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Fated To Love You: Episode 13
by | August 13, 2014 | 211 Comments

Thank the drama heavens that this episode is filled with such sweet moments that I might get a cavity from the sugar overload. But just like any cavity, those saccharine moments are paired with some emotional beats that reminds us of the all-too-recent pain. At least I’m not the only person longing for sweet things in this hour, as we watch Gun jump through all kinds of hoops to at least be in the vicinity of the one gem of a woman who’s returned as an even brighter star in his sky.

If you can believe it, Fated To Love You secured first place at 11.5%. Joseon Gunman hit 11.1%, and It’s Okay, It’s Love came in at 9.8%.


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We open with a man relaxing in a bubble-filled bathtub, and he takes a baby in his hands afterwards. Giving the infant a kiss, the man (cameo by Park Joon-hyung of g.o.d.) delivers his lines about the body shampoo and sends another wink to the camera.

The director calls cut wraps up the commercial shoot, ignoring Yong’s feeble protests to get a better take. Just then, someone snaps their fingers and a familiar voice calls out, “Hold it.” It’s Gun, who saunters into the set, rapping along to the song “To My Mother.” (Another meta-moment: Jang Hyuk also appeared in the music video here.)

Gun takes it upon himself to teach the celebrity how to hold the infant properly so that it feels comfortable in his arms. Ha, this reminds me of the time when Gun acted as a midwife and knew all the things about childbirth. Has he kept up with pre- and postnatal care in the past three years?

Gun introduces himself to Park Joon-hyung before calling out orders on set, all with a hearty laugh and wide smile. When he meets up with Manager Tak downstairs, he assures him that he’s never threatened to cancel any kind of contract these past three years, let alone terminated one.

We’re also given a familiar re-introduction to Mi-young: running with coffee in both hands into a building where gallery exhibition preparations are underway. Daniel oversees the production, and when a staff member points out one particular painting (entitled “le soupir” or “miss/longing” from the Korean) depicting a child gesturing a snail with its hands, he says the artist likely treasures this one the most.

Daniel suppresses a smile when the staff curiously asks when the artist, Ellie Kim, will arrive, his eyes fixed on Mi-young. It’s sweet how Mi-young offers a drink to everyone, including the janitor ajumma, before she’s introduced as the artist in question and the star of the exhibition.

Gun meets with Doctor Moon at the hospital, and notes how the doc is one of the people he sees most frequently these days. It rather seems like his devil-may-care attitude about his health is a front to ward off everyone else’s concern, though he still listens intently at hearing his latest test results have come back clean.

As of now, it seems like his genetic disease is lying dormant, and Gun will need to make sure not to let any triggers set it off. He’s even adopted a realistic perspective on death, but is slightly annoyed that he should have a special someone in his life.

Speaking of which, Grandma Wang is busy looking at marriage candidates for Gun over at Lee Manor. HA, are those all pictures of Jang Nara? That. Is. Awesome. But rather than a prestigious background, Grandma is more interested in someone who has pride in her roots and puts others before themselves.

Ji-yeon, who’s in charge of this selection, offhandedly remarks: “What if you just brought Mi-young back?” Heh. Grandma Wang says she couldn’t possibly hope for someone as perfect as Mi-young again. Aww, I love that she truly adored her granddaughter-in-law. And while she entertains the notion of sending Gun on a romantic trip overseas, Mama Yong swipes one of the candidate’s portfolios.

In the car, Daniel puts out his hand which Mi-young takes. Are you two an item now? That only lasts for a few seconds though, since Daniel is told to pay attention to the road. Using his hand like a mic, he interviews Mi-young on how it feels to return to Korea.

She says she thought that a lot would change, but it feels like not much has. Daniel jokingly takes offense to that, saying that he’s by her side now. Have you moved out of being friend-zoned and neighborhood oppa now?

Gun picks up Se-ra after one of her students’ performances. Suffice it to say, she’s a teacher now, and Gun laughs cheerily at the mound of presents from her own fanclub. He asks if she regrets quitting ballet, but she seems pretty happy, and if anything, they seem to be on friendly terms.

He gladly helps her fasten a necklace given to her by her fans, and of course, that’s the moment Daniel and Mi-young arrive at the same restaurant. Mi-young’s the only one who spots the other duo, though the sight is enough to distract her during her meeting about working in Korea.

Both Daniel and Mi-young are caught off-guard when they’re asked about future marriage plans, though Daniel says he’s been giving hints about his feelings towards Mi-young. I don’t think a three-second hand-holding really counts, but Imma throw you a bone anyway.

When Gun drops Se-ra off, he declines her invite to hang out this weekend, citing personal business. They tease each other on their (absent) love lives: he says she can have her pick among the men lining out the door to date her; she says he must have forgotten the basics in dating.

Mom closes up shop at her little restaurant and sends the rest of the family home. She keeps a close eye on the clock as she whips some food for a special kind of regular: Gun. Has he kept in touch with Mom all these years? I’m both moved and near tears — it may have been years in this dramaverse, but the pain still feels so fresh.

She makes a fuss about how he visits so frequently, even though she loves that he does, and Gun asks if Mom’s sneaking in meds in the food. They bicker back and forth like a real mother and son while he eats, and he tells Mom (whom he affectionately calls “Lady Lettuce Wrap”) that she looks a decade younger.

It’s sweet and heartbreaking how Gun lingers outside for as long as he can until Mom finally chases him out. He keeps offering to drive her home, only for Mom to refuse, and it’s only when he finally does leave does she sigh at how he can’t ask her the burning questions on his mind.

But her frown turns into joyous surprise when Mi-young appears with Daniel from around the corner moments later. Mother and daughter share a happy reunion, and the trio heads home together. Which means that when Gun doubles back to drop off his present for Mom, he finds the restaurant closed.

Mi-young’s family is in awe at home over how sophisticated and successful Mi-young is nowadays, though she downplays a relationship with Daniel. President Park kills the mood by how Gun seriously lost out with his chance with Mi-young, and Mom momentarily flusters when Daniel calls her “Mother.”

Gun arrives home to a spread of marriage candidates, which he notes looks like a snail collection. He smiles at Grandma’s threatening note to hurry up and get married, and then retreats into his man cave, where… he’s kept all the nursery items.

Evidently Gun has kept up with Mi-young’s success as an artist, smiling at the program of her upcoming gallery exhibition. “Our snail’s become really great,” he remarks. “Keddong-ah, Mommy’s really cool, isn’t she?” Is it just me or are those tears building in his eyes?

Much to Grandma’s displeasure, Gun refuses to go on any seons (blind dates with the intention of marriage), then turns to his half-brother Yong to hurry up and get married. Pfft, it cracks up that he calls Yong “Dragon.”

Mama Yong jumps on making the most of that offhand remark in her meeting with the Lee clan head elder, because while Gun has won over the shareholders by throwing himself into his work, Yong could establish himself by getting married and producing an heir.

Gun checks into his hotel for a business trip, and is none too pleased to be given a different room than he specifically planned because another guest has already checked in. Hilariously, he’s told that he’ll be staying in Room 2009 and not Room 2006… because that’s where Mi-young’s staying.

Staring blankly at the number, she sighs, “Why did it have to be Room 2006?” She checks if the last digit is movable. Hahaha.

And as luck would have it, Gun’s room just happens to be directly across the hall. I’ll laugh if that “9” will swing directions.

After the gallery opening, Mi-young sits down for an interview with a few reporters. She hopes that her work will bring joy and happiness to women who are hurting, and express a happy, confident woman receiving love. She makes a slight mention of a painful time in her life, and how someone encouraged her to pursue art to heal that emotional pain. Lastly, she laughs off the question about her personal romantic life.

Meanwhile, Gun has his own Gollum/Smeagol crisis in his hotel room, debating on whether he should go to Mi-young’s gallery exhibition or not. Gollum Gun: “Can I really go?” Smeagol Gun: “Why can’t we? It’s just a cultural experience.” It’s hilarious how Gun’s inner turmoil builds with each passing second:

Gollum Gun: “But what if we cross paths? Have you got a plan?”
Smeagol Gun: “I’m Gun. You think I’d go without one? Listen up, you fool.”
Gollum Gun: “Right, you’re Gun. What are you going to do! Tell me!”
Smeagol Gun: “Just you know, we meet and naturally exchange greetings. ‘It’s been a while,’ ‘Good to see you,’ ‘Have you been well?'”
Gollum Gun: “Is that it? Is that really it?”
Smeagol Gun: “Then I say I came to see the paintings!”

After all of that, Gun decides to head back to Seoul, taking his suitcase. But then we see him lingering outside of Mi-young’s art exhibition anyway. Then Gun musters up the courage and throws on a pair of shades before he slinks and tumbles towards the door.

Ha, I’m glad to see that Gun’s spy moves have gotten better over the years, though they’re still ridiculous and obvious and topped off with the Inspector Gadget soundtrack. His jealous pettiness hasn’t changed either, because once he sees a floral arrangement sent from Daniel, he promptly calls in an even bigger order. Like the BIGGEST.

Gun literally swings in to pay for the flowers (one line reads “Your No. 1 fan forever”), then places the mammoth arrangement right next to Daniel’s. LOL.

Gun skulks down the gallery doing his best to remain unseen (but it totally seen). He spots Mi-young next to Daniel and mutters under his breath that while he’s grateful Daniel looked after Mi-young in France, Daniel better remain as a friendly oppa and nothing more.

