Happy birthday to EXO’s leader Suho!
Kim Jun Myeon. 22.05.1991


    aww he was born same year as me…i’ve recently gotten into EXO and was listening to “Power” as i was scrolling through the beanie wall and saw your post 😀

    i need to start his Rich Man Poor Woman drama this week


      Hey, welcome into the fandom! 🙂 Nice to meet a fellow EXO-L here. If you ever need any information or recommendations, let me know.
      I watched the first two episodes, need to catch up with the rest.


        thank you! I actually don’t have anyone to talk to about EXO. My favorite song so far is “Been Through” and I’m so sad that it doesn’t have a MV. I got more into EXO after falling in love with the EXO-CBX “Blooming Day” mini album. I already had a Baekhyun song “Take You Home” and Chen x 10 cm “Bye Babe” on my playlist when I realized that two of the three vocalists in EXO-CBX had songs that I really loved. So yeah now I have a soft spot for Xiumin too. I think my bias is Kai though 😉 his dancing won me over and his good looks too of course!

        I would love more recommendations and info. I’m still discovering their music, oh and “Call Me Baby” is really nice too. Do you like EXO-CBX? I even love Horolo lol

        I havne’t seen any of the EXO members in dramas but I was so excited that Chanyeol is cast in the new Hyun Bin drama


          oh wait I’ve seen D.O. in I Remember You and he was pretty good there! This was before I listened to any EXO music.


            I saw him there too before I even knew about EXO and I remeber being impressed with his acting. I think he is the best actor in EXO, he will have a historical drama with Nam Ji Hyun called Hundred Days’ Husband.
            If you want to see EXO in a drama, there’s a web drama EXO Next Door.
            Kai has been doing a lot of dramas recently: Andante, Spring Has Come (a J-drama), The Miracle We Met (but it’s a very small role, so don’t watch it just for him, there should be his cuts on Youtube).
            Baekhyun was in Moon Lovers. Chanyeol was in Missing Nine, Chinese movie So I Married an Anti-Fan. Suho was in Universe’s Star (short drama, main role), movie One Way Trip.
            D.O. did a lot: It’s Okay, That’s Love, I Remember You and movies Unforgettable, Hyung, Along With the Gods and Room No. 7.

            And I forgot to mention Lay’s solo music! What U Need, Lose Control and Sheep. He did more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you (I alredy did, didn’t I? Sorry, I don’t seem to have any limits…).
            I’m going to sleep now, goodnight. 🙂


            ooh I should watch that EXO Next Door drama sometime this summer 😀

            yeah I have Andante and Spring Has Come in my list, my very long drama watch list! also on my list is Moon Lovers

            and hmm I don’t know much about Lay but whoa there is just so much music from the EXO boys to listen to! and haha when you posted this yesterday, it was 6PM my time. Are you in Europe? I’m convinced I need to go to a kpop concert next time I go to Korea!! Last time I went to Korea, I wasn’t into kpop at the time.


          Then you have me! I am always happy to talk about EXO! 🙂
          Been Through is great, must be my favourite on the winter album (EXO releases a special winter album every year). If you haven’t seen and heard it yet, you should listen to Universe, it is the title song of the last winter album. (Fall and Stay are great too.)
          That’s sweet! I love EXO-CBX (it would be weird if I didn’t, Xiumin has been my bias for a long time, now it might be Kai though – you have good taste). I loved Lazy and Sweet Dreams from the Blooming Day mini album. And yes, I love Horololo too. It’s such a hype song.

          From shows there is EXO Showtime (which I still haven’t seen, lol) – their first show, includes OT12. They were also on Weekly Idol as OT12. From the more recent ones, they were on Ask Us Anything and Party People this past comeback.
          Apart from that, EXO-CBX will have a variety travel show Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder (it should air sometime soon) and then different members are on different shows.
          Currently it’s
          Sehun: Busted! (on Netflix)
          Xiumin: It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets (he’s not on all the episodes)
          And much more, but I can’t think of them all right now.

          From music, you should check out Hey Mama and Ka-Ching from EXO-CBX if you haven’t yet. From EXO, all the title tracks (MAMA, History, What Is Love, Wolf, Growl, Overdose, Call Me Baby, Love Me Right, Monster, Lucky One, Lotto, Kokobop, Power) and of course the winter releases (Miracles in December, Sing for You, For Life). From Japanese releases: Electric Kiss, Coming Over and they have a Japanese version of Love Me Right. (The Japanese MVs are always shorter though, due to Japanese strict copyright laws.)
          Plus, all their songs are released also in Chinese. (Including separate MVs.)

          From side tracks: Baby Don’t Cry, Thunder, Promise, Black Pearl, Forever, El Dorado, Unfair, Artificial Love (the performance version is 19+, so be warned), Playboy (written by Shinee’s Jonghyun), XOXO, Transformer, The Eve, Exodus.
          There are more, but I haven’t heard all their songs just yet either (what a fan I am… 😀 ), mainly from their older albums.

          I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. 😀 Sorry for how long this is. I take my EXO-L duty seriously. 😛

          Bonus: This song made me Xiumin biased (before Kai came and bias-wrecked me, of course): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfbRLbMuGSs


            Wow winter is my favorite season so that makes EXO feel special to me then if they release specific winter mini albums! I actually love “For Life” from another EXO winter mini album, such a beautiful song! And the MV has a lot of Kai in it <3 I did listen to the whole Universe mini album but only "Been Through" has stood out to me so far. I can listen to this song on repeat though and never get tired of it.
            Ooh yeah Xiumin's eyebrows and playfulness, he's super cute! But yes Kai is my #1. My favorites from the Blooming Day mini album are "Monday Blues" and "Vroom Vroom". But the whole thing is just amazing and I can jam to all of the songs and never feel the need to skip any of them. The fact that there is one per weekday is such a cool concept.

            I need to watch that EXO-CBX travel show, where can I find that subbed? I see SMTown is promoting it on their youtube channel but even their clips don't have subs. I may check out It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets since I'm an introvert too and could probably relate to Xiumin there 😀

            Ok I'll make sure to listen to all the title tracks first, thanks! I also have a quite a bunch of MVs that I haven't watched yet. Also umm wow I never thought I'd see 19+ involve anything EXO lol, they have such angel faces! So I got curious cause *ahem* I am 26 (I am a few months younger than Suho) so def over 19 and watched the YT performance and oh my, *fans self* …I was as the kids say shook. Anyway they do have quite an extensive discography so I'm happy to have some point of reference to start so thank you, I appreciate your enthusiastic response with lots of great info! 😀 also what does EXO-L mean exactly? I know it's the fanclub name like Army and Elf for BTS and SUJU but I would never call myself an army or elf as I am a casual fan of those groups.

            oh haha that Young & Free song is a bop as the kids say, and omo Xiumin is adorable! He has such expressive eyes and his smile is aww.


            When Universe album came out, I listened to Been Trough for a few days straight! I can relate… 😛
            I really like the seven-days-of-the-week concept too! And I love how they are mentioning it even in Horololo (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, everyday, every night…).
            And fun facts: In Monday Blues, there is a line saying that it’s dangerous outside the blankets (which is the show Xiumin is in!) and in Blooming Day they mention Master Key which is another show Baekhyun was on.

            That travel show just started airing on Monday, so it will take a while to air. But it’s rare for EXO to have their own show (hasn’t happened since Showtime I guess?) and in the next seasons, there should be more members (possibly the whole EXO)… I found a twitter account subbing it, there are links to Openload and Dailymotion: https://twitter.com/EXO2018subs/status/998947340252672001
            Sadly, the episode is only around 10 minutes long…

            I’m an introvert too! The first season is good, but the second one started out not-so-well from what I’ve heard and Xiumin joins them only on episode 6.

            EXO usually has one song with sexy choreography per comeback. In Kokobop it was The Eve. The dance practice has 46 million views atm. But Artificial Love is the most lethal, I think. 😀 I am over 19 as well, but I am not digesting that choreography very well… Too strong for me. 😀 I really like the song though, especially their harmonies.

            L stands for love (that’s why one of the mottos is “Let’s love!” – “Saranghaja!”), but it has also another meaning. When EXO first debuted, there were two units: EXO-K and EXO-M (K for Korean, M for Mandarine).
            EXO-K’s leader was Suho and the members were Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Kai, D.O.
            EXO-M’s leader was Kris and the members were Luhan, Tao, Lay (all four Chinese, only Lay remains now), Chen and Xiumin (who are not Chinese, obviously, but promoted in China and even their stage names are Chinese).
            And the idea was that L is the letter between K and M and so we are another unit, maybe even connecting EXO-K and EXO-M. And that’s why people should say they are in EXO-L rather than an EXO-L, but nobody really does that…
            Another name for us fans is Aeries. That’s a name given to us by Baekhyun and comes from the way Koreans call friends – they add “ee” to the end of the name. So Baekhyun would be Bakhyun-ee. Because Korean has one letter for “r” and “l”, L (from EXO-Ls) changes to “r” when followed by a vowel. That’s why we are Aeries (and not L-ees). I hope that makes sense. 😀

            EXO Next Door is really short, so you can watch it anytime!
            Yes, I am in Europe. 🙂 You went to Korea? Lucky you! When and how and why and for how long? If you don’t mind saying, of course…


            oh haha I always sing along to that weekday part in Horololo too! I need an MV for Been Through, as an experienced EXO-L is there actual hope for this? or is the Universe MV all we’re getting for that mini album?
            omg I totally caught that “it’s dangerous beyond the blankets” line in Monday Blues and knew it was a korean tv show but hadn’t realized that Xiumin was a guest on the show until about a month ago. Will watch the first season for Xiumin sometime then! I totally didn’t catch that line in Blooming Day though! Is that Master Key show any good? Can’t say I’m familiar with it.

            Ooh thanks for that twitter link, will check it out after work!

            Omo I had no clue EXO got that sexy for their fans…and the harmonies in Artificial Love are so good! It has a lot of Chen vocals too which is always a good thing, that boy’s voice is so smooth. That performance was senses overload LOL. I was laughing so hard at the comments from the EXO-L’s on Youtube but yep sexiest kpop performance I’ve ever seen 😉

            Oh cool, thanks so much for the EXO-L explanation, that’s so interesting! Ive never heard of the Aeries one but that’s cute, unfortunately I still don’t understand korean naming conventions!

            And of course I am always happy to talk about my Korea trip.
            When? Last spring actually! This time last year I was in S Korea!! I was there for a 10 day vacation May 18-May 29 and we only visited Seoul and Jeju island.
            How? I went with my friend who introduced me to kdramas, I started watching kdramas summer 2015 and we wanted to visit Korea after watching so many kdramas and it was such a fun adventure!
            Why? We love kdramas and korean culture so we wanted to experience it for ourselves and just have an awesome vacation. It was a bit tough not speaking the language at times but I learned to read hangul so I could sound things out and that was useful for getting to certain destinations. Our top places to visit were the Han river, the palaces, Gangnam, and for me personally I wanted to see Namsan tower which as it turns out really is for couples so I did feel a bit weird being there single LOL
            Anyway my main takeaway is that the Korean people are very kind and I had a really good trip. Taxis are cheap there compared to US and the subways are so clean and quiet. I figured out how to get around the subway effectively within a couple of days. There were so many coffee shops and so much good food too that I gained like 10 lbs on vacation LOL. I tell one of my Korea food stories in the food entry that got published today. Yay dramabeans published me again http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/05/dramas-and-food-do-you-want-to-go-eat/
            Anyway if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! And I am already wanting to return to Korea, have my thoughts set on fall next year but we’ll see how life goes 😀


            Unfortunately, there is no hope of getting an MV for a side track. Plus EXO should be preparing for their summer comeback right now. But if it helps, there are at least 3 fanmade MVs I found on Youtube, you can check them out.
            I have seen only one episode of Master Key and that one was with Chanyeol (ep. 4). I liked it and it started my Chanyeol-obsessed era. I dunno, he was just so cool and handsome in that episode. 😀 Baekhyun is on ep. 1 and that’s all, no more episodes featured EXO. The show itself is kind of psychological. But ep. 4 was really fun, so watch at least that. 🙂
            Chen’s voice is truly amazing. One famous vocal performance by Chen and Baekhyun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_OGaSy99vU

            That’s so cool that you went to Korea! Thanks for the info, it’s nice to see someone else actually went there, makes me believe it’s possible for me too! Lol. 😀 Thanks for the link to your article! I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise (even if I remember you having posted something about that on the fanwall – probably haven’t noticed your handle!). Also congrats on getting published! 🙂

            I thought of some more things I wanted to show you:
            EXO’s song Heart Attack with VCR (my friend claims it’s her most favourite song and the video is really cute): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgwWzmP1Kyo (first 30 seconds is Tao being sexy on camera, so you can skip if you want to)

            EXO Power winking stage (Kai alert!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxYzQzqrKOQ


            Ah summer comeback, that is exciting! I’ll look into Master Key then, thanks! And oh my God, my mind was blown by how beautiful that Chen and Baekhyun duet is! Is there a studio recording of it too? And oh I forgot to mention that i had the Baekhyun/Soyou “Rain” duet also already on my playlist before I discovered EXO-CBX. Baekhyun’s vocals cannot be praised enough, he is such a good singer! Oh also I watched the Dailymotion EXO-CBX travel video you linked to and it was so adorable!! It was mostly them sitting down and chatting but oh I loved it and immediately wanted to watch more LOL, I’ll be checking that link in the hopes for more eps 😀

            Yeah Korea is not expensive as Japan and even the flight to Seoul was cheap, under $1000 and it’s a 15 hr flight from where I live! Hope someday you can make it to Seoul too!! Anyway thank you, I was so excited to see I got published that my hands started shaking from excitement at work LOL

            Ooh that “Heart Attack” song is really good! The boys look so good in those outfits 😉 Thanks for sharing these vids, I don’t think I would’ve run into them on my own haha
            And yay I’ve been looking for the best version of “Power” live and I think I might’ve found it then! Kai is so charismatic!


            Their vocals are really amazing! I love their voice colours too. I don’t think there is a studio version though…
            I haven’t seen the travel show just yet (for some reason I have to force myself to watch variety and rather watch dramas these days), but I have it downloaded. I believe it airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (pun intended), but subs take some time.
            Happy to be of service! I should make some use of the hours spent on EXO… 😅
            Kai is very charismatic. I think it was one of the first stages, so they were still relatively well-rested and clearly enjoyed that stage. And that’s always the most fun to watch.
            Not sure if you’ve seen this one, but in the case you didn’t:
            (Read the comments, they’re hilarious!)


            o my Lord, I had not seen that EXO-CBX video but I iaughed so hard at Baekhyun lady and then laughed so hard at this comment “I can’t tell if baekhyun is shook by his own beauty or terrified by it.” thanks for the tip about reading the comments, they put me in such a good mood from laughing at the craziness those EXO-L’s said! 😀

            Hehe I like your weekday pun…Blooming Days mini album forever! <3


            Welcome! I still can’t get over Suho though! And all those comments about Lotto were hilarious too.


            Haha Suho is such a cutie! All the EXO boys are so attractive doe

            Anyway last night I discovered EXO-CBX is having a Japan tour and they performed Vroom Vroom live, have you seen it yet? The choreo is sexier than I thought it’d be haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcKzwHkSqeE


            I have seen some clips on Twitter. I have a feeling that since certain time, every choreo EXO does is sexy, more or less. 😀
            Xiumin focus, if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-K8N_3KvfY
            (I am Xiumin biased, when it comes to CBX. Not that I dislike Baekhyun or Chen…) If you were to choose your bias in CBX, who would it be?


            OMG yes I totally watched the Xiumin focus already cause I love “Vroom Vroom” so much that I wanted to see all the boys in one video but I couldn’t find one. I even found a Chen focus although it’s cut short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMYknFaVRGQ I almost linked the Xiumin focus, it was so cute when he dropped the mic but quickly found it. His dancing is so good and actually my favorite lines in “Vroom Vroom” are Xiumin’s. He has such attitude to his voice in this song and he makes the song so much better <3

            And omg that CBX bias question is kinda hard for me…I guess I would have to say right now it is Baekhyun because I am most familiar with him and I find his voice to be spectacular. I even find him attractive in that orange hair in the "Take You Home" MV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CRWAZZanLg
            I do currently like Baekhyun's blonde hair though!
            All 3 boys are super cute and have real good vocals…like Chen's vocals are super beautiful but I find Baekhyun to be more attractive to me than Chen. Xiumin is pretty new to me but his eyebrows and expressive eyes definitely make me notice him. Oh also I love Xiumin's current silver hair…the first time I saw Kai, he had that silver hair too and I was in love <3


            I loved his expression when he realized his mic fell. I really like the rap parts in Vroom Vroom.
            I agree that Baekhyun’s voice and looks are spectacular. I especially like his falsetto (for example the high “My Baby” at the end of Playboy).
            Take You Home was my jam this time last year!
            I strangely don’t find Baekhyun that attractive, even if he is definitely handsome. I am slowly falling for his loving and caring personality though. He’s such a bright and precious person! There’s a reason his power is light (do you know about EXO’s powers concept?). His interactions with EXO-Ls are so cute and sweet… If you ever want to fangirl and squeal, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMCwdfWLpgk
            It’s a compilation of EXOxEXO-L moments. I don’t know how I got to this video… There’s a lot of Baekhyun though.
            I love Xiumin’s silver hair too, but I think I still prefer black.
            I love Chen’s voice and also his personality! He is kind of a troll and whiny (I find it cute) but otherwise so kind that fans call him an angel. And really polite. So I love them all… 😀


            oh haha it’s been a year since “Take You Home”, I remember trying to find a live performance of that song on youtube last year!
            What? I know nothing about EXO powers lol, although at this point I have read comments referring to Baekhyun’s light and Chen being an angel. What is Xiumin’s power? 😀
            So I watched that video you linked to this morning and was expecting like fan meetings when you said interaction with Exo-L fans. But EXO is such a successful group that they constantly need to sweetly request the fans to take a step back so as not to crush anyone. I smiled a lot watching that video though, it was fun to watch the boys just chatting and being good natured. What I love about Baekhyun is how he always has a bright smile on his face during the performances no matter what. He just seems so cheerful and positive.
            Also Xiumin looks good in every hair color 😉 even this blue


            This post will be about EXO’s powers, I will comment my other thoughts separately…

            If you know nothing, then get ready for a lesson on EXO’s concept (by the way, there are lots of crazy theories about EXO’s concept, if you are ever interested, Youtube channel Dowithlove EXO dissects and analyses every new teaser or MV EXO puts out – and sometimes it makes sense so much it’s scary).

            EXO are actually not humans. They came here from the EXO planet and each of them has a power.
            Xiumin: ice
            Kris: flight
            Chen: lightning
            Luhan: telekinesis
            Lay: healing
            Tao: time manipulation
            Suho: water
            Chanyeol: fire
            Kai: teleportation
            Baekhyun: light
            D.O: earth
            Sehun: wind

            It all starts with their debut song Mama:
            When the skies and the grounds were one, the legends, through their twelve forces, nurtured the tree of life. An eye of red force created the evil which coveted the heart of tree of life, and the heart slowly grew dry. To tend and embrace the heart of tree of life, the legends hereby divide the tree in half and hide each side. Hence, time is over-turned and space turns askew. The twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike into two worlds that seem alike. The legends travel apart. The legends shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different grounds, shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies. The day the grounds be kept a single file before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other. The day the red force is purified, the twelve forces will reunite into one perfect root, a new world shall open up.

            That’s the opening of Mama. In the whole MV you can see EXO using their powers (if you’ll be able to recognize them in those hairstyles, of course – it took me a while).
            And even if three people left, there are no more 12 legends divided into two groups and EXO has done a lot of other concepts, the powers concept stays with them. For example in Lucky One, you can see EXO using their powers to get out from a lab(?) – Chanyeol with fire, Baekhyun with light, Suho with water, Lay with a flower (healing?)… Another example is the MV for Power. There’s a whole theory about EXO having lost their powers to Red Force (the robot) who is using them against EXO (first Chanyeol’s fire, then Suho’s water). Later on Chen saves the situation, the robot transforms into 2D and EXO gets their power orbs back. There’s another theory about Baekhyun, but a) this post is already waaay too long and b) I don’t remember it all. I’m not sure if you’re super into theories, but if you want to get mindblown and get a headache: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuwJYrrt8K8

            The powers also explains Lay’s nickname – healing Unicorn, or just Unicorn – that’s because his symbol is a unicorn: http://i.pinimg.com/originals/12/65/fc/1265fc7ab234da4f216de82816f8810d.jpg

            So… My comment was too long, so I need to split it. (First time this happened to me!)


            Powers part 2:

            It’s hilarious because at first the concept might have been fun, but now when they are older, it can get kind of embarrassing (Knowing Brothers ep 85 – last year’s promotions – here is what I’m referring to, but without subs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfBYbY1d95Y ).
            And during the whole episode they kept asking Kai to teleport! Poor boy…

            This was a lot, sorry. 😀
            It’s just really fascinating how SM planned everything so well and prepared their concept in advance… But I will stop here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂


            Did you find any live performances? Just curious…
            I am actually a bit embarrassed about linking you to that video – it was very fangirly and kind of long… I don’t want you to feel pressured into watching everything I link you to, because when it comes to EXO (or any of my bias groups actually), I have no brakes…
            But I suppose I wanted you to see how precious Baekhyun is, and if it fulfilled its goal, that’s enough. 🙂
            Baekhyun is always cheerful, but last year during Kokobop (or Power?) promotions he seemed to be really down, so I was worried for him. But I guess it passed, he seems to be ok now. 🙂
            Yes, Xiumin looks good in anything. My favourite, besides black, is his green hair in Hey Mama.


            Hahaha so I literally just got into kpop like 3 months ago and like I told you it all mostly started with how impressed I was with EXO-CBX Blooming Days mini album…like that thing is a work of art! And I was just so impressed by this sub-unit that I felt like I definitely needed to give EXO as a group a fair chance and I already really loved “Been Through” and “For Life” since before I found out about EXO-CBX. This whole powers thing is giving me flashbacks to the kdrama You’re Beautiful and how the fangirls talked about the legends behind each A.N.Jell member LOL but haha thanks for all the detailed info as I actually hadn’t watched the “Mama” music videos and yes I watched both the EXO-K and EXO-M versions tonight because it was so weird for me to see an EXO video without Chen and Xiumin! I’m not a fan of the “Power” MV as I find this type of concept a bit cringey. But I love the “Power” song and choreo which is why I enjoy watching live versions of it…also Chanyeol’s opening lines on “Power” sound so dang good to me. And LOL yeah I can see how it’s a bit embarrassing, that video was adorable…esp at D.O. not being able to contain his laughter. I wish it had subs though!

            And no I did not find any live performances of Baekhyun singing “Take You Home” and out of curiosity I looked today and still nothing. But I’m so proud of the CBX boys for being able to tour this year as EXO-CBX and I hope they are proud of how good their album is. The fact that “Vroom Vroom” choreo exists just makes me so happy!
            Oh and I actually loved that fangirl video and yes showed how caring Baekhyun is to the fans…it was so different from the way artists usually address their audience. I watched it this morning with my coffee and it seriously made my morning better. I stayed up late last night at a Xiumin IG fansite where I was appreciating how dedicated Xiumin fans can be oh and also watching “The Eve” performances, which omg that song is a bop doe 😉

            And no worries, share away! I am loving all the EXO content as most of what you share I don’t think I would’ve run into on my own probably. Yes Baekhyun is so precious and he seemed super smiley at the CBX tour videos I watched. I wish I could be at one of those CBX shows!
            I hope Kai will be ok for the summer comeback, I heard about his dad 🙁 and I guess he’s still been filming that drama he was in.
            Anyway what is the EXO “Mama” song about? Is it weird that when they were on their knees singing mama, I had flashbacks to sageuk dramas? ala “*bows* cheon haaaa~ ma maaaa~”

            So what other kpop groups do you like?


            Then you’re really a new fan! I got into EXO (and K-pop in general) year ago in April… And I have practically no K-pop friends irl to talk to right now (I do have one, but we’re on summer break, so I can’t really talk to her), so please bear with my enthusiastic fangirly self and let me know if I am being too much… 😛

            To be honest, I didn’t like Kokobop nor Power when they first came out. The songs are nice (Kokobop is a hype song for me), but the MVs… Of course, their visuals were always on point (Xiumin’s black hair in Kokobop!), but Kokobop MV went wrong with hamburgers and Power – I get what you’re saying. It seemed kind of childish? On the other hand, after reading all the theories, it makes sense. I think that SM makes the summer comeback cool and “normal” (Monster, Lotto, Kokobop) and the repackage about their concept and powers (Lucky One, Power).
            I agree that the Power choreography is awesome and makes the song so much better. The sad thing is that there is no dancing in the MV…
            Two more things about Power:
            1. Have you seen EXO’s performance at Olympics 2018? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKCKn5RhbAw
            2. Kai originally wanted to do ballet (and I think he’s been learning it even while in EXO) – that’s why he does that pirouette in Power. (He went to audition at SM only because his parents promised to buy him a Playstation if he went.)

            I am really happy that you like CBX’s new album so much! It’s nice to see that people come to EXO through EXO-CBX! 😛
            I’m glad you liked that video. 😅 Xiumin’s Instagram fan account? Care to share a link? Yes, The Eve is a great song. The choreo though… 😅

            I am happy that you don’t mind me spamming you with EXO info… 😀 Maybe you’ll get to see them one day? Who knows!
            I hope Kai is doing better now. It must be really difficult losing you father. But I suppose he will be in the summer comeback. Lay, on the other hand, probably won’t. It’s kind of funny – when I started stanning EXO, Lay stopped promoting (due to political conflicts with China). So, I haven’t seen Lay with EXO during my EXO-L days at all. I really wish he could make a comeback with EXO, but I heard he probably won’t… 🙁

            Your connection was right! They are really referring to “Your Majesty”: https://colorcodedlyrics.com/2012/04/exo-k-mama
            I hadn’t made the connection till I read the lyrics! (Maybe partially because in Czech “mama” means “mom”…)

            I do want to tell you all about my favourite K-pop groups, but right now I can’t write anymore, so I’ll post this and get back to it later. Do you like any other groups besides EXO and EXO-CBX? (K-pop or non-K-pop, doesn’t matter.)

            Also, English is not my first language, so please bear with me if I make any syntactic or stylistic mistakes… Thanks! 🙂


            I wanted to send you a link to the full subbed episode of Knowing Brothers with EXO, but DB thinks it is inappropriate. So you’ll have to look for it on your own… Just type into google: “EXO Knowing Brothers online” and you’ll see. It’s ep. 85.
            Of course, only if you have the time and feel like it! It’s quite long, so…


        I have 2 kpop friends irl (one is a Shinee fan and the other is a Super Junior fan). I live far from the Shinee fan so I don’t talk to him that often. The Super Junior fan listens to a few EXO songs and likes them but mostly cause I tell her to listen to them, her jam is Horololo lol

        Kokobop as a song is growing on me but I’m not a fan of the MV either, too trippy although yes the visuals are nice. Same in “Power”, the boys are cute but I cringe too much at that video and yes I think it’s because it is childish plus it feels awkward imo.

        I watched the EXO Olympics performance on TV when it aired here in the US. I was so excited that the winter olympics were held in South Korea that I made sure to be home that friday night of the opening ceremony in the hopes of spotting k-celebs and I was excited to just hear Red Velvet and BTS play as the athletes marched in. I knew the Olympics was a big moment for kpop so I made it a point to be home on the Sunday night of the closing ceremony to catch the performances too and was excited to see EXO as I was already familiar with Baekhyun, Chen, and Kai and then I got Kai front and center :D. I wasn’t really all that familiar with their songs at the time though so I remember just being happy for EXO and kpop in general getting this exposure. I thought they did awesome so I shared the performance the next day with my coworkers cause their dancing was so smooth and I was impressed. I just rewatched the performance now that you shared it and actually appreciated the “Power” performance a lot more this time! 😀 I almost cried watching it right now LOL
        Kai’s dancing gives me life haha and I have read that he studied ballet and you can tell how passionate he is about dance when watching him. I’m sure you’ve already seen this but this video gives me serious joy, it is the Kai x Levis campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEQYeuigzEI

        Trust me, I can be obsessive fangirl once I really fall in love myself! I was looking into buying a physical copy of “Blooming Days” today on the internet but am kinda broke so will probably wait another month to buy it 😛 The Xiumin fan IG account is this handle @mymanminseok 😉 https://www.instagram.com/mymanminseok/ This fan posts a lot and I’ve actually talked to her a little on IG too, mostly about where I too can get a physical copy of “Blooming Days” 🙂 she also posts trash/quality content such as this https://www.instagram.com/p/BXRxb2BBEu1/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=dy3jcw675287 But anyway it’s entertaining to me to see how devoted/crazy Xiumin fans on the internet are about him LOL
        Have you seen the “Top 10 Reasons why Xiumin is my Bias” video on Youtube? I only watched it cause it was in my recommended section and warning that is explicit but also weird/hilarious and has clever editing so therefore is kinda quality

        Youtube has proof that apparently EXO has been to my US city so I have hopes that maybe one day soon they can return to my part of the world 😉


          ….and I ran out of space for the first time myself so here is part 2 of my answer:

          Yeah I can’t even imagine how hard this is for Kai </3 but I hope is doing ok too.
          And oh I was wondering about Lay…I was gonna ask how it worked with him in the group but that makes sense that he's not promoting. That whole political China issues really shook up the Korean entertainment industry.

          I speak Spanish as my first language and mama means mom too in Spanish but some ppl use mama to refer to pretty ladies as well so I thought that's what they meant kinda like Mamacita from Super Junior 😛 which basically means "lil momma" in Spanish. Speaking of Super Junior, I actually really like their new music. "Black Suit" is an amazing song and I think their Play/Replay album is pretty good for the most part! I really like Choi Siwon from Super Junior and have heard a lot of their music because of my friend who loves them. From BTS, I only really like "Spring Day" and "DNA". I think RM is super cute in BTS but I don't really like most of their music. I'm really happy for their current success though and they are even touring in my city this year. I almost thought about buying tix but I only like a couple of their song and the tickets sold out in less than 30 mins which is insane! 10 cm makes some of my favorite Korean music as I have always been a fan of indie type music in English. I'm also a casual fan of Red Velvet and Big Bang. I do also like a couple of CNBlue songs.
          Growing up I was obsessed with the punk rock group Relient K and I own all of their CDs and have seen them in concert about 10x. Lately I feel about EXO-CBX and EXO the same way I used to feel about Relient K haha <3
          I'm a huge fan of rock music (Switchfoot, Flyleaf, Paramore, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, and lots of indie bands are among my favorites)
          Of course I love pop and some of my faves are Taylor Swift, Backstreet Boys, Ed Sheeran, Owl City.
          And my favorite spanish language artists are Jesse & Joy, Prince Royce, and Pablo Alboran.

          Oh and I think your English is excellent btw, no need to worry about that!
          This is a holiday weekend in the US so I have tomorrow off from work so I'll make sure to google that Knowing Bros episode, thank you!! 🙂


          Hi, @ohhaeyoung!
          I have successfully written my exam and got out of my non-people mood, so here I come! (Sorry for the delay though, sometimes I am really bad with communication…)

          First post will be dedicated to my other favourite (K-pop) groups (since I owe you that since before-before).
          I stan EXO, Pentagon and Seven O’Clock. And B.A.P, as soon as they make comeback (I followed them a bit in January, but then I took a break from K-pop, so now I am just waiting for their comeback, so I could re-acquaint myself with them).
          I used to stan GOT7, but I kind of lost interest now and will follow their music only casually (I really loved their 7 for 7 album though – I loved all the songs).
          Other musicians/groups I follow – less or more casually – are:
          IU – her songs are sometimes too soft for me, but I really like her as a person and actress (also Palette!)
          Zion.T – I really like his music style, my favourites are Eat and Complex (featuring G-Dragon)
          Monsta X – I don’t like their songs at first, but then I come back to them and listen on repeat for a few days (Dramarama and Jealousy were both like that for me)
          BTOB – they are the first group I’ve checked out (because of Goblin, lol), I like their music (Movie, I’ll Be Your Man), and LOVE their harmonies; I don’t think I’ve ever seen them lip-sync
          Jung Il Hoon (BTOB’s rapper) – he recently did a solo EP and I loved it (She’s Gone, Big Wave are my faves)
          FT Island – Wind, Pray, Take Me Now; I like Lee Hong Ki as a person and actor
          G-Dragon – Untitled 2014 won me over, I spent a lot of time last summer on this man 😅
          BigBang – I like some of their songs and maybe would call myself a casual fan?
          Super Junior – I liked both Black Suit and One More Chance (Lo Siento too), I haven’t heard the whole album though; I don’t know them very well, but I like Donghae and Yesung (visuals!)
          Also Shinee (discovered them only recently), TVXQ, VIXX, Henry, 24K
          The Rose, N.Flying, Day6 are idol bands, all have some very good music!
          Also some NCT, BoA and Seventeen.
          That was pretty extensive…
          From non-K-pop music, I don’t really listen to any right now… I haven’t listened to music that much before I discovered K-pop, I only listened to some Christian artists like Britt Nicole, Jamie Grace, some Toby Mac, some Switchfoot etc. So now, when I discovered K-pop, I’m also discovering all the other popular music! So far I am collecting people’s recommendations for their favourite music and I am planning to check it all out… (But what to do, there is so much K-pop…) Anyways, thanks for sharing your favourite artists, I will bookmark our conversation and check them out (hopefully).
          By the way, I know Relient K! When I was younger, my older brother kind of made fun (sorry!) of their style in the Pressing On MV (the fanny packs and for some reason he thought they were putting on lip gloss? – it was probably just lip balm though). Anyways I rewatched the MV and felt kind of nostalgic. And the song isn’t bad either!


            Ugh I had written a long comment and DB flagged me for an inappropriate word? Not sure what offended the DB sensor lol

            Anyway yay glad your exam is over! How did you do?

