This lineup has me sold, already. Yoo Ah-in (Secret Love Affair) and Moon Geun-young (Goddess of Fire Jung-yi) have joined the period film Sado, which will be helmed by sageuk film pro Lee Jun-ik (Like the Moon Escaping From Clouds). As previously noted, veteran Song Kang-ho (The Attorney) has been cast in the role of King Yeong-jo — he’s been working at such a breakneck place he had actually planned to take a short break, but when he received the call from Lee Jun-ik, he couldn’t turn the project down.

The movie will cover King Yeong-jo’s reign during the Joseon Dynasty — he was by most accounts a kind and gentle king, and the only blemish on his period of rule is the condemnation of his own son, the Crown Prince Sado, to death. Sado was said to have become increasingly mentally unstable (and subsequently responsible for murders and sexual misconduct), but there are conspiracy theories that he had a sound mind, and was merely painted unstable by those who stood to gain politically from his demise.

Yoo Ah-in, who has been working just as feverishly as his sunbae, is taking on the meaty role of Sado — yes! Equally exciting, Moon Geun-young has signed on as his wife (her first movie since Love Me Not eight years ago), the Crown Princess Hong and the mother of future King Jeong-jo. As the tragic heroine who is forced to give up her husband in order to save her son, the character has more substance than some of her past ones, and she seems to showcase her acting skills better in serious roles versus in lighter ones. I’m looking forward to seeing how all three talented performers play off of each other.

Sado will start filming in the latter half of this year.

Via Star News