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Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 13
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Ah, so cute. If only neurotic stream of consciousness were always the way to get the person you love to be direct and swoony. Forget mermaids and reincarnations; that’s fantasy right there. I’m pretty sure I would never want to know if someone could hear my thoughts, for fear I’d die of mortification, but I sure wouldn’t mind all the benefits.

Note: Legend of the Blue Sea will be pre-empted on Thursday (expect a whole slew of pre-emptions this week for all the end-of-year awards shows). SBS will air a Legend of the Blue Sea special instead, and Episode 14 will air next Wednesday, January 4.



Afraid that Chung’s thoughts will keep him up all night again, Joon-jae quiets her thoughts with a kiss. Naturally this does nothing to help her sleep (it’s like you don’t know girls at all!), but when she peeks down into Joon-jae’s room, he’s sleeping like a baby.

Joon-jae has another dream that night: In Joseon, Lord Yang lights lanterns above the sea knowing that the mermaid will surface, and sets out to hunt her down. Joon-jae sees the mermaid swimming towards the light and wakes up crying, “No, Se-hwa!”

He opens his eyes to see Chung and hugs her in relief, and she asks if he had a scary dream. He says, “I was scared. I never used to be afraid of anything—because I had nothing to lose. But now, I’m scared… that I might lose [it].”

Chung: “Who, Se-hwa?” She says she heard everything, and Joon-jae suddenly doesn’t know how to respond. She grows increasingly jealous, wanting to know if Se-hwa is another fish he’s keeping on the hook in his pond, and whether she’s pretty.

Suddenly smiling, Joon-jae takes a good look at her and says, “Yes, she’s very pretty.” LOL, are you getting revenge for Ramyun? She gets pissy at that and demands that he choose: Is it her, or Se-hwa?

Joon-jae laughs, especially when she starts using slang she learned on the internet to indicate how serious she is right now. He does this adorable lean-in so that he’s looking up at her and says, “Of course it’s… you.”

He hears her thinking, Is he just saying that to maintain his fish pond? What about Se-hwa? Is he telling the truth? What if he’s conning me? Am I really prettier?

He says it again to reassure her, and she beams. Satisfied, she gets up to go back upstairs, but he pulls her back down on the bed and tells her not to go. She asks if he’s been drinking, since “don’t go” is his anthem when he’s drunk, so he says, “Let’s say I’m drunk. So don’t go.”

He pulls her under the blanket and wraps his arms around her, and she snuggles in like it’s her favorite place on Earth. Swoon.

They’re like that for barely a minute before Chung turns to face him and stares at his lips, asking, “You know that thing earlier… that thing…?”

He doesn’t even need to hear her thoughts to know the answer, and kisses her. “That?” he asks. Why are you being so cute, Heo Joon-jae?

She asks if she’s supposed to forget the kiss this time too, but he tells her not to forget this one, making her smile. He snuggles closer and says he’ll have to sleep just like this to prevent his nightmares, and she thinks, I hope you have scary dreams every night! I love scary dreams!

Sometime later after Joon-jae is asleep, Chung extracts herself from his arms and runs out to the terrace to scream in her head, Heo Joon-jae likes meeeeee! The whole city lights up as if in response, and she leaps up and down and wonders if her heart is going to beat right out of her chest.

Joon-jae’s mom drinks soju by herself that night, and Jin-joo comes to ask her for a hangover cure and nearly tosses her cookies at the sight of more liquor. Jin-joo asks her what’s wrong, and housekeeper Mom is grateful for the question, since it’s been a very long time since anyone’s asked her that.

Mom says she ran into her ex-husband earlier today by chance, and he pretended not to know her. She doesn’t know he’s very nearly blind, of course, and says that he looked at her as if they were strangers. She muses that there are some aches that time just doesn’t cure.

Jin-joo hears that and says they need wine, and pours two glasses. Aw, that’s sweet. She says she had a rough day too, and tells Mom about her drunken outburst at Stepmom and how she even groveled on her knees, to no avail.

Jin-joo calls Stepmom a nasty woman who stole her friend’s husband and got the first wife kicked out, and Mom’s face goes pale at the familiar tale. Jin-joo laments the effort she’s put in to send side dishes to that house just to be included in their new development project, and Mom asks with trembling hands what family Jin-joo is talking about.

Jin-joo names Chairman Heo, and Mom can’t believe that her ex-husband and his new wife have been eating her food for weeks now. She keeps her reaction under wraps, and murmurs in disbelief that it’s a small world.

Meanwhile, Stepmom makes sure that Chairman Heo’s new will leaves everything to her and Chi-hyun. The lawyer worries that a small amount should be left to Joon-jae in order to prevent a lawsuit, but she assures him that Joon-jae won’t be putting up a fight. You mean, because you intend to kill him?

As ordered, the shady lawyer and two lying witnesses who have been paid off present Chairman Heo with his new will. He can’t read it or even see where to sign, but they lie that everything’s been left to Joon-jae, and he stamps it with his seal. Chi-hyun watches silently from the doorway.

Nam-doo is confused when he wakes up to a rearranged living room, and finds Chung picking up couches by herself like she’s the Hulk. She says it’s not heavy at all and that she just couldn’t sleep, still bouncing with energy as she sing-songs in her head, Heo Joon-jae likes me~!

Joon-jae chuckles to himself to hear her singing it over and over, and thinks that it’s a good thing only he can hear her. She bounds up to him to ask where they’ll be moving once their lease is up, because she has so much energy that she wants to start moving the furniture there now.

Joon-jae ignores Nam-doo’s cries for rice and offers to make pasta for breakfast at Chung’s request, and she volunteers to go buy noodles. She’s overflowing with strength as she skips to the store, and stops to help a grandma pull a cart up a hill, throws out trash for a pregnant lady, and even pushes a car out of the way so that a fire truck can pass in a narrow street.

The boys grow tired of waiting for her, but Joon-jae hears her singing the Heo-Joon-jae-likes-me song and says she’s almost here, and Chung bounces in on cue. Nam-doo gapes and jokes that they must share a telepathic connection now.

Over breakfast, Nam-doo tells them that Jin-joo’s con has set them back a considerable amount, and he’s set up a new job. Chung glares at Nam-doo and gives Joon-jae the hairy eyeball, and Joon-jae quickly says he won’t be joining them. Chung beams and thinks to herself that Joon-jae really does like her, but Nam-doo’s face grows dark as he looks back and forth between the lovebirds. Uh-oh.

Nam-doo calls Joon-jae aside for a chat and argues that he’s only known Chung for a few months, but they go back ten years. Heh, why does it sound like he’s jealous of Chung? Joon-jae says he’s just trying to keep his promises, and Nam-doo argues that Joon-jae promised to work with him until he found his mother, and that he fed him and sent him to school all those years.

Joon-jae points out that Nam-doo is the one living off of him right now, and Nam-doo gets pissy at that, whining that he’s going to move out because Joon-jae doesn’t seem to care that the heater is broken in his room, and he’s tired of being ignored.

Nam-doo quotes an old adage about not abandoning the friends you made when you were poor, and then he points to the swimming pool and asks, “Chung and I have fallen in the water. Who are you going to save first?” Pwahaha.

Joon-jae says he’d save Nam-doo, and you can practically see Nam-doo’s heart melting. But then Joon-jae adds that if he didn’t, Chung would save Nam-doo herself and he doesn’t want that. Nam-doo deflates, and Joon-jae gets a call from Detective Hong and runs out.

The forensics team is going over the taxi that Ma Dae-young used to kidnap Chung, and Joon-jae joins Detective Hong and his partner at the scene. Joon-jae is hilariously bossy as ever, giving orders to the examiners, who assume that he’s a prosecutor.

All they can find in the taxi is the stuffed pink octopus that Joon-jae dropped while being arrested, and they come up empty-handed on evidence that Dae-young was there.

Joon-jae asks them to check nearby trashcans and then remembers that Dae-young ran away from the hospital in a hurry, and didn’t have time to wipe down his fingerprints there. He tells them to check the tub of water in the operating room, which looked like it’d been filled recently.

That leads Detective Hong to wonder why Dae-young would fill a tub with water out of the blue. Joon-jae has a sudden flash of Lord Yang hunting the mermaid down in Joseon, and grows alarmed.

Housekeeper Mom announces that she’s quitting her job, and Jin-joo is upset, arguing that she’d just gotten used to Mom’s weird personality, and she’ll never find anyone as good as her. Mom assures her that it’s not because of Jin-joo, and that she just wants to rest. Shi-ah comes home and accuses Mom of angling for more pay, and tells Jin-joo not to hold her back.

Jin-joo convinces Mom to stay on just long enough for her to find someone new, sorely disappointed that she’ll be leaving. Shi-ah doesn’t seem disappointed at all, and demands that Mom meet her somewhere later tonight.

Mom carries a load of groceries somewhere, when suddenly a man on a motorcycle zooms by and nabs her purse, making her fall in the process. But the real shocker is when Chung speeds by on foot to chase after the thief.

They both disappear offscreen and we hear a loud crash, and then Chung skips back toward Mom to return her purse and help her retrieve her groceries. Mom is grateful and startled, and offers a reward for Chung’s help. But Chung refuses and just skips off with a friendly “Bye!” She leaves the thief tied up to a lamppost.

Shi-ah is annoyed to wait all of ten minutes in her car for Mom to arrive with the groceries, and omo, they ring the doorbell at Joon-jae’s house. Shi-ah says this is her future boyfriend’s house and asks Mom to make dinner for them tonight.

Mom walks in and gapes… at Chung, who’s at home by herself. Mom is happy to meet the nice girl who retrieved her purse, and Chung helps her with the groceries sweetly, while Shi-ah just walks off like a spoiled brat. Just keep digging that grave.

Shi-ah leaves more information regarding Dam-ryung on Joon-jae’s nightstand, and lingers a while to look around Joon-jae’s room. She picks up a picture of Little Joon-jae with Mom and doesn’t think much of it, until she suddenly recalls seeing these same people in a photograph in Mom’s room. Shi-ah shakes it off, thinking that they must just have a vague resemblance, though it starts to unnerve her and she picks up the picture to look again.

From the back of the police car, Joon-jae asks why Dae-young went to that hospital, and Detective Hong says he was treated there for a while, for his psychological issues.

He was on medication to control his anger and bipolar disorder, and Joon-jae suggests that Dae-young would have to keep taking those medications now, which could be a lead. He is a way better cop than all of you combined!

At least Detective Hong isn’t too proud to take all of Joon-jae’s suggestions, though he always does so through gritted teeth. Joon-jae requests to be dropped off as close to home as possible like he’s being chauffeured, and Detective Hong’s partner wonders why it feels like Joon-jae is their team leader. Detective Hong argues they’re using him as bait to catch Dae-young, though his partner doesn’t seem convinced.

Shi-ah peers out at Mom in the kitchen feeding Chung her food like a doting mother, and she starts to go pale. Karma is delightful, isn’t it?

Shi-ah comes running over to drag Mom out before Joon-jae comes home, and when Mom asks after her boyfriend, Chung is about to pitch a fit and shout Heo Joon-jae’s name. Shi-ah clamps a hand over Chung’s mouth and barely stops her in time, and ushers Mom out the door.

Joon-jae is walking up the stairs just as they close the door and head in the opposite direction, and Shi-ah manages to scurry away with Mom without a second to spare.

Once they get home, Shi-ah asks Jin-joo what she’s heard about the housekeeper’s son, and Jin-joo only knows that they’re estranged, he’s supposedly very handsome, and he went to KAIST.

Shi-ah hangs her head. Suddenly all of her snide, spoiled outbursts at Mom flash through her memory, and she looks like she might puke all over the floor. This is awesome.

She sneaks into Mom’s room to compare Mom’s family photo with Joon-jae’s, which she’s snapped a picture of on her phone. It confirms that Joon-jae really is her son, and when Mom asks what she’s doing in there, Shi-ah turns demure and respectful and asks if she can call her Mother.

Mom wonders if she’s sick or something, and Shi-ah says she must’ve been sick before and is only now back to her senses, and get so worked up that she demands Mom to bring her some water. Pffft. She immediately takes it back and offers Mom water, and basically sounds like a crazy person as she apologizes and runs away.

Joon-jae asks Chung about why Dae-young filled a tub with water the night he kidnapped her, and hears her thinking that Dae-young saw her as a mermaid in his dreams and wanted to confirm it for himself.

She thinks that she can’t say any of this out loud, and he says as if answering her that she doesn’t need to tell him if it’s difficult for her to talk about. He hugs her, and she thinks about how frightened she is that Dae-young will find out her secret.

He says, almost reassuring himself as much as he’s reassuring her: “There’s no need to be afraid. Nothing will happen. Nothing will repeat. No matter what happened before, it will not happen now. I will make it that way.”