He sighs, then acts as bodyguard to Mi-young’s works, chasing people away when they so much as touch the canvas. He prides himself as the first person who recognized Mi-young for her artistic talent, then his eyes fall upon the “le soupir” painting.

Hearing that the artist values this work the most, Gun realizes the similarities between this portrait and the Keddongie mug. He expresses his interest to purchase the painting immediately.

After Mi-young returns to the gallery with her entire family in tow, she’s both surprised and devastated to see her prized painting sold off so quickly. Daniel assures her that he’ll look into the buyer and try to cancel the sale, but Mi-young insists to speak to that person herself.

So Mi-young calls the contact number later that evening, and Gun quickly adopts a female voice (since he left a woman’s name behind) and hangs up before she can get a word in. They continue the conversation via text, where Mi-young expresses her gratitude and apologies to cancel the sale.

She says that work was never meant to be sold, to which Gun replies that he really likes the one he bought. She offers to exchange it with any other painting, and he answers with a petty no. He deflects her attempts to speak on the phone about it, and she says she’ll be waiting at the hotel bar downstairs to meet in person. He says he’ll be in touch later.

With that, both Mi-young and Gun exit their hotel rooms at staggering times for their schedules that evening.

Back in Seoul, Yong is on a blind date who’s eager to hear the possibility that he could run Jangin Chemicals one day. She asks what kind of woman he’d like to marry, and Yong answers, “A woman who is small and weak, but makes me want to depend on her. A woman whose soft heart you can see even if her bright eyes are hidden behind round glasses. A woman who makes me cry inside even with her whispers.” Pfffft, are you talking about Mi-young?

However, the one who hears this is a very upset Ji-yeon, who marches up to the duo. As the Temptation of Wife OST plays in the background, Yong tells her not to make a scene because this is family on the line. Ji-yeon says it doesn’t matter because she’s crazy in love with him. Ji-yeon runs off, leaving Yong with physical emotional pain. Haha.

Gun arrives downstairs in time to see Mi-young sharing congratulatory drinks of champagne with her staff. He hops into an egg-shaped chair to remain unseen, only to pop out again when they rally for Mi-young and Daniel to share in a love shot.

He all but collapses right then and there when they do, but then trips moments later and falls flat on his face. I kinda like that this hour is dedicated to Gun being a bumbling fool and pining after Mi-young.

Gun stays close by the bar though, making snide remarks to seeing Daniel stick so close by Mi-young’s side. He notices that she isn’t wearing glasses anymore and takes a moment to stare at her pretty face. Aw.

He nearly chokes on his drink at overhearing the question of Daniel and Mi-young’s marriage plans. Mi-young gives a non-committal answer, and Gun turns to his neighbor, all, What’s so bad about being single and alone?

He gets so worked up over the question about their first kiss that he unknowingly draws attention to himself by banging a tumbler, then plays off the moment as drunken ramblings of a Chinese guest—loudly introducing himself as Jang Hyuk. HAHAHA.

But Mi-young and Daniel haven’t had their first kiss yet, so Daniel suggests that they do it here and now. He claims to be serious about it and takes her hand, despite Mi-young’s attempts to laugh off the matter. So Daniel draws Mi-young towards him, slowly leans in for a passionate kiss, as Gun freaks out at the bar.

But of course Gun’s imagination has run away with him again because he wakes up at the bar to see Daniel whisper something in her ear instead. “Did you think I’d have our first kiss in a place like this? For whose benefit?” he asks teasingly.

Gun hurriedly sends a text to Mi-young about that painting, which does the trick to draw her away. So Mi-young waits at the park, stopping any woman in hopes that’s who she’s looking for. Not too far off, Gun sits on a bench.

He asks if she’s here, which she says yes. (Omg, Gun—did you already save her on your phone as “Sweet ♥ Peng-ie”?) He apologizes that he won’t be able to meet her after all. Mi-young replies that it’s too bad, since one’s health trumps their meeting and hopes that they can stay in touch. Still the same ol’ considerate Mi-young.

And now we see Gun sitting beside Mi-young, vocalizing their text conversation aloud. He asks what’s so special about that painting that Mi-young, no, she as an artist would treasure it so. It holds genuine meaning to her and is her first painting, but more importantly, the painting is like her family and other self. “Family? Other self?” he repeats.

Mi-young: “In all my life, it’s my brightest, most precious, and a gem of a memory I don’t ever want to forget.”
Gun:: “Isn’t now your brightest and precious moment in your life?”
Mi-young: “Now is good, too… but it pales in comparison to that memory.”

Mi-young catches herself at that moment, wondering why she’s blathering on to a customer. When she takes a look at her surroundings, Gun is already gone.

Gun reflects over Mi-young’s words while downing shots of soju. He drunkenly slurs in awe of how Mi-young would think positively about their time together whereas he believes all he did was hurt her.

Back in her room, Mi-young takes out the Keddongie journal and is interrupted by a loud banging and kicks to enter her room. As expected, it’s Gun, who yells at the door saying that he always stays in this room, unable to understand why his keycard won’t work.

He keeps banging on the door, so Mi-young calls down to the front desk about the disturbance. She inches towards the door cautiously and grabs a heel to use for defense while Gun drunkenly screams “Open sesame!” from the other side of the door.

Those cries soon turn into “Open dalpeng-ah!” but Mi-young is too concentrated on bracing herself to hear that properly. She opens the door and falls into Gun’s arms before they both fall to the ground.

Both look at each other with surprised expressions, and Gun asks why she’s coming out of his room. Mi-young: “But this is my room.” Gun repeats: “But this is my room.”


Firstly, thank goodness for a lighthearted episode after a most angst-filled pair of episodes last week. I don’t know what I would’ve done if we had to go through the hellish emotional wringer some more at this point. All I can say is that when it comes to Fated To Love You, the emotional highs had to come with lower lows—because Gun was built up in such a positive light and just so perfect, then his downfall had to come swiftly and make him look like the most awful man of the hour. Even if that meant hearing him speak mean words and seeing him act distant to Mi-young (gee thanks, Noble Idiocy—you go take your seat now) despite knowing that doing so pained him. You’re better than all those drama heroes, and you could’ve just been less of a jerk about it, Gun, ‘s all I’m sayin’.

Even though it’s been a three-year skip in this drama’s timeline, it’s been less than a week for the rest of us to cope with the aftermath. Frankly, that made it difficult to laugh at the much-needed comedy at the top of the hour because the scars still felt so fresh—seeing those similarly-played moments from the beginning of the series felt like reopening fresh wounds. Although I’m still wrestling with all of these differing emotions, I have to hand it to the show to find ways to make me laugh anyway. And that’s no easy task for a show with a few more weeks on air (Fated is 20 episodes).

So now it’s redemption time for Gun if he’s got a shot at winning Mi-young back. All of those tiny what-could’ve-been throwaway lines help us establish how he’s become an even-more improved Gun. He hasn’t threatened to terminate a business contract at a whim, has visited Mom at her restaurant (even if it’s in secret), and most importantly—he hasn’t forgotten about either Mi-young or Keddongie. I’d worried about the last bit the most, because I’d wondered how much Gun was affected by the loss. And if there was ever a moment that assured us that Keddongie’s loss still pains him, it was when he was moved by the painting of what I assume would have been Keddongie, and then bought it.

Because Gun and Mi-young’s separation was so painful, there were times I sort of took sadistic pleasure in seeing how hard Gun worked in this hour to appease Mi-young, even if she never knew that it would be him (see: giant flower arrangement). He’s gone through the mental gymnastics of building up that moment of when they would meet again that I find it borderline funny that those thoughts would lead up to him being a drunken mess when he ran into Mi-young again. Not quite the better or more impressive way to meet her again, I’d imagine.

It’s nice to see that Gun and Se-ra were able to remain friends (and that Se-ra moved on with her career as well), though the bigger question mark is what’s going on between Daniel and Mi-young. It’s clear that Daniel still has feelings for her and also that Mi-young appreciates his company…. but that whole topic about marriage just has her skirt away. C’mon Daniel — you had three years with Mi-young in Paris of all places, and you still couldn’t sweep her off her feet?

And speaking of Mi-young, I love that even in her blossoming successful career, she’s still the same sweet soul we came to love in the first place. She’s still considerate of others and thoughtful, and even after such great emotional pain, she can look back upon her time with Gun as a bright and precious memory. So while their reunion may not be what either of them expected, sometimes people need a little magic to bring them back together. What happens afterward is up to them ’cause sometimes people just have to make their own destiny.


211 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kristaa

    at looooooong last.. this week has been very very looooong 😂😂

    • 1.1 kookicookie

      Is it creepy to anyone else that the show is taking great lengths to make it known to us that Mi Young is Daniel’s sister while keeping him painfully in the dark about it? I wish it had just bitten the bullet and had him realize that she was his long lost sister before the time jump. I skipped over most of their scenes together in this episode because of this.

      • 1.1.1 Kristaa

        Kim Miyoung is not Daniel’s sister (JNR character) if I’m not mistaken. I’m not gonna say anything else coz I’m not the spoiler type

        • Rinturiel

          Yeah, it’s a diversion, ’tis all I’m saying.

          • MoniRosa

            I think Daniel’s sister might be Se-ra because in another episode they show a scar on her shoulder and Daniel said her sister would have a scar from an accident when she was a child.