            I haven’t heard of a lot of the groups you mentioned but I will make sure to sample some of their music this week. I do really like two BAP songs. “Coffee Shop” is such a good song and the music video is gorgeous. I also like “Hands Up” 🙂

            I’m not really into IU’s music…not really my style I guess but she’s adorable and I haven’t seen any of her dramas yet but a couple are on my list. (Scarlet Heart and Pretty Man) FT Island is a band that I have heard some songs from but haven’t had any songs really stand out to me but Lee HongGi’s voice is really unique and I have his song “Still Love You” in my kpop playlist 🙂
            G-Dragon’s “Untitled 2014” is def so good! Also Taeyang’s vocals are awesome, “Eyes Nose Lips” is a kpop classic by now.
            Super Junior has some really good songs imo…and Donghae and Yesung are both very handsome! I saw Donghae in the drama Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog and I follow Yesung on Twitter whose content on there is gold. (Oh and Baekhyun got a twitter on friday yay but all his content thus far is in korean so have to rely on the automatic translator which is not good).
            Shinee makes my heartache after their loss but I’m not a fan of their music thus far tbh…but I like Onew ever since Descendants of the Sun and I have a soft spot for Taemin cause of his SNL Korea skits.
            Ooh I’ve seen TobyMac and Switchfoot in concert and they are excellent! Oh and I forgot to mention Twenty One Pilots as one of my favorite bands, their albums Blurryface and Vessels are amazing!
            Hahaha Relient K can be cringy so I’m used to ppl making fun of them, esp their older music which was wacky/silly. “Pressing On” is pretty dang good but that is chapstick for chapped lips (not lip gloss), nothing like what our kpop boys would wear 😉 I got into Relient K around the time the Mmhmm album was out and I never stopped loving their music and I even joined their official fan club at one point lol


            I did well, thanks @ohhaeyoung! Just one more to go! 🙂
            How did I not know about Coffee Shop?! Thanks for sharing, I still don’t know all their songs… I love the piano in the background. And the MV is beautiful. Hands Up is great!
            I think IU’s best acting performance was in My Mister. But Moon Lovers were great too (and there’s Baekhyun!), but it might be a bit painful to watch… There are a lot of heartbroken people because of it, but I am fine.
            Still Love You is maybe too mellow for me… But Lee Hong Ki’s voice is definitely awesome.
            I had no idea Donghae was in a drama! Might check it out…
            I follow Yesung both on Twitter and Instagram, but I am not on Twitter that often, so. However, his Instagram is pure gold. So much beautiful content (and I don’t mean only Yesung, lol). Right now, with the white hair he looks like a manga/anime character! He’s unreal.
            Baekhyun got Twitter! I had no idea. Thanks. Some tweets are translated by fans in the comments, but not all of them. And yes, I have to use Google Translate very often as well… His first tweets were hilarious though: https://www.soompi.com/2018/06/01/exos-baekhyun-opens-twitter-account-hilariously-expresses-confusion-first-tweets/
            By the way, Kai just created Instagram! (What’s going on?!) https://www.instagram.com/zkdlin/
            I like Shinee’s View, Married to the Music, One of One and Good Evening too. I actually started listening to them thanks to the game SM Town Superstar (not playing it anymore). I forgot Onew was in DotS! I didn’t know K-pop when I watched it, so… I knew Key from Lookout.
            Twenty One Pilots! I’ve heard of them. Adding to my list. You US folks are lucky when it comes to concerts… K-pop or others. Well, what can we do. 😛
            The funny thing, now I wouldn’t mind even the lip gloss. K-pop changed my standards (at least for Asians, I don’t think if I could stomach non-Asian boys wearing K-pop make-up… Double standards…)

            Two more things I wanted to mention to you (for about a week already, lol, I never had space left in a comment):
            1. Baekhyun is launching a fashion brand (he is a co-creative director) called Privé. It is supposed to be “commercially available to everyone”, all items should be under 100 dollars. Just wanted to let you know. It should be available in July and right now they have a contest – post a pic of Baekhyun with hashtag #winprive on Instagram and you could win…
            2. I watched first two eps of CBX’s travel show and I like it. There are many more episodes up on the Twitter account, but I haven’t seen more yet…


            Yay! Glad to hear you did well on your exam 😀 good luck on the next one too!!
            I have found a lot of the kpop songs I like through the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. I love using Spotify and I remember hearing “Coffee Shop” on there and was blown away by how good it was. I have listened to a lot of BAP music but most of it doesn’t seem to stand out to me yet. Funny enough yesterday I had a Pentagon song in my Discover Weekly playlist, it is “Violet” and I really like it 😀 so I thought of you since you had mentioned loving Pentagon.
            I keep hearing so many good things about “My Mister” and I’m sort of tempted to watch it cause it’s from the writer of Another Oh Hae Young. However, I don’t find the male lead attractive and I am so shallow 😛 I don’t tend to enjoy dramas as much if I don’t find the leads attractive…I know smh at me lol
            Panda and Hedgehog is on Netflix and keep in mind it is a cutesie drama and very lighthearted…low budget but I found the characters endearing and Donghae is so damn handsome, he looks good in all the clothes he wears on the show lol. Weirdly enough this was the first kdrama to give me second lead syndrome though 😛
            I love how active Yesung is on Instagram, he is always commenting on Chanyeol’s pics. They seem to be good friends yay! And yes Yesung’s visuals are so good, he totally does look like a real life manga character. He also has a very good voice. His and Donghae’s lines in “Lo Siento” are my favorite <3 Have you seen the Suju and EXO video from the Super TV series yet? http://m.vlive.tv/video/74256?channelCode=FD53B (it is short, around 5 mins)
            …and I had no idea Kai created an IG, thank you for linking it!!! Just a few weeks ago I was trying to locate Kai and Xiumin on IG and that's how I ran into the @mymanminseok account LOL
            I'll check out those Shinee songs, maybe I haven't given them a fair chance haha. Onew's acting was pretty good to me in DOTS, when he cried I felt it.

            I never thought to call men pretty until Korean entertainment caught my attention. But that's exactly what they are, they're pretty! 😀 You just reminded me of when I went cosmetics shopping in Korea and would sometimes see men in the shops buying products and how weird and different it was for me to see that. I'm a cosmetics junkie so that was part of the allure that Korea had for me to visit and shop all of the cosmetics I could fit in my suitcase! I still giggle sometimes reading the comments on EXO videos and ppl are complimenting Baekhyun's eyeshadow or Xiumin's guyliner.

            Oh yes I read about Baekhyun's clothing line, are you planning on buying anything?
            And I have only watched the first 2 eps of the CBX travel show too but plan on watching all of them as I have time. I found the first 2 eps so entertaining, like the time just flew by! I was laughing so hard at Baekhyun annoying Xiumin when he was trying to get his train track selfie. Those boys are so dang charming…I'm in love


            Thanks, @ohhaeyoung!
            I don’t use Spotify (my phone has like zero memory at the moment, lol), but I used Google Music for a while and I’ve discovered a lot of music through their mixes. I would love to give you a bunch of BAP recs, but I am just a baby Baby (Baby is the fandom name, sorry for the pun, lol) and don’t know all their songs. But I really like Angel/1004, Honeymoon and Feel So Good. Rewind is a very interesting song.
            Yay! I am happy you like Violet! I had to give it a few listens, but now I can listen to it anytime. I love it for studying/working. Funny thing, it’s not even the title song and it was composed by Kino, one of the members! There’s also a Japanese version of it.

            I understand perfectly – if I should surrender 16 hours of my life to watch someone on screen he/she should at least look good… But in My Mister, it’s not really about romance, so… Dunno if it helps. But it’s a masterpiece and definitely goes beyond physical appearances. Plus, IU kind of makes up for him. And then there’s Jang Ki Yong who is really handsome, but he’s not playing a character you would fangirl over… Anyways, you should watch it one day. 😛
            I’ll keep it for later when I feel like rom-com, right now I have too many dramas on my plate. I don’t have Netflix (you know, Europe, lol), but I’m sure I’ll find it on Viki or somewhere else. 🙂 Thanks. Btw, no wonder you had a second lead syndrome, it’s Choi Jin Hyuk playing the second lead… I love him, so let’s see how Donghae will do. 😛
            I am a beginner when it comes to using Instagram, so how exactly do you view someone’s comments? You don’t scan Chanyeol’s comment sections, do you? Also, I use only the PC version (my great phone!), so is it somehow limited? Thanks!
            I love their interactions – that’s actually the reason why I started following SuJu (very casually) – I saw them last year during some award ceremony on stage together with EXO.
            I haven’t seen the Super TV video, thank you. 🙂 I’ve seen only the Dubai waiting room relay with Leeteuk. I love how Yesung is always trying to get into another group! First with EXO-CBX (if you haven’t seen this comeback interview with SuJu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYNZxFsOkqg) and now with NCT! Lol.
            I was just randomly on Twitter and someone was mentioning it there, I wouldn’t know otherwise either! Welcome! 🙂
            I remember Onew’s role and his acting was pretty good… It’s funny how I haven’t connected it with him till now.
            Yes, they ARE pretty! And I’ve always liked pretty boys, so… Also, I love guyliner. Really. And it’s true, men here are not that into cosmetics and not at all into make-up. I suppose that’s also one of the prejudices people have against K-pop – that idols look like girls or that they are gay.
            Yep, I am planning to buy something. Not sure what just yet, probably something inconspicuous – I don’t plan to wear Baekhyun on my T-shirt… 😛 What about you?


            …I ran out of space.
            That was so much fun! Poor Xiumin. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be this fun without Baekhyun. He is the funny one.
            You’re not the only one. I’m in love too!


            Spotify has been useful to me but they are lacking a lot of kpop music and they also don’t have a lot of older OST music. They do seem to get a lot of the newer OSTs lately though.
            Haha baby Baby made me smile…yes I had heard their fandom name. I did pay attention to BAPs Honeymoon comeback last year but wasn’t that into the new songs.

            Hmm one of these days I may watch My Mister then! Will keep in mind your recommendation and like I said part of me does want to watch as I was so impressed by Park HaeYoung, the writer of Another Oh Hae Young and am wondering if she will continue to be just as good. Oh btw on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist this week, I found an IU song I finally like…it is the “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” song with High4 who I’ve never heard of before.
            Haha yes Choi JinHyuk was so adorable in that drama…I have such a soft spot for him now. I need to watch more of his dramas lol, and what? no netflix in Czech Republic? or do you mean that European netflix doesn’t have much kdrama?
            I only use Instagram on mobile so interestingly enough (not sure if it’s because I follow Yesung as well or because Yesung is a verified celebrity account) but when I click on Chanyeol’s pics where Yesung has commented, his comment appears as “featured” at the bottom of the pic right after the picture caption. I took some screenshots to show you but then I realized I don’t know how to share pics through DB comments…hmm
            And haha yes I saw that SUJU and EXO-CBX interview, I love how amused Xiumin and Baekhyun were by Yesung’s antics. I pretty much watched every single Blooming Day comeback stage available!
            I have always liked pretty boys too. And I also appreciate some good guyliner myself. And lol some of these guys can def be flamboyant…lookin at G-Dragon of who I’m convinced the G stands for Glitter 😛 but I mean I remember looking at the poster for the kdrama You’re Beautiful and wondering how the heck I would find those guys attractive and then I fell head over heels for Jang GeunSuk as TaeKyung and all his guyliner and crazy hair/fashions.
            LOL I would wear Baekhyun on a tshirt but tbh I haven’t fully looked into what will be available yet..I suck at online shopping as in I’m bad at figuring out what will fit me. I had a hard time clothes shopping in Korea too as I am curvy and well my Latina body is just different than the Asian petite body. I was mostly in Korea to shop for skincare and cosmetics anyway…but I was able to successfully shop at stores like Zara and luckily enough I have small/average foot size so could also shoe shop comfortably!
            Aww Baekhyun and his nerdy glasses, what a cutie! I wish Xiumin would get social media so we could see his selfies too!!


            I didn’t like Honeymoon when it first came out either, but some time in winter last year, it got into my head and wouldn’t leave. And then I fell for Bang Yongguk’s hair in the Honeymoon MV (the longish haired rapper) – it just looked so hot on him (example below). And then Hands Up came out….

            She is definitely VERY good, I will keep an eye on her from now on. I didn’t love Oh Hae-young Again (I liked it though!), so seeing the same person penned the masterpiece that is My Mister really surprised me. It is very different but very good.

            I love Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms! I’ve actually been meaning to listen to it for a while now, but never got around to it, so thanks for bringing it back to me! I love the lyrics too, they are so relatable (since I am single…). This was my first time hearing (about) High4, so I googled them a bit and this was actually their debut song. So the question is, why did IU feature on their debut single? Debut songs are usually without featuring. Also, the group’s leader left in the January of 2017.
            One question, have you heard Palette? You don’t like it either? Then there’s 23 (I can’t say it’s my favourite song, but it’s lively). I love Palette (partially because of GD featuring) and it also started some crazy IU-GD shipping for me. (I usually don’t ship real life people, but they were so dang cute when performing together and talking, I couldn’t help myself.) I don’t ship them that much anymore, but when I watched this, I couldn’t help but grin and smile through the whole video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ItYU-CUO_o
            (It’s from G-Dragon’s Seoul concert last year in June.)

            We do have Netflix here! And I think we might have as many K-dramas as you do. I was just trying to say that Netflix is probably more common in the US, on the other hand my assumption might be wrong, because even my sister (as I have found out today) has Netflix… So scratch the word Europe, it’s me who doesn’t use it. Lol. 😀
            Pfft! I really should do something about my phone. No such feature in the PC version…
            I know how to share a picture, but only from the Internet (), not sure how I would do it with pictures you have in your PC/phone…
            Example: Bang Yongguk in Honeymoon

            Yup, G-Dragon is One of a Kind (pun intended)! 😛
            Jang Geun Seuk’s guyliner in You’re Beautiful was my first guyliner ever, also the first time I liked earrings on a guy! It was one of my first dramas and I fell so hard for Tae Kyung. Bad boys/tsundere characters are my catnip, so… I really enjoyed that drama and the OST is amazing.

            I don’t do online clothes shopping either, but I really want something, so I am willing to risk it. 😛


          Part 2:
          That’s cool that you have a male K-pop friend! It’s mostly just girls, so…
          Yep, the Olympics were big for me too! It was lunch time during the opening ceremony in my country and I streamed it online on my laptop during lunch! Lol. And I kept listening for some K-pop and then I heard Gangnam Style and also Twice and BTS and BigBang! It was big!
          And I also watched the closing ceremony, I was so hyped up seeing Kai doing the solo dance and then EXO coming in and performing! I totally get why you would cry!
          I have seen the vid, but thanks, Kai is always welcome! I love Kai. *sigh* By the way, I don’t know if you caught it, but Kai and Sehun were this week both in France… Sehun for Louis Vuitton show and Kai for Gucci. Sehun was named the best dressed man for the second time in row and Kai was named him the star of the show by Vogue. Some pics of Kai: https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/31/vogue-names-exos-kai-star-guccis-cruise-2019-show/ (I recommend the video by Elle Korea.)

          Thanks for the links! I am not surprised at all, once fallen for Xiumin, no way back. 😛 Lol at the fanboy! So relatable though! I watched the reasons I stan Minseok video and lol at the editing. Really well done. On the other hand, I am more of a hair person (which changes quite often). But everyone is different, so… 😀
          Hopefully you’ll get to see them! And hopefully SM will understand that Europe is part of the world too!

          Wow, now that I know about “mama”, so many songs suddenly make sense to me! Like “Hey Mama” or “Mamacita” you have mentioned… Thanks!
          I like “Spring Day” too, but have a complicated relationship to BTS otherwise. I am kind of sick of their popularity (they’re everywhere, sometimes it’s driving me crazy). Plus, the only real life K-pop friend I have is an ex-Army who left BTS because of the fandom. She was really deep in the fandom, so she knows a lot of inside stuff and everything about the members… I can’t say I have a very positive picture of them right now (partially thanks to her cynical view of them), but I know I am biased against them and they’re probably great. Honestly, I almost became their fan a long time ago – I checked them out even before I did EXO (due to Army comments under dramas I watched – I was curious why so many people were in the “Army” and what “BTS” meant). But here I am today, an EXO-L with a tiiiiiiny dislike for BTS. #NotHating #NotanAnti #TheyWorkedHardToo

          10cm is great, but there is something about his style that doesn’t sit with me… I’ve been listening to some RV songs only recently, I don’t listen to girl groups that much. But some of their songs are catchy!
          If you ever want some more variety EXO recs, let me know! 🙂

          Also, it’s cool that Spanish is your first language! Did you go to English schools and speak Spanish at home? Just curious!


            Hahah yep my friend who likes Shinee went to their concert in my city a couple of years ago. I should check in with him this week now that Shinee has had a comeback. I’m trying to get my brother into kpop, thus far he really likes Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” LOL
            Oh nice, yeah I was so impressed by the snowboarding this year as I never paid much attention in the past. Just seeing Korea on my tv screen made me miss my time there so bad though.
            OMG yes I saw the Kai and Sehun France fashion pics last week. Sehun looked so freakin good! And my bb Kai was adorable despite the weird headband/patterned suit combo they had him in 😛

            Bahaha I am from southern US so I was cracking up at that fanboy’s accent. I ended up watching all of that Mona Uchida’s videos on Youtube this week and I subscribed to her channel cause she’s hilarious. That fansite @mymanminseok on IG, the girl that runs it got to see EXO in Hong Kong this weekend and she’s seeing EXO-CBX in Japan this upcoming weekend. I am #jealous lol but oh man I hope SM sends EXO to tour Europe soon too for your sake!!! I’m not a BTS anti either and I’m just happy that a kpop group has become actually popular in US but my friend (the ELF haha) and I can’t help but wonder what it is about BTS that makes them so special that they are the #1 kpop group in the world. She and I both feel like EXO are way better in terms of vocals, visuals, choreo, etc so we just scratch our heads in confusion but hey good for BTS and I hope it leads the way for more kpop groups to find international success too.

            I don’t like all 10 cm songs but when I first heard “October Rain”, it was the first kpop song to ever move me emotionally. I started crying without even knowing what he was singing about. I don’t listen to girl groups that much either but I love “One of these Nights” and “Bad Boy” by Red Velvet.
            And yes I’ll make sure to let you know when I run out of EXO variety content, thank you!

            And yes I went to a school that actually taught me spanish and english at the same time until the 3rd grade. After that it was only english and then spanish at home with my parents and family. I would love for Korean to be my 3rd language, I need to get more serious about studying esp since I want to return to visit a second time. So is czech your native language?


            Oh and btw I cry easily lol and am sentimental with music so the first korean song to ever make me cry was “The Man” by Hyun Bin and it was mostly cause I was in love with Hyun Bin after watching Secret Garden and couldn’t believe he was singing an OST

            So yeah just wanted to clarify that since my first kdrama I was immediately drawn to the OSTs so I don’t know why I resisted kpop for so long. I just needed EXO-CBX “Blooming Days” to come along into my life and blow me away I guess haha

            Oh and random shameless plug but I did get published here on DB when I wrote an OST entry too, smh at myself for sharing this http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/09/music-and-dramas-osts-are-my-siren-call/ (anyway these are the only two times I got published on DB, I’ll shut up about it now :P)


            I don’t know if you know, @ohhaeyoung, but Shinee will have at least one (or two) more MVs… It’s not over yet.
            Sorry Sorry is a bop! Lol. Good luck with your brother. 😀
            Snowboarding? Then you might have heard the name Ester Ledecká? She won a gold medal from giant slalom in snowboard and another gold from alpine skiing. She’s from Czech Republic… 😀
            They both did so well! And yes, the head thing was weird, but he pulled it off.

            I know! I saw her Insta story. Lucky lucky lucky girl! But compared to her, I am just a casual fan – she knows what brand of clothes Xiumin would wear, lol.
            I think BTS’ charm is in their lyrics and self-producing. Western culture likes if people are “true to themselves” and write and compose music that “speaks”. You know, something “deep”, from their souls… So maybe that’s why? BTS has been tackling some teenager problems and that whole concept of Loving Yourself might be quite appealing to some. I think that’s the thing that EXO might be missing in some people’s eyes. BTS have that idol-artist image. I think. (Honestly, I had a big crisis right at the beginning of my EXO-L days and almost became an Army because of this… But I haven’t.)

            October Rain is beautiful. I can imagine crying to this if I had an emotional day. The only 10cm song I’ve heard before might have been Pet, so… And maybe some OST which I don’t remember anymore.
            I think the only K-pop song that made me cry might have been Haru Haru by BigBang. And that was because of the MV. Otherwise, I cried while listening to some other songs, but that was because I was sad, not the because the song moved me. I know Wind by FT Island made me cry the first time I heard it. I watched the live performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2CgUv0Avac that a Beanie shared on the Fan wall. It was just so beautiful and I might have been also tired, that’s why.

            I have a funny story about RV’s Bad Boy. Since I live in Central Europe, public doesn’t really know K-pop that much here. One day I was going from school by train (just finished listening to Gentleman by CBX) and suddenly I hear this familiar melody. It sounded like Bad Boy. And it was Bad Boy. I had been listening to it at the time (otherwise I might not have recognized it). I got up and went to see who was playing K-pop out loud on my train. Apparently, it was someone from the cabin crew (a steward or stewardess). Lol. They didn’t play anything else, unfortunately.
            I like One of These Nights.

            Wow, cool! I should start working hard on my Korean as well… Czech is actually not my mother language. At home we speak this dialect (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lach_dialects), we live very close to Polish and Slovak borders. But I went to Czech schools.


            And last part, @ohhaeyoung.
            Thanks for linking your article (and congrats!), I don’t usually read the articles on DB (too many for me to read them all), so keep linking if you get published again! (By the way, it’s very nice!)
            I watched three-quarters of Secret Garden (I drop dramas often and am not a big fan of gender-benders), but listening to That Man brought back some emotions for me. I loved Cheese In the Trap (with all its flaws).

            I listened to OSTs before K-pop a lot too! My very first one was Stand By Me by Shinee (ironically) from Boys Over Flowers – my first K-drama. It kept playing in my head back then. So Shinee was the first K-pop group I listened to, lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F8ndIX-GgU
            And after watching Moon Lovers, I kept listening to the whole OST (I loved Say Yes by Punch and Loco) and then I remember listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y72_r33ca88 and trying to figure out which one is which (since it’s not written in the video). I think I thought Xiumin was Baekhyun and tried to find some pictures of him with pink hair, lol. Now that I look at it, the description of the vid says who is who. Poor me back then. 😀


            oh yep I’m subscribed to SMTown on Youtube so I saw that they uploaded a new Shinee MV teaser…what I don’t like about SMTown is that they don’t sub their videos but someone in the Super TV video comments mentioned that the Vlive SM videos do get subbed.
            Oh yes I did see Ester Ledecka, she’s the one who won in skiing unexpectedly right? Like that wasn’t her primary sport…I saw that win! She was so ecstatic, it was cute! 😀 Speaking of Czech Republic…are you watching “Are You Human Too?”, they have set the first ep in Czech Republic and they even have Seo Kang Joon speaking Czech (which by korean actor speaking foreign language track record, it may be awful) but you are the judge of his Czech as I have no clue if he was able to pronounce anything well lol

            That girl who runs that Xiumin fan account is so devoted lol, I think part of the reason I follow her is how passionate she is about Xiumin, maybe a little too passionate. Xiumin has a lot of fans absolutely crazy for him though! Hmm you are so right about BTS probably appealing more to the West because of their lyrics and self produced songs. I was impressed by the lyrics in “Spring Day” and “DNA”. I did listen to their brand new album but other than “Singularity”, I didn’t really like it. But yes BTS is very positive and uplifting so I can see how that is super appealing. And yes I think EXO can seem a bit too produced sometimes and I had that worry at first too but I think the music speaks for itself and I love how the EXO boys own their music and how professional they are too. I am impressed watching their live videos and how fluid their dancing is and how they have members with different strengths. But yeah I thought, hmm maybe they are too popular for me to like EXO as I usually don’t love super popular artists but I think the EXO-CBX subunit is what helped me really appreciate them and I still standby my belief that “Blooming Days” mini album is a masterpiece.
            10 cm “Phonecert” is my absolute favorite from his latest album…and hmm Aww the “haru haru” MV has Park Min Young, she’s so good! Can’t wait for her drama this week with Seo Joon…Park-Park couple, hwaiting!
            Oh that FTIsland “Wind” performance was so passionate, thanks for sharing! I loved the strings and the emotion in his voice was palpable.

            Aw, wish they had played more kpop too on that train but hey that’s a start! When I’m out and about in my city, the only places I hear kpop being played at is Korean restaurants or even asian restaurants in general. I go to a Japanese ramen place that plays kpop and Relient K so you can bet it is my favorite Japanese restaurant! I was at a Thai restaurant last week that was playing BTS and other kpop too 🙂

            And oh wow that’s interesting about your dialect! So how many languages do you speak? Also have you learned hangul yet? It’s actually pretty easy, too bad Korean language in general is not as easy!!


            …I ran out of space again LOL

            And thank you! It’s funny how much I loved Korean music right from the beginning but was too scared to take the plunge into kpop. Like as soon as I watched Secret Garden, I remember looking up the music from the show on Spotify.
            My favorite from Boys Over Flowers was the whiny “Something Happened to my Heart” song which I never fully understood who the artist behind it is. It gets credited to Kim Hyungjoon on Spotify…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYc4RTwSIgw
            Scarlet Heart has some fire OSTs…I’m so slow at binging shows but I must watch Scarlet Heart soon so I can properly love all the OSTs. CBX OST yay! It’s a nice song <3 and I need to see Baekhyun acting of course

            so what are your top 5 dramas? or top 10? I only have a top 5 myself…we haven't talked dramas much haha


            Part 1:
            SM doesn’t sub their vids unfortunately… And I suppose on Vlive it gets subbed because fans do it? I think SM does not allow subs on YT… Not sure though, but it might be the reason.
            Haha, yes that was her! Our whole country was crazy about her back then. It was so unexpected!
            I saw someone on the fanwall commenting about “Seo Kang Joon speaking Czech” and I was like: “Are you kidding me?!”. So I watched the first two eps yesterday (just for the Czech, lol) and his Czech was not bad at all. He did have an accent, but his pronunciation was clear sometimes and I understood most of it. Anyways, he did so much better than David (the robot’s “father”) who had only one line in Czech I couldn’t understand at all. Czech has some really difficult consonants… So, well done! Anyways, I was enjoying seeing my country in a K-drama. And hearing my own language in it! The feeling that Seo Kang Joon was walking around Karlovy Vary and some Czech people got to interact with him! Really special. Last time this happened might have been the old drama Lovers in Prague. I watched the first few eps just because, but dropped it later on.

            The girl is a little too passionate, I agree. 😀 It’s admirable though! I don’t think I was ever this much into only one member, I keep switching them to appreciate everyone…
            I have listened to Spring Day so many times, the lyrics are really nice. I haven’t even checked out the DNA lyrics, lol. I am keeping my distance in case they charm me and lure me to their side… 😛 I heard only Fake Love and only once, so I don’t remember the song that much. But I don’t think this is their best comeback, if I was an Army, I would like DNA much more (it was more colourful). I think. But who knows, I am not an Army, so… After all, people do love it and they are getting more popular, so it might be really good…
            EXO really are talented and very professional. I am originally a person who hates the mainstream things and usually goes against the flow. I like the “real” and “deep” things too. When I was starting with K-pop, it was very unique and “hipster” to me – not mainstream at all, because I didn’t know anyone who was into K-pop. So I thought (don’t know why) that listening to EXO was not mainstream at all, lol. Now I know, but I love them too much and am too loyal to leave them. By now I know their personalities a bit, so it’s not anymore about being mainstream or not to me. It’s about them as people whom I support. (I don’t sound too crazy, do I?) Blooming Day mini album is great!
            Phonecert is nice! I love the MV. 🙂


            Part 2:

            I can’t believe I haven’t recognized Park Min Young! What’s wrong with me? I know her, but I didn’t recognize her in Haru Haru. Lol. I thought you must be wrong at first, so I rewatched the MV and it is her! Now I am lowkey jealous of her – she’s worked with Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, Park Seo Joon and even with BigBang!
            But I might have some Park Min Young blindness – I’ve been following her on Instagram for I don’t know how long and had no idea it was her. I kept thinking: Who am I following? Is it Chanyeol’s sister or what… (Her handle is rachelmypark.) Then one day I decided I had to figure it out and it was Park Min Young! LOL. And she was in the second drama I watched (City Hunter).

            We don’t have many Korean restaurants here in the Czech Republic, I think it’s a big success that there’s a Korean mart in a town close by. Might be because we have a Hyundai factory not far, so there are some Koreans around here. (I even met a Korean couple while shopping there once. It felt so funny because I could understand partially!)

            I speak Czech (obviously), English, our dialect, French (I’m not very fluent though) and understand Polish and Slovak. (Slovak and Czech are very similar and a lot of people understand each other. We even used to be one country till 1993 – Czechoslovakia.)
            And I could do some basic Korean as well. I’ve learned hangul some time ago (maybe 3 years ago?) and learned some basic vocabulary from dramas and K-pop. I am doing self-study when I have holidays and I took a beginner’s Korean class last semester in uni.
            How about you?

            I actually liked OSTs as well, but thought it would be a waste of time to do K-pop when I could watch so many good dramas! Then I was in a situation when I couldn’t watch dramas, so I decided to check out EXO, since they were so famous and everything… And the rest is history. 😛

            That OST was nice too! It’s funny that I know it, I still remember it from the drama. Another one I quite liked was Yearning Heart by A’ST1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0PnbIsdoHs
            I think the For You OST for Moon Lovers might have been CBX’s first song released together. (Came out sometimes around 30th August and they debuted on 31st October 2016.)
            Dramas in the next comment. 🙂


            About dramas…
            My no. 1 might be My Mister right now. It used to be Healer though, so let’s say they have a shared first place.
            Then, in no particular order:
            My Love From Another Star, Kill Me Heal Me, Cheese In the Trap, Moon Lovers, Secret, Sassy Go Go, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, Liar Game, White Christmas, Perfect Wife, Princess’ Man (I still haven’t finished it though, so it shouldn’t even be here.)

            These dramas might have some flaws, but they were perfect to me in spite of them.

            Some more favourites (might be flawed in some way, but very special to me):
            Dating Agency Cyrano, Radiant Office, Lookout, Missing 9, Cruel City, Witch’s Romance, Faith

            These were cute, but didn’t make it into the top X:
            Go-Ho’s Starry Night, Flower Boy Next Door, She Was Pretty, My Amazing Boyfriend (C-drama), A Love So Beautiful (C-Drama)

            These were great low-on-romance dramas that didn’t get into the top X:
            City Hunter, Hello Monster (I Remember You), Avengers Social Club

            That’s it. My first drama was Boys Over Flowers followed by a Lee Min Ho binge. I don’t know, should I talk more about my favourites? Go on and ask away if you wish… 🙂
            What is your top 5? 🙂


            Wow well she represented your country so well!!
            LOL glad to hear Seo Kang Joon’s czech was understandable! He is one of my faves! Do you think you’re gonna keep watching Are You Human Too? Did you watch the Secretary Kim premiere? I was so impressed by Park SeoJoon’s spanish, it is the best I’ve heard out of any Korean actor. Usually it is terrible…looking at you Seo InGuk and Yoon ShiYoon 😛 that’s awesome that your country was featured in a kdrama, the scenes from the Czech Republic were so pretty!!! Hmm never seen Lovers in Prague but have heard of it.

            I don’t think I could ever be that obsessed with just one member too. I like your style of focusing on various members 😉 as I feel like EXO is not lacking in visuals in any way. EXO has the most attractive members of any other kpop group. I was just sharing “Blooming Days” with one of my new coworkers and she was immediately attracted to Chen haha and already learned his name so I told her she already has a bias lol
            Haha i could never be an army, I’ve listened to a lot of their music and I’m just not much into it. I think Fake Love is really boring…but the rock remix sounds way better.
            I normally hate the mainstream too so I have never been to a big artist’s concert as I am cheap when it comes to concert tickets. But I think if EXO comes by my town, I’ll cough up the monies to see them lol and no you don’t sound crazy at all! Very few ppl around me listen to kpop as well and most ppl think it is weird around me but at this point I have now embraced it and I’m all in about being EXO-L as it was the music and their talent that drew me to them.
            Yeah the Phonecert MV is so fun!
            LOL at your Park MinYoung blindness, she somehow flies under the radar and I can see how she might not stand out. I watched the first 5 eps of City Hunter and I always forget she was in that show. I have City Hunter on hold, I may finish it someday. Isn’t face blindness what Suho’s character in Rich Man suffers from? 😛 Man, I never did get started on that drama…at this point I guess I’ll wait til it finishes airing and then I’ll watch it.
            Yay glad you have a korean mart close by, and wow you probably understand more korean than I do then! I have never taken a formal class or anything and I haven’t applied myself to learning the language as much as I should but that’ll be the goal for the second half of this year, to learn more korean vocabulary and hopefully start to form sentences!

            Oh this OST is pretty nice! Boys Over Flowers is a bad show imo and i’m surprised i like Lee Minho so much considering the two dramas I’ve seen him in were shows I didn’t fully enjoy. (other one was Legend of the Blue Sea) but his portrayal of Gu JunPyo somehow won me over.

            Healer is pretty dang good, can’t believe how handsome Ji Changwook is! Sehun kinda reminds me of Ji Changwook, like same kind of handsome face. My top 5 are: Another Oh Hae Young, Cheese in the Trap, One Percent of Something, Secret Garden, You’re Beautiful


            …and i ran out of space.
            From the dramas you love I have only seen MLFAS, KMHM, and of course CITT.
            I”m not much into crime shows but I really liked Cruel City, Jung Kyungho was megahot in it and it was such a stylish show. My jaw dropped like never before when the twist happened that he too was an undercover cop.
            I have also seen She Was Pretty and Flower Boy Next Door and agree that they are very sweet shows!
            Oh I also saw I Remember You of course since I mentioned seeing it before…I think Seo InGuk was really good in this show and Jang Nara is one of my favorite actresses but there was something that kept me from fully enjoying the show, maybe the pace was a bit too slow for me.
            I have never watched a chinese drama other than one Taiwanese drama, which was the original Fated to Love You…and I really enjoyed it as the Korean Fated to Love You was addicting to me!
            I haven’t watched a lot of your favorites…based on my top 5, which one would you recommend as a must watch for me? 😀 I do have a lot of your favorites on my watch list though…my very long watch list *sigh* …I’m such a slow binger but I think I’m gonna take off some holiday time this summer so I should be able to watch more shows soon!
            Oh also have you ever had second lead syndrome?


            I liked Are You Human Too more than I thought I would, but I have currently way too many dramas going on, so I might not keep watching. (I am watching Lawless Lawyer – behind on a lot of eps, Rich Man, Wok of Love – behind on a lot of eps and I was bingeing a C-drama I might drop – it goes too melo and one more bad cute C-drama which goes too makjang-y now.) But I plan to binge it later on (which means avoiding spoilers for now, bleh, I hate spoilers).
            I haven’t seen Secretary Kim either (and it’s all over DB, so maybe I should?). His Spanish is that good because he’s been studying it even before this drama! One Beanie has recently posted this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rSyOlTiAng
            (On Youn’s Kitchen, they run a restaurant in Spain.)
            Thanks! I really liked their house and the scene when Nam Shin robot was hugging his mom outside…

            I am happy she likes Chen! I feel like Chen is one of the less popular biases in EXO, but he deserves all the love!
            Haven’t heard the remix (as expected of me, lol). Lowkey happy you’re not an Army. (There are so many great Army Beanies though!)
            I think I would go to their concert too if they came to Europe. If I could get a ticket. I am honestly pretty much a closet K-pop fan (I share my love only with people who love K-pop too) for various reasons I don’t want to go into right now. Oh, but I did show Palette to my roommate in the dorm, so…

            Exactly! Her face doesn’t stand out. City Hunter was my second drama and I expected a rom-com when I watched it (or at least more romance), so I didn’t enjoy it that much. I should rewatch it one of these days…
            Lol. Maybe I caught it from him?! What if I won’t recognize my family by the time I finish the drama?! Lol.
            You can wait till it finishes its run but should definitely watch it once. As wishfultoki said, you like it just because Horololo. (It doesn’t make really sense, but it’s strangely fun.)

            Fighting on your learning Korean! I recommend the site http://talktomeinkorean.com. It might not be for you, but you can check it out. Raonah (who’s been learning Korean for at least a year now every day) is using this source.

            I don’t think BOF was a good show, but it was so addictive! I really enjoyed it back then. I saw Lee Min Ho in 5 dramas (haven’t finished one of them). My favourite might be Faith.
            Ji Chang Wook is very handsome indeed. And Sehun’s looks keep bias wrecking me. I just can’t with him sometimes, he’s too good-looking.

