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Choi Jin-hyuk joins the bad guys in God’s Play
by | July 25, 2013 | 52 Comments

Choi Jin-hyuk is adding a new movie to his increasingly busy slate—he sure is working a lot these days, what with the sudden explosion of popularity (totally deserved, naturally) he’s experienced this year (thanks, Gu Family Book) and the massive demand now placed on his time and face and body. Mm, body.

The movie is called God’s Play, which features stars Jung Woo-sung and Lee Beom-soo. It’s a story about the strategy-based board game baduk, though it’s really more about revenge. Which is a good thing, because while I like both leads, ain’t no way I’m sitting around watching them play chess for two hours. The hero (Jung Woo-sung) hits rock bottom, and then embarks on a revenge mission and faces off against antagonist Lee Beom-soo.

Choi Jin-hyuk joins the team as Lee Beom-soo’s ally, which makes him a bad guy. And we saw how well he plays bad guys. (Really well, if by well I mean omg he was so hot. But I’m not just being shallow; he acted the shiznit out of the Bad Daddy Gumiho role, tugging at our heartstrings and then breaking them. Er, cutting them. Er, destroying them and making us like it.)

I’m glad to see Choi Jin-hyuk getting more work and breaking out into the big leagues; he’s been steadily working since his 2006 debut but hasn’t really had a lot of name recognition till the last year or two. (Though he also did have a name change—remember when he was Kim Tae-ho and just another pretty boy in Pasta (go Team Italy)? No? Probably why he made that name change.) Now that his star is rising, he’s probably on a race with the clock to get as many projects under his belt before the dreaded army summons. He’s a 1985-er, so time is ticking—start making your “I’ll wait for Oppa” signs now.

God’s Play comes from director Jo Beom-gu, who directed the action-packed bombs-and-speed-driven blockbuster Quick and will begin filming at the end of August. After that, we get to see him in Heirs come October. After that… let’s not think about after that.

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52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Orion

    As much as I like the revenge theme, I really would not complain about a 2-hour baduk face-off. Two incredibly charismatic, handsome gentlemen having a stare-off, throwing insults, trying to one-up each other? With two such actors as Jeong and Lee, you can bet that would be the most exciting baduk game. 😛

    But yes, revenge sounds good and I am curious about how big a role baduk will actually have in this. Will we get tournaments and baduk-offs or will it simply be more of a backstory device to get the revengin’ going?

    Looking forward to it and to seeing this Mr. Choi who has been melting hearts all around.

  2. pogo

    I’m so happy his turn as DaddyHo got him the notice he deserves.

    Now I have my fingers crossed that Lee Yubi sees a similar career boom too, she was too fantastic as Chung-jo to be stuck playing second leads to inferior actresses.

    • 2.1 TS

      I agree!

  3. pogo

    Re: the pic, I like that his tshirt very helpfully tells us what to put on that part of him.

    I’m quite sure more than one DB-er would be happy to oblige, too.

    • 3.1 snow

      muahaha, i hadn’t even realised until you pointed it out.

      so if Lee Beom-soo gets an ally, maybe Jung Woo-sung can get one too? another hottie too, maybe? XD

      • 3.1.1 Orion

        I wonder if that’s Kim In Kwon’s role. There’s at least balance in everyone’s heights that way. Ahaha. Joking joking. But I do wonder what role Kim In Kwon is playing. He’d make a good villain, but he’s adorable when likable too.

  4. JoAnne

    All of a sudden interested. I’m shallow, I don’t even CARE he’s beautiful. He’s BEAUTIFUL. I am appreciating the genetic miracle created by his parental DNA. This is science appreciation.

    See? Not shallow. Now, if I could just find a tissue to dab away this tiny, graceful bit of drool from the corner of my mouth…

    • 4.1 trixicopper

      I’m all about the science! 🙂

    • 4.2 Orion

      For science! *moved to tears*

    • 4.3 katmoo

      JoAnne… I love you… I have never appreciated science as I am right now…. *runs off to take a look at that linked picture again*

    • 4.4 OMG

      science for the win!!!!

    • 4.5 Renee

      I have to say that this is one of the best comments I’ve read so far! Let’s appreciate the science! It’s all about to science. And on that note goes back to studying…

    • 4.6 frela

      i’ve never appreciated science more in my life than i do right now 😛

    • 4.7 DDee


    • 4.8 nomad

      Rofl by reading all these comments. I love DBers!

  5. Cass

    After he joins Jung Woo-sung agency, he started to get more work. Good for him.

    He deserve a lead role. Come on K-dramaland.

