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Lee Sung-kyung offered new rom-com from I Remember You writer
by | February 16, 2017 | 90 Comments

Ooh yay, there’s a new drama in the works from writer Kwon Ki-young of the layered mystery thriller I Remember You, the political rom-com All About My Romance, and the workplace comedy Protect the Boss, and an offer is out to Lee Sung-kyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju) to headline. It’s only been a month since the delightful coming-of-age drama Weightlifting Fairy ended its run, but I already miss Bok-ju, a character that really solidified Lee Sung-kyung’s potential as a leading actress.

The new SBS drama is called Beware This Woman, and it’s a rom-com set in the legal world about prosecutors and judges, with an added thriller bent when a killer comes after them. So… like I Hear Your Voice, or maybe a lighter version of I Remember You? That sounds good to me, since I’ve mostly found rom-coms and killers to be a strangely addictive combination when it comes to dramas. There’s nothing like danger to motivate your romantic leads to stay close!

Lee Sung-kyung has been offered the lead role, a judicial trainee who suddenly finds herself a suspect in a murder case. She looks innocent and delicate on the outside, but she was a Taekwondo athlete in her youth, and can hold her own. Well after playing a national weightlifter, I don’t think she’ll have a hard time pulling that off.

It does sound a little bit like it might overlap with Lee Jong-seok and Suzy’s upcoming drama While You Were Sleeping in setting or theme, but we’ll have to wait and see how the plot and characters differ as casting develops. I Remember You was notable for its intriguing criminal psychology and characterization of serial killers, so I’m looking forward to this writer’s next project, which is sure to be creepy and thrilling in all the best ways.

Beware This Woman will be directed by PD Park Sun-ho, who must be new (there are no credits listed under that name), and it’ll be a Wednesday-Thursday drama on SBS following Saimdang, Light’s Diary in May.

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90 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Zelle

    Wah. My heart. Please accept Sung Kyung unnie!! I so miss her already. And I really believe she could pull this off. Wah. I’m just so happy that even if WFKBJ didn’t faired well, she’s being offered to lead again. I feel that they are aware how popular it was outside SoKor. Wiiie. <3

    • 1.1 Newbee

      I started watching WLFKBJ because I loved the previous works of the writer.. especially high school king of savvy. But I had to quit WLFKBJ after episode 8 because I couldn’t stand Nam joo hyuk’s acting. It felt kind of flat. Also I felt Lee Sung-Kyung was overdoing it a little. No I don’t hate either of the actors but I feel they lack nuance. May be my preference. Or maybe because I watched it after Jealousy Incarnate, Jo Jung suk and Gong hyo Jin. It is unfair to compare the actors in WLFKBJ with these veterans but can’t help but saying it. I just wish LSK puts forth her best in this drama. She is a hardworking girl I read…

      • 1.1.1 Bystander

        I think it is more of your preference. I watched WLFKBJ and gotta say that they are perf for the part, especially LSK who really depicted that everyday girl vs the usual lead. I watched this along with LoBS and Jealousy Incarnate, but I was ultimately drawn to this one because I can relate more.

  2. Jen

    So many medical and law dramas in the past two years. Most of them received successful responses ( either rating hit or good critic) so it may be the reason why more will be produced this year
    The writer is quite good. There are few aspects i was disappointed about I remember you that could have been much better . In overall it was okay
    The pd is new. Not sure what to expect. Certainly it might be a fresh of air in directing
    Importantly I am so so happy for my girl. Her acting skill has been widely acknowledged after Weightlifting kim bok joo.
    See how hardworking and humble she is , i am sure that she will do well in this role.
    Looking forward to see her character surpass Bok Joo . Is it even possible?
    So curious about the male lead . Make me kind of nervous

