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Tomorrow With You: Episode 13
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These two are too cute for words. We’re mere weeks away from one life changing event our time traveling hero is dreading, but the good news is that So-joon makes the important decision in his life to date. Living life in the moment won’t always be easy for someone who has spent years traveling to and from the future, but it’s finally time for him to appreciate the small, golden moments that this lifestyle has to offer.


In present day November 2016, Ma-rin writes an email to her future self, confronting the regrets about her past and her wish to end things with So-joon. She asks how her future self could forget the bright and happy memories in her marriage, saying that she, for one, is happy at present. “So don’t hurt So-joon who has traveled from the past,” she warns. “He’s my man.”

She vows never to turn into someone like her future self, then schedules the message to send on November 25, 2017.

Later that night, Ma-rin excitedly asks So-joon if it’s true that he’ll stop traveling to the future. Grumbling at the matching pajamas, So-joon reminds her that she asked him to stop for her, and then he quickly covers himself when she bursts inside to confirm.

Coyly reminding him that they’ve already seen each other in their birthday suits, Ma-rin offers to help put on his pajama top. So-joon spreads his arms out and replies, “No, undress me.” Rawr. Ma-rin contemplates that idea for a second before cheerily telling him to put on the pajamas.

He complies, and then whines when Ma-rin takes a barrage of photos of them in their matching outfits. She says they can fondly look back on these adorable photos in case they hit a rough patch in the future. She swears she isn’t worried about the future, but does admit to be irritated by her future self, so they can take some good photos so Future Ma-rin can be green with envy.

Amused by Ma-rin’s jealousy, So-joon obliges, and they take a set of the most adorable photos ever. He then proceeds to try and undress her, and isn’t deterred by her playful rebuffs. She eventually gives in, and the next thing we know, those matching pajamas are on the bedroom floor.

In bed, Ma-rin worries that So-joon will experience withdrawal symptoms from time traveling. He says he’ll focus on the present and leave tomorrow’s worries for tomorrow, and promises to work hard at all hours, be it day or night. She snorts at that statement and tells him how naughty he is.

So-joon lives up to his word by showing up to work on time the next day. The office is abuzz following Director Kim’s dismissal, and Secretary Hwang silently slips past the other employees. Just as Director Kim suspected, Ki-doong reports that while the director did embezzle a good chunk of company funds over the years, nothing else has turned up from the investigation.

So-joon has yet to decide what to do with Secretary Hwang, who appears to be an innocent party to Director Kim’s shady dealings. He’s still upset by how the secretary thought he was dating Ki-doong, but what’s more important to him right now is for Ki-doong to teach him about the company because he won’t be traveling to the future anymore.

After deleting the video of So-joon and Ki-doong’s rooftop conversation, Secretary Hwang has an existential crisis about being put on standby. Just then, Director Kim marches in and sidles up to him, hoping to get more dirt on Director Kim. He’s disappointed when the secretary claims to know nothing, thinking that the man is still loyal to his former boss.

Secretary Hwang assures him that it isn’t the case (adding that his family were among the first to change their surnames during the Japanese occupation of Korea) and stands firm when he’s reminded that the office will soon be flooded by those Director Kim conned.

Speaking of whom, Director Kim arranges a night fishing trip with the businessman, the former schoolmate to Se-young’s father, to settle their fabricated contract.

So-joon pouts like a little kid when Ki-doong hands over a large pile of documents for him to review. But he’s even more insulted when Ki-doong dumbs down the basic workflow for him, so he shouts that he can handle expert business jargon as a company CEO.

Ki-doong is willing to bet that So-joon will backtrack on his vow to stop his trips to the future within three days, and that spurs So-joon to show him just how hard he’ll work at his job. Cut to: So-joon fast asleep at his desk while Ki-doong wears a smug smile.

So-joon wakes moments later and tries to re-focus, but it isn’t long before he yawns from boredom and falls asleep again. Hahaha. He cries happily when Ma-rin finally sends a text to check in on him, and replies that he misses her while he’s working at the office.

Ma-rin is currently out to lunch with Mom and writes that it would’ve been nice if So-joon were here too. But he replies that he should work and admits to be still scared of Mom. You should be.

Upset that Ma-rin is glued to her phone, Mom snatches it out of her hands. Ma-rin praises her for giving So-joon a well-deserved beating since that spurred a change in him. Mom is still upset that Ma-rin lied to her about So-joon, since the thought of a cheating husband hits too close to home for her.

Ma-rin apologizes, adding that’s why she’s treating her out to lunch. Mom says she drove out all the women from Ma-rin’s father’s illicit affairs, but talking about the past only upsets Ma-rin, who asks if Mom still has feelings for her father.

She doesn’t like how easy it is for Mom to talk about old emotional wounds, since she has to be the one to listen to them. Mom just wants her daughter to lend an ear, but Ma-rin argues that hearing her mother’s resentment toward her father only makes her want to hate him even more. Having had enough, Mom leaves in a huff.

So-joon meets up with Doo-shik and tells him that he won’t be time traveling anymore per Ma-rin’s wishes. He knows his disappearance was due to one of his trips going awry, so he put it upon himself to investigate and traveled to November 30, 2016 to follow his future self on the subway.

But something strange happened: His future self looked back, forcing him to get the hell out of dodge. He went back the next day, only to hide upon seeing his past self run past him. After that incident, he stopped trying to travel to that day, worried about the multiple versions of him that could be running on that train.

Doo-shik is pleased to hear that So-joon will avoid the dangers of time travel by staying put in the present, though So-joon hopes that this doesn’t mean he’s headed toward an inevitable future, much like Se-young’s father.