            About dramas tomorrow! Have a nice day. 🙂


            The only currently airing shows I’m currently watching are the two that premiered this week (Human Too and Secretary Kim)…I think I like the Are You Human Too? and will stick with it. I found the premiere for Secretary Kim to be really boring so it may be one of those dramas that gets good a few more eps in. A lot of ppl seem to be loving it but it feels kind of bland to me personally.
            Chen is pretty entertaining on stage and such a good singer, I think he’s a great EXO member and adds a lot to the group and of course he is 1/3 of the best subunit ever!
            Haha yes my friend, the elf has a daughter who is an army so we both have paid a lot of attention to BTS to see what the big deal is about them and we get confused cause other groups are way better. What did your roommate think of Palette?
            And haha yes I will make sure to watch Rich Man, and the reason being Horololo is totally valid!
            Thank you! I did look into TTMIK at one point but it looked like you have to pay for most of their content? I will look more into it though as I was trying to only find free material previously.
            Have you watched any other Ji Chang Wook dramas? And haha all the EXO boys are handsome, some just happen to be extra handsome!!
            And thanks, I did end up having a nice Thursday, a lot of days this week were not so good though so I am super thankful it is finally Friday! Hope you have an awesome weekend 😀


            About dramas 1
            I did enjoy Another Oh Hae-young, the OSTs were great, I just didn’t like how the writer handled the ending of the show. It feltthat she wanted to keep the main lead alive (obviously, who wouldn’t), so she explained all the premonitions and stuff somehow poorly(?). Like there was this big built-up with all the premonitions and then it was all solved like that. I kind of (a tiny bit) wished she would let him die to fulfill the melodrama. It would also be a bit more impactful. I watched it a year and half ago, so I don’t remember everything clearly though.

            I loved One Percent of Something (if you mean the 2016 version with Ha Suk Jin). It was sweet, short and they had one of the best chemistries I have seen in a K-drama! I’m going to rewatch it when I need a lot of cute fluff.

            As I have already mentioned, I haven’t finished Secret Garden (and don’t think I’ll finish it anytime soon – I have dropped sooooo many dramas). But it was iconic – that’s why I watched it.

            You’re Beautiful was amazing. It is on my rewatch list (I’ve tried to rewatch it once already). I would love to see it again mainly for the actors – back then I had no idea who Lee Hong Ki was or that Jung Yong Hwa is from CN Blue. I also didn’t like Park Shin Hye very much (because I saw her in Heirs before that). And the OST!
            I’ve recently discovered this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF8hx_P-qC0
            (It’s 11 mins long, but they sing Promise together at the beginning. And then plan to perform as A.N.Jell in Tokyo Dome, lol. They have only 3 songs, so Hong Ki said they could play them in different versions – rock, acoustic, dance, jazz or they could make a musical, lol.)

            I think Cruel City might have been my first Jung Kyung Ho show. He was hot in it, I love him with hair up. (He’s having a new drama – Life on Mars – first ep this weekend.) And I loved the plot twists! Such an iconic show. And so epic.

            I loved the OTP’s love line in I Remember You and also the plot twist with them being brothers & Min being the culprit. Have some fond memories of the drama. (Despite the scariness of some scenes.)

            I loved Korean Fated to Love You! I didn’t put it on my list, did I? Maybe because it was a bit too chaotic towards the end… And also the baby died… 🙁 But it was hilarious and Jang Hyuk’s laughter… Lol. I haven’t seen the T-version (and don’t really plan to), since I don’t usually watch various versions of one drama (I know the plot already) and I don’t think anyone can do better than Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra.

            Part 2 is coming!


            About dramas 2

            I would recommend these top dramas:
            Moon Lovers – an iconic and epic drama that will draw you in, there’s Baekhyun, bad boy main lead; flawed drama, heartache alert
            Sassy Go Go – high school youth drama, tells the story of a group of young people, main leads have cute chemistry, very feel good drama

            Also these cute dramas:
            Go-Ho’s Starry Night – a cute web drama, just pure fluff (make sure to watch the version with short eps if possible, Viki cut out some scenes and made it into 4 eps)
            A Love So Beautiful – cute romance, starts in high school, goes on till university and later on, very cute height difference and chemistry, tsundere main lead; plot inconsistencies near the end

            And dramas that could be worth watching…
            My Amazing Boyfriend – if you like fantasy (the main lead is kinda immortal), cohabitation, it was cute, but not sure if I should recommend it or not… (C-drama)
            Missing 9 – I do not really recommend this, just that there was Chanyeol in it, but it’s not probably worth it unless you are a hardcore Chanyeol stan – the show is too flawed and Chanyeol isn’t there all the time (but I still loved it, ha)
            Witch’s Romance – for Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa’s chemistry; on the other hand: noona romance (biiig age difference – could put you off) and second half is draggy with an annoying second male lead, the choice is up to you (but the first half and the end are sooooo cute!)

            My watchlist is way too long. Honestly, I don’t even plan to watch all those dramas anymore, it’s more like a collection of dramas I could watch one day. 😀

            I don’t usually contract SLS, I am trying to stay on the main lead ship if possible, but if I feel I can’t stay there, I’ll just jump the drama.
            I usually get the SLS if the second lead comes first and I don’t realize he is the second lead, but I change ships once I find out.
            Also, my catnip are bad boys (even more so if they were hurt or misunderstood by the world), so if such a character is the SL, I am lost.

            I got a SLS in:
            Seven Day Queen (stopped at ep 2)
            A Poem A Day (dropped it)
            I can’t remember any more (there might have been more), but there were cases when I felt the second lead was treated unfairly and couldn’t side with the main lead anymore:
            Liar Game – I finished it for the second lead/villain, poor boy, misunderstood, unloved, he deserved better
            Strongest Delivery Man – I dropped it early on because I couldn’t identify with the main lead’s actions taken towards the second lead (poor boy, misunderstood, unloved, he deserved better!)
            What about you and SLS?


            Interesting… I am glad not everyone is loving Secretary Kim, at least I won’t feel like I’m losing out on something big.
            Lol, “got confused cause other groups are way better”.

            She liked it! I’m not showing her much K-pop, because there might be too much oversexualization / superficiality in some MVs for her. She values the “real” things, if you get what I mean. But Palette is pretty sweet and she liked it, I showed her also 23 (because in Palette she’s 25, 23 is about being 23) and there I had to explain that in K-pop, girls with short skirt and sexy choreo are the norm… :-/
            But I do tell her about some K-pop things (like Jonghyun) and a lot about K-dramas (she’s a film and theatre major). I told her the whole storyline of My Mister and that’s also why she checked out Palette! We have seen a few eps of Healer together, but she is rather busy, so…

            I am studying from their free PDFs: http://talktomeinkorean.com/curriculum/
            They also have podcasts explaining grammar (which I don’t listen to). The PDFs are originally only secondary material for podcasts, but I would rather read it myself… They do have books and workbooks for money though.

            Ji Chang Wook? I tried The K2, but the plot got a bit messy, I put it on hold and never got back to it. Nothing more, it seems… I wanted to watch Suspicious Partner, but heard from Beanies it wasn’t that good, so I won’t probably. You?

            Oh, thanks! I hope you have a nice weekend too! 🙂


            Ah yes I can understand how the ending of Another Oh Hae Young could feel disappointing and lazy in terms of the ending. I was live watching it so I was expecting some awesome reveal so was slightly disappointed that the fan theories were far more interesting than the ending/non-explanation the writer ended up with. A lot of people blamed the episode extensions and I tend to love dramas with awesome chemistry couples and relatable heroine the most so I can overlook plot holes usually.
            And yes One Percent of Something (2016) with Ha SeokJin and yes I am planning on rewatching it sometime this summer hopefully! I loved it because of how romantic it was and also the female lead was super relatable to me and I just admired how strong she was!
            I have already rewatched You’re Beautiful and while the first time I had only eyes for TaeKyung, the second time I watched I was able to more fully appreciate the sweet and adorable Shinwoo and Jeremy as I had kind of ignored them the first time I watched cause I fell that hard for tsundere pouty mouthed Jang Geun Suk 😛 I was so amused that YongHwa and Hongki are both lead singers for their own rock bands and yet the actor was playing the lead singer but i mean most korean actors can usually sing anyway and JGS is talented in that aspect too. OMG thank you for that video, HongKi acting as Go Minam cracked me up and their banter was so fun to watch 😀
            I may be mistaken but it doesn’t seem Life on Mars is getting subbed here in the US anywhere but otherwise I would’ve checked it out as the teasers for it looked pretty good!
            Fated to Love You was not as good in the second half but it’s still a show I highly enjoyed and funny enough I loved Jang Hyuk’s crazy laugh too. I kinda have a crazy laugh irl 😀 i personally really enjoyed the T-drama, the male lead was pretty different than Jang Hyuk’s character but yeah plot is pretty much the same just with some details changed. The T-drama version couple did have great chemistry so were fun to watch because of that. I kinda want to watch the T-drama version of You’re Beautiful sometime.
            As for your recommendations, I have Moon Lovers and Witch’s Romance as dramas I will definitely watch (i haven’t seen many noona romances but I doubt I’ll have much issue with the age difference) and I will definitely add Sassy Go Go to my watch list as your brand new to me recommendation. That is a drama I have never considered watching, thanks! I’ll also look into A Love So Beautiful as I haven’t heard of it before either. I watched a bit of GoHo’s Starry Night but didn’t like it unfortunately.
            I’ve heard so much bad about the Missing 9 ending but you are the second person I’ve heard that they enjoyed it so I may check it out if I start to run out of things to watch someday then 😛 I may also check out My Amazing Boyfriend sometime but I still have never watched a proper C-drama or even J-drama for that matter.


            I am usually an OTP ship person as well and rarely get SLS (only time was that Panda and Hedgehog drama lol) even when the second male lead has been the classic bad boy such as Baek InHo in CITT, I have stayed firmly on the OTP ship but I think in CITT it helped that sunbae Yoojung was kinda bad in his own way haha. I kinda love when I’m not sure who male lead is such as in Cinderella and Four Knights, it was fun to figure out who the true male lead was and once the male lead was part of the main story, I was fully on his side as well thus no SLS. Seven Day Queen had an amazing second male lead and I cried lots of tears over him, the actor that played him (Lee Donggun) was brilliant! Yeon Woo Jin is one of my top oppa crushes though so I definitely watched and finished the show because of my devotion to Oppa but honestly that drama was really dang good! The second male lead in Strongest Deliveryman is more of a part of the secondary couple. It’s not really much of a love triangle but is more like in DOTS, where there is just a secondary couple so I’d say maybe give that drama another chance? I highly enjoyed Strongest Deliveryman and Kim Sunho (second male lead actor) was again the best part of the show for sure, he has super cute dimples!
            I still haven’t watched Liar Game but it is on my watchlist!

            Haha before you showed me the bad boy EXO moments, I would’ve never imagined kpop was oversexualized. I kinda figured it was kind of like kdramas level of chaste and innocence but…um…now I know that is not the truth 😉 And yeah I get what you mean by your roommate valuing more “real” things! More art, less flashy pretty things! I just watched the MV for 23 right now as I didn’t remember it that well but I have seen it before, I love the Alice in Wonderland theme she has going on in the MV at the end. That reminded me I went to the swankiest Alice in Wonderland themed speakeasy in Gangnam where every drink cost $25 but it was amazingly beautiful and super classy. We had a mutual friend teaching English in Korea and she happened to be celebrating her birthday that week so she invited my friend and I to join her for her party in Gangnam haha. I actually considered going to teach English in Korea when I was unemployed a year and a half ago…luckily I ended up getting an awesome job so I stayed in US to live for now.
            Wow film and theater major, she should definitely at least watch some korean movies then! What is your major? I majored in Literature in college 😀
            Thank you for the free PDF links, I hadn’t realized they had free instruction content like that, will check it out this week!!
            Nope, Healer is the only show I’ve watched with Ji Chang Wook as well. I would like to watch Empress Ki someday but it is currently not available in US 🙁


          Ooh that long hair does look nice! BAP has some really cute guys and I was kinda bummed when I realized that none of them do any acting work. I kinda love it when kpop peeps do acting, not really sure why but I tend to enjoy it. How do you add pics from the internet to DB comments? you just add the JPG link?

          I liked the IU/High4 collab lyrics too! I am so single as well and hmm it said in the description for the MV that IU just wanted to support this High4 group cause she fully supported them entering the music industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouR4nn1G9r4
          That’s weird that the leader already left though. Anyway surprisingly no, I don’t like Palette haha. I think it’s cause I cringe too much at the English lyrics in it. They don’t sound natural and I mean English lyrics in kpop songs tend to sometimes sound unnatural but the way she put the song together doesn’t jive well with me. I do like the G-Dragon part in the song but I think overall Palette as a song is just ok. I don’t ship people irl either usually but aww they were adorable/awkward together in that video. LOL at G-Dragon’s velvet suit and IU looked lovely in that dress. I went to find the performance of Palette from that concert and it was adorable how shook she got when G-Dragon popped up behind her 😛 maybe she does like him irl? hahaha…anyway I can def see why she has a big fanbase! My favorite female vocalist is Younha as I love her OSTs and I adore the song “Can’t Stop this Feeling” that she did with Yoo Seungwoo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAm59BGOKJo (from what I understand, she doesn’t actually feature in the MV though but Yoo Seungwoo does, oh and the MV concept seems to be kind of inspired by the kdrama Chicago Typewriter which I haven’t watched yet)

          Netflix has a lot of kdramas I haven’t watched yet. I’m trying to make it a point to watch more of the kdramas soon as I never know what to recommend to ppl as their first kdrama. Do you have a go-to first kdrama rec? Have you gotten more ppl into kdramas?
          As for my screenshots, I think I can figure out how to share them with you haha…I’ll just add a post here on my DB wall 😛
          So I had not heard that G-Dragon “One of a Kind’ song so I watched the MV and oh my, that G-Dragon sure is wild! I mean I already knew that…but it still surprises me esp when compared to other kpop guys. My fave Big Bang guy is TOP, do you have a Big Bang bias?

          Omg the tsundere/bad boy is my weakness too…irl as well 😛 Have you seen the tsundere cafe Korea SNL skit with Taemin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK6k0Hx2fCA (this is part 1 on YT, pt 2 and 3 are there as well in case you haven’t watched it) I personally loved the guyliner of the bad boy persona of Ji Sung in KMHM! He was somehow irresistible to me in that persona 😉 he played a bad boy with heart of gold really well in that drama! oh and yes the A.N.Jell OSTs are so good I agree!

          I will def support my bb Baekhyun and buy something from his clothing line!


            oh and one of my fave Big Bang songs is “Bad Boy”…cause I am a good girl 😉

            and the TOP scandal that happened last year had me legit so worried and I wasn’t even into any Big Bang music at the time…but just hearing about it made me upset


            I’ll reply to the rest tomorrow, gotta go now! 🙂


            I know, right? I haven’t actually checked for any dramas so far, but yeah, that’s possible. Their company is TS Entertainment and B.A.P has already left the company once and went on hiatus only to return again. So, the company must be really bad. Either they don’t act because they do not get offers, or they don’t want to. Or the company doesn’t want them to?
            Oh, but one of them – Himchan – was in a sageuk musical recently: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bijv9z3HSgi/?taken-by=chanchanieeeeee
            So they do act, but not in dramas. Yet?

            Ah sorry, I was trying to show you, but Internet thought I was adding a picture and displayed a box instead of my text. I write (img src=”URL of the picture”) but instead of the round brackets, use these .

            Yup, if a group isn’t very successful, members sometimes leave. It’s sad it was the leader though. Ah, nice, everyone has different music taste, after all! I don’t mind the English lyrics here (maybe because English is not my native language? and also the lyrics at least make sense and are well pronounced).
            I know, right!!! They were so adorably shy together… She came to his last concert in Taipei as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVJ4RqWFmWU&t=2s (Only 3 mins. Still so awkward.)
            I’ve heard that GD is generally shy around pretty women but I feel like IU is always somehow keeping her professional distance? Dunno, might be wrong. I wouldn’t mind this couple at all! And lol at her gift. G-Dragon sent her a gift too – it was her album Palette decorated by him (or something artistry like that): https://www.instagram.com/p/BckjsJznwAs/?taken-by=dlwlrma
            Also, it almost sounded like he was trying to ask her out in the first video (“Let’s finish it tonight after the concert (the soju).” Then he realized it sounded that way and he added: “All together.”)
            And yes, I have watched that Palette stage so many times just for her surprised look when GD showed up. Lol. I think I have seen almost all of their stages together and watched the Infinite Challenge Music Festival 2015 because they were both in it! (And that’s how I discovered Zion.T, so no regrets.)

            I’ve heard of Younha – maybe because of OSTs. I liked Can’t Stop This Feeling, their voices sounded really lovely together and the harmonies were nice. I have seen only the first 2? episodes of Chicago Typewriter and then dropped it, I don’t remember why exactly.

            I think the first drama recommendation may vary according to the person. What I did with my roommate was that I asked her about her favourite series, what she liked and what she felt like watching at the moment. Then I went to my watchlist and picked 2 possible dramas (in this case I Remember You and Healer) and let her choose (she was lured by Ji Chang Wook’s looks, lol).
            Thanks for the screenshots again! 🙂


            That pun was not meant as a recommendation, lol, that expression just came to my mind. I don’t really like that song… I think I prefer Kwon Ji Yong to G-Dragon. My favourite GD songs (apart from Untitled 2014) are That XX, Crooked, Who You and if I had to pick one of his wilder songs, I would choose Crayon. It’s kind of a jam (even if the MV is weird).
            My BB bias? Maybe G-Dragon (really, I was a tad crazy about him last summer, now I am much better) – I am attracted to his strong personality and his confidence.
            TOP might be my second favourite. I love his voice, rapping, eyes (!), his bad boy image and his visuals. Also, I don’t know him that well, but I feel that he’s different than he seems – maybe a bit introverted even (yup, based on what netz analyzed, he should be ISFP based on MBTI). So he seems like that misunderstood bad boy… Lol.

            I haven’t seen it before, thanks! Again, my K-pop friend has mentioned it, but I never remembered to actually watch it. Hilarious. The sad thing is that it’s sometimes so true. Lol. I was totally fangirling when Taemin started dancing there. Fanservice. Lol.
            Oh yes! That drama was when I fell in love with Ji Sung! And Shin Se Gi was the best bad boy ever. His charisma was no joke.

            Bad Boy is one of the BB songs I can listen to almost always (I’m a good girl too 😛 ). The funny thing is that in Bad Boy they are good boys asking for forgiveness. In Good Boy by GD and Taeyang, they are very bad boys.

            It was about a year ago, right? I wasn’t into anything BB related back then, but I was worried too, hoping he would be okay and mainly hoping his career won’t be over and that he won’t go to prison.


            One more thing I wanted to say: I think I know the date of EXO’s comeback!


            The translation of this post:
            Baekhyun opened his Twitter account 2. 6. => 2 + 6 = 8
            Kai opened his Instagram account 5. 6. => 5 + 6 = 11
            => 11th August
            There is a solar eclipse on 11th August.

            This may seem like a crazy baseless theory, but SM actually likes to connect things like this, the teaser for Power came out on the day of solar eclipse (21st August). So, seeing this, I am 90% sure this is the comeback date. (Why didn’t I think of it myself?)
            It also matches EXO’s schedule – they have the last concerts in Seoul 13 – 15 July. So, it should be an August comeback – they’ll have about three weeks of relative rest (of course, they’ll have to practice).

            I am getting excited! I just hope Kai won’t delete his Instagram after the comeback (it’s already happened once before).


            Ooh sageuk musical? Interesting! I would say the fact that Starbucks is a fan of BAP is good enough to say they have made it and are successful 😛 One of the first things I got at Korea the first morning there was starbucks and I specifically got the cherry blossom latte LOL
            [img src=”https://78.media.tumblr.com/ea4a94ee4dd3f85a2067c260715c2903/tumblr_inline_p5k9ce2xqe1vsz9fm_1280.png”]
            Man I keep talking about what I was drinking in Korea…anyway aww GD and IU are even matching in that video! Their english convo with each other was too cute!! Look at all that Glitter that Mr. GD used, I told you that’s what the G in his name stands for 😛 Haha she gives him soju, he gives her glitter…sounds like a good match to me!!

            Oh you’re right on personalizing that first recommendation. I’ve only gotten one friend into kdramas and it was my coworker…she chose Boys Over Flowers as she’s always loved high school shows and as we all know Boys Over Flowers sure is addicting!

            You’re welcome on the screenshots! I think you’re officially my DB best friend considering we are now 60ish comments in on this thread! So happy late #nationalbestfriendday 😀

            TOP is so handsome and manly…I personally love his eyebrows, they remind me of Xiumin’s beautiful eyebrows! TOP is def a bad boy and yeah I think you’re right about him…he’s that misunderstood bad boy that is my weakness. Interesting…I am ISFJ, we almost have the same personality then if true! And well with TOP’s scandal, I was worried he had actually overdosed and wouldn’t wake up again…I was so scared for his life but am glad he pulled through!

            It’s getting pretty late now in my part of the world so I will listen and comment on those G Dragon songs tomorrow BUT thank you so much for sharing the predicted EXO comeback date! I think an August comeback makes sense and if SM and the EXO boys have really been that intentional about things, that would be so awesome! I will put August 11 on my calendar as EXO comeback haha! OMG I am so excited and I hope Kai keeps his IG as well!!


            aw man I did the image thing wrong, eh will try again later…


            Hi, @ohhaeyoung!
            I am quite confused about the order of our posts here, so I’ll put all my answers here.

            I have a lot of dramas with flaws which I absolutely love and adore, so I get it. 🙂 Yup, their kisses were on fire.
            I know, right! I had this with Lee Min Ho in Heirs – I totally ignored Kim Woo Bin the first time around because I was totally charmed by LMH. I’ve rewatched the first few episodes and I think I almost got a SLS – Kim Woo Bin plays this misunderstood hurt bad boy. Who falls for the girl. *swoon*
            Haha, they were really funny, you are welcome. It was YT who recommended this to me.
            By the way, talking about tsundere, Pentagon had a tsundere concept in Critical Beauty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsbWd6sVFeo
            The MV is not dark or swoony, the lyrics are more tsundere-ish (so turn on the subs to fully enjoy the tsundere concept).

            Unfortunately, only Viu is subbing it. It’s not in my country (only Viki here) and not in the US. I think I’ll do what I’ve been forced to do many times already and watch it on illegal sites. *sigh* *blush*
            I have seen the beginning of Fabulous Boys (the T-version of You’re Beautiful). Then I dropped it for some reason. The main lead is quite attractive though…

            If you like couples with good chemistry, Witch’s Romance is just the thing for you! I seriously googled dating news/rumours after finishing that drama. And it’s Park Seo Joon.
            If you don’t like it, you don’t. Never mind. 🙂
            Yup, do it for Chanyeol! 😛 (Also, I really liked the beginning – stranded on an island and all that stuff. And I watched it all, even when they were stretching the plot. Oh, and there’s Jung Kyung Ho! With hair down though…)

            C-dramas are different. I usually take them less seriously than K-dramas (because their quality can be often worse – the plot can be crazier etc.) and so I watch them when I have no emotional energy to keep up with my “serious” K-dramas which I want to really enjoy. I don’t know if it makes a lot of sense, but C-dramas are just that for me.
            Sometimes, there’s a good C-drama that I treat serioiusly, but usually not so much (might be because I choose lousy rom-coms or melodramas, lol).

            I love watching dramas with psychopaths, however weirdly it might sound. I just like how unpredictable and interesting they are (that’s why Perfect Wife is on my list of favourites). Yoo Jung was bordering on too much, but then they revealed his back story and he suddenly turned into the hurting boy. I don’t want to say I have a thing for psychopaths, but… It might be just that. Not in real life though. So yes, I didn’t get a SLS either.
            I dislike when I don’t know who the main lead is. I don’t know which board to ship, lol. I think I’ve seen the first ep of Cinderella, never got any further. (Is it worth the watch? I really like Jung Il Woo.)

            By the way: Have you heard the newest Shinee song? I have it on repeat.


            Lee Donggun, yes that’s him. He was so hot there. And I don’t know. I just got a SLS there. I know the drama was good, but don’t think I’ll finish it.
            Honestly, it really isn’t a SLS in The Strongest Deliveryman. I just disliked how the main lead ganged up on the second lead because of his friend’s death.
            Like yes, I understand he was angry, I get it. Yes, it was partially the second lead’s fault, it was. But he was blaming him for all of it, making it seem like the SL went and deliberately killed his friend. And that just seemed too unfair to me, SL was like that poor boy, misunderstood, bullied by everyone else. In that moment, the main lead lost all my sympathy and interest, I wouldn’t enjoy the drama anymore, really. 🙁
            Liar Game is pure gold.

            Must have been fun in Gangnam! It’s great to have friends living in Korea. What is your job? If you don’t mind sharing… 🙂 I am majoring in English for Translation and will start my second year now.
            Welcome! Happy to share. 🙂
            Oh, Empress Ki! I wanted to watch it too even if it’s so long.

            Oh, thanks for that conversation! Lol, if Starbucks loves them, they should give them some ads to shoor or something. I feel like I know so little about B.A.P. And I have still 3 more groups to stan…
            Oh, how did that latte taste? Haven’t tried that yet.

            Yup, they are just too cute. And what I have discovered/remembered, IU invited GD to her concert in December (last year) and he came! Sorry, I can’t help myself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QBYcUmtJvw (Only 2 minutes.)
            There’s another video from that IU’s concert where she describes how touched she was by GD’s gift (she placed it in the top 3 gifts she had received that year).

            Aww, thank you! Happy belated #nationalbestfriendday to you too! Funny thing, the other K-pop friend I have is ISFJ too! Lol, am I destined to be friends with ISFJs? I am an INFP, nice to meet you. 😀
            You are most welcome indeed. I am really curious about their concept this year. And, from what I know about Sehun, you can start expecting some spoilers on his Insta. Last year, he posted this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVZ0Tqfg_uj/?taken-by=oohsehun and this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVc_92kgfP2/?taken-by=oohsehun
            The first one – Koko, the second one – Bap (the Korean word for rice).
            But I think the spoilers will come about a month before the comeback, so maybe in July.
            Never mind, I still got the picture! 🙂


            Haha we have so many comments now! I wonder what the comment limit for a DB post is 😛

            I still haven’t seen Heirs but I keep hearing a lot about the bad boy second male lead! I plan on watching Heirs soon though and I still haven’t seen a Kim WooBin drama.
            And haha YT recommends me some greatness sometimes 😀
            Ah ok I watched the Pentagon video with lyrics on and yep they were tsundere…esp the whole “oh here’s a flower, oh you like flowers? i guess you look nice holding it” kinda feel in the first verse.

            Hey no judgement from me on tracking down kdramas as you need to! I realize I started watching kdramas here in US at a very #blessed time as I have access to Dramafever, Viki, Kocowa, and Netflix (which i kinda hate how Netflix handles live airing dramas in US but that is a rant for another time). Despite all these platforms, I still feel like Viu probably has the most complete kdrama lineup. I could be wrong but I wish we could get some of the American remake dramas as we never do here in US. I wanted to watch Entourage and Suits! I used one not so *cough* licensed site to watch a drama one time LOL but my watch list is so dang long that if something is unavailable in my country I can keep myself entertained with other dramas in the meantime and hope and pray for a kdrama sub miracle in the future!

            Ooh the main lead in Fabulous Boys is attractive then? That makes me wanna watch it sooner then. Also Jung Kyunho and Chanyeol sounds like great casting to me haha. I actually really like Chanyeol, his rapping and voice sound so good to me! Plus omg his tall self is so gorgeous!!

            LOL I have a C-drama on my netflix list that one of my friend keeps raving about…and every now and then some C-dramas become super popular even among our kdrama communities. I have a lot of Chinese friends but even they seem to prefer kdramas over cdramas but i’m sure at some point I’ll get around to checking out my first c-drama and j-drama!

            Hmm interesting on the psycopaths thing as I really enjoyed CITT for all the psychos it had in the show and YooJung was so creepy at first but then I ended up loving his character. IRL I want to like the nice boys, I keep telling myself the bad boy attraction is a thing of my teenage girl past and well it’s ok to like the bad boys on screen right? Hmm Perfect Wife has Sung Joon and he is pretty cute but I don’t find the ahjussi actor attractive. It looks like it’s a drama that focuses more on the female characters though right? I do enjoy watching stories like that from time to time such as Mother, that was a very good kdrama from this year!

            I personally enjoyed Cinderella and Four Knights, all 4 guys were swoony at some point! I really liked the CNBlue member in this drama and It was my first time seeing Jung IlWoo but he was good, he’s like the broody male character who is a bit of a jerk and Ahn JaeHyun is like the bad boy player kind of guy. It’s a very lighthearted and cheesy at times show though so it is fluff!


            Oh wow the new Shinee song is really nice, the vocals sound so good! I can see why you have it on repeat!!

            And yes Lee Donggun looked so good in his royal blue robes! And ah ok, yeah I understand how it could be unenjoyable to watch how close minded the male character can get. I mean he plays a super nice guy but isn’t objective at all and is rather judgemental. I love Go KyunPyo a lot so I had to finish it even if he had bad hair and overall I found it to be a heartwarming show but I understand if you’re not into it, it’s not one of my favorites and I wouldn’t rewatch it anyway.

            That friend is back in the US now but I was introduced to one of her korean friends, this really friendly korean guy who I’m now fb friends with and so I get to see him enjoy all the fun things in Seoul as he is active and posts a lot. And so I majored in Literature and work as a Technical Writer for a big tech company. I really enjoy my job a lot and I basically write documents and edit for engineers 😀
            I love your major! I have actually professionally translated user guides from English to Spanish as a tech writer when I used to work for smaller companies. I now work for a big corporation as I always dreamed I would. This company is so big that we have an office in Seoul yay but I don’t get to travel for work unfortunately but I get plenty of vacation time at least!

            I’ve never watched any of those 50 ep shows but am willing to watch Empress Ki and also have Six Flying Dragons on my list as they look like epic historicals!

            Oooh a BAP x Starbucks commercial sounds like a great idea! I saw the BTS x LG commercial this weekend when I was getting my nails done as I never watch regular tv these days and it was so exciting to see korean celebs on tv! The future is Hallyu I think 😉 anyway the cherry blossom latte tasted like a familiar latte but just with some cherry flavor in it. It was sweet and I enjoyed it!

            Aww that is cute that IU and GD made plans on stage and that he actually kept the plans! Sounds like she is pretty special to him then!! Don’t worry about sharing, I’m enjoying hearing them speak English…surprisingly very understandable from both of them!

            Nice to meet you too! 😀 I’m so glad to keep conversation going with you, it’s been so fun to learn more about EXO from you! Haha those Sehun posts are clever but I would’ve never figured out what it meant! I’m curious what their summer comeback concept will be too! I really liked the winter album concept with the coffee shop for the Universe video! Aaah I am just so excited to see their new MVs and hear their new songs! Do you think they’re still recording the music?


            Hi, @ohhaeyoung!
            Oh, I think we should be okay, I’ve heard Sicarius has a very looooong K-pop thread (definitely in hundreds) going.

            I personally didn’t like Heirs that much, but it was a drama with iconic cast. There are so many now famous people (that I didn’t know back then) – like Park Hyung Sik, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Ji Won – and all of them in secondary roles, lol. Just look at the cast! (http://asianwiki.com/The_Heirs_-_Korean_Drama)
            The drama was engaging though (at least from what I remember) and Kim Woo Bin’s bad boy role was awesome (just be careful of SLS). But you should be probably fine, because Kim Tan (LMH) is the rich jerk (at least I think so).

            I espeacially liked the “oh, there’s something in my pocket, oh it looks like a ring, you want it? and oh, for some reason I have the same thing on my finger”.

            Thanks for not judging me. 😛 Viki is great, but not all dramas are licensed in my region or at all. I have heard some things about Netflix and the way they release currently airing shows… :-/
            I wanted to watch Entourage as well, but then heard the plot was pretty… bad. And the ratings were pretty bad too, from what I remember. So, I dare say you haven’t missed that much.
            I can relate to having a very long watchlist… But being already used to not very legal sites, I just pick whatever I feel like. 😀

            The lead in Fabulous Boys, Wang Jiro

            Judge for yourself!

            Jung Kyung Ho is great, but his hairstyle really killed a great part of his good looks for me in that drama.
            Chanyeol is actually a big fluffy mashmallow in real life which is absolutely adorable in contrast to his intense rapping. I especially love his extreme body language when laughing – he will be the first one to get up if sitting, he will start hitting himself (or someone else), clapping or will just fall on the floor. (And I’ve caught myself copying him involuntarily, lol, like clapping when something is funny – no falling yet.)
            Indeed the happy virus.
            I found his laugh compilation, if you want to see some examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6nnu–7aVY
            You might have seen this meme:

            Which C-drama is your friend raving about? If you remember, of course. Because there are some great C-dramas – like Nirvana in Fire which everyone seems to love, but I haven’t seen yet.


            Yup, Perfect Wife focuses mainly on Jae Bok, the main female lead. The main male lead (who is not really the main focus) was also in Secret Garden if it helps. He played Oska.
            It is overall a pretty great drama, but very low on romance, so don’t watch it if you want something cute.
            The plot though! This drama engaged my brain, I had to think about every episode and what could be the possible theories and explanations. Glad I haven’t watched it live. And Sung Joon is quite dashing.
            Mother is on my list, but I don’t have enough emotional energy to deal with such a heavy drama right now.

            “and Ahn JaeHyun is like the bad boy player kind of guy” – when I read these words, I suddenly remembered why I had stopped watching it. I got a SLS! There was this scene at the beginning when the main girl went to deliver some food for the second lead, right? That was it.
            I love Jung Il Woo from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (not that I recommend the drama, it had some really hot kiss scenes, but the plot was a bit meh for me), but I guess the player character got to me.

            Haha, yes. It is still on repeat (even if right now I have BigBang’s Bang Bang Bang on repeat and I blame Raonah for sharing it on fan wall, lol).
            Cool! You know a Korean guy! (Sorry, this sounds actually terrible, as if Koreans were a special rare species. Lol.)
            Wow, a Technical Writer! That’s pretty cool. I am surprised you enjoy your job when you majored in Literature. Doesn’t the technical aspect of your job bore you sometimes?
            Big corporation – do you have name tags like in K-dramas? You know, those you hang on your neck and then use it to get inside the company? I guess you don’t, right? 😛
            Maybe they will need to send someone to Seoul one day, who knows? If you learn Korean, they might actually send you there. 😛

            I have watched Father, I’ll Take Care of You which is one of the long weekend dramas (50 plus eps). I did it only because Javabeans recommended it. I made it to episode 20, then put it on hold and never got back. The main couple was really cute… (They had that swoony height difference.) I even found the DB article (with pictures of the said height difference!): http://www.dramabeans.com/2016/12/why-you-should-watch-father-ill-take-care-of-you/
            Six Flying Dragons is definitely on my list, as is Nirvana in Fire and Empress Ki. (I love epic historical dramas!)

            Speaking of ads, have you seen the CBX x Hyundai one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd8timgcnHA
            Yes, they are really cute! She came to his first and last concert, so she might be a bit special to him? Maybe?
            Real life shipping has at least one big disadvantage – you don’t know when and if a new episode will come out… *sigh*


            I love conversing with you too, @ohhaeyoung!
            I really enjoy meeting anyone who loves EXO, especially with BTS and Armies being literally everywhere!
            Real life experience: I met my cousin (who lives quite far, so we don’t see each other very often) and she she’s going to study Korean at university. I knew that, but she will study it at my university! (I am not that happy at the prospect, for various reasons I don’t want to go into and that are linked to my family.)
            Anyways, I have known of her interest in Korean for about a year, but had no idea why she would want to study it. I was sure she would not be into K-pop – she always seemed somehow sensible and responsible to me (not that we are not!).
            When we talked (together with my older sister), we somehow got to Boys Over Flowers and… Yes, she is into K-dramas very much, BOF being her first one as well. We didn’t get to talk much, but then she mentioned Hwarang and from her remarks I have deduced that she a) might like Shinee b) might like BTS. So.
            They. Are. Everywhere.
            But I am fine about BTS these days. 🙂 Just, unexpected.