Chairman Heo staggers out into the hallway looking for Stepmom, getting precariously close to the staircase in the process. Stepmom is there the whole time watching him silently, and she steps back and watches as he feels his way around… and tumbles down a flight of stairs.

Chi-hyun comes home just a minute later and looks up, and a chill goes through him when he sees his mother just standing at the top of the staircase gazing down at Dad’s body. He calls for help and rushes Dad to the hospital, and the doctor says he made it through surgery, but they’ll have to wait and see how he recovers.

Chi-hyun runs into the room when the nurse says that Dad is looking for his son, and takes Dad’s hand tearfully. But Chi-hyun leans down to hear what Dad is murmuring, and it’s like a stab to the heart when all he hears is “Joon-jae, Joon-jae.” Chi-hyun drops his hand with a thud and storms out of the hospital, not even stopping to acknowledge his mother.

He goes home and breaks every picture frame and removes all the photographs of himself with Dad, and goes out back to burn them all.

Joon-jae stays up to read over the research on Dam-ryung that Shi-ah left behind, and learns that the artifacts they discovered were from a shipwreck on Dam-ryung’s way to exile, which is likely how he died.

Joon-jae sees flashes of the scene from his most recent dream: Dam-ryung being sent into exile and leaving on a boat, and Lord Yang lighting lanterns to go hunt Se-hwa down.

Joon-jae looks at a copy of Dam-ryung’s portrait and asks, “So, were you able to protect her?” He hurriedly puts everything away when Chung comes down, and she says she learned a lot of things today.

In flashback, we see Chung watching an internet lecture all about men and how to act in a relationship. She wondered what the heck it meant to appear easy but play hard-to-get, and why she should reject skinship when it’s so awesome. Then she got to the part about first loves, which said that a first love to a man was like being branded with an iron.

She tells Joon-jae that she gets it now, because Se-hwa was his first love, and she must’ve branded his heart pretty deeply for him to still be dreaming such sad dreams about her. Joon-jae tries to deny it, but Chung says it’s a good thing, because a man’s first love supposedly doesn’t come true.

Chung thinks it’s a relief that she isn’t his first love because then they wouldn’t last, while Joon-jae looks upset to hear the words.

Dae-young finally answers Stepmom’s call and she tears into him for kidnapping some girl instead of killing Joon-jae like he’s supposed to. Dae-young tells her that he keeps dreaming about his past life lately, and that she’s there, and so is Joon-jae, and that girl.

Dae-young says that the girl is a mermaid in his dream, and Stepmom tells him to take his medication, thinking he’s gone nuts. She says that they’re so close to getting rid of Chairman Heo and Joon-jae, and living happily with Chi-hyun just the three of them. At that, Dae-young seems to snap back to reality.

Joon-jae goes to see his psychiatrist and says that the dreams of Dam-ryung cut off after a certain point, and he can’t connect the dreams to find out what happens to Dam-ryung.

We cut over to Detective Hong, who gets a list of doctors who’ve treated Dae-young over the years, and the one who’s seen him the longest is a Professor Jin Kyung-won…

…the very professor Joon-jae is spilling his guts to right this second. Joon-jae says that if Dam-ryung is trying to send him some sort of message, he has to see how the dream ends. Professor Jin warns that seeing the end of that dream could result in a severe trauma for him, but Joon-jae wants to do it anyway, and gets put under hypnosis.

Dae-young chooses that very moment to seek out Professor Jin to get back on his medication, and arrives outside the door.

Under hypnosis, Joon-jae returns to Joseon in his dreams just as Dam-ryung is asking his friend for a favor. Dam-ryung knows he doesn’t have much time left, but he says warmly that they are destined to meet again as good friends someday.

Dam-ryung is sent into exile, and boards his boat without a fight, accepting his fate. Aw, it’s Detective Hong’s doppelganger who takes him, saying solemnly that it’s just his job.

As he sets off, Lord Yang’s men light lanterns over the ocean and take off in their own boat, and prepare a large net to go hunt the mermaid.

Se-hwa sees the lantern lights above the water and swims toward the surface, and Joon-jae starts to squirm and murmur aloud in his hypnotic state. And outside, Dae-young turns the door handle to come inside…

Back in Joseon, Dam-ryung gets up when he sees lanterns floating overhead, and realizes what Lord Yang is up to.

Se-hwa swims towards the lights but doesn’t see Dam-ryung, and seems suspicious enough to turn back without surfacing. But Lord Yang spots her beneath the surface and orders the net to be cast, and it traps her exactly as he’d planned.

Dam-ryung asks for his boat to be turned around, and when the officer in charge refuses, Dam-ryung steals his sword and holds him hostage. He promises to return the boat back on course as soon as he saves Se-hwa: “Please. If I can’t save her, I have no reason to continue living.”

The officer tells his men to back down, and declares that Dam-ryung saved his father when he was wrongfully accused and nearly died. He says he’ll take responsibility for this, and orders the boat to be turned around.

Lord Yang orders his crew to start shooting arrows and throwing harpoons into the water, and Se-hwa is trapped in the space of the net and forced to dodge for her life. Arrows fly past her left and right, and finally one grazes her arm and sheds blood.

Lord Yang is about to skewer her with a spear when an arrow takes down one of his men. They look up and see Dam-ryung’s boat facing off with theirs, head-to-head. Awww yeah.

Dam-ryung tells them to stop, but Lord Yang refuses to listen to a criminal who’s been exiled, and simply returns to hunting the mermaid when one of his men spots blood in the water.

Lord Yang orders them to begin another onslaught, and Dam-ryung watches frozen in shock. He finally recovers a moment later and launches himself from one boat to the other, flyyyyyyyying through the air like a badass and swinging his sword on the way down.

Men fall into the water one by one as he cuts them down, but then someone hits Dam-ryung from behind, and he falls to the floor. As a battle rages on around them, Lord Yang spots Se-hwa himself and raises his harpoon in glee.

Dam-ryung sees what’s about to happen and calls out, “Se-hwa!” and dives into the water just as Lord Yang releases the harpoon. I don’t know how he swims faster than it, but he gets to Se-hwa just seconds before she’s hit, and the harpoon lands in his back instead.

He embraces her with his last remaining strength, and she caresses his face tenderly. He goes limp in her arms.

Overcome with sadness, Se-hwa hugs him one last time… and spears herself with the harpoon. Aw, noooooo!

In flashback, Se-hwa had asked Dam-ryung when they were teenagers if they’d still be apart after they died because his heaven would be on land and hers would be in water. He said that they’d be together in the same heaven, because heaven is neither land nor ocean.

Se-hwa hoped that they’d still be themselves in the next life—that way, they’d be able to recognize each other. Dam-ryung assured her that they would: “If we meet again, you’ll be you, and I’ll be me.” She asked, “Will we remember, this story?”

Dam-ryung said to her, “I promise, even when I’m reborn, I will search for you, and meet you, and love you, and protect you. I will remember this story.”

As Se-hwa’s arms go limp in the water, Dam-ryung’s bracelet slides off her wrist, and she dies in his embrace. Se-hwa and Dam-ryung sink to the bottom of the ocean, together to the last.


That’s so tragic! Is that really how their story ends? Say it ain’t soooooo! There’s still a way to save them, right? I’m saddest of all about the possibility of losing the Joseon storyline, because I love Dam-ryung too much as a character to let go of his half of the story. I was so excited when he got his big hero moment to come to Se-hwa’s rescue, and even though I was fully prepared for his love story with Se-hwa to end sadly, I’m still upset about losing them so early. I just thought Joon-jae was going to learn something to help save Dam-ryung from having to die so young, and that the drama would make more of their timelines happening in parallel rather than simple past and present.

I might be madder about Se-hwa dying and making Dam-ryung’s sacrifice moot, except I really do believe that despite returning to the ocean and choosing to be apart from him, Se-hwa would have spent her remaining days sad and alone in love. I mean in this dramaverse, love is practically a death sentence, so I don’t know that living another sixty years in sadness sounds better. I do find Dam-ryung’s choice to go back for Se-hwa all the more admirable because he’d known for some time that he was supposed to die. He could’ve avoided the fight altogether and lived a long quiet life in exile, but there’s no question for him either—given the same choice, he’d always risk his life for her, and go willingly to his death if it meant saving her.

Their end has to be tragic, to motivate the reincarnation fueled by an unfulfilled love—it would make Joon-jae and Chung’s story moot if Dam-ryung and Se-hwa got it right the first time and lived a long and happy life with little mer-babies. It does make me feel a little better to believe in their hope that they just remained at their core the same two people even when reborn, and found each other again. Maybe I’ll just think of Se-hwa choosing to die as her faith in being reborn to love Dam-ryung again, and that she wasn’t about to let him go without her.

I do find the present timeline to be moving slowly in comparison, though I’m enjoying the everyday banter and romantic development in the couple a great deal, and Shi-ah’s constant foibles are very amusing. I just find it less urgent that they need to unravel the mystery, possibly because I don’t find the bad guys very compelling or even all that scary. I mean, the killer is a scary killer, but he’s also the slowest assassin ever, and Chung seems to be able to defend herself quite well. I felt more urgency when it came to Joon-jae saving Dam-ryung in some way with the two heroes affecting each other’s timelines, but maybe that ship has sunk? I’m going to hold onto hope though… because I refuse to let Dam-ryung’s story end here. Pretty please?


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  1. Grace

    Nooooooo, why SBS why?!?!?! I want my ep 14!!!!! Boooooo

  2. Sweet&Sour

    Quote: “I just find it less urgent that they need to unravel the mystery, possibly because I don’t find the bad guys very compelling or even all that scary. I mean, the killer is a scary killer, but he’s also the slowest assassin ever,…”

    Agreed, I just think that the story in the present timeline is cute and light but not compelling. Whereas the story in the past timeline was fairly compelling, because the danger felt more real. I also felt so sad watching the “Romeo and Juliet” ending of Dam Ryung and Se Hwa.

    I continue to enjoy the humor in this show, and the cute moments between HJJ and SC, and how he can hear what she is thinking and he doesn’t pressure her to tell him that she is a mermaid even though he already knows. I just find that the story in the present timeline could’ve been a lot more compelling, but instead it’s just light and cute.

    • 2.1 Del

      Just when I started to enjoy the show after episode 10, the pace seems to take a back seat.

      While the bantering, the self-reading thoughts and light hearted moments between Joon Jae and Shim Chung are endearing but that was just it. It was all fluff and lack of substance.

      We don’t seem to be getting anywhere. While the Joseon’s plot has moved like hundred steps, the modern plot is moving back 10 steps. Even the cliffhanger not compelling at all because as GF pointed out, Dae Young is slow and he seems lack of motive. I wonder why stepmom still continue engaging him when he could not even deliver.

      With Dam Ryung gone, I really hope the modern part will do a lot of catching up. All the while I always have Dam Ryung to fall back on but now, ….I just have to rely on this faith to stay put.

      • 2.1.1 Sweet&Sour

        I agree, in general I like modern settings more than historical ones, but in this case I liked the historical part a lot more than the modern one. I think if the story of the historical part had been the main story, whether in a historical setting or modern setting, the show would’ve been a lot better (and without this both timelines thing going).

        • Del

          It could have been more epic and resonating to us should the Joseon setting became the main plot. And with Joon Jae and Dam Ryung discovering each other yet Joon Jae could not do anything to save Dam Ryung, I really don’t see much of why they even need to be aware of each other at all other than for Joon Jae to have a hindsight to not let fate repeating all over again. And I was hoping for some kind of parallel universe because those two actually met, even only in dreams.

      • 2.1.2 Bongsommie

        Really? I seem to enjoy the modern setting much more better than the pat
        Maybe I’m in denial? Because I’m enjoying the cuteness and fun so much and loathing the tragic ends that might befall us later.
        Is it 16 or 20 eps?this is currently my fav show so far. LMH is doing a spectacular job🖒

        • Del

          I guess we all have different preference, don’t we?
          I mean, ya, they were so cute being all lovey dovey but why wasted the episode about Shim Chung’s super strength and not yet the plot movement is so meager? I love their cute moments but too much of all these sweet things led to me feeling fatigue. You can’t have too much cotton candy and not ended up visiting the dentist at the end of the day. This is the same thing happening to Goblin. The plot movement is so slow, seems like both shows are on crawling mode.

        • Affie

          Na doo.

          I’m enjoying the modern storyline immensely!

        • Reena

          I love the Joseon storyline, and it actually made me appreciate the modern timeline as well. After watching this episode, I feel like the reincarnated lives of Dam Ryung and Se Hwa have become more meaningful. In a way, Lord Yang got his karma through Dae Young (by becoming a criminal on the run – with mental issues to boot – it’s like his soul is suffering from what happened in Joseon). Eventhough everything is repeating, the modern storyline will surely change everything so that the OTP can finally get their happy ending.

    • 2.2 Natasha

      I am definitely enjoying the present time more. The past time may be beautiful but it is too tragic for my liking. I don’t need a sad ending. I signed up on this drama knowing it’s going to be rom com.