Doo-shik swears that So-joon will be fine by staying put, because he can go and change So-joon’s future on his behalf. Handing over his journal, So-joon asks Doo-shik to get rid of it for him and shares that the investigation on Director Kim is still ongoing.

He instructs Doo-shik to not check in on what will happen to Director Kim, then asks for the journal back, now remembering that Future Doo-shik tried to get rid of it. So-joon is surprised when it suddenly rains, though Doo-shik is already prepared with an umbrella.

He cuddles up to Doo-shik under his umbrella, not at all worried about the rainy days to come because he’ll have someone to bring him an umbrella. He means Ma-rin, who happens to be standing outside the office building, and Doo-shik makes a quick exit.

When Ma-rin asks who that was, So-joon identifies him as the other time traveler he mentioned. As expected, Ma-rin has brought an umbrella for him, and he invites her up to see his office.

Inside, he loudly announces to anyone he sees about how wonderful his wife is for being so prepared and thoughtful. Once they’re in his office, Ma-rin wraps her arms around him and pouts that she got into a fight with Mom over the topic about her father.

Her choice to visit him was a personal pick-me-up, but now that she’s seen So-joon’s face, Ma-rin realizes just how lonely her mother must’ve felt without her husband. She melts into his embrace again, and when Ki-doong shows up, So-joon mouths at him to leave. And ha, Ki-doong’s gaping expression is the best.

Ma-rin knows that it was Ki-doong who just came and went, casting her embarrassment aside for her present happiness with So-joon. She thanks So-joon for being by her side, warning him not to make her lonely like her mother. She then pouts that they shouldn’t have a daughter in case she’s a mini version of Ma-rin.

But So-joon likes the idea of a mini Kkot-soonie, reassuring her that her mother will understand why she got so upset over talking about her father. She goes for another hug, and just outside the office, Ki-doong grumbles that he wants to go home.

So when he decides to head inside, the doors open, which leaves Ki-doong awkwardly back into the wall. He offers to take Ma-rin home, and So-joon kisses Ma-rin on the forehead. So cute.

In the elevator, Ki-doong is taken aback when Ma-rin declares that she’ll swing by Ki-doong’s place. Now that she knows the truth, she’ll pack up So-joon’s belongings there and pick them up later.

Ki-doong is most grateful to have his place to himself again, though as they pack up, Ma-rin bitterly remarks that it looks like So-joon has given his best friend access to everything apart from his soul.

Ki-doong says his time traveler buddy never gave him the winning lottery numbers on the flimsy excuse that he wouldn’t risk Ki-doong’s future. But Ma-rin mentions that So-joon won the lottery three times, and she and Ki-doong bond over how annoying So-joon’s fixation on the future has been.

Her ears perk up when Ki-doong suggests they break open a beer, and before we know it, they’re both pretty wasted. Ki-doong drunkenly comments on how So-joon’s fickle opinion on being able to change fate, to which Ma-rin wonders why So-joon would say things would get worse without telling her why.

Ki-doong can totally relate on the inexplicable unease of So-joon lording over the people he loves most with the knowledge of a future no one else knows about. He whines with her about how they can’t get a hold of So-joon whenever he’s in the future, and asks if she’s been on the receiving end of So-joon spoiling the key moments in a sporting event or TV show.

She shrugs, saying none of that has happened yet, so Ki-doong shares how nervous he gets whenever So-joon gifts him with a futuristic electronic or fashion item. But Ma-rin says that hasn’t happened to her either, and says it sounds like fun knowing things like the winner in an audition show or what happens in a sports game.

“Why didn’t he tell me those things? Why didn’t he buy me anything?” she mumbles before collapsing on the couch. “He’s always telling depressing things.” Ki-doong tells her not to fall asleep, so she gets on one foot to show him her unstable balance.

After a long day, So-joon is excited about leaving work. But then he remembers that he still has his journal, and puts the pages through the shredder. He decides to check in on the cameras he installed at Ki-doong’s place one last time, and gapes to see Ki-doong and Ma-rin drinking together. The current date: November 9, 2016.

We see him arrive at Ki-doong’s place, where he berates his buddy for making his wife drink so much. Ki-doong drunkenly yells that So-joon often drinks with Se-young, to which So-joon fires back, “Is she your lover?”

Ki-doong cackles when Ma-rin lies on the ground then and there, and So-joon piggybacks Ma-rin and gets his buddy to fetch her things. In a high-pitched voice, Ki-doong swears that he’s going to get married too. Yeah, you may.

Once they’re home, Ma-rin asks So-joon to sleep next to her. So-joon takes her hand and sits by the bed until she falls asleep.

As promised, Director Kim and the businessman go on a night fishing trip at a quiet lake. The businessman readily puts his stamp on the amended contract without reading the terms, and Director Kim feeds the man drinks until he’s barely conscious.

Director Kim encourages him to drink, assuring him that he’ll take the man home, but this dark environment looks like a perfect setting for murder. He declares that he can no longer grovel to others, and comments how the man will be long gone before anyone suspects something off about the fake deal that they’ve made.

He apologizes that the businessman needs to be removed from the picture in order to eliminate the paper trail before he leaves the country. He says he’s long past the point of no return because he’s already killed a man, then proceeds to start strangling him and throws him into the lake. As the man flails in the water, Director Kim screams over and over again.

So-joon has the unpleasant task of waking Ma-rin up the next morning and feeding her breakfast before work. Ma-rin opens her mouth, waiting to be fed, then apologizes for getting so drunk. So-joon responds by giving her a kiss.

They sit down for breakfast, where So-joon voices his dislike of her drinking, even if it is with Ki-doong. She asks if he’s jealous, and So-joon says he’s setting boundaries and declares that last night will be the last drink of her life.

