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Lee Jung-jin courted for Temptation
by | June 12, 2014 | 49 Comments

Eek, be still my heart. Two of my longtime crushes appearing together on the small screen? I don’t know about you all but my crushes have vintages, and age like fine wine — I may not have as much time to obsess over them these days, what with life happening and newer faces making names for themselves, but they’re still firmly entrenched in my collection and are a source of comfort — when I’m in despair about the up-and-coming hotties in their late teens/early twenties, I know I can always go back and admire the 5+ year vintages.

That’s why I’m happy to hear that Lee Jung-jin (vintage 2007, after Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs) might take on the role opposite Kwon Sang-woo (vintage 2003, after My Tutor Friend) in the upcoming SBS drama Temptation, although I’m less excited about the melodramatic content. We’ve already heard about the plot, which reunites Kwon Sang-woo with Choi Ji-woo (Stairway to Heaven) in Indecent Proposal-like circumstances; now we’re finally getting a tidbit on the second male lead.

Lee Jung-jin’s team confirmed the actor received the script and is seriously considering the role, which would pit him against Kwon Sang-woo as a character who is cold and sharp, yet alluring. Mmhmm, that could totally work. Unfortunately, we don’t know much else, but we do have the update that Yoon Eun-hye (Mirae’s Choice), who was courted to play Kwon Sang-woo’s wife, has turned down the role. That may ultimately be a good sign for this show, as her drama selections over the past few years have left me cold.

I’m sure we’ll have news of a replacement soon, as casting will be finalized this week, and the cast/crew will depart immediately for Hong Kong to begin filming. The Monday-Tuesday show will follow Doctor Stranger on SBS in July, which gives me a few weeks to figure out (if Lee Jung-jin accepts) how to reconcile my desire to watch my two vintages together in action with my resistance against the melo genre.

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49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. javabeans

    Lee Jung-jinnnnn. My love for him dates to circa Scruffy Sweaty Chase Scenes and Fights Handcuffed With Rain, Sometimes In Wet T-Shirts. It’s a real era, folks.

  2. doublen

    Aren’t Yoon Eun-Hye and Lee Jung-jin to big of stars to play second leads? I wouldn’t mind seeing them together in drama of their own.

    • 2.1 G

      I thought if Yoon Eun Hye accepted there were going to be two female leads, her and CJW, rather than one main and one supporting. That’s what I read anyway.

    • 2.2 Chandler

      I know. I would much rather see Lee Jung-Jin in a drama of his own.

      And also, this drama is kind of reminding me of Big Man in that it’s a drama that has all these leads that I reallllllly reallly adore, but the story doesn’t make me want to watch it at allll. Bummer.

    • 2.3 Chandler

      Yeah, I’d rather see him as a lead in something else. Unless he gets his own love line like in Runaway Plan B.

      This drama reminds a lot of Big Man, in that it’s a drama that has all these actors I absolutely love, but have no interest watching if it’s to see them act out a story like this one.

      • 2.3.1 Chandler

        Oops. I can’t believe I did this! But it was taking over 30 min for ALL my comments to show up lol!

        • houstontwin

          Chandler, Don’t feel bad. It is taking longer than it used to for the comments to appear. I am not a techie so I don’t know why. The first time that it happened to me, I also reposted my comment.

    • 2.4 nomad

      Aaaahhhh!! I haven’t been excited about any casting news for a longggggggg time! I’ve always thought he could be Song Jung Ki’s big brother, they look very much alike. Except LJJ is a bigger and older version, which is a huge plus in my book 🙂

  3. Shin Mi Rae

    Jung Jin-AH (vintage: Love Story in Harvard) and Sang Woo Oppa (vintage: Stairway to Heaven)… so much eye candy in one screen…. i just fainted.

  4. Sophia

    Honestly, Kwon Sang Woo’s drama selections over the past few years have also left me cold, so although I’m excited to see Lee Jung Jin in a drama, I’m afraid this will turn out to be a flop.

    • 4.1 Asi

      Same here, his dramas have left cold especially Medical Flop Team.

  5. Dreamingpure

    Um… I hope LJJ will turn it down. I’d rather see him as a lead in another drama. That would be a waste to have him be a second lead against KSW. I love LJJ and KSW.

  6. anne

    Isn’t is a bit unfair to Yoon Eun Hye to say,” That may ultimately be a good sign for this show, as her drama selections over the past few years have left me cold.”

    Her not signing up for this drama does not automatically mean that this is going to a great. All her recent dramas had really great potential but screwed up mid-point through the series. We also need to remember that actors are not given the full script when they are offered to star in a drama in contrast to movies.