    • 2.3 sha

      yes Ma Dae young is slow, but it seems quite normal since he is a wanted criminal and police is looking for him. He cannot move as he pleases

  3. minomi

    The last scene when KDR and SH died, I can’t stop crying.. Why their love story has to be so tragic, whyyyyy?? I thought HJJ could rescue KDR by interfere the past. but… whyyyy????

    • 3.1 jerrykid

      “I might be madder about Se-hwa dying and making Dam-ryung’s sacrifice moot, except I really do believe that despite returning to the ocean and choosing to be apart from him, Se-hwa would have spent her remaining days sad and alone in love”

      Agreed that Sea-Hwa’s death is so tragic. I also think that her decision to end her life makes Dam-ryung’s sacrifice moot.

      I think that there are better options: 1) As GF said, live the rest of her life in loneliness and sadness – but she’d live on, 2) Definitely live on and make Lord Yang pay for his evil actions. If I were Sea-Hwa, I’d make beat the damn life out of Lord Yang, make his life miserable, and bring him to justice (though I know it’s difficult).

      I comfort myself that Sea-Hwa chose to die because she had faith that they would reunite in heaven, and/or in another life.

      It pisses me off as a lot of times, main characters in K-drama land are so passive, go with the flow, and let villains tread of them. Don’t they learn any self-defense mechanism? Any why’s the justice system so ineffective in detecting and penalizing villains? Seriously – Lord Yang got away from the murder charge so easily and the King believed naively in his claim’s that Dam Ryung was bewitched by a mermaid and didn’t fulfill his duties. Where’s the evidence? Aww…

      • 3.1.1 Affie


        How could Dam Ryung be exiled like that?! Maybe its because the presence of the mermaid is actually known…

      • 3.1.2 RC

        Aish. I agree with your comment about the passiveness of characters in kdrama! This is one of my angst when watching kdrama. Mostly it’s with women though, I noticed. I mean come on, people were shooting at you from above so why can’t you just swim deeper??? Aigoo

        Haha. I still like the cuteness in the show regardless, if I’m cringing everytime main characters just stand passively against injustice and whatnot.
        I think they’ll rush the story towards the end because we’re nearing it already and the family situation is still not moving anywhere 😢

    • 3.2 Zizi

      I think Dam Ryung is not dead in past timeline. Once Joon Jae is up from hypnosis, he will also find out about his fate and prevent the last scene from happening.

      • 3.2.1 Shuerei

        Zizi, very clever deduction ….
        I wonder if JJ could repeat the warning to DR before his boat leaves…

        • Shuerei

          Zizi. You should be a writer!!

  4. neener

    WHUT??? No episode 14 for Wed-Thurs ShowS? I’m just gonna cry in the corner and rewatch episodes 13 of both dramas.

  5. Outfromlurking

    The sweetest, most beautiful tragic love story ever to be told.

    Lee Min Ho as Kim Dam Ryung is literally everything! Nailed it! That slight smile he gave SH was so painful to watch, as though he was happy to die protecting her and in her loving arms.

    I love the way she hugs him without knowing he had been pierced by a harpoon sent to struck her, the way he smiles at her one last time, the way she looks at him and cups his face in her arms when she realizes, the way she lingers on to him and hugs her love, the way she pushes the harpoon into herself, the way they both drifted off, eternally intertwined, into the deep blue sea where their love was first born.

    How sweet that they promised to meet again as they are in another lifetime and how sweet that he promised to remember their story, to protect, care, and love her again. He kept his promise well, as he now recalls everything.

    No matter how much I loved them, I am all for that tragic bittersweet ending. It makes their love story so much more beautiful and makes HJJ and SC’s story much more meaningful. While they ended off sadly in the past, I am happy to know that KDR and SH lives on as HJJ and SC. Their story will continue here.

    Amazing episode! Amazing story! Amazing acting!

    • 5.1 minomi

      They died.. At first, KDR wanted to protect SH, but who would expect SH took a sudden decision to also end her life, because she can’t live without KDR. Hope in the present, they can fully love each other and has a happy ending..

      • 5.1.1 Cidorta

        Well I wonder if writter is telling us know the last episode will look like except dont think that either will die but there might be some stabbing.

        Also feel bad for the stepbrother but the he expect that Dad not ask for his real son when he can die at any moment? If he had not behaved they way he did when they were younger and if they were able to grow up together i dont think he will be feeling they way he is now Dad would had love both of them equally.

        Ok cant wait until Mom and son reunite, hope that it will be very soon.

    • 5.2 Leeminholove

      Hw beautifully u described evrythng!!!
      Each n evry cast is doing best of them
      Love this drama…..js beautiful

  6. windrama

    Gosh this ep left me completely gutted. Dam Ryeung’s storyline was so solid, seeing it draw to a close was pretty disappointing.

    Now all that’s left is how JJ would interpret the events from the Joseon times to protect Chung and earn the happily ever after they both deserve.

    I thought Chi Hyeon’s reaction was rather poignant; thinking dad called him only to find him muttering JJ’s name repeatedly must have been devastating. I suppose the scene where he burned their father and son photos were meant to convey the breaking of emotional ties? Even though he told JJ in the last ep he wouldnt be able to protect the dad, it seems like from this ep on, he might be an active player in the baddie game rather than a passive observer.

    On another note, ND’s railing at JJ for ‘abandoning’ the conman trade has me concerned as he’s been consistently showing two sides to him. With JJ promising Chung to not make a harmful lie, I can see him wanting to get rid of Chung or ruin the r/s between Chung and JJ just to get his best sidekick back.

    • 6.1 dieyb

      Yes! His face when HJJ said he will not do the fraud plan when they having a meal. really got me anxious bout his character development.

      • 6.1.1 dieyb

        sorry. i mean to refer ‘His’ to ND. >.< (first time commenting here)

  7. Reena

    The last scene made me cry. ahhhh… I loved the DR and SH storyline.

    • 7.1 Reena

      Also… ahhhh it’s going to be so agonizing to wait for ep 14!

      • 7.1.1 MakBlahsAlot

        Ugghh.. ikr.. this makes me sad..and i cant even wait for the next episode.
        I just cant stop thinking abt the time when HJJ promised Sc that nothing will repeat itself. I hope this is true.. and SC just told us that first love is never successful so we know that this is their first love in second life making it second love. 😂😂

    • 7.2 KrisS

      Same here, I was still in tears a few minutes after that ending. It was just too sad, like Romeo and Juliet love story. And the scene was nicely directed and shot. Great job by the 2 leads. I’m sure going to miss DR and SH characters. I also expected them to die young and not have a happy ending. But it’s too soon in the drama. We have 7 more episodes to go. I was thinking, did DR and SW really die or will they survive? Or we will we just have flashbacks of Joseon era, like scenes before they died ? Now we have to wait a week… can’t wait too see the next episode.

      • 7.2.1 Reena

        I really think that they both died. I’m most certain that Dam Ryung is dead. I mean, he was already hit by the harpoon and it’s impossible for him to breath underwater. The water would probably enter his lungs. For me I think that they really need to die in order justify the reason why they were reincarnated. I really, really love the Joseon story, but I’m also looking forward to the present one.

    • 7.3 Affie

      Ditto! Sob*

  8. Classy_Glass

    I think TLOTBS does really well with the romantic part of the story, but not with the mystery/criminal/murder part of the story.

    I don’t want to draw parallels with You From Another Star (YFAS) but, I mean, it is the same writer and it does have a very similar format (and even has some of the same actors). I think YFAS did pretty good with its seemingly random murderer in the middle of all its romance, and it actually meant something for the main characters, like revealing Do Min Joon’s identity as an alien and being utilized to save Cheon Song Yi from various dangers and showing Hwi Gyeong how corrupt his brother is.

    TLOTBS…the murder is really REALLY convenient, for one (YFAS was also pretty convenient, but not as convenient as TLOTBS); like I really doubt that Stepmom would even be able to get away with half of the things she gets away with here. And then the police suck at catching Dae Young, who, if you have even decent sight, you can spot him from a mile away. I’d really just rather have all this murder out of the plot, but I guess there needs to be something to drive the plot forward? I mean, I’d be okay with it if it was done well, but I think it’s done very sporadically and unrealistically. I don’t even feel like the characters are endangered half the time.

    I guess basically what I’m trying to say is TLOTBS’s plot is somewhat lazy/coattailing YFAS, and the only real thing keeping me in is the actors/characters, the romance, and the parallelism between past and present.

    I will say that I do believe TLOTBS will not fail us in wrapping up its individual plot holes/questions so far (ex. is Nam Doo a villain or hero? What’s the point of Yoona?).

    • 8.1 Reena

      I’m curious about Yoona and Nam Doo’s roles as well… Nam Doo is just too shady for me. Maybe he’s just a possessive, jealous friend? I don’t think he knows that JoonJae is a son of a chaebol.

      • 8.1.1 nchoe

        Nam-doo is not shady. He’s basically just afraid of being left alone. Joon-jae is his only friend. Well, he’s got Tae-ho, but it’s not the same. They have been through a lot together and now, Joon-jae seems ready to move on.

        I think I can understand Nam-doo’s feeling. I got the same feeling when my Sister was gonna be married. She’s my best friend and my soulmate. Of course, I was happy for her. But there’s part of me that felt sad. It felt like someone was taking her away from me. Hahaha.

      • 8.1.2 Lily left the valley

        I’m fairly certain he knows he’s a chaebol. They met with him investigating the background on the mother, and the lure meeting where he got the money, he obviously knew enough details that he had looked into her ex.

        I am a bit worried about how Nam Doo will swing in the episodes to come. Will he try to remove Chung? Will he try in a more permanent way…I don’t think so, but he could feed her fears about being just a goldfish.

        I still think he knows exactly where Mom is, and is just playing dumb to keep him as a partner. I know it’s likely he doesn’t given the dinner setup, but…I just have that feeling given the dialog they keep giving him. “You said you would stay with me until you found your mom.”

        • Reena

          I’ve been thinking about that as well. I have a feeling that Nam Doo already found his mom and just pretended that he didn’t know anything (he’s a conman after all). Also, in an earlier episode, he gave Shi Ah a wad of cash… and we don’t know what they were up to yet. I mean, Shi Ah clearly likes Joon Jae, and she only discovered in this ep that JJ’s mom is their housekeeper.

    • 8.2 AniLoh

      Much as I would like to defend your answer, it’s somewhat true.

      Lazy or not, most K-dramas are that way. But it certainly feels like coat-tailing.

      I just don’t know why but when I was watching YFAS, I couldn’t stop. Not even once! It was too well-weaved.

      But LOBS is interesting. The story is not a regular cliched one, but compared to YFAS, it’s not that “thrilling”. You know that thrills and chills we used to get when CSY was about to fall off the cruise, was about to die from the car or the stunt, etc.

      But the romance is much much well-developed in LOBS, something which started existing in YFAS only after episode 16.

      • 8.2.1 Diana

        And the villain in YFAS was just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too good.

        He was scary, a pivot, a catalyst and a psychopath, and above all, a damn good murderer- someone whose screen presence would give you chills down your spine and would tell you someone is going to die.

        The way all characters were related was amazing and none of the characters seemed useless.

        But here, just what on Earth is the actual purpose of Yoona/ND/SA apart from being leggers and kinda a “relief factor”?

        Also is CH that murderer’s son with Stepmom? Why do I feel that way?

        • Lord Cobol

          And the villain in YFAS was just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too good.

          Yes, one of the best villains ever. The baddies in this show aren’t even close.

          Also is CH that murderer’s son with Stepmom? Why do I feel that way?

          Possibly because you are right — or a least on the same page as a lot of us.

          • Lily left the valley

            I’ve been fearing the fake son’s real dad is the murderer for a long while, and what stepmom said on the phone today has me convinced that’s the case.

        • AniLoh

          Yes, Diana. He is his son. I am sure. In the previous episodes, when mom talked about dad to CH, the very next seen came to the murderer.

          Also, stepmom is JH, the murderer’s woman. So they were definitely romantically linked.

      • 8.2.2 Outfromlurking

        I’d have to agree with you. While I found myself involved in the murder story of MLFAS, I was less involved with the love story. LOTBS has a more compelling love story. Aside from the less compelling side story, I actually like that HJJ is directly involved in solving the problem in this story and actually going to help catch MDY. On the other hand, it was lacking on DMJ’s part because HK’s purpose was mainly to solve the murder case. If the writer can combine the love story of LOTBS with the strong side story of MLFAS, we would get the best of both worlds.

        Though, I would say both dramas are pretty good.

        • AniLoh

          Probably true.

          But YFAS was one of its kind, something that the entire Asia hadn’t seen in decades, something that inspired the West, who mostly influencing others- a brilliant combination of inter-weaved multiple-genre story, beautiful OSTs (I still remember “My Destiny”) and some great feels.

