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Lee Yoon-ji’s new weekend drama King’s Family
by | August 24, 2013 | 67 Comments

With You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin winding down this weekend, it’s time to turn to the next KBS family drama headed our way. Isn’t there just something about that timeslot that’s like comfort food? Always a new family every 50 episodes, but they feel an awful lot like the last family, and the family before them. The new weekender is called King’s Family (or Royal Family, take your pick) — a pun on the family name Wang, bustling with five kids, Mom and Dad, Grandma, and even an uncle.

The drama isn’t very high-concept, and just promises a heartwarming tale about a large crazy family. Lee Yoon-ji (The Great Seer, The King 2 Hearts) headlines as the middle child and dreaded third daughter (you know, where you’re born and Grandma’s cursing by now that you’re not a boy and names you something horrible like Lee Soon-shin or Kim Sam-soon). This character is no exception: her name is Wang Kwang-bak. *shudder*

The new series comes from the PD-writer team behind Three Suspicious Brothers, and the cast is led by veterans Na Moon-hee (Grandma), Jang Yong (Dad), and Kim Hae-sook (Best Mom Ever). Mom and Dad have four daughters and one son, with a twenty-two year gap between the eldest and youngest of the siblings.

Oh Hyun-kyung and Lee Tae-ran play the two older sisters, each married with families of their own. And then the two younger siblings are teenagers — Fourth Sister is an eighteen-year old high schooler, and the maknae is a fifteen-year old boy, named hilariously, Wang Daebak (king jackpot).

Lee Yoon-ji is the middle child, described as the reliable family fixer. But one day she up and quits her stable job as a teacher in order to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. She’s a romantic at heart, which will clash very nicely with the playboy love interest who rolls into her life, played by newbie actor Han Joo-wan. I do love Lee Yoon-ji enough to check this out for her, though I make no promises about watching all 50 episodes. My love, it is conditional.

King’s Family premieres August 31 on KBS.

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67 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. oozzeee

    Lee Tae Ran in 2 weekend dramas? hopefully her character here is better than the one with the Nam Sang Mi-Kim Ji Hoon drama..

    RE Kim Hae Sook being the BEST MOM EVER, I totally concur.. Her Mother Character from Life is Beautiful is still one of the best mom figures I have seen on dramas..

    • 1.1 Ponpon

      I totally agree with Kim Hae Sook being such a great mother figure, I just wished more mothers in Kdramas are portrayed the way her character was portrayed in Life is Beautiful *sigh* I would love to watch this drama since she is in it, along with Lee Yoon-Ji because I adore her but 50 episodes? The last family drama I tried to watch was You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin and, unfortunately, that experience left me weary of family dramas with 50+ episodes. What to do, I really love Kim Hae Sook though…

      • 1.1.1 CutiieAngiie

        You should try Unexpected You with Kim Nam Joo. It’s really funny and talks about relation with in laws. You gotta learn a lot of stuffs about korean culture.

        • Ponpon

          Thanks for the recommendation, I will try and check it out πŸ™‚ I’ve been aching to watch a Kdrama that could portray healthy family relationships so this sounds like it could be interesting. The fact that its funny is icing on the cake for me, so I am hoping it can help me regain faith in the family drama format.

          • Jo

            It is really great. And there will definitely be times where you feel annoyed, but it shows how the characters are dynamic human beings, prone to be both selfish and compassionate. Such is the human paradox.
            Regardless, I would definitely, definitely watch Unexpected You. It was a hit in Korea when it aired last summer.

        • Cecilia

          Oh yes, Unexpected You surprisingly got me hooked. It’s funny, and I especially enjoyed its various celebrity cameos.

    • 1.2 mlou

      I was thinking the same thing. Lee Tae Ran has been a pretty heavy hitter as of late, so it’s refreshing to see her in a lighter role. At least it’s not another military role for that poor girl!

    • 1.3 zhill

      I agree. KHS is really the best mom ever, and Life is Beautiful is the best family drama ever made … no fast-forward needed and no disgusting toilet humor. I will definitely watch this drama.

  2. the50-person

    Just hope that it doesn’t turn makjang

    • 2.1 reina

      I agree. I sometimes like a little makjang here and there but when it comes in full to the brim concoction like SCANDAL, I kinda just roll my eyes and shut out everything.