      • 1.1.2 Minihaha

        Ermmmh, Mi Young is not his sister, Why do you think that?

        If you rewatch the episodes when Daniel was on Yeol island looking for his sister and interviewing the nurse and then watch further episodes along, you will see/guess who his sister is as the drama made sure to show us the viewer this matter, with lots of clues.

        I suggest you watch every scene in this amazing show otherwise you will miss out on important hints, subtle emotions. beacuse this show does not forget all the little finite details to give you a true picture of every character and their behavior.

        Daniel is not creepy, he is lovestruck, unrequited love, oneside love for Mi Young, he can’t help himself fall in love with her, even though he probably knows deep down that he doesn’t stand a chance!

        Don’t freak out about the creep out, coz there is none to be creeped out about, the writers are amazing in this show, so don’t be frightened, nothing to fear, just enjoy the show.

      • 1.1.3 meighy

        They’ve made it clear that Mi-young remembers her childhood, and Daniel’s sister was old enough that she would at least know she was adopted even if she didn’t remember Daniel. Daniel was drawing his sister as a child, so he knows what she looked like then at least, and I don’t think he ever though Mi Young might be his sister. He’s so desperate to find her that if there was any chance Mi Young was his sister he would have jumped on it. So I don’t think Mi Young can be his sister. But I think the sister is probably why Daniel was so caring before he fell for Mi Young.

      • 1.1.4 DramaQueen

        You mean Se-Ra? Seriously don’t care about her enough for her to appear again. It doesn’t nothing to the storyline whether Daniel finds his sister or not!

      • 1.1.5 Drama Queen

        You mean Se-Ra? Seriously don’t care about her enough to have her in the story still. Doesn’t add or subtract from the storyline if Daniel never finds his sister!

      • 1.1.6 sophia

        the writer’s have given a few hints about who Daniel’s real sister is. rewatch episode 9.

      • 1.1.7 Jazz

        Yeah. I’ve seen the original. She is not his sister. In fact, they hinted at who it was in an earlier episode. If you go back and read a few recaps, you’ll see that it was pointed out. I won’t say anything else though as to not spoil it for you.

        • kookicookie

          Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys!

    • 1.2 Awe


      what a freakishly (word?) loooooong week.

      seriously, this drama has me p*-whipped. i watch other shows and meh– they are nothing more than just “time fillers” until the next Fated installment upon my heart and the speed of light recaps by gummimochi.

      imma mess. this is not the ‘normal’ me. sigh.

      i really wish i knew of a way to thank show for being SHOW besides merely watching and commenting.

      thank you, SHOW.

      thank you, Gummimochi.

      i love you and/but/because (?) you’re killing me with the weekly intervals. thank you very much.

  2. AnOpinion

    Well-deserved top place in ratings! For those who abandoned the drama after the amnesia and noble idiocy tropes, this is a slap in your face. FTLY is absolutely fantastic and this episode epitomizes that. Well done to the writer for delivering such a fun episode to kick off the second act of the series 😀

    • 2.1 osmanthus tea

      I moped so much after reading last week’s recaps that I didn’t even get round to finishing the episodes until last night, because I was hoping for things to take a better turn with MY back. So glad I caught this. Faith restored in the team!

    • 2.2 anya

      Their ratings top spot is soooooo long overdue! I’m glad they are finally getting the love.

      • 2.2.1 Curioser and Curiosor

        ‼︎ ✌︎ ♡ Ditto! ♡ ✌︎ ‼︎

        [*doin’ the ‘Happy Whale Dance’ debuted by Secretary Jang*]

        ‼︎ ✌︎ ♡ ☼ ♡ ✌︎ ‼︎

    • 2.3 Lizzy

      Yep, I am so glad FTLY is on the top, these writers and the whole FTLY team is awesome. I am so glad there is 7 more episodes left and thank you dramaheaven for this series. I was depressed last week after the emotional toll from this series, then Marriage Not Dating was emotional too, and It’s Okay, it’s Love was also a downer…. I am glad to see the turn of events and can’t wait for today’s FTLY episode. Thank you Gummimochi for the recap!!! ps Jang Hyuk cracks me up…so perfect comedic timing and so freaking HOT 🙂

    • 2.4 Awe



      all of us in Texas are totally /backflip over this drama—we supported each other through the amnesia only to toss tequila shots over the outcome…just wish Fated cast+production+writers+support knew how much we LOVE THE HELL OUT OF THIS SHOW.


  3. Z

    1) Daniel is a creep. He makes me so uncomfortable. But I still love his smirk.

    2) Literally nothing happened in this episode until the final 30 seconds but I would still watch it 15 times over just to see that scene between Gun and Mom again. The sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. They are my new OTP. I just want to see them happy together.

    3) On a related note, I love how Mom is loyal to Gun in the face of all Creepy Daniel’s trying to weasel into the family.

    4) Even though there was very little forward motion tonight, this episode was hilarious. Great job writers!

    5) I love how Gun knows exactly what Mi Young has been up to instead of her falling into the Study Abroad Vortex where you leave the country and nobody in Korea is ever able to find you again.

    6)Mi Young, it’s ok to tell people that you and Daniel aren’t dating. I don’t understand why she’s playing coy about that. Is she so grateful to him that she feels guilty shutting him down?

    7) As much as I miss Gun’s hair flip, I have to admit that his new do is melting my computer screen

    • 3.1 the other kay

      i second that. i was so sad to see his beautiful hair go away but he is looking mighty fine in this episode with those well fitted suits.

    • 3.2 Reena

      Oh my goodness… I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!! I literally cried when Gun visited MY’s mom and how their relationship still feels like family. You an totally twll how ahe still cant let go of her former son in law when Daniel addressed her as “omoni”.

      I feel that MY treats Daniel like a friendly oppa. She prolly knows how Daniel feels about her but I guess she feels indebted to him that she tries to be warm towards him without giving him any romantic feelers.

      There were sooo many hilarious scenes. Korean FTLY is waaay better than the original version. I want to hug writer-nim!!!

    • 3.3 windsun33

      #6 is a huge YES.

      The only moment I got one of those ‘GRRR” feelings was when all the people at the party did that usual “Massive Leap to Unfounded Conclusions” thing about them getting married.

      I think the reason she does not just tell him is because.. well, she is Mi-Young, and hates to hurt or embarrass anyone, especially in front of others. But I also agree with what others have said that Daniel is starting to look a bit like a creepy stalker.

    • 3.4 panda

      I love your #5 and #7. Echoed my thoughts perfectly.

      Right now,I can’t even comment. All I know is I needed this ep after the last 2.

      Will come back later

    • 3.5 Rushie

      You know what I says to Daniel Oppa? I says, ‘come Daniel, I shall build you a mansion in the friendzone. If it ain’t happen in 3 years, it ain’t never gon happen. You can move in next door to MND’s Yeo-reum.’

      • 3.5.1 Z

        Perfect! They would make great bros. All lonely and delusional and whatnot.

    • 3.6 Chiisan

      I love Gun, but how could Daniel be a creep? Granted, he’s a bit hopelessly in love, but he’s the person who’s been there for Miyoung at her darkest time. Thanks to him, Miyoung’s learned that life is so much more than just being a mother.

      • 3.6.1 naos

        It’s the way he’s still trying to get MY to go out with him after her being uninterested…for 3 years. And the way he takes advantage of MY’s aversion to making a situation awkward to push this “we’re totally in love” narrative on his own. The way, before the timeskip, he looked at a married person going through a really difficult time and decided the thing to do was dump a confession on her and then nag her about not responding to it.

        He doesn’t come across as creepy to me exactly, just selfish.

        • My3Gs

          I am of two minds about Daniel. Besides the fact that he’s tall, good-looking, gentle-hearted and kind, I am of one-mind about that part.

          But on one hand, I feel for him. He’s pitiable in that he sincerely loves this woman that he must know in his heart of hearts does not feel the same way about him. He has to 눈치봐 a lot – tip-toeing around her fragile emotional state at first, and later, trying to read how much affection he can show without pushing her away? Are familiar sights & places in Korea going to open old wounds? How to get MiYoung’s mom to like him, etc.

          On the other hand, I wouldn’t go so far as calling him a creep (maybe because as twisted as it is, I can sort of see his position, and because the Show portrays him as sympathetic character), but I’m also annoyed with Daniel because he knows MiYoung doesn’t love him back, yet he takes advantage of their friendship and her people-pleasing nature to 매달려 (hang on to her).

          His comments to reporters about how he’s been been hinting about his feelings to her (about marriage), trying to win over her mom, suggesting they have their first kiss in front of the gallery staff when they were chanting (even if it was a joke), are all ways he sort of bullies her and pressures her, gently and indirectly as it may be, into giving in to him. It’s kind of gross, and I don’t like it.

          I would say the one thing keeping Daniel from tipping over into creep territory is that the Show at least still has us believing he genuinely cares for MiYoung and her feelings, too. His real want is that she would truly love him back and that he would be the one to make her happy, rather than wanting to have her no matter the cost & even at the expense of her happiness.

          • Reena

            Omg I was so uncomfortable during that scene at the bar when daniel was indirectly suggestng that they should kiss. Ive had that happen to me before. I was on a date with this guy and he kept on suggesting that we should kiss. I was like, “dude, gtfo”. Good thing he didnt force me when I firmly said no.

