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Park Hae-jin in talks to join Doctor Stranger
by | December 29, 2013 | 36 Comments

So remember that North-Korean-doc-in-South-Korea medical drama Doctor Stranger that’s courting Lee Jong-seok to headline? It’s still angling for a March broadcast on SBS (though with God’s Gift – 14 Days premiering in February, it might not be till April). Lee Jong-seok is still considering, and now so is Park Hae-jin (You From Another Star). It’s weird to see someone in a current drama lining up his next project the week after his new show premieres, but can more of Park Hae-jin really be a bad thing?

The drama is about a North Korean doctor who defects and lives as a foreigner in the South. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea of Lee Jong-seok as a doctor, and it’s not going so well. But I guess you can’t play high school forever. Or can you? Dramaland sure likes to stretch believability both ways.

Park Hae-jin is up for the role of a geeeeeenius doctor (not to be confused with the above, Hero Genius Doctor) who turns down a teaching job at Harvard and returns to Korea to practice medicine. His character doesn’t care what the means are, as long as he fulfills his goals. Is this going to be Medical Top Team all over again? Because we all know how that genius convention went down. Nobody watched.

This one is set up to be more of a mystery though, which I can see coming from the writer of Conspiracy in the Court. Perhaps the medical drama will just be window dressing for intrigue? One can hope, and possibly pray. Directing is PD Jin Hyuk of Master’s Sun and City Hunter.

Doctor Stranger is preparing for a spring premiere on SBS.

Via Star News


36 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kstalls

    Unlike Medical Genius Squad or whatever, I’d actually watch this purely for Lee Jong-seok.

    • 1.1 Lord Byron

      I would, too. And, Girlfriday, Lee Jong Seok did play a medical student and a medical doctor this year – in My Daughter Seo Young. He was quite believable.

      • 1.1.1 aya

        That was Park Hae-Jin in My daughter Seo Young’. I’m sure he fit the role just nice.. but, Lee Jong Seok, I have to see first to believe it~

      • 1.1.2 haejinaholic

        This was Park Haejin in My daughter, SY actually. And it’s strange for him to appear in two SBS drama continuously. But well, after his long hiatus in K-drama fields, I’ll surely appreciate all his projects tho 🙂

  2. Honeymylovesosweet

    Anything about Lee Jong-seok oppa and I’m on.

  3. tera

    ‘Is this going to be Medical Top Team all over again? Because we all know how that genius convention went down. Nobody watched’

    Lol! Not even my ultimate bias for JRW can make me finish MTT.

    • 3.1 Chiaki

      IKR?Medical dramas are sometimes SOOOO BORING!but MTT SUCKED!…I really pitied The Daebak Medico Team @ VIKI..they worked so hard for such a useless drama!

    • 3.2 kanz

      MTT was boring beyond words.. JRW, JJH, KSW, and even Minho couldn’t make me finish that drama. I just watch until ep 3 and gets bored…

  4. Lotus_Blossom

    Great writer and good director. Sounds promising–and certainly not your conventional medical drama.

    • 4.1 kdwkyah

      YES! im actually so excited for this writer-director combo!

  5. snow

    Another geniuuuuus…..meh!!

  6. jomo

    LOL at
    “…or can you?”

  7. exoticshawol

    Good Doctor, Medical Top Team, Emergency Couple and now Doctor Stranger. As much as I love to see them together, another medical drama is uhm…mehhhh

    • 7.1 Bellamafia

      Unless it’s Doctor Who.. 😉

  8. maldita

    Excited for this if Park Haejin gets the role. He deserves lead roles.

    • 8.1 madame kim

      Oh man, I never really paid much attention to Park Haejin before when he was a regular in Family Outing. But I think he went to the army and got mighty delicious. He was so drool worthy in My Daughter Sooyoung :3

      • 8.1.1 heartieme

        me too..now i’m regretting it for not paid attention for him in family outing lol

      • 8.1.2 mel

        PHJ is exempted from serving military service because of psychological reason. he’s diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression and social phobia.
        he had a long history of mental illness since young and had received continuous treatment for it for two years
        glad that he seems much better now and doing well

        • babu1980

          Oh..didn’t know that. I can’t even tell. Thanks for the info. Glad to know he is doing well! 😛

  9. coffeenlucia

    yessssss…. That would be so cool! I adore LJS and since I’m currently watching YFAS, I also really love PHJ.