      Anyway, I am so happy that Lee Yoon Ji is headlining this drama. I have been wishing for ages for her to be the main lead ever since Dream High (And especially after King 2 Hearts) and now it is here YEHEY!!!

      I am so happy that two of my fave actress are headlining shows rather than being the 2nd femaale lead, mainly her and Hong Soo-hyun


      • 2.1.1 oneclearnight

        Definitely agree. And before long LYJ and HSH be headlining their own miniseries if these shows are hits (which I can’t see why they wouldn’t be, most weekend shows on KBS and MBC get high ratings).

      • 2.1.2 Jo

        Well, if the drama’s name is “Scandal”.. I would have suspected it to be a makjang from the bat..

    • 2.2 pearl3101

      The drama will be worth a shot as long as it is’nt penned by a crazy writer by the likes of YTBLSS. I mean that drama turned out to be a bad career choice for everyone involved.. 😐 I like Lee yoon Ji and Oh hyun kyung from their previous works and also the mother so I’ll give it a shot. πŸ™‚

  3. Katie

    EPPP She looks so adorable in the stills with glasses. I’ve actually never seen her in anything but for some reason I find her adorable and will check this out. I mean…I’ve stuck through You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin and that’s a hot mess so I guess I’ll watch this as well…as least in the beginning.

    But seriously, with the names? Daebak??? Kwangbak??? I have a headache already haha.

    • 3.1 Rovi

      I imagine (actually, seriously think) Grandma names all of her grandchildren the old-fashioned way (generational names), so that all of them have “bak” as the second syllable.

      Much like MNIKSS and that Doormat-Drama-With-All-The-Screaming-and-Shrieking-and-No-Brains.

      • 3.1.1 Tyme

        I thought the generational name was traditionally different for girls and boys?

        I can’t imagine any pleasant girl names with “bak” in them.

        ho-bak? xD

        The Soon-Shin/Hye-Shin/Yoo-Shin thing was pretty okay once I got used to it, I guess…

  4. mrshobbes

    EEEEE! Best Mom Ever’s got a new drama!!! πŸ˜€

    Had to get that off my chest. Lee Yoon-ji looks absolutely adorable πŸ™‚

  5. huth

    i bet they named the youngest as Daebak because after had four daughter, they finally has a son…WOW DAEBAk…

    • 5.1 huth

      i mean four daughters, sorry bad grammar

      and just checked the uncle is younger than the 2nd daughter by one year…lol

    • 5.2 ilikemangos


  6. Zoomie

    i notice KBS weekend drama like to cast newbie actors as main cast and because it surely will have high rating its instantly become their breakthrough role especially if the newbie is a good actor

  7. july

    After jo jungsuk’s weekend drama YTBLSS end,it will be replaced with lee yoonji’s King family. I love them in K2H, I hope they’ll meet @ KBS award this year

    • 7.1 pearl3101

      yeah nice connection… I loved them in K2H too. And I cried my heart out for their fates.

    • 7.2 goldeng

      *sobs* dont remind me… i still cry for jae shin and shi kyung’s fate… :'( I still hope they can star in a drama as leads next time!

  8. makoto

    Haha… Just why does my beloved actor / actress play in long-episodes drama? =)) *faint*

    • 8.1 Sana96

      I feel the same. I followed YTBLSS because of Jo Jung-suk and I’m tempted to watch this one because of Lee Yoon-ji. xD

  9. Howforwardsale

    Yay! I know it’s the same story but I’m glad to see Lee Yoon-Ji in something. And what? A non idol new blood actor for the lead! Be still my heart.

  10. 10 cherkell

    FINALLY!!! MANZZANG IS BACK!!! I usually enjoy the Weekend Ahjumma Dramas (while giving a side-eye to ‘YTBLSS’ which put me off my kibble), so I’m gonna watch this to see Oh Man-seok on my small screen again! YAY!!!!!

    • 10.1 JoAnne

      There are SO MANY people I love in this drama, I will be checking it out for sure and probably watching the whole thing if subs happen.