  4. Toonnoot

    There’s an error/typo. Joseon Gunman is at 11.1%.

  5. Z

    7) Did Yong change his name? Didn’t he go by his Mom’s surname before? Does this mean that Gun has accepted him? I hope so; he’s not so bad.

    8) I love how everyone in the family is looking for a girl like Mi Young.

    • 5.1 windsun33

      #8. Yup, that was hilarious. It seems like she has everyone on her side, which makes me feel a lot happier for her after all she has gone through.

    • 5.2 Marina

      In a not so distant past they all reduced Mi Young to nothing, destroyed her and now “everyone is looking for a girl like Mi Young”?! Yeah! Let’s give them a medal for that. Or not.

      • 5.2.1 Z

        What are you talking about? Granny had always loved Mi Young and been on her side and she won Yong over pretty early on. It’s only crazy Mistress who was constantly out to get her anf she’s consistent in that.

        I think it’s commendable that they know what a good girl they lost. I was afraid that they only wanted her for the baby abs would turn on her after the she lost it.

        • Marina

          And what, exactly, did grandma do to save her when it counted? Oh, I forgot. In Dramaland, you get a medal for simply not abusing a daughter-in-law physically or mentally. The only decent human I see around Mi Young is Daniel. 😛

          • Z

            When did she not defend Mi Young? The only time that I can think of is at that uppity party. But, from the best we can tell, she wasn’t even in the room at the time. She’s the one who called Gun out on his poor treatment of Mi Young at the beginning of the marriage; she’s the one who told him forget about work and go make things right with her after the Divorce Agreement Blow Up. No, she didn’t stop her from leaving after the miscarriage, but there is only so much you can do with two consenting adults who have made up their minds. Grandma’s been pretty awesome on all counts.

  6. delurkingforthemoment

    Yay! FTLY finally got first place in the ratings game! Slowly but surely is the motto of our Snail couple!

    This episode was definitely reminiscent of the earlier episodes with the room numbers (2006&2009) and just the overall wackiness of our (stalker) Gun. MY is still uri lovable snail and it’s awesome to see that she’s still humble and kind towards others but more confident in herself and has a successful career now.

    Gun’s scene with MY’s omma was just really sad in that you could see how beneath his bold laugh and carefree attitude, he was hurting and lonely. He looked like he wanted to ask MY’s omma news about MY but just couldn’t bring himself to do so.

    Also the drinking scene where he was feeling guilty because MY described her memories of Gaedong-ah and Gun as a precious gem, he scoffed at that and said that all he ever left her was scars and the emotions that you could see in his face and reflected in his eyes was just… A poignant scene and well delivered by JH. #themFEELS

    Also, am I glad that Gun and Se-ra are only friends now. At least she backed off when she saw how Gun’s heart is forever Mi Young’s.

    Daniel in this episode was just urgh.. His romantic advances was awkward to watch since MY didn’t look too receptive. (That’s cuz her heart is totally Gunnie’s!!)

    Also during the part where MY fell onto Gun while clutching that really sharp stiletto, you could see JNR start to crack up as she fell into JH. Ahahaha! At least they are still having fun even if the filming is tiring. (Also who wouldn’t feel giddy falling into JH’s arms? LOL) Fighting FTLY cast & crew!

  7. yoadrian

    Head over heels.

    I want to ride my bike drunkenly around the city while belting out a song because of this drama.

    Daniel – You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You?

    Sera-I’m sorry but I really think you should be stuck in an elevator for days.

    KMY and Gun – So much fun, you should both be a ride at Disneyland.

    • 7.1 aisuzieya

      lordy thats exactly how i feel abt the drama right now. i just want to shout out from the tallest rooftop or mountain of how awesome this show IS to the world!

      and im glad they get the 1st place in the ratings race, tho i dont give a rats @$$ abt the ratings, at least good ratings will boost the motivation level of the crews and actors. win win for everyone.

    • 7.2 Awe


      excellent post!

      i just have to wonder if SHOW knows how cray-cray they are making us Americans.

      we live for SHOW.

      we want MOAR.

      just hoping they find a way to get an extension…just saying. i already WANT AN EXTENSION of this drama!

      lol. thanks for your post.

  8. Jgi

    So much feels from this episode from MY’s mom serving food to Geon to the text convo. I’m so happy that they topped the ratings!

  9. Altari

    Thank you for the quick recap. This has been a LONG week. I was pleasantly surprised that I found myself laughing a lot during this episode. After the episode from hell I was afraid that it would FTLY would go fully melo.
    Jang Hyuk is just awesome.
    I love that MY’s mother refuses to be called mother, like that term is reserved for Gun.

    • 9.1 Altari

      Forgot to add I loved that commercial scene. Something about hot men gently holding babies gets me everytime. Where did Gun learn how to hold babies though? He was afraid of dropping MY’s nephew.

      • 9.1.1 locturne

        That “papa baby” line pretty much killed me 30 seconds into the episode! ^^

        • flopsy

          me too! the commercial scene is my favorite! i love how the writers were so thoughtful as to even name the baby jae min. g.o.d. used to be be on a baby show where they took care of a baby of the same name. thank you writer-nim for the meta! now going off to see if there are still youtube videos of that reality show….

  10. 10 Julie

    They met at the end of the episode! Hurrah! 😀

    My favorite part throughout this whole episode is Gun watching over MiYoung. He’s making so much of an effort to love her from afar, and it’s just a tear jerker and a hilarious comedy all mashed up. This show draws out these emotions so well…
    Anyway, he’s lovable again. But I hope that in the future, instead of banging on someone’s door aggressively, you would gently knock and directly ask to be let in, metaphorically speaking…
    MiYoung, keep being your sweet self; don’t give Daniel mixed, confusing signs (I’m preeeetty sure introducing a man to your family means you’ve kissed already, but that’s just me… T-T); and open that door for Gun with a forgiving heart~

    Although the sadistic part of me wants the Daniel-MiYoung pairing to last a little longer, I’m hoping the obstacles will just bring out our snail couple that much stronger! 🙂

    • 10.1 Julie

      Just a side note, JangHyuk with sunglasses looks like Ji JinHee to me… not that he needed anything to make him more swoon worthy…. OTL

      Oh, and the name Gun gave MiYoung on his phone (Sweet ♥ Peng-ie) is a play on words. The Korean words for “sweet” and “snail” are Ddalkeomhan (or DdalDdalhan) and DdalPengie, respectively.

  11. 11 mother-may-I

    Thank you for the recap

  12. 12 Nao

    I thought this episode was sweet and funny and poignant all at the right moments. I was also wondering what exactly is going on between Daniel and Mi-Young…it seems clear she appreciates all that he’s done for her, but seriously, Daniel, you should be able to tell if a girl is really into you or not. And it seems like she just appreciates him more as a friend who has helped her through a tough time, that’s it. It kind of irks me that he’s still hanging around.

    Lastly, I miss Gun’s longer hair! The short one is nice, but I like the original hairstyle better. 🙂

  13. 13 lulu

    I think it speaks volumes how MOM is uncomfortable and hesitant to speak familiarly to Daniel. Even though he took Mi Young under his wing and has been by her side the past three years, MOM can’t bring herself to dote on him like she does Gun. MOM is totally shipping Mi Young and Gun!!

    • 13.1 Aigoooo

      Yes, mom liked Gun from the start but Gun has also been around mom (re-enforcing that bond) for 3 years. Daniel is a stranger who’s been abroad the whole time. No competition there.

      • 13.1.1 cingdoc

        Hi, my chingu from KoHS,
        Yes, Gun and Mom already have a bond. He already treats her as his Mom( even more affectionate than the usual mother/son in law relationship- hence the painful anger Mom had when the ” sham” was revealed)
        Mom is grateful toward Daniel, and like her daughter MY, she only respects Daniel.

      • 13.1.2 srk001

        Not really a comparison between mom-Gun vs mom-Daniel, but more about Miyoung-Daniel. I think it’s a nice contrast how mom-Gun have obviously grown closer over the years, even dropping the formal forms and addressing each other casually, whereas Miyoung-Daniel who also have supposedly been in each others presence for 3 years, still use the formal forms when addressing each other, and it seems like Miyoung is still uncomfortable around him, despite the fact that she really does appreciate him and likes him as a friend.

        I think it’s really nice how mom and Gun give of this family-vibe. Miyoung and Daniel seem a bit awkward to me. Not that it’s a strange thing. Miyoung is aware of Daniels feelings towards her, but she doesn’t feel the same about him, so she can never be totally at ease when knowing this. I think she hasn’t rejected him, because he hasn’t confessed to her in much words (he has dropped hints, hence why she knows he likes her as more than a friend). And if she’s still the same girl (which I think she is) she’ll probably find it really difficult to hurt someone that has been kind to her all this time; so I get why she decided to leave things sort of in the middle.

    • 13.2 windsun33

      I think one of many things that makes this drama stand out is that all the (potential) mother-in-laws and grandmothers are all doting on the couple.

      That is such a welcome change from the usual evil hateful relatives that it is almost mind blowing.

  14. 14 Athena

    Gun Gun Gun… Can we clone him or something?? Please?

    Thank god the cute is back! Last week was so painful-not the ‘lord, this is a horrible show’ but the ‘my heart is overridden with emotions’ painful- that I couldn’t have taken another week of the same.