          OSTs in LOBS are just…okay. They are good, but not like marvellous when compared to YFAS.

          Although the actual love story started late, it was always there and deep, though DMJ never showed it openly but CSY did.

          • Diana

            I feel like I am compelled to reply to you because they strike a chord.

            Exactly my point. That was and will be a TRUE hallyu. A drama worthy to be called so. Howmuchever good DOTS is, it is not as grand as YFAS.

            The stopping of time, the superpowers, the sub- and sub-sub- plots, all the great characters including the girl who got murdered on the ship (forgot her name) and my two fav osts (my destiny and goodbye).

            LOBS, in my opinion, wouldn’t have had been so popular if LMH and JJH weren’t there. And this is a bitter truth. The competitors for this time slot are losing only and only because they have less-known stars. But believe me, Bok-ju is one of the best concepts I have seen.

            The only good competitor of LOBS that I can think of currently is Goblin, which is also from a Hallyu writer and writer of my all-time fav Secret Garden.

          • AniLoh

            Diana, aww thank you so much for your kind words.

            Exactly my point.

            Yes, it is true. And I am not a basher. I am follower of this drama but still, it’s a point worth to be noted that LOBS is only LOBS because of the megastars involved- this was true for Heirs as well- the n number of stars and the star pairing of LMH and PSH was enough to sell the drama, although it sucked.

            I would also hate to admit but if someone gives me a choice between Goblin and LOBS right now, I would choose Goblin first. And later come back to LOBS not because LOBS lacks but because Goblin is more awesome.

            Yes, I have heard a lot about Bok-ju but I don’t have anymore time to fit in any more dramas. 🙁

            Omo, SeGa is my fav drama as well and I couldn’t believe for a year that Heirs was also written by her. Hahaha!

          • Diana

            Goblin. Is. Daebak. (Idk if I am allowed to talk about a different show or not)

            LOBS is good too, but probably not like woooowwwwww, although the scenes here are emblematically pretty and this is still a better love story than Uncontrollably Fond and even Scarlet Ryeo. Trust me! They went haywire towards the end despite having 2 beautiful couples.

            At least, I know PJE won’t go crazy towards the end with her writing.

          • Aniyoseyo

            I agree tat MLFTS was more thrilling and nail biting drama.. But I don’t agree with the OST part though.. I think LOTBS OST is way too good… Especially wind flower and somewhere sometime (tat man’s voice is mesmerising) dey r heart warming.. In MLFTS I loved my destiny, but only that remained in my heart at the end.. But LOTBS has different songs for different emotions 😍 (may b u should hear it in headset apart from drama)

          • jerrykid

            “But YFAS was one of its kind, something that the entire Asia hadn’t seen in decades, something that inspired the West, who mostly influencing others- a brilliant combination of inter-weaved multiple-genre story, beautiful OSTs (I still remember “My Destiny”) and some great feels.”

            Couldn’t agree more.

            I have been watching both Western and Asian (including Korean) dramas in the past 20 years. I think that some of Western dramas and DOTS are epic, but YFAS tops all.

            In addition to what @AniLoh has mentioned, YFAS’s script has sophistication, logic, depth and nuances (which Western dramas boasts but Asian dramas often lack). It did an outstanding job in conveying the sweetness and unfathomable romance often seen in Korean dramas (which Western dramas seriously lack). Not to mention Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Huyn’s top-notch acting.

            I love YFAS’s OSTs too. Besides “My Destiny”, “Hello, Goodbye”, “Past Love”, “Promise” are also great.

          • Outfromlurking

            And then I would argue the same for LOTBS. The love in the present day, though not as deep as the past, because there is the underlying depth of their past love that lives on, the presence of their strong love persists.

            One of the biggest problem with LOTBS is that it is unforunate to come after MLFAS. Here, we are comparing the finished product of one drama to the unfinished product of another. We have seen and watched and know the whole story to MLFAS while we are still unsure of what will happen in the remaining 7 episodes of LOTBS. If the urgency of the love from MLFAS didn’t actually start to show until the later episodes, then I can argue that LOTBS still has quite some time to showcase that side as well. In addition, the last episode left us off with HJJ recalling their tragic ending. How much it will affect him, we have yet to find out. I still have faith that the love story between HJJ and SC will be just as beautiful as the story between KDR and SH.

            And I would strongly argue that LOTBS has a pretty solid and beautiful soundtrack, my favorite of it being Lee Sun Hee’s windflower and the instrumental humming song, especially the violin version of it that played during the end of episode 13.

          • YWCFTS die-hard fan

            couldn’t agree more! *love* *love*

          • Also out from lurking

            You are right about the thrilling factor. Even though yfas had a sloppy ending the production as a whole was more engaging. LOTBS has great visuals and saccharine couple interactions but other than the past life scenes it doesn’t tug at the heartstrings as much. With YFAS there are multiple subplots and an OTT villian that keeps you on the edge every week. Whereas here the evil stepmon and psycho killer are like typical afternoon soap villians, and neither are the police good at their jobs so not much of a thrill factor there. The 2 other conmen are still hanging out at the loft even though the killer and police are aware their location. Wae.

      • 8.2.3 jerrykid

        First of all, I must say that I’m thankful for writer Park Ji-eun for creating non-traditional scripts such as YFAS or LOBS. These both keep me daydreaming and my life so much happier :).

        “I just don’t know why but when I was watching YFAS, I couldn’t stop. Not even once! It was too well-weaved.”

        I think I knew exactly what you meant. I couldn’t stop watching and I’ve re-watched YFAS so many times that I lose count (must be more than 50 times). With LOBS — I am not hooked by its “thrills” and “chills”.

        I actually found the romance in YFAS much more convincing and logical, especially the romance in the modern timeline. I agree that the romance only takes full shape after Ep 16, but I do love the subtle yet beautiful romance in Ep 1-15. Also, I can understand why Do Min Joon loves Cheon Song Yi that much and would do anything for her. It’s a love that he’s had in him for 400 years. I can understand the feeling of waiting a whole life for the “one and only” right person to come. Besides, to be honest, it’s hard not to fall in love with the hilarious Cheon Song Yi

        With LOBS, the romance in the past timeline is definitely very convincing, even more solid than “past love” in YFAS. However, I don’t think that the romance in the present timeline has enough of depth. I don’t have the feeling of such a “big” love as I do with YFAS.

        • Just a fan

          You speak my mind! I agree with all things you stated above! The subtle romance in ep 1 to 15 is very deep and I love it!

        • Just a fan

          I also love all the OST in YWCFTS. Even I downloaded all orchestra music scores/background because I love the harmony and melody on them. YWCFTS is truly one-of-a-kind! No matter how great other dramas are, it is YWCFTS that tops all! 🙂

          • jerrykid

            Thanks for your kind words. Glad we are on the same page.

            Same here. I downloaded and listen to them too. They are SO good.

          • AniLoh

            I though I am the only lunatic to do this. Haha!

            Well, “My Destiny”, despite anything, is one of the most beautiful OSTs. It’s intrumental is recognisable by almost anyone in Asia and beyond. I had even heard those instumentals in airports, cafes, etc in countries like Thailand and China and in India (my home country).

        • AniLoh

          Thank you, jerrykid, for summing up my internal thoughts.

          This answer reflects and refracts my opinion.

    • 8.3 nchoe

      I agree with you. In this show, the villains felt so distant. I just can’t get the feeling that our main couple is in a real threat. Plus, Chung is good at martial arts. With her fighting skill, I think she’s the one who should protect Joon-jae, not the other way around. LOL.

      The only one who’s in a real threat is Dad. But then again, the show hasn’t show us why we are supposed to care about Dad. So far, Dad is no more than just an unfaithful husband and a terrible Dad. If he dies, I’ll feel bad for him, but nothing more. I couldn’t care less about the inheritance either. Step Mom can have it all so she can stop looking for another husband to kill. Joon-jae is capable enough to make more than a decent living… illegally or legally.

      So why am I supposed to be worried again?

      • 8.3.1 Lily left the valley

        She wants no contention whatsoever to the will. If he’s alive, there’s still that chance that he could.

        Who knows? Maybe she and her co-conspirator have a competitive body count game going.

      • 8.3.2 Shuerei

        Wail!!! Sob! So sad… DR and SH come back please ….

        My thoughts:
        1. Right now ND does seem shady but who knows, he might help JJ to con back the stepmom out of the inheritance…

        2. I thought Lee Ji Hoon is doing a very nice job as the brother CH. Looks like he is turning to the dark side but let’s hope he finds redemption upon discovering his dad is a psychotic killer.

        3. Who knows that Moon So Ri / Mom’s employee turns out nicer than her snotty self. In the last episode I was glad she blurted out the stepmom’s homewrecker past…

        4. Glad to see SC back to her bubbly self and supergirl mode. I have confidence that she would beat our killer to a pulp.

        5. Looks like the reincarnated version of JJ will eventually pick up a noble profession like his past self..

        Love to all of you here. Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year Season…****muaks****

        • Reena

          “5. Looks like the reincarnated version of JJ will eventually pick up a noble profession like his past self..”

          I already think that JJ will have a noble profession. He is a son of a chaebol after all. 🙂 Also, I agree. I want both SC and JJ to beat the bad guys to a pulp. Se Hwa didn’t have SC’s spunk… maybe that’s why SH was reincarnated that way? So that she’d have more “balls” to fight off the enemy?

          For me, as much as I loved MLFTS, I much prefer this drama’s love story. The last part of MLFTS left me with so many questions. Will DMJ and CSY have babies? Will he still get sick if they kiss? Will they both grow old together? haha… In the case of LOBS, I can believe that SC and JJ will have a more realistic life in the long run. For one thing, no one get’s sick when they kiss, and memory wiping is optional.

          • Just a fan

            Have you watched the uncut epilogue scenes in YWCFTS ep. 21? It should answer your cliche questions.lol.

            Let’s see till the ending scenes. This writer likes to surprise the viewers.lol.

          • Shuerei


            You are right, the reincarnated selves seem to be much stronger and resilient. In the past, See Hwa was often the one who needed rescuing (apart from saving DR when he was young) ….

            I think LOBS has a more relatable universe and love story than MLFTS… I mean MLFTS is great but I think mermaids are more enchanting and alluring compared to aliens..

            Also, the OTPs in LOBS are more proactive – whereas our alien boy DMJ spent too much time trying to deny his existence and connection to CSY.

      • 8.3.3 Sweet&Sour

        I agree with everything you said, and that is why while I find LOTBS entertaining, it is not a favorite of mine. I also don’t like that we’re supposed to feel sorry for the dad (at least I feel that that is what the show is aiming for) because it is all the fault of the evil OW/step-mother who “stole” him from his wife, as if he is not responsible for his own actions.

        I also agree that there is no real danger on JJ/SC in the present timeline, and the villain here seems inept and is not scary or intriguing. The stakes were much higher in the past timeline, and the story was also stronger in the past timeline.

  9. Alexis

    so sad.. ..
    I’m weeping for damryung
    really sehwa?!,…. did you have to die??
    gotta love Chung… girl is waaaay too blunt.
    and joonjae is perfect.

  10. 10 cherryarrow

    So the answer is finally revealed! This whole time I thought Sehwa lived alone for 400 years waiting for Damryung’s reincarnation to show up, but now that’s been cleared, Sehwa has been reincarnated as well.

    She clearly has no memory of her past life it seems, I want to know why she’s so fixed on him from the very beginning without Sehwa’s memories.

    • 10.1 Outfromlurking

      Their undying love transcends through time and space. Just like KDR tells SH, even if HJJ doesn’t remember her, his heart loves her. The same can be said about SC. Whether she remembers him or not, her heart already loves him. Their will to love each other and to be together is that strong that it persists even in another lifetime.

      • 10.1.1 Shuerei

        Sim Chung had dreams about SH while she was dying in the hospital but she didn’t realise it was her past self …

        We see more of DR trying to reach out to JJ than our mermaids… perhaps the mermaids are less “complicated” having no accessibility to archives or tecnologies and especially that SC isn’t privy to the info that JJ has. She may figure out something soon.

        Also, there are more revelations on DR’s part with the discoveries and clues from the artifacts. The psychiatric hypnotism also played a part in triggering these “memories” or “visions” ….

        • cherryarrow

          For sure there’s more clues about Damryung, Shiah left something for HJJ regarding Damryung afterall.

          I think in the upcoming episodes we’ll see the backstory of SC!

    • 10.2 Bokjooswag

      But it kinda feels like a plothole to me. If Shim Chung does not remember her past life as Se Hwa, how did she remember Se Hwa’s warning to Lord Yang and reminds Ma Dae Young about it?

      • 10.2.1 Moon

        It was Ma Dae Young who recalled from his dreams. Sim Chung is just stating a fact.

