectly intact lol.

          • ilikemangos

            Lmao — it is true, Cruel city out of all shows blurs out their knives.. and i’m curious as to why that is. A written rule?
            Guns aren’t blurred out.. Knives?
            Esp for a show like cruel city where tons of weapons are used, it loses a bit of gravitas whenever they blur out the knives. hee

    • 8.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I’m not shipping BH/MY either.

      I watched the whoops-I-fell-on-you couch scene, and I could not read the emotions on their faces. It didn’t look like desire to me. More like … boredom? guilt? discomfort? True enough he didn’t move off her like he touched hot lava, but he is a grown up who hardly needs to be all “Eek it’s a girl”.

      • 8.2.1 verte

        I can’t ship them because I’m only reading the recaps and all I can see is Joon Soo and Tak Soo’s dad D:
        I hope that changes when I start watching this ><

  9. Ace

    Wah! Got giddy in this episode! I squealed at the tension between the leads (never minded their age difference from the start). Plus points for Moo-jin for coming ut of his robot shell. LOL’d at Byung-hoon who couldn’t help himself get into Min-young’s project and was helping her surreptitiously.

    Plus I want a spin-off of Jung Yumi (best cameo acting ever) and Gong Yoo’s (fangirled when he made that turn around, but then wth’d at that short cameo) romance. Oh, well it was short and sweet and I’m pretty satisfied overall so I’ll just imagine a happy ever after for their characters.

    • 9.1 Ace

      Forgot to mention that I love Soo-young’s shorts and skirts in this drama (made me remember my obsession over Song Hye-kyo’s earrings in FH, the nail polish and eyeliner of that traitorous bestfriend in 49 Days, the dresses of the vet in City Hunter, and the bangs of that rich girl in Mixed-up Investigative Agency). I also like her loose shirts/blouses but I’m afraid I couldn’t pull off wearing those even if we may have the same body size, but unfortunately I don’t have her height. It looks good on her however those will look look like it’s swallowing me up because of my petite-ness. 😉

      • 9.1.1 sara

        I love loose blouses too. I think you could pull it off if you balance it out, like a loose blouse and short shorts/skirt or skinny jeans. Loose on top, fitted on the bottom. And make sure the looseness fits your proportions (as in, don’t wear a sack lol).

        I’m not petite, but one of my favorite blogs is extrapetite.com, she offers great style advice for petites. 🙂

    • 9.2 ilikemangos

      Agree never minded their age difference from the start so it’s not like i was blatantly looking for a reason NOT to feel the chemistry but i thought it was more of a slow build up which may lead to mutual attraction.
      I think there’s always different kinds of chemistry.
      Chemistry that is passionate and obvious from the start, friendship chemistry, and the kind of chemistry that you build through interactions. Byung hoon and min young would fit that last category.

  10. 10 LeiDiAngelo

    I’m loving the MooJin-cute girl relationship. Anyone knows the title of the song playing when ther were riding his motorcycle ?

    • 10.1 diaana

      I love that song. I looked and found it was by Ra.D. Called like “Flutter” or some versions of that title.

    • 10.2 yontefian

      It’s 라디(Ra.D) – 어떤 설레임 🙂 I fell in love with this song since they played it in eps 5 and 6 for the Ho-yeol/Ray – Se-kyung – Arang story. 🙂

  11. 11 JD

    This episode was so heartwarming and poignant.
    I think what makes this drama stand out is the way the characters are written. It’s brilliant. We’ve got characters who are so dysfunctional in their own little way. Through time, they’re able to grow, and we as the audience are visualised with the complexities of each character.

    I love how each individual story is both a learning curve for the client/target, but also the agency team. It’s perfectly encapsulated because this drama is essentially about the agency, not the client. The Cyrano agency is the main characters, and the emphasis on their character building through each segment, justifies that position.

  12. 12 Jenny

    Now make me a drama with Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi because they really are cute and have chemistry.
    I think it was nice to have a episode like this, instead of focusing on matchmaking they focused on giving Su-Ah confidence and the realization that she needs to love herself as well.

  13. 13 coby

    Thanks for the recap! Mastar glares freaks me out.

  14. 14 Ashley

    When Gong Yoo’s character told her to fix the watch and give it back when they see each other, I just assumed it was his way of saying he wanted to see her again. And after he said it, the way he was smiling and looking at her…. I turned into a pile of goo!!!!

    • 14.1 jademwong

      I interpreted it the same way! Also, quick question about the text message she got telling her the magic show was having its last performance. Idk why but I assumed that the text was from.Gong Yoo.telling her, but I realize that wouldn’t make.much sense now, so who sent her the text?