    • 2.1 Jen

      Lee Jong Suk already has While you were sleeping. It would be great if this two best friend work together in the romance drama
      Hyungsik and Siwan already have another dramas too
      Kyun Sang is currently filming Rebel Hong Gil Dong. I really love them in Doctors and they also really close in real life.
      How about Kang Ha Neul? This boy is into movieland for so long . I miss him in dramaland
      Since they cast the female lead first and the title is focus on female character, i dont think they will cast someone in high top tier actor
      Maybe a trendy and talentled rising star
      Ryu Jun Yeol? Go kyung Pyo ( also consider chicago writer)
      Park bo gum ( his status is too high now so unlikely)
      Lim ju wan?
      Lee sang yeob?
      Yeo jin goo ? ( too young i guess)
      Yoon do joon?
      I really miss Lee Chun Hee. He has worked with the writer in I remember you
      I dont think he will comeback to do a drama anytime soon
      He is too busy with his brand hibrow

      • 2.1.1 Heidi

        How about Do Ji Han or Cho Yoon Woo? I am excited for Cho Yoon Woo actually. He was so under utilized in Hwarang but he seems to have that acting chop for comedy and still low profile as an actor. So I think it should be fine if he is to headline a drama with the female protagonist being the central figure.

      • 2.1.2 Seon Ok

        if only Jisoo didn’t accept his upcoming drama he would be my other choice for this <33333 they had chemistry in his short cameo tho

  3. lillyan

    Except two being court dramas, I don’t see similarities between this one and WYWS.
    Love LSK, I see her fairing great in this role, so hope she accepts it.

  4. ET

    I didn’t like I Remember You as much as beanies did. It started strong but became quite absurd towards the end. Let’s hope this writer(applies to most writers too!) now knows how to finish as strong as they start. All I Remember of IRY now are the performances of PBG and Choi Won Young who were fantastic in it. Jang Nara’s character wasn’t memorable so I hope for a more meaty female lead this time for Lee Sung Kyung. I’m sure she will be kickass!

    If only Lee Jong Seok and Lee Sung Kyung were in the same show. Just saying…fingers crossed for good male lead ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 4.1 chaenng

      seriously I need Jong Seok and Sung Kyung in a drama together, imagine the chemistry…

    • 4.2 Celine

      Yes to Jongsuk and Sungkyung. They are already adorable as friends and I would love to see them be paired in a drama in the future.

    • 4.3 Flightey Gazelles

      it was the opposite for me with re: I Remember You. Slow start wasn’t really engaged but as the series progressed, I became Hooked! Never felt a lull, in fact, I felt it it suffered from time shortage and live shoot.

      Lee Jung Suk and Lee Sung Kyun are a missed opportunity for While You Were Sleeping pairing!

      • 4.3.1 Boomboompow

        IRY was a slow start for me too but it doesn’t take me long to get hooked. IRY is one my most fave and most rewatched Kdrama. I won’t lie that SIG and PBG also played a massive part in making me love the show.

        Choi Won Young on the other hand was the weakest link in the leads, even less charisma than DO who played his younger character.

        • green

          I agree.DO slayed his role.

      • 4.3.2 saltofstones

        Same here too, started off as good-not-quite-great-yet, then from episode 6 onward it quickly developed into something special. There was no lull for me either, it just continued being strong until the very end.

      • 4.3.3 Newbee

        I went into IRY for SIG and SIG alone… I don’t like JNR’s acting but still hung up there for SIG. But I saw a different version of him there. Slick, smart, brainy and sexy. But I missed the Reply 1997 and high school king of savvy version of him.. He hardly smiled in IRY.. The thing that caught me off guard was the bromance. I was really smitten by it. Apart from it, I was almost sleeping through the series..

  5. Celine

    I welcome Bokjoo-ya back on my small screen! Now I wonder who got the offer for the male lead.

  6. chaenng

    LSK is one of few actresses whose transformation after each different role always excites me so I’m kinda hope she accepts the offer.
    Fingers crossed for a female lead focusing drama cause the character seems interesting and suits her well, AND I need to see LSK in taekwondo uniform (!) gdi I already see her kickass in it.

    • 6.1 Flightey Gazelles

      I agree! I already loved her as the explosive Baek In Ha , she went all out and then, she was so adorable as Bok Ju!

  7. Jenny

    SBS Wed-Thur primetime? It would be a huge achievement for her whether it will succeed or not.
    Can’t we get LJS, right? So, I want KWB for this.
    KWB and LSK must be a nice papairing.