    So really, it is not all because of her that a drama tanked.

    • 6.1 frenZy

      exactly what I’m thinking too.

    • 6.2 Chandler

      Preach it, sister.

      I love Yoon Eun-Hye and think that she just keeps drawing the short end of the stick when it comes to dramas. The first 6 episodes of MRC were actually really good, it just went completely downhill after that. I’ve actually understood the logic behind all her drama choices (except for I Miss You, that is) and can see why she would have picked them without knowing how the scripts were going to turn out in the end. I definitely don’t think we can use her turning it down as an indicator of it’s quality.

      • 6.2.1 darling.oday

        yeah, I totally agree. As far as I know, the story plot, undergo several amendments, while the shooting is going on. why blame the stars, they just act out what the story and the director asked them to do, and since it is a contract they can’t do otherwise. besides, it is not only YEH, who suffered a flop, there are lots of them, but YEH seemed to have been singled out, obviously a bias, just my opinion.

        • violet

          she’s always being singled out. Out of all artist, I think this girl is being unfairly singled out the most. If people can criticize her for farting they would do that too.

          Choi Ji Woo has had worse flops than Yoon Eun Hye ex. Star’s Lover 5.3%, Can’t Lose 4.6% and even Strange Housekeepers ratings wasn’t wow worthy even when it went up against awfully written Mirae’s Choice.

    • 6.3 Rushie

      My thoughts exactly. It is through no fault of hers that the writing for Lie To Me and Mi-rae’s Choice were terrible flawed even though I enjoyed the former and refuse to watch the latter. I think she just hasn’t been lucky in drama choices recently. I hope she does a Hong Sisters drama soon, because you apparently can’t go wrong with them.

      • 6.3.1 nomad

        “I hope she does a Hong Sisters drama soon, because you apparently can’t go wrong with them.” –> save for the one drama we can’t mention here in DB, hehehe 😛

        • coffeenlucia

          which coincidentally starred her coffee prince co-star Gong Yoo :PPP

          • Rushie

            But, imagine if she and Gong Yoo re-united in a Hong Sisters’ drama, *gasp* how could that not be epic?

  7. Lilac

    Thank God Yoon Eun-hye turned it down

  8. sogazelle

    Awcoconuts, did you just basically insulted Yoon Eun Hye by implying that since she drop this drama, it is a good drama because she only chooses mediocre ones that essentially fail?

    I hope you are ready for the consequences for your choice of words…..

    • 8.1 Mandy

      She said “That may ultimately be a good sign for this show, as her drama selections over the past few years have left me cold.”

      Basically, it means that for her, she hopes that YEH not taking it up is a good sign and that this drama will not feel empty. Which I agree with wholeheartedly. YEH has had some of the worse written dramas ever. So her choices aren’t ones I’ll back.

      Some folks tend to forget that DB is still a blog and bloggers are still entitled to their opinions.

    • 8.2 Emmy

      I haven’t been excited in anything Yoon Eun Hye did since Goong, so I can kind of get where awcoconuts is coming from. I felt like her acting seems to have regressed in recent years. I actually liked Mirae’s choice and was hoping the quality would stay, but unfortunately it went completely crazy.

      It doesn’t automatically mean this will be a good drama of course, and awcoconuts isn’t implying that.

      On another note. I love Lee Jung-Jin!!! So excited for this drama already and it would be an extra bonus if he takes it!

  9. bebeswtz

    MMMmmmmMmmmMmmmmmm….. Lee Jung Jinnnnnnn…………
    *wipes mouth from drool*
    Ahem, apologies…. Anyways, yay!!! Lee Jung Jin!!! I’ve missed him ever since the end of “Hundred Year Inheritance” ^.^ Although, my love for him dates waaaaaay back to “Love Story In Harvard” and I never watched him in “Fugitive: Plan B” (please don’t hate me!!), he only REALLY started to shine and stick out to me in “Hundred Year Inheritance”, even if, sigh, that drama was “meh” and even “ARGH!!!” at times, he and Eugene had such sweet chemistry that kept me and made me stick to that trainwreck 🙂

  10. 10 getfired

    AWCOCONUTS I JUST LOST MY RESPECT IN YOU. THAT IS ONE BIG INSULT TO YOON EUN HYE. Other writers should have just written this instead of you.

    • 10.1 sulthanah

      I think you need to read Mandy’s explanation above.