    Yay for Gun’s change of hairstyle!

    Yay for Mi Young’s success!

    Yay for supportive and awesome family matters. No seriously, when was the last time when both the leads had such lovely members in their family. The fact that Grandma still loves Mi Young so much tells me that it’s genuine and not just an ‘oh, she’s giving me an heir’ kinda love.

    I feel bad for Daniel’s future heartbreak 🙁 The fact that he was in some sort of quasi-relationship with Mi Young for 3 years hoping that it would eventually work out and Gun comes along to just charm his way back into Mi Young’s heart AGAIN? Poor thing.

    • 14.1 meimei

      I feel the same about Daniel 🙁 As much as I prefer Mi Young with Gun a feel a bit like she’s stringing him a long in a way. I mean they have been dating(ish) for 3 years yet haven’t kissed once and Mi Young is super uncomfortable talking about marriage or her relationship with him. II have a feeling Daniel will end up with Sera though (because they met on the plane and all) Anyway I hope Mi Young is straight with him soon.

      • 14.1.1 cingdoc

        I think calling MYsshi’s friendliness toward Daniel as “stringing him along” might be a bit harsh. The “stringing” part, at least to me, means she’s all OPW and affectionate to Daniel, promising a future between them.Nope, she’s still the sweet and caring BUT respectful MYsshi even though they spent 3 years together in Paris. She was not coy and let him think she feels otherwise toward him; it’s more like she didn’t want to be disrespectful to his caring attitude for her. That’s it and that’s all.
        Poor Daniel, please don’t cross the line and ruin this beautiful friendship. Be a gentleman like I know you could be, and let our Snail couple at least have a chance. If Fate will have it, the couple can start again- this time, there will be no trickery, no lies and they really fall in love(again) .

      • 14.1.2 ama

        I think it’s safe to say that Se-ra is Daniel’s sister because of the scar we once saw on her back. So while he might not get the relationship he is wishing for, his missing sibling seems to be just around the corner and hopefully he can find some consolation in that.

      • 14.1.3 windsun33

        Se Ra is his sister, so let’s hope they don’t end up as OTP #2 😛

  15. 15 WintermelonT

    The first few minutes of Mom and Gun’s scene.


  16. 16 Akiddo

    What a wonderful episode! Funny (in classic Gunnie style) but yet several painful moments whenever the leads are alone.

    Gun keeps in touch with Mum as she is the only link he has left to his beloved. Perhaps short moments with Mum can ease the longing and pain in his heart. If I didn’t read the subs wrongly – he goes to the shop almost everyday? And indeed Mum understands him in a way that no other person around him does. I really like their bond.

    I love Ellie Kim’s painting! Can I get one too? My didn’t change even with her success. She is just so real and down to earth.

    The episode started with the song “Dream” by Roy Orbison. This was one of the songs played in “You’ve got mail” as well. I love the music selection in FTLY!

    • 16.1 windsun33

      I was kind of wondering prints of the painting might be for sale later on also (and snail plushies!). Have been keeping an eye out but nothing yet.

      • 16.1.1 trotwood

        I would love a print of any of these as well. I wonder who the real artist is. Does anyone know? Have they posted it on the show’s web site? My Korean is not good enough to tell if that information in there.

        • Omona

          The artist name is Youk Shim Won.
          try this link to see her pic

          • kiwi

            thanks so much omona… been searching for it too.. but it’s so tough to find it on for english sites!! so thankful to u!! 🙂

      • 16.1.2 sweetcaroline

        Me too, i would like to have a copy of the paintings. I am ok with reprints. Hope you post it here in dreambeans if they are available for sale. This is the only k-drama website i frequently go to.

        • windsun33

          I am sure the original paintings would be super expensive, but authorized prints should be reasonably priced.

          “..The artist’s paintings have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions held in Korea. The artist herself has been interviewed by most key Korean news channels and variety shows. Her painting and fashion accessories can also be seen in popular Korean dramas such as Boy’s Over Flowers, The Witch and Three are stand-alone stores. Due to its popularity amongst women in Korea, Youk Shim Won has also teamed up with Hana Bank to create a series of credit cards and bank books especially for women, featuring her iconic paintings…”



          • sweetcaroline

            @windsun33, thanks for posting the website of youk shim won. will visit her shops when i pass by seoul this oct.

          • kiwi

            thank you so much windsun!! so happy finally found it.. 🙂

        • windsun33

          I spent about 30 minutes cruising the internet, and could only find one example of an actual price for one of her paintings, in 2010, which went for $65,000.

          Search with her name on ebay, quite a few other products listed there.

  17. 17 Joyybrn

    I simply love this series! I love how the way they introduce the characters like the first episode! Hahaha! I really love wacky Gun! He is the man, though he is still paying for what he done for me it’s all in the past and he paiad enough. Mi Young in the other hand still stay the same on her self confidence was built and of course she was healed by the time. I love how they keep her sweet. My gosh I think I’m having diabities with this two! Imagine if they will get back together? My sugar will shot up! Hahaha! Thanks for the wonderful recap gummimochi! Now I do understand more what is that painting says because in other translation it was said “the sigh”

  18. 18 Em

    Gah, too good. Kept refreshing for this recap! Thanks! 🙂

    I love their new hairdos, but I will miss Gun’s initial hairdo hehe. I love Miyoung’s new hair (glad she has no front bangs because those looked a little weird on her). And I’m sure she still has feelings for Gun. After all, Daniel was next to her for three years and still couldn’t put a dent so yah.

    THERE’S HOPE FOR SNAIL COUPLE. And I hope Se-ra doesn’t fall back into typical second lead. Maybe she’ll be able to cheer them on.

  19. 19 kikidee

    Gun leaping out of the bushes from ABOVE to pay for the flowers may be one of my all time favorite kdrama moments ever. So hilariously random!

  20. 20 Aigoooo

    Thanks for the recap Gummi!

    I felt the same way. The sting from episode 12 still being fresh, it was hard to laugh at any of the antics. Every time they showed Gun or Mi Young near anything related to Keddongie just really messes you up inside. From a technical standpoint, I like how they seem to try and do a reboot to the story. It was like watching episode 1 but in an alternate universe.

  21. 21 kasidhe

    How about the tie in with the song To my mother…

    • 21.1 Laica

      That was so great.

  22. 22 sophia

    Gun is reaching Dokko Jin levels of adorable. his baby-centric man cave was perfect.

    i love that mom is too loyal to Gun to let Daniel get too familiar.

  23. 23 meimei

    This episode was so much fun to watch. I was really worried that after last episode it would go down more an angst route. Great to see the comedy still there. I really liked that Gun and Sera were able to become friends, it was refreshing to see. I’m so happy they didn’t get Sera to go down the typical revnege-thirsty, jealous second female lead road. Also, whats up with Daniel and Miyoung? Are they dating or not? I can understand while Miyoung would feel indebted to him but still, I really hope she isn’t stringing him alone and not telling him she doesn’t have actual feelings for him. I really did prefer Daniel as just the friendly neighborhood oppa who cared for Miyoung like she was his younger sister. hopefully they can go back to that.

  24. 24 sweetcaroline

    This is a light episode compared to the last one. Yup happy thoughts are back but with few stings from the past.

    I think they deserved to be first on rating. Gosh, ep 12, i think from dramebeans alone it has 380+ comments. Fans/Patrons actively discussed their opinions. It made the world so curious. Now, they are on No. 1 spot. 🙂

    What i love about the episode are:
    1. Gun and MY’s mom relationship
    2. Gun’s sneaky behavior on MY all throughout the episode
    3. Texting conversation
    4. 2009 & 2006 rooms; them meeting again in 2006. I like they way they set-up, their Act 2 encounter, very subtle but sweet.

    Waiting for ep 13 felt like forever. And, i am happy how the ep turned out.

  25. 25 Den

    Loved the music and the meta in this episode. Since last week’s episodes were heartbreaking, I marathoned Thank You in one day so watching this episode felt like 3 years has passed to me and made me appreciate the lighthearted moments. Was about to watch Jang Hyuk’s film Innocent Thing with Jo Bo-ah (Surplus Princess) too but the plot isn’t my kind of thing right now though he looks so hot there too. Love his new ‘do. Never really appreciated JH as an actor (or how good-looking he is), but thanks to FTLY, I can maybe watch Chuno and TWDR but maybe not Iris 2.

    Thanks for the recap! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

    • 25.1 Altari

      So I’m not the only one who marathoned Thank You. ^^

  26. 26 jhu

    What a comeback, Show!

    In spite of all my whining last week, you don’t know how much I’ve missed you all week long! So many sweet moments. What a tidy production. A show crafted with so much love for humour and romance and human eccentricities. And nothing like our Gunnie when the little green monster takes over. Gah. Swooning over him.

    I could live for all the beautiful, sweet little moments. Show, you give so much joy in tiny little details. Here, you can have my heart in a platter. *hands heart over* You rock!

    Sigh, what will I do when you’re over? Can we have a 100+ episode (daily) sit-com which traces the madness of the Gun-MY household, with no less than three adorable children? And grandma and omma and the whole gang? Pretty please?

  27. 27 Nissa

    I want the snapshot of keddongie drawing pleaseeee…

  28. 28 angie

    i love love love this episode!
    can’t wait for the next…

    also loving gun hair style…he’s looking clean & normal 😀 😀

  29. 29 Jennipoh

    So I don’t condone stalking but Lee Gun has got to be the cutest and funniest stalker in all of dramaland. I was totally sniggering at all his antics.