She agrees to quit drinking, knowing that So-joon has stopped traveling to the future. She affirms that him staying in the present makes her happy, though a flashback shows Ma-rin crying in bed, jealous of Ki-doong and wanting gifts from the future too. LOL.

Ma-rin says that was her talking in her sleep, but So-joon feels bad about not getting her a proper gift from the future. Nodding at the futuristic vacuum, she says that alone gives her enough of a headache and warns him not to buy anything. He mutters that her tears last night suggested otherwise.

So-joon is attentive and inquisitive at the next executive meeting, where Ki-doong promotes Director Wang’s proposal. Or so we think because So-joon is actually doodling a picture of a pig, a representation of his Kkot-soonie. Heh.

This time, he doesn’t rely on his gut feeling, much to everyone’s surprise. He even reminds them to look into cost-effective methods before greenlighting the next development project. No one is more impressed than Ki-doong, who discovers the doodle and cringes.

Ma-rin happens to call just then, worried that him taking care of her all night made him ill-prepared for his all-important meeting today. So-joon lies, saying it went so terribly that he might have to go to the future to check on what will happen.

He asks to be allowed to time travel for just one week, and when she says a promise is a promise, he reminds her just how inebriated she was last night. She lets him go, and he offers to pick her up something. She tells him not to meet up with “her,” meaning her future self, and reminds him to not stay out late.

Ki-doong seems pleased that So-joon has caved, though the latter says he’s not going for work purposes. Grabbing Ki-doong by the shirt front and berates him for making “the kid” cry and want things from the future. Ki-doong: “Isn’t Ma-rin older than us by a year?” So-joon: “She’s a kid to me!”

He blames Ki-doong for complicating things, though grins from ear to ear at the thought of being able to take the subway again. His lip wavering, Ki-doong wonders if his friend is legitimately crazy.

With that, So-joon travels back and forth from the future, bringing Ma-rin a mountain of gifts including ramyun, drinks, clothes, and the latest DSLR camera. She’s even there to greet him on the subway platform when he returns with his hands full of shopping bags, and wonders why he can only travel two years into the future. “Hard to say,” So-joon replies. “Maybe it’s too far to travel any farther.”

Se-young receives a pair of movie tickets at work for a movie entitled “Second Love.” She looks at her phone and jumps when Ki-doong calls. She immediately says no when he asks her out to a movie, and hangs up.

When her coworker makes the same request moments later, she asks for advice about “her friend” whose guy friend knows that she used to like his best friend. He says he wouldn’t date someone like that for very long since he’d be bothered by how she used to like his friend. Discouraged, Se-young hands him back the movie tickets.

At home, So-joon tucks away a USB drive which contains a folder for Future Ma-rin. He then gives Ma-rin tickets to an ice skating exhibition for Kim Yuna that will take place on Christmas Eve 2017 and instructs her to take her mother.

She asks what he’ll be doing then, not believing that he could be busy that night. He asks what they should have for dinner, getting a bit too enthusiastic when she suggests dumplings, saying that he can jump to the future and grab some before the last day he’s allowed to time travel.

Ma-rin worries about how nice So-joon is treating her lately before squealing over the tickets. Meanwhile, So-joon travels to the future to buy the dumplings and drops them off in front of their house in the future, along with the USB drive meant for Future Ma-rin.

Future Ma-rin heads back inside where Ki-doong and Se-young are still talking about the ice skating exhibition. They offer to treat her to a nice dinner in exchange for the tickets, but Ma-rin says she’s fine with these dumplings from Past So-joon. And Se-young wonders why they can’t just go out to meet the So-joon who came her from the past because he’s still their friend. Omo, Se-young knows too now?

Back in the present, So-joon and Ma-rin watch the 2018 Starcraft competition between AlphaCraft and Lim Yo-hwan together. She promises not to tell anyone and digs in, while Future Ma-rin tearfully does the same.

She then watches So-joon’s video message on the USB drive, as he says he’ll probably be long gone by the time she watches this. He says he plans on doing everything he can for the Ma-rin here in the present, and leaves this message for her: “Wait until you can forget me. When the time comes for you to be able to, just forget me. Thank you… for marrying me, and making me complete. I love you and I love you again. I love you.”

As Future Ma-rin sobs, the Ma-rin in the present thanks So-joon for being so good to her. She says he needn’t try so hard because it makes him seem like someone who will leave her soon. He grunts in affirmation, but then refuses to give her the winning lottery numbers because he has a steadfast rule in not getting involved in other people’s lives… except when it comes to her.

She drops the subject, and they watch the news with her head in his lap. She says she finds the news entertaining and strange now, because she knows how things will turn out. She can’t help but feel how trivial some things are when the newscasters make a big deal out of certain events, and So-joon says he once felt the same way.

She gets up when the news reports of a fatal car accident that killed one person, and tells So-joon to drive carefully. Reminded of the car accident in 2019, tears suddenly roll down So-joon’s cheeks and tells Ma-rin that those people must’ve had those who cherished them: “How hard must it be for the people they’ve left behind?”

Secretary Hwang is assigned to work for Director Wang, who says it seems Director Kim is really done for now. So-joon wonders if they should look into if any of their leased buildings were put on sale recently, though he hopes that theory isn’t true.

So-ri and Ma-rin visit Gun-sook at her home, where she cries that she’ll divorce her husband. Evidently Director Kim’s rage has gotten worse, and she definitely thinks he’s up to something. She doesn’t think these are simply growing pains between newlyweds, citing that he was so enraged when she said she threw away the commemorative pen from Happiness.

She’s already checked the dash cam in his card, and all the footage has been deleted. But then So-ri says she can check the car’s navigation system to see where Director Kim has been.