    • 7.1 Jenny


    • 7.2 Daisy

      +100000000 Yeah for Kim Woo Bin, he needs a good leading lady

    • 7.3 Sera The Ms Temper

      LSK with KWB will be awesome. I want to watch KWB in drama again after couldn’t do so in UF last year, with this pairing I’ll surely watch.

    • 7.4 chaenng

      wow I’m just about to comment how about Kim Woo Bin getting the male lead (!!!) (heard that he had no project yet and pretty much wanted to do romcom, no?!?)
      omg please if this pairing happens I’d be in heaven

    • 7.5 Laura

      I am just saying that people always want LJS for anything. If they can’t get LJS or he is not available for it, they move to his buddy KWB and want woobin instead of Jongsuk.

      • 7.5.1 lillyan

        I would get KWB in anything over LJS any day. KWB so good in playing anything. From heart stoping hard gazed bad boys, to dorky idiots, to perfect from head to toe rich guys. His acting in UF still one of my favorite last year. Hugely underrated and overlooked due to UF not being people’s favorite.

        • Fanella

          It’s just your own thinking. Most people, especially Koreans are more fond of LJS than KWB.

          • Boomboompow

            KWB > LJS for me too.

          • lillyan

            Are you “most people, especially Korean”? Like all of them? No? Too bad. That was first. Second, I want to burst your bubble, but people in SK has no preference about KWB or LJS. They both just another young actors to them. KWB does more movies, LJS more dramas. So later more visible to international audience, who prefers dramas over movies. Third, I understand you feel offended on behalf of LJS, when someone do not favor him over KWB, but really, I don’t think KWB should get the short end of the stick, which you guys usually gave him. Not the first time, as I notice.

          • Missed appointments in winter

            Please lets not turn this into a discussion of KWB vs LJS

            Both are best friends, and nobody is favoured over another

            Please there is too much fanwar these days!

        • missjb

          well.. I love Kim Woo Bin over LJS too. But I’m not too impressed with KWB before UF… He was abit stiff and at times tend to overdue his acting. he was also tend to punctuate his tone and accent , He tone down that alot in UF.. His range also have been ALOT wider. It’s might the power of director? His approach to acting is abit different now than before. Though he is still has that aegyo that he needs to get rid of. I got shiver on my body everytime he is doing that in Master. Imagine him doing aegyou in a real sageuk, that would be out of place.

          • lillyan

            His character in Master is a perfect masterpiece, I have no idea what “aegyo” you talking about. He is a bubbly idiot, yet scamming snake, half comic relief, half drama center. He is the only one who is not one note in that movie and showed all type of emotions. Any so called “aegyo” that you saw added so much little charm to the character. Part of the reason, he got so much praise.

        • Didam


          • Didam

            Even i love both but I’m with lillyan

    • 7.6 Kylie

      Kim Woo Bin! Yes it is time to a new drama. Woobin please take it

    • 7.7 Gem

      Whispers and prays Is Kang Haneul available??

      • 7.7.1 pigsnout

        I want this now, is Kang Haneul open to this?

    • 7.8 Fanella

      Kim Woo Bin, yes, They will make a perfect couple

      • 7.8.1 Dahlia

        Yes!! Kim Woo Bin please…

    • 7.9 Piggy

      I AGREE. I’ve been thinking about who could be LSK’s next leading man after WFKBJ. Her chemistry with NJH was da bomb. Aside from their organic charm as on-screen lovers, I think they looked so good together because they are both TALL. I’m hoping LSK gets a tall leading man (186cm +), and I think KWB would be great choice plus I’d love to see the guy in a romcom. Aside from KWB and LJS, I think a pairing with Sung Joon / Lee Soo Hyuk would be worth looking forward too.

      • 7.9.1 Piggy

        *Would also be worth looking forward *to

      • 7.9.2 halu garci

        What about LSK with Lee Kwang Soo? Having them both in the lead would be awesome.

    • 7.10 Seon Ok


      KWB AND LSK <3 omooo

    • 7.11 ap

      ohmy. that would be great. im thinking of either KWB or LJS to be paired with LSK!!