      There were parts of YTBLSS that were frustrating for me, but over all it was a comfortable slow show to turn to now and then. It didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth like some stuff, at least. Of course, I haven’t seen the last two episodes yet.

  11. 11 Lynn

    I think “3 brothers” is pretty good, and another drama from the same PD-writer team “famous princesses” is also pretty good, too. The characters’ names sound funny, but not really surprised to me, the writer tends to use names with funny meaning. I think this drama will be enjoyable.

    • 11.1 Rach^^

      Three Brothers went to hell when it got extended.

      • 11.1.1 Hannah

        Actually, almost all K-drama got ruined because of extensions ^^

        • Windsun33

          Agreed – even IHYV got a big down grade in the last 4 episodes or so because of the extension. I cannot think of a single show that got better by being extended.

  12. 12 bishbash

    Me too hopes this will be better than YTBLLS and be more like you who rolled in unexpectedly tonally. Totally enjoyed that.

    • 12.1 Windsun33

      Almost anything would be better than YTWLSS, but I don’t think I am ready yet for another 50-episoder. Especially one touted as “A warm family drama” – the same description that LSS and 100 Year Inheritance had but totally failed to deliver on.

  13. 13 Informantxgirl

    I’m always meaning to check out these kinds of dramas, but the sheer number of episodes…omo, where to fit them into life? That being said, I loved Lee Yoon-ji in Dream High, thought her character was fantastic – two sides of a coin, and both played so well. πŸ™‚

    Question: why is Wang Kwang-bak funny? (Is is the rhyme? Does it rhyme? The Korean = I do not speak.)

  14. 14 Schmazel

    Oh Man Seok? Is that you with spiffy hair? πŸ˜€

    • 14.1 shepo

      yeahhh,it’s him,,I got a good LOL too

  15. 15 Elfie

    The maknae’s name made me crack up!! I want to check this and HSH’s new drama, but school’s already started…hmmm maybe just one episode.

  16. 16 gailt

    i hope this gets subbed all the way! (chill princesses and childless comfort still incomplete). so many people here that i like: lee yoonji, lee taeran, kim haesook, and i do like family dramas. it is comfort food.

    • 16.1 Gala

      Since its kbs it will be!

  17. 17 maldita

    LOL at the boy’s name being Wang Daebak.

    With that said, I love Lee Yoonji and hopefully this weekend drama is more like Unexpected You/You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly because that was a good weekend family drama done right.

  18. 18 Addylovesbwood

    I love weekend family dramas!! I will surely pick this up for Lee Yoon Ji and omg I think i spotted some eye candy in the trailer!! cannot wait!! thank goodness LSS is over!!! hopefully this timeslot will regains its 45% and above ratings!! Lee Soon Shi slaughtered the ratings reputation

  19. 19 cabbagepatch

    I, too, prefer the long running and weekend dramas that feature my favorites (Lee Yoon Ji and Lee Tae Ran being very high on that list!) as I can never get enough of certain people. The stories are generally based on positive family values, the “bad guys” getting their comeuppence, and enough professional actors in abundance to ably assist whichever idol star that the story is based around. It’s often the side stories and their characters that hold much of my interest, but with Yoon-ji being the lead, there promises to be little reason for my focus to stray… πŸ™‚

    Bring it on!

  20. 20 Mystisith

    So many known faces that I love… Still, I’m not ready yet for a new long drama. I will wait a few weeks and if the reviews are good I’ll do a catch up.

  21. 21 muchuu

    Great. Love most of the actresses. Will watch when it start airing on KBSWorld. Thanks for the update Dramabeans.

  22. 22 trotwood

    Wait . . . Is that Oh Man Seok as one of the husbands?!?!?!

    • 22.1 L

      Hehe I had this exact same thought.

  23. 23 Anvesha

    Please, not another Lee Soon Shin (though I wouldn’t mind the cute lead pair..) The typical playboy and romantic leads are even fine with me, just no repeating and annoying family stuff that makes you wanna throw something on the screen.

    I love the actors, so it should be easy watch AFTER it finishes airing.

    • 23.1 Evadiva

      Exactly! After 50 episodes of ripping my eyes out due to the bad plot of YTBLSS, I don’t think I can do another family drama with cliche characters. I have learnt that great actors sometimes can not make up for horrible plots. (JJS’s talent, Yoo In Ha’s, and the rest of the casts’ talent was wasted on YTBLSS ;( )

  24. 24 pigtookie

    i love the stills already!

