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Three Days: Episode 15
by | April 30, 2014 | 42 Comments

At least we know that with a show like Three Days, the final showdown’s the basket where they’ve put all the eggs. I’d argue that they did it at the expense of a more evenly paced drama, but at least I know they’re going to put some muscle (and money) behind an action-packed final week. At this point there isn’t much left to surprise us in the story; it’s mostly just about sitting back and enjoying how the action unfolds, for better or for worse. …Which I don’t really mean, because we’re not actually going to let the bad guys win, right?


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March 14. 6:00 PM.

When the president visits the memorial in Yangjinri, it’s the perfect opportunity for the final Blue House mole to initiate an EMP bomb and cut off communications for the entire security detail. Automatic gunfire signals the arrival of the baddies, and they scramble around the president.

They’re outnumbered and outgunned, but one by one the agents volunteer to attempt a call to the Blue House, or stay behind to give the rest a chance to run away. It costs them their lives, and President Lee trembles to see them gunned down right in front of him.

Tae-kyung arrives, but by the time he gets there, it’s eerily quiet. He looks down and finds the park littered with bodies—his friends and co-workers just lying there, leading his way up the steps like a bloody-massacre-as-roadmap.

He puts together what happened and can barely keep it together when he finds the friends who clearly volunteered to hold the line while the others got away. He holds his breath as he turns the corner behind the dumpster where the president’s body would be if he were killed…

There’s nothing there. At least we know he survived, but did he get away, or was he taken by the men with machine guns?

Tae-kyung calls Cha-young to tell her what happened, and asks her to report to the prime minister directly because she’s literally the only person he can trust in the Blue House. She does, and tells the prime minister in no uncertain terms that it was Chairman Kim who orchestrated the attack.

The military and local police are deployed per the prime minister’s orders, and Tae-kyung operates under the assumption that the remaining security team got the president out. He heads to the nearest safe house to check if they made it there.

Chairman Kim arrives in Yangjinri by nightfall, and steps on the chalk outlines of the fallen agents as he makes his way up to the memorial statue.

He smirks at President Lee going to all this trouble for these unimportant people, and vows to make Yangjinri home to another bloodbath, “All because of you.” He muses that there will soon be a second meaningless memorial statue erected right next to this one.

His team scatters to hunt the president down.

March 14. 6:35 PM.

Tae-kyung makes his way to the safe house, and searches the closed art gallery for signs that the president was there. Someone comes up behind him, and Tae-kyung instinctively whirls around with his gun drawn.

It’s the chief of the command center, and aaack, I’m pretty sure Tae-kyung has no idea that he’s the Blue House mole. He’s smart enough to be generally guarded and suspicious though, which is a good sign.

The command center chief lies that he was shot and got away during the attack, and asks Tae-kyung if he knows where the president is. Just then, Tae-kyung gets a call from Cha-young with updates on the military and police searches.

He eyes the chief warily before telling him that one of the agents with the president called from an emergency phone off the highway. Oh no, please tell me this is your genius trick-the-mole plan and you’re feeding him false intel…

The chief thanks him for sharing and walks out, leaving Tae-kyung face-to-face with two assassins blocking the door. Crap.

Tae-kyung backs up slowly and grips the only thing in his hand: his cell phone. A cell phone against two guns doesn’t seem like a fair fight, but he totally disarms them and beats the crap out of them with nothing but his phone. Well I’ll be damned; these brick phones actually ARE weapons.

While he proceeds to beat them up with every painting, chair, and banner in the room, the command center chief calls Chairman Kim about the emergency phone. They stop to check it out, but the phone in question is out of order. Phew, one point good guys.

A flashback shows us that Tae-kyung was alerted to the conflicting accounts of the security team meeting, and though he was never told which of them was the mole, he knew it was a possibility that it wasn’t the communications team leader.

Tae-kyung catches up to the command center chief outside the gallery and screams at the top of his lungs, asking how a fellow security team agent could turn on the president. He gets in two good punches, and then gunfire interrupts the third as assassins arrive to chase him down.