    • 7.12 pogo

      Did someone actually mention my dream pairing?!

      Here, have a gif:


    • 7.13 Hasi

      I also really hope Kim Woo Bin in offered the male lead role and that he accepts it.
      Chemistry between: Woo-bin and Sung-kyung will be awesome. After all, both are really tall and looks cute together, also both are relatively of the same age. What is there not matching??

  8. Sera The Ms Temper

    She is one of those which the agency done the things right and in order. She started with supporting roles and slowly up for leading role after gain experiences.

    Strangely I liked her more when she was still new, but don’t really like her that much now. I still like her anyway, she is likeable on screen. And this girl also has a nice voice. I saw the her video with Park Hyun Sik singin the song together.

    Good luck girl.

    • 8.1 MeLiYasha

      Gosh that video of her singing with Park Hyung-sik is awesome. Before that I saw her singing to A Whole New World in her car and thought she was lip-synced.

      • 8.1.1 ET


        I just checked out the YT clip, she’s amazing! Yeah, I was thinking “Are you sure it wasn’t lip synced?” but the Konglish became clearer and so obviously she wasn’t. I don’t watch actors’ off dramas so I’ve only watched her sing on stage once. But this one is so raw, she definitely has the pipes!

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          I watched it few times and I think I am pretty sure that was her voice.

          Now I want her and Kim Go Eun to sing any song together. KGE also has a nice voice and sings well, and both them are good friends๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

      • 8.1.2 kikil

        Really?i thought it was lea salonga voice

        • Mindy

          Definitely wasn’t. Just listen to how she pronounces “world”. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Also, if you watch her singing a song from the Bonnie & Clyde musical you’ll definitely know it’s her voice!


          There are lots of clips of her singing English songs… even Beyonce! Here’s one from about a year ago!


          Considering the fact that she isn’t a singer, she’s pretty good. Model, actress, and singer… a triple threat!

          She has such a nice personality and seems like the type of person you want to be friends with!

      • 8.1.3 Nil

        Now that you mention Park Hyunsik!
        I really wish she and nam joohyuk reprise their bokjoonhyung as a cameo in “strong woman do bongsoon”. NJH can be exchange notes with jisoo in “how to seduced strong woman” or she can be a candidate as PHS bodyguard. Or both. Or something.
        Please Drama God. Please make it happen.

  9. harukogirl

    Everytime I hear about LJS’s new drama, start to get relaly excited….then I remember Suzy is in it. ^^;;. Not a hater – I liked her in Dream High. Just….she hasn’t been able to hold my attention since, and I don’t want another Doctor Stranger. Though, in Suzy’s defense, she is no where NEAR that bad ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 9.1 Boomboompow

      I know right! I hope LSK won’t get a dud of male lead (i.e. idol / model actors who cannot act).

      • 9.1.1 Harukogirl

        Seriously!!!! Why can’t dramas cast good actors together and just put all the carboard eye-candy in one drama where those who so choose can enjoy to their hearts heart’s content, and delude themselves that their bias’ acting might have improved…

      • 9.1.2 Gin

        Oh dear, god forbid … There seems to be an epidemic of these idols male and female getting lead roles easily while better actors who STUDIED to be actors still have to work their way up … There are some exceptions though of idols who delivered but this insanity has to stop. Not naming names but one girl idol who has bagged lead roles easily still hasn’t improved and it has been five years … Tsk tsk tsk …

    • 9.2 nomad

      ๐Ÿ™ me too. I like Suzy only in variety shows, she seems pretty nice. However, she’s in my list of actors/actresses to be avoided at all cost, unfortunately. I’ve dropped several dramas because of her acting…

  10. 10 Yaya

    Yay! Can’t wait to see her again on tv!