      • 14.1.1 panshel

        I think we were supposed to interpret it that way, meaning Gong Yoo was interested in getting to know her better, so her confession was a success. I figured she received a mass text sent to all amusement park employees alerting them of upcoming events.

        • Ashley

          That is how I interpreted the text too, all amusement park employees got one. And I am glad I am not the only one who interpreted his request as cute, because I did not find it assy a all!

  15. 15 BibiRouge

    Thank you for the recap ! It was a great episode.
    Anyone else noticed the winks at the manga Perfect Girl Evolution ? I think Moo Jin even calls Su Ha Sunako at some point !

    • 15.1 Anonymous

      I totally missed that! Wow, there are so many references in this drama, it’s actually turning into a lot of fun trying to find them.

    • 15.2 nomad

      I was wondering what Sunako was about when I read it on the sub. For a moment I thought Sunako was the name of the girl in “The Ring” until I read your comment.

  16. 16 Ivy

    I’m finally falling for this show – I really want to watch it 🙂

  17. 17 RockPaperScissors

    At first glance this is a perfect, breezy, summer fun drama. But I like how this show keeps track of the details, as in what should have been a drowning scene and the characters revert to their usual game of 가위, 바위, 보. It’s all in the details … and keeps me wanting more.

    • 17.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Is this Korean for Rock Paper Scissors? 가위, 바위, 보

      • 17.1.1 RockPaperScissors

        Yes, and I used the hangul so as to not be confused with my “screen” name, Ha!

  18. 18 Sajen

    This was by far my favorite episode so far.

    Also I didn’t expect Min Young to see the shady side of The Master this early if at all.

  19. 19 Katie

    UGH. This was actually an adorable episode, and it’s OVER? I NEED more Gong Yoo…I really liked Jung Yumi (I worked Queen of the Workplace) and I want to see them in a romantic comedy drama (I don’t think I can handle their movie together).

  20. 20 nomad

    Loveee this episode. The V when Min Young was trying to save BH totally cracked me up. These small things what made me love this show the most. It never takes itself to seriously, allows us to laugh with it, not at it. Absolutely adorable and enjoyable.

    • 20.1 ilikemangos

      exactly my thoughts and why i appreciate cyrano.

  21. 21 KDrama Fan

    Thanks JB for the recap.

    Loved this ep. Hurrah for good writers and actors and directors etc:)

  22. 22 hahahahah

    ” He’s the fastest and quickly knocks down the minions and whips out a switchblade—whoa”

    —-CHUNEEEE didnt know that sometimes you are not that clumsy..hahahaa..LOves the ORIGINAL FAmily Outing(Ye Jin, Chundilera, Spartakook)

  23. 23 owl

    CDA – Min joo all the way! “One was enough up until now~” totally adorable when he gave his girlfriend the special effects helmet! I’m pissed that Byung hoon fed the guys their lines though, which seemed disingenuous on everyone part because of the bet he made with Min young. BH really does look like an unlucky guy to me.

    A fun ep except for the extra ‘skimpy cameo of Gong Yoo’ ~

  24. 24 Anonymous

    Two Questions:

    1. Is that blade the swiss knife (?) that Min-young gave him?
    2. Why are they censoring the blade?

    • 24.1 PollyRose

      1. I think it might be, which has to be add just a little more shock to Min-young witnessing it.
      2. I was wondering the same thing! Because, in my very limited experience watching anything vaguely sageuk, they don’t censor swords to throats, right? So why a knife? And on cable? Maybe it’s because it’s part of the Oh Boy series and the market is considered teens?

      • 24.1.1 ilikemangos

        Cruel city is also on cable with a market im sure for older people. Yet they also censor the knives. why? That’s a good question im still trying to figure out lol

  25. 25 Mystisith

    Loved this episode. Not a boring moment. We get to know our team members better (our narrator proving that all we see on our screen happened in the past). The case was cute and less shallow that you could think: Yes, apparence matters. Yes, you must be proactive and yes, timing is important. The comedy elements were awesome: Robot boy as a practice target to fight man phobia… Uber adorable. ^^

  26. 26 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I just marathoned the 9 episodes. I may have to go back and read all the recaps, because I find myself not in sync with others reactions to this series.

    1. I don’t find Master shady at all. Sure, he is the brother of the dead friend who was engaged to first love. He has a right to be a bit grumbly, especially if he thinks Byung Hoon had a part in his brother’s death. OK, so he has past connections to gangsters. Isn’t this the year for reformed gangsters ala WAML? I’m willing to give second chances.