They chase him along the train tracks, firing at him every chance they get. One of the military convoys stops when they hear the shots, but the command center chief flashes his badge and tells them that they’ve lost a suspect who’s after the president: agent Han Tae-kyung. What, we totally did this before.

Tae-kyung gets away and stops to think about his next move. He knows now that the president has managed to escape, otherwise the baddies wouldn’t be searching for him and chasing down leads.

What the security team needs most is a phone or a car, and the only place to find that is the village of Yangjinri. Tae-kyung takes out his map to try and guess their route.

The president and his core security team make their way through the woods, but President Lee stops in his tracks when he hears that they’re headed into town. The security team leader guesses what he’s afraid of—putting the citizens of Yangjinri in danger all over again.

The team leader says that it’s late enough that they won’t run into villagers, but swears that if the people are put in harm’s way, he’ll protect them as if they were the president.

Tae-kyung mulls over the various routes, and thinks back to a training session where they had discussed what to do a worst-case scenario. Team Leader Ham teaches them that while protocol is important, what matters most is knowing the president’s thought process at every turn. The more you can guess how the president will react in any given situation, the better chance you have of protecting him.

Tae-kyung follows that advice and picks the place that would be guaranteed to be empty at this hour: Yangjinri Elementary School. Sure enough, that’s where the president and his team arrive.

Tension mounts at the Blue House, with staffers pressuring the prime minister to make a statement as acting president. He wavers, not knowing how to proceed, when the phone finally rings. It’s the security team leader, who reports that the president is alive.

The Blue House redirects the military to the elementary school, but the problem is that the command center chief is sitting right next to a soldier as he gets the radio call. Augh. This is bad.

Tae-kyung races through town on foot when he sees a familiar Jaesin assassin posing as a local cop turn the corner towards the school. The agents at the school’s entrance ask the officers for their badges, and the assassin smiles and reaches into his vest… and pulls out a gun.

He guns them down instantly, and inside the security team scrambles to get the president out. More baddies come filing into the school, and the waning security team goes from four to three to two, until finally the team leader is the last man standing with the president.

They get outside, and the team leader tells the president to run while he keeps the shooters here. This is a terrible plan. President Lee refuses to go without him, and clings to his arm. It kills me, the arm-grab, and the look upwards like a scared little boy.

The team leader has to yell at him to go, and urges him to stay alive and fulfill his wishes as president. President Lee promises to remain alive, and makes him promise to do the same before he complies and runs off.

President Lee runs as fast as his legs will carry him, and the assassins come around the corner as the hero music swells. Well I know what that means.

The security team leader holds them off valiantly, but it’s just a matter of time before he’s gunned down. The rest of the assassins run after the president, while one man is left behind to put the final bullet in him.

He points the gun, but then a shot rings out from behind him and the assassin is the one to go down. It’s Tae-kyung, thank goodness, who runs over to his team leader who’s bleeding on the ground.

He tells Tae-kyung to hurry because the president is all alone, and Tae-kyung tamps down his concern for the boss and goes running to fulfill their mission. The team leader watches him go and dies just a second later.

The chase is on, as the president runs across the river and through the woods, with the assassins right on his tail and Tae-kyung (hopefully) not far behind.

President Lee makes his way to the road, where a car screeches to a halt in his path. Is this good or bad? It doesn’t look like a fancy car, so I think that rules out Chairman Kim for now.

We don’t get to see what happens with the president, because Tae-kyung runs right into a unit of soldiers all with the instructions to gun him down. Grreaaaat. He dispenses with politeness and just screams at them that they don’t have time for this.

At the same time, the command center chief hears the latest update as he rides along with his military escort—the president has been located. He asks them to pull over for just a second, and then shoots them point-blank.

He hauls their bodies into a ditch and calls the team of assassins to the president’s location, and they arrive before the army, but the president isn’t there. They wonder what’s going on when suddenly a giant wall of soldiers pops up with their guns drawn.

They order the baddies to put down their guns and lie on the ground, and that’s when the command center chief spots him: Tae-kyung, walking out from behind the soldiers. Yessss.