  11. 11 kikil

    Not a fan of the scriptwriter
    it given me doctors vibe,yup “new pd”
    however i wish the best for her

    • 11.1 Gin

      Same … My level of confidence in the writer is low but I may be proven wrong … Only one of her dramas did okay (but not phenomenal) and the rest were uhmmm …

  12. 12 Chi Dang

    So Ruler has a chance to be number one in timeslot. Both of kbs and sbs leads have less experience

    • 12.1 Gin

      its like sbs conceding before the race started … Knowing they will be pitted against a ysh drama they should get a better team to support Lsk …

  13. 13 saltofstones

    Hopefully the writer manages to repeat the awesomeness of I Remember You, which has settled into being one of my favorite k-dramas ever. I haven’t seen any of the writer’s other works so I have no idea if she is consistently good, so fingers crossed for this one. I hope it’s creepy enough even amidst the rom-com trappings. I like Lee Sung Kyung and this sounds like an interesting character for her.

    • 13.1 aegi_omma

      Protect the Boss is really good! One of my favorites I think. Great acting, great female second lead (seriously refreshing – at first you think she is a cut out bitchy second lead, but her character growth is so great, I can’t think of another example like it!).

  14. 14 pigsnout

    Is it just me, or she looks a bit like Gigi Hadid?

    I want to see her with a male lead who can match her strong presence, I agree with the suggestion of Kim Woo Bin.

  15. 15 Viki

    Oh yay indeed! I like her acting a lot after watching Fairy…and her previous roles were pretty well-done too…so I’m adding this to my watch list if she confirms.

  16. 16 Purple Owl

    So excited! This is a great pairing and plot so far.

  17. 17 Nail

    again???, they’re not more actress in Korea

  18. 18 Sur

    Kim Woo-bin, Lee Joon, Kang Haneul. I’m okay with any

  19. 19 Elena

    Awww, I was already missing her. She caught my eye in CITT and I loved her in WFKBJ. Seeing how outgoing and mature her real person seems to be, I like her even more. She’s totally my girl-crush for korean dramas.

    The drama theme seems interesting and could be a good opportunity for her. I look forward to it. My only concern is the leading man, since I feel so protective about her. Is it really impossible that Park Bo Gum or Kang Ha Neul take the role? Like the other beanies here, I would love to see her with my favorite guys, hehe!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Too bad that Lee Jong Suk or Park Hyun Sik are not available either!

  20. 20 badoombadee

    Honestly I wanted her to be offered a role in Bride of Water God because her ethereal looks would be a good fit the beautiful comic style (and of course reunite with Joonhyungie), but this also sounds like an amazing opportunity & I can’t wait to see her in a drama again!! Also Kang Haneul for main lead please!!!!! Need him on the small screen asap

  21. 21 reet

    as much as I like her, I don’t she is good for dynamics acting, her character usually someone that already good so sh doesn’t need to grow or to change throughout the drama, one tone but good, reminds me of lead character’s friend role

    • 21.1 reet

      *I don’t think she is good

      • 21.1.1 Gin

        Who do you think is good? She stands out amongst those idols wanna be actresses …

  22. 22 Wow

    Remember You is so scary although it has no bloody scene O,O if they bring same director too they might be give a really good villain.

    I’m so ready to stan the villain

    And for male lead if somehow they still has contact with lil bro in IRY, Park Bo Gum, it will really perfect

  23. 23 WishfulToki

    Every time I see an upcoming drama with a prosecutor, I wish they would offer the lead to Lee Joon Hyuk. Plus, I think Lee Sung-Kyung would look good with a slightly older male lead.

  24. 24 MikoDee

    Aw, that’s fantastic news! LSK is quite a gem. Hopefully they pick a male lead that has great chemistry with her.

  25. 25 Cozybooks

    I’m still trying to get past the “writer of I Remember you and political rom-com All About My Romance and Protect the Boss.” I loved the first, watched the second during election season (it didn’t lighten the process. It made it worse, because it was accurate. Funny, and accurate.) And the third I never finished because I was a new drama watcher and didn’t like it as much then. I’ll go back and try it again, but really? They’re all the same writer?

  26. 26 ap

    well, i am just a normal fan girl…when i saw Lee Sung Kyung, i click it and i liked what i read. so gooood to see you on my small screen mama sung!!