  6. True2U

    Jung Woo-sung and Lee Beom-soo AND Choi Jin-hyuk? Someone sing me happy birthday, because it feels like my b-day came a few months early!!!!

  7. houstontwin

    Did anyone ever see the American movie “My Dinner with Andre”(director Louis Malle, circa 1980’s)? Almost the entire movie was 2 middle-aged discussing the meaning of life over dinner. Believe it or not, it was very engaging and touching too.

    • 7.1 houstontwin

      I am just saying that even 2 hours of chess could make a great movie.

      • 7.1.1 Orion

        Agreed. There are movies where one man/woman is shown for their entirety and they are still captivating. Of course, that is a challenge to get done right and demands some acting chops from those people too, so it’s not a lie it’s riskier.

        Wonderful when it works, but more reassuring to hear that an upcoming movie will have things that seem easier to get right. And revenge is a theme Korea knows well.

        Still, I’d be on board for a 2-hour baduk-off myself.

      • 7.1.2 Windsun33

        If the movie has good writing and directing, it can work, have seen a few better ones where the locations were very limited and the special effects were nil.

        I have major issues with so many of the current crop of mainstream movies lately – CGI and impossible stunts have taken the place of dialogue and acting in far too many. For example, Nine Tailed Fox could have been a very good series, but far too much time was taken up with phony 30-foot bad kung-fu movie leaps into the air and the like.

        One measure I use of how good a movie or show was is how well I remember it a few months later. I can still recall most of movies like The Searchers or Gladiator, but the only thing I recall about Panda & Hedgehog is that it had something to do with a pastry shop.

        • Orion

          That is actually a good way to know how much a movie impressed you. The really bad ones (or those with unreached potential) and really good ones stay with you. The ones that don’t were neither bad nor good enough to have your hate or love.

          And I do agree the visuals and CGI often take up more space than the actual storytelling, which is sad, because a story is why we watch fictional works. Even if we don’t admit it, it’s the only thing that keeps us seated, because without it, everything else has nowhere to stand.

          As for ‘God’s One Move’, the director is worrying me, since ‘Quick’ was pretty horrible and failed at what it set out to do, in my opinion, but I’m willing to give him a second chance. I’m looking for his older movies now too. They got a pretty good cast together here so far (although where are the women?), so I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

  8. Arhazivory

    Ah…1985’er. Hello there Chingu ~

    I’m glad that he’s doing so well. I also came to know him from Gu and aside from his obvious hotness he’s also very talented.

    • 8.1 Schmazel

      …and I get to call him Oppa? Whoop whoop! 😀

  9. niKai

    All this news about baduk reminds me of the popular manga/anime “Hikaru no Go”. That series was addicting. I suppose I wouldnt mind a two-hour baduk game if it was as intense as that anime. Granted it wasnt all baduk for two hours. Maybe some flashbacks here and there in between baduk scenes. Now I feel like watching the anime again. Dunno where I kept all the CDs though. Hopefully I didnt leave it to my junior at the States.

    • 9.1 shelly

      SAI! though it broke my heart when he went away. that’s an awesome anime (didn’t read the manga), and while i didn’t know anything about go before watching it, by the end i was an addict 😀

      (sadly, i’m practically no good at the game, no head for strategy and no patience…)

  10. 10 MeeisLee

    “Really well, if by well I mean omg he was so hot. But I’m not just being shallow; he acted the shiznit out of the Bad Daddy Gumiho role, tugging at our heartstrings and then breaking them. Er, cutting them. Er, destroying them and making us like it.”

    I couldn’t have said it any better. I think you read minds over the interwebz, JB or should I say Park Su Java?

    • 10.1 Mystisith

      Mind reading JB? Geez. Didn’t think about that! *Turns off the webcam.*

  11. 11 Kiara

    Just one picture? JB you are very stingy when it comes to this man.

  12. 12 Steph

    Omg 2006??? Instead of a name change he should have gone to army. And get it over and done with

  13. 13 Katie

    Oh I thought he was older/had already gone to the army. RATS. He’s going to have to go to the army soon. I really hope he gets more recognition and more projects. Can he be lead in something just before he has to go? I liked him in I Need Romance (2011) and Gu Family Book! I didn’t even REALIZE he was in Pasta! I need to rewatch it just to see him in it and have “ohhhhhh” moment of recognition lol.

  14. 14 Wynter

    I’ve been a fan of Choi Jin-Hyuk since I saw him in Pasta back in 2010 and I’ve watched all the dramas he has done since. It is good to see him steadily improve drama by drama, I just really want him to get a lead actor role. He is doing a fantastic job in his supporting roles, but I think he has what it takes to be the lead actor. Although, you could say he had a leading role it “It’s Alright, Daddy’s Girl” that drama seemed to lack something and isn’t a true representation of his skills.