A flashback to just minutes ago: Tae-kyung is released after a quick phone call to the Blue House to confirm his identity. The soldier says they’ll put out a call to arrest the actual bad guy, when Tae-kyung stops him and asks if he can transmit a radio signal just to the car where the command center chief is hitching a ride.

He walks over there now and gets in that third punch, screaming, “Do you know how many security team agents died because of you? Why? WHY?!” He gets pulled aside before he hears an answer.

March 14. 7:10 PM.

Cha-young gets an urgent phone call from Bo-won, which is a welcome break since I was worried she’d be benched for the final showdown. But Bo-won has been working an angle of her own, and says that she made an arrest.

A flashback to earlier that evening shows the shady assistant prosecutor walking into his office armed with a can of gasoline. He pours it all over the place and gets ready to flick on his lighter when Bo-won enters the room and turns the lights on.

He scoffs that she can’t possibly stop him on her own, but she coolly tells him she has no intention of stopping him—he can go ahead and burn it all, since Prosecutor Choi put all the important evidence in a secure location. He also instructed her to guard the prosecutor’s office knowing this would happen.

He accuses her of bluffing, but she says there’s something he doesn’t seem to know—Prosecutor Choi is still alive. A quick shot of him in a hospital confirms that he’s still breathing, though he isn’t conscious.

She adds that there’s something else he doesn’t know, and smiles: “I didn’t come here alone.” Her backup comes in to arrest him, and she lets him decide whether lighting the office on fire or cooperating is better for him: “You ought to know since you’re a lawyer.” Ha.

Bo-won tells Cha-young that he’s cooperating, though he doesn’t know where Chairman Kim is. One thing in his testimony is niggling at her though, and she recounts something he saw: four white trucks, loaded up with something and driven away by a team of men.

It’s awfully vague, but then you have to figure that Chairman Kim isn’t delivering Girl Scout cookies in the middle of the night.

Tae-kyung stays behind while his fellow agents’ bodies get loaded onto ambulances, and he stops to close his team leader’s eyes.

Someone calls Chairman Kim to tell him that all the assassins are being arrested, but he couldn’t care less. What’s more worrisome is that he says it doesn’t matter, implying that the lack of personnel won’t derail his ultimate plan.

Tae-kyung notices that Jaesin’s ace assassin isn’t among the bad guys they caught, and worries about the fact that he’s hiding in plain sight dressed as a police officer. The officer in question is currently stopping cars at a security checkpoint, and he lets a local ajumma pass by when she denies seeing anything suspicious.

As soon as the ajumma gets down the road, President Lee pops up in the backseat. Ah, so she was the driver who picked him up on the side of the road. She says now (in an eerily calm manner) that her husband died in the 1998 attack.

But she sounds sincere as she says that other people might feel differently, but she’s grateful to have some answers after spending sixteen years not knowing the truth about his death, always having thought that the official story didn’t add up.

President Lee is floored twice over, never having imagined that a citizen of Yangjinri would offer to help him, and not see him as the villain who killed their townspeople.

Cha-young calls Tae-kyung to tell him about the four trucks. She’s searching every tollgate between Seoul and Yangjinri, but she worries that it won’t be enough to find them.

Bo-won lingers out in the hall of the police station and the prosecutor thanks her for her help, and urges her to go home now. But she’s too worried about the case to leave, and he finally realizes that she’s just going to stand there all night anyway. So he offers to let her observe the investigation, and she lights up. It’s adorable.

They start interrogating all the men they have in custody who are linked to Chairman Kim, but none of them will talk. Bo-won watches from behind the glass and recognizes a detective in the interrogation room, a man with glasses who took her statement days ago and refused to believe a word she said.

She tells the prosecutor now that she thinks she knows why no one’s talking. I like this prosecutor, because as soon as she says it, the detective gets ousted from the case. Once he’s dragged out of the room, the assassin who blew up her car starts talking.

He says that Chairman Kim is just Falcon’s hunting dog, and says cryptically that the trucks contain “what you think they do.” He implies that it’s more firepower than the last time, but doesn’t specify what we’re dealing with.