  27. 27 bebeswtz

    I need this girl to be in something new, stat! The same with Nam Joo Hyuk…. I literally just finished watching “Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo” last night and withdrawal is in its very painful beginning stages right now T.T

  28. 28 leila

    haha wow, lee sung kyung’s career has really taken off, and seems to have been really smooth the entire time. even all her “supporting” roles were pretty big and memorable roles, and she only had like 2-3 supporting roles before she was promoted to main lead? theres like a ton of other supporting actresses who are literally supporting actresses their whole life :X

    like look at yoo in young..shes been acting since 2005 and all her recent dramas have been as the supporting actress…

    i guess some people are just luckier than others lol

    • 28.1 bokchicken

      Luckier? She has the potential thats why she is being noticed.Give me an actress who can slay the loud annoying Baek in Ha, the quiet but jealouse Seo Woon, and charming and lovable Bok joo, perfectly then come back to me regarding luck. I dont understand these people saying that she is lucky, man she is one the most versatile actress that I saw from Korean drama. Not to mention that she is multi talented, can play instruments, dance sing etc.Credit her, she deserves it than hate because you simply dont like her.

      • 28.1.1 Piggy

        +100000 seriously, LSK deserves the support she is getting. Girl is constantly improving. Gotta love her!

    • 28.2 pogo

      when those 2-3 roles are as wildly different from each other as what she’s done and pulled off, it shouldn’t be a surprise she made her way to lead in such a short time.

      I mean, I know the urge to complain on behalf of your faves but maybe don’t go after actresses who’ve already demonstrated their ability for getting roles instead of the ones you like.

  29. 29 Gin

    In as much as I would like to see lsk I a drama, i am not getting an indication so far if this is going to be a good project. I don’t know much about the writer other than her credentials are so, so … Dramas are not big hits … New PD … Big risk … Being pitted against ysh (who is a darling of ahjumma’s) is a red flag … His drama will likely rate better … I hope that sbs is not scrimping on budget by getting a second rate team … It will be a waste of lsk talents and potential to rake good ratings … If they get a so so male lead (goes back to who has a lower tf), I would not accept it … The plot of the female lead who is wrongly accused of a crime is such a flimsy storyline and I bet all the scenes revolving around it will prolong resolution of finding the real culprit … It’s also strange that wyws backed out this time slot … And since this is a last minute drama to fill in the time slot vacated by wyws makes me wary of the quality of the drama … I hope I am wrong but I hope they get a better writer and pd. No matter how much talent lsk has, she must have a good team to support her … Male lead remains to be seen but please no pbg or lmh (sorry but I don’t think they don’t match up to lsk talents) … If they sign up a male lead like ksh, sjs or kwb, I guess there is hope … This means production is investing and willing to pay top money to make a good drama. This will prompt them to work hard to make the drama successeful and get their investment back. If I were lsk, wait for the right drama with good material and a good team. She is probably on the casting wish list of several projects and she can select.

  30. 30 Yoyoyeti

    I’ve been literally counting the days until I got some news of a new drama she would be in. So excited!

  31. 31 Sweet&Sour

    LSK has potential, and I would like to see her in a drama that is good (I couldn’t get past the first two epis of Weightlifting Fairy…”. This drama’s synopsis makes it sound a little boring, and like a weaker imitation of IHYV. As for the writer, he/she doesn’t have a strong track record, and doesn’t seem to write good female lead characters. I like IRY, but in that the heroine was a supporting character. I’ve also watched “Protect the Boss”, and in that both the hero and the heroine were ridiculous caricature characters. I thought the secondary couple were a lot better, and the second female lead is the best SFL character I have come across that I wished she was the lead and her story was the focus.

  32. 32 Flightey Gazelles


    I don’t think the commenter meant it as a slight against Lee Sung Kyung, just that there are very talented actors that are constantly relegated to side character/supporting character status despite their years of experience in the game. We know them , Yoo In Young, Kang Hanuel, Lee Soo Hyuk should be getting the same offers as Sung Joon and Kim Young Kwan, Lee Yoo Bi, Im Joo Hwan, etc.

    These actors have paid their dues but are still not as successful as some newbees. Thus, with her few years in the acting scene, Lee Sung Kyung is lucky.

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