            Sehun is the king of spoilers and it drives me crazy! He always puts something up and you can just wonder what he means by that. And only later on you figure out that yes, it was a spoiler!
            I have no idea, but knowing SM, they will have probably finished by now? Like, SM seems like they have everything prepared in advance. It’s still two months though. If we got the right date, that is.

            Have you seen the Micon Interviews from Elyxion? At the end, there is: EXO will return. I saw it today and it made me somehow so excited! Lol.

            I watched some variety K-pop videos yesterday (BigBang, EXO, SuJu, Shinee) and am currently trying to stop myself from stanning Shinee. I love their new music and their dancing – the dance practice for Good Evening is a-ma-zing, the choreo is so fresh and different!
            But, I don’t want to go through mourning Jonghyun again. I have mourned him once, as a K-pop fan and an EXO-L (and a human being because anyone being so desperate that they don’t see any other way out than death is truly terrible). But if I started to stan Shinee, I would have to go through it all again as I would know more and more about what an amazing person he was. And I don’t want to do it to myself.
            I hope I haven’t offended you in any way, I always feel that talking about what happened to Jonghyun is like walking on egg shells – I never know what is safe to say or not.
            But that’s how I feel.

            Not to finish on such a sad note, I have watched Ask in a Box with EXO (Overdose era, so only EXO-K) yesterday and it was cute! And I might be slowly switching from Kai to Baekhyun, lol. (Now it’s all about the hair colour in the next comeback – if Baekhyun comes with something good, I might be seriously swayed.) He had black hair in that video.
            Am I rambling too much? Do let me know if you’ll find my ramblings about stanning and biases uninteresting. 🙂


            Oh, also sorry if my English sounds too formal – I am reading a Pride and Prejudice fanfiction and the regency English seems to be getting to me. 🙂


            Oh cool, then this will be our long kpop/kdrama/EXO thread haha

            How long have you been watching kdramas? I’ve pretty much seen everyone in that cast in a drama except for Kim WooBin, Kang HaNeul, and Park Hyungsik, but I think I’m gonna start Strong Woman this week as all my real life friends who watch kdramas keep telling me it’s good.

            Oh haha yes the accidental couple ring sentiment in that song is gold!

            For some reason even the link you posted for Wang Jiro pic didn’t work but I googled him and he’s def really cute!
            Jung Kyungho’s hair color in Missing 9 also does look funny…very orange.
            Aww that Chanyeol laugh compilation was so adorable! Since I have a crazy laugh myself I enjoy seeing hella good looking men also laughing in over the top ways 😛 I replayed him throwing himself on the floor LOL and actually I hadn’t seen that Happy Virus meme but now I have it downloaded on my computer as it was linked as a download for some reason but aww yeah he’s one of my fave EXO members for sure. And I’m only one year older than him, can I still call him Oppa? Per One Percent of Something, I totally can 😀 And haha mimicing EXO member behavior is something I’ve recently noticed myself doing too…mostly after watching clips of Xiumin being a clean freak on It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets. I’ve now started wanting to make my bed too when before I didn’t care. I now look at my bed and think to myself, what would Xiumin do? 😛 These boys are inspiring me to be a better human being! 😉

            The C-drama she keeps telling me about is a really short one, it’s called Life Plan A and B. But yes I’ve heard lots of raving on Nirvana in Fire and also the Peach Blossom one from last year.

            Haha I liked Oska as the second male lead washed up popstar in Secret Garden but I’m not interested in seeing him as male lead but since you say the story is more about the female leads then I’ll give it a chance sometime. At least we have Sung Joon eye candy then. Mother is heavy but overall very satisfying and entertaining watch. No cute romances but a good look at motherhood if you’re ever in the mood to watch that topic.

            Yes you remember correctly and the female lead did deliver food to the second male lead in Cinderella and Four Knights. Like I said before, all 4 guys made me swoon at some point so I did like Ahn JaeHyun’s character initially. It’s a cheesy fun drama so you’re not missing much if you don’t watch that one. I still haven’t seen Flower Boy Ramen Shop but I really enjoy flower boy dramas so I’ll watch it at some point.

            And no judgement from me here again, I haven’t ever really had any korean friends so I get excited when I meet korean people or hear korean spoken near me esp before I went to Korea. I actually work very close to a Korean consulate so I see Korean people all the time and hear it spoken on my way in to the office. I visited their consulate before my trip and met this nice girl who basically assured me that I would be fine visiting…


            …Korea without speaking the language. She claimed everyone speaks English but I did give her a bit of a side-eye because then why don’t the Hallyu actors and stars speak english fluently? But she’s sort of right…most young people speak basic english at least. It’s mostly the older people who speak zero english but even then the korean people are so kind that they tried their best to communicate with me. I will always sweetly remember the nighttime ahjussi who worked at the hotel in Seoul that I stayed at and would always greet us with the warmest smile every night despite not speaking any english.

            Although I majored in Literature and loved it, what I really enjoy is editing and so therefore enjoy my work. Technical Writing really fits my personality too as it is a top career for introverts. I can go days without speaking to anyone at my job, we mostly send each other chat messages or emails LOL and I’ve been drained these past few weeks from non-stop meetings. I hate meetings but then I’ll go a few days without any meetings yay! My dream job would be to edit for a book publishing company as then at least I would be able to read fun content all the time. The content I write and edit is a bit dry and boring at times and I’m not interested in learning coding. But I really enjoy the work environment. I work for the tech industry which is a super relaxed and laidback environment so I guess that is another reason I really like my job. Ii is mostly men here at the office so I’m one of the few women. I have a tech writing coworker from Hungary though and she is the one who is an ELF and watches kdramas too. I also have a coworker from Ghana who loves sageuks the most and she is a software engineer but we haven’t quite gotten her into kpop yet but she’s been watching kdramas for like 10 years. And I totally walk around with a name tag badge around my neck with my picture and name on it that I use to get into the office doors. Heck, I even have an elevator badge too. You can’t even get to the floor I work at unless you have an elevator badge that will give you access to the floors for my company. OMG you’ve just inspired me to want to become fluent in Korean in case they ever need to send someone to Seoul! 😀

            Ooh I def like tall guys. Taller than me is a must for any guy I date. I’m not that tall myself anyway! Is that Lee TaeHwan in that pic? He’s playing second male lead in the Secretary Kim drama which I’m happy to say is much better in ep 3. I actually kinda loved ep 3 of Secretary Kim…I’ll stay tuned and keep watching for sure!

            Yes I kept getting the CBX x Hyundai ad on YT right around the time the Blooming Days mini album came out so I def watched it quite a few times. It’s a good commercial and aww Xiumin’s hair color is so good there!

            Haha I dont’t think I’ve shipped any korean couples irl yet…hmm nope can’t think of any! But I love Ahn Jaehyun and his wife, they are super adorable!

            Oh wow your cousin is studying korean? daebak!


            I have a cousin who watches kdramas but she lives far from me too. We talk on social media though and she’s been watching longer than i have so when I was a newbie she recommended She Was Pretty to me which I really enjoyed of course! She also recommended Emergency Couple but I still haven’t seen that one. I got distracted chasing down other oppas! 😛 oh and I haven’t watched Hwarang yet either but it looks cute!

            You’re right that SM seems to prepare a lot well in advance. So how long have you been an EXO-L for? Are those Micon interviews supposed to be less than a minute long? I watched the two videos with Chanyeol and Xiumin and omg they were so cute! They were on my recommended on YT but I didn’t know what they were so I hadn’t clicked play LOL. Speaking again of Chanyeol, are you watching the Lotte Duty Free web drama? Chanyeol’s ep was released today and Sehun’s ep is coming up next I think. They’re so cheesy but I remember seeing Kai for the first time in the Seven First Kisses one from Dec 2016. Anyway on the Micon interviews, the comments made it seem that the channel that uploaded those videos is an official SM YT channel, is that right? And yay “EXO will return” 😀 oh btw I did see the Micing interviews with EXO-CBX that SM had uploaded with D.O. visiting them too at one of their comeback stages, I should rewatch it now that I’m more familiar with the boys.

            OMG the Shinee “Good Evening” dance choreo is so beautiful and artistic! I was in awe of how cool it looked and just wow, thanks for mentioning it as I don’t think I would’ve hit play on it. Aww I get you on the Shinee topic as I feel same way as you. After going through the TOP anguish and being relieved that he was ok, I was heartbroken at the Jonghyun news. I was not a kpop fan at the time but I watched a clip of the Shinee members carrying the coffin and the amount of grief was so overwhelming that I started to cry, I am a christian so to me I look at life as there will be hills and valleys mentality and things can and will always get better if we wait around long enough. It’s so devastating that he is gone and even just knowing that Korea has a high suicide rate is upsetting. I actually get upset when suicide is shown as an option in kdramas. I have dealt with anxiety and depression myself but yeah I think you put it well as I would be afraid to mourn him again. However, I think maybe after some time it may be ok. It is all still so recent and heartbreaking to only see 4 of them. If you like their new music, maybe you can just focus on their 2018 music and onward for now?

            Oh Baekhyun is your new bias wrecker? He’s definitely a sweetie! I haven’t been EXO-L long enough to have a bias wrecker but I have a sort of ranking of favorite members LOL but I don’t dislike any of the EXO guys. I just watched the Ask in a Box videos you mentioned, and goodness they’re just adorable! I liked how Baekhyun self assessed as a positive person cause that is def true!



            I have been watching dramas on and off since 2014 (I took a break for a year though). Heirs were my third drama, so the only actor I knew back then was LMH, lol. It’s funny though how all these hot stars were just secondary characters there (no wonder, it was in 2013).
            I personally didn’t like Strong Woman. The chemistry was awesome, but I really can’t stand bathroom humour. As a beanie put it – “Strong Woman, Weak Humour”. But hey, try it and see for yourself, you might not be bothered by it (at least not as much as I was).

            Haha, the problem with subjectivity of beauty/attractiveness. I guess I’ve chosen a wrong picture or you just need to see him on screen to fully appreciate him.

            Another precious laughing Chanyeol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ6538j6aJA&t=194s
            This video is from his birthday last year, you can skip to 3:05 (there are no subs, but it’s translated in the comments).
            The context is that Minseok asked Chanyeol if he wanted to get a gift from the fans. Someone proposed singing, so they sing a few notes and then Baekhyun said to sing “Tears” for him (difficult Korean song with really high notes) and fans did. His reaction is precious.
            Oh, sorry for that! I couldn’t find any other picture, only the downloading one.
            If he’s handsome, he’s Oppa! 😛
            I felt the same way after watching Blankets, but it worked maybe only 2 times… 😀 I should rewatch that daily. Or maybe Kai could do something like that… It would be fun if idols posted inspirational videos of them cleaning, studying etc… But I suppose they do not have the time and they are working hard in different ways – practising, singing, dancing, going to shoots, sleeping very little… I should work hard too. Should.

            I’ve heard about it, but never seen it. It’s on my list though. I’ve tried watching the Peach Blossoms, but I couldn’t make it past the first 10 minutes – the whole concept with gods and the CGI… I couldn’t stomach it.
            Perfect Wife is more like a mystery drama… Watch it when you feel like it. 🙂

            Wow… You can hear Korean on your way to work! Nice. At my university, we have the Asian Department, so we have some Korean teachers there and also exchange students coming from Korea (but mostly only girls). I have met some of them recently, it was so funny hearing Korean somewhere else than in a drama.
            I know, right? Trainees should be given special English lessons. (I know they are super busy as it is and are focusing on singing/dancing, but at least the debut group should be given some special lessons.) After School Club can get really awkward when no one from the group speaks/understands English.
            Aw, that’s sweet. Korean people seem to be really kind. 🙂


            When I read your reply, Go Dok Mi from Flower Boy Next Door came to my mind – she also did editing. Have you seen the drama?
            I can relate, I would hate those meeting too! Hope you’ll get rid of them soon. It’s cool that you have co-workers from around the world! Good luck with getting your resistant colleague into K-pop!
            Wow, it sounds so cool to work at a big company. Sometimes when I see it in a drama, I feel like I would love to try it too…

            Oh, it is him! I had no idea he was in Secretary Kim!
            Yes, I love that silverish/grayish on him.
            I know Ahn Jae Hyun and know he was with his wife on a show, but haven’t seen them…

            I loved She Was Pretty and I have seen most of Emergency Couple (dropped it, don’t know why – not surprising anymore, right?). It was my first Choi Jin Hyuk drama (he looks good there!) and it was funny. I like the exes-getting-together trope. The female lead is played by Song Ji Hyo, if you know her.

            SM announced another Elyxion concert on 10 – 11 August! My theory is kind of ruined. On the other hand, it will be held in Macau, so everyone is hoping for OT9 reunion! You know, Macau in China, Lay in China… Something is definitely going to happen on 11th of August! Be it comeback or OT9.
            It’s been a year and two months for me. 🙂
            Yes, they are supposed to be that short – all the questions should be up to one minute. The concept is an “interview for a busy star who can’t lose even a second”.
            I know of the drama, but I am saving it for a binge watch. 😛 Yes, I have seen Kai – maybe for the first time – in 7 First Kisses too! I have almost forgotten about it, my friend had to remind me that yes, there was an episode with Kai. I should rewatch it…
            I don’t really get why SM opened another channel on YT, but yes, it is an official account. They started it because of the SMTown concert they had in Dubai, I believe. But I don’t really get what will be uploaded where or why. But I am following both now.
            Haha, I like rewatching things I have seen at the beginning too! When you’re more familiar, you understand (and enjoy it all) much more!
            FYI, there was another round of Micing interviews, but not subbed to English. This is a reupload with fan-made English subs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K39rPtX9LyE
            YT should offer you the rest of them, but if not, let me know. 🙂
            Btw, I really appreciate how SM is putting English subs on their content. And I love SM’s editing!
            I’ve seen those CBX interviews. Lol, they keep using Minseok’s laugh from those interviews way too often now.


            It’s really true art.
            I had actually been slightly prejudiced against Shinee before (for some stupid reasons probably), but just a week (maybe?) before Jonghyun’s passing I’ve seen their performance of Replay and Jonghyun was so emotional (since it’s their debut song) he started crying. I wanted to give him a hug and thought, if I ever stanned Shinee, this guy would be my bias.
            I am a sensitive and emotional person, so his death hit me quite hard for someone who didn’t know him almost at all. (I did know Shinee a bit, I knew who is who and some of their songs.) I found out the evening before an exam and cried so hard that my face was swollen the next day. It took me two or three weeks to fully deal with it.
            I think I will follow their music and some of their variety (they are variety kings!). I watched their Weekly Idol episode and it was SO funny! Really, hilarious.
            On the other hand, I can’t go too far, because I would really go through a lot of pain. I would sympathize with them and… Even with EXO, I went through a time when I was dealing with Kris, Tao and Luhan leaving. And I wasn’t even there when they left. Now I am over it and am able to listen to Kris’ new music without feeling that he’s a traitor. I am able to see their leaving as a good thing in a sense (EXO-M and K united). But it took me about a year. So.

            Plus, I am going through a tough thing with Seven O’Clock right now. One of their members, rapper (and my bias) Vaan hasn’t been with the group for about three months. He isn’t on Vlives, in photos, doesn’t perform with them. And nobody knows why.
            His company and the members are keeping silent about it. It’s really frustrating because I don’t know whether he’s dying somewhere or just broke his leg. (The first time he couldn’t attend, the excuse was his health.)
            And Seven O’Clock is not popular, so no one is making a big deal out of it. *sigh* Thanks for reading this, I needed to vent this.

            Yes, Baekhyun is truly light. Such a bright person! Now that I think of my beginnings, I think I might have kind of disliked Xiumin at first? It’s hard to believe though… Now I love all of them and just want them to be happy.


            Hey so I ran out of space in my last 3 posts but did want to comment I think your English is just fine, no need to apologize but Pride and Prejudice fanfiction? That’s cool! Since I’m a Lit major, I hold Pride and Prejudice in high esteem. I mean most of these chaebols in kdramas are basically modern day Mr. Darcys. My favorite of the British romance classic novels is Jane Eyre though (romance, mystery, coming of age, what’s not to like?). But I do also have a fondness for the darker angsty Wuthering Heights as well. Oh and also meant to comment that I enjoy your fangirling! Fangirl away as much as you like!!

            And haha it is always funny to watch the older kdramas and find actors who are leading actors now but back then played really minor characters. When I first watched Secret Garden, Lee Jongsuk stood out to me right away and he’s the actor who I’ve seen most of his dramas out of any other actor at this point. I found him so charismatic and cute even in that very minor role he had back then. Who are your top oppas from kdramas? So far I’ve watched the first 4 eps of Strong Woman and I like the romance. One of the things I hate the most in kdramas is toilet humor so I do have my finger ready on the fast forward button for when things get too gross and this drama is kinda gross so far but the love line is cute lol

            Chanyeol is just so entertaining! I happened to catch his IG live yesterday (friday) and he was soooo sleepy and said he was in Spain (filming his drama ahhh!) and I think it was like 2 AM his time. I sat and just watched him yawn over and over and he was reading random comments out loud. Thanks for linking the vid right to when he threw himself on the floor 😛

            Haha I like your idea of the kpop stars doing inspirational videos. But you’re right, they are busy being professionals in other ways.

            Yeah Peach Blossoms does not look like my cup of tea either. And I like mystery every now and then so I’ll keep Perfect Wife in mind next time I want to watch a mystery.

            Yes sometimes I end up on the elevator with korean people and my kdrama watching coworkers like to bother me that I should start conversations in Korean with the Korean ppl visiting our building but I feel too awkward as I don’t actually speak it and only know random phrases. Of course when I was actually in Korea, I had to let that go and speak as much as I could and knew and thankfully they seemed to understand the few phrases I knew 😛 And aww no cute Seoul boys at your university? I do want to say that Seoul is in fact full of pretty boys. I remember being blown away by how handsome this dude was who walked into the convenience store that I was buying kimbap at the first night I was in Seoul LOL, he looked like he had stepped out of a drama. We later found out there was a medical school nearby our hotel cause we kept seeing all these handsome young guys in our hotel neighborhood and we were wondering why. I’m assuming they were med school students but who knows.


            Despite the fact that most Hallyu stars don’t speak English, we did find that asking most young people in Korea basic questions in English would get some conversation going and we met people who had never been abroad but spoke very good English. I do remember being at one coffee shop with a really cute cashier (looked to be about 30s) but he could not speak any English 🙁 and we were lost at night LOL but Korea is so safe that we felt ok. I will always regret not sticking around that coffee shop though because there was a filming crew actually setting up outside to film something, might’ve been a drama or movie scene! We also saw some sort of commercial filming happening one day when we were walking at Han river, and I remember it was a girl who was turned away from us and she had like 10 bodyguards. What is After School Club?

            Yes I have seen Flower Boy Next Door and I loved it, I need a real life Enrique <3 and well unlike Go Dokmi, I can't work from home all the time so I actually do show up to the office every day, more than most of my coworkers actually as my commute to work is not too bad.

            I have not seen Newlywed Diary either but they just seem like such an adorable couple. My favorite famous korean couple wedding pics are Eric Mun and his wife, those pics were so gorgeous…esp the hanbok pics! https://www.dramafever.com/news/get-a-glimpse-of-shinhwa-eric-and-na-hye-mis-wedding/

            I like the exes-getting-together trope as well! I do not know the female lead but Emergency Couple is definitely on my list. Have you seen Cunning Single Lady? It has that trope as well.

            So what exactly is Elyxion? the name of the tour? Ooh Macau, as in from Boys Over Flowers and Fated to Love You? LOL and tbh I haven't gotten that familiar with the EXO chinese members as they are currently inactive but I'm sure at some point I'll have to get to know them better.

            A year and two months, whoo! I actually have an EXO poster that I got with a Pepero box about two years ago. I think I kept it because I thought, "in case I ever get into EXO…" LOL, I think my subconscious knew it would happen someday. 😛 http://res.heraldm.com/content/image/2016/10/18/20161018000387_0.jpg and now that I look at it, it is missing Xiu and Chen! 🙁 and haha Sehun and Chanyeol look the cutest in that poster. Guess this was still EXO-K days.

            The micon interview concept is interesting but because the videos are so short, I keep replaying them over and over to catch everything as it seems so fast. I love how Chanyeol and Xiumin are following everyone around now haha.

            I def rewatched the Kai 7 First Kisses ep after I formally declared myself an EXO-L 😉 and I'm so hyped for Chanyeol and Sehun in the current Lotte ads! Hahaha I loved that Winter album Micon interview, thank you so much for the subbed one! Kai feels things he can only feel cause he's handsome 😛 and damn, Sehun sexiness at the end…SM is cray! And hmm, no YT did not recommend me the rest of them 🙁


            Do you have a favorite Good Evening comeback stage performance? I watched a few but feel like the camera angles were not fully capturing how beautiful the choreo is in the ones I watched. It was captured best in the dance practice video. I used to be weirdly prejudiced against Shinee too, am unsure why as well but wow these two new MV singles are actually really dang good! I shared the dance practice with my ELF friend and we watched one of the Shinee is Back episodes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z33yJCOOekQ which you have prob already seen. She likes Minho cause she watched Hwarang and I like Onew cause I watched DOTS. And we both like Taemin cause tsundere cafe 😀
            But aww that is quite sad that you had that thought about Jonghyun and I am a sensitive and emotional person too. I don’t watch the news cause I start crying over the death of people I’ve never met and get really heartbroken over tragedies. My ELF friend and I couldn’t believe when it was announced that Shinee would continue being active, but real art comes out of the deepest pain sometimes. I’m having a hard time even reading the YT comments on the Shinee comeback videos though as my heart starts to hurt so I can understand how you mourned Jonghyun before </3
            I get really sad even when my faves enlist for military as they will be gone from public eye for a while so I can see why you got upset about the Chinese EXO members.

            Oh I've never heard of Seven O'Clock but that does suck and I'm sorry to hear no one is addressing it. That is concerning….hope there is news soon, and hopefully positive news! And even more sad that it is your bias..I am sorry about that but really hope he is ok! The music industry is tough and when there is lack of communication like that as a fan it is worrying.

            I played EXO in the car for my brother today and his impression is that they sound really happy LOL and my wish is for them to be happy in real life as well. I liked Xiumin right away but the only member I kind of disliked at first was D.O. prob cause he's more serious but I really like his voice in the songs now and when he smiles genuinely, he's adorable too! My little brother has never seen a kdrama but he reads korean webtoons (he's a Japanese manga fan first and foremost though), funny enough he's read one that has been turned into a kdrama, Orange Marmalade! Wonder if I should watch that one with him…have heard it is kinda bad though, hmm.
            Am planning on traveling with my brothers to Japan and Korea sometime before 2020 so I would like for both of my brothers to watch a kdrama before our trip.


            Haha, thanks! Yes, my sister once read Boys Over Flowers original manga and she found it because it was listed as a work inspired by P&P! Lol.
            (Btw, as I was trying to find it now, I found out that a K-drama Pride and Prejudice is supposed to be a loose adaptation as well! Starring Choi Jin Hyuk, a legal drama. But HotCocaGirl says it doesn’t have any resemblance, so…)
            I’ve really enjoyed Jane Eyre and even read some adaptations. I’ve read Wuthering Heights once and I don’t think I appreaciated it back then. My favourite Austen book is actually Persuasion.
            Thanks! I will then. 😛

            I remember Lee Jong Suk there! I’ve also tried to finish Prosecutor Princess some time ago (dropped it first time around) and found Lee Jong Suk there as well!

            I can’t say I am very fond of him though. (Nothing specific, he just isn’t very attractive to me.)
            My top oppas are on this list: https://mydramalist.com/list/mLAldnY1 They are in no particular order and Lee Min Ho will always have a special place as the first oppa ever. What about your favourite oppas?
            It is kinda gross… 😂

            I’ve seen a bit of his Insta live today on YT (not all of it, I don’t have enough dedication to watch a half an hour of Chanyeol yawning, sorry Channie!) and from what I understood, Choi Tae Joon watched (at least a bit) too. They’re friends. Oh, btw, my cousin was just in Spain last week and when I found out Chanyeol was in Spain too, I was kinda excited! What if he sees him by chance… (Not likely though.)
            It really shows how bad I have it when anyone from EXO comes to Europe for schedule – sometimes I think: Oh, we’re in the same time zone! We’re on one continent! (So far this year it was Sehun, Kai, Chanyeol and now Lay, I believe, for Paris Fashion Week.)

            Oh, I feel you. It always feels so strange to me that I should actually start speaking Korean to them. They would be probably surprised and then ask me: Why do you speak Korean? Why did you learn?
            Oh my. Sounds like I should go to Seoul. 😛
            It’s true that Korean boys are usually naturally more slender (as all Koreans are) and since there are high beauty standards in South Korea, everyone seems to be taking care of themselves. Including boys.
            And didn’t you meet him again the next day or something? Maybe his phone fell into your bag? No such K-drama situations? Ah, maybe next time when you’re in Seoul you’ll meet him again in the same store! Destiny! (Cue dramatic music.) The cute cashier could be the second lead! (Or the first, it would be up to you. 😛 )
            Oh, too bad about the filming, maybe next time? I’ve seen a filming crew working once when I was in Prague. It’s kinda cool, would be even cooler if you watched a drama later and recognized the scene!


            The Lee Jong Suk picture that didn’t show in the last comment:

            After School Club is a Korean internet-based talk show with idols (something like Weekly Idol), but much more fan-oriented and – what’s more important – all in English. The hosts speak English (usually idols born abroad, currently Jimin from JYP and Jae from Day6). When idols don’t speak English, they speak Korean and the MCs try to translate. There’s also live translation going, but it’s delayed, so…
            The fans can watch online and then there are also some lucky fans who get to give their idol a mission or request live, as in on-air. (Which is kind of crazy, just imagine Kai seeing you live through your webcam.)
            I found only now that there is an episode with the whole EXO (from 2013 though), so it’s OT12. There’s also an episode with Kai and Baekhyun from 2015, nothing since then. I’ve just watched the KaiBaek episode and it was pretty cute and funny, but you might not understand everything since not everything is subbed.
            2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDfXu2FMcvg
            2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uokGTm01ozo&t=433s
            And the interactions with fans can get really cringe-y, so… Some people skip it, I usually suffer through it.

            Me to! Enrique is <3. He kind of reminds me of Baekhyun… Both so bubbly and mischievous.
            Those were truly georgous! The hanbok pic too. Wow.

            I have seen Cunning Single Lady… But dropped it. 😀 Before it ended, it was getting too dramatic somehow? I should finish all those dropped dramas someday.
            But I really enjoyed it! Especially the scene where the main girl won a dinner with her ex and their conversation was full of double meanings! I loved it.

            Yup, The EℓyXiOn is this current tour. The tour before was EXO’rDIUM.
            Haha, yes, that’s the one.
            I don’t know them that well either. I could know at least Lay, if he actually promoted with EXO. (#notsaltyatall) I think I might finally watch Exo Showtime, now that I’ve dealt with Kris, Tao and Luhan leaving.
            I know Tao from a C-drama I’ve watched, Negotiator. I haven’t finished it because C-dramas tend to go really melo, but he was so charismatic! I thought back then that if he was in Exo, he would be totally bias-wrecking me, lol.
            He’s also doing some solo music and also other dramas.
            I follow the music Kris is putting out (casually though) and I know he even topped iTunes in the US with his recent track, so he’s pretty successful. He’s also pretty famous as an actor.
            Luhan is releasing some solo work too and he’s been in a few dramas. I haven’t seen any and don’t listen to his music. I only know his Lu which is infamous among Exo-Ls for its quite improper lyrics. It doesn’t help that it’s all in English… I don’t want to spoil him for you, so I won’t link the video. Find it yourself, if you really wish to. 😛


            Oh, Pepero! Nice. 🙂 I don’t think it was in their EXO-K days, but SM has a contract with Pepero only for EXO-K. At least that’s what I think, because even last year when EXO did an ad for Pepero, there was no Xiumin or Chen.

            Haha, yes! I like to read the comments and then return to the video to see what I’ve missed. In the last one (the Suho one), Sehun was cute annoying his hyung, lol.
            Poor boy, he was so flustered talking about being handsome! Totally going off-topic there! 😛
            About Sehun, every comeback there is a member in EXO who will get abs and then show them off during their tour. (At least that’s what I’ve deduced.) This time it’s Sehun – he’s got a speacial performance for it, not sure if you’ve seen it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2UYl5dr9RI).
            During Monster era, it was Baekhyun. So SM just put there a video from their concert, lol. Evil editing!
            Oh, my bad, I thought there was part 2 subbed! I found it on Vlive with subs: http://www.vlive.tv/video/53767 There were only 2 parts, so it should be all. 🙂

            Since I am trying to keep my distance, I haven’t seen a single Good Evening stage, lol. Do you have a favourite one that I totally have to see?
            Happy I was not the only one weirdly prejudiced! They ARE good. And they’ve released a teaser for the new track and it was so beautiful and moving and it’s coming out on my birthday… I am not going to stan them. REALLY. Lol.
            I haven’t seen that one till now, but I’ve seen the first one. I love their chemistry! It’s so fun to watch them fool around. They are truly like a family. And it’s cool to see how much they think about their choreo. (Especially Taemin!) Impressed. Also, Taemin is really sweet. The way he kept talking to the fans, aww. I lowkey love Shinee.
            Minho was also in To the Beautiful You, a gender-bender drama from 2012. I have seen only the first two eps maybe (because gender-bender, you see). I don’t think I’ve realized it was Minho, lol.
            There was also EXO doing a cameo (you know, SM family and they were rookies back then): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAcKpFfSO0Y

            I was really shocked when I heard they were doing the concerts and even more so when I heard of this comeback. I thought it was too soon. But seeing them now, they seem happy together. Of course, it will never be the same and they will always miss him, but if they decided they had to keep going, I am happy that they are happy.
            I watched the Who Waits for Love stage and there were subs on it and as I was reading the lyrics, I started crying thinking about Jonghyun. The lyrics were not even meant to be about him, but yeah… I guess I was just more sensitive these days, it might get better. But I still don’t expect to really start stanning them.

            Yup, military… I don’t even want to think about it. On the other hand, we might get more EXO sub-units…?


            Thank you. It really is distressing but when I am focusing on other things, it’s better.
            I get you about D.O, he can be really serious and almost scary sometimes. I really love his vocals and his interactions with other members are gold.
            I’ve heard of Orange Marmalade, haven’t seen it. I’m not much into vampire dramas. 😀
            Oh, that’s cool! Good luck with that. You have to choose a good drama for them. 🙂

            I have seen more eps of CBX travel show and it’s so funny! I am loving Chen right now. Baek and Xiumin too, of course, but Chen is just so funny! I can’t wait for the next season. Also, Chen said he wanted to go to Europe next! Made me happy. 🙂

            I’ve also seen some more SNL Shinee skits (really not stanning them, I promise! :-P) and they were hilarious. You just need to know some of the inside jokes to fully enjoy it. Have you seen this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9A5BxkxhQc
            For background info first watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aHRU8v7824 (If you haven’t seen it already, it’s this terrible ad Shinee did as rookies and no one’s forgetting about it anytime soon.)
            Also, if you don’t know about the famous Dibidibis rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAzjH9VnREU&t=2s

            BTOB made a comeback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHQkdIGue3k
            Sorry for spamming you like this! They really do some quality music though.


            hey @estee I’m so sorry that it has taken me over a week to respond…I have been extremely busy and stressed this past week with some major family stuff happening. Thankfully everyone is ok now and I finally have a moment to respond 🙂 I have heard of that Pride and Prejudice kdrama but also figured based on the description and reviews that it wasn’t really based on the Austen novel. I actually haven’t read Persuasion. The only other Austen novel I have read is Northanger Abbey.

            Haha I haven’t seen Prosecutor Princess yet. Lee Jong Suk isn’t for everyone and aw I can’t see your list, it says it’s private. Wanna be dramalist friends? Here’s mine https://mydramalist.com/dramalist/jennimc13
            My top oppas are Lee MinHo, Lee Jongsuk, Hyun Bin, Yeon WooJin, and Jang GeunSuk.

            I had to google Choi TaeJoon…so PSH’s boyfriend? That’s cool lol
            And aw I really do hope EXO tours Europe soon!! I saw some news today about EXO being chosen to be Korea Tour ambassadors yay https://www.soompi.com/2018/06/23/exo-appointed-honorary-ambassadors-korea-tourism-organization/

            Ooh I wish your version of events had occurred but sadly no 😛 maybe next time I find myself in Seoul LOL
            I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real tv show or movie filming of any kind other than those experiences in Seoul. My city is not usually filmed at but occasionally it is and it always causes a commotion and even traffic when they find out a Hollywood star is filming here but like I said it doesn’t happen very often.

            OMG so baby Sehun’s hair is freakin incredible in that After School Club video…and aww Luhan is so cute!
            Aww yeah Baekhyun is a real life Enrique now that you mention it <3

            Cunning Single Lady was my second kdrama but it had a very memorable second half…yes it got angsty but I thought it explained for the most part why the couple had separated in the first place.

            Oh haha thanks for the chinese member quick rundown…that After School Club interview is actually the first interview I've seen with OT12. I'm a curious cat so I listened to that Luhan song you mentioned and uhhh I wouldn't listen to it again is all I'm gonna say but he is really cute in that After School Club interview!

            Whoa Sehun's abs are soooo nice, thanks for that video link! I had not seen that performance LOL and that is so nice to have a new abs to look forward to every comeback 😉

            Happy belated birthday! Hope it was an awesome day 😀 I don't have a favorite Good Evening comeback stage but I do have a favorite "I Want You" comeback stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfPRY8gleXc (I never noticed how handsome Minho is until I watched this performance, I normally only have eyes for Onew who is my Shinee bias I guess LOL…I just love Onew's singing voice too though)

            I have not seen To The Beautiful You..never seen Minho act in anything but that EXO cameo was awesome!! I don't mind gender but I've heard bad reviews on that drama.


            Every time I read the lyrics to a new Shinee ballad song I am convinced it is for Jonghyun and I get really sad. I read the lyrics to the song “You & I” and almost started crying…their new songs really are pretty good though!

            Haha D.O. can be a bit scary! I think I found him unsettling too cause he creeped me out so bad in I Remember You! But now I find him adorable and I enjoy his singing voice of course…

            I haven’t seen any vampire kdramas yet but I of course watched a bunch of vampire stuff back when vampire romances were trendy in late ’00s. I watched some more eps of the CBX show now too and each episode goes by so fast! I find these boys so entertaining even if they’re just fighting over a bowl of ramen 😛

            Actually I had seen that Shinee SNL skit before but I just hadn’t seen the cringy ad nor the Minho rap…that thing is gold! OMG so Minho is not only very handsome but also a hilariously bad rapper? <3

            I like the BTOB MV aesthetic! Feel free to share kpop goodies with me…I'm off from work this week and next week is a holiday week here in US so I'll be taking some time off from work as well yay…I think I will finally have some down time again after a crazy stressful week


            Hey, my chingu @ohhaeyoung! 🙂
            It’s okay, I remember I did it once too! (Now I don’t feel that bad about it, lol.) Aw, I am sorry you had a tough week and happy to hear everyone’s fine. You deserve that break you’ll be getting.
            I was going to try watching it, but somehow didn’t get to it. Oh well, it won’t run away I guess.
            “Persuasion” was a good read. I’ve read “Nothanger Abbey” and liked it a lot. It was actually quite funny.

            I suppose we are MDL friends now, so you can check out my list now, if you want to: https://mydramalist.com/list/mLAldnY1
            I know Yeon Woo Jin from “Marriage Not Dating” and Hyun Bin from “Secret Garden”. Hyun Bin is going to be in a drama with Park Shin Hye and Chanyeol! (Have we talked about it? I feel like we probably did when discussing dramas.)
            (Jut a note about MDL – I am not really planning to watch all the dramas on my to-watch list, really. It’s more like a collection of potential dramas I could watch. Also, I drop dramas a lot, as you might have already noticed. Your watchlist seems so tidy and neat in comparison, lol.)