    • 10.3 Reena

      I think I like it better that both DR and SH died and met again through their reincarnated selves. It’s much better than having Se Hwa wait for a hundred years or so. It’s going to be waaay similar to MLFTS. It makes the Joseon storyline more meaningful, and that their reincarnation will be justified.

      I already knew in earlier eps that SH and SC are different mermaids. They do have different personalities and tail colors.

  11. 11 Marii

    The ending of Dam Ryung & Se Hwa’s story is so sad, what a tragic fate they had! I’m also thoroughly gutted that this might mean the end of the Joseon flashbacks because these were keeping the story line alive and interesting.
    I wasn’t expecting DR & SH to have a happy ending in the Joseon era because every thing in the future pointed to the opposite, but I thought we were to believe that Chung IS Se Hwa, who has waited for a long time for DR to be reborn again. Otherwise how did she know to follow and fall in love with Joon Jae in Spain and travel from Spain to SK to risk her life to be with him? I assumed that mermaids perhaps live long lives, never aging.. like the Goblin. lol
    It’s a good thing Joon Jae remembers his past and has a goal of finally achieving their happy ending.

  12. 12 AniLoh

    Mom and Shim Cheong met finally… <3

    That dialogue about saving any one between Nam Doo and Shim Cheong seemed so similar to the one in YFAS.

    And one point Dad- Please don't consider CH like total trash- he's also your son and he too cares for you.

    • 12.1 Shuerei

      It does seem a bit heartless for dad to leave everything to JJ and even only recall JJ in his comatose state.

      But probabyly the inheritance has to do with company shares and some very lucrative or commercial assets.

      Also, his actions may be prompted by guilt. Like the dad who lavished on the prodigal son for returning home, Chairman’s reaction is similar. He has taken care of CH while JJ left home penniless in his youth… so he felt that the only right way to atone his sins was to leave everything to JJ.

      • 12.1.1 AniLoh

        Guilt is a major factor, I agree.

        But if this is his behavior in general, then why should people adopt kids after having biological children if they can’t treat them as their own?

        In real life, I have seen plenty of people who treat their own kids and adopted kids differently. Like, why did you even adopt one at the first place?

        He could give at least 20-25% to CH at least, or maybe 10%. But giving nothing is sheer discretion on his part.

        • Shuerei

          @ aniloh
          I agree with you that he should have given something to CH. I think he should treat both sons fairly in every aspect.

          Chairman Heo is not a really good REAL and FAKE dad. He just couldn’t do the right thing… sigh ….

          • PakalanaPikake

            Please cut Dad some slack. His brains may well be addled by all the monkshood Evil Step-Mom has been slipping him for who knows how long.

            We’ve only heard second-hand that she stole him away from his first wife. I’m still waiting to see flashbacks of how she wangled her way into his graces and then got him in her clutches. We’ve never actually heard Dad’s side of the story. Not one peep. He may not be as much of an ogre as he’s been made out to be.

            The fact that Dad wants to leave as much as he can to his natural son may actually be a concerted act of will against his second wife’s machinations, which he may suspect on some level. By getting Manager Nam out of the picture, she’s removed Dad’s last loyal supporter and left him truly vulnerable.

            I suspect that Evil Step-Mom’s greed for every last won will be her undoing. I don’t know how it is in Korea, but where I live in the US, if the will has to be probated, it becomes a matter of public record, so anyone can review it. (But if the will is actually filed with the probate court, it means the party is well and truly dead. I hope Joon-jae can reconcile with Dad while he’s still breathing.) Failing to leave a legally-stipulated minimum amount to an heir should raise a red flag, especially as Joon-jae has already told the police that Dae-young has been pursuing him for no discernible reason. Detective Hong still has a few dots to connect.

          • Shuerei

            @ Pakalana

            I don’t think anyone here is being unfair in assessing Chairman Heo. No doubt we have not seen much from the dad’s angle but its still the dad’s fault for allowing things to happen this way. Assuming that he was fed with wrong info about his ex wife, HJJ is still his son. Based on the fact that HJJ ran away from home penniless for more than 10 years without his dad trying to contact him seemed rather cruel. More than 10 years!

            Although the dad made efforts to reconnect recently, by then HJJ has grown cold towards his dad. What did the dad expect, HJJ to receive him warmly with open arms?

            Why should we cut him some slack when he lost both his wife and son by allowing himself to be seduced by a home wrecker?

          • AniLoh

            And along with agreeing to Shuerei, I would also say that Dad has gone haywire and he’s not a person to get swayed by a new wife just like a kid gets swayed by seeing chocolates.

            He should have had some self-consciousness as well, even if the 2nd wife was evil.

  13. 13 Love Hoe Jun Jae

    Lee Min Ho has caught a cold. :(( It is clear from his voice! 🙁

    Is it ONLY me who finds Hoe Jun Jae so sexy in that bed scene?? :)))) The wayyy he kissed Chung was sooo GOOOOOOD! <3

    Lee Min Ho's voice was so sexy today!!

    • 13.1 bbstl

      Is it only me who watched that bed scene and said out loud to the screen, “yeah, RIGHT! They would just go to sleep cuddling like that!” And cackled like a crazy person? Or am I the only dirty old lady around here?

      • 13.1.1 KrisS

        You’re not alone. I mean how can you sleep when LMH is spooning you?.. otoke??

      • 13.1.2 Alice Mendoza

        HAHAHAHA! I had THOSE thoughts too! Sigh, but this is supposed to be a romcom KDrama not Romantic Erotic (though I wish it could have just A LITTLE bit more sexiness or ‘skinship’!!) I never heard of that term before – skinship! Till I watch this, my very first Kdrama!! I think most KDramas can’t be too racy (the raciest would be lips-moving-a-lot-trying-to-make-it-look-like-French-kissing) and mere suggestions of the protagonists having ‘done it’ – by having clothes/socks strewn all over the floor, etc …
        Some Korean movies on the other hand, are VERY sexy – with bare breasts, bare buttocks, etc!!! Two excellent ones that actually made me cry (they were tragic & romantic besides being erotic) – Obsessed & Frozen Flower!

      • 13.1.3 Affie

        Omg. Lol!

      • 13.1.4 Lily left the valley

        Not the only one. Nope, nope.

        I’m still waiting for the scene where Nam Doo bursts into the bedroom, see them, and then almost kills himself trying to scurry his ass right back out of the bedroom. 😀

      • 13.1.5 Reena

        You’re definitely not the only one! 😉

    • 13.2 Leeminholove

      Haha…SC going thru internet searching about love ‘man will date but will refuse skinship!!!
      Me and SC -why it is so good hahaha 😀 😀
      I love nam do making the comedy scene more comedy
      BT wait !!!WHY WHY WHY why, after going thru all 1week hardships we get to watch 2ep but this weekend SBS took a candy from a child hand……..ottuke….

  14. 14 bbstl

    oooooomg, that ending was so beautiful to look at. At the same time I kept thinking, I wonder how hard that was to shoot and to act fear and dying underwater like that and how long it took. They all did an amazing job, I could gush on just about the lighting! Fantastic.

    • 14.1 bbstl

      Although to nitpick, since he jumped from above and she was beneath the net, shouldn’t the net have been in between them?

      • 14.1.1 MinaBoom

        About the net, I think it is blocking her exit. So she can only go up, but there is nothing blocking the path to the surface of the water.

        Hope this makes sense. 😂

      • 14.1.2 PakalanaPikake

        @bbstl, @MinaBoom,

        I went back and rewatched the whole mermaid-hunting segment specifically to look at the net and see how it was deployed.

        Verdict: It still didn’t make sense to me. I, too, thought there was a net above her, but there wasn’t.

        It’s actually hanging down like a curtain (a small drift net) — but for that to happen in real life, the net would need floats along the top edge, and possibly weights along the bottom. I was looking for them, and didn’t see them. At one point I saw the lower edge of the net, which Se-hwa could have swum under to escape. For some reason, she did not.

        The weird thing is that there’s no way she’s completely encircled, from what I can see. Heck, they only have two boats, but deployed the net from only one of them. This makes zero sense. Unless… *drumroll* Mermaids do not have reverse gear. Or Se-hwa is in shock and not thinking clearly enough to turn around and swim away.

        How can a fish who’s still in the water look so much like a fish out of water?

        In a past life I used to translate ethnographic materials that included traditional fishing equipment and methods. I should know by now not to expect picayune realistic details on TV. Oh, my aching head. 😉

        My mantra for situations like this, when logic has gone out the window:
        “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”
        — from THE WIZARD OF OZ.

        35.1 has my earlier musings on this scene.

  15. 15 JessA

    I really hope this isn’t the end of the Joseon storyline. I loved Se-hwa and Dam-ryung’s story so much! If this is how it ends, I’ll be so sad. Honestly, I like the modern day storyline but I LOVE the Joseon one more. If we could go back, I would want this story to be the Joseon sageuk version.

    • 15.1 ran

      IA. from the start the Joseon otp just grab me right from their first on screen meeting. I even found their chemistry more appealing even though they’re played by same actors.

  16. 16 Yaya

    Girlfriday, as always, thank you for the speedy & insightful recap😊

  17. 17 P

    It must have been difficult to act out the last part as they were underwater. I was paying attention to se hwa’s facial expressions thinking- oh perhaps there should be a hint of a pearl-like tear when she hugged him one last time or one last mental voice over to explicitly show how devastated she was. I mean to help the actors out.. it’s not like she could breakdown and cry underwater. I was busy thinking about these things when she suddenly decides to die and do a romeo and juliet ending. Her devastation couldn’t be more obvious.. she decides to die with him! The scene was so tragic, I was’t ready for it, at all.

    • 17.1 Alice Mendoza

      Sigh … I know right?? KUDOS to LMH & JJH! They’re just FANTABULOUS actors!!!
      But, yes, I still cried after watching for the third time … am SO gutted … plus I can’t let go of the Joseon storyline … they (KDR & SH) were so very beautiful together … I suppose it’s even more beautiful because it’s so tragic …

    • 17.2 heroonthebeach

      Completely agree that the underwater scenes were fantastically done in such beautiful detail with so much conveyed just through their eyes. The lighting was so beautifully done as well. Have read on several forums how JJH commented on how filming in water was challenging and I can definitely see it coming through here. I wasn’t prepared at all for how she would pull the spear through herself too

  18. 18 Alice Mendoza

    Once again, Thanks for the excellent recap, GF! I always look forward to your recaps because THIS is the forum we can all come to, to SWOON and / or CRY. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for me – from swooning, giggling and grinning like an imbecile at the beginning of the episode to crying buckets at the end …
    Yes, I agree the Joseon lovers had to meet with a tragic end by WHY SO SOON???? I thought we still need KDR & SH to act as a foil or a pointer to HJJ & SC!
    Also, I am hoping Nam Doo will not turn against HJJ & start to harbour ill intentions towards SC & CH will not turn into a villain – (that’s too formulaic & pat) – then again, maybe it’s a trope in KDramas? To have a villainous sibling (in this case, CH is not even related by blood).
    Also, I guess the answer to the million dollar question concerning HJJ’s Mum ( why did she leave so mysteriously without maintaining any contact with HJJ) – will be resolved soon! I really like the sweet scene between HJJ’s Mum & SC! And Shi Ah should just get together with either Tae Oh or CH (PROVIDED he doesn’t turn evil …)
    I am wondering whether HJJ & SC will be able to work together or maybe they have to be separated for awhile – perhaps SC will go and rescue HJJ! I wish SHE can start to read HJJ’s thoughts too!!
    HAPPY 2017 GF & everyone!! LOOOONG wait for Episode 14, siiiiighhh!
    Oh, and I really, REALLY wish SBS can show a special Making of LOTBS and all the DELETED SCENES / Director’s cut too!! How do we petition for this???

    • 18.1 Shuerei

      I’d be sad if CH ended up dying due to his awful parents…..

      I still think there’s a lot of good in him and the burning of the pictures was simply because he was disappointed and felt unloved by Chairman Heo.

  19. 19 heroonthebeach

    Thanks girlfriday for your thought-provoking recap.

    Reading all the comments here really makes me want to watch YFAS! I started out on it when this series began, but just didn’t have time to complete it, but I completely agree that the villains in the modern day storyline are just completely unconvincing and boring- especially Dae Young. So Hee has proven herself to be more merciless, so perhaps things will ramp up a little now that she too is aware that Sim Chung is the mermaid and there’s greater urgency on her end to get rid of Joon Jae and bring things to an end.

    There’s just a lack of a sense of danger for Sim Chung in the present day storyline because there isn’t that same stigma that surrounds the mermaid as compared to the Joseon era.

    Nonetheless, in spite of the above, I did find the love story compelling and the connection between Dam Ryung and Joon Jae very touching in this episode. Even though I knew that the Joseon storyline would not end well, I actually gasped in shock when Sae Wa pulled the spear through her as well. She remembered the conversation they had when they were younger about how Heaven makes no distinction between water and earth and how the both of them will be together in Heaven. I liked how young Dam Ryung mentioned that no matter where they are, he will find her and protect her and this was indeed so evident in the modern day storyline. Joon Jae’s protectiveness over Sim Chung has always been evident, even when they met in Spain when he wasn’t aware of his connection to Dam Ryung or that Sim Chung was a mermaid.