    However, I see Master becoming involved in the lives of the Cyrano agency and foresee a happy conclusion … let’s all be friends in the end.

    2. I find Min-Young to be utterly annoying Miss I-Know-Best Buttinski. She starts babbling and I want to stuff a sock in her mouth.

    3. I am going to have to just accept that Byung Hoon finds something attractive about stupid, misbehaving, immature brat. Can someone give me a clue what is attractive to him about her?

    I like all the boys. It is just the heroine who irks me. But boy does she irk me. Chalkboard fingernails irks me. Not sure all the manly goodness is enough to get me thru this show with MY.

    • 26.1 javabeans

      I like Min-young, so the drama works for me. If you can’t stand her, the drama probably isn’t going to work for you.

      FYI, Master isn’t the brother to the dead friend — at least, we don’t know that yet. It’s just a theory based on his uber-shady shadiness. (So shady!)

    • 26.2 ilikemangos

      lol def. agree with JB.
      Min young from here on out isn’t going to get any less annoying than she is (I actually like her because she gives a nice balance to all our cynical, robot-like men and pushes people out of their bubble and gives hope to the jaded.)
      Chalkboard fingernails heroine just isn’t going to cut it to follow a show to the end lol.

    • 26.3 nomad

      This is def. a case of not everyone’s cup of tea, cause I ADORE Min Young… so yeah, JB said it.

      • 26.3.1 snow_white

        I simply LOVE Min-young 🙂

    • 26.4 princessoggy

      i like MY <3 she makes me watch this drama

  27. 27 chan yuki

    very cute! thanks for the recap.

  28. 28 chan yuki

    very cute! thanks for the recap. i admire thr girls courage, this is what love can do to a person.

  29. 29 Mish

    This episode hit me in all the right feels with the client’s story.

    In my head I still can’t fully get on board with the OTP romantically, but why did I claw at my computer screen every time something swoon-worthy happened between them? WHY?

    Thanks for the recap. I luff you.

  30. 30 pogo


    **runs off to catch up**

    • 30.1 owl


  31. 31 jkay

    Other than its fluffiness and little details, another thing I love about Cyrano is how well they weave the missions with the main characters’ developments. So I like this episode a lot.

    Drowning Byunghoon throwing V-sign / scissor is all kind of awesome lol. I wonder if Master’s knife was the gift Minyoung gave him, too. I couldn’t tell because of the blur…

  32. 32 Noelle

    This was one of my favorite episodes.

  33. 33 afk

    Can someone tell me what album/EP the Kim Ye-rim song is from? Thanks in advance! It’s a really lovely song.

  34. 34 jademwong

    THAT’S IT?! I waited all week for Gong Yoo’s cameo and THAT’S IT?! Oy >_>…that being said, Jung Yumi did a fantastic job. Seriously. I haven’t watched anything she’s in (>_>) and her cameo in this ep absolutely blew me away. The fact that she had her face half covered for half the episode and still delivered such on-spot and amazing facial expressions!

    Moo-Jin + Hye-Ri are looking to be my favorite couple <3 I'm also still pleasantly surprised at how well Sooyoung is doing also. Normally, this kind of heroine would irk me to no end, but whatever Sooyoung is doing with this role, it's working. And I'm not a SNSD fan, at all, so it can't be that lol.

    Thanks Javabeans for the recaps!! <3

  35. 35 TS

    I’ll call Seung-pyo Master: he’s awesome!

  36. 36 NYCNorma

    Also shipping Chunderella aka Master. So shady. So conveniently handy with small knives while also carrying inner wound/baggage from a dark past. As per his second lead status it is gonna hurt to watch him not get the girl. Sigh.

  37. 37 Nanny

    I think this episode also showed Min Young’s acceptance of the methods that the Agency uses, it’s just the intent behind them she seems to have an issue with. In the previous episodes it mainly felt like she wasn’t arguing with Byung Hoon over the plans but because he wasn’t as invested in the client’s happiness and this episode brought that to the forefront.
    Also wondering if perhaps when she told Master that everyone has secrets she was talking about her own secrets.

  38. 38 spoonie

    Anyone know the song that plays when Moo-jin and Hye-ri ride the motorcycle? I’m in love with it!!

    • 38.1 panshel

      It’s called Something Flutters by Ra.D from the Dating Agency: Cyrano OST. I love it, too!