            Thanks for the link! Happy to see EXO receiving such an important role. Also, Chen’s hair! I love Chen with longer hair and I am so happy he’s growing them out! I have watched fancams from Family Concert today and almost screamed when I saw Chen’s hair, lol.
            Here’s one of the fancams, if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ5OwA0FvfI
            Not sure it’s the best one, but it’s pretty good.
            If you want to understand their talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzrfOpSPvfo

            I haven’t see that ASC episode yet, lol. I’ve seen only the Kai/Baekhyun one. But I was watching some older interviews with them yesterday, I’ll give you the links at the end (just in case you were bored), but don’t feel obliged to watch them.

            I should finish it then. The problem with finishing dropped dramas is that I forget what happened before (not all of it, but some details) and it’s kind of tiring to try to remember/read recaps.

            I told you it was infamous. I think there might be some good songs of his, I just never took the time to listen to them. Same goes with Tao and Kris. Luhan is a cutie. The joke is he always wanted to be thought of as manly. So many jokes about it, lol.

            I feel like he didn’t really want to do that (because you know, all that hard work in the gym and you need to control your diet), but felt like he had to. The fans or the staff (I am not sure which) even ordered pizza for him at the last Seoul concert, because he said he wanted to eat it.

            Oh, thank you! 🙂
            That stage was great! Thanks. It sounded so live! They have my respect, idol groups rarely sing live (and sound good).


            Part 2 for @ohhaeyoung

            My Shinee bias would be Minho or Taemin. But on variety it’s Key (he is so savage). I suppose Onew is the member I do not appreciate as much as I should. Also, I really like Key’s singing voice (I thought he was just a rapper!) and Minho’s too. Onew’s voice hasn’t stood out to me just yet.
            I watched their “Our Page” MV and one of the stages and cried my eyes out. Onew’s “Sugohaesseoyo” – “You’ve worked hard” was especially moving.

            “You and I”
            “There are countless stars in my heart, there’s one star that shines painfully.” – This part.

            I haven’t listened to all their new songs yet, but heard they were good. I’ve heard only “Lock You Down” because I’ve read there is Jonghyun’s voice in it. I don’t know why I am doing it to myself.
            And all these ballad songs we get emotional about were written by someone else, but “Our Page” lyrics were written by Shinee for Jonghyun. How can you NOT cry? I admire that they can sing those lyrics while thinking about Jonghyun and not cry.

            I’ve heard “To the Beautiful You” wasn’t that good too. I haven’t finished it and don’t plan to.

            He is adorable! I know right, it is fun! I remember when I first watched Korean variety – it was “Running Man” and couldn’t understand their humour. Plus, why were there all those captions? Now I find the editing and captions hilarious, lol.

            I don’t think Minho is a bad rapper! He is supposed to be the main/lead rapper in Shinee, I think. The whole fun is how cringey that rap is.

            Aw, you deserve to rest! Take care of yourself, have a lot of good food, quality sleep and some nice dramas/variety or whatever you’ll feel like!

            DAY6 made a comeback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2X2LdJAIpU
            They are a band and I love the lyrics! So make sure to turn on the subs. Also, the MV suits the music so well.

            So, now about the EXO interviews I’ve watched.
            Entertainment Weekly from Monster era: around 6 mins

            Guerilla Date (meaning they went to a school and interacted with students) from Love Me Right era: around 8 mins

            Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook (that’s a music talk show, it’s kind of refined): only the first 22 mins, cringe level 12 (they explain the powers!)

            Also, I had a dream about Kai tonight! There was his grandfather too and we were talking about Instagram and his knees (?) and then he asked me if I saw that video when he went swimming two years ago. And I said I didn’t know EXO back then, so not. And that there might be fans who know about the time when Kim Jongin went swimming, but that I am not like that. It might have been weird, but it was kind of nice. I suppose that is the closest I can ever get to talking to Kai, lol.


            Part 3 for @ohhaeyoung

            Also, I am afraid EXO comeback is happening in September, not August. I’ve watched a theory video by the main EXO theorist DowithloveEXO (seriously, it sounds like she’s working in SM) and it seems everyone is too busy at the moment to get ready for an August comeback (Chanyeol and D.O both have a drama shooting, Suho a musical etc.). Plus, Lay is preparing his new album, so if we want him to comeback with EXO, we should give him some time.
            And, every single day D.O’s hair is getting longer! And Chen’s too! The later comeback = the longer the hair. So I have decided to wait. (No other choice really.) Just letting you know…


            @estee yes thank you this break has been so good for me but also a bit busy…not too much free time but tomorrow is 4th of July in the US so independence day holiday yay!
            I should really read “Persuasion” or more Jane Austen novels in general but ever since I got into kdramas I don’t read as much anymore! I feel like a disgrace lately to my Literature degree 😛 Does reading subs count though?

            Yes we are MDL chingus now haha…and from your oppas list, I really have a lot of admiration for most of those fine gentlement lol but the few I’ve never seen dramas from are Lee Joongi (but I plan to watch Scarlet Heart of course), Kim WooBin (I need to get around to Heirs!), Kim JinWoo, and Lee Hyunwoo (but I do have Liar and His Lover on plan to watch list). And yes I mentioned being excited about Chanyeol being cast in the new Hyun Bin drama and we discussed Chanyeol being in Spain last month filming said kdrama. And I really don’t like to drop dramas, I mean sometimes you def have to…but I try to be careful about choosing what kdrama to watch as I am kind of picky anyway. Usually I’ve dropped dramas for not finding the male lead attractive or if I find the female lead intolerable which tends to happen…but yeah no worries about your dramalist! My real plan to watch list is way longer than the one I have on MDL.

            I actually had not seen any of those concert fancams so thanks for the links! I enjoyed watching those performances, it looked like such a fun concert!! And aww Baekhyun is just so dang chatty, I love it! 😀

            Ah yeah well Cunning Single Lady is a fun drama but not a must watch imo anyway!

            Speaking of the chinese members, I read a DF article stating Tao is taking a break from the spotlight…wonder if it’s true, the way the article is written is kinda cheesy though https://www.dramafever.com/news/tao-huang-zitao-surprises-fans-by-announcing-his-disapperance/

            Haha poor Sehun! Beauty is pain!! Glad he got to enjoy pizza on stage even if it was cold and LOL at Chanyeol and Xiumin running over to make sure he showed his abs. 😛

            Yes that live Shinee performance really does sound live and they do sound so good, I rewatched it since you mentioned it just to appreciate it all over again LOL and Minho’s handsomeness of course! 😉 Anyway I love it when performances sound super live…like this may sound strange but I like it when I can hear their breaths too haha. I feel like EXO tends to perform live as I found footage of “Been Through” that didn’t sound so great on YT :/ and they also had no choreo for “Been Through” which made me kinda sad…usually I feel like EXO sounds great live though.

            I watched the “Our Page” MV too but didn’t know that Shinee had actually written the song,..I have not watched an “Our Page” comeback stage yet though </3 But from The Story of Light Pt 3 I really like the "Tonight" song best.

            Thank you again, I have been trying to rest as much as I can so I can be refreshed when I get back to the office next week.


            Whoa that DAY6 song is so good! I like their music style!! Never heard their music before to be honest so thanks for the MV link 😀 I still don’t have a favorite korean rock band

            Ok here’s my brief EXO interview commentary:
            Entertainment Weekly video: yay Kai and Xiumin both got up to dance and I loved every second of it despite how brief Xiumin’s dance showcase was…I was cracking up at Lay pointing out Xiu’s facial expressions while dancing lol and it’s so cute how they start singing altogether to provide the music for the members to dance to!

            High School Guerilla Date: I actually watched this one a couple of weeks ago and aww the high school kids were so sweet and so brave how they kept it together in front of EXO! I’m afraid I’d just faint or fangirl intensely at them LOL. I’ve never met a musician or singer i admire to this day so I’m still not sure how I’d react… 😛 At the end of that interview is when D.O. got all serious about his acting and it made me laugh how the others were teasing him for getting so serious.

            Sketchbook interview: I loved this one, thanks for sharing! i had not watched this one and I loved that “Growl” performance…also I was cackling when D.O was called on to explain his power and he really didn’t want to get up so Xiumin basically had to pull him up omg…I had to rewatch that part! Also aww baby Kai wanting to go home from embarrassment…I feel ya Kai! <3 They sang to provide the music for the dance move showcases again, idk why I find this so adorable!

            Wow you had a dream about Kai! I still have not had a dream about any EXO members but I remember in the past having dreams about Hyun Bin and Lee Minho but you even had a Kai family member guest star, how cool! Did you see Kai's IG live today? It wasn't very interesting as he and Chanyeol were just speaking to each other when I tuned in and there's no such thing as live subs and I don't understand enough Korean to get what they were talking about.

            Aww well EXO september comeback is still ok with me, sounds like it is a very busy summer for our boys! And yes please don't let anyone cut D.O's hair again…I really was not a fan of his winter hair look.

            Oh in case you're curious to see the "Been Through" performance I mentioned in the last comment, I ran out of space in my last comment but it's this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gkrrm7FYJhY (starts at 7:25) even our golden voiced Chen sounded a bit off? maybe it's a harder to sing live type song and they hadn't practiced it much? Baekhyun's jacket is super cute in this performance though and his makeup too 😉

            Anyway to properly introduce myself now, my name is Jennifer but I also accept Jenni or Jenny. I have one of the most common names in USA and I even have a coworker with the exact same name as me…this is why I related so much to the kdrama Another Oh Hae Young. Also I'm definitely watching this kdrama https://twitter.com/kocowa_official/status/1014207143841497094


            Happy belated Independence Day!
            I used to read a ton, like really a lot. After I started watching dramas and doing K-pop it’s been pretty sad. I have some summer reading goals. Let’s see if I can reach them…
            Yes, it should totally count! When I was watching “Princess’ Man”, the subs were written in such a good English I think I learned some new words through it!

            I might have mentioned I didn’t like “The Liar and His Lover”? Not saying that you shouldn’t watch, check it out (this drama made me realize what a great(-looking) actor Lee Hyun Woo is)), just sharing an unpopular opinion. This drama also spoiled RV’s Joy for me. I kinda don’t like her now.
            Kim Jin Woo was a love at first sight. He’s not a very famous actor, but I saw him as a second lead in “Queen In-hyun’s Man” and fell for him instantly. I think I’ll have to see if “Reunited Worlds” is any good, he was there.
            Ah, yes I remember now! I was too lazy to go through our comments, lol.
            I am much more lax with my dramas. If I don’t like it or it’s not fun anymore, I put it aside. I suppose I take it less responsibly and more fun. Also, I’ve used dramas a lot for procrastination… During the semester I pick my dramas much more carefully, but still drop them if they go too melo on me or the story is going nowhere.

            Welcome! It was! There were also other groups performing during the concert, I believe. Yes, Baekhyun is so sweet with fans! And Sehun too! “Could you blow some wind to me?” And their reaction when fans tried to.
            Ok, I’ll see if I am ever in the mood to pick up old unfinished dramas…

            Oh, I haven’t seen that article, thank you! I have only recently started following Tao’s, Luhan’s and Kris’ Instagram but don’t know what’s going on with them otherwise. I love Tao because of “Negotiator” and am happy he’s going to rest. I bet he needs it.
            Ah, ‘tis okay, I am used to DF style of articles.

            They both know how much hard work making abs is, so they want to make sure fans can enjoy them while they can… 😛

            Minho is handsome. And I love his competitiveness, sometimes he seems like a small boy.
            Yes, I like lives too. But only when they sound good…
            For example Pentagon doesn’t sound good live always. Some stages were great, but then there were some where I cringed hard and the singing spoiled the whole performance for me.
            Singing live is hard – idols dance and are expected to sound good. That’s why so many idols lip-sync. (And I don’t mind it anymore, it’s better than being disturbed by off-key singing.)
            “Been Through” is a difficult song with a lot of high passages (the chorus!), that might be the reason they have no choreo for that. I was learning singing for a year and a half, so I know that there are days when you might not be in good condition. Especially if you’re tired or sick or have little/no sufficient time to warm up. This seems to be the case. I don’t know what their schedule was like, but their condition sounded quite bad here.


            The only one in good condition seemed to be Suho. D.O., Chen and even Baekhyun all sounded a bit off. Some of D.O.’s high notes were quite… not so good. And I haven’t seen that yet which means that they either had no time to warm up or were tired or sick. Or both. Also, they danced to Boomerang… But then rested during Universe. Their condition must have been really bad.
            I’ve seen one stage on a music show like this. It was “Lotto” and they all seemed so tired and sounded quite bad too. Don’t know why they had to do a live when they were tired…

            I’ve seen a Tonight stage, I think, but listened now again and it’s really beautiful. Of course it made me a bit sad (how can I not think of Jonghyun when they sing sad songs). Taemin’s voice was really nice there (those high notes!).
            And I appreciate how SM is slowly recognizing the international fans – subs for Micing Interviews, lyric video with English translation… I like it.

            I know right! Day6 is amazing! I don’t stan them, but I love their music. If you want some more recs:
            I’m Serious – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmHQbzbM8pI
            Congratulations (their debut song) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3sFsHrUyLQ
            You Were Beautiful – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS7tz2rAOSA
            How Can I Say – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwywhL1PenQ

            But they have no bad songs really. And last year they released two songs every month. One of them had always an MV.
            And they also participate in writing their music.

            Personal picks:
            The first song I’ve heard: Dance Dance – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAW0idSQ6Zs
            My latest favourite: What Can I Do – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RJWqIEo_Tc

            Sorry, they have too many good songs and I am choosing only from the titles.
            (Also if you need another contestant for the title of your favourite Korean rock band, then *whispers* FTIsland!)

            Yes, I was hoping Lay would dance though. He was still cute. I loved when Suho mentioned the powers and Sehun was like: “Seriously, hyung?”. Lol. Also all those commercials. “We can do anything.” Lol. “Call us anytime.”

            The girl who acted with Chanyeol and then left with Sehun totally nailed it. A heroine she is. I would probably scream a bit, hide my face and run away. But I haven’t met anyone famous yet either, so maybe I would faint too. Who knows. That interview was cute.

            You’re very welcome. The powers are so cringey but I love it so much! I bet they were all cursing at SM for giving them such a concept in their heads. Poor Kai, he always has to teleport. On Knowing Brothers too. So he runs and pretends he teleported. Oh, poor boy.
            I remembered during that part that Kris’ power way flying. Is that why he left? Lol. Luhan’s was telekinesis. Not much better. Tao had time machination.
            I am just a bit sad because they cut out a lot of footage. Korean fans said Lay talked quite a lot during the recording, but they cut his parts out. Oh well…


            The grandpa was more like an old director of a company from K-dramas. He was wearing a bathrobe… And talked mostly to Kai.

            I’ve been spending some time on Twitter lately (which is not good and healthy for me, I should stop it) because I was working the past two days (a summer job in a bookstore) and there is a lot of time to kill generally.
            But! Kai had his live just between the time I left work (and all SNS) and got home. Lol. Haven’t seen it whole, only some snippets on Twitter. (But with translation!) Some of the translated material:
            Yeonsoo is a cool Korean EXO-L who does live translations of concerts and stuff like that.
            This one is a bit sad:
            And if you check Kai’s Insta after watching these with translation… You’ll understand a bit more his last post.

            Me neither! I know some people loved his egg look, but nothing can beat his Love Me Right hair for me. They asked about it even in the Weekly Entertainment interview two years ago!

            About that Been Through performance – I haven’t listened to the rest of the fan meet. Is this the only song where they sound off? I would almost bet it isn’t… It really seemed to be a problem with their condition, not with too little practise…
            Baekhyun does look good. And the makeup on him. He has black hair again now. (Saw it on Twitter, but shhh.) Kai looked really good there too. (Biased, I know.)

            Oh, hello Jennifer! Nice to meet you. I am Ester. And people call me… Ester. One of my friends used to call me Estee and that’s how I got my handle ST.
            Now I get why you’re ohhaeyoung! Makes sense. But don’t forget you’re special even if your name might not be! (As you’ll see in a while, Lay said so. It’s true.)

            Looks good. The shorter dramas are usually able to keep their story together, so I will check it out. (Is there any particular reason why you’ll be watching that?)

            Do you know that Lay came to Korea? And probably is still there? He came on the 2nd July and EXO-Ls even trended #WeMissYouLay to welcome him to Korea. https://twitter.com/morningpassages/status/1013716969495908352
            Everyone is hoping for an OT9 comeback (he would have had enough time to record everything and even learn the choreo if the comeback was in September). But it’s nice they’ll get to spend some time together, comeback or not.
            I think if he joined this comeback, he could be my bias – he is an INFP (like me, the proof is here) and has been growing on me. Like, look at this Insta story: https://twitter.com/EXOGlobal/status/1013693525207101440
            To understand the reference, you’ll have to listen to his “Sheep”. To make it less weird, he was born in the year of the sheep and it’s his nickname in China. The MV was also released on his birthday…


            Hey @estee so I used to always have summer reading goals before watching kdramas and then that first year I was watching kdramas consistently I pretty much failed my summer reading list goals so I kinda gave up the year after but hwaiting to you and hope you’re able to make time for reading this summer! My personal excuse was that I read so much in college it was ok not to read a few years after but of course I still have a huge love for books and literature in general. I mostly read on planes now when I travel or when I go on vacations I find it easier to find time to read. This year I haven’t really been able to travel but I’m looking forward to traveling this fall. Haha true, subs use some very interesting word choices so we do learn new words occasionally. One thing I hate about subs in general is the amount of typos and misspellings I catch. It’s prominent in both Viki and Dramafever, but sometimes even Netflix will have this and since I edit for a living it annoys me a bit.

            I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on Liar and His Lover that I will def check it out for myself. I watched RV’s Joy in that Tempted drama this year and I quite liked her. Her character was nice, it wasn’t a great drama but I enjoyed a lot of moments in the show because of the OTP. I totally bought the Etude House Red Velvet lipsticks because of the PPL in that Tempted drama https://www.etudehouse.com/int/en/index.php/makeup/lips/lip-stick/matte-chic-lip-lacquer.html (i only got Joy Grapefruit and Seulgi Burgundy)
            Ah I dropped Queen in Hyun’s man cause I wasn’t finding the male lead attractive…and I’ve recently relaxed on how I choose to watch kdramas. I used to have this watchlist that I was strict on following but realized I wasn’t enjoying watching that way so I’m more flexible now in how I choose to watch next.

            Baekhyun is def so sweet! I didn’t realize his clothing line was dropping this week, have you ordered anything yet? The website was down all day yesterday so I finally got a chance to view the store and I’m so undecided on whether I should buy a tshirt. I love Baekhyun’s face but that’s an odd selca choice.

            Maybe Tao’s message translation is off but it sounds more like he wants to take a permanent break from fame lifestyle? I don’t know, the DF article is all chipper about it…kind of like it’s ignoring what Tao is actually saying? I haven’t looked much into what the Chinese fans or media are saying though as I’m really not that familiar with Chinese fan culture anyway. Other than I know they can be very obsessive too LOL. My best friend from college is Chinese and she used to watch kdramas and be into kpop but not really anymore, but she’s recently started watching kdramas again cause I talk about them so much 😛 I spent time with her this week and she was encouraging me to go live in Korea already!

            Speaking of hard work and abs…I am loving all of Kai’s IG pics lately esp the ones with him and Chanyeol at the gym 😀


            Ah ok so I’m not a singer at all…never taken voice lessons or anything like that but I just rewatched that whole concert video and they do look kinda tired right from the beginning. Looks like this was a concert in early February so maybe they were super busy with getting ready for the Olympics concert later that month and maybe doing other promotions and concerts? I’m sad that this is the only live version of “Been Through” that I can find though. And yes Suho sounded good the whole concert…Chen and DO seemed to be the ones who didn’t sound as good and well they both typically get the most singing lines. After the “Been Through” performance, they sounded pretty good for the rest of the concert though tbh.

            Oh I hadn’t realized SM had actually created an official Shinee “Tonight” lyric video but it is beautiful and yay SM for doing this! Now that I read the lyrics, they are quite sad…still a gorgeous song though!

            All those Day6 songs are really nice, I like their sound! They’re so peppy but rock! 😀 and I have listened to a few FTIsland songs but haven’t had any really stick out to me yet.

            Haha Suho is so amusing in interviews, he always seems to be goodnatured too and always proud of being the EXO leader. I saw this on Soompi yesterday and was smiling so hard at this Suho/Chanyeol interaction. I’ll admit I don’t get the jokes but Chanyeol’s expression at Suho is hilarious https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=27&v=Wph8JIMWuns

            Haha the chinese members got terrible powers too…and yes I find the powers cringey tbh but Suho seems to enjoy them! 😛

            I was confused for a sec on the grandpa you were talking about, oh your dream! Dreams can be so weird sometimes!! I had a dream this week that I was in NYC and Big Bang was there and I was all excited to see TOP and I’m not even a VIP so not sure why I had a Big Bang dream when I watch way more EXO content.

            So Twitter is my favorite social media so I’m not the best at being an advocate for being a more productive human being apparently 😛 and wow a summer job at a bookstore, that sounds amazing! I just love being at bookstores, they are my happy place 😀

            Thank you so much for the Kai IG live translations! Now that I know what he was saying, it really was interesting and cute! Man, I need to learn to understand Korean! Chanyeol’s social media tips were very good and ah i was wondering why Kai had no profile picture on IG.

            Haha I only ever saw negative comments about D.O.’s winter haircut.
            And yes of course Kai looked really good in that February Nature Republic concert. I love his outfit, the panther on his shirt and his hair looked real nice too.

            Oh nice to meet you too Ester! That is a really pretty name!! I do like my name sometimes but as Oh HaeYoung, I consistently meet bad people with same name as me. In middle school I had a “friend” named Jennifer who later turned into a bully, and ever since then I’m convinced I can’t be friends with anyone with same name as me LOL


            I’m mostly interested in watching To Jenny because of the title LOL, sometimes I choose to watch a kdrama because of the title or the poster 😛 but the teaser has a cover of the “Tiramisu Cake” song by We Are The Night which is a song I strangely really like despite the repetitiveness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On2xXk-vAN4 mostly cause I first heard it in this PSH commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G739m1oq5kM

            No, I did not know that Lay was in Korea now. It’s interesting that EXO used to be chinese/korean. Does that mean all chinese members spoke Korean fluently? And hahaha those social media posts from Lay are sooooo cute! Never heard that “Sheep” song before but that makes more sense why he’s calling the sheep “bros” now 😛

            Anyway I think I’m about to click Buy on this red Baekhyun tshirt 😛 #allforbbBBH


            Oh, that’s cool! I’ve always just read what I felt like and now that I have a list, a real challenge, I am busy with dramas… I’m not sure it will work out, but at least I’ll try. I have no personal excuse… And I am in college right now. I should really read more! I still do love books as well. Stories in general really. (Books – dramas, there’s a connection! 😛 )
            I have never been on plane so far. I should fix it soon. Do you have any plans for your travels this fall?
            Haha, I get that. I might not have that with English but with Czech, I am hypersensitive about it.

            The buzz was really big, that was the reason I watched it in the first place (I am a curious human being). I haven’t seen “Tempted” (because I don’t like Joy much, lol). Oh, the burgundy looks good!
            Well, he wasn’t really that attractive… I haven’t finished it either, to be honest.
            Yes! Dramas should be fun after all. 😉

            I’ve realized it was dropping just a few hours before it did! And then the site was down, lol. They weren’t prepared for the power of EXO-Ls!
            I haven’t ordered anything yet. I don’t want Baek’s face on my T-shirt (no matter how handsome he is and yes, that selce is interesting). I don’t really wear people on my clothes in general. I am thinking about the black or white crewneck. I might wait for the next month’s releases (they should release new stuff every month, I think).

            I took your prompt and went to google more articles about Tao (‘cause we know DF is not really trustworthy) and you were right: https://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/blog/2018/01/30/ex-exo-member-tao-shares-heartwrenching-letter-about-struggling-celebrity
            SBS is taking it much farther… Oh crap. (Sorry.) Now I checked the date because the content of Tao’s posts seemed different and the SBS one is from January! He sounds so burnt-out and tired, even losing motivation… He seems to have been struggling for a while now and I am very happy he is finally taking a break. I don’t care how long it will take, I just don’t want any more people being pushed so far they would consider committing suicide.
            I don’t think he’s not planning to come back, he says that “everything will begin again” and that he’s leaving “so that he can quietly rest and make music”. However, saying he is going to “disappear for a long time” is a tad worrying. I totally get him though. If I was famous or an idol, I would break down after a week. Rest well, Tao.

            Oh yes. I’ve heard about fans in China (not sure if they were Chinese but probably) stalking the stars in cars! Which caused some accidents already, I believe.
            Haha, you go and get her back to dramaland. Are you going then? Let me know if you are! Going with you!

            And that is only thanks to our Chanyeol sunbaenim’s hard work with teaching the SNS newbie. 😛


            Might be. I don’t remember what was happening in February but I bet they did have some tiring schedule.
            They do not perform it at concerts? What a pity… Maybe next year? It is a great song, I believe we will hear it again. 🙂 I still haven’t seen the full concert but I guess either the rest of the songs weren’t that difficult or they warmed up sufficiently during “Been Through”.

            Yes, and now there’s also an official lyric video for “Our Page”!

            Happy you like them! 🙂
            My favourite FTIsland songs might be “Take Me”, “Pray” and “Wind”. I don’t know all of their songs though. Don’t know if you’ve already heard these or not.

            Suho is sometimes like a dad. You love him but he’s sometimes a bit embarrassing… And his dad jokes! I’ve seen that article and clicked only to see if Suho was there. And he was! Lol. I didn’t get the jokes either but they were probably some lame word-play jokes. I loved how the crew laughed at the end and Chanyeol was like: “Don’t laugh at his jokes, you’ll spoil him!”
            It’s such a cringey concept! NCT must be happy not to have anything like that. Instead, there are so many subunits! That seems to be their concept.

            This way of chatting can get a bit impractical at times… Aw, you saw BigBang in your dream! And TOP! Nice one. 🙂
            You’re not the only one, I’ve read on the fan wall that a beanie only had dreams about the actors she didn’t even like that much, but never about her faves… But don’t worry, EXO dreams should come too!

            I have nothing much against Twitter, just that I gotta be careful about how much I get into K-pop. I am not much of a social butterfly and I use Twitter only for K-pop (I have a “normal” one, but don’t use it). And Twitter can be sometimes toxic with all the fanwars taking place there. So beware if you want to follow K-pop too (warning, warning, warning, warning). *cue Overdose*

            Yes, books and bookstores! Love them.

            Welcome! This is what Twitter is good for though, you know what is happening at the moment and people translate stuff. Just careful about toxic fans. I need to learn Korean too…

            I know one of Beanies liked his egg hair… Speaking of Kai: https://www.vlive.tv/video/78336/playlist/79252 Kai cooking! Only two eps are out so far.

            Thank you! 🙂 Oh, that’s sad. Hopefully a Jennifer will break that spell one day.
            I feel so dumb now, how did I not realize that “To.Jenny” and “Jennifer” were related! I guess I still keep thinking of you as OhHaeYoung, lol.
            Do you sometimes choose books like that too?
            That song is nice! It’s catchy and chill. The chorus doesn’t even sound that repetitive because it doesn’t sound very prominent (it took me half of the song to realize they were singing “tiramisu cake”, lol, it’s quite late here).


            Comment was deleted


            It was a marketing strategy! A good one but SM did a poor job at managing them. I suppose they were not fluent at first but they did learn. I know Lay’s Korean is pretty good. I don’t know much about Kris, Tao and Luhan but I saw a meme with Tao mispronouncing a word (he said “potato” instead of “emotion”), so his Korean was probably weaker. I remember more memes like that, so Korean must have been difficult for some of them at first (as any foreign language really).
            He’s so precious!

            Go for it! Have you ordered it?
            I am planning to order some albums! Finally. I will get two Pentagon albums (they are less famous that EXO, gotta support them a bit more) and EXO’s Love Me Right repackage (that era was so pretty!).


            @estee yes I love kdramas for the stories of course, when I watched the first few kdramas there is that familiar yet foreign feel to it that was just so enchanting! I felt like my horizons had been expanded and I was so attracted to a culture and country I previously had known so little about. You wouldn’t believe the amount of concerned comments I got from acquaintances and colleagues about my trip to South Korea, “aren’t you scared of North Korea? blah blah” and I was like “nah” 😛
            Traveling by plane is my favorite mode of travel, you should definitely try it soon! I’ve been on planes since I was 3 years old when I immigrated to USA with my parents from Central America. I do return to my home country every now and then. As for my fall plans, I am actually going to visit Washington DC. I have visited many times before but I always like to do new things when I visit…so many museums to explore!

            Yes the DB buzz for Liar and His Lover was so intense which is why I want to check it out for myself. And yes, I love that burgundy color! I actually didn’t have anything quite like it in my very large lipstick collection. I think I mentioned being a cosmetics addict right? 😛 Etude House has some quality and affordable items.

            Oh I didn’t know there is going to be a new release next month! I think I’m gonna wait for next month then as I’m still unsure on that selca tshirt pic. You heard about those CBX shoes? They’re so pricey but maybe once I see them I’ll have to have them? I’ve bought Switchfoot band members faces on a tshirt before and bought 2 of their pairs of shoes they released a few years ago. I am that kind of fan LOL 😉

            Ah yeah sounds like Tao just needs some rest and relaxation! I see he’s still active on IG but I really hope he is taking it easy! I don’t want anyone else finding themselves in such a dark place either…it’s traumatizing to all.

            Haha definitely going back to Korea again for vacation at some point…but my friend was telling me to go live there and I was trying to tell her that I love my current job and am happy. However, there is that part of me that thinks that living and teaching English in Korea may just be worth it too. One of my fb friends who just graduated college announced she is going to Korea to teach English for a year and so that got me wondering again if I should go. My career is really going well though so that’s part of why I chose to just go on vacation trip to Korea last year. Either way I knew that in 2017 I had to step foot on Korean soil so I did! 😀

            You’re right…Chanyeol has trained his hoobae well!

            And aww the “Our Page” lyrics really are so emotional </3 tbh I had been scared to enjoy Shinee songs but I finally added my favorites from their new songs to my kpop playlist. I have favorites from Story of Light pt 1,2, and 3. They really are so artistic and talented! But I'm still wary and careful as I think that for now I can admire them casually from afar kind of feeling…


            Whoa the “Pray” song is soooo good! i had heard the other two before but Hongki’s vocals sound so good with the more aggressive music in “Pray” and I really like it! Thanks for sharing that one!

            Haha yeah i’ve heard about Suho’s dad jokes and seen the references about “mama Suho” taking care of the EXO boys. Speaking of Suho, you finished his kdrama, how was his acting?
            I don’t know anything about NCT but ooh I think subunits are cool, since I love CBX so much <3

            And haha yes this mode of chatting is a bit impractical for sure. I just checked and we're at over 100 comments in this thread now!

            Ah ok I don't use Twitter to follow kpop but those EXO twitter hashtag emojis are so exciting! #EXO_ComingSoon 😀 If I do look up things such as IG live translations, I'll be wary of the crazies on there. I don't get all this fan war business…people are too sensitive sometimes. Just like I don't get antis in Korea…if you don't like someone, just ignore them! Geez…anyway I do think Twitter is a great social media and I like it for knowing latest news about concerts, music releases, and like you said it's super instant!

            Aww Kai cooking is so cute! I need to take cooking lessons myself, am planning on doing that this next month. Have you ever had Vietnamese food? I have actually never had Banh Mi. I know it's usually pork and I don't eat pork…I should try the chicken one!

            Haha the whole "Jenni" and "Jennifer" disconnect happens. I actually was looking at facebook this week and one of my previous coworkers is named Jenni, very kind older lady who I was surprised when I learned her full name was Jennifer and figured her legal name was just Jenni LOL, so I take that back I have totally met an awesome Jennifer before.

            Yes sometimes I do pick books based on title…or even cover despite that old saying 😛 I think I established I'm superficial sometimes right?

            Aw yeah Korean and Chinese are not related languages. But yes I met a lot of Chinese international students at my university time and all the girls would express love for korean entertainment so smart marketing strategy on SM's part but too bad they couldn't maintain it well.

            Ooh yes EXO "Love Me Right" repackage is beautiful! I love how they're wearing american football clothes cause they look hella good in them but also it confuses me cause they play zero american football in the MV. Ah well who cares, it's not like I'm a fan of american football anyway. I plan on buying a physical copy of "Blooming Days", probably for my birthday as a gift to myself next month. I still don't have a top favorite EXO album. I like songs from all the albums. I'm just trying to get my finances in order this month LOL


            Yes! That feeling of exoticism and foreignness was awesome! It all felt so new and strange and interesting. My horizons were expanded as well. My first drama was Boys Over Flowers which is an extremely cliché drama, but I loved it! And wanted to see more.
            Now the newness and strangeness have worn off, so I have much lower tolerance for clichés, now I need a good story (or fluff, depending on mood).
            It really does change your perspective! You are suddenly interested in anything Korean, lol. I had no interest in Asia before K-dramas, but after I met Korea, all East Asian countries were suddenly interesting. Even Japan and China (not as much as Korea though). But that might be because I’ve seen some J-dramas and C/T-dramas too.
            Oh my, really? They must have been really worried. That’s what most people think of when they hear “Korea” though.

            Wow. I really have to. Was it difficult to integrate into the US society? Or is it easier because USA are so multicultural?
            Cool! Washington D.C. sounds nice. I know it only from the pictures and English classes. What museums do you like visiting?
            I am actually going to my country’s capital too! I will be visiting my sister in Prague in two weeks. She moved there for work, so I’ll be there for a weekend. And there’s always a lot to do… And buy… 😛

            The buzz of Liar Ninjas was no joke! You did mention it once, when I think about it, lol. I am on the other side, to be honest. I could call myself a newbie in cosmetics and make-up. Or rather an explorer, I just go around and sometimes buy something, then try it out. Lol. And since I am not the type of person to look for tutorials on skincare or make-up, I just try different things on my own. Lol. I’ll keep an eye on Etude House on my next exploration trip.

            I hope there is one. But that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve heard, I haven’t seen the prices yet. Could you maybe send me the link to the site? I am too lazy to look it up. (Sorry!) I am curious about them, but I am wary about buying shoes without trying them on. I guess I’ll see. Oh, I had no idea Switchfoot released T-shirts and shoes!

            On Tao. Just today I’ve seen this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlIsw5EHORe/?taken-by=hztttao
            He should take it easy! Is a month of rest enough? Oh boy. He really shouldn’t push himself too much.
            Haha, “Promise” just came on my playlist. (You know “Promise”, right?) And I ended up watching a clip of Tao mentioning his trainee days on Chinese Produce 101. Now I miss OT12 even if I never seen it.

            It’s great that your career is going so well! It’s nice that you would have a place to go to if anything went wrong though!

            I have the same thing with Shinee! But to be honest, I have been ignoring them lately. (Other groups to stan, I guess?) Once I saw a Shinee variety video and Minho was extremely bias-material and I got scared. I can’t stan them. Lol.

            I am leaving for a week-long working vacation, but I’ll try to get back to you with the second half of my reply!


            Hi, @ohhaeyoung!
            I am extremely sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner, the trip I was on was half work, half fun, but there was little to no time for DB or anything else really. Hope you had a great week! 🙂

            Happy you like it! They will be making comeback in July. I am looking forward to it.