    I appreciate that this drama has been very consistent with its tone. Usually, by now, the average rom-com has gone all melodrama on our asses, but Fated to Love You knows when how to keep things light but also provide us those poignant serious moments. I think I see a clear winner for the best rom-com of 2014!

  30. 30 Madkdr

    Loved Gun n Mom!

    As far as Sera is concerned – I hope her hand in making MY think the worst of Gun comes to light soon. I don’t like the fact that she still feels entitled to be friends with Gun.

  31. 31 bashful

    Thanks gummi for this episode’s recap. I enjoyed this episode very much, even though there’s still that sting from the last episode. So many memorable scenes from this episode, which you also highlighted in your comments. I think my favorite scene would be the one where Gun saw the painting. Yes, that painting is of a child, reminding Gun of their child, Kedonggie. But the child having its fingers point like a snail, I think, is also reminder of or reference to Gun, who we remember in one earlier episode mimicked a snail moving across the car window as he tried to call the attention of MY inside the car. So for me, this MY’s painting is about 2 persons – Kedonggie and Gun. Through this painting, I thought MY is admitting she still cherishes both Kedonggie and Gun…Awww…

    Can tomorrow’s episode come any quicker? Cheers! 🙂

    P.S. Liked the reference to a J.R.R. Tolkien’s character.

    • 31.1 bashful

      Just want to add my kudos to the writer, production staff and director of this drama. Like previous episodes, there’s many examples of effective use of details in this one. The funny scenes are made funnier, and the serious scenes made more heartfelt. One of those details is the use of Jang Nara’s pictures. I thought they could have easily used pictures of famous beautiful women in South Korea or in the world, but no they chose to use Jang Nara’s pictures, which is funny and clever because those pictures really drive home that to LG’s eyes, he sees no other woman but Kim Mi-Young. I find it even funnier when Lee Gun refers to those pictures as “Snail collection”; so he too is acknowledging they all look like MY. LOL.

      My other favorite detail of this episode is on the scene when LG and MY were exchanging texts.
      Midway through the text exchanges, LG appeared to have sat closer to MY. It suggests LG’s longing to be close again to MY. It also, I thought, made us the audience closer to the conversation, making us feel more the impact of the serious exchange, e.g. when MY said her past are more precious than the present.

      Keep up the excellent attention to details FTLY production team!

      • 31.1.1 sweetcaroline

        I think what will hinder Gun to pursue MY is his guilt thinking he only left painful memories to MY when they were together. On the contrary to MY, it the best moment of her life.

        Also, MY is living on false assumption that Sera and Gun are together. Sera being the bearer of the divorce agree and seeing them in the resto where Gun is putting on the necklace to Sera.

        The stars need to start aligning. I cannot bear this dance of misunderstandings. I need my OTP to be together!

    • 31.2 Minihaha


      I agree with your insight, I thought that too, picture of baby and snail fingers is Gun, and when she admitted that that phase in her life was the best most precious time and the memories are like the best gems it was gut wrenching, because Gun felt even worst hearing her say it is was so in her text.

      Only Gun would truly appreciate what that painting was portraying, as he was part of that loving family that she writes about in her text….

      Others think the painting is cute, Gun sees it for what it is , a longing for their child, a parents amazing love for that unborn child, and the pain of losing that child. the lost of cherished loved ones, so glad that he bought it.

  32. 32 Kristy

    Soo Happy that fated came in first this week.
    I really do love all of the three dramas of Wednesday and I do have a soft spot for Lee Jun-ki and Joseon.
    but I am ecstatic at the fact that Fated got good ratings……
    Love the drama……

  33. 33 chinee chua

    Thanks gummimochi for the fast recap..been waiting and refreshing many times just to be able to comment right away but can’t help reading other’s posts first.. To everyone.. I agree with all of your comments but am especially pleased learning that FTLY-K IS IN THE LEAD IN BOTH RATING COMPANIES!!!!!!! The whole staff and crew especially our OTP deserves this and here’s hoping they continue to lead in ratings. Daebak!!!!!!!

  34. 34 Boxed-In

    Welcome back, my love. I missed you. <3

    When I started watching, I was fully prepared to hate Gun and take sadistic pleasure in his misery for this week at least. Then the man started rapping, and I dissolved into giggles, and all my noble intentions of resenting him for KMY's sake just…melted away. Sigh. Didn't last even two minutes. Gunnie, why do you have to be so freaking cute?

    I was dreading the 'makeover' but was super-glad that Uri Snail is the same sweet young thing, with an added helping of confidence and poise. Heartening to see that her art has given her that much-needed security in her life. & Daniel…as much as I like you, I have to say you need to open your eyes and look. This is clearly a one-man woman if there ever was one, and that man is definitely not you. You're in for some major pain, hottie. Just saying.

    How awesome is it that (almost) everyone misses KMY, and wants to see her back with Gun? And little brother Yong….awww. Mi-young must've made a hell of an impression on him. And it looks like Gun has made Yong his de facto heir now, is it?

    I liked that so much of this episode centred so much around Keddongie. They had hurried through the aftermath of the miscarriage in the last episode in order to speed up the plot, and we really needed this pause to regain some of that emotional connect. Gun talking to Keddongie in his man-cave, Mi-young's painting (I felt so sad when Gun compared his snail-hands to the painting's), her looking at the scrap-book…touching moments which keep reminding us of the little angel that still binds them in his loss.

    Curious to know how the writers are going to get Gun to pursue her again. His disease is not one which is going to just vanish or get magically treated away; so why would Gun want to undo what he did for her sake three years ago? Ah. After last week I'm not torturing myself with any of the plot hijinks anymore. I'll just stay calm and enjoy the show. More cute, please. I've been seriously deprived the last few days.

    • 34.1 Boxed-In

      And I forgot to add, thank you so much for that lovely song from the OST! It’s been on my mind for days and I had no idea it had been released. Now to look for the translated lyrics…

    • 34.2 jhu

      Yay for the show! And yay for your beautiful post!

      Did you notice how young Yong even wears the same suits as Gunnie? Mann, everyone in this show is so sweet. It’s nice to see even Sera take on the cheerful friend character.

      And I agree with you about Daniel. He’s the most stark third wheel there ever was.

      I agree with everything you’ve said. And I look forward to gushing along with you all week long about the show and Mi-young, and Gunnie, and the awesomeness that is Jang Hyuk. Oppa love is killing me.

      Hugs again. Though this time in a better frame of heart and mind.


      • 34.2.1 Boxed-In

        Yes. Happy hugs to you too! 😀

        I kept cracking up during Yong’s date. Not only does he dress like Gun, but walks and talks like him too! Talk about idol-worshipping your hyung. I keep hoping to see more interactions between the brothers- there’s something about them I adore.

        About Se-ra, I’m reserving judgement. She looks content right now, but I’m not sure if she won’t go down the dark depressed way again after Mi-young re-enters Gun’s life. Frankly the only reason I don’t hate her after last week is that her villainy was rendered so ineffective by Gun’s decision. I would love it if she lets go of her resentment and helps bring them together this time around. Have had enough of bitchy ex-girlfriends in every other show, and Se-ra really seems quite nice otherwise.

        Looking forward to all the gushing, totally. 🙂

  35. 35 lissa j

    i love the way you write the recap.
    thank you very much.
    the comments are heartwarming too.
    it makes me happy to know that many are going crazy with this drama.
    GUN never fails to entertain me.
    Thanks to the writer/s – the Korean version is much better than the Taiwanese.

  36. 36 Adal

    Awwwww. This episode, my feels, I could die happy from sweetness overload, but there was sadness too.

    First of all, is anyone as creeped out as I am about Daniel oppa’s constant touching and closeness to Min Young? I liked him better when he was just a friendly neighborhood oppa, now there is this undertone of sliminess that I can’t get over when I watch them together on screen. Looking at it from the perspective that he was probably her benefactor for three years while she went to art school in France (I mean, who paid for her tuition and living expenses while in college, got her visa for her and everything? ) she probably feels too indebted to him to reject his advances outright even though she truly isn’t interested in him. To me, that’s a warning sign – red flag right there – of a power imbalance in their relationship.

    Secondly, I am seriously loving Yong in this episode. From his restrained protest while filming the commercial, to his pleasure in being noticed by his hyung at breakfast, to the blind date scene. I am seriously shipping Yong and Ji Yeon together. Dare I hope for a second OTP to grace our screen in this drama?

    It’s amazing, it looks like almost everyone in the Lee family fell for Min Young’s charm. And did anyone notice that all the prospective dates had a version of Min Young’s face? Too cute.

    Obviously , mom has not let her son-in-law go. Daniel is going to have a hard time getting accepted by Min Young’s mom. I felt he made her uncomfortable by his insistence on familiarity.

    Glad that Se ra has moved on but still has an amicable relationship as Gun’s ex. Hoping that the flames of jealousy do not fan themselves in her direction when our little snail re-enters Gun’s life.

    Lovely episode and drama. Glad the ratings are climbing. It has certainly earned itself a spot as the number one drama in its time slot.

    • 36.1 locturne

      I ship Young and Gun! I want them to be all cheesy & bromancey together. There’s clearly potential (see butt slap in earlier episode), but right now poor Young is not getting enough love!