The ajumma driving the president tells him to be careful, and adds that she saw strange men in the village last night. That gets his attention and she tells him about the suspicious men driving around in identical trucks.

He asks if she knows where any of the trucks might be, and she remembers seeing one on a bridge just up ahead. It’s still there. The president gets out of the car despite her protests that it’s dangerous, and marches ahead with purpose.

Chairman Kim gets the report that the president still hasn’t been located, so he says it’s time to make him come to them. I’m guessing that “make him” involves killing innocent civilians?

He says that it took a lot of maneuvering to get the president to the center of Yangjinri, and we see that he orchestrated the attack at the memorial to draw him closer. He vows to make President Lee lose everything, like he has.

President Lee pulls aside the tarp covering the truck’s flatbed, and finds a briefcase sitting there. He opens it with trembling hands and finds it packed with explosives.

Chairman Kim sits in his car with his phone dialed to activate the bomb. “Watch carefully with your own eyes—what happens because of you.” He presses send. The suitcase bomb counts down… and detonates.

Tae-kyung hears it go off from where he’s standing, and the Blue House control room sees the flare on the satellite feed. “There’s been an explosion in Yangjinri. A bomb went off!”

March 14. 7:50 PM.


Okay, so the setup for the finale is pretty good at hitting upon all the crescendos that we need—president separated from his bodyguards, every good soldier gunned down until our hero is his last line of defense, bombs distributed to put civilians in peril, and one maniacal evildoer with his finger on the trigger. Check, check, check, check. It’s just… we’ve totally done these things before in this drama. The truck bombs are fine and good, but then why did we steal their thunder by having bus bombs earlier? It was harrowing the first time Tae-kyung was framed as the bad guy, but now it’s just frustrating that different good guys are falling for the same bad guy tactics.

Moment by moment, the episode has good momentum and I care enough about Tae-kyung and the president to be invested in everything they’re going through. But weighed against the series as a whole, it starts to feel really repetitive. I guess when you name a show Three Days and take nine freaking days to tell the story, the repetition is a self-fulfilling prophecy? I just found myself wishing that we hadn’t seen a version of each of these elements before, because while the characters and the world remain intriguing, the plot feels less zingy when all we’re doing is a Best of Episodes 1-14 repackaged album.

The death toll does make up for it somewhat (macabre, I know, but it does add heft to the battle), since we’ve spent the series really focusing on the relationship between president and bodyguard, and hammering in how these agents are trained to give their lives at any moment to protect him. I enjoyed that the entire team of secret service agents got the hero treatment and became an extension of Tae-kyung’s character. It was a nice way to illustrate his sense of duty without actually putting Tae-kyung in harm’s way (we need him to stay alive dammit), while effectively ramping up the tension as they started to die off one by one. The buildup to the last man standing was great stuff, and Sohn Hyun-joo does an amazing job (as he always does) of looking so vulnerable and scared at the thought of being left alone.

Overall I can’t say that I’m not disappointed with the show, in that I wanted it to be a really tightly woven thriller that made great use of its time conceit and made me feel every minute like my life depended on it. Instead it never once mattered what time and day it was, and we recycled a good number of conflicts along the way. But I also enjoyed the series the whole way through, and particularly loved Tae-kyung’s character, his moral fiber, and his badass fight scenes. (Is it because Yoochun is a dancer that he’s good at them? I don’t know, but he is.) There was a nice reciprocal relationship between the president and the bodyguard—duty, respect, and trust—that felt earned and kept me invested no matter what plot circles we were going in.

I don’t expect the finale to change how I feel about the show greatly (though I guess you never can predict that sharp left turn if a show’s going to take it); I fully anticipate the best of the action to play out in the final chapter in a satisfying manner, because that’s pretty much why we’re all here. In case the universe is listening: that means the bad guy goes to jail, our hero saves the president and all the townsfolk, and gets rewarded with a big kiss from a lady cop. Don’t make me send you back in time so you get it right; that never ends well.