            Yes, Suho is the mom and Kris was the dad. So now there are jokes about single mama Suho working hard to raise his 8 kids.
            I did finish the drama and enjoyed about 75% of it. Suho’s acting… People say it is bad. I don’t want to say that. So I’ll say it isn’t always as natural as it should be. But he worked hard for this role, watched the original drama a few times etc. And he also plays in musicals (there’s a new one he’s in, it’s called “The Man who Laughs”, it premiered this week). And studies acting. Seeing all that I am wondering if he’ll always be so… unnatural? I hope not.

            NCT has 18 members. And there are three different subunits. Some members are in more than one. And NCT Dream is limited by age (it’s for younger members). It’s pretty complicated (which is also one of the reasons why I’ve been always wary of them). It’s practically their concept. The subunits. Lol.

            Yep, going to K-pop Twitter equals getting involved in the fandom (and potentially fanwars) stuff. I didn’t use to do it much. Just you know, no time and my emotional health, but now I have holidays, so I’ve been there much more. It’s still probably not very healthy for me but I am doing fine right now. But I totally get you for not going there. It’s a really scary place.
            The fanwars. I hate them. But, I totally do get where they are coming from. I would never get involved in it or willingly do or say anything to harm another group’s fan or member (or a human being in general, lol), but I understand what feelings might start fanwars (shame on me, but I am working on it, really!). I suppose those feelings intensify when being an EXO-L or an Army is the most important part of their life. The dedication of the Korean fans is no joke and they also have to spend much more energy to support their groups. During a comeback there are pre-recordings (often at crazy hours – early morning or night), fan-meetings, streaming the music on Melon… There are many things the Korean fans do for their idols. (While international fans vote, buy albums, stream or YT, some might attend concerts. Is that why some I-fans do fanwars – to help at least somehow, to show dedication?)
            That’s why when they feel their idol is threatened, they don’t hold back. And with both EXO and BTS currently being in the top K-pop groups (alongside others, of course), some fans from both fandoms feel that the other group is threatening their idols. (Seriously, I can’t watch award shows anymore. MAMA 2017 was crazy.) There are other groups doing fanwars but I believe one of the most intense and most permanent is between these two.
            Also, the older (and more mature) a fandom is, the less fanwars there are (in theory).


            Part 3 for @ohhaeyoung

            Nope, I haven’t tried Vietnamese food yet. I am a bit wary when it comes to Asian cuisine (I know, I know, lol) but it’s based on my previous negative experience with spring rolls (wait, is that Vietnamese? or Chinese?). It was from a fast-food, so it might not have been as good as it should have. I am not used to seafood and I had a spring roll with prawns too. Bottom line: I should get some proper Vietnamese/Chinese/Korean food to taste. (I need to get some jjajjangmyeon, I’m watching Wook of Love and it always making me soooo hungry! I have to try the Chinese!)
            Cooking lessons sound very cool! Good luck and enjoy. What cuisine are you planning to learn?

            Yes! The Jennifer curse has been broken! 😛

            I like to do it too (…when I read something, lol). Sometimes the title or cover alone is intriguing enough. I am superficial in some aspects too… Don’t worry.

            They didn’t play it in the MV but did once on the way to a music show pre-recording!
            From Chanyeol’s Insta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97P1kZCCGyA
            A longer version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlGeHx49EXc
            Sehun was playing “Almost Paradise” (a notorious OST from Boys Over Flowers, lol). The ones playing (do you want to spoil it or do you prefer figuring that out on your own?) will be revealed at the end of the comment.

            Yay! Treat yourself. 🙂 I have to admit I still have not listened to all albums. I don’t like listening to the whole album at once, then I can’t appreciate all the songs really. I need to take some time to listen to each song… So I know only the more popular b-tracks. But I am working on it, lol. The EXO members playing football are Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai and Chen.


            hey @estee no problem! I’ve been extremely busy myself this past week…the days are going by so fast lately. Hope you had an awesome holiday this past week…so is it like traveling for work? I’ve never had the chance to travel for work myself but that’s cool! And yes I embraced my fascination for Korea in steps haha…first the dramas, then the food, the k-beauty, traveling to Korea, and now finally kpop! I used to watch YT videos about makeup application when I was in college but nowadays I just do my makeup in a more natural korean style – I don’t care to contour or do crazy highlight makeup like the typical American girls do. I’ve always liked having more natural makeup anyway but of course I take makeup and fashion inspiration from kpop groups sometimes too. Boys Over Flowers was my 3rd kdrama and I had to watch it cause everyone always talks about it!

            I immigrated to the USA very young at the age of 3 so it was easy to learn the language and feel American right away but since there is already a strong Latino culture here then I was able to identify as a Latina as well right away. I remember starting kindergarten not being able to speak English and sitting and crying cause I didn’t understand what the gym teacher was saying to me haha but of course in a year or two I understood everything and was able to learn both English and Spanish at the same time in primary school because of the ESL (English as Second Language) programs they had. USA is very multicultural and I had friends from all different backgrounds in school. I had a lot of Vietnamese friends in school and friends from India as well. In college, I met a lot of Chinese and Taiwanese people but yes it is interesting to live in such a multicultural society but still be able to retain some of my culture and background. I feel so blessed to be able to live at a time when we can have subtitles for the lovely cultures of other parts of the world and have such easy access to their content such as Korea 😀
            In Washington DC, i like to visit the Smithsonian museums and I have a lot of family that lives in DC so I tend to spend time with them every time I visit. I have never been to the white house as I think they tend to keep it more restricted nowadays anyway. I’m not interested in politics much but I do like history and there are a lot of monuments to see in DC. I wonder if you can visit the blue house in Korea, we drove by it on an international taxi on a tour to Namsan tower and I remember there was a lot of security on the roads near the blue house. Wow yeah I’m sure there is lots to do in Prague, how wonderful! Do a lot of people speak english in Czech Republic?

            This is the shoe collection for CBX https://limited.ysneakers.com/shop/big_section.php?cno1=1018 I love both pairs that Xiumin designed and I also love the high top pair from Baekhyun. I think I’m gonna buy the Baekhyun high top but these are so expensive according to Instagram. The website doesn’t seem to have prices :/


            Oh wow hope all goes well with Tao’s comeback and that he has rested enough. And no I had never heard “Promise” but I’m listening to it right now and it’s a very nice song!

            LOL @ single mama Suho…and hope his acting does improve the more he practices it. I did see he is doing theater recently, so cool! I love how active korean theater seems to be 😀 as I am a bit of a theater fangirl. I love going to Broadway shows every time I visit New York city. Have you seen this interview with EXO btw? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNzrG2SZWqU
            I am kinda bad and can’t help but think those are their outfits for the “Artificial Love” choreo right? hahaha

            Wow 18 members in NCT? I only know one…Doyoung because of this duet with Sejeong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpv-mkmddms (my favorite duet in Korean ever cause the song is so dreamy and the MV is super cute too)

            Speaking of Station songs…Baekhyun finally performed “Take You Home” live and omg I am just sooo happy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq5y4xq7zH4 (hope we can get a high quality video of it soon)

            Did you hear about the CBX fanmeet in Seoul in august? And they released a global package for it too? This was my first time hearing of SM global packages and I looked into it and while a bit pricey does seem like something that might be worth it in the future for concerts. I unfortunately cannot go to Korea this August on a whim 🙁

            Haha yes BTS and EXO both have very young fans who can be pretty immature I guess and therefore behave badly on social media. I realized last week that only two members in EXO are old enough to be my “oppas” – Xiumin and Suho! The others are all a bit younger than me LOL But I do see some disturbing arguing on Twitter like I notice korean fans get mad that international fans get certain things like the global package mentioned above. Or racist comments too like I saw a ARMY trend last saturday that made me sad therefore I stay away from all kpop fan stuff on twitter plus I don’t think I’d have the time or energy to keep up! The only EXO-Ls I interact with are on IG and have only chatted with kind people on there!

            Ok so the day after I saw the Kai cooking video I went to the mall and ate at the food court where they happened to have a Vietnamese food place so I tried the chicken Bahn Mi and it was pretty delicious and flavorful! For Vietnamese food, I like pho but I also don’t like spring rolls. I like regular egg rolls with meat in them. I’m not much of a seafood fan either…I do like shrimp, crab, lobster but I only like some fish occasionally. My favorite Asian food ever is actually Thai food because they use peanuts in their food and cashews and I happen to love peanuts. Korean food is very delicious too though and I have only ever had a proper dish of jajangmyun when I was in Seoul and I tried it at a restaurant that was “chinese” in Korea. I can’t seem to find jajangmyun on the menus of Korean restaurants here in my city.


            But I have been able to buy instant jajangmyun packets and eat those or ramyun when the mood for noodles strikes at home haha. LOL @ myself, I liked one of my comments right now 😛 Anyway my favorite Korean foods are bulgogi, kalbi, kimchi, ramen, tteokbokki, kimbap, and korean fried chicken! Have you ever had korean bbq? That was my first introduction to korean food before I ever even saw a kdrama and while I didn’t like kimchi right away, it is an acquired taste and I grew to love it the more I tried it.

            For my cooking lessons, I am planning on taking a French cuisine class first. We’ll see how it goes! 😀

            Hahaha “alllmooost paradiiiise” i was waiting for it 😛 and LOL @ Baekhyun dropping the ball right away. Or more like he didn’t catch it and EXO is always repping the New York Yankee caps. I went to a Yankees game this summer but I was rooting for the team they were playing against cause it was my hometown 😛 Baseball is a big deal in Korea and my hometown team actually has a korean baseball player so when the ahjussi who worked at the hotel in Seoul we were staying at asked where we were from, he wanted to talk about the korean baseball player from my hometown. My friend and I were clueless as we don’t watch sports usually. 😛

            And aww my #1-3 top favorite EXO members were playing football then! My current top 3 are Kai, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol. I love Chen too of course but I just love all of EXO! <3

            EXO has so much music yay so I still haven't listened to all of it either. I do enjoy listening to albums all the way through so my favorite one is still "Blooming Days" and therefore feel confident buying a physical copy of it.

            Ok so I caught up on eps 3-6 of Kai in the Kitchen and in ep 4 he mentions a dorm…does EXO live in a dorm all together? Or was that just for debut time? In ep 6 Kai says his favorite EXO album is EXODUS but it has that song "Hurt" that always makes me giggle at Sehun's bad pronunciation of the word "hurt" at the end, why did no one correct baby Sehun? I can't enjoy the song because of it so the Chinese version is better because they pronounce "hurt" well there. Super Junior records songs with bad English pronunciation all the time so SM just doesn't seem to care to hire someone to at least make sure the pronunciation in recorded versions is correct. They are being so secretive about this next comeback! I have so much anticipation for it!!


            hey @ST i’m super excited to tell you that I finally made my first kpop purchases this week! Last night I ordered the Baekhyun high top shoes and I feel a little insane considering the price tag but I actually really liked the shoes! Xiumin’s shoes were so cute too and I almost thought of buying a Xiu pair as well but managed to talk myself out of it LOL

            Today I ordered the EXO-CBX Blooming Days mini album physical copy! I’ll share pics with you of everything once I get it 😀 I still have not purchased anything Prive cause I am hesitant as I don’t fully love the designs.
            Anyway so my first purchases are both related to EXO-CBX <3
            I'm sure I'll buy my first EXO products once the summer comeback happens #EXO_ComingSoon

            Also so I went to bed really happy thinking about the Baekhyun shoes and how I'd love to wear them to an EXO concert whenever I happen to get the chance to go…and I had my first dream about EXO last night!! It was about Kai and Chanyeol…so no Baekhyun in my dream even though I spent all of last night thinking about him hahaha. Anyway in my dream, I was walking outdoors and I knew that EXO was in town for some reason so I happen to see Kai and Chanyeol hanging out together so naturally I freak out and I yell "annyeong haseyo" over to them and they kinda keep their distance from me but since Chanyeol is really friendly and smiley, I went ahead and walked closer and asked them if I could take a picture with them and they agreed and so in my dream we started taking pictures with my cellphone and I had Kai on my right and Chanyeol on my left for the pic and then their crew showed up (like no other EXO members but like people that were there with Kai and Chan) so they came over and were all like "oh let me take pics for y'all" so then I woke up LOLOLOL

            Anyway I'm all fangirly today and don't have any real life EXO-L fans so felt like sharing with you chingu!


      I hope you can rest enough @ohhaeyoung!
      I started a new thread so we don’t have to scroll like crazy when replying!

      It wasn’t really traveling for work, more like working on holiday? I would go there either way, but since I have the summer job (in a bookshop), I was helping with selling the books from our bookshop there. It was a week-long christian get-together.
      I like natural makeup too! (Not that I do it that much, lol.)

      That’s cool! It’s really good you went to the USA when you were 3, the younger you are, the easier it’s to learn a language. My cousin went to England with his parents when he was maybe around 10 years old and his English wasn’t fluent back then. He said he started out with Google Translate, lol. But he learned pretty fast too. His parents went there for work, but they are back now.
      I find really cool how many different cultures there are in the US! And also having such friends! The Czech Republic isn’t that multicultural, but we do have some foreigners. I had a friend from Martinique (I think they were from there) who lived here for a while. Now she’s in France I think. Oh yes, being global is great. Internet is great. Subtitles are great. 😀

      Wow, Smithsonian museums seem like a really fun place to visit! I don’t think I’ll ever get to Washington DC, but if I do, I’ll swing by!
      It seems it is possible to visit Blue House! http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/ATR/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=264134
      I can’t really say since I don’t have an experience of a visiting tourist. I think yes, mainly the younger people. Some might be afraid to speak (Czechs in general rather learn grammar than speak, we are afraid of messing it up), but a lot of young people probably speaks well.

      Thanks for the link! To be honest, CBX collection is not really my style (I still love you, boys!). I like Baekhyun’s high top and maybe Xiumin’s low top? But I don’t really like my shoes shiny, lol.

      About “Promise”. You should watch it with lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cEa1wJ4yyE (There are ENG subs.)
      And the background is that the song was written by the members themselves (Chen, Chanyeol and Lay) as a reaction to Luhan, Kris and Tao leaving. I don’t know if you knew… It was just kinda bittersweet because as I was typing about Tao, this song came out on my playlist. It’s really heartbreaking. And sad.

      Broadway sounds divine! It’s cool how I am chatting with someone who’s living in America and going to Broadway! Haha, sorry. It just seems kind of unreal that people you see in TV shows and films (as my country is under the influence of Western/American culture) really exist.

      I have seen it! I watched it when it came out, it feels like such a long time has passed but it’s been just a year! I think you are right, lol. That was during Exordium, so yes. Artificial Love.


        Hey @estee how was your weekend in Prague? My weekend consisted of having a lot of relatives visit from another city so I was pretty exhausted on monday. We’re halfway through the week and I’m feeling a bit better although work has been busy! Also yay no more crazy scrolling, I do hope I’m replying correctly, we’ll see when I hit send 😛

        Wow starting with Google Translate, I wish I could’ve relied on that in Korea but it was pretty much useless for hangul. Yes multiculturalism is great but it does have its challenges. I have a new manager who is Chinese and she is very native Chinese traditional so it has been interesting trying to understand each other. My previous manager was an American guy who is very tall and looks like a viking (he is the one who teased me about kpop fanfic).

        Oh nice, a christian get together! That sounds wonderful!! I was very involved with campus ministry when I was in college and still have a monday night bible study for young adults at my church! 🙂
        I didn’t like Chen’s shoes in the pics but then I saw the modeling pictures with girls actually wearing the Chen shoes and they look soooo nice! The Xiumin pairs are so fun but a bit too shiny for me as well actually. Baekhyun’s high tops are perfect for me and I can’t wait to get them 😀

        Oh you were talking about the “Promise” song by EXO! Aww the lyrics are so sweet, I got teary eyed </3 but yeah bittersweet is right. I was actually reading about how Kris had sued SM this past week. I did not know all that had happened 🙁 I keep seeing things about Luhan, Tao, and Lay and even Kris being very active and successful in China though! I got confused and had originally searched "Tao Promise" and ran into this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7rZxPzFauM so I thought that was the song you were talking about.

        Broadway is divine! I've only seen 3 Broadway shows (Mamma Mia, Wicked, and Waitress). I go to New York City every few years, I have an uncle who lives there! It's my favorite city ever and it's so fun cause there is so much to do. I wish I could be in New York city more often. If I was to recommend to just visit one city in the US, it would definitely be New York city 😀

        Hahaha ah ok cool, it was a fun interview! Oh interesting, I didn't even know the NCT fan name. Yeah the amount of members seems way overwhelming to me too. I love that song "Young and Free" and yes it was you who first shared it with me chingu <3 And haha looks like Xiumin has black hair again currently! Aw yes Doyoung's eye shape is unique, I hadn't really noticed. I like his voice a lot and Sejeong's voice is so beautiful too! I had originally liked her ever since she did an OST for Legend of the Blue Sea! I do not like any of her girl group songs though :/ Speaking of girl groups, I saw that Red Velvet is about to have a comeback this week and I usually tend to like one or two of their songs.

        Yes I'm so happy with that Baekhyun live "Take You Home" and his talents always amaze me!


          so should I be replying here or at the last comment? I’m not sure how to do this…

          Have you seen this epic intro for the CBX tour in Japan? I happened to watch the entire Magical Circus tour and it was amazing! https://www.instagram.com/p/BlpW35XhVLY/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1alj3bvq8nen3 (like the caption says, i can listen to this all day!) The global packages seem like they might be worth it since they include hotel stay and transportation from hotel to concert venue.

          Well our maknae Sehun is only around 2.5 years younger than me (give or take a couple of months) so it’s not too bad of an age difference for me LOL so I can be their noona 😉
          Oh the BTS twitter trend I saw was about korean BTS fans being mean to black BTS fans, just racist comments and such that was saddening to see.

          Chinese food is good but it’s hard to find good Chinese food in my city sometimes. Ah Melona bars are very delicious! And I’m used to eating spicy foods so I really enjoy kimchi but I can see how it might be too spicy. The spiciest korean snack I’ve ever had is tteokbokki, that is ridiculously spicy!!

          Thanks! It’s already August and I still haven’t signed up for the cooking classes, I’m so behind on everything lately!

          The only sports i watch are olympics and world cup which just ended not too long ago. The next summer olympics is in Tokyo and since I want to return to Korea and also visit Japan, part of me wonders if I should try to go to the Tokyo summer olympics.

          Kai is still my bias too! I have no bias wrecker…I think I made the mistake of ranking them in my head so Baekhyun is 2 and Chanyeol is 3. I love them all though and it seems like EXO-Ls just can’t help but love all members too. Anyway here’s some Kai pics for us to ummm study his build https://www.instagram.com/p/BlfrbMAnWFl/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=fxidcbbvhpq1 LOL but I feel like I can usually tell at a glance of a picture where Kai is…he’s just my favorite! I am just drawn to him like a magnet <3

          Oh isn't Love Me Right the Exodus repackage? It does have a lot of iconic songs. Thank you for the dorm video!! Since I'm so new to kpop some of these things just hadn't registered with me that they were real like the fact that kpop groups usually all live together in dorms!

          Hmm pronouncing "ax" for "ask" is actually a common thing in certain states in the US and it is usually used by those who speak ebonics. Have you heard of ebonics? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebonics
          Hehe yes I would love to go volunteer at the SM recording studio to teach kpop idols how to pronounce the english lyrics! Like you said, no payment even needed as long as I can meet my Oppas 😉

          Aw yeah I was on the lookout on Friday hoping for some EXO content but unfortunately all EXO-Ls seemed sad that SM didn't give us anything. Probably til September for the comeback then. And ooh yes I'm so excited to see whose photocard I get whenever my copy of "Blooming Days" arrives!


      I keep trying to post my reply, but DB thinks my words are inappropriate. Or maybe they didn’t want me to ruin the number magic. There was exactly 111 comments till now.
      I have my answers typed out but can’t post them now. I will try again later, sorry… 🙁


      My real K-pop friend is NCTzen (I don’t know if I’m spelling it right) and she is a happy fan. (Or at least was the last time we talked.) She is enjoying how much content there is and their music and everything… While I am scared by the amount of members and content…
      I know only a few of them. Mark from the Xiumin x Mark collab Station song “Young and Free” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfbRLbMuGSs). I must have mentioned it when explaining my love for Xiumin and his dark hair… 😛
      The song is super sweet! I love Doyoung’s eyes. Their shape is so unique.

      Wow! Thanks for that Baekhyun fancam! I knew there would be a Station concert, somehow forgot when. “Take You Home” brings back so many memories from last year for me. It makes me feel so warm and happy inside. He sang really well, I loved how he went easily from chest voice to falsetto (from low to high) – it is quite difficult for me, so that was impressive.
      He seemed so timid at the beginning! It must be different for him to sing on his own.

      I heard about it! But if I went to Korea, I would want to see all of them, not just CBX. If I go once, I don’t think I’ll go again anytime soon… 🙁 I haven’t checked out the global package (since I don’t plan to go), but I know they do it for concerts too. Hopefully it will work out next time!

      EXO are an oppa group for me all the way! I am a bit younger (not a teenager anymore though) than them. I’ve seen that as well and it made me really sad. Then I decided not to pay attention to what some Korean teenagers think of me, but it still irks me a bit.
      Do you mean the controversy with Jimin or someone telling something racist about another member? Or something else? Do you mean Army trended something racist? (If you don’t know never mind. I don’t need to know.)
      I don’t keep up with everything either! I just go there from time to time. I don’t chat on Instagram at all…

      Wow, that’s nice! I know of a Chinese restaurant in the city where I study, I actually had udon there once. It was good at the beginning, but then it got more and more difficult to eat. I felt the “Asian flavour” in it more and more. But it was good! I should go there and check if they have jjajjangmyeon.

      Haha, I like your comments when I finish typing my answers, so I was wondering why there was a like on one of your comments, lol.
      We always have some ramyun at home and I even taught my parents to eat it! They like it too. It is not a genuine Korean ramen we’re having, but it has the noodles from it, so…
      I am not sure we have a Korean restaurant around here, so I haven’t had anything so far, only the udon. Oh, also kimchi! And melona, if it counts. I really like melona bars (it’s ice cream). Kimchi seems to be too spicy for me! If I eat kimchi, I don’t taste anything else because it’s so spicy, lol.

      Good luck! French cuisine is difficult I think, but tasty! (I think).


      Yes, they were adorable! Hah, I don’t keep up with sports usually either. Unless it’s the Olympics, then I am watching ice hockey. This year I even woke up early (I had school that day!) and watched the game in the bathroom. (I didn’t want to wake up my roommates, lol.)
      I love them all too! My current bias is still Kai, but I have problem to recognize him by his body shape (you know what I mean and I am not weird, right?). Chanyeol is tall, Xiumin smaller, they all have a certain build, but I never recognize Kai just by his build, I have to see his face. It’s slightly frustrating, lol.

      I don’t think I have a favourite EXO album… But I am going to buy Exodus (not because it’s Kai’s favourite) because of the concept. Ha! (And I love some of the songs, of course.)

      I am still not caught up on that cooking Kai thing! Yes, they have a dorm. I am not sure, but I think they all still live there. I think there was even a show where they showed their dorm… I found it but it was in 2014, so it’s pretty old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5U4XuTGprE
      It’s from a Chinese show “Happy Camp”, OT11.

      Bad English is bad. A-Day from my fave group Seven O’Clock came out with a self-composed track “No Answer” and he sings “don’t ask me stupid questions”, but he pronounces it as “don’t ax me stupid questions”. Is that a thing?
      I haven’t heard “Hurt” in a while. It’s a good song! That “hurtsh” at the end is cute, lol. Sehun’s pronunciation is still so-so. But here it is quite painful to listen to, yes. I think he might have been confused by palatalization of “s” in phrases like “it’s you” which are pronounced like “itshyu” (sorry, I had a phonetics course).
      Yeah, you would think SM has enough money to hire someone for that! I think there would be more than one willing native speaker to correct their pronunciation. For free.

      I can’t wait either. I’ve read somewhere there should be a big lunar eclipse on Friday! Of course I thought of EXO. Last time they dropped a teaser when it was a lunar eclipse too! Are we getting a teaser on Friday?
      I can’t wait for the new album. I think buying K-pop albums is addictive. I got one – the Pentagon album Demo_02 and I can’t wait to buy more! It’s fun because you don’t know what photocard you’ll get!

      Congratulations! My only K-pop purchase so far was the Pentagon album… The prices are crazy. I have decided I don’t love the shoes enough to spend this much money for it… I am still a student. But they are using emotional blackmail. When you read the story of the product, they keep emphasizing how Baekhyun designed everything… For YOU. Oh my. What a strategy. Trying to get money from us… It works though.


      I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I checked the GG collection and I really liked some of their designs!
      I like both Taeyeon’s models (but low top more and I prefer silver to gold in general). I really love Sunny’s low top (that shade is my favourite clothes colour at the moment) and the high top looks good too. I love Hyoyeon’s high top. I just love statement shoes and that seems to be just that. I love Yuri’s low top too. I don’t do white shoes usually (they get dirty easily) and I don’t do gold, but the gold is added so decently… I like it.
      But still, I am not buying them. I’ll buy more albums… 😛 (I would buy them if I could spare the money… So I am happy for you! And I hope you’ll get to wear them to an EXO concert one day!)

      Double congrats! Getting an album is so much fun. Mine arrived on Monday and it came so early! I bought it from ebay (because it isn’t the latest album and ebay has free shipping) and it was supposed to come in August, but came now! After two weeks. I was so surprised and happy and did my own unboxing, lol. I could share pictures with you, but it’s Pentagon so… Not sure if you’re interested. I ordered even a poster (and it’s folded!) which I don’t like very much, but I just had to have the feeling of having a poster. I couldn’t talk myself out of it, lol. So I have one (folded) poster of E’Dawn now.
      The cool thing is that you get a free poster with pre-orders (at some sites – Kpoptown and Kpopmart I think). So I can’t wait for EXO (and Pentagon and Seven O’Clock) to have a comeback!

      Yay! Your first EXO dream! That was so cute! Chanyeol would definitely be friendly and smiley! Maybe Baekhyun next time? 😉 EXO sometime do take a fan’s phone and take a picture/video on it during concerts. Lucky people indeed.
      I am happy you are sharing! 🙂

      I have happy news today as well! I haven’t been keeping up with Instagram (I didn’t have time last week and still didn’t go through everything), but today I saw some pictures of Vaan (the missing guy from Seven O’Clock) and suddenly started missing him. So I went to check his Insta… And there was a new picture! After a few months of seeing the same pictures, this was so unexpected!
      He posted this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BldSjDHgktQ/?taken-by=vxxn.soc I was extremely excited (and felt a tinyyyy bit guilty for not thinking of him these past few weeks), but now I am not sure what he means by his “Sorry”. Is it “sorry I was gone for so long, I am coming back guys” or “sorry I can’t be with SOC for the next comeback” or “sorry I am leaving SOC for health reasons”. Sorry if you don’t really care about him. I just gotta share. Also, I saw it 5 days late…


      I wrote so much this time! Sorry for that. This is the last one! 🙂 (Also, I am leaving for the Prague trip tomorrow, so I won’t be able to reply till Monday.)

      Have you seen the Chanyeol x Sehun stage during Elyxion dot? It’s called “We Young” and the song is very sweet and real for all the fans! I like the lyrics a lot.
      This is a fancam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opGdsOz1Vo8
      The lyric video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZw4DysWgy8
      I really hope another subunit including Sehun (and possibly Chanyeol and another member) debuts.

      I’ve been watching some reactions to EXO yesterday. It makes me appreciate EXO more (especially if it’s musicians or dancers reacting) and I feel like I am bonding with other EXO-Ls, lol. When I think of it, you might like this reaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFsvT1YXI-E
      It’s classical musicians reacting to “Blooming Day”, so you might not understand what they talk about all the time (I don’t either), but it’s nice.

      The last thing is my jam of the week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7sHwg2Z21U
      I’ve shared it already on the fanwall, but I want to recommend it to you personally. It’s really fun.


        Ok part 3 for @estee I’m gonna try replying here now. I hope this doesn’t all get too confusing. Yeah they didn’t even have to try hard to sell me those super expensive shoes, and yeah a few years ago when I was a student there was no way I could’ve afforded a pair! To be honest, I didn’t even look at the GG shoes. I don’t really know anything about them except that Yoona is a member? How come she didn’t design any shoes? I saw her in Love Rain so that’s why I know her. Yuri’s low top is my favorite from the GG ones. And aww thanks chingu, I’m already planning my outfit in my head for my first EXO concert (whenever that happens) haha.

        Oh I’ve never heard of Kpoptown or Kpopmart but I bought mine on Yesasia and it is supposedly shipped and on its way to me! Yes I would like to see your Pentagon album pics if you’d like to share it with me! I don’t know the Pentagon members, but out of curiosity whose photocard did you get?

        Haha I actually had my second EXO dream this week and it was about CBX. It was kind of vague but basically I saw Chen, Baek, and Xiu on their way to a concert in my city and so I briefly saw them and then woke up. I didn’t really interact with them in my dream but yay Baekhyun was there. Oh I saw this on IG recently https://www.soompi.com/2016/12/04/quiz-exo-member-attracted/ (I got Baekhyun the first time and I just took it again and got Sehun lol)

        Oh wow well glad to see that Vaan has updated his social media although that is very vague. I wonder what it means too? Hopefully it is a good thing.

        And no I hadn’t seen that Chanyeol x Sehun stage, it is amazing! The lyrics are pretty positive too! Yes Sehun definitely needs to be in the next subunit since he gets so little lines usually! Thank you for sharing this one with me and why is there no studio version?

        That was an interesting reaction, I’m glad everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was fun to hear them compliment the music <3 I don't really watch kpop reaction videos except for this one British guy who is an ELF haha but I discovered his channel because he used to do kdrama review videos. He did react to "Blooming Day" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuKCNt75LBE

        I like your jam of the week. Did you watch the MV for Seungri's "Where Are You From?", it reminded me of Psy lol and my ELF friend and I watched the "1,2.3" MV and she said it reminded her of Pulp Fiction and Grease. I've only seen Grease so I def caught those references, turns out she was right https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/24/seungri-much-earns-compared-g-dragon-sends-message-bigbang-members-military/ and yes this song is actually my favorite from The Great Seungri album. none of the other songs really stood out to me.

        I just saw the teasers for D.O.'s new sageuk drama! He looks so good in hanbok and I'm so excited for this fall's dramas with Chanyeol and D.O. and also lots of my favorite actors returning to dramaland this fall/winter! 2018 is a good year for korean entertainment and also for EXO-Ls.


          Hey @ohhaeyoung!
          I’m replying here, so just reply to my comment again. 🙂
          Prague was fun. We got to shop a bit, visited Vitkov (a place where one of Hussite wars took place, now there’s a memorial of Czechoslovak legionaries and a huge statue of Jan Zizka).

          We had lunch in a Korean restaurant one day and I was super excited (they played OST from Goblin and “Travel” by Bolbbalgan4), but unfortunately the food wasn’t my style. I had bibimbap and it was too spicy for me. But even without the spiciness I didn’t like the taste that much. Oh well.
          I love hanging out on the Wenceslas Square! There are so many shops. I live in countryside and if I want to go clothes-shopping, I have to go by bus or by train and the bus/train stops aren’t that close by… So that was fun.
          Relatives can be tiring! I hope you’ll rest enough this weekend!

          There’s a Korean keyboard button on Google Translate (at least on PC, not sure if the button’s there for phones). So if you can read Hangul, it should be okay.
          Yes, different cultures can be a challenge. But people who grow up in such environment are more tolerant. I guess? Also, I’m not sure if I’ve brought it up or not: How do you take cultural appropriation (e.g. when an idol has dreadlocks)? If you’re uncomfortable with the question, you don’t have to answer. I am just curious since I know a lot of Americans are sensitive to that.

          Oh, nice! You’re leading a Bible study group!

          Modeling pictures? Where? 🙂 Chen’s shoes do look a bit wild with that red and gold. I’m so excited for you! You’ll get something made by Baekhyun! 😛

          I once went through all the last stages with Luhan/Kris/Tao and had a cryfest. I guess I felt like I had to go through that, to know and feel what really happened. I think I’ve mentioned it took me a while to deal with all that (especially Kris).
          Yep, he did sue SM and it was out of blue. Before a concert, I believe. Not very nice of him, but I bet he had his reasons. They were in the middle of “Overdose” promotions and there was an MCountdown (15.5.2014) where Suho did the acceptance speech all by himself, because the members were probably too sad to be there. I think it was a day after Kris sued SM. (I’m not sure if I’ve linked you to this already or not, sorry if I’m repeating myself.)
          Btw, the performance of “Overdose” that Just Alee shared today is from that MCountdown too!
          Oh yes, Kris is BIG. He was no. 1 on the US iTunes recently. And his acting career too. The rest of them are doing really good too.
          Tao’s “Promise” is really nice! I don’t follow his music, but I like it. Thanks! 🙂
          I would love to visit NYC! It is such an iconic city. And there must be a lot of fun things to do. One day. 😀


          Now that I’m seeing that Jan Zizka picture, it’s so random! Haha. To give you some context, Jan Zizka was a Czech general of Hussites fighting against the Catholics. There were some great victories; there was only around 100 people on the Hussite side against 7 or 8 thousands at the Battle of Vitkov Hill. Sorry for this history lesson.

          The question is… Will he keep them black for the comeback? Will we even get a comeback?
          I don’t really follow Gugudan (or any other GGs really), but I know Sejeong from “School 2017”. I haven’t seen LOTBS yet, so I don’t know the OST. Her voice is nice.
          How did I miss that? If RV is having a comeback… I need to pay more attention this time, lol. After reading that bunch of RV x EXO theories, I’m definitely looking forward to the MV. It might give us some clues about the EXO comeback too!

          I guess replying at the last comment would be the best! 🙂
          Oh my. Epic. Also. I love Xiumin’s hair. Black is still superior and nothing can beat his Kokobop look. But oh my. That hair. I love it. I don’t have the tenacity to watch the whole concert… I guess I would need to be there to watch it all. It’s just so long…
          Yes, I saw an EXO-L I follow on Twitter writing about it. She decided to go for the Seoul Dot concerts and used the global package. But she said the bus couldn’t get to the concert venue early, so she said she would get there from the hotel on her own next time. (They got there on time for the concert, she just didn’t have time to shop for merch and hang out with friends.)

          That’s not too much! And noonas are great! (Remember Shinee’s “Replay”!)
          Koreans and racism. And I thought K-Armies and I-Armies were best friends in the whole world. I guess all fandoms can be nasty to each other.

          After the bibimbap fiasco, I don’t think I’ll ever try tteokbokki!
          I feel you, I am starting my summer job on Monday and feel like I haven’t done anything in my free time. And school is starting in September! (Why can’t they have a comeback when I have holidays?)

          Wow, that would be exciting! I hope it’ll work out!

          Thanks for the study material! It was very… um… enlightening. 😛 I know what you mean! I am like that with some of my biases, my eyes just look for them instinctively. That’s why I’m so frustrated with myself.
          Some long-haired Chanyeol pics for you. It might not be your thing… But for education purposes: https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2018/07/enter-talk-do-you-guys-know-that-exos.html
          (This site translates articles from Pann which is a Korean fancafe where mostly teenagers/K-pop fans post things. Nice if you want to see what Korean netizens think.)
          (I love Chanyeol with long hair. Remember when I was posting about Bang Yongguk’s hair in “Honeymoon”? (http://www.dramabeans.com/members/estee/activity/494143/#acomment-509959) Yes. Still love it.)

          Yep, I still haven’t ordered it though. I will. Soon.
          Haha, yes. I am still learning as well. EXO has been around for six years now, so there’s a lot of things that happened.


          Oh, thank you! I had no idea about this. It looks interesting! We have learnt at school about creole languages. I am very happy Hankyeom’s pronunciation isn’t bad! I feel kinda ignorant now, thanks for letting me know about this.
          I’m afraid SM wouldn’t employ fans though… It would be nice if there was anyone to teach them.