    Have shared more thoughts on this on my blog: https://kdramaanalysis.wordpress.com/2016/12/29/legend-of-the-blue-sea-episode-13/

    • 19.1 KriS

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree, i find the bad guys less compelling. But even with all the comparisons and flaws, I actually love this drama. I enjoyed watching it especially the sweet and funny parts of the modern day characters. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  20. 20 P

    Though i enjoy the funny scenes here, i also think that You From Another Star was more thorough. The setups were carefully planted and the payoffs were justified and addressed well.

    • 20.1 Affie

      I think that fact has not and will never be in dispute… 😊

      For real YFAS was just so much more perfectly executed.

      • 20.1.1 YWCFTS die-hard fan


  21. 21 PakalanaPikake

    I wonder if Writer-nim was pulling our legs by having Joon-jae and Dae-young both seeing a neurologist named Dr. Jin. Can a brain fetus be far behind?! It’s apropos that he uses hypnotic regression as a means of time travel.

    It would be hilarious if, among the diplomas on his office wall, there were a photo of the good Professor in his younger days looking like Mr. Hand Towel.

    The underwater scenes of the mermaid hunt and Dam-ryung’s rescue of Se-hwa were well done. I suspect (and hope) that the Joseon story line is not yet finished. We might yet see more flashbacks of the OTP. What happens with Captain Ahab/Lord Yang? Did his boat sink as well as Dam-ryung’s? And what’s the deal with Chi-Hyun and Yoo-Na? I don’t think we’ve seen them in Joseon yet.

    Regarding Daddy Heo, I hope he’s safely in the hospital for a good long time, long enough for the monkshood that his murderess wife has been dosing him with to leave his system. But not before it is detected in his tests. It would be swell if his vision miraculously returns, causing his eye doctor to get on the stick and pay closer attention.

    Shi-ah’s discovery of Mom’s identity had me in stitches. It was delicious to watch her squirm as she recalled all the times she’s belittled the cook. Although Mom is not a vindictive person, if anyone would have recipes for 1,001 ways to serve crow, it would be her. LOL.

    • 21.1 Alice Mendoza

      Yes, how could Ma be seeing the SAME prof as HJJ? Why is the prof treating a dangerous criminal??? Also, who’s Mr Hand Towel?

      • 21.1.1 PakalanaPikake

        Hi, Alice Mendoza!

        The excrutiatingly handsome Song Seung Heon played the title role in the much-reviled time-travel fusion sageuk, DR. JIN. His name sounds like Song Soo Gun (hand towel), hence his nickname at DramaBeans. Just search the phrase Hand Towel here on DB and you’ll get all sorts of interesting and edifying links. And I do mean edifying.

        DR. JIN happens to be the first Kdrama I ever watched, and it didn’t scare me off. Then I watched THE KING’S DAUGHTER, SU BAEK-HYANG — which is a truly wonderful sageuk. 108 half-hour episodes.

        • Alice Mendoza

          Hi PakalanaPikake!
          OMO!! THANKS a lot for this tip! YES! Excruciatingly handsome Song Seung Heon is the EXACT phrase I will also use to describe Mr Hand Towel! Hahaha!! Wow!! I’m learning SO MANY NEW THINGS from KDramas!!
          And if I am not wrong, the EXCRUCIATINGLY HANDSOME HAND TOWEL was the leading man in the romantic EROTIC movie, OBSESSED- AWMAHGAWD – the lovemaking scenes are awesome yet heartbreaking because you just know, the lovers will not end up together … sigh …
          I am more familiar with Korean movies than dramas and LOTBS is my very first KDrama that I am following feverishly!!
          If you’re interested to see more Mr Hand Towel hotness, search for OBSESSED at the Kissasian website! The female lead actually debuted in that movie, her name is Lim Ji Yeon – she’s quite gorgeous but acting skills are not quite there yet. She’s very sexy though and I hope she doesn’t get stereotyped to appear in more Korean skin flicks! Her second movie, Treacherous- (sort of a crazy erotic sageuk movie about an absolutely nutcase Joseon king – He actually existed in history) – also had her baring her boobs and bum and having sex with a royal retainer (who could be an eunuch and who was imagining the scene!!)

          • PakalanaPikake

            Hi, Alice Mendoza…

            You’re welcome. 😉

            I recall coming across a DB news item on SSH being cast in a steamy film, but haven’t checked it out.

            King Yeonsan in THE TREACHEROUS is the same ruler depicted in THE KING AND THE CLOWN.

            Usually the mere mention of DR. JIN is enough to elicit howls of derision among Kdrama fans. Which was why I couldn’t resist pointing out that Joon-jae’s neurologist is named Jin. 😉

        • Alice Mendoza

          Hi PakalanaPikake!

          Thank you so much for this information!! I think that EXCRUCIATINGLY HANDSOME HAND TOWEL also appeared as the lead in the Romantic EROTIC movie – Obsessed! What a sad movie that was … sigh …

          • Alice Mendoza

            Er, Sorry, PikalanaPikake, for the second reply – Please IGNORE second reply – because I thought my original first reply couldn’t be passed through! I had ‘Comments awaiting moderation’ at first??!! Guess what I commented about the excruciatingly handsome Hand Towel was VERY hot …

    • 21.2 earthna

      Almost choked on my food after reading that Dr. Jin bit!

  22. 22 pickledplumtree

    Heartbreaking at yet…how can a show still be so perfect so far in? A rare treasure. Or, to use the name of the paint color of my kitchen…a rare “Mermaid’s Treasure.”

    • 22.1 pickledplumtree

      *and yet

  23. 23 Sumaiya

    I loved dam ryung and se hwas tragic end. It’s kinda obvious that their end would be tragic as joon jae’s been saying that he won’t let the past repeat itself in the present. But to die together …..
    this would be one of my favorite tragic ends for sure.

  24. 24 Lisa_wackycashew

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

    I’m really happy to see JJ and Chung’s romance developing. Funny how JJ tried to get back at her for being ramyeon guy himself. I love how Chung likes the things that humans tend not to enjoy, such as getting drunk and having nightmares. More snuggles please.

    The fact that love fuels Chung’s strength is hilarious. She’s become Superwoman overnight though I think mermaids by default have superior strength already. I’m sooooo happy that JJ’s mom and Chung finally met! I was anticipating this and so glad to see that she left such a positive first impression on Mom!! Love how Mom already likes her and is doting in her.

    Serves SA right to finally know that Mom is JJ’s mom!! Been waiting for this and I really enjoyed how the world came crashing down on her. Too late to get on Mom’s good side now. Mwahahaha…

    Stepmom is heartless as expected, ready to kill another husband just for the inheritance. I feel so bad for CH… It’s like Dad is inadvertently forcing CH to be evil cuz all he thinks about now is JJ. *sigh*

    Man, the same psychiatric doc for JJ and MDY can’t be a good thing… I hope JJ wakes up before DY gets inside that room.

    Nooooo! The ending is so sad!! My heart isn’t ready to let DR and SH go either. I love the Joseon scenes so much. But knowing that DR had died young, I knew there must have been some connection to SH. To know that he protected her till the end as best as he could was heart-wrenching. I think SH chose to kill herself as well since mermaids only love once. How could she be alone without the love of her life and continue to live? It would be impossible for her to bear such pain and loneliness. At least their teenage conversation gave hope that JJ and Chung as their future selves will work out OK.

    Now gotta wait a week before ep. 14… Need to prepare my heart!

  25. 25 nchoe

    I hope… since Cheong has learned a lot from dramas and internet, she’ll be smarter than Se Hwa… I can’t even be sad for Se Hwa because the way she died is so dumb… she had so many chances to escape but she’s just there looking confuse the whole time… I know she’d been shot by so many arrows here and there but at least try to swim downward… stay away from her hunters sight… don’t make yourself an easy target. Ugh! It’s Rickon Stark tragedy all over again… you should have run a zig zag, Rickon!

    But on the happier note, since our Jeoseon couple died tragically a la Romeo and Juliet, I’m positive the modern couple will survive. Even though, without knowing this I still wouldn’t be worried about them anyway. To be honest, Dae-young isn’t as scary and threatening as this show wants him to be.

    Btw, I can’t believe Tae-how agreed to following Joon-jae to Korea just because of speedy internet connection. LOL.

    • 25.1 Nana

      I’d move to South Korea for the fast internet – Heo Joon Jae asking is a bonus.

      btw, thanks fr recap GF!

      • 25.1.1 nchoe

        Yeah… whom am I to speak when there’s nothing I wouldn’t do myself for as fast as lightning bolt internet connection… especially whenever new episode of my favorite series is going to be released.

    • 25.2 P

      I was waiting for Se Hwa to use her superhuman strength or something to help herself. Or at least try to play an active role amidst all the commotion. But no.

      I remember the scene in the hospital with Cheong and the villain. When she started asking him something like “in your dreams..did i not warn you?.. go ahead. Confirm it.” Her voice was so deep and threatening, it actually gave me chills. I thought, oh ok good. Cheong can protect herself.

      • 25.2.1 nchoe

        Hahaha… it’d have been better if she hadn’t told him, let him touch her, and erased Dae-young’s memory instead. It’d have saved them from trouble.

  26. 26 chezee

    I am kinda dissapointed on how SBS trying to do what?delaying the next ep. 14 Eventhough I love the drama I feel it’s not going to go 20% in ratings why delay???The Romeo and Juliet dying together is Epic so moving cried alot howww it is great to Love like that especially with Lee Minho and looking like Jun Jihyun perfection. Their chemistry is extremely amazing!!!!

  27. 27 sharreb

    I find the word girlfriday use ‘compelling’ to really resonate my opinion.
    This drama has me going from wait a few episodes to watch ep 1 to 8 in two seatings and suddenly im 3 episodes behind and only reading recaps. It just isnt compelling me to watch.

    And i find its the problem that the present joon jae and cheong who has more screen time then their past self of dam ryeong and Se Hwa isnt grippling enough. Because we compare their past present self i dont find it more riveting or complelling, there’s no urgency and the love doesnt feel ocean deep the way it was suppose to be. Its like on paper they have a love reborn from decades ago but it didnt translate onto screen- their modern self has a airy kind of romance instead.

    I also find the villain not really doin a good job scriptwise to deliver the chills and thrills. I also think the writers underutilised Joon Jae’s brother- he’s a very good actor- i wanted him to be that much more involve in plot and in screentime.

    Even the mom-joon jae arc is travelling at snail pace. I remember the episode where she served the omelet and yet they didnt see each other- i was pulling my hair. Sigh maybe because LOBS in this genre i wanted that something that continues to be just out of my fingertips…

  28. 28 PakalanaPikake

    Where the heck did my manners go?!

    Thanks, girlfriday, for your speedy recap and commentary, especially during the busy holiday season.

    I agree that the modern story line is unfolding at a rather leisurely pace. Dae-young isn’t necessarily the quickest assassin, but he sure can be opportunistic, as in the way he killed the guy who lived a couple of doors away from Joon-jae. And he was cagey enough to ambush Joon-jae by sending fake texts from Manager Nam’s stolen phone. If he weren’t beset by dreams and/or bleed-through memories of his past life unsettling his mind, he could be even more lethal.

    I think Dae-young’s cohort, Evil Step-Mom, is much worse. She’s been patiently and cold-bloodedly plotting and implementing this caper for ten years, and only now is the endgame in sight (not the best choice of words, given the symptoms of her poison of choice, monkshood!). Whereas she bumped off each of her first two husbands a year after marrying them for their life insurance payouts, she’s invested a decade in assisting her mark to become even more successful and wealthy. Now she’s getting impatient with Dae-young to finish off Joon-jae… I’m hoping that he starts getting sloppy under pressure, and makes mistakes that blow his cover. Maybe Manager Nam will regain the ability to speak, and can identify his attacker, too.

    I feel bad for Chi-hyun. I don’t think he’s gone over to the Dark Side just yet, but is on a slippery slope. It was weird that he phoned Secretary Kim before 119 when he walked in and found Dad had fallen down the stairs, but he still got him to a hospital. As for his burning the photos of him and Dad, I can understand his feelings. I’m not ready to write him off, although I’ve got to admit, his pedigree is distressing.

  29. 29 turagot7

    I know Heo Joon Jae is mad at his dad but he really should have done something by now for him with all the signs he’s been given. I mad at Joon Jae for leaving his father in the hands of step mom and brother. Daddy Heo better not die.
    I can’t believe Dam ryung and Se hwa died. TT TT

    • 29.1 Affie

      HJJ doesn’t suspect anything yet that’s why…

      • 29.1.1 Shuerei

        Hi affie,
        Yeah agreed! HJJ doesn’t suspect anything yet. So he is not having any idea that stepmom would be of any danger. Possibly if the detectives could figure out her identity and link to the killer then it would alert him …. hopefully it won’t be too late…

        Perhaps he has been estranged so many years from his dad that he didn’t have any reason to go back and check on his dad.