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  1. C

    Team leader 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. kooriyuki

    Yay Prosecutor Choi is alive (barely)!! But team leader =(

  3. Ahriah

    Did anybody see the sticker on the EMP bomb? “Danger – Keep Out! This area is slippery area, and high risk of falling.” Lolz!

    • 3.1 Thandie

      Falling in love? Yup!

  4. August

    My thoughts as I watched Episode 15:

    Finally lots of action. I hope Park Yoo-Chun’s shoulder has fully healed. I’ve enjoyed all of his action scenes in 3 Days so far.

    Oh no – watchout for all the artwork!

    During the past 14 episodes, Lee Cha-Young has survived being gagged, hit by a car, hospitalized, and kidnapped several times. Apparently all of a sudden, she has received/been cleared with a clean bill of health and is able to return to full duty status at work.

    Well answer the phone gosh darn it – you let it ring 4 times. Come on…you all are in the Blue House Control Room after all!

    Sadly Team Leader and a slew of other agents died or were riddled with bullet wounds. Maybe Team Leader will appear in flashback scenes like Han Tae-Kyung’s mentor Ham Bong-Soo.

    Son Hyun-Joo didn’t appear to be plagued with a beer belly/middle-age spread as he ran (sprinted) across the field.

    You go Han Tae-Kyung! That’s the way to do it!

    • 4.1 Lord Byron


  5. shinmirae

    So sad for team leader. I was rooting for him. I was afraid that they will twist him and make him a baddie. I am glad he is a hero till the end.

    Love Yoo Choon here. He made me care for Han Tae Kyung. And please… give thr lady cop a kiss. She earned it.

  6. ana

    I screamed when team leader was gun down…please let some of them live, I need some of them to be alive so that at least the Prez and TaeKyung wouldn’t be putting the blame on themselves.

    That said, I agreed, the plot is repetitive but taking into consideration how the mole is not him and the agents all knowing that he’s not the bad guy with full trust on him-I feel more at ease. The pace is also higher last night in which they made development in confirming who’s who and gunning and arresting the bad guys just as much as how many agents were killed. Seeing the bodies strewn around the park really makes me shivers-this is the extent to save one VIP life..if he doesn’t feel anything towards these people’s death, I’d hate the VIP for sure..but the Prez had been very righteous from the start and I think all the agents were heroes when they sacrifice their lives for the President.

    Yoochun’s action acting is awesome…it made me forget that he’s supposed to be INJURED! gosh that guy..I’m so sad it’s ending..knowing how Yoochun is, he’d go into his cave and hibernate like a bear before coming out again.

    That said- 3Days had given me a better understanding of how politics in SK is..maybe it’s not as exact, but at least it opens newbies to the world of politic in the country where conglomerates constitute and holds the power of the nation’s economy..

    • 6.1 kecik

      talking about yoochun hibernate after done filming movie and drama non stop from last year…yes… I’m sure he will hibernate till there’s news about making JYJ’s album (I don’t know when..)

  7. crazedlu

    Yoochun ain’t even that good a dancer. But his fight scenes in this drama… GOOD STUFF MAN!!! I watched a good number of eps… must’ve been over half… but then spring break ended and I went back to doing that teaching thing (ha), so I’ve been following recaps since. Gotta go back to see Yoochun’s cell phone beat down though! Hahaha. And I totally agree, the show managed to steal its own thunder with all the recycling. Still an enjoyable enough watch though. Happily ever after? Please? Ha.

    • 7.1 peeps

      I don’t think we’ll ever know if YooChun can really dance not. He’s such a lazy dancer, haha, preferring to hide somewhere behind and sashay al the time if possible.

      • 7.1.1 bluesky

        bwahaha..Yoochun and his energy save during dancing training especially..I just can’t, he just too adorable doing that but we know that when in real situation, he usually will give us an all out performance just like he did in 3 Days..Badass Han Tae Kyung rocks this drama!