She discovers a list of recent destinations, which Ma-rin takes a picture of and sees that this car has been to two of the Happiness construction sites. Ma-rin promises to send the picture to Ma-rin, then realizes that she’s seen this car before, on the day of Se-young’s father’s death.

Elsewhere, Director Kim is infuriated to hear that his Jangho project is a bust. He’s told that the neighboring area is doing well (just as So-joon predicted), and stares down his informant. He has to deal with angry investors, and left enraged by how right So-joon was.

While So-ri theorizes that Director Kim could’ve had an affair with a Happiness employee, Ma-rin says the man could’ve done charity work in secret. But something definitely doesn’t sit right with Ma-rin, who sends her friend off ahead of her.

When So-joon tells Ki-doong to name his requests from the future because today is the last day he can time travel, Ki-doong flatly asks for the same thing: winning lottery numbers and stock advice. So-joon flatly replies that he’ll just see him tomorrow, and Ki-doong mutters, “Why bother asking then?”

Director Kim trails So-joon from the office to the subway at Namyeong Station. So-joon eyes widen when Director Kim greets him on the train. He promptly tries to ignore him, but the director holds him back and the lights flicker off.

Ma-rin, meanwhile, runs back to tell Gun-sook that she knows of a place where the dash cam footage can be recovered.


Uh oh, that can’t be good. It would almost be an understatement to say that Director Kim is a dangerous enemy to have, especially given how self-aware he is about his rage and willingness to off anyone standing in his way. I can only imagine how much danger it would put So-joon in if he were to disappear before Director Kim’s very eyes, and how much the ex-director would have with that important piece of information.

Since So-joon is only able to travel to the future, I’m not altogether sure how Ma-rin plans on recovering deleted footage from the past. Perhaps there is a place in the present she can acquire that footage, but at the very least, I appreciate that she is trying to be sympathetic to Gun-sook’s marital woes. I am, however, quite worried how digging into Director Kim’s activities will endanger So-joon and Ma-rin, and still perturbed by the idea that we haven’t seen any glimpses of the man in the future.

So while all that’s going on, I do like how So-joon made attempts to stay grounded in the present, now having chosen to live day by day and making each moment spent with Ma-rin count. I was almost upset when he managed to score a full week to time travel, only to realize that he was doing it to shower Ma-rin with gifts because she was jealous that Ki-doong was the one who got to have all the benefits of knowing a time traveler. I do truly love their everyday interactions together, from giggling about matching pajamas to watching the news together. I could watch these two go about their semi-ordinary lives all day, along with Ki-doong’s occasional stinkface.

I absolutely adored Ki-doong and Ma-rin’s drunken heart-to-heart about having to deal with So-joon, especially when Ki-doong tried to find things to relate to with her. Out of all the sides of Ki-doong we’ve seen, I think I love his high-pitched inebriated state the most. His friendship with Ma-rin is downright adorable, and I love how forward he is about his feelings for Se-young now. I do think it’s nice that Se-young also does find out about So-joon’s time-traveling ability, and that she misses her friend too. My heart ached when she asked why they couldn’t just say hi to Past So-joon since he’s also their friend.

Which brings me to the complicated nature of So-joon’s time traveling trips, where he could potentially run into one of his time-traveling selves at once. I would’ve thought this was a discovery he would’ve made earlier than say, now, since he has traveled to the same day and the same place before, even if it was accidental, like say on March 25, 2019. It’s plausible that So-joon could’ve missed one of his time-traveling selves by a few minutes, but it does seem like this revelation should be more of a given, rather than a surprise. Still, since we do see him take that subway on November 30, I can rest assured that he won’t disappear off early. I do wonder if Future So-joon looked back in case Director Kim was tailing him again, though.

But what I loved most about this hour was perhaps the most heartbreaking moment, when So-joon left a message for Future Ma-rin, telling her that he’s going to focus on Ma-rin in the present. It was lovely how he said that he still loved her and was so grateful for her. Any man can speak of love in the present, but it takes a special kind of man to make his words of love transcend time and space.


62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. earthna

    My thoughts are all over the place so this is basically just point form.

    I especially like the fight Marin and her mom had. Often on dramas, they just fight and that was it and I was fine with that. But when Marin told Sojoon that she felt bad for mom, my heart melted. Mom looks really strong. It’s probably because she had to endure everything by herself while raising Marin without a father.

    “You’re now living like a common person.” This sentence has so much to it. I can’t explain what I felt when Dooshik told Sojoon that.

    Yieeeee Seyoung-Kidoong couple~ They are so adorable! Plus I love how the show is actually giving them time to organize stuff and we see how they got together. Seyoung obviously likes Kidoong now but she’s worried about him knowing she liked Sojoon. Hee.

    Called it! I said last time that Marin will probably make the connection once she sees Director Kim’s car again. It makes total sense. Honestly, I won’t be able to get it right away if it was me.

    Sojoon crying after watching the news. That was just heartbreaking. Sojoon-ah, I don’t think the accident will happen. Don’t worry about it anymore. Just stay away from Kim Yongjin!

    I don’t think I can look at dumplings the same way anymore. Getting myself ready for weird looks if I cry while eating dumplings next time.

    • 1.1 hades.red

      There was so much truth in what mom said during that fight as it relates to real life. She is in such a crappy position trying to vent to her daughter about her father. Ma Rin doesn’t want to hear her mother berate her father over and over again; good or bad, he’s her father after all.

  2. wandergirl

    “But what I loved most about this hour was perhaps the most heartbreaking moment, when So-joon left a message for Future Ma-rin, telling her that he’s going to focus on Ma-rin in the present. It was lovely how he said that he still loved her and was so grateful for her. Any man can speak of love in the present, but it takes a special kind of man to make his words of love transcend time and space.”