  30. 30 MANDY

    Have to wait until next week to watch ep 13,14,15,16.was i the only one who squealed when min ho lips actually moved while kissing gianna.i hope not.he has finally graduated.min ho oppa,chukahae(congratulations).
    Now onto the recaps,the death of dam ryeong and se hwa was tragedically beautiful.can’t say more than this on the subject.i wonder who namdoo,tae oh and shi ah were in the past world.
    curious about one thing,in MLFAS OR YFTS,min joon fainted when kissed,what would actually happen if they has sex

    • 30.1 Affie

      That will forever be a mystery! Lol.

      Maybe they never did that deed. You know!

      I find amazingly that kdramas quite literally turn my brain off sex completely when I’m watching… everything is already so oversexualized on this planet… some things should just be left to the imagination! Although I still hardly go there… it’s amazing!

      • 30.1.1 Kendi


        I like that kdramas are generally not oversexualized.

        The perfect romantic scene for me is the right balance between fish kisses and steamy bed scene. Too much is as bad as too little and I don’t really like watching something that gets me turned back every minute to see if anyone’s looking.

  31. 31 nchoe

    I think Joon-jae is gonna be a cop, detective, or prosecutor in the end. He’s already shown interest in becoming civil officers. We’ve also already been shown that he’d make a better detective than Mr. Hong and his partner combined. Joon-jae even was a magistrate himself in his past life as Dam-ryung and he was pretty good at his job. Plus, Joon-jae wants to make Chung proud by doing something good for his country, just like what Chung originally thought before she found out that Joon-jae is a con artist.

    I kinda like this resolution. Please, make it happen, show >. <

    • 31.1 PakalanaPikake

      I’ve been thinking the same thing: that Joon-jae could go straight and use his scamming expertise against crooks and other bad guys. He might just bring his associates with him. That would take care of Nam-doo’s abandonment issues, and give Tae-oh an array of possible career paths.

  32. 32 Affie

    Thanks for the recap GF!

    Yes, the modern portion of the show is draggy … but at least the Joseon part of the show has sorta concluded! And as sad as it makes me that we weren’t in a parallel universe where the present could affect the past… I’m hoping these turn of events will propel HJJ in the appropriate direction as Chung is pretty much clueless!

    How is that for Chung being completely different from Se Hwa…! I think it was said over and over that they were two different mermaids… I like this conclusion cos it has been clarified..

    While it looks like the obviousness of the plot keeps staring us in face… also with our questions being answered pretty rapidly per ep. And viewers’ expectations not being played out in exactitudes… I’m still finding it hard to not love this drama… it’s just lovable!

    I hope next eps. Will speed things up …though that depends on what needs to be wrapped up
    …how perfect is that Shi-Ah has realised who HJJ’s mom is… that happened quickly… lol…maybe the pace of the show is not so much of a problem as the telling of it… the sequence of events… or it’s simply some things drag and others do not… anyways maybe not everything was thought through… but I’ll cut it some slack until it is irredeemable lol

    There maybe a continued Joseon era storyline in the form of flashbacks… who knows…. Aside from the kisses and cuddling parts…Shi Ah… the dumb broad… the Joseon cuts were my fave part of this ep.

    I look forward to more!

  33. 33 aniyoseyo

    Roller coaster episode… 😊😂😩😢 y rating going down?? Wonderin…!!! Atlest apreciat deir hardwork ppl… Only dese 2 can look sooo gud even under water… Kudos to d technicins and actors fr such hardwork…
    But my ques s y SC doesnt remembr her past, wen HJJ even MDY can remembr😕

    • 33.1 ken

      Yes the two leads have worked so hard and delivered excellently.
      They looked so good even in that condition.

      Hats off to the two solid leads..min ho and ji hyun.

      As to viewership..it is disappointing..but i think internationally many are supporting the drama.

  34. 34 woo

    who is the singer at the ending part?

    • 34.1 Outfromlurking

      The song that plays at the end is “windflower” by Lee Sun Hee.

      • 34.1.1 PakalanaPikake

        Ah. I thought I recognized her voice. So that’s why I was hearing echoes of “Fate” — which is entirely apropos. Merpeople had as bad a time in Joseon as clowns did.

  35. 35 Grace

    As much as I love the show and seriously delighted in so many scenes this ep, the part where Se Hwa was about to get netted and subsequently speared/arrowed left a lot to be desired in terms of realistic reactions to those situations. I was so frustrated watching her just remain in one place and have an expression of unmoving confusion. She wasn’t trapped (and if she was, it wasn’t clear). She should have been flitting about or getting the heck out of the there. I was also a little skeptical about Dam Rae Young’s speed in getting to Se Hwa before the spear got to her. That was seriously the slowest spear heading to its target in the world. But other than that, ugh what an ending! So heartbreaking!!!

    • 35.1 PakalanaPikake

      I was practically jumping up and down while urging Se-hwa to swim down below the edge of the net to escape, but I guess mermaids are more fish-like than I realized. Dam-ryung’s method of signaling to Se-hwa with lanterns was not so different from cormorant fishing at night, in which fish are attracted to the surface by torchs before the birds are released. Having a net tossed over her as she swam towards the surface must have been disorienting — along with the discovery that Dam-ryung was not the one signalling to her.

      Aside: In addition to nets, weirs (large permanent installations in rivers and tidal areas) and basket-like fish traps are designed with wide, funnel-shaped entrances that the fish enter, but don’t swim back out. The internal aperture is much smaller, and the fish would have to find the opening and swim in the opposite direction it entered. If there’s a strong current flowing in, I can see why they wouldn’t. I’m not a fish psychologist or animal behaviorist, so I don’t know why fish traps work. Peoples all around the world have been using them since time out of mind. The nearest I can surmise is that they function like mazes do to humans. (Yes, I was an ethnography nerd in a past life.)

      LOL at Dam-ryung’s being faster than a speeding harpoon.

  36. 36 louise

    I hope to see more Joseon story. Nam-doo, Tae-oh, Shi-ah haven’t been shown yet. Also, the question of DR saving the detective’s father, and what happened to DR’s own father. And, the professor/Yang’s caretaker story.

  37. 37 leila

    the ending was so sad!! especially with the flashback with the kids, that really got me in the gut 🙁

    but i totally agree- they had to make their first story tragic to make the present one that much more worthwhile and meaningful.

    they never explained why dam ryung was going to exile for did they? or why she returned to the sea? or what was their plan?

    BUT YEAH THAT WAS SERIOUSLY SO SAD AND TRAGIC! of course she would choose to die with him, and that song they were playing in the background…oh god, here comes the tears

    • 37.1 PakalanaPikake

      Just as Dam-ryung was about to kill Lord Yang in his jail cell, the magistrate received a royal edict to arrest the mayor for dereliction of duty while bewitched by the mermaid. He was to be stripped of rank and exiled. The magistrate had just told Dam-ryung that Yang had been in communication with someone at court, and the edict arrived literally in the nick of time to save the scheming yangban.

      Dam-ryung had earlier returned Se-hwa to the sea after he rescued her from imprisonment by Lord Yang, who had her mistreated so she would cry and produce pearls. Her attending physician told Dam-ryung that she was getting weaker, which is why she needed to leave land.

  38. 38 gina

    does anyone know any other dramas that try to tackle romance and reincarnation and love that transcends time? lmao

    • 38.1 PakalanaPikake


      These are the ones that immediately come to mind. Most are films. You could also include THE KING AND THE CLOWN on a technicality. Aside from ARANG, I doubt you’ll be LYAO after watching them, however.

      2015 SBS 2-part Drama Special SNOW LOTUS aka LUCID DREAM, available on Netflix, where I saw it; available elsewhere.

      2010 film TRY TO REMEMBER aka HAVE WE MET? (Based on an archaeological discovery in Andong in 1998. Very touching.)

      1996 film GINGKO BED (Han Suk-Kyu of ROMANTIC DOCTOR, TEACHER KIM plays the male lead.)

      2001 film BUNGEE JUMPING OF THEIR OWN. (I just rewatched it for quality control purposes, and it was worth it, IMHO.)


      • 38.1.1 gina

        thanks for all the recommendations!!! will be sure to check them out 😀

  39. 39 Mei

    I don’t get the part where dam ryeong said he delayed his death from the supposed 11th Dec (as read by hjj in the library) to 15th Dec?

    • 39.1 Outfromlurking

      I believe he is saying that no matter what, fate is not in his hands. He was meant to die, so he will die.

      • 39.1.1 Mei

        I’m still hoping for a plot twist whereby hjj can help change that fate!

  40. 40 AnHyejin

    I’m so sad. I just want to stay in bed and cry while waiting for ep.14

    I tried to watch bokjoo, but I just kept thinking about damryumg and sewha. All the sweetness makes me even sadder. How do I get over this? 😢😥😥😪😓😓ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ help

  41. 41 IMHO

    If there is going to be an overhaul of the plot for the last few episodes, I hope that the storyline gives a more balanced role between the two leads. So far up to ep 13, the modern-era plot is much more Joon-Jae centered. SC seems to be more of a supporting role than a leading role and I think that’s why this drama is not doing so well now.
    Most people are attracted to the drama by the mermaid story which is told very well by both leads in the joseon era. However, the story of modern mermaid SC is not only uncompelling but also runs only as a very thin thread along the major thread which is the story and life of Joon Jae. Of course, fans of LMH would not mind as they see more of their idol occupying the screen portraying different aspects of the character albeit often times without any particular logical sense to the storyline which is already unstructured.

    Also, comparing with MLFTS, the story direction leaves much to be desired as the story in each episode doesn’t seem to run as smoothly as it should.

    Conclusion: Very disappointed with the modern era plot but quite satisfied with the Joseon one.

    • 41.1 Mei

      I think it’s not doing so well due to lack of sizzling chemistry. Gianna Jun looks old here even though her acting is good. Much as I love this drama, i feel that she looks more like a noona to Lee min ho. Dun get me wrong. I am still enjoying the show a lot. The humor is good.

      • 41.1.1 Abcd

        Blame it on her make-up artist. She hasn’t been doing a great job for Gianna in this drama. Also, I am appalled at the sometimes unnecessary tied back hairstyle with a few strand dangling in the front of her face. It just doesn’t suit her. Also, I hope from next episode on, she is allowed to wear simple yet elegant clothes. And please no more mismatched clothes or sports wear that is too oversized for her. Gianna, please do something about your look. Your makeup artist is not doing her job.

        • hello

          But even in the drama she is in her early 30’s and HJJ’s age is 27.. So i think it al makes sense…

          But ya as yu said, i don lik her hair being tied up, her face looks sooo thin, tat makes her look old, but still, I think dey r doin their best, wen she s all dressed up lik in tat con play, she looks beautiful…

          Wen we only c d story and not think about their ages, their chemistry works great…

    • 41.2 Sadforjjh

      Agreed with you, IMHO. Am sad for JJH not winning any awards except for best eating – that’s practically a slap in her face in spite of her hard work in underwater filming.

      I also feel that the drama is way lopsided and leaning towards LMH than JJH. I wonder why writer Park. is not writing JJH a good script anymore. Also, she is leaning towards an unnecessary male chauvinistic attitude in Joon Jae by him always dictating what SC should wear. In the end, SC doesn’t wear anything nice looks good on her at all. Even her hairstyle looks messy at times.

      Also, whilst LMH’s makeup artist is on standby all the time to freshen up his face whenever necessary, I don’t see the same for JJH.

      JJH seems to be the underdog not just in the story itself but also in the filming process itself. The director didn’t seem to care much about how awful SC looks whenever she is tired and looks haggard but does seem to care about how Joon Jae looks and acts. LMH also seem so to have his say in when his lines should start ( he jumped ahead of JJH by saying his lines first instead of waiting for JJH in the drunken scene).

      The whole directing, filming and story itself doesn’t work well at all for JJH. I hope she is aware of all these male chauvinism around her.

  42. 42 ran

    damn it i haven’t yet watched the ep and i already cried a bucket of tears reading about Damryung and Sehwa.. noooo TT^TT whyy. please don’t tell me their story just end like that?… I can’t explain it but somehow my brain just doesn’t connect Damryung and Sehwa to be Joonjae and Chung. like they’re really two different otp to me.. man how wish there’s gonna be a twist somewhere, that Joonjae will somehow manage to change the past, but if so he himself the reincarnated wouldn’t exist? they could be in parallel world? *desperate* 🙁

  43. 43 KPopCurious

    The Skiing scene where JJ stands with “arms wide open” to catch Chung vs DamR rushing to shield Se Hwa from the harpoon!
    Anyone looking for parallels in a non-relatable sense – one sparks chemistry, the other triggers reincarnation!