        • candycane

          @bluesky – totally agree with you. He always gives his all and his best in final performance. He works hard and knows what he is doing. Why waste so much energy in rehearsals? He is a smart guy 🙂

          • iana

            LOL, yeah he is smart guy

  8. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap GF. I agreed with you on some of the points you made, and I found the recap funny. Thank you for making us laugh, while some of us are still hoping that the drama might surprise us in its last ep. (in a good way). I do have many feels about this ep. As I watched it, I wasn’t as much on my toes as I have been in the past, however I did like some of the surprises that showed up in this ep. I was curious a lot of the time.

    Another mole in the Blue House? That wasn’t too big of a surprise, since we know by now that KDJ has people everywhere. At first, I thought the Chief Command Center (or the Command Center Chief) would be caught for sure, but then when I saw how he “tricked” TK (who tricked him back), and the position he put TK in (having to fight, to flee, being briefly arrested, etc…), my faith that that mole will be arrested wavered a bit. Then I became curious about the execution, meaning if he was going to go down, how would that happen? And it did happen (and most of the bad guys were caught), so I was happy. I did feel that (for me) there were twists and turns. I still felt invested in the main players, so I knew I would watch this to the end (I also want to see if GF’s wishes will come true, including the kiss from the cop lady).

    I have come to realize that one of the things I have really loved about this drama are the small moments, when the characters do not have to talk. Seeing TK take in the death of his friends and colleagues made me feel for him. Seeing him close his boss’ eyes made me sad for him. Seeing the Pres. not want to leave the Director’s side (for protection, but also because he was worried about him, I think), moved me. Seeing the Pres. again at the beginning of this ep. at the Yangjinri monument, and then seeing him later with the lady who gave him the ride, and who gave him a 1st account of how it felt to have lost a loved one in Yangjinri 1 also touched me. I loved the way she was talking to the Pres. I could see her taking him home, feeding him and giving him a room to stay for the night. Yes, he was the Pres. (her Pres.), but at that moment, he looked so personable, so “he could be your neighbor,” and I loved how he listened to her. It made me understand and see that Pres. LDH really does care about his staff and his countrymen. He always did, since he only allowed Yangjinri 1 because he believed no one would be hurt (on purpose). I personally loved seeing the different facets of Pres. LDH in this drama, and I so appreciate SHJ playing that role. He was well cast for it.

    I expected Pros. Choi to live, since in the last ep., my streaming site said that he had been “wounded” (not killed),yet I was still very happy to hear that he had made it. I was also happy to seet that the 2nd Pros. had been a good guy all drama long, and that he actually had some say and some power about how the interrogations went (bad detective, out).

    • 8.1 Lord Byron

      In addition to many small but silently-moving moments like the ones you mention, I find in this drama many small details that speak volumes about its high quality. Here are a few:

      I like every member of the PPS. And I like every actor cast to play them. Though they were given very few speaking lines, when they do talk, they hit the proper notes. They also look super sharp, not to mention great looking. It was deeply heart-breaking to watch them being gunned down in this episode. But the best thing about the PPS was that it includes a large number of female members who are as good as their male colleagues, if not better. The drama deliberately made that point in every episode.

      I also like that the drama comes with a worthy arch villain, Chairman Kim. In Shark (and in Sly and Single Again), it was played by an elderly actor whom I keep seeing in every K-drama. I am glad that, in this drama, it was not him or another oft-typecast actor like him. (Really, enough!) Instead, we are given an actor who seems stage-trained. He looks, talks and acts perfect. Your favorite president needs a worthy adversary, and the drama gave him one.

      My last point, I swear. In this episode, I could not help thinking about all the responsible parties behind the sinking of Ferry Sewol. The CP Commander (the communications chief), Chairman Kim and various government or law enforcement personnel in Chairman Kim’s pocket, all remind me of the bureaucrats, Chairman Yoo (and his family), the Coast Guards, and the crew, who have the blood of dead passengers on their hands. Sometimes, life does imitate art.

  9. Ivoire

    I was wondering after ep. 14 what BW’s role would be (hopefully not just waiting for TK at home), and GF (I think?) had mentioned something similar in one of the previous recaps (can we get her back into the action?). So I was elated to see her back into the action, and she was cool as a cucumber when she approached the mole in Pros. Choi’s team (that was another “in your face” moment, aceprincess 🙂 ).