          I was so sure SM would drop something! Or Lay! There was even Mars (red = red force) in the sky, so there could be a lot of things going on… Wait, the moon was red. Red force. That might be the reason why there was no teaser! (Don’t mind me, I am just making theories here, heh!)

          I don’t know that much about GG either, but Yoona is a member. I don’t know why she didn’t design anything… Maybe she didn’t want to? Couldn’t? Don’t know. Yuri’s low top looks great! Somehow classy.
          Yesasia is another site! I know about it too. Yes, it’s on the way! That’s exciting! I’ll try to share the pics on my fanwall sometime soon. I got Hui photocard and Yuto postcard! I love both of them. Hui had red hair during that era (which were amazing) and Yuto has been bias-wrecking me a lot recently. I wanted to find some nice pictures of them, but the Internet is full of the dating scandals now.

          About the dating scandals…
          I am much more chill about Pentagon dating than I thought I would be. So I was shocked (esp about HyunA x E’Dawn) but all in all happy. Then I read K-netz comments and now I’m worried about their career. Three scandals in one day is too much! They just started to get popular. Also G-Idle! They are really rookies. This isn’t good at all. And now K-netz started digging and putting out old pictures of Hongseok’s dating rumours, Shinwon’s dating rumour, even Wooseok was mentioned. They’re dragging everyone who came close to a girl now. I got a bit frustrated. I don’t know anymore what is the truth here or what really happened. The only thing I believe is that E’Dawn and HyunA are in love.
          Sorry about this. You don’t have to comment on this… I just needed to let it out.

          Now you dreamed about CBX! Nice. That means Baekhyun too. 🙂 Thanks for the quiz! I got Kai and Lay! But I don’t think I could date them (if we forego the fact they are in EXO, lol), Lay is INFP and Kai is INFJ. I think it would be slightly frustrating to date someone too similar to me. Even when I stan a group, INFP/INFJ is the last one I notice. But I love them both!

          Hopefully. Nothing’s changed since. So… More waiting. Yay. More uncertainty. Yay.


          The statue looks a bit scary. Sorry for putting it out here.

          The Seoul Dot concerts was the first time they performed it. Your question is the question of all EXO-Ls. We need the studio version! The Dot concerts had also a new Baekhyun solo stage and (finally) a choreo for “Going Crazy”.
          Going Crazy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxdIjxSwRdM
          Baekhyun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyzlal-8InM (Sorry, couldn’t find a better fancam with full view of him. Btw, another song we need in studio version.)
          Oh my. I just watched the Xiumin solo (I haven’t seen the Elyxion Dot stages except bits here and there) and I am blown away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ52eqkIzdY
          The duality of the man!

          Nice reaction! He seemed to really like it! 🙂

          Yes, I’ve seen it! It was so funny! I loved how he came to the summit and put the YG Entertainment thingey there. It had some Psy vibes, yes. I didn’t like the song at first, but it’s been stuck in my head the last few days. Along with “Sweet Lie”, “Love Is You” (probably my favourite) and “Mollado”. I really like Seungri’s music! (Well, not all of it, but some.)
          Oh, I see! I haven’t seen either. The article was funny! Thanks for the link.

          I’ve seen some teasers too! Better be good, drama! I’ve realised recently that Chanyeol is playing Park Shinhye’s brother and he’s good friends with Choi Taejoon who is also PSH’s boyfriend. And PSH knows DO from the movie “Hyung”. They all know each other!


          hey @estee wow I wasn’t familiar with that name but I actually am very fascinated with European history. I took a Euro History class in high school and it was one of my favorite classes that I took. I love history in general and learning about other cultures and backgrounds. That’s disappointing that you didn’t enjoy your Korean meal. I actually don’t like bibimbap either. I only had it at a Korean restaurant here in my city and wasn’t a fan of the flavor nor the sauce. I did try it again recently at a Japanese restaurant and enjoyed the Japanese take on bibimbap much more. Since I had tried bibimbap at a Korean restaurant here I assumed I just didn’t like that dish so I didn’t bother trying it when I traveled to Korea last year. I wonder if it would’ve tasted different actually in Korea, hmm. Ooh Wenceslas square looks fun, I love shopping! And haha I just looked it up cause I got curious and wondered if that Wenceslas is the same from the carol “Good King Wenceslas” 😛 And I did get enough rest over the weekend, thanks! I rested a lot actually and didn’t really do anything over the weekend except watch Mr. Sunshine with one of my brothers and we’re quite enjoying that drama.

          Hmm yeah I mean I could in theory use the Google Translate for Korean but it just doesn’t seem to accurately translate anything. Or at least when I was there in Korea it was frustrating to use. You would think everyone in USA is pretty tolerant but that is not the case, some people seem to retain close mindedness or learn it from others and it is quite sad. Cultural appropriation is something that I don’t usually think about nor does it usually bother me unless it’s over the top. I feel like the whole dreadlocks thing is a bit odd but I don’t necessarily judge someone of a different race for wearing braids like that occasionally. I can understand why some ppl are sensitive about it though and I respect their feelings on the subject. Since I’m a Latina, the only things I’ve noticed lately is that Latino inspired sounds are currently a trend in kpop like with Super Junior’s “Lo Siento” and Mamamoo’s “Egotistic” and I’m sure it’s a trend that will continue and I’m ok with that as long as they’re respectful of the origins. I would’ve liked it if Super Junior had learned how to properly pronounce “lo siento”, in the song it sounds ok, but I saw interviews where they were just mispronouncing it and I was like it’s just one phrase, can’t they learn to say it right? But it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things…just an observation on my behalf.

          Here’s the Chen shoes pics
          https://www.instagram.com/p/Blw8TqxD4E2/?taken-by=ysneakers_official https://www.instagram.com/p/Blw7iRsD2YI/?taken-by=ysneakers_official

          Aww I pretty much went through and read all the members wikipedia pages, and that’s when I realized how messy the SM and Kris, Tao, and Luhan exit had been. The Chinese members are so iconic.


          Like I see the Chinese members being promoted all the time now and I’m so happy they’re successful despite how SM treated them. And oh yeah I have seen that video before of Suho alone on the stage. It’s ok though, no need to apologize! Kris Wu is definitely so famous, I had somehow not realized he was Kris from EXO. I’ve heard his name everywhere over the past couple of years. And yes NYC is actually still my favorite city in the world, I like it even better than Seoul…shh! But Seoul was awesome in its own ways however NYC is just so magical for me. One of my dreams is to be in NYC for christmastime, that just seems so romantic to me…someday hopefully! Seoul is so romantic too in its own ways…I just love big cities <3

          Oh wow yeah I read Jan Zikka's wikipedia page right now and he is apparently hailed as one of the greatest military heroes in history!
          Btw I am super hopeful for an EXO comeback, keep the hope alive! I'm sure we'll get one in 2018 but regardless they have been pretty active this year and released a winter album, a Japanese album (Countdown is a new album right?) and CBX released so much music too! 😀 Hopefully Xiu keeps his hair black through the end of the year lol

          I still haven't seen School 2017 but I do plan to watch it. And yes RV had a comeback which I'm not a fan of. I like "Bad Boy" but not the english version. Eh I'm not a girl group fan either.
          Haha I've watched whole concerts online before even getting into kpop so I was very entertained by the CBX concert. I did skip through the boys talking cause there were no subs 🙁 so I just enjoyed the performances.
          Ah ok that's interesting about the global package, it's just an option for me. I would probably prefer to see a kpop concert here in US cause I'm assuming there is a translator for when the artists talk to the crowd? I'm afraid of going to Korea and not understanding anything they say to the crowd, hmm.
          Oh btw I'm an assemblies of God christian so I did visit Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul for a sunday service (fun fact, it is the biggest christian church in the world) and they had live headset translations available in English, Chinese, and Japanese 😀 and we met the choir director (choir was very impressive) and he had attended the same university my friend I was traveling with did so they chatted a bit, he was very friendly! Anyway I wonder if they have those types of translations for international fans…probably not but it'd be cool.

          I actually had never heard Shinee's "Replay", what a cute song! <3 And aw yeah a summer comeback would've been perfect but alas it's looking like it'll be in the autumn season now. Ooh nice, thanks for the Chanyeol long hair pics. I love Chanyeol with all hairstyles and I think his current hair is sooooo cute! I wonder if it'll be styled that way in his new drama https://www.instagram.com/p/BmLHboTA8eU/?taken-by=chan.yeolsbae

          Haha yeah English can be pronounced in so many ways! No reason to feel ignorant!!


          We are all learning everyday 🙂 Hehe I like your theory about red force = blood moon and alluded to Red Velvet august comeback instead right? 😛 I dunno but maybe because of the RV comeback, they might hold off on EXO for a bit maybe until September. I did read the CBX fan meet interview translations on twitter about Chen saying 6 songs are recorded so far and Baekhyun hinting the comeback is indeed happening sometime soon. I watched many IG clips of the CBX fanmeet and they peformed “Sweet Dreams” for the first time and they also performed my favorite “Vroom Vroom”, there are YT clips now with individual focus cam on all 3 members! And also my favorite performance of “Playdate” happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0UemACkfXw and for some reason I can only find a Chen “Sweet Dreams” focus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h22XgstW3BE

          My CBX album arrived yesterday and I was so excited about it but since I had monday night bible study, I rushed it into my car to play the album and it sounded perfectly yay! But I accidentally already dinged up the delicate packaging for the album. I ended up getting the “random” version of the album so it would be either Blooming or Days version. I got the Blooming version and I got a Chen photocard (he looks really nice in the pic). I kind of would’ve preferred to get the Days version but it just wasn’t available for individual sale on that yesasia website. I’ll take pics and share with you as soon as I can!

          Ooh so the day I heard about the dating scandals, I went and watched the “Shine” MV and I really liked the lyrics, what a sweet song! The song has grown on me these last few days and I watched some other Pentagon videos on YT. I think it’s horrible the fans are being so petty like this over the members dating :/ and Hui’s vocals are amazing, I ended up watching him cover BTS “DNA” in Masked Singer. He stood out to me in the Pentagon videos too. Also I watched a video of E’dawn’s hangover makeup cause I kept wondering why his face looked like that and turns out it was that hangover makeup trend LOL, so who is your Pentagon bias? E’dawn and Hyuna seem like a cute couple to me! It’s disappointing to read that Korean fans take who a kpop idol dates so seriously.

          Ooh how do you know the EXO members personality scores? I always did feel that Kai is an introvert so while I love looking at him, I don’t think I would date him irl either 😛 yes I’m kind of delusional and have thought about which EXO member would make a good husband for me and it is Baekhyun because of his extroverted personality. Now that I’ve thought about it some more, I think I could label Baekhyun as my bias wrecker. I even have his pic as my current cellphone background, I got bored of my company’s logo lol

          No worries on the statue pic, it kind of surprised me the first time I saw it because I read your comment initially at my work parking garage so it was dark and I was like “whoa what is that?” but it’s an interesting statue!


          The “Going Crazy” choreo is so good!! And yes totally agree that we need studio version of that “Psycho” song. That Xiumin performance was so high energy, all I can say is wow!!!

          I ended up listening to Seungri’s album again at work today and I really like “Love is You”, also “Where R U from” is growing on me! I really like Seungri’s voice!!

          Oh haha yeah I did know PSH is playing Chanyeol’s noona. Chanyeol seems to be good friends with so many people! I saw him featured in the goodbye IG posts for the final CNBLUE member to enlist this week. And then there’s his famous friendship with Yesung 😛


            oh whoops I just realized I misspelled Jan Zizka*

            And oh I also forgot to clarify my statement on US and tolerance…for the most part I usually always feel blessed to live in the US. I feel respected here by the majority of people I interact with. I’m the only Latina female in my department at work and trust me my department is big. There’s not a lot of women at my job to begin with being a tech company. I rarely have run into racism and I’m always weirded out when it has occurred. I love traveling though cause it shows me just how kind people can be. I have nothing but good things to say on the kindness of Korean people. I also have visited Costa Rica as my other foreign country destination and was treated very well there too. So yeah just wanted to clarify that my experience has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m so happy that I usually meet wonderful people in my daily life. 😀

            P.S. now I understand why Baekhyun fan sites on IG have Psycho in their descriptions currently 😉


          Hey @ohhaeyoung!
          “I love history in general and learning about other cultures and backgrounds.” – This is so me! History was one of the subjects I focused a lot on in high school. I even took the final high school exam from it. It’s true that high school gave me a slight trauma with history, so I’ve kept my distance since, but I picked up a book on the history of our country this week again and realised that I do love history!
          Yeah, I was really disappointed. I guess I’ll give Korean food another chance. It might taste better somewhere else! 🙂
          Haha, I didn’t know the carol “Good King Wenceslas”! So I googled it and yes, it seems to be him.

          Oh, you’re watching “Mr. Sunshine”? And with your brother? That’s cool! I haven’t even tried that show since it’s Kim Eun Sook’s drama. Plus the premise didn’t seem very interesting to me. But I started “Time” on Wednesday (I posted about it) and I am enjoying it so much! It seems I need heavy dramas for the summer. 😛 It will be so painful, but I don’t really care, lol.
          Btw, it has Kim Jung Hyun from “School 2017”. And his acting is SO good.

          Google Translate isn’t the best one for translation, I agree. I do use it, but always double check with this one: http://translate.naver.com/#/en/ko (but there’s no Korean keyboard here, only if you have one on your phone)
          I guess there are people like that everywhere then…
          Thanks for your opinion! I know about it only thanks to K-pop and it was sometimes a bit frustrating to see some fans making a big issue out of an idol having dreadlocks (Jackson from Got7 or even Kai). But I understand where it’s coming from.
          It’s definitely a trend nowadays. SuJu did it once before with “Mamacita”. And also SF9 with “O Sole Mio”. I still haven’t heard “Egotistic”.
          They could learn the pronunciation. *sigh*

          Thanks! And wow! They do look good on people.
          Very messy. And a lot of people left the fandom because of it. I am happy I wasn’t there, really. I think the worst thing was that it was three of them who left one by one. Before they had time to deal with Kris leaving, Luhan was leaving too. And then it all seemed fine. I’ve seen one interview after those two left where Tao was promising to stay together… But he’s left too. I’ve seen a meme from before the Monster comeback that said: “Looking forward to the next EXO comeback… Realizes that every comeback a member leaves.” I am happy Lay is still here (even if he’s in China).
          They are iconic. But I’ve seen that some Korean “fans” (teenagers mostly) were xenophobic and didn’t like the Chinese members because they were Chinese. Sigh.

          We have already talked so much I am not sure what we’ve covered and what not. 😀
          Yeah, Kris is big. He actually even filmed one movie in Prague. It’s called “Somewhere Only We Know”. They showed this film even at my uni city! It was some project with Chinese embassy… I haven’t seen it though.


          I love big cities too! I still need to go to a real big city. Like London. Or NYC.
          He’s pretty famous in our country. Oh and he lost both eyes in battles. First one and later the other too. #funfacts

          We will get a comeback this year! And a winter album too. I believe. Yes, Countdown is a new album! The title was “Electric Kiss”. And they had so many drama appearances as well… And all the fashion shows and other celebrity stuff they did. And concerts… Our boys were definitely busy. (Still are.)

          Haha, I’m a weird person. All the time that RV kept releasing great songs, I was low-key ignoring them and didn’t like them. I did start liking some of their songs recently (“Bad Boy”, “Russian Roulette” etc.). And this song… Is different. But I quite like it! Lol.
          SM’s plan worked. I’ve changed my attitude to RV’S comebacks after reading all those theories about RV = Red Force. (And btw, last EXO’s proper comeback = Power. RV’s comeback = Power Up. That’s not a coincidence!)
          I’ve heard the English version of “Bad Boy” only from a fancam, so I didn’t understand much of it anyways. Is it the lyrics you don’t like?

          I think those talks (also called ments) could be somewhere on YT with subs… But separately.
          Yes, there are translators. But the interactions are a bit more restrained, I think. I would love to go to the Korean concerts, but my Korean is not on that level yet.
          (My real life K-pop friend has a sister who’s also an EXO-L and she will go to Korea this autumn from her university for the semester! So she’ll probably get to enjoy the comeback and maybe even the concert?! Slightly envious.)
          Oh, me too! Our church is under AOG. That’s cool! I doubt SM would provide that for international fans, but it would be definitely cool. As a part of global package! We actually did have the live headset translation in our church too! It was for a French family who was in our church for a year. That’s how I started with translating! And then decided to study it.

          Then I am happy I’ve mentioned it! It was Shinee’s debut song and the anthem of all Shawols.
          Better an autumn comeback then no comeback at all! f(x) has had no comeback for last 4 years. Talk about starvation.
          Chanyeol’s always cute! Thanks for the pics. I’ve seen some pics on Twitter and Baekhyun was so cute at the fanmeeting in Bangkok (that’s where the Chanyeol pics are from).
          Maybe? Let’s wait and see.

          That does make sense! I would really love to read Lee Soo Man’s EXO Book one day to see how many theories we got right.

          I haven’t seen anything from that CBX fan meet, thanks!
          That “Playdate” fan cam was everything! I’ve seen pics of them in the tiny cars on Twitter, but didn’t know where it was from. It was so cute! And I loved how Chen managed to fit his legs inside the car and close the doors! (roughly 1:30) So cute.
          I really like “Sweet Dreams” and they sounded amazing there. Also, I LOVE their outfits. The combination of a suit and a casual t-shirt and sneakers. The best.


          I am not on Twitter all the time to follow things usually (that’s why I haven’t noticed the fan meet), but these days (I was at my summer job all week) I am so bored at work I am on Twitter a lot. The Macau concerts started today! (Actually it’s happening right now as I am writing, lol.)

          Wow, I am happy for you! Yay! And a Chen photocard! (You’ll get Baekhyun next time!) I think maybe other sites might have more versions? But they do charge the shipping fee while Yesasia ships for free I think.
          I am sorry I still haven’t shared my pics, I did take them, but was too lazy to upload them and with all that Pentagon drama I’ve been low-key ignoring them… (I always kind of “ignore” a group when a big drama happens… I still love and support them, just… Need a break. Usually it takes about a week to get over it. And I’m fine with Pentagon now!)

          Lol, at least something positive happened thanks to the scandals! Pentagon got more publicity (albeit negative). I’m happy you listened to “Shine”! It’s one of their best comebacks to date. Yay! So happy you liked it!
          I do get those fans’ point. I do. But I don’t mind them dating (unless it’s Shinwon… haha, just kidding). It’s terrible though. At this point I am just upset they did make it public. (I hope HyunA did consult Pentagon before dropping it?) That there is such a mess for Pentagon. But I know they shouldn’t be hiding it if they’re serious about their relationship. Like when would they tell the fans if not now? After wedding? It makes sense, but I am upset, because E’Dawn won’t be at the fan meeting they have on Saturday. And he won’t participate in the Japanese promotions they’ll have (they’re releasing a Japanese album in August). Triple H cut their promotions. And so many fans are angry… Also some people speculate that Seo Eun Kwang (from BTOB) going to army now (he still has time) could be because of the scandals. I hope not… But I still love Pentagon, and E’Dawn and HyunA are the cutest couple ever.
          If you’re interested, this tweet explains neatly why K-fans are angry about the situation (and I do understand their point): https://twitter.com/tentastically/status/1026899336133636096

          Hui’s vocals are always amazing. (I’ve seen that cover.) I love his voice colour. He used to train under JYP. And he composes and writes most of their music (he wrote Wanna One’s Energetic). “Shine” was written by Hui and E’Dawn.
          The makeup was part of the concept. They were the nerds too shy to confess to their crush, so they were blushing. But E’Dawn did act like he was drunk in some performances! So it could be both. Lol.
          You asked…
          My first (and still ultimate) bias is Shinwon. He is a self-proclaimed visual (no but he really is a visual), but what drew me to him was the “playful” way he sometimes acts on camera. I don’t know how to explain it… And he’s so weird sometimes, haha.


          Then I have a few bias-wreckers:
          Yuto. I didn’t find him attractive at first at all. Then I’ve noticed his stage presence. Then he put his hair up. And I died. Plus, he’s a rapper.

          Jinho. The cutest man ever. He’s the oldest, but looks like the youngest (a bit like Xiumin!). I’m not trying to say he’s cuter than Xiumin, but that’s exactly what I’m saying. He was so cute during “Shine” – he’s the small one who pushes the tall one (Wooseok) during the performances (before the second chorus). He was also in SM and almost became a part of EXO(!). His voice is divine and he used to be good friends with Chanyeol (even after EXO debuted). He was in SM the Ballad 1 and he releases monthly covers.
          The last one he did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4MBDvxTjOs
          (The girl is from CLC, another Cube Ent group.)

          Wooseok. He’s my age, the maknae line and quite immature in some ways. But, can he rap! I didn’t like his hairstyle during Shine, but when he puts his hair up!

          Yeo One. He’s really sweet and cute and I love him. He’s the model student type of guy. I shared his self-composed song recently (that sweet sugar track).

          I just googled them! 😀 They didn’t take the test. Some MBTI enthusiasts tried to type them. Some members are still under speculation, but Kai and Lay both seem to be what people say they are. I don’t think any of the members would suit me personality wise. But what do I know about relationships… Sometimes
          I like to think Baekhyun and I would suit together. (Sorry!)
          I’m a bit delusional too! (Aren’t all fangirls anyway?) When I can’t fall asleep sometimes I imagine Exo came to visit my room. It’s really silly and I imagine what I would say in my broken Korean lol.
          Baekhyun is totally bias wrecking me too! I don’t know anymore if it’s Kai or Baekhyun who’s my bias lol.
          Pann article for you: https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2018/08/theqoo-exo-baekhyun-before-vs-after-he.html
          The comments are full of cuteness! And the first comment completely summarizes my relationship to Baekhyun.
          Haha, Baekhyun over your company logo! Yes.

          Haha, yeah it was a spontaneous idea and then when I saw it, I thought it wasn’t that bright. But it looked really nice in real life! We even took a few selfies with it! I should share some Exo pics instead next time.

          Yes, that Jongdae solo on the table at the beginning is magic. Xiumin really took me by surprise. Also, do you know we’ll be getting “We Young”? SM Station revealed Chanyeol and Sehun collab and everyone thinks it’ll be that song. I hope we’ll get a proper MV too!
          Also, there is supposed to be a Baekhyun x Loco collab! And the first station came out today, it’s Taeyeon x Melomance.


          Sorry if I’m going over the top with Pentagon… But you did ask! 😛 (And the pics are less scary this time…)

          Yes! I am happy. I really love “Love Is You”. It’s that kind of song I’ll be listening to for a long time. “Where R U From” is really catchy. I like his voice too. I didn’t think much of him before, but Seungri is really talented.

          Yes! Chanyeol is a happy virus. I’ve seen that post too. He even commented under that Insta post: “Don’t dare to get hurt.” So cute.

          No worries, Czech is a difficult language.
          Ok. 🙂 I’m happy US treats you well. And yes, travelling is great, it does show you what people are like all over the world.
          I’ve recently seen a t-shirt with “Psycho” written on it and I thought of Baekhyun.

          Update on my Seven O’Clock situation: Vaan posted two more pics, one of them saying not to worry about him. Yay!?
          And SOC keep releasing covers and new content. So I am hoping!
          The leader (A-Day) released a new song today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLubL3B50O0
          I really like this one (maybe minus the auto tune in the chorus). You don’t have to watch it, the MV is just him singing, just listen to the audio. (If you want to, of course).


          @estee I know exactly what you mean by trauma in history class, European history almost gave me a nervous breakdown when we studied the holocaust and even before that learning about the barbarians and how brutal they were was too intense. I love history though and I almost majored in history in college instead of Literature but I ended up just going with Literature cause I felt I loved Literature a bit more. I took some fascinating history classes in college though such as Mexican history and Native American history just cause I was interested to learn even more about North America.

          The first time I heard “Good King Wenceslas” was the Relient K version which is very silly, they have a great christmas album though.

          Yes Mr. Sunshine is surprisingly pretty good, and my brother is enjoying it a lot. I thought since it’s a historical that he would find it weird but he’s very entertained. I hated DOTS but loved Secret Garden so I can’t say I have a solid opinion on this writer yet. That “Time” drama does look intense, I’ve never seen that actor in anything but I hear good things about his acting.

          I’ve used Papago and yes it def works better than Google translate. That’s really sad that there are korean fans that have such negative attitudes towards the Chinese. I was reading too about how Henry left SM and how he was booed at a Super Junior concert. I hope Lay is able to resume participation in EXO soon. And oh wow, I hadn’t heard of Kris’s movie but that’s cool that part of it filmed in Prague 😀

          Oh wow, he really gave all for his country!

          Did you see the rumors on twitter that the comeback is October 11? Not sure how real that info is but some fans seem convinced that it is official from SM. And yes you’re right…our boys were busy acting this year and promoting in Japan a lot, as well as touring all over Asia and doing fanmeet events and fashion stuff. <3 Baekhyun launched clothes this year and CBX designed shoes…which I'm still awaiting that pair of shoes lol

          OMG i totally didn't catch the RV "Power Up" vs. Exo's "Power", that's so interesting! And yeah until you mentioned it in this comment, I had never bothered listening to "Russian Roulette", what a great pop song! It sounds like a 90s song almost. The lyrics to "Bad Boy" english are really weird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0ZPP5N_7oE (the song was included in their Summer Magic mini-album). The thing with RV is that I enjoy a couple of their songs but I really dislike "Red Flavor" and "Peek-a-boo", I'm just not into those sounds haha.

          Oh wow, what a lucky EXO-L! Hope your friend's sister is able to make it to one of their Korean concerts!!

          I love AG churches 😀 and I plan to always attend an AG church! That's so cool that is how you found a passion for translating though! Wish you the best in your search for a career in translating 🙂

          I know very little about f(x) other than Krystal who was in Bride of Habaek. But yes, EXO fans are well taken care of this year.


          Ok so I had never heard of Lee Soo Man so I just googled him and he’s the man who founded SM, got it!

          The CBX fan event was sooooo cute! I hadn’t noticed that Chen’s legs fit in the car and that he had closed the doors hehe. They are wearing 2 different outfits in the video though so it looks like it was a 2 day event and the 2 performances were mixed into one video. I love those outfits too, well except for Xiumin’s short suit cause I just find short suits to be weird lol

          I didn’t notice too much about the Macau concerts on IG myself. Other than that fans were saying that tour was now over because those were the last dates of the tour. So now we just await the comeback then! 😀 Did you see Baekhyun teasing on Twitter asking us to wait a little longer?

          Pentagon’s “Shine” seems to be super popular on Spotify so I hadn’t noticed it was from a pretty recent comeback. Never heard of Triple H, so wait, HyunA and E’dawn were in a subunit of sorts together? That’s an interesting perspective that Asian fans have on their pop stars…hope this doesn’t really ruin E’dawn’s career though nor Pentagon. They seem like a talented group of guys.
          The reason I mentioned “hangover makeup” was because of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yITQ-JBH9zg and oh wow that Shinwon guy is indeed good looking! Yuto has stronger features which I can see are not that appealing necessarily at first glance. I googled Jinho, and omo he is adorable! And his voice is incredible…I went ahead and looked through the Magazine Ho series he did, and the first cover he ever did is one of my favorite OSTs from Another Oh Hae Young 😉 and I was super impressed by his other covers. Also his English pronunciation in the songs is super good, does he actually speak English?

          Ah wow, Pentagon has so many members! They all seem cute and charming in their own ways.

          Aw that’s cute- what you think about when you can’t sleep. Lately when I can’t sleep, I think about what outfit to wear to an EXO concert haha, it’s my latest dream that I want to make reality. Haha I just read the comments and I see Baekhyun be called a “genius idol” a lot and I mean he is extremely talented so is that why? 😛

          Oh yeah no worries, I like that you shared a bit of Czech republic and history with me!
          Ooh yes I hope it is “We Young” too! I’m so excited to hear the new Baekhyun song as well of course. I listened to the Melomance x Taeyeon collab but I don’t like the Melomance singer’s voice much.

          Well yes I was curious about Pentagon and you definitely delivered on introducing at least half of the members it seems 😉
          “Love is You” by Seungri is making its way to top favorite songs list for me!
          Chanyeol is so sweet, I didn’t catch that comment!
          I love when random things remind me of EXO. I had the funniest thing happen to me at work today. I was assigned to a project the company is calling Exodus and so I freaked out and listened to Exodus to hype myself up for the job lol


          Nice to hear Vaan is posting a bit more now. He seems to have one newer post now too. And this A-Day song you shared is quite nice!! I don’t mind the autotune as it’s not overboard.

          Did you watch those Korea Tourism organization videos that EXO is featured in? They dubbed the members voices and it is just all so cringey and horrible. I’m so upset cause last year they featured Lee Jongsuk and those videos were quite lovely. Why couldn’t they do well for EXO? I’m disappointed in this KTO.

          Also I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I just today watched the CBX “Hey Mama” mv for the first time and of course i loved it! Such a great song…but it took a while to grow on me 😀


          @ohhaeyoung I had more of a trauma from the amount of information our teacher required us to learn to be honest. But some of the things we learned made me tear up. It was quite depressing when we studied holocaust.
          That’s cool! I’m still not quite brave enough to take some history classes, but I am taking a class on human virology (hopefully). I don’t care for biology much, but I love learning about viruses (and also insects, but not as much).

          I listened to that Relient K version and it was really funny! Thanks.

          Hm… Your opinion elevated that drama in my eyes. Now it’s in the I-might-watch-it-if-I’m-bored-or-crave-a-sageuk category. I didn’t care for Heirs, didn’t finish Secret Garden. I loved the bromance in Goblin (but disliked the ending) and generally loved and enjoyed DOTS. My issue with her is that her dramas feel empty, they lack substance for me.
          Intense it it! And I absolutely love the BGM.

          I’ve read it just yesterday in comments on Soompi… I had read before that some SuJu fans didn’t like the SuJu-M members and wanted to kick them out (and I thought of EXO-M members and how fans wanted them to stay).
          It’s really sad. It must have hurt both Henry and Zhoumi to be booed at during a concert. I’ve read that they haven’t toured with SuJu since.
          I love some Henry’s songs (“I’m Good” and “That One”) and he can play the piano beautifully.
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_Mu_lBzXqg (Someone shared this on DB once, you can watch only till 2:30.)
          And I just found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMJ1HiV0zyU
          I knew he could play the violin, but man… I think I might be slightly in love. Also, he left SM in April. Hopefully he’ll hit it big soon.

          I hope too! I desperately need Lay in Exo. It is cool, my friend said that a wall that was featured in the film is full of messages for EXO and Kris! It seems there are some EXO-Ls in the Czech Republic.

          I did! But I don’t think the dates are real. RV made comeback on 6th August, not 8th (as that picture stated). But SM put out a schedule of comebacks and EXO comes after SuJu D&E, NCT Dream and Girls’ Generation… (https://twitter.com/kyungsoo_stan/status/1029380472470552576) So… October is actually possible. NCT Dream is scheduled to comeback on September 3…
          October actually sounds quite nice. The problem is, there is no repackage or winter album in that picture. And if there is no winter album by EXO, Christmas can almost get cancelled as some tweets suggested.
          Haha, hope they come soon!

          It is interesting! (Theories…) The lyrics are… Yeah. I think the original would have similar lyrics though? I just finally know what it was about. Practically a player “bad girl”. I guess it’s a trend nowadays to swap the gender roles…
          I didn’t like “Red Flavor” much at first listen, but it is quite catchy. I did listen to it a few times since. “Peek-a-boo” I listened to, but don’t remember anything much. I probably didn’t like it. Just meh. (I watched it only to see the MV… Because theories!)


          Haha, thank you! I love our church too.
          I don’t know if I should break it to you or not… But you might find out anyways. Krystal and Kai used to date. (But some people think they didn’t really date, that SM was just trying to cover up other issues and it was only pretend. Who knows. Their ship name was Kaistal.)

          Haha, should have included an explanation. Luckily Google knows everything (almost). It is said that there’s a book with all EXO concepts (planned in advance since pre-debut) and the whole backstory. I really hope we’ll get to see it one day.
          I got so confused at the beginning before I realized there are two days mixed!

          Yes I did. A lot of Aeries were like: The fandom is impatient for the comeback, but when Baekhyun asks us to wait, everyone is like, of course, take your time! Lol.
          And Lay’s album got postponed too! Due to some circumstances or whatnot.

          Haha, yeah. April comeback, the most successful yet. That song went viral, Pentagon charted in for the first time (got into top 100 streamed songs in Korea) and practically the whole audience was dancing to it and singing along at both Kcons.
          Triple H is a Cube unit including HyunA, Hui and E’Dawn (real name Hyojong). They debuted last year in summer with “365 Fresh” which had a really controversial MV. (They have an edgy concept. “Retro Future”, their latest comeback, was similar but a tad worse for me.)
          That’s one of the reasons why fans feel cheated, HyunA and E’Dawn had a lot of skinship in Triple H, but it was supposed to be only a concept. That’s why some fans (and public) are angry that they are dating on stage and pitying Hui for third-wheeling them the whole time. (I think at least Hui won’t have to third-wheel them now that the secret’s out. That’s good.)
          It better not! I don’t think it will… I just hope Cube will let E’Dawn rejoin Pentagon.

          Yes, I’ve seen that video (I’ve seen practically everything from the Shine promotions, subbed or not… except the Vlives 😅). Haha, thanks for bearing with me! He is handsome, Yuto is attractive and Jinho is the cutest one! And wow, I still haven’t seen all his covers and wouldn’t recognize that OST, so thank you! Oh Hae Young had amazing OSTs and it did sound familiar, but I wouldn’t be able to place it. His voice is incredible and I love his emotions when he sings. He looks so sad I want to hug him. His pronunciation is really good, but I don’t think he’s fluent. The best English speaker in Pentagon is Hongseok.

          That’s nice! I really hope the next tour will make some stops in the US (even if not in Europe) so you can fulfil your dream! But I hope they come to Europe too! Yeah, I think that’s why. “Genius idol” is a term for an idol who’s extremely talented. I think.
          Baekhyun’s song is coming out on the 31st! Yay!
          I can’t contain myself when it comes to my biases. 😅


          Yay! I’m so happy to hear that. It’s such a great song, I love to listen to it when I feel melancholy. I’ve listened to it just today.
          Gah, that’s cool! I love “Exodus”. Haha, that happens to me as well and I love it! Just the other day I was shopping and there was a perfume called “Tender Love” (EXO has a song of that name). I didn’t buy it, but it smelled really nice! And I bought a pack of potato chips the other day and realized this morning they are Lay’s! I have Lay’s chips! Lol. I think Lay actually had endorsement with Lay’s. Lol.

          Yeah, it’s nice. You know how I freaked out the other day about that post? It was from a song. I felt so stupid afterwards because it did look like lyrics (had some English bits), but it fit so well with his situation I was sure he had written it. Lol. It still probably mirrors his feelings though if he posted it.
          I don’t mind the autotune anymore. I am glad you liked it. 🙂

          I did. I’ve been avoiding it since I knew about the dubbing from Twitter, but finally faced it yesterday. The biggest cringe was probably Sehun. And Chen. And everyone really. D.O’s ad was really painful though. “Have you ever met a K-pop star in real life?” And “Imagine yourself as a K-pop star”.
          Haha, I keep discovering things all the time as well! And EXO released a lot of stuff. Really. I loved “Hey Mama” right away, it’s such a funky song. And the MV! And stages! That’s why I was caught off-guard with “Blooming Day” to be honest. I guess I didn’t expect that, the style is so different. I loved the others song on the album almost right away, but “Blooming Day” had to grow on me. But now it’s my most often played EXO song! I listened to it just this morning!
          Have you seen “Ka-Ching” yet? It’s their first Japanese single. (And it’s very different from “Blooming Day”. More like “Horololo”.) The MV is the short version, so you should check out the full version of the song elsewhere. (Some Japanese MVs do not include the full song because of Japanese copyright laws. It was the same for “Electric Kiss”.)
          Ka-Ching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNwYapPXNkw

          Thanks for that Xiumin video! So cute!
          Yeah, I’ve seen it, but it’s so good I might listen to it a few times as well. Exo’rdium (the before-last tour) had an acoustic session. It was great because their vocals got to shine so much. I think I really appreciated “Call Me Baby” only after I’d seen the acoustic version. Their vocals stand out much more (and also the harmonies). I just love it. I had the same thing happen to me with Pentagon’s “Gorilla” (I posted about it). I didn’t like the song much before, but the acoustic version… If they debuted with the acoustic version, I might have been a fan since debut. Lol.
          Also. Seeing Chanyeol and Lay’s guitar playing skills is… Just wow. How they manage to play so many difficult things live without mistakes is really beyond my understanding.