      About MY / Daniel. I’m not sure it’s because she’s indebted to him. I think it’s just because she’s trying to spare his feelings & so she’s just sending unspoken signals that she’s not interested. The problem is that as long as he doesn’t clearly ask her to go out with him / marry him, I suppose it’s awkward for her to tell him: “I’m not interested in you”, when he hasn’t said anything. He’s sending signals so she responds by signals (probably not strong enough signals though). That’s how I see it.

      I agree with what you said about the support from Daniel. In real life, she couldn’t have made it without the support of his reputation and money, and accepting that much from a male friend would definitely be weird. If it were another kind of drama, the sponsor aspect of the relationship would be played up, but I think in this drama we’re just supposed to believe that she made it thanks to her talent, that he just helped her a little and that’s what good friends can do.

  37. 37 lupita311

    I came here because I was looking for the name of the artist of those paintings on that episode (13 what a beautiful art) and I feel so sad that some people call poor Daniel a creep… Well, second leads have to have that side and it is the reason I don’t like them this is my second time falling for a second lead after Ji Hoo in Boys over Flowers, they have to appear creepier than the creep playing first lead if not who in her right mind is going to say yes girl, you are doing the right thing choosing the guy that is cold to you over the sensitive gorgeous considerate guy that adores you… My Spanish background and Spanish drama experience thought me that. Really, I don’t know why people think this is funny, I don’t find Koreans funny at all most of their comedy is annoying and he was annoying and ep 13 turn out to be a cliche another time on rooms 2006 and 2009 mix up just like on ep 1, big surprise. The truth this drama is far fetched for me, the idea of marrying a one night stand for the sake of a pregnancy that you didn’t planned or want is scary and a nightmare. More so if the creep instead of saying I’ll be there for the baby he marries her and draws a divorce agreement the day of the wedding, once the baby is born leave him/her here you can disappear, ha! and that is a winner… then this guy was in love with a girl for 6 years and yeah she left to pursue her dream, I am sorry but women can go and pursue a career it is not a crime if he loved her he could’ve waited for her, but he left her and in three months he was “in love” with someone else, then because he is hypochondriac he thought he had a disease he had selective amnesia and he forgot his beloved wife and then when he remembered her he wanted to “protect” her and left her in the street crying and she loses the baby because of him and she has to go back to him? I don’t know who is the creep here, Daniel is looking way better with every sentence, but this is a Korean drama and one full of cliches so I bet she is going to choose him at the end and not the perfect one. In any case I am at the point of no return I love Jin Hyuk and cliche and bad writing I will see him he is not funny but he is a good actor and Thank you is my favorite drama so I will watch him in anything he is in… Jang Na ra has nice dramas too and Choi Jin Hyuk he is my favorite too… I am trapped…

    • 37.1 Toonnoot

      My friend, the cliche that you refer to, in terms of writing technique, is called a hook. Most people will be able to appreciate the tie in to the first few episodes. Personally, I’m able to get the humour in the episode. If you find it disturbing, you should consider not watching Korean rom-coms in the future.

      • 37.1.1 staurofila

        And that’s why we, who come from a Spanish speaking background, are here watching Kdramas instead of Mexican or Colombian soap operas… because they capture our hearts and surprise us with their beautiful details and exquisite writing… I am really, really impressed by FTLY writing, it’s all I can say. I watched and liked the Taiwanese version, but what the Korean scriptwriters are doing with the original material is simply awesome!

        • lupita311

          Not me I watch from all over since I live in NY they pass them from all around so I don’t choose one country over another one. This drama sucks and it has a lot of cliches it is not sweet. If you people can’t see it it is because you are blind so let me just say come to this century. Women don’t marry man they don’t know just because they are pregnant. It is ridiculous.

    • 37.2 windsun33

      Paragraphs are your friend.

      • 37.2.1 wt

        Indeed. ^_^

      • 37.2.2 nee

        I almost died of laughter at “Paragraphs are your friend”

        • lupita311

          Not when you are ranting, this sucks so much I wanted to say it in one run on sentence, I felt like ace Ventura… The drama is a piece of crap and it just makes me want to puke.

          You must feel so smart. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes, too bad you can only see my mistakes not the ones in this piece of garbage, my writing bothered you but the writing of these writers feels good, next time have something smart to to bring to the discussion or keep it to yourself. Who are you David Letterman.

          Is this good for you you… Good. I can write in paragraphs. too. Oh you are right this feels so smart. So if I separate my ideas in paragraphs you can see that the drama is a piece of crap too… OH I do that too. I forgot some people are a bit slower…

          • DeeCee

            I think that we got your point from your first “rant”. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but when you start insulting people and their choices/preferences/opinions/feelings, you run the risk of making yourself look ignorant.

            I’m sorry that you are not enjoying this show – I appreciate the details, and the plot that I think is more realistic than many shows I’ve seen. Yes, you have to suspend belief somewhat, just like in nearly every Korean or American drama that I’ve seen. But I love the chemistry between the main characters, and the acting is outstanding. And I adore a show that makes me laugh and cry, usually in the same episode….

            I hope that as long as you are watching it anyway, that you get at least some pleasure from this show.

    • 37.3 ama

      I do partially agree here. Daniel does not seem like a creep to me or at least not anymore creepy than Gun basically stalking his ex wife during that whole episode. While I do not actively take issue with either of them, I still see why people might find the one or the other or even both problematic, for various different reasons.

      What I didn’t like about Daniel in this episode was the fact that he seemed to insert himself into every aspect of Mi-young’s life without being asked to and constantly pushed for some kind of approval. When I think about how this must have gone on for the past three years, then that must’ve been mighty uncomfortable for both parties involved. Just confess your feelings, son, then please be done with it and move on. The one thing that saved him for me in this episode was that he didn’t force the kiss in the bar, but that’s about it. I vastly preferred the cute neighbourhood oppa with his brotherly advice and nothing more but some stolen glances.

      And yes, to me Gun is definitely not Prince Perfect and some of the things he did I would only classify as “super shitty” (particularly those in episode 12), but he did not do any of this with malicious intent or to actively hurt our lovely, soft-spoken princess. Also, he didn’t leave Se-ra just because she pursued her career — since this was already the case when they were still together. No, the last straw was the selfish way in which she acted in the first episodes, not personally telling him that she would leave and simply not considering his feelings in all of it. A relationship should not be a one-way street.

      And regarding the far-fetchedness of Korean dramas: I, too, think that some premises really do seem wacky on first glance, but I enjoy seeing how the writers and actors can make it work. How they can create believable, touching, and even complex characters out of tropes and caricatures that should be laughable but instead become lovable, memorable, and even unique in the right hands. Their fluffy charme is also the biggest selling point of romantic K-dramas for me and I would not have it any other way because there is already enough realistic and gritty TV out there if I am in the right mood for it. 🙂

      • 37.3.1 sweetcaroline

        Dramas are for entertainment. K-dramas have international appeal because they touches on everyday life.
        It is also how you connect and interpret the storyline maybe in terms of how your life experiences were. I really find so much depth in the way the used the artist Youk Shim Won. (Thank you for those who post links about her). I read about her a bit. Her value as an artist are about happiness and bringing hope to women who may be hurt or recovering. It is being a phoenix from ashes you transform to something wonderful. If you connect this to the drama, it is about MY’s life. And, i am a BIG women group supporter! Being able to connect the artist they used to the storyline of the drama is so powerful to me. The cliches maybe fluffy but have meanings, if you just see it thru and it is different for you, me and others.

    • 37.4 ony1khj

      WOW! We see LG in a totally different perspective than each other. He is absolutely fascinating! He’s flamboyant, yet tender. He’s like chocolate with a big, gooey, caramel center. He loves MY and shows in every action of care and concern. He treasures her and the baby. He’s decisive and doesn’t string either MY or SR along. He’s laugh-out-loud funny!

      When MY says every moment with him is a jewel and precious. I agree 100%. He rescued her from Lawyer Min 3X! He bought the Gaddonggie cup back. He told her a diamond shouldn’t hang out with rocks and rescued her from a gossiping crowd. He goes all mushy whenever MY is around. He straight up told SR that MY was his wife and mother of his child, grieved the loss of first love and moved on without a backward glance. He rescued the baby from abortion.

      He doesn’t yell at MY. He’s always seeking ways to be close to her and is in physical pain when he isn’t. Their kiss scene after the auction was one of the best acted dialogues in k-drama history. The actors should win an award for that.

      While Jihoo totally tugged at my heartstrings in BOF because GJP was so back and forth. His comment in Macau to Jandi would have finished me off forever if I was in her shoes: “You are a stain I want to erase.” I would have let him erase me and moved on with my soulmate Jihoo. I totally love Gun, Lee Gun and feel every chaebol after this character will have a tough time surpassing his perfectness.

      That’s the amazing thing about 2 people watching the same show and having totally different views of characters. Love it!

  38. 38 sophie

    The scene with Gun and MY’s mom, and the scene where Gun retreated to his man cave were so sad to me. You could tell how lonely and in pain Gun still feels.