      • 38.1.1 spoonie

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  39. 39 the68monkey

    I want more Gong Yoo! But okay, other than that, this was a fun episode that had me literally laughing out loud at points (especially when the client faints from a direct gaze with Moo Jin! 😀 ) I really love how cute this drama is, so I’m willing to forgive how sloppy that falling in water scene at the end was carried out. VERY lazy writing. I can think of several ways to get the two leads near water that would have worked far better, but oh, well. Since it’s a cute romcom, I’ll overlook it after this little rant of mine.

  40. 40 panshel

    The drowning, hand reaching out to save him, and obscuring Gong Yoo’s face from view totally gave me Big flashbacks. *shudders* Did Byung Hoon even try to call Min Young on her phone before randomly venturing out to find her?

    I squeed as soon as Gong Yoo appeared. What a gentleman to clear a spot for her and catch her when she almost fell. The agency’s perfect record of success still unbroken. But Moo Jin’s rigged fireworks helmet really made me squee. One minor quibble I have with Hye Ri, though, is she acts too cute. I’m sure she’s genuinely cute, but her cuteness goes overboard for me at times.

    When Su Ah had her pseudo date in the restaurant and felt self-conscious at the other patrons staring at her, I thought, “Don’t worry, they’re not staring at you. They’re staring at Moo Jin.” And the switchblade Master used for self-defense was Min Young’s present to him from episode 2. Seung Pyo must carry it with him at all times.

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

    • 40.1 Lilian

      I was just thinking the same thought! They were staring at Moo Jin! Haha… I loved this episode although I did expect Gong Yoo to appear more =) Loved the narration by Arang and how Byung Joon was still secretly helping out.

  41. 41 Angela

    The first paragraph in the comments on how you mentioned about Gong Yoo’s guest appearance as something very hyped and built up in our imaginations and then it turns out he’s just a regular guy is so eloquently written and thought out. I could have not described it better. However, it may be biased of me but I really do like Gong Yoo as a actor so whenever he does appear on screen, as ordinary as he is portrayed to be not living up to the prince and shining armor role, he does exude a certain kind of warmness to him. It’s like he has a very warm and cozy aura around him even just as a regular “plain” guy. It’s very inviting and comforting that makes one feel at ease.

    I will say it is disappointing to see him cameo with just a few lines. Although I was somewhat prepared for his short appearance after reading that he was not going to be in a long episode unlike the others we’ve seen before.

  42. 42 Abbie

    Wow. Cute and funny as always. I kinda wish Gong Yoo had had a bigger role, but I still liked his cameo.

    Finally, Min-young finds out Master is hiding something big! Great episode!

    Thanks for the recap, JB!

  43. 43 Moon

    I`ll probably be biased when I say this, but Sooyoung really stood out as a character here..The role of min young somehow reflected much on Sooyoung`s real character (except for the swimming part bcoz in real life, Sooyoung can`t really swim). I usually cringed seeing other soshi members acting lovey dovey around guys, but with sooyoung, I don`t quite feel that way.. She`s awesome in every way possible and though I`m not a fan of Jong hyuk before, he is really suited for the role.. Totally ship Min Young with Byung Hoon although sometimes they seemed to be a bit forced..But the chemistry were undeniable.. I usually can`t bring myself watching full episodes of any soshi members before even when my biases in soshi acted on drama, but this drama with Sooyoung, totally digged it from the beginning even if I`m late.. Anyway, love the ost at the end…Sica`s voice, so smooth! Can`t wait for the ost to come out!
    Thanks for the recaps^^

  44. 44 Perrie

    One of my favorite eps! Defnitely sad Gong Yoo only had like two lines, but it was a really great ep so can’t stay mad. Love this song btw!

  45. 45 ilikemangos

    This episode was just really sweet and by far my favorite one because it was in the little moments instead of relying on their bigger operations.. Very lowkey, but progressive in terms of character growth. Loved how this was sort of a case for min young — it fit her perfectly — even though byung hoon provided alot of insight through the earpiece lol.
    Dating agency is such a sweet, breezy, rom-com that I love to eat as dessert after watching the other darker shows.

    • 45.1 ilikemangos

      And i really love Cyrano’s OST. it is so sweet!

  46. 46 ck1Oz

    Thank you, I am late but this was my favourite episode so far.

    I really laughed every time people recoiled when Sun Ah raised her face with all that hair.

  47. 47 cinthy

    loved it!!!!

  48. 48 lorim

    On dramafevers website Dannistone wrote: Hey guys, Sooyoung (MinYoung) made a cameo appearance in Gentleman’s Dignity which was awesome because Lee Jong Hyuk (Byung Hoon) was a main character: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFagQ4Y-fWA Skip to 00:50 in…

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