  10. 10 mimi

    Park Hae Jin has actually been a delightful surprise on You From Another Star. I find him so effortlessly charming and insanely good looking. If you’re gonna put him in a drama with Lee Jong Suk, my ultimate drama love, I have no choice but to tune in and watch the heck out of this show. I just hope for the sake of my sanity that it’s well-written and adequately directed. Also if we could trade the over usage of unnecessary medical jargon, which seems to be the norm for Korean medical dramas, with sizzling sexual tension, which is usually the norm for American medical dramas, I would be a very, very happy camper indeed.

  11. 11 aznative

    Really liked Park Hae-jin in My Daughter Seo-Young, but couldn’t finish watching, MVIBO fizzled out and could get all the episodes.

    • 11.1 aznative

      *could not

  12. 12 hannah

    I guess I’m the only one who finished Medical Top Team? I’m such a sucker for medical shows which seems to also put me in the minority here. Whatever, I’ll enjoy the hospital/doctor trend while it lasts.

    • 12.1 Mari

      I watched all of Medical Top Team too. I didn’t think it was so horrible.

  13. 13 kopytko

    Pffffffffft I loved MTT. I found it the best drama of its batch. The makers definitely had respect for their viewers’ brains.

    I am not really eager to check out this one because I am afraid it promises too much, just like Good Doctor did. Genius, NK-deflector, young and so good looking, so the viewers must love him. Why do I think it will keep relying on cheap sympathy and actually just gloss over the really interesting stuff?

  14. 14 canxi

    I’m watching Medical Top Team now and think it’s pretty good, actually. It’s one of those shows that I think is more character driven than plot driven.

    This sounds pretty cool. I don’t mind medical dramas at all, so I would give it a shot. As long as I am interested, it doesn’t matter to me.

  15. 15 Hugepuffball

    Geez Louise, that PD has one heck of a resume….
    Fingers crossed for another beautiful piece of awesome-pants?

  16. 16 redfox

    medical dramas are as inviting to me as a tropical beach with insects, sweat and sand in my sandals. blerghhhh.
    fresh and cool is what I want

    seriously, what is wrong with people? I for one have panic attacks in hospitals and bite nurses. doctorsa re like….Nosferatu to me. please dont consider any

  17. 17 Abbie

    Personally, I think Park Hae-jin fits the role better. He’s older and a little more established. Lee Jong-seok, though I like him a lot, doesn’t fit the role. I just cannot picture him playing a doctor. It would be like Minho in Medical Top Team. Anyway, I would be happy with either, but I would prefer Park Hae-jin, simply because he looks the part more than Lee Jong-seok.

    • 17.1 mimi

      I don’t think he’s up for the same role as jongsuk though. They’re courting ljs to headline the drama (aka play the stranger doctor in doctor stranger), and phj to be the other genius doctor.

  18. 18 kanz

    His character would be similar like Kwon Sang Woo’s MTT, isn’t it? geenius doctor who choose medical practice in Korea rather than America..
    If LJS and PHJ were doctors, I chose to stay at their hospital.. lol

  19. 19 Viki

    Okay, I am so over medical dramas right now…what’s up with them bombarding us with medical dramas?


    If it’s a medical drama with Lee Jong Suk and Park Hye Jin…I’M IN!

  20. 20 heartieme

    Oh so my boyfriend is going to be busy next year :p good for him

  21. 21 sogazelle

    I just discovered Park Hae Jin in “You from Another Star”…

    The man is insanely good looking and a naturally great actor!

    I’m looking forward to his next project.

  22. 22 katakwasabi

    I love park hae jin since his appearance in family outing and east of eden! Cant wait for his new drama!!

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