    As JB said he acted PHENOMENALLY in “Gu Family Book” and I have to admit that I was more interested in watching his story unfold, than Kang Chi’s, and that’s saying a lot considering that I am a Seung Gi fan too. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that with all these supporting roles pending, he will have enough push to enter leading role territory completely.

    P.S: Those arms in that shirt. *me dies*

  15. 15 frela

    haha i love that “mmm body!”

    i’d never seen choi jin hyuk before gu family book, but I loved him in it!

    omg and that shirtless pic *fans self* hooo boy!

    • 15.1 zhill

      I think that topless picture is from that super hot bed scenes from I Need Romance 1. That was 2 years ago and he’s already that gorgeous … how much more hotness he can get after his MS.

  16. 16 ck1Oz

    He’s not gone to army yet? What?
    Oh man…

  17. 17 Bananacrunch

    Like most of you, I am so thrilled that Oppa finally gets the attention he deserves! I fell in love with him in I Need Romance (yes, that photo is what brings me to my happy place), and I enjoyed seeing him get more attention in Gu Family Book! 😛

  18. 18 Cynthia

    Love the enthusiasm for this post, JB. Somebody is feeling better?
    Cause really, this post could have been summed up with a succinct 3 words:

    THE END.

    So, happy to say that this post sounds like you’re back to your fiesty self.

  19. 19 Denali

    He’s a 1985-er? Oo Darn he is so young. TT
    *preparing her very own “I’ll wait for you dong-saeng” army sign*

  20. 20 Abbie

    I’m really happy he’s getting so many projects. I really loved his acting in Gu Family Book. He was the real star of the show, in my opinion. Loved him. I wish him well, because I really want him to do well.

    About the military service that all (or most) men in Korea have to do, when do they absolutely have to join? I don’t get it. If he was born in 1985, then he’s 28? Right? Does he have to join by the time he’s thirty, before he HAS to leave, like Kim Nam-gil? I hope someone can explain this to me.

  21. 21 loveydovey

    you’re killing me with that picture! why is he so gosh darn SEXY?

  22. 22 rainerust

    You know what would be cool? If they made all the revenge moves fall in with baduk strategies – that would be really awesome. Of course I’m going to watch this for Choi Jin Hyuk but I would like for the drama to make sense of making use of baduk as a drama mechanism rather than just an overarching theme.

    …then again maybe I’m just a geek.

  23. 23 Waiting

    There is that saying….less is more. But, more Choi can’t ever be a bad thing. Glad he is getting more work as it it well deserved.

  24. 24 Makoto

    Best thing in Gu Family Book is him.

    • 24.1 Soju

      Not for me.

    • 24.2 sara

      lol are you sure? I agree he was good in the first two episodes though i was not invested in him nor SH at all, but the later episodes when he came as demon he was pretty much a shallow addition. I can’t even remember a line from him except his last thing he said to KC…

      Sorry guys to talk about GFB here..

      • 24.2.1 sara

        my above reply is to Makoto 🙂

  25. 25 shelly

    not the evil sidekick!! evil sidekicks always die in the end 🙁

    but i guess CJH can act the pants off this chara, too 😀 – no pun intended. unless my subconscious mind is trying to tell me something…

    • 25.1 Orion

      Sometimes, evil sidekicks are the ones to betray the one holding their leash. For all we know, he might survive and take turns in piñata-ing the villain. Although I’m Lee Beom Soo’s fan, so I do prefer it when he’s the one doing the torturing.

      I do hope they please you with his survival though. And perhaps the offing of pants. 😛

  26. 26 Dulcedeleche

    Dudeee that guy was in I Need Romance!

  27. 27 Sorak

    I must say he looks older than his age. I thought he is in his thirties.

  28. 28 Betsy Hp

    *jaw hits floor* Wait… He was in Pasta?!? I just finished watching it and did not make the connection. I liked his should-have-been-the-sous-chef character (go team-Italy!) and thought he looked familiar but the dots remained unconnected.

    I’m glad he’s finally hit the mainstream, then. I liked him in I Need Romance, too. Much as with Gu Family Book, he became one of the few things I liked about that drama when it was all said and done.

  29. 29 Gumei

    This actor didn’t leave much of an impression on me in his previous roles, including Gu Family. Maybe he will in Heirs but then again, I will be too distracted by LMH to even notice him.

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