  39. 39 Cha_JN

    Oooohhh…. i did not know Gun/Jang Hyuk can look that handsome!!!! I did not buy his long-haired version. He is so much hotter with his short hair! 😉

  40. 40 bebeswtz

    Yay!!!! “Fated” has finally reached #1 in ratings!! P

    Omma!!! THE Lee Gun that we all love is back!!!! Although, there is something, just SOMETHING, that little ‘spark’, that seems to be missing about him with this start of Act II of the drama…. But the again, that “spark” just might be a little snail that goes by the name of “Kim Mi Young”, that our dear sajang-nim will have to work, just a bit more, to win back keke
    Awwwww!!! Oh how I love that even with all this newly gained self assurance and confidence as Ellie, our Snail still has stayed true to herself and still has a ton of her very OWN innate nature of being that ever-considerate and sweet Kim Mi Young <3
    As for Daniel & the back-and-forth that's going on between him and Our Snail: I actually don't mind him ^.^ He knows and has witnessed first-hand what Mi Young went through while being with Lee Gun; Heck, he even knew that Lee Gun actually ended up treating Mi Young very well in the latter part of their relationship and that Mi Young loved Gun for that…. But especially, Daniel also knew that Mi Young and Gun had been "TOGETHER" before and had Kedonggie, yet, he still chooses to be there for Mi Young and to wait for her, in hopes that he can one day be WITH her and have her reciprocate, even if it's in the slightest form, some sort of the same feels he has for her, all the while knowing the chances of that are pretty slim…. Like…. WHO DOES THAT???? NO ONE, except for perfect Second Male Leads written as characters meant to tear the hearts of the viewers, who are rooting for him while simultaneously rooting for the OTP <\3
    I KNEW from the get-go that Second Lead Syndrome would be strong for this one (I mean…. IT'S CHOI. JIN. HYUK…. 'Nuff said <3 ), and also because I've also watched the Taiwan version and know what it's already like… And yea, this Korean version of the for this "Fated" Second Lead is very tastefully done without being over-bearing, I'm very happy to say ^.^ But in the end, our Snail Couple will always, ALWAYS be my OTP <3

    Rant over.

  41. 41 sophie


    Did I miss the scenes where Gun did the flying squirrel move? For those who have seen stills/pictures of it, you probably know what I’m talking about. It doesn’t seem like they included them.

    Gun and MY meeting again in a hotel with rooms 2006. Was this also in the TW version?

    • 41.1 sharon

      Nope. The way they meet again was different in TW version.

      In TW version, Lee Gun’s character did not know where she went. And he bought the artwork (which is a porcelain toy horse) by instinct.

  42. 42 osmanthus tea

    I was so confused to see Gun and Se Ra at the start of the episode cuz it didn’t seem like him to suddenly go back to her if his decision was to avoid hurting anyone. Plus, when her students referred to Gun as her boyfriend, she didn’t say anything. Good thing it finally came to light that they’re just friends now! I’m so glad that Se Ra has finally gone back to being ‘normal’. I liked her at the start of the show, and I was really hoping for her to remain sane – which she wasn’t in the past two episodes – so this was good!

    That scene between Gun and Mom is so sweet. I wonder how his visits even started. I knew there must be a reason why she was chasing every one home but chose to stick around to clean up. I’m not too surprised though – I think both of them might find it easier to have this pretense of indifference to let them stay connected without the awkwardness.

    And that, is precisely why Mom froze up when Daniel went “omonim”. I am also THRILLED that Daniel and MY aren’t official yet. There’s hope yet! I mean, Daniel’s heart is always going to get broken no matter how, but it lessens the pain a little if they weren’t in a full relationship, right?

    Uber happy too that Yong and Gun now have a more normal relationship where Gun is more appreciative (and acceptive) of Yong. Kid must be feeling so much happier. (=

    PS. when Gun rejected the movie with Se Ra, for a moment I wondered if it’s because there’s like a death anniversary for Geddong. Guess it’s the gallery trip instead?

    And that ending! OMG I’m so happy. Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

  43. 43 wanted

    i feel Choi Jin Hyuk a.k.a Daniel Pitt super disgusting in this episode

  44. 44 JJK

    I’m like falling in love with this show again after last week’s noble idiot episodes. I love watching Lee Gun being sneaky 😀

  45. 45 wanted

    i am still quite bothered about Gunnie’s huntington disease
    so likely scriptwriter will either make him has a misunderstanding that he has this disease and the fact that the a* has nothing related to do with this disease and give us a happy ending?

  46. 46 ebay

    I almost cry while reading the recap. Yes, after all these years they still treasure each other, and I am hoping that FATE will really fall at them!

    Episode 9, so light, yet so satisfying!

  47. 47 Rinturiel

    I just about lost it watching this episode. Rapping Gun, stalking Gun, drunk Gun, Gollum Gun, Home Alone OST in the baby scene, Inspector Gadget music and the final hotel room confusion just killed me. I don’t remember laughing this hard watching a k-drama EVER.

    Juxtaposed with heartbreaking moments – Gun and MY’s mum, Gun keeping all of Ke Donggie’s things and talking to him/her how great mum is and Gun getting progressively more drunk while remembering how much he hurt MY – this show solidified itself in my heart as one of my favourites.

    Keep going this way, FTLY!

    • 47.1 nicnac

      There were times I had to pause the video because I was laughing so hard… When he came flying out of those bushes to pay for that humongous flower arrangement, I lost it. And for some reason, when he slapped that guy on the back who was sitting next to him at the bar, it really cracked me up. I think it was the look on the guys face. Even now, just thinking of it gives me the chuckles.

      I can’t say that I wanted to cry, but my heart was like “woo woo” with the more serious scenes. Aside from the scene with Omoni and Gun bickering, my most favorite scene is when they were texting in the park. It was just lovely (I need a moment).

  48. 48 samba


    This is now the golden standard for rom com dramas, scratch that, ALL korean dramas (for me anyway….)

    I was afraid of how things would turn out in this episode ever since last week, but I was pleasantly surprised and found myself laughing, even though some scenes like Gun in his man cave and with MY’s mom….oh drama, why??? 20 eps….is just not enough

    LG MY fighting! <3

  49. 49 windsun33

    About once in two years a drama comes along that I just totally freak out fall in love with. Just when you think things can’t get more adorable, you get hit with something else.

  50. 50 PBS

    Agh, my second lead syndrome is strong in this one. Partially the fault is all to blame on Choi Jin Hyuk, seriously, can’t he ever get the girl? I know, there’s EC and IODD. I’m just saying.

    Anyways, it’s tough to see people calling Daniel slimy and creepy because personally, I haven’t seen anything Daniel do wrong. IRL, this man would be as perfect as a girl could wish for, he’s truly been there for Miyoung and doesn’t really deserve all the vitriol thrown at him just because he’s sorta breaking up the main pairing that we all know will be the end OTP. We all know he’s going to get his heart broken here, so I pity him more than anything. I wish his character happiness only happiness. I hope the writers give him that and don’t make him the jerk here. I think that’s my CJH inner fangirl speaking tho.

    BUT on the otherhand, Gun and Miyoung are perfection together. I adore Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of Gun, this is my first time watching a drama of his and he is SUPERB. However’s it’s Jang Nara that I can’t stop raving about. She’s flawless as Miyoung, with the right amount of hurt, innocence, kindness, quiet strength and dignity. And after everything we’ve gone through, I want to root for them and root for Daniel to get his happily ever after (again, CJH’s fault really), just not with Miyoung. Though I’m not sure if I want him to end up with Sera …

    Anyways, super happy the ratings for the drama has been steadily chugging it’s way to #1, especially in the midst of heavy competition. It’s truly a testament to the entire cast, crew, writers and directors, so a huge congrats to them. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much going in, considering I was only watching it for CJH, and I had the Taiwanese version sitting very high on a pedestal, but so far, the Korean remake is surpassing the original.

    • 50.1 PBS

      Also, wanna say, miss Gun’s long hair, but then again I don’t, he looks so HOT with the short hair, but the long hair added to his eccentricity which I thought was charming and hilarious in the way that only Gun could carry off. But still, hot damn he looks good with that short hair.

      • 50.1.1 My3Gs

        I’m similarly conflicted about Gun’s hair.

        I love-love-love Gun’s new hair. When I first saw it, I thought, thank God they got rid of that weird flippy ‘do. I think the new hair makes him look younger, and his handsome face stands out more – his older hair was a distraction that took a little focus away from his good looks.

        But… as much as I do like the new hairstyle, it does makes him seem more ordinary. The flippy do at least had more personality. Maybe that’s why he now needs the big dramatic sunglasses.

        At least it wasn’t that weird droopy thing that was on his head in the middle episodes. Anything is better than that. How can one character’s hair have such high highs and low lows?

        • MKerr

          I totally agree with that last sentences. Thank goodness he still looks hot even if he’s so stressed out during the last episodes.:))

    • 50.2 PBS

      Oh! And another aside, SWOON at CJH’s new hair. I’m digging the darker hair color. I wasn’t feeling Daniel’s original orange-y perma do. His new hair color is giving me Hot Papa Gumiho feels again.

      And I love Miyoung’s ‘English’ name: Ellie Kim. So damn cute. I love what the stylists are doing with Jang Nara’s hair in this post-three year jump.

      • 50.2.1 My3Gs

        More hair comments! I too love Daniel’s new hair – hated the orange pama.

        But I disagree about MiYoung’s hair. Still looks like an old bad perm growing out but they made it worse with the purple-red tinge. You’d think someone so successful now could get a decent haircut and blow out.

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