    I loved her confidence (with the mole), and her insistence at staying at the Police Station, which ended up being very helpful. I also love how shy she can be, and yet she still get things moving forward (and yes, the way her face lit up when she was allowed to stay was so cute, and so was how she looked at the Pros. Who could say no to that? Not me).

    I have been thinking over the last few ep. about how close TK and LCY are, and how loyal they are to each other. And I loved how well they worked in this ep. On a different note, there are a few things I should have known, but had not really thought about: KDJ just being Falcon’s “play toy,” which indicates that he could be let go, or demoted or pushed out, even if Yangjinri2 goes well (Falcon might need fresh blood).

    For someone who employs a LOT of people whom he considers dispensable, it was interesting to hear that he himself is seen as such. Now I really look forward to seeing how things go down for him. I personally felt that Yangjinri 2 happened in this ep., considering how many more people died. And these were people that Pres. LDH knew personally, so that had to hurt.

    I have really appreciated PYC’s hard work in this drama, and I have bought him every second as TK. I do love his fighting scenes as well, mostly because, like LMH in CH, he does not put on any air in those times (or over does it), he just does what he is supposed to do. I also keep thinking about his injured/bad shoulder, and I am glad this drama is over this week, for his and everyone’s sake in this drama (including the crew).

    Tomorrow is the last ep., my wishes: Pres. LDH stays alive, finishes his term, continues to reveal the truth (with Pros. Choi), and brings the bad guys to justice (including Falcon). Hey, it’s a drama, a girl can ask for some of the bows to be tied and for all the bad guys to be brought to justice.

    I don’t know if we will have a kiss between TK and BW, seeing how a little shy and awkward they still are with each other. I will take a hug, if we can have one, or some kind of skinship (hand holding, though if I had to choose, I would prefer a good warm hug. And I have seen PYC hug, he gives good hugs). I am not too greedy, I know. I also want the people of Yangjinri to be safe (no death this time around), and for HTK’s dad’ s name to be restored (you know what I mean, I can’t think of the right word right now).

  10. 10 kecik

    Ha. We got Bo Won scene. Writers, please give her more kicking ass action.
    I don’t mind a big kiss of our OTP badass and adorable couple. heee..

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    I am reading to get the finale and I am feeling so stressed.

    • 11.1 Ivoire

      @ ck1Oz,
      Why are you feeling stressed? 🙁 Is it because of A New Leaf?

  12. 12 Thandie

    I hope for a kiss too, but I’m ok if they agree to date. Please get our hero to be the Team Leader Bodyguard, and our lady cop to win an award for her bad assery. Also a HUGE kick in Chairman Kim’s ass please? Weird, I loved that actor in Heirs. . . .

  13. 13 Heartoppaya

    Bo Won lighting up at the mention of permission to observe the interrogation is the Best. Thing. Ever! So adorrrrrrrable!

    • 13.1 Quiet Thought

      Yay! I love it when we are reminded that she’s just a rural cop with, maybe, ambitions to be a detective. And she’s shown she has the smarts to be one, as well!

  14. 14 bluesky

    I personally really love this episode so much!!
    there’s ups and down which I never expect and wowed me a lot though it’s sad to see one by one PSS died and also team leader last request to Mr.pres to run a way alone was so heartbreaking to watch coz we know he will be in danger and die after that..
    Still it’s good to see that our hero and heroine were not only know how to kickass but also brainy!
    HTK cellphone fight scene will be the best scene in this episode! Love Yoochun’s fast and sharp movements and his screaming towards that mole agent give me a chills! What an acting!
    Can’t wait for the finale though it’s sad to say to goodbye especially to our Cute Badass OTP..

    And yes, Prosecutor Choi is alive! really made my day^^

  15. 15 Camille


    Yoochun was never a good dancer, just an okay dancer…but he is a black belt in real life, and I think that’s the “more” correct reason for his awesome action scenes.


  16. 16 divyrus

    I sense the frustration caused by God’s gift !! 😀 😛

  17. 17 Quiet Thought

    Girl Scout cookies . . . why did it have to be Girl Scout cookies? They’ve been the doom of so many diets for so many people . . . (sob) . . .

  18. 18 dls

    Just one question, is Yangjinri a real town in Korea? If it is not, how could the drama team make up the monument in the park? One episode left, I can’t believe it. This is the first Kdrama I watch with the highest number of people died and highest number of explosion.

  19. 19 Guioty

    “Don’t make me send you back in time so you get it right; that never ends well.”

    Guess GG14’s finale still leaves many wounds. 🙂

  20. 20 Kristy

    Yoon Bo-won was the only great thing about the episode.So sad that a drama that came from a good thriller writer ended up so lame.
    As you said yes,I didnt care about what time it was or who it was.we pretty well knew that the main characters will be alive until the last episode.
    So disappointing.

  21. 21 Duncerblur

    Hey, do not under-estimate the brick phones. I remember an incident during the early days of the Motorola brick phones, when I was accosted in the car park when going home at night. That brick phone saved my life & gave me the satisfaction of beating the crap out of my assailant who ran away. Hurray for brick phones! I still keep it in my graveyard of technology for being my life saver.

    And this show will always be the Bowon show for me. She’s the smartest one of the lot and really made the show for me, no offense to Park Yoochun who has finally proven he is not just another idol playing at actor.

  22. 22 lh39

    Unlike other dramas, this show will likely end in exciting and explosive fashion. I do agree with comments that there are some glaring gaps and the plot is repetitive and not gritty enough despite the piling body count. But hey, this is drama-land. A scriptwriter cannot be compared with an author. Nevertheless kudos to the writer for incorporating meaningful scenes and lines for the relatively big supporting cast and many of whom I have not seen before (but I do watch selectively).

    In particular, I will fondly remember the roles played by Park Ha Sun (brainy and gutsy Yoon Bo Won), Choi Won Young (crazed villain Kim Do Jin) and Jang Hyun Sung (his best ever character, the misled Captain Ham).

  23. 23 JT

    Team Leader and Kim Bo Won had the best scenes here. Still can’t believe the scriptwriter wiped out the entire secret service team in this outing though. Trust Cha Young to bomb all her scenes by trying to be cool. Came across as disconnected and cold.

    • 23.1 Quiet Thought

      You point out a longstanding, clear difference between drama and melodrama in action scenes. In drama, people are hurt by violence. In melodrama, they die and are disposed of, so you don’t think about them anymore. There was no reason for all those agents to die in the battle, taking shots from hard-point military rounds, and it would have been a far more horrifying scene if there had been wounded survivors to deal with.

  24. 24 dramaaddict4lyfe

    “Don’t make me send you back in time so you get it right; that never ends well.”

    dat god’s gift reference doe

  25. 25 Quiet Thought

    While dying for a noble cause is noble, it would be a lot more plausible if those highly trained agents and mercenaries knew the elementary skills of “ducking,” “using cover” and “not letting people shoot you.” They sure do die well, and most seemed determined to make the other guys job as easy as possible by jumping up and presenting an large target. And why aren’t they wearing body armor?

    • 25.1 Ryne

      I know right? Why throw yourself in the line of fire when you could have stalled for more time?!

  26. 26 Lilian

    Lol…I can’t even remember why they names this drama THree days. THey should have just called it something else like Protecting the President! At least Two Weeks and God’s Gift’s titles make more sense =D

  27. 27 Quiet Thought

    We really need a sequel to this drama starring Moon Balloon as a rural cop who gets rushed into detective work too soon because of her fame and has to outsmart a major corporate smuggling ring operating in her district because they think she’s a hick. I see her pwning a chaebol crook every other episode, defeating guys with guns using constable weapons, kimchi pepper sauce, and plenty of attitude.

    • 27.1 Lovely.

      PLEASE. She was so under used here.

      Let’s start an online petition!!

      • 27.1.1 Ivoire

        @ Lovely, yes let’s 🙂

  28. 28 iana

    thanks for the nice recap GF! ^^

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