          @estee I think I love history because I have a pretty good memory and was good at remembering dates and similar information that are important for history classes. Learning about humanity is both fascinating and depressing to see how much things sometimes don’t change. I’m the kind of person who likes to learn from my mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. So I fully believe in that saying “those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it” so yes history serves to teach us what mistakes not to make and give us perspective on what it means to be human. Literature felt more hopeful for me because it’s about how we as humans connect with each other and it is through storytelling. My college was the Arts and Humanities college so the question over and over in my classes was, what makes us human?

          Ok so I have a couple of EXO links related to Mr. Sunshine to share! Mr. Sunshine has 3 very compelling male leads. One of them is the bad boy played by Yoo YeonSeok and he may be my favorite, it’s my first time seeing him in a drama! Looks like he is good friends with Sehun https://www.soompi.com/article/1218643wpp/exos-sehun-sends-coffee-truck-show-support-yoo-yeon-seok The other male lead is the rich playboy and the actor is friends with Suho https://www.soompi.com/article/1218951wpp/exos-suho-encourages-good-friend-byun-yo-han-mr-sunshine-food-support so funny enough our EXO leader and maknae are supporting the male leads in Mr. Sunshine 😀 It’s my first time seeing all of the main cast in Mr. Sunshine actually, they are very gifted actors so that’s why I’m enjoying the drama.

          Let me know if you recommend Time after it ends airing 🙂

          My ELF friend really loves Henry! I had never heard those songs, they are sooo good! Henry has a very unique voice 😀 And omg I did not know he was such a talented musician, he deserves to have a super successful musical career! I watched the whole clip of the piano playing all the way through the “koreanizing” of Twinkle Twinkle lol, that was kinda epic! Yu Huiyeol is very talented too!! I like listening to his demo version of Exo’s “The Eve” too although the lyrics are kinda dirty lol

          October comeback does sound really nice. I have some time to save monies to then throw at EXO. I need to start keeping an EXO budget 😛 they keep releasing all these fun merch that I want. Did you see the September Prive collection will be limited edition? I’m excited to see the new pieces in the collection. My shoes are supposed to arrive next week, yay! And whoa, winter albums seem to definitely be an EXO staple…there will always be a repackage I think. I saw BTS’s comeback today and realized it’s just a repackage haha. But yeah I’m excited for this christmas to see the EXO winter album.

          Oh you’re right about the RV “Bad Boy” lyrics are about being a bad girl…hmm guess the English lyrics are kinda similar then. I still prefer the korean version 😛 oh also I like the “Power Up” performance video better than the MV.


          Hahah I actually did know about the Kai/Krystal dating cause I read about it very early on when I started to get into EXO back in April. Kai is my bias after all 😀 and I’m not bothered by it at all. I saw the few pictures that supposedly exist of them as a couple and it is hard to tell if it’s really them (those pool pics). And yeah I mean if they did date, they actually seem like a compatible couple for each other. The EXO dating rumor that surprised me recently is the one about Baekhyun supposedly dating Taeyeon in the past. Do you know if that one was true? People seem to think it was true…and hmm she looks way older than Baek.

          EXO are the #1 SM artist right? That’s amazing how well planned their music and concepts are…and it is all just so high quality. We are exactly one week away from Baekhyun’s SM song and just this morning Sehun pretty much confirmed on his IG what we suspected about his SM song with Chanyeol being a studio version of “We Young” yay! And then this morning SM finally published Baek’s live version of “Take You Home” live <3 so at least us EXO-L's are getting content nonstop lately.

          Aw so Pentagon's fame was just now getting started…thanks for the Triple H explanation. I did not know E'dawn's real name. I watched the MVs you mentioned and I'm not a fan of female rappers so I'm not really into those songs but I see what you mean about them being very obvious about their relationship LOL yet obviously not saying anything.

          I'll keep an eye out for his future covers 😉 his voice is so good! That Oh Hae Young OST is so popular I've heard it played at korean restaurants in my city. That reminds me, I went out with my coworkers yesterday for dinner to get korean fried chicken at a restaurant in the koreatown area of my city and we heard an EXO song playing! It was "Electric Kiss" 😀

          Ok so I want to talk about that new law that went into effect this August in Korea to force all men aged 28 to join army this year so that means Xiumin has to enlist this year. I had been hoping it was a rumor and not true and I was in so much denial cause I was legitimately so sad at the idea that Xiumin has to enlist so soon. I had been banking on the idea that I still had 2 more years before I would have to say goodbye to any EXO members and now that they dragged off Yoon Doojoon today in the middle of his drama filming schedule, I fear that pretty much confirms Xiumin has to enlist soon. So even if I see EXO in concert sometime in the next 2 years it will feel kinda empty without Xiumin 🙁 On wednesday, I was so mad at Korea for this law and then on thursday I was worried about them because of the typhoon. I'm just so emotional about this whole situation. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with it…how are you feeling about it all? My emotions towards Korea have been on a rollercoaster this week.

          Lay's potato chips are so popular here in US and kinda my favorite. I love all potato foods. French fries are my favorite!


          I’ve been listening to the “Exodus” album a lot more lately and it is an incredible album with very strong tracks throughout. I told myself that if I do well in this work project I will reward myself with a physical copy of Exodus 😛

          “We Young” MV first peek? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm4DT7-HDKs/?taken-by=oohsehun 😀

          Aw don’t feel stupid cause of the lyrics caption mixup. I would’ve probably been confused like that too.

          Haha Korea Tourism Organization’s reputation is now ruined in my eyes. Korea really doesn’t get a lot of US tourism and now I’m really not surprised why they don’t. All of those “actors” with EXO were cringy in those videos too…ugh anyways yes “Hey Mama” has my favorite Xiumin rap verse ever! He is soooo talented!! And I love how in sync they move for that very last dance part of the “Hey Mama” choreo <3 "Blooming Day" was a love at first listen kind of song but yes it is very different in style from "Hey Mama". The "Blooming Day" MV dropped the same day as the mini album right? Which is why I saw the MV, loved it, checked out the mini album and fell in love with "Monday Blues" right away and claimed it as my favorite song but then I was so enchanted by the concept of the album and aaah Blooming Days is so perfect but now I'm paying a lot of attention to the "Hey Mama" mini album as well. Ok so the two albums that CBX has- Magic and Girls are both japanese right? And the two mini albums are korean? So no full length korean album from CBX so far? You're so right that "Kaching" has a "Horololo" vibe 😀 and it's such a fun song! I had seen the MV before! The "Kaching" MV concept seems to really fit in with the Magical Circus Japan tour concept as well. That's interesting how cohesive and well planned even our subunit is. The girl who runs the mymanminseok account told me that the Magical Circus tour had a full live band for all of the songs CBX performed thus it made the performances even higher quality than a regular EXO concert…isn't that amazing? I hope EXO tours with a live band soon. And yess those EXO harmonies are so on point and acoustic versions are just so beautiful usually. You're so right…such a blessing to see and hear Lay and Chanyeol playing acoustic guitars so well.

          Oh I reached out to my friend who was a Shinee fan…sounds like he is not really into kpop anymore, ah well. Maybe the december tragedy made him upset…I decided not to mention that to him at all since he just told me he doesn't really pay attention to kpop anymore. :/

          Well August is almost over and although there was no comeback, I'm so excited for Baekhyun and Chanyeol/Sehun songs! And we just keep waiting for SM to give us what we EXO-Ls want LOL


          Hi, @ohhaeyoung!
          I do have a pretty good memory too, that teacher was just a bit too… demanding! He appeared in my dreams for a while after I finished school (it’s been a year now).
          I’m all for learning from our mistakes (even if I’m not sure I do it well in my own life, lol). I love your take on literature. I love a lot of things in theory (like studying literature or thinking about what makes us human), but once it becomes something I have to do (like writing essays), it is a hassle and I lose interest quickly.

          Thanks for the links! I’ve seen Yoo Yeon Seok in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim and he is a great actor. I’ve seen the articles about their friendship on Twitter and they look pretty similar too. (There was a photo from one of YYS’s dramas where he kisses a girl and he looked so much like our Sehun there some Aeries thought it was a preview from Sehun’s web drama Dokgo Rewind. Lol.) They really could play brothers convincingly. And the coffee truck once again shows what a loyal friend Sehun is.
          I haven’t seen the article about Suho! They seem to be close friends… It’s fun to see he’s friend with Ryu Joon Yeol and Ji Soo. I had no idea.

          I suppose you’ve read the news about Time… I guess I won’t be recommending it then. I’m not even sure I’ll finish it myself. It’s really such a shame, but of course, his health should come first. Too bad MBC can’t put that drama on hold, wait till Kim Jung Hyun gets better and then finish it. Bad live shooting!

          The songs are really good, I’m glad you like them! He is extremely talented and sweet too! I wish him all the best. He sure deserves it. I was impressed with Yoo Hee Yeol too! Really talented. I think I’ve heard the demo once… I guess I’m not listening to the demo because of the lyrics? Lol. (I’m super impressed with his song-writing skills, “The Eve” is musically one of my favourites on the album.)

          If I understood Korean perfectly, I would have to stop listening to so many songs. On the other hand, I like how ambiguous the songs get. I understand the English words here and there and I feel the emotions of the song (sad, upbeat, angry) and that’s why I can relate to the song in a lot of situations (the lyrics don’t limit me in any way). I don’t know if you get me, but for example if it’s a break-up song, I can’t relate to it (as I don’t date), but if I don’t understand the lyrics and only feel the sadness, I can feel the song much more. (Sorry for the random rambling.)

          Merch is fun! My friend introduced me to Twitter group orders (fans from one country/area order together and the shipping is cheaper). They order official merch, albums and even fansites merch (stickers, dolls, phone cases). There are pretty things, even useful things, but I don’t want to spend the money. It feels like a waste, I’m saving it for my albums, lol.
          I can’t wait to see the new collection! Yay! I hope they fit you. 🙂


          I’ve read on Twitter that there will be a repackage. It was an official interview with Lee Soo Man I think, so it’s safe. Oh, it’s only a repackage? I didn’t know. I did watch the MV the other day and it had some pretty colours in it, but I didn’t like it much in general. But I am biased, so.

          The performance version is nice! Dancing very often makes a song so much better.
          Oof. I am happy I didn’t break your bubble or something. I actually haven’t seen those pics till now! I’m happy you’re such a mature fan. I don’t really mind them dating either, I just prefer not to know if they do. It gets messy then. I mean, they are all grown men, it is normal to date and have relationships. And they can’t possibly date the fans, no matter how much the fans wish for it and daydream about it. So, yeah, date. Just… Don’t tell me. Yet.
          Kaistal would be a gorgeous couple to be honest.
          Speaking of Kai, have you seen this? (https://www.soompi.com/article/1219805wpp/exos-kai-catches-attention-rihannas-cosmetics-brand-fenty-beauty) Exo-Ls are no joke. I love my fandom (most of the time).

          The Baekyeon scandal was a big thing back in 2014. I’ve read things here and there before, but now took some time to get into it. So, from what I understand:
          Baekhyun and Taeyeon did date. SM confirmed it back in June 2014. (What a bold step! Exo were out just two years.) They say Taeyeon comforted Baek after the Kris lawsuit.
          Taeyeon got a backlash from some immature EXO-Ls (hate comments) and fans were taking it bad because Baekyeon had been dating for 4 months secretly and used secret codes on their Insta posts. They also used nicknames the fans gave them for each other.
          Both of them posted heartbreaking apologies (really, just reading Baek’s apology made me cry, I know he cherishes and loves his fans so much, he must have been in so much pain). I’ve seen some Baekhyun’s pictures where he was a crying mess and I suppose it was from that time. It was very difficult, especially with Kris leaving. (Was SM trying to cover up Kris leaving with another scandal? Some people do believe that.) I think a lot of people thought EXO would disband (plus Luhan and Tao leaving too). This gives me hope for Pentagon.
          Anyways, it seems that Baekyeon broke up in September 2015, but netizens won’t leave them alone. Anytime they do anything remotely associated with the other one, rumours are back (once they had the same earphones and fans were going crazy).
          My take on it: I would have been hurt too at that time, but now I am just sad that Baekhyun had to go through such pain. I actually do ship them. I don’t know Taeyeon that well, but she seems like a kind, gentle person. And Baekhyun deserves someone to be there for him, someone to love and cherish. He’s so full of love and light, he should have someone to give it to (besides the fans). And you can’t live off of fans’ encouraging comments.


          They’re actually only three years apart.

          Links to the articles: https://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/blog/2014/06/19/exos-baekhyun-girls-generation-s-taeyeon-rumoured-be-dating
          The second article explains the secret codes used on Insta.
          I don’t like to get into dating scandals too much, they’re usually just messy and no one (except the idols themselves) really knows what happened. I just get uselessly emotionally invested and don’t know what to believe.

          I suppose they are. The concepts are really no joke. Have you seen the video of Loco and Baek where the PD asked them at the end to repeat what they had said without pauses and Baek answered “But that’s our concept”? “But that’s our concept” in Korean trended on Twitter in Korea! Lol.
          Wah, I haven’t been on Insta and I missed that! Thanks. Sehun is returning with his spoilers. Yes! And Xiumin’s Elyxion stage got out too! SM must have heard how hungry Aeries were.

          Well, it was supposed to be the concept (if you’re talking about the MVs). That’s why the fans were angry.
          Oh, do! Jinho is a gem. Wow, that’s cool! I’ve heard a “Goblin” OST in that one Korean restaurant I was in. And Bolbbalgan4’s “Travel”.
          Wow! Lucky you. I kept listening for familiar songs, but they were not playing much idol K-pop there. Was the chicken good?

          I… I’ve heard something about it. But only in connection with travelling abroad, so I didn’t pay much attention. Plus, I always counted on his degree. It should have given him one more year. Reading that article made everything clear. Now it makes sense that Seo Eunkwang enlisted. And now Yoon Doojoon. And Seungri has to go too. BAP’s Yongguk. Shinee’s Onew. All people I like. Oh my.
          And Xiumin. We need an OT9 comeback. Will we even get it? I guess I’ll be in denial. I am in denial. I was really sad when I read the article (a few days ago), but now I’m in denial again. I refuse to get more upset until I hear that he has to go. (And he won’t!)

          Ah, I had no idea about the typhoon! I was visiting with my sister, so I spent Thursday travelling and then wasn’t much online. I am glad not many people got hurt (or did they?).
          I know how you feel. I’ve been feeling too many emotions towards people I’ve never seen during the last year. People I might never see in person. Last year’s MAMA, the Pentagon dating scandals, the whole Vaan issue… It didn’t hit me that hard this time because I am in denial over the first thing and wasn’t aware of the second thing.

          I love potato chips and french fries but I think I’ve overeaten on potatoes in my life. We grow potatoes at home (I live in countryside), so I’ve had them a lot. Now I prefer rice or pasta over potatoes.
          I would say Lay’s chips are my favourite too, but we have pretty good Czech potato chips, so…


          Good luck with the project!. 🙂 I still haven’t ordered mine! I had a small online shopping spree (clothes and shoes) and now I need to get more money on my card, lol.

          That means we will get a real MV and not a lyric video! So happy!
          Aw, thanks. I was just really emotional that day, so it got to me easily like that.

          Non-asian actors are usually cringey even in dramas.
          That rap is everything! And his hair. His hair. Yes for that last dance move. That song has so much swag.
          Yes, the MV generally drops at the same time as the album. I think. Or a day later max. Exo Japanese albums come out later, MV comes out a few weeks earlier (it’s a custom in Japan).
          As much as I didn’t love “Blooming Day” at first listen, I really liked the side tracks and loved the concept! I felt so smaaart when I figured out it’s seven songs for seven days, lol.
          Hey, you’re getting ahead of me. 😀 I still haven’t listened to all the songs on the “Hey Mama” mini (since it came out before I joined the fandom). According to Wikipedia, their only studio album is “Magic”, the rest are mini albums.
          I love Ka-Ching. Even the lyrics seemed good. And Xiumin in that MV with hair up… You’re right, it does fit in well! Oh wow! I might have heard something about it… Or maybe not. That must have been amazing, a live band. I’ve unfollowed the mymanminseok account to be honest. I guess I am not that fully dedicated to Xiumin. (I’ve realised I might be bias-less when it comes to Exo. I love all of them.)

          I guess it happens. I hope he wasn’t too scarred by it. There was a Shawol girl who went to Korean classes with me, I wonder how she is doing. Poor girl.
          Haha, yeah. We have to do with what we get.

          I’m still in denial. Minseok ain’t going anywhere. !

          I started watching Andante yesterday! Greenfields said she watched the first four eps and liked it (even Kai’s acting!), so I decided to give it a go. I’ll watch the first four eps and then we might watch it together on Rabbit or on our own (in other words, buddy watch). You’re welcome to join us! (If you feel like it.)
          I really liked the first ep. And Kai is so natural! I feel like I’m watching Kim Jongin (is it a good thing?). Lol. I need to stop thinking of him as of Kai or else I’ll be in trouble when the love line starts. The plot of the drama is a bit weird, so I’m not sure if I’ll keep liking it… But I love Kai!

          I’m not sure if it was you who shared this with me or not… Anyways, here:
          I got Baekhyun the first time (but I accidentally skipped some questions, so it was definitely FATE 😛 ). The second time I got Lay. It’s such a fun nonsense quiz, lol.


          @estee oh wow that history teacher does sound intense haha, I remember I would have dreams about high school all the way up until I graduated from college, it has been a good while since I’ve had any dream about being in high school…can’t say I miss hs at all! I do like watching high school dramas every now and then and I’m almost done with Heirs now, I find it a bit boring though.

          Oh I hadn’t noticed but Yoo Yeonseok and Sehun do look kind of alike! Ah so Sehun’s upcoming acting project is a web drama? I was confused as to what it was exactly…and ooh one week til D.O’s new drama!

          Yes I read the news about Time, that is quite shocking news! Hope the actor will be ok!! Sometimes a drama does turn out well despite behind-the-scenes madness though ala Cheese in the Trap which is in my top favorite dramas.

          “The Eve” is musically one of my favorite EXO songs too and the korean lyrics seem to be much better than the English demo version! So I have some fun news, there is a music store at the mall close to my house and my friend notified me on saturday that she saw EXO albums for sale there so I got super excited and headed there yesterday after church and found they were selling a lot of kpop albums. They have a whole kpop section full of mostly BTS, but they also had quite a few artists such as EXO, Shinee, Super Junior, lots of girl groups such as Mamamoo, Red Velvet, and Twice. I got so excited that I went ahead and bought all the EXO albums I saw which were only 3 (The War version A, Universe, and Power of Music repackage) and they’re legit and even come with the photocards!! The War version A is the version I actually had been thinking of getting anyway and I opened it right away and was confused to not find a photocard but turns out that only version B and private version come with photocards. I got a Chanyeol comic book card which is the photocard equivalent in version A. Then I opened my Universe album and found I got a Chanyeol photocard and it’s one of those pics with a cutesie filter. The Power of Music repackage is sooooo beautiful and full of amazing artwork, and guess whose photocard I got there? It’s as you said last time…I got Baekhyun!! I’ll share a few pics on my fanwall soon.

          Hmm yeah I kind of get what you mean on the feelings of songs. I used to be a person who heavily relied on lyrics to feel songs but of course with kpop that is not the case as I don’t speak korean so it is about the feeling of the song and of course I do look up lyrics to the songs as it’s fun to find out what is actually being said.

          Merch is so fun and yes I have heard of Twitter group orders but have never participated in one. Buying kpop albums is so fun but I’m gonna wait til October to buy Exodus and of course probably gonna buy the comeback album in October 😉 sooo I got the Baekhyun shoes last monday and thankfully they did fit but somehow look different than I expected from the pictures, they kind of look like boots so they’re nice


          So I now own physical copies of all the EXO 2017 albums (The War, Power of Music, and Universe) so I’m excited to hear there will also be a repackage to the upcoming comeback 😀
          My thoughts on BTS “Idol” is that I don’t like the song at all lol and I have heard it a few times now…

          Dancing does often times make songs a lot better! Yes I did see the KaixFenty stuff on IG and then headed to confirm on Twitter that Fenty had indeed said they were interested in working with Kai, I’m proud of the fandom for that too! KaixFenty would be amazing! I actually own a few Fenty products, not because of Rihanna (I’m not really her fan) but her products are actually pretty innovative and different from other cosmetics lines. I’m currently wearing a Fenty product on my face lol

          Omg I had never read Baekhyun’s apology for dating Taeyeon…that is so sad that he would have to apologize for just dating a woman! That’s insane…poor baby Baekhyun 🙁 Well I’m glad that looking back at EXO’s “scandalous” dating history does give you hope for Pentagon’s current situation. I love what you said about how “you can’t live off of fans’ encouraging comments” as that is all the perspective we all need to understand the fact that yes they are humans and they deserve real human connections and relationships as much as we all do. I’ll admit for some reason it hit me harder that Baekhyun has dated that Taeyeon lady whereas I barely batted an eye at Kai dating Krystal. Maybe it’s cause I don’t know Taeyeon at all? Thanks for the links about their dating scandal though as I had not really bothered to look into it! Like you said sounds like their dating scandal was quite messy with even Taeyeon apologizing to a fan at the airport…that is awkward. But anyway I am a fan of Baekhyun as he currently is and I hope he learned a lot from that experience and hope that the next time he dates publicly, things will go smoother for him!

          Haha no I hadn’t heard of the “but that’s our concept” trending in Korea twitter, that’s cute! I watched the live stages for the Incheon festival that EXO played at this weekend and they were wearing KoKoBop era shirts, do you think it’s them saying goodbye to that concept? I saw SM was selling global package tickets for a CBX performance for this upcoming weekend at some EDM festival in Seoul so I guess we’ll have more CBX performances to look forward to next weekend! 😀 It’s crazy how busy they all are while preparing for this comeback!
          And oh yes the korean fried chicken restaurant was so good, they even had seaweed soup as an appetizer so I tried it for the first time and surprisingly I really liked it!

          And yes Seungri and Onew are people that I really like too :/ and I think Lee Honggi also has to soon now too…but yeah I’ll try to just focus on the comeback and not worry about things like that.
          The typhoon seemed to hit Jeju the hardest but it tapered off by the time it got to Seoul. Overall I didn’t really hear much afterwards about it.


          Haha I don’t believe in overeating potatoes but I love carbs in general so yes to rice and I love noodles!!

          Looks like SM Station has announced Sept 14 as the release date for “We Young” so less than 2 weeks away now!

          I loved the whole “Blooming Days” concept so much that one week I decided to start my day by reading the lyrics to the song for the day so on monday I watched the “monday blues” lyric video on YT and then listened to the song on repeat in my car throughout the day to really appreciate it and did that everyday for a full 7 days so tues “blooming day”, wed “sweet dreams” and so on and man do the songs just fit each day so perfectly! Also that’s how I realized “Vroom Vroom” is a fun song to drive to and thus became a top favorite for me!

          Ah ok so “Girls” is a mini album, that explains why KaChing is on the “Magic” album. So quick question, what color would you say Xiumin’s hair is in the KaChing MV? My first thought was pink lol but now I guess it’s bright violet, I definitely didn’t think purple although yeah violet is techincally purple haha…and I know what you mean about not having a true EXO bias, you can’t help but just love all members! I’m definitely not anyone’s anti in EXO. It’s funny cause my ELF friend really doesn’t like Heechul in SUJU and even calls herself his anti but I actually kinda like Heechul, he has pretty eyes and lips lol

          Oh wow I would’ve loved to watch Andante with y’all but I’m so behind on my current kdramas. I still haven’t watched this weekend’s eps of Mr. Sunshine and I’m just so slow at binging in general…but maybe if you tell me a few weeks ahead of time, I could try to get together with y’all to watch a drama 😉 And ooh seeing him as Kim Jongin in the drama, that is interesting! And no I didn’t share that particular quiz with you…I shared another one from many years ago about which EXO member is your soulmate or something like that LOL…anyway for this quiz I always get Lay as my supposed true love 😛 so now I’m wanting OT9 comeback too!!

          Ok so other fun random news for me…I got published on DB this past week on the August travel theme http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/08/traveling-the-world-with-dramas-the-more-you-see-the-more-you-want-to-go/

          I was just browsing on the CBX Wiki page and I see that the Magical Circus tour DVD will come out on September 26. Japanese fans get so much amazing content!! I mean they even got the CBX tour!

          Anyway I’m currently obsessed with the “Sing for You” mini album…”Unfair” is such a wonderful song!! And the live performances are the cutest thing ever! Is it too much to ask for a 2018 winter album too from our boys?! Winter is my favorite season and it makes me happy that EXO does winter albums 🙂


          Hey, @ohhaeyoung!
          I took my sweet time this time around. I hope you had a good and restful weekend. 🙂
          He was intense. And I am a procrastinator. The amount of information he kept giving us was too intimidating for me. Lol.
          I do like some HS dramas too. Really? It’s possible. It was my third drama, so everything was interesting for me then. But I didn’t like it even then much.

          Maybe… I’ve read about it as a web movie too. But it is probably a web drama, there are more episodes. The first ones are already out! Yes! I’m really looking forward to D.O showing everyone what a great actor he is.

          Time is actually turning out really well. The plot doesn’t drag, it’s still really gripping and the characters are complex. It’s gonna be one of my top dramas. If I didn’t know about the behind-the-scenes problems, I wouldn’t have noticed. Maybe. I’m with you on CITT! I love it.
          I really like the Korean lyrics for Eve.

          What a great friend, notifying you about EXO albums! Lol. I’m so happy for you chinguya! And I’m happy that you finally got your Baekhyun. 🙂

          I used to look up lyrics much more often, but nowadays I’m mostly too lazy to do that. (Unless it’s a comeback song of course.) I used to be very lyrics oriented… What are you doing to me K-pop?
          Yay for the shoes!

          Lay put up an Insta story, have you seen it? Big news soon, it said. So either it’s going to be his solo album… Or OT9.

          I didn’t even know Fenty before and I don’t even know Rihanna or her music well. But I know that she is big, so I am proud of the fandom.

          Taeyeon has beautiful voice and some great music. I don’t know if it would help you or not to listen to her music… I liked her last song “Something New”. Others recommended are “I”, “Fine” and “11:11”. And aww, hugs.
          For me, I couldn’t keep watching Andante because Jongin has a love line in it. And I can’t unsee Jongin in his character. Oh well. I think I’ll have no problems with D.O though. I was fine with Suho in Rich Man as well.
          I’m afraid the next time he dates publicly will be a long time from now.

          I’ve seen some stages too (but not all of it, I am rarely patient enough to watch something over 20 minutes, lol). Probably! But with the way it’s going, they will perform Kokobop at the Music Bank in Berlin next week too! So it’s not a goodbye just yet.
          They really are. I saw some pictures from that EDM festival. It’s called Spectrum I think…

          Seaweed soup is another food I have to try one day!
          That’s the right mindset! 🙂

          I love carbs too! 🙂
          Yes! Those teaser pics were quite – uhm – hot. Have you seen the behind the scenes video? Sehun should wear a shirt under the jacket next time… Or not… 😛 Anyways, it was a bit… Uhm… You know.

          Btw, hot news, Xiumin has an Instagram account! https://www.instagram.com/e_xiu_o/


          That’s such a cool thing to do! I’ve been singing a Baekhyun’s line from “Playdate” the whole Friday and Saturday because of the CBX vacation clip! (Baekhyun was so precious in it, I fell in love with him. A bit. A lot.) And then I switched to “Lazy”. Lol.

          I don’t know… They look pink to me. 😀 But it’s not your typical pink, so yeah. But it suits him. Exactly, I just love all of them! Heechul is funny and really pretty. 🙂 If I had to dislike a SuJu member, it would be probably Shindong… But I don’t care enough to dislike him.

          Well, you see you’re not missing it after all. And school’s starting next week for me, so I wouldn’t have much time anyways… I’m really slow at watching dramas too. I usually need more time to process everything. Lol. We can plan something! One day… I suppose we will all be live watching D.O’s new drama now… Right?
          I got Lay too! I need him in the comeback…

          Oh, congratulations! I love the article. 🙂 It’s really well-written. And thanks for mentioning it, I really don’t read every article around here.

          They are lucky! There’s a huge difference between being an international East/South Asian fan and an international European/American fan. I saw a Pentagon’s fan on Twitter who lives in Singapore, but manages to be an active fan, as in attending fan meetings and such.

          “Unfair” is cutest! Sehun and Chanyeol’s “ommaya” is so cute! Btw, here is some Sehun for you doing “ommaya” on vlive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo9nI-i0nHA
          I think… Hope there will be one. It’s a Christmas gift, why would they stop giving it to us?


          hey @estee sorry I took two weeks to respond this time around too…I’ve been enjoying restful weekends and have been a lot busier with work and life stuff than usual lately on weeknights but things are all good thankfully 🙂

          I am a procrastinator too but I find that I work better under pressure with deadlines than if I’m given a lot of time to do a project because well I’ll put it off til the last possible amount of time to get whatever it is done! Anyway did you start Sehun’s web show? I started 100 Day Prince and am about to watch ep 4, it is such a silly drama but I’m really enjoying watching DO so far. The female lead is pretty much exactly like her character in Shopping King Louis though haha.

          Glad to hear that about Time. For 2018 the best dramas I’ve watched so far are Mother and Mr. Sunshine which is almost over, wondering how it’ll end to see if I can truly recommend it or not. It’s Chuseok in Korea so no finale until next weekend.

          Thank you, I am so happy to now own EXO albums…it’s kind of addicting to buy these! And yes this is a newer friend I’ve made, she watches kdramas too but isn’t into kpop. Her sister went to see BTS in concert recently though haha. So I went back to the store that I bought my EXO albums at just to see if they had stocked more and well and noooo somebody stop me, I bought two more albums *hides face in shame* so I now also own two albums from 2013 back when EXO had 12 members. I bought Memories in December (OMG the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the pictures are amazing) and I got the XOXO repackage. Guess whose photocards I got this time? I got the two leaders! I got Kris snowglobe (cause instead of regular photocards, it’s snowglobes in Memories in December) and Suho in XOXO repackage. So then I went back this weekend and they had Exodus Xiumin version but this time I resisted and walked away without buying anything cause I really want to see if I can find a Kai version of Exodus. They also carry EXO-CBX Blooming Days but they only had Blooming version which is the one I own anyway.

          Well Lay announced his solo album…I’m still mildly hopeful he will join EXO’s comeback but hmm I wonder if it’s still because of the Chinese government stuff that he’s not active in EXO? Do you like Lay’s solo music?

          Rihanna is very big and her Fenty brand is extremely popular here in US. I hope the Kai collab does end up happening. Speaking of Kai, man did you see the pics of him holding a Gucci purse on his way to the Gucci event this weekend? He’s back in Europe for a bit! And dang bae even carries a purse and looks amazing 😉 How are you feeling about his mullet type hair? I think he rocks it!

          Taeyeon’s voice is rather beautiful, thanks for suggesting those songs! “Something New” is really good and ohh I had heard “11:11” a lot before but didn’t really know who the singer was!

          Aww hope I won’t have a problem with watching Andante. I don’t feel like I know Kai as Jongin that well as I find him mysterious.


          Ooh so I finished the whole Climb the Ladder with CBX series, and omg those boys are so charming! I loved the background music choices as they had a ton of EXO songs but also some random drama OSTs with a lot of Secret Garden and even a few more recent kdramas like Switch LOL, anyway now I want to buy the CBX selfie book just to remember how adorable the moments from Climb the Ladder were. Chen was always so cheerful, Xiumin was adorable, and Baekhyun is just my ideal man forreals 😛

          I read there is supposed to be another CBX show on first weekend of October in Gangnam. Not sure if EXO is expected to also perform there. CBX performed really great at that Spectrum show by the way. I watched videos of it and they looked and sounded really stable and well they’re so professional at what they do as usual but it is always amazing to see and I’m impressed. I notice EXO-Ls and EXO themselves are restless about comeback with Baekhyun tweeting this past week that he wants to comeback too 😀

          So I’ve been going to the Korean fried chicken restaurant a lot more lately, my coworker and I have been going once a week as they have a nice menu and also have other dishes available. They play kpop music videos on their tv screen so it’s really fun to watch those while we eat. My heart was skipping a beat when CBX “Blooming Days” came on the other day LOL, and it’s still the only EXO MV they’ve played. They play a lot of BTS and girl groups. The lady at the cash register asked us though if we had gone to the BTS concert so my friend and I took the opportunity to tell her who our favorite kpop groups are.

          Speaking of heart racing over EXO things, I had my heart racing when I saw Xiumin’s latest selca post with a caption from him finally! I’m soooo happy he’s on IG now and now I just want him to post more often 😀

          It’s so funny how I’ll wake up now and have bits of kpop songs playing in my head. I keep waking up to different EXO songs playing in my head since I’ve been listening to Exodus album a lot at work this month to hype myself up to get work done for that one work project and some of the standout tracks for me are “Transformer”, “What if”, and “Exodus” are my current favorites.

          I can’t believe we know more about the Super Junior mini album than we do about EXO’s comeback at this point though. If I were to dislike a SUJU member, it is Ryewook though as I find his voice to be too autotuned usually and the tone is so high, I’m just not really a fan of the sound of his voice lol but like you said, meh I don’t care that much. Therefore I don’t understand the whole active anti mentality, it is super weird to get so passionately negative about someone.

          How’s school going? And thanks for your sweet words on my article! 🙂
          That Pentagon fan in Singapore is so lucky! LOL that “Ommaya” clip made me giggle, so cute! And Kai had the first “ommaya” but yes Sehun’s is more iconic somehow 😛
          And yes EXO’s winter albums are required to survive the cold!


          Hey, @ohhaeyoung!
          No problem, I’ll be answering a bit slower too, now that I’m back at school. It’s been over a week now (since you’ve written me).

          Before I start on anything else, have you seen the new EXO logo?! The comeback might really happen! I was in class and my Exo-L friend texted me about it. It was all in caps! Lol. Unexpected. I am really excited, it seems it’s close.
          And it might be a bikers concept?!

          I’m happy you’ve been resting, at least on weekends. I hope everything goes smoothly for you in real life!
          Definitely! I work much better with deadlines and under pressure. It’s better if I’m required to work consistently than to be given a half a year and a lot of things to study with no pressure and one exam at the end.
          I have the first two eps downloaded, but haven’t started so far. I’m on ep 4 with 100 Days My Prince and I have to admit I’m not too happy with the story progress so far. I love D.O in it and I guess it will get better in the next ep, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the next episode yet.
          I’ll have to check Mother out. One day. Oh by the way, I still haven’t finished Time, with school starting I feel too tired to watch something so sad right now.
          What about Mr. Sunshine? Was it good

          It is, it is! No shame, chingu! It’s great and I am so happy for you! You should buy them all if you don’t have to pay shipping! Yay for Suho! And Kris… What are you going