  44. 44 PakalanaPikake

    It would be cool if the archaeologists discovered more evidence at the site of the shipwreck: two skeletons harpooned together, one with a tail.

    We already have to suspend our disbelief regarding the existence of merpeople, so just go whole hog and imagine that the corpses get buried in silt quickly and deeply enough to avoid being scattered by scavengers. Alternatively, merfolk give them a funeral.

    OTOH, the magistrate accompanying Dam-ryung might retrieve the bodies as proof that Lord Yang murdered them, but it would also be further proof that DR was “bewitched,” so maybe we don’t want to go there. Yang has friends in high places, so I doubt he’d be executed for murdering DR.

  45. 45 Z

    Was I the only one under the impression the whole time that Chung was Sehwa. I thought she’d been waiting all this time for Joon Jea’s reincarnation. I was actually wondering why she didn’t put the pieces together when JJ was dreaming about Sehwa

    Also, isn’t she super strong? Couldn’t she rip the net or overturn the boats? I know Lee Min Ho needs his big moment but I hate when dramas make previously capable heroines helpless just so the hero can shine.

    • 45.1 zen

      Sw is unlike sc.
      Sc is strong.
      Not sw.
      So the fact must be right

      • 45.1.1 Leeminholove

        I think there is smthng more left behind which they’ll be exposing in the cmng episodes….we’ll just have to wait and watch!!!!

  46. 46 Drama101

    Throw me a bone here guys, all of you complaining that you want the present day story to channel the deepness of the Joseon story? Trust me, you wouldn’t want that. Because then, we would all be depressed 99% of the drama. The writer is smart actually, because while she presents a melo Joseon story, she gives us the comical relief of the present day story. That’s the best of both worlds. If not for HJJ and SC were similar to KDR and SH, I would probably not enjoy this drama as much. There’s a reason why the writer played the past and present side by side, to show the stark constrast between the two. In the past, there was absolutely no way they would end up happily. They ended tragically and beautifully then so remind me again why you’d want the present day to be that heavy too? Isn’t the greatness of it the fact that we get to mourn their deaths but be happy again because we know they’re happy in the present day?

    Stop complaining so much and just watch the drama. Stop trying to compare the drama to others as well. It’s so good when you just watch it.

    It’s a beautiful story. The fact that they made a promise to meet again and that he will be the one who remembers her, the one to protect, to love, and care for her is seriously the sweetest thing ever.

    • 46.1 Mei


      I also hate it when people compare this with weightlifting fairy. Ok the chemistry is good there but surely you don’t expect two mature adults to do the same stuff as teenagers.

      I love this drama! Hopefully ratings can increase to 18-20% .

    • 46.2 minw

      Agree with drama101.
      This drama is unique on its own.
      It has the contrast and it showed the varieties of emotions..and..most importantly the superb and solid performance of min ho and ji hyun, the fantastically taken scenes by the PD and the imagination and life stories told by the writer.

      This drama deserves much better rating..

    • 46.3 calliep

      Totally agree with what you said. I was thinking of making a similar comment. Many who even liked LOTBS were comparing it to YFAS, they felt that even though the love story is great, the villains were not as scary or creepy as YFAS. There was one villain there. Here there might be a few or at least 2. It keeps us guessing. The bad guys may be less threatening but do they have to be chilling and we are kept on edge all of the time like YFAS? It is a different drama with different bad guys with different personalities.

      One thing that is forgotten is that this is supposed to be a rom com not a thriller or a melodrama. It is supposed to be funny and romantic with some danger involved. There are many rom coms with no real scary villain so LOTBS has no reason to have a scary villain like in YFAS. The scary guy is already in the Joseon period and we already have angst and the love story of a century in the star-crossed lovers KDR and SW. We know the step mom wants him killed and a psychotic killer is on the loose. Let the story run its course with comedy and some exciting moments. This is supposed to be light-hearted and we already had our tragic moment that happened 400 years ago. The bad guys can be less menacing now.

      • 46.3.1 Outfromlurking

        Well said!


      • 46.3.2 minw

        Well.said calliep.

        And i wonder why the constant comparison with YFAS.
        How come we cant enjoy LOTBS on its own?

        And those pre conclusion on LOTBS..we still have 7 more episodes to go.

        And the OST. Those in this drama are nice and appropriate. Why the uncallednfor feedback?

        Min Ho and Ji Hyun are excellent in potraying their characters.
        Give them the support.

      • 46.3.3 Alice Mendoza

        WORD!! +1000000000000000000000000%!!!
        And all the complaints about JJH looking old and having no chemistry with LMH???
        Are they watching ANOTHER KDrama??? What am I missing??? To me, they are Chemistry INCARNATE! They are both MARVELLOUS actors!!
        And all the comparison with other KDramas – aren’t they comparing apples and oranges OR persimmons & pears???
        Oh well – sigh … can’t please everyone … and it’s really awful that it seems like the measure of a great KDrama is the ratings … sigh …

    • 46.4 Lulu

      OMG I was wishing for a sad ending but after seeing Dam Ryon and Sewa death I don’t anymore. It was do tragic tears rolled … Now I love Jeon Jae too much to watch him die. One sad ending in the same drama is enough.😭😭😠

      I spent almost the entire episode LOL. until lastj part.

      I think JJ needs to ce clean to Chung about hearing her thoughts because that’s how he Will protect her, she doesn’t keep too much in her head.

      These villains are kinda boring… maybe a little bit of Min Joon Kook in them would’ve been great. Stepmom is a b. though and stepbro let me down but I still have hopes for him to do it right.

      I think we’ll see Shi ah keeping the secretaría about JJ’s mom and maybe She Will pair with Ñam Doo to keep it.

      I want to se JJ’S reaction on this reveal. what Will he do to avoid that’s fate cuz is absolutly sad.

      In this episode I felt like LMH and HJJ chemestry took a leap forward. they look a lot better their scenes were really cute and not ‘forced’ in some way. They’re both killing these four roles.

      who hit DR in the head? I don’t know but to me is was past stepbro or maybe past Nam Doo?

      does anyone think he’d got dime dsrk side? I do like he’s going to dosomething bad…😱

      does any of you guys has the Heo Jeon Jae likes me song on your head? I do 😁

    • 46.5 hello

      I totally agree with you… The long but slow comedy ride of SC and HJJ actually was needed, so tat dey can fall in lov again.. I actually liked the fact tat HJJ remembered his past only after fallin in lov wit SC, and simply not bcoz he has to fall in lov coz of tat tragic endin…tats d beauty of the story…

      And all talkin about the villain, ya it is true tat so far only HJJ is in troubl and not SC but MDY remembering his past is the real threat here.. Y is he rememberin even wen SC dosnt? So der r stil some pieces missin and it will al make sens in d next episodes…

      And about the chemistry, i cant imagin anybody else playin dese roles so beautifully, a perfect JJH who looks amazin n a mermaid costume and supr smart and handsom LMH as HJJ… Anybody else wuld not hav made this drama so touchin…

      So lets jus enjoy d drama as it is, or rather than complainin atlest lets jus acknowld their hardwork…

      • 46.5.1 Outfromlurking

        Thank you!

        I agree with you on all parts.

      • 46.5.2 Just a fan

        I don’t know whether you did it intentionally or not but please refer to DB’s commenting policy in using proper spellings. Thanks.

        • hello

          Oh sorry.. I dint know about that… Thank you for letting me know.. 😊 i just wrote it like i normally message my friends.. Sorry about that…

      • 46.5.3 Leeminholove

        Its been 13 episodes so far so there is no point of comparing it with other ones… Js appreciate their hardwork,their dedication its just my request….
        Our comparison will not chnge anything it will just disappoint us…..
        LMH and JJH both r doing a grt grt job….they r forcing themselves to bring best of KDR,HJJ,SH and SC and they are….
        I agree wid u now I cnt even imagine anyone in place of LMH and JJH
        The episode started wid a smiling on my face and ended with crying face….,,the way KDR smiled at SH,
        SH realisation about KDR death,the way she pushed that arrow to herself omg I loved it loved it….
        A grt round of applause to LOTBS cast nd crew….
        Can’t frgt to mention SC saying skinship is so gud…haha
        Nam do – whom ull save SC or me haha……
        CNT wait for ep14 bt can’t do anything!!!sigh

        • hello

          Ya that last scene was one epic shot. DR’s expression, the sound of the arrow, all were soooo real, that it actually looked like he was really being pierced by an arrow, i dint know they can act so well even under water. 😊 There is so much to appreciate but still its a pity that people find faults.
          And about the rating going down, though it has nothing to do with me, i just fell a little down to know such good dramas are underrated.😩

          And Leeminholove it looks like we should not use short form for words. Just now somebody told me. So let’s just correct it 😊

          • Leeminholove

            Haha okay I’ll take care of that!!!

        • Leeminholove

          Can’t miss this one nam doo found out HJJ and SC telepathy (though he didn’t) (pasta scene)
          Hahah 😀 😀 😀

          • hello

            Ya that’s right, i actually like his charecter.. His expressions makes the comedy scene more funny 😁 especially the nice names he keeps, “rice cheong” “party cheong” “beauty cheong” “strong cheong” is toooo good 😂😂

      • 46.5.4 minw

        Totally agreed.
        Great performance by min ho and ji hyun.
        Other actor might not be able to perform that well.

        Let’s enjoy the story instead of comparing with another drama or writer or actors or ost

      • 46.5.5 Alice Mendoza

        THANK YOU!! Agree with you millionth percent & more!! Gawd, I can’t believe all the criticism about how JJH looks ‘old’ – totally ridiculous…

    • 46.6 Shuerei


      Yes LOBS has a unique storyline. Hope all of us enjoy the drama as it is.

      I certainly appreciate both past and present OTPs. The melo background serves as a rich fodder to the present. And the comical modern setting is hopeful and joyful, reuniting the tragic lovers. This time with a second chance to love and live beautifully.

      While I still hope that something could reverse the tragic fate in ep 13, I am looking forward to the current pair. That they could overcome the storm and dangers across their path. And yet stay cute and happy always.

    • 46.7 sha

      Well said Drama101!
      For those who complain, there are so many more episodes left. anything can happen. be patient plz!

  47. 47 love leeminho in lotbs

    Oh my……still can’t get over the last scene..its soooo beautifully tragic…i swear in all hundred K drama i’ve watched this scene is the saddest one….huuuhuuuu….lee min ho is soooo good in here….falling in love with him again since BBF and city hunter….really hope the rating will reach 20% at least…please…..

  48. 48 Lord Cobol

    Uh, wasn’t Lord Yang after the tear-pearls? So why the rush to kill her???? Seems she just had to die for dramatic purposes, even if the baddie had to act irrationally. Which also explains why our mermaid didn’t swim away, and why Dam-Ryung was faster than a speeding harpoon. Just gotta have that dramatic death scene.

    • 48.1 Ong

      Lord Yang is after the mermaid because of the belief that oil made from mermaid will get one immortal. This was from episode 1.

      • 48.1.1 PakalanaPikake

        Thanks for that tidbit about mermaid oil conferring immortality. Somehow I’d missed that part, but I did remember that Lord Yang had said it was valuable. Does that mean he’ll try to retrieve her corpse? Dang — Se-hwa won’t even be allowed to RIP.

  49. 49 Ong

    Why doesn’t Joon Jae’s memories get erased when they kiss? Am I missing something here?

    • 49.1 Outfromlurking

      The mermaid has the choice to erase memories or not. SC erased HJJ’s memories at first because she didn’t want him to know her true identity.

  50. 50 I love dramas

    why is LOTBS compared to YFAS? Are they not different dramas?
    The fact that they are both written by the same writer doesn’t mean they must be similar. people will still complain about the similarity if the both are similar.
    I am one of those who didn’t enjoy YFAS. The sageuk setting bored me to tears and I stuck around for JJH. There was nothing special in that drama. I was surprised it was that popular.
    Let’s watch LOTBS for what it is and stop comparing it to other dramas please.

    • 50.1 Outfromlurking

      Please, I agree. Stop the comparison and just enjoy the drama.

    • 50.2 Just a fan

      In term of discussion, pros and cons are nooouuurmaaal. lol. We can’t always like what we watch, can we?

      Moreover, comparing one to another is better and healthier (since it sharpens our logical and analytical thinking. lol.) than bashing something.

      Your sentences in the second paragraph sound like you really hate that drama.lol. Hopefully you didn’t mean to share your hate to other beannies here.lol.

    • 50.3 Alice Mendoza

      My thoughts EXACTLY! It’s especially unfair that it’s being compared to KDramas that have concluded (So the whole picture / storyline is already revealed) – LOTBS still has 7 more episodes to go!!
      And it’s unfair comparing it to KDramas of DIFFERENT genres too!
      I mean, we can never compare persimmons and pears right?

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