    • 10.2 Chandler

      I may disagree with her, but I understand her sentiments and she was the right to her own opinion. It’s true that Yoon Eun-Hye’s dramas have been lacking ever since Coffee Prince. I wouldn’t use her signing on or not as an indicator of a drama’s quality though. That did seem a bit unfair to me.

  11. 11 getfired


  12. 12 Carmelia

    tq JB,

    Whoah ! two veteran actors in a drama,

    choi ji woo and Kim Hee Sun would be perfect for their

    roles in Temptation .

    • 12.1 aX

      Omg yes! Kim Hee Sun would be a good choice too but doesn’t she have a drama right now?! I mentioned below the following actresses:

      If there’s two leads:
      – Son Ye Jin
      – Moon Chae Won

      2nd leads:
      – Han Ji Hye
      – Im Soo Huang
      – So Yi Hyun

      • 12.1.1 aX

        Forgot to add one more under the “If there’s two leads” category… Su Ae. She worked with both actors.

        I also meant Im Soo Hyang. Stupid auto correct!

  13. 13 anais

    Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Jung Jin reunited after Once Upon A Time in High School.


  14. 14 Junjunpyo

    Haaaaaaaaaaaa they have to make it happen !! I had to Watch all the 50 épisodes of A Hundred year of inheritance just to Watch himm every week on my laptop !! Summer is gonna be good.
    Fangirling to much ??? Don’t care loool

  15. 15 korfan

    This suddenly got more interesting.

  16. 16 dearly

    I really liked YEH back in Goong days. But her drama selections recently has really made me put her off my radar.

    As for Lee Jung-jin, I just hope that if he did accept his role, it’ll be better than that drama he did w/ Eugene (ugh, hated that drama and it actually won an award for best storyline, I believe.)

  17. 17 Nodramaplease

    Awcoconuts has a right to her opinions. It’s true that I also enjoyed Miraes Choice but her latest dramas has fizzled due to the writers fault.I feel bad for the actors and actresses that have to live down after a failed or disappointed ending. They look bad at the end but I can understand the sentiment because it leaves us viewers disappointed.
    So, give awcoconuts a break.

    • 17.1 JJ

      i just saw one epis & did not continue though i like both LDG & Yoon, cldnt stand it really! 🙁

  18. 18 Nodramaplease

    I was also disappointed in the way Miraes Choice failed with lack of direction and its final conclusion.
    We get to chime into DB because they can be honest about how they feel. We won’t always agree with their point of views. If a drama can bring many opinions, that is great.
    Be appreciative and supportive of the writers because they do this because they too are passionate about their dramas!

  19. 19 aX

    Omg! YES YES YES to Lee Hung Jin!!! Now imagine if Su-Ae agrees to replace YEH and reunite her w Lee Jung Jin. I loved them in 9 End 2 Outs! If not her, I would love LOVE the likes of Son Ye Jun or Moon Chase Won but I can’t see them agree to playing 2nd lead roles…. and they don’t need to.be playing 2nd leads either. We can be hopeful though!

    How about Han Ji Hye, Im Soo Hyang, or So Yi Hyun!?

    • 19.1 aX

      Oops! I meant Son Ye Jin, Moon Chae Won. Stupid auto correct.

      • 19.1.1 bebeswtz

        Awwww Moon Chae Won =) I love her

  20. 20 Fab

    Nooooo, he should reunite with Soo Ae! Pleaseeeee

  21. 21 emily

    well great, now I’m going to have to watch this. Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs is one of my favourite dramas ever, and hyung tae one of my favourite male leads ever. Agree it would be great to have soo ae involved somehow with this.. I mean with all the reunions currently going on why not that one?

  22. 22 girlatsea

    Omgshh that is one great picture *fans self*. YES to drama comeback but NO to this one. Not really feeling melos these days, especially bad ones. And wasn’t the writer one of the Dr. Jin writers? ;;;

    Can he pls do a rom-com?? It’s been waay too long since 9 End 2 Outs (I’m sorry couldn’t sit through more than 2 episodes of that mess of drama hundred Year Inheritance). Seriously feels like centuries ago.

    • 22.1 aX

      I only watched One Hundred Years Inheritance in hopes the romance will pick up but it…. never… did.

  23. 23 supergal

    got many crushes but i’ll name 2 for now & he’s definitely one of them since Love Story in Harvard & my other one wld be Kim suk hoon who’s maturely handsome! 🙂

    • 23.1 blumun

      i like kim suk hoon too since tomato drama, he’s ageless & def one of my top crushes, LJJ of course since 9 ends drama; another crush wld be song seung hyun! they’re all my type! 🙂

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