    I loved this bittersweet scene too! Especially when it was done back-to-back with the present timeline, with Ma-rin and So-joon watching the news and So-joon remembering the March 25, 2019 car accident. That sad tear falling from LJH’s eye and then his full on crying scene… Heartbreaking.

    • 2.1 hades.red

      I think this scene also shows that for So Joon, Ma Rin present and Ma Rin future are just two versions of the same person who he loves–I was going to say one and the same, but I think that would be pushing it too far. It’s been a bit difficult for him to separate the two. So I can understand why he has been so caught up in the future version–aside from the plot driven reasons–because he wants to see her happy.

    • 2.2 ar

      I also love how Marin wrote something to her future self too for No. 2017, though in a much less loving tone. haha I like how she’s trying to influence the future too even though she can’t time travel. I’m hoping this will make some significant different in the future.

      (the choosing between present and future versions of your love reminds me a little of one of this Doctor Who episode with Rory choosing between current Amy and future Amy)

    • 2.3 Imber

      The way he made gifts and plans for future Ma Rin was indeed so bittersweet. In a sense, it for me, was pinnacle of realization how deep his care for Ma Rin is. He thinks of her past, present, future. Not as a vague term, or means to reach a goal, or just a wife, but someone who he truly, wholly always wants to take care of and love, even when/if he cannot be physically be there by her side. But as such, I also understand how she couldn’t go to what she had thought to watch with HIM.

  3. riarallahssi

    The crying scene over the news accident broke my heart as well. I can’t. I can’t find words about how painful it is.

    I’ve literally stopped caring about people not appreciating the drama. In my heart, this is just one of the most romantic and most emotionally on-point dramas i’ve seen in a long time. I think it seems dull for some because it’s simply not their cup of tea plus the logic again is in knots but I really really really really really like it. I give the director A’s for being able to extract raw feelings out of emotional scenes. The melancholic scenes just hit through the bone. The words are just right to make it hurt so good. It’s like being repeatedly stabbed while you’re warm and snuggled underneath blankets.

    The strength of the drama is definitely the couple. The whole thing is anchored on their relationship. Family. Friendship. Frustration. Love. The use of the characters’ mental arcs has fully sold it. This is defintely an emotional drama for the emotional and romantic breed.

    • 3.1 hades.red

      The strength of the drama is definitely the couple. The whole thing is anchored on their relationship. Family. Friendship. Frustration. Love. The use of the characters’ mental arcs has fully sold it. This is defintely an emotional drama for the emotional and romantic breed.

      Agreed. It has been rewarding to see So Joon’s growth in their relationship.

    • 3.2 hyanggi

      I love that scene, too! In that I can’t believe these two aren’t a real couple, because the way SJ sobs into her shoulder seems genuine, the way MaRin is just smiling over soft-hearted SJ while patting him in the back is so … how I would imagine a SMA consoling her man.

    • 3.3 miss_p1nky


    • 3.4 Kethy-chan

      So-Joon crying over the news near killed me with the feels. I watched it at least 4 times. and the amused-caring way Ma-Rin comforts him is so sweet !!

  4. panshel

    I repeated “Oh shit” twice in the last five minutes. When Ma Rin told So Ri to go on without her, “Oh shit, he’s going to kill her.” When the camera panned to Director Kim tailing So Joon, “Oh shit, he’s going to find out.” My heart was pounding outside of my chest. Director Kim is so unhinged right now, there’s no telling what he will do.

    Our couple is sickeningly sweet. I was grinning from ear to ear as they sneaked in hugs in his office. I love how So Joon lit up at the thought of having a daughter. There is no doubt how much he loves Ma Rin even without his USB confession. The transition from their wedded bliss in the present to Future Ma Rin’s full-blown depression was jolting. I’m relieved Future Ma Rin at least has friends around and was also pleasantly surprised Se Young now knows, but So Joon broke his promise to Present Ma Rin of not meeting her future self.

    I love So Joon and Ki Doong’s no-holds-barred friendship and chuckled at how offended So Joon felt at Ki Doong looking down on him to which Ki Doong readily acknowledged, “I’m looking down on you a lot.” So Joon recognized the self-fulfilling prophecy when he asked Doo Shik to get rid of his journal. I see So Joon rescued his wedding ring from the robot vacuum.

    Thanks lots for the recap, gummimochi!

    • 4.1 riarallahssi

      It’s totally an affair. And Se Yong’s words “why can’t past So Joon just come to you?” resonates a lot with me…. like it’s an ominous clue to future episodes.

    • 4.2 Callie

      Ma Rin’s line “I guess So Joon must have visited again” implies that it’s not the first time he’s “left a gift” for her future self either…

      That’s so bittersweet… Like of course it must feel like a blessing to still be able to hear your missing husband say “I love you,” but it must also feel like getting stabbed in the gut all over again.

      • 4.2.1 riarallahssi

        That’s painful. But really, why can’ he be there for here if he’s in the future anyway? It’s convenient to still be loved but frustrating all the same. it’s so bittersweet! ugh.

  5. HelloBeautiful

    Thanks for the recap Gummimochi!
    I adore Ki Doong too! He’s such a sweetheart and easy going man to be friend with. I love how he’s so playful (and considerate) around my ultimate favorite OTP, SJ and MR <3

    I agree with every one about the crying over the news scene. I just want to add that every time SJ caresses MR and there's sad music in the background, I always feel it's so heartbreaking. I must say, I never feel that way with other kdramas, but this one turns me into an emotional wreck in a second.