  25. 25 Noelle

    Kim Hae Sook! So not only a movie but a drama. Hell’s yes.

  26. 26 DanyDanyBobany

    Ugh, 50 episodes? I really like Lee Yoon-ji, but its even hard for me to watch the dramas with 20 episodes, 50,no. I have tried. To many story lines, the conflicts take longer to resolved and theres always the possibility that the grandma or grandpa are going to be awful (or nice but the problem is when they are awful).

    Maybe I can put in practice The Lee Soon Shin Watching Mode: fast forward everything you dont like.

  27. 27 Lilian

    Oh man..why must weekend dramas be so so long? I gave up lee Soon Shin like 30% through, especially once the focus switched towards the birth secret!

  28. 28 ck1Oz

    5 kids I couldn’t even handle the 3 daughters in LSS. Bugger now what do I do?

    TYBLSS, ISYG are currently gone to the dogs. Why oh why do they cast some of my favourite actors in 50 episodes screaming matches. There is no way a woman with 5 children won’t yell.

    • 28.1 John

      Why lump ISYG in with the train wreck of YTBLSS ? Not even close.

    • 28.2 windsun33

      I don’t really see where ISYG is a screaming match on any scale that comes close to YTWLSS.

  29. 29 Valleydale

    Well, I haven’t watched enough weekend dramas yet so as to be put off by the idea of watching this one. In fact, I’m seriously looking forward to it. I Love what I see of the cast thus far. I’m patient. And I’m not daunted by 50 episodes if the show is well written given that, as with all things, it’s all about the execution. I’ll admit Lee Soon Shin turned out to be a big disappointment, but I won’t yet hold it against the entire genre. I love the idea of Lee Yoon Ji as the lead. There’s just something about her face that makes you want to be in her corner. Must be those intense, though strangely innocent eyes—big as car headlights. Loved her in Dream High, King2Hearts, and Goong.

  30. 30 jyyjc

    Ooh youngest sister is the school girl ghost in Who Are You and Jung yonghwa’s little sis in Heartsrings. I wonder if she’ll be a future it girl.

    • 30.1 substratum

      I thought she looked familiar!

  31. 31 Angeliam

    Oh I love lee yoon ji but never finish a 50 epi drama once. Anyway I will try my best to watch if it gets subbed

  32. 32 Mrmz

    I’ll check it out if there’s no birth secret!

  33. 33 fishwife woes

    Na Moon-hee often plays a screaming fishwife. I really don’t enjoy that type of character. From her appearance in the pic, it looks like that’s what she will be. I’ll watch the first episode, but if she’s out of control, I won’t watch it anymore. I prefered her in ‘My Lovely Samsoon’ where she played Hyeon Bin’s domineering mother.

  34. 34 soprection

    I might check this out because I like Lee YoonJi but I have a hard time sticking with dramas, especially if it’s so long. That being said, it looks cute. If it’s not too dramatic and crazy (and there are no chaebols with domineering mothers in sight), then I might enjoy it. I hope it does well for Lee YoonJi’s sake though. She’s great and deserves to be a bigger star than she is right now. I’m not feeling her hair in those promo pictures though.

  35. 35 ainijan

    I wish kind of wishing another love team between Jo Jungsuk and Lee Yoonji but nonetheless, I am a fan of both. I am happy to watch a drama of any of these splendid artists.

  36. 36 goldeng

    ohh to watch or not to waatch x.x lee yoon ji’s my bias but i’d barely managed watching 42/50 eps. of I summon you gold for yun jung hoon and had to stop watching goddess of marriage with kim ji hoon because I felt I would flip a table…

  37. 37 Farhana

    Well they certainly look happy in the last poster!

    Not sure if I’ll check this one out. I hate it when adults (in general) obsess over having a boy. My family was exactly the same so it’s a sore topic for me – minus the horrendous naming for us girls!

    In any case, I don’t think I’ll have regained all the marbles I’ve lost whilst watching Wonderful Mama and I Summon You Gold in time to want to watch this.

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