Ever wish you could meet other people as crazy about dramas as you are? Here’s your chance to meet up with other Beanies in your area, and do… Beanie things. Whether you’re two or two hundred, feel free to chat, organize regional meetups, and get together to watch dramas, wax poetic about Oppa’s abs, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Who knows, maybe we can make it out to your town to join you someday.

We’ve created these pages to help facilitate organization amongst you, but feel free to take your plans offline or to email/twitter/facebook if you’d prefer. All we ask is that comments remain related to meetup issues, to keep the pages as helpful and relevant as possible. Thanks!

If you’d like to request that your city/state/country to get its own page, leave a comment below.

U.S. & Canada

Southern California
Northern California
Pacific Northwest & Vancouver
East Coast & Toronto


United Kingdom
Western Europe
Eastern Europe


China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam)

Australia & New Zealand

South America

Middle East


62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Angie

    I live near Kansas City but wouldn’t mind going to Chicago for a meet up!

    • 1.1 hannah

      I’m near KC too. I was thinking of heading to Chicago if a meeting was held there!

    • 1.2 Lalia

      I’m in KC too!

      Chicago might not be impossible though.

    • 1.3 ilikemangos

      Chicago seems to be in the middle of everything and people are willing to meet halfway, chicago seems good.

    • 1.4 scircus

      Chicago!!! <3

    • 1.5 Jambo

      Yey! Chicago!

    • 1.6 rozitasmak

      Chicago is having a meet-up on April 20th!

      More will be posted soon.

      If you click on the Midwest page link above. Also we have a Midwest Beanies page on Facebook the info is also posted on the Dramabeans Midwest page too.

      Currently we are selecting the place to meet. More details posted this weekend. If you are interested let us know post here or ask to join the facebook group.


      • 1.6.1 rozitasmak

        Midwest Drama Beanies! Here’s the Chicago Meet-up Info.

        April 20th Saturday @ 6pm that should give everyone time to get into town. Place is Yeowoosai with a more traditional food (jigaes, fried chicken, bimbibaps etc) It appears they have really good reviews.

        Currently we have 9 people attending!

        6248 N California Ave
        Neighborhood is West Rogers Park

        • rozitasmak


          Midwest Drama Beanies! Here’s the Chicago Meet-up Info.

          April 20th Saturday @ 6pm that should give everyone time to get into town. Place is Yeowoosai with a more traditional food (jigaes, fried chicken, bimbibaps etc) It appears they have really good reviews.

          6248 N California Ave
          Neighborhood is West Rogers Park

  2. max452

    I live in Montreal 🙁

  3. Bengbeng

    yey! Philippines is included. i wonder how many Beanies are here =)

    • 3.1 quirkstine

      Here’s our very own FB page, as requested. )

      Credit to aicaramba for the page name. Hope you don’t mind.

      I’m surprised PH has its own page. Ang dami pala natin.

      Also, Metro Manila people, want to meet up sometime? I don’t have many friends who share my drama addiction so it would be nice to meet some of you.

    • 3.2 mariolawpanda

      OMG. I am a super casual drama watcher but finally getting to talk to another person about k-dramas would be nice. Other than my 60+ year old aunt that is.

  4. amazon

    Thanks dramabeans for this awesome idea. I am requesting that you put a link to this post on top along with about/recaps/contact. May be you can add a tag like “meet fellow beanies” or something like that. That way all the readers can easily access this page. I am hoping to meet fellow beanies in my area 🙂

  5. PhoenixFan

    What a great link! Could you add the Southwest &/or Phoenix to the U.S. list?

  6. endodo4ever

    LA, LA, LA! 😀

    So excited for a possible meetup with you all!

  7. Tazzo

    Dhaka, Bangladesh please!!!! Please add this location too under Asia!

    • 7.1 Florence

      Wah!not very far:-Di’m from north east India

  8. saharial

    Europe/UK/ London, though I live between Milton Keynes and Bedford so would be happy for a meet near there too!

  9. zezo

    How about Turkey??

  10. 10 ultramarineblue

    Can New York or Northeast be added? Thank you 😀

    • 10.1 ~Feather~

      I second new York!

  11. 11 Jackie

    Any Manitobans?!!! I’d love to do a meetup in Winnipeg 🙂

  12. 12 semigemi

    Can you add the Caribbean please? ^^

  13. 13 Tita

    Please add Ethiopia(Africa) to the list. Maybe you guys don’t know because we don’t participate much but you’ve a huge fan base in Ethiopia. There was a fan meeting and all the members in the fan-base went to a korean restaurant and they had a great time.

    • 13.1 Geez

      Can i join your club & ma freinds too???

  14. 14 Dav

    Southwest US would be great. (Too bad the population centers are so far apart . . .) I could do Albuquerque, maybe even Santa Fe if we go someplace with really, really good food.

    Scratch that – let’s do really good food anyway.

  15. 15 Kat

    Vegas? let’s meet at the Strip lol

  16. 16 nappy

    sadmentz seems like im d only one from the caribbean

  17. 17 mofi

    can we include mexico and central america somewhere?

  18. 18 Pluto

    Please add Pakistan too under Asia

  19. 19 Cherry

    Why is Afric

  20. 20 Cherry

    Why are African countries not included? 🙁

  21. 21 Geez


  22. 22 dramabliss

    I live in Manila but willing to go to Seoul for a meet up. Wouldn’t that be the best place for k-drama addicts to meet f2f?

  23. 23 xombie

    Is there no one from SLC or Utah? Sigh, I chose a secluded area for grad school 🙁

  24. 24 d.crazy

    i live in Africa,Zimbabwe. I could make it to South Africa but I need to know we are many!

  25. 25 TS

    So exciting this site is so international!

    DC, please! (Pretty boring after Ethiopia, Pakistan & other suggestions.)

  26. 26 KenyanKorean

    Kenya!!!!Include Africa cheabal!!!

  27. 27 Miracle

    There are fans who live Nigeria, would love a meet up too

  28. 28 jennino95

    Mexico and Central America, plz, plz, plz. (Or if we’re getting lumped in a single category, maybe rename it Latin America?

  29. 29 Taber

    Maybe Boston or Connecticut

  30. 30 Fel

    What about Northern Europe/Scandinavia?

  31. 31 k lava

    omo omo kenya over here,and Uganda too they actually sell korean DVDs there

    • 31.1 KenyanKorean

      Nooo way!Where?What city are you from K Lava?

  32. 32 Hiwi

    Please include Ethiopia on the list. Almost all people are into k-drama

  33. 33 Roman

    Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia chebal include us on the list

  34. 34 cat

    What about Tanzania?there are so many korean drama fans

    • 34.1 kyungsoosie

      omg im from tz too!

  35. 35 Chirene

    Erm…is dere a possibility for africans

  36. 36 Growingbeautifully

    As a possible and additional step to meet-ups, would anyone like to start off by joining an international drama lovers Google Group? If there are at least 2 persons from the same country in the group, it will make a meet-up more possible. 🙂

    Please see my offer to host this group in the Open Thread #419, under comment 31 and 31.4.

  37. 37 nonna

    Include africa too javabean we are also beanies arnt we?

  38. 38 Bae Rachel

    Can Nigeria be Added??? <3.

  39. 39 Quinzee

    Pls Add An African Country

  40. 40 Branice

    Please add Uganda, there are many, many many K-drama fans

  41. 41 Bae Rachel

    I live in Nigeria but it is not included so i ask that you also include Nigeria:)

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