  6. yhang

    I think casting the actor who plays Director Kim is effective. He has a soft voice, and a typical face so I never saw him as someone who is scary and more so, not the typical vicious villain type. He was like just every character you’ll see in the background that you’ll eventually forget. In the earlier episode, he was so hidden behind Gun-Sook’s annoying capriciousness that you could almost forget about him. But as the story progresses, I’m slowly finding him terrifying. I never knew I’ll be very sympathetic of Gun-Sook, and I appreciate Ma-rin and So-ri for being the good girlfriends that they are even though Gun-Sook is mostly intolerable. Though we all knew that her marriage will fail in the first place, being with a man like that is still so terrifying.
    Director Kim is being stupid and careless in all of his killings, and that made him scarier because I don’t think he uses much of his critical thinking anymore. He is just being driven by rage, and he is losing his mind, and would just want to get his revenge, no matter what. Director Kim is far more scarier than most serial killers who were very calculating with doing their work.

    • 6.1 Allaroundfangirl

      I agree. The building up of him being the villain was very gradual that it comes as surprising that he would even do it. Now I won’t be surprised if he even has a hand in the accident of future Song Ma Rin.

      • 6.1.1 ar

        I feel like they must be building in to that. I wonder if knowing he’s after them would give them a better chance of survival in the future than some random accident.

    • 6.2 earthna

      I agree. That makes him even more terrifying. He’s basically just any other person you see on the streets. An ordinary guy who’s in so much pressure and eventually gave in to that.

    • 6.3 hyanggi

      Right? He’s scary as hell, I didn’t think he’d reveal himself in the subway, why would he do that? He’s just batshit crazy at this point, with so much to hide, yet nobody to share it with.

    • 6.4 Elgarmummy

      This actor reminds me of Eric Tsang, a Hong Kong actor who has a similar wispy voice.

      He is terryifying in this show, without the usual psycho types you usually see.

    • 6.5 missjb

      I might be the only one who don’t like his potrayal as Kim Yong Jin. In the hand of a better actor, he would be appear more symphatetic character. This character is written really well because we know what he is coming from despite limit screen time, usually a villain in a romance drama is not written that well because the writers is too busy built up the otp or love triangle. That is why we appear to see him a different light, It’s credit from the writers. But unfortunately, his potrayal in this character make KYJ appear as a dimensional character with unstable emotional state. What’s with his constant screaming? I just don’t feel his conflict at all.

      • 6.5.1 riarallahssi

        For me though the actor is so dimensional by himself. I’ve never taken a liking to him even at the onset. He basically creeps me out. I was surprised to run into a character of his in a cable tv movie feature. He was more fudgy, had more weight on, but there’s no mistaking the voice. He creeped me out anyway even then. I feel like this character often gets typecast to fidgety fishy roles like Kim Yong Jin.

    • 6.6 nomad

      The actor is superb as Director Kim! I watch him closely, as he does that tick on his right eye, and the way he speaks. I don’t know if that’s actually a real tick he does outside of acting, but somehow the whole thing just really makes Director Kim so real.

      • 6.6.1 Serendipity

        I’ve looked up and found out that the actor is a musical one and a good one at that 🙂

  7. Kakakash

    Thank you for the recap gummimochi!

    That was such a sweet episode! I have nothing more to add except that I agree with everything gummi pointed out as well as what most of the comments above mentioned. See you guys in the next episode!

  8. HelloBeautiful

    Just a random thought. Will they ever have a daughter?
    It would be so cute to see them playing with a little one. Seeing how SJ takes care of MR, he would be such a sweet and amazing dad~

  9. hades.red

    Best series episode ever! I’ve always believed that this shows greatest asset is it’s ability to have great moments. Tons of snapshots strung together to make a pretty good show. What I love about these snapshots is that some of them have dark undertones, especially in some of the earlier episodes, so it’s not just what you see on the surface, but what you can infer just a bit. Unfortunately, as any relatively seasoned k-drama viewer would tell you, this is the calm before the storm. I’ve been priming myself sometime now and I hope I’m prepared for the hurricane force winds heading our direction.

    A couple of other thoughts:
    1. I’m so bummed that we didn’t get to see some topless Je Hoon/So Joon action. I mean, the guy looks fit, why not give us some skin!
    2. Je Hoon is such a good actor. Being honest, some of his gleeful moments seem forced and somewhat fake, but his range outside of that is pretty damn good. The few moments that he looks dark, he looks really menacing. He really gives So Joon depth as a character.
    3. I loved our OTP when Ma Rin when to meet up with So Joon after her tiff with her mother, when So Joon picked up drunk Ma Rin, when they were talking on the bed afterwards and so on and so on.
    4. This was the best showcase not only for our OTP, but also for So Joon. You can tell he really loves Ma Rin now. There is absolutely no doubt. That scene when he makes ramen/hang over soup what too good. He is actually being taking care of his partner in a meaningful way.
    5. Everybody who said the kid is addicted to time travel, well, you were right. The kid can’t help himself. However, I think in this case he really wanted to send that message to future Ma Rin with the additional benefit of having his typical fun. It’s kinda sad that he needs time travel to be successful in business–or so it seems.

    • 9.1 hyanggi

      I actually feel moments of glee are so LJH! Haha. I guess they’re not his strong points, but he’s just basically being gleeful LJH who dances weirdly haha.

      • 9.1.1 Chowgirl

        Agree. LJH has this awkward yet cute thing about him even in their bts he would just be his usual jumpy and happy kid doing some awkward aegyos and everything.

    • 9.2 ar

      I think this episode shows that without time travel, So Joon can still function in his job. He won’t be 100% successful all of the time, but he still knows how to run a company, read documents, and make rational decisions. I thought he knew nothing about real estate and was just coasting on his powers.

  10. 10 Callie

    It’s become a bit apparent to me with the last few episodes that, with this being the writer’s first foray into fantasy/sci-fi, she doesn’t quite have the bearings yet to handle the logistics of it all when it comes to the time-traveling elements of the plot. However, I’ll give her five stars when it comes to writing relationships. The strongest moments of the show, for me, have been and continue to be the moments when our couple are simply together and speaking honestly. The dialogue, combined with the directing and dimension the actors bring to the table, make for some unprecedented authentic emotional scenes. At least in my drama-watching experience.

    I had to pause a couple of times once I realized what was happening when Ma Rin found those dumplings at their front door…because I knew it was going to hurt.

    • 10.1 HelloBeautiful

      It’s become a bit apparent to me with the last few episodes that, with this being the writer’s first foray into fantasy/sci-fi, she doesn’t quite have the bearings yet to handle the logistics of it all when it comes to the time-traveling elements of the plot.

      I agree with this (especially after watching the latest episode). The weakest part of the writing or maybe the weakest execution is the mystery part. I thought there would be more, but we haven’t seen any mindblown stuff or whatsoever regarding to the cause of time travelling, how they handled the murder part, etc. But The gradual build-up of suspense throughout some episodes was quite effective. those things don’t really bother me that much because this drama was originally a romance show.

  11. 11 Lem0nlime

    Ahhh…So-joon found his ring!
    Director Kim is such a good actor. Never thought that he would turn out to be this scary.
    The argument Ma-rin had with her mom sounds so much like the ones I have with my mom. Similar in that we would throw hateful comments at each other not realizing how much hurt we had just inflicted until one of us walks away.
    At the end, I was like nooo…is Director Kim a time traveler too because I don’t want So-joon to get caught.

    • 11.1 hades.red

      Haha. Can’t believe I forgot about that stupid vacuum ring eating scene and what became of the ring after. lol.

  12. 12 Imbuk

    Thanks for the wonderful recap gummimochi!
    Just like you, I could watch their semi ordinary moments for a long time too. Especially when ma rin told so joon about her fight with her mom, l loved how he kept touching her hair, her face and holding her hand. Its just a minor detail but it showed how much he loved her. This couple is so natural. From their painfully realistic fights to taking adorable selfies together, they have become one of my favorite OTPs of all time.

    Also, it is interesting how ma rin needs to be consoled and needs support when It comes to her past (from her dad to being called bap soon) whereas for so joon, its the future (the news about the accident). I just love that after meeting each other they have considerably reduced worrying about those times and started concentrating on the present because they have finally found someone who makes them want to live in the present. I am glad that it did not happen instantly and that it was a slow process which made it all the more gratifying to watch when they have finally achieved this place. I seriously want a happy ending for this couple, director kim and time be damned.

    • 12.1 hyanggi

      Huh. You’re right. Both of them are stuck somewhere other than the present. It’s wonderful to see them transforming, existing in the present, and focusing of their lives day by day .

    • 12.2 riarallahssi

      Yes. And i’m even happiest to finally watch So Joon talk and act like a real CEO. All that equity and capital talk totally made him more swoon worthy. Seriously, if he’s THAT good, what does he even need time travelling for? Do we have a real estate genius in Yoo So Joon? I’m satiated. This drama gives me emotional satisfaction.

      And Seo In Guk being mentioned twice is such a running private joke for the PDs. ROFL. Director-nim has always managed to include SIG in all his works so far. KKkkk.

  13. 13 Afii

    I’m sorry to say this, but am i the only one that being bothered to the fact that they have not change their bed sheets? Or they do already change it and i’m being insensitive again? It’s been months, they should change it. Considering that they are pretty “active” in bed.

    Anyway, this is very tender episode. My heart break when SJ gave Kim Yuna’s tickets to MR and told her to go with her mom in case he is “busy”. Oh no.. Oh no..
    I hate this kind of sign….

    SMA definitely step-up her game for this drama. I only watch her in Gumiho, Arang, and My Beautiful Bride. Between all of those, i guess MR is her deepest character. She definitely succeded show a wide acting range from cute and bubbly in a moment to heartbroken and desperate in later minute…

    Everyone in someone like KD in their life. A patient bestfriend indeed…

    Director Kim…. May you be rotten in hell! Well although i’m sure you will… You kill people for heaven sake!

    Lastly thanks for the Recap Gummimochi!!

    • 13.1 Chowgirl

      We share the same sentiments in the bed sheet. I’m a total neat freak, I need to change my bed sheet for like twice a week because I could easily feel sick whenever I don’t. Hahahaha XD

      I also believed that SMN proved her acting with this drama. I like her before but now I love her because of Song Marin. Her acting as cute and bubbly can be cute or just too much but her transition to being hurt and dissipated balloon while missing her husband just hits home. I cried seeing present MR eats the dumpling with gusto while Future MR chokes up remembering her husband Three I love You’s. So painful yet satisfying to watch.

      I love the actor who played director Kim but the characted Director Kim…die!

    • 13.2 hyanggi

      I realize they had the same bed sheet even in the future ! When SJ went into the house and tadaa, still the same bed sheet. I guess they just really like that design and went on to buy 5 sets of it .

    • 13.3 Azka

      That rant about bed sheet really makes me hyperventilated LOL because I noticed it too!! It is so funny how they didn’t change it and we noticed it anyway haha. Maybe they really like the color and buy dozen set of that same thing….

    • 13.4 Amilia

      Maybe Ma Rin strips the bed after So Joon leaves for work, runs a load of laundry, and remakes the bed with the same sheets before So Joon gets home?

    • 13.5 Kethy-chan

      lol oh come on guuuuuys!
      maybe they simply have 50 of the same set. ha ha ha
      it’s a funny comment but about as silly as wondering why the dirt poor girl in a kdrama manages to wear 44 different winter coats through the 24-episode span of the drama. And she never wears them twice!! ha ha ha ha
      now THAT’s a real question!

      (have a good day, folks)


      • 13.5.1 alua

        < about as silly as wondering why the dirt poor girl in a kdrama manages to wear 44 different winter coats

        Not really. The bedsheets can be explained (whether it's that they don't change them; they have multiple sets of the same; Ma-rin strips the bed, washes the sheets and puts them on again by the evening) but the varied and expensive wardrobes of supposedly dirt-poor heroines doesn't make any sense within the realm of drama narratives at all (outside yes: product placement and/or some sort of odd standard virtually every kdrama must also be a fashion, product & real estate show).

  14. 14 Allaroundfangirl

    How can you not just fall in love with Lee Soo Joon? I love how he gets jealous even with Ki Dong calling Ma Rin girl friend. Ma Rin just did not know then but So Joon was already buying her stuff in the future when she was in the hospital.

    • 14.1 Chowgirl

      Yes and those stuffs are the most sweetest thing he ever gave to her. Still one of my favorite scene from this drama <3

    • 14.2 Imbuk

      Ha ha.. yes, he already about her things from the future. But that was just regular things like fruits, food and flowers that were not available in that season, not stuff that were invented or updated in the future, hence they were technically not “future things”. 😛

      I was seriously scared he would do something more on these trips and mess things up again. But he mostly just shopped and what he did for future song ma rin was so heart wrenching. It just shows how much he is putting song ma rin above his desire to time travel. And considering he is someone to whom time travelling is like a part of a lifestyle, him trying to not do it is totally swoon worthy. ♥

  15. 15 fay

    This drama is basically gold. Song ma ri and so joon’s conversations are love. I don’t care about the ratings anymore.

  16. 16 Ahriah

    I went back to watch episode 4 where So Joon talks to himself on the phone on the night he dies. I think that when he disappears on Nov 30, he doesn’t reappear until the day he is supposed to die. He says he is travelling to the station one last time, I’m guessing to see Marin, who we saw watches for him at the station to return. He tells past So Joon to try with “that woman” because he knows it will be better to have at least some time with Marin than none.
    Thinking this, I’m wondering how they can turn it around for a happy ending. I sure hope there is one.

    • 16.1 ar

      I’m probably getting it wrong, but I wonder if the So Joon on the phone was one of the past So Joons (well relative past…like a So Joon from between 11/2016 and 3/2019) – getting too close to the scene of the accident and then died right there in the future before he got a chance to get back to his current point in time.

  17. 17 hyanggi

    One thing that amazes me is that post-hangover scene. I can practically smell the alcohol reek (well, Marin opening wide her mouth helped me imagine a lot) and then SJ went on to plant a kiss on her lips. That shocked me. Lol.

  18. 18 Dramoron

    I’m wondering what if this show used light/colorful filter a la romcom drama for their present scenes and dark filter for mysterious future scenes? I think it would make difference for those who judged this show as serious/calm/mysterious type at the first glance. Though i believe TWY is is 80% romcom with time-travel as its hijinks.

    But then again, i don’t see this whole time-traveling things as fantastical things as it seems. SJ’s time-traveling obsession could be interpreted as one party’s obsession/addiction over “real” things that could make a couple drifted apart.

    I love how TWY always relatable especially with its relationship/marriage aspect. Secondly, it speaks to me on so many levels because i feel that i could find every TWY character in my real life and i could understand their feelings/thoughts.

    • 18.1 riarallahssi

      Ah noooo… I love the current filters. It hits closer to home. What the drama needs is a detail consultant who can iron the creases out, i.e. the above mentioned bed sheet (pun intended). They need the reply series detailers especially on the time travel plot.

  19. 19 Kororo

    I need a hug, I don’t think I’m going to be able to eat dumplings in a while. I’m going to call my mom. This drama is so beautiful, my ultimate favorite OTP SJ and MR are so beautiful, that’s all.

  20. 20 Elgarmummy

    You guys are so observant! I’ve never noticed the bedsheets! Feel like rewatching the episode just to see what you guy are talking about.

    Could someone remind me about the robo vacuum thing? I remembered the couple quarreling about why he removed the ring (but I can’t remember why when he tried to defend himself) and how it is sudddnely back on his finger.

    Need to check again on the Seo In Guo joke.

    • 20.1 riarallahssi

      Oh TMY PDs and directors debuted in High School King of Savvy which starred Seo In Guk. They really hit it off in that drama that In Guk still calls the director Hyung and they regularly hang out and keep in touch. That’s how SIG ended up in a cameo role for Oh My Ghostess too, which is also by the PDs of TMY. So now that his name is mentioned in TMY, I just can’t help laughing. It’s definitely a TVN thing.

    • 20.2 Chowgirl

      Then Seo In Guk also lend his beautiful voice and song writing talent in this drama and I just loooovee how his voice resonates in every scene they played like when out OTP had their memorable talk on the phone while MR was in the hospital.

      I just noticed that this drama had only 3 ost and I dont think they would release at least 1 since it is in its last week but even with that little number of ost, I love them all. And the instrumentals gosshhh Will they ever released those?? No? Yes I believe so. ; (

    • 20.3 Amilia

      So Joon was being mopy and playing with his ring when he dropped it and the magic future vacuum ate it.

  21. 21 spazmo

    this is one of those dramas that i rewatched each episode during the week it aired, then rewatched all the eps in the lull of the week…

    i still can’t figure out where we will end up, and i’m worried about that rabid man Director Kim…

    but Ma Rin and So Joon are just tooo cute! i’ll have plenty of tissues at hand next week…….
    : (

  22. 22 Serendipity

    I’ve also noticed the ever-present pillowcases and bedsheets 🙂
    That means that Ma Rin is so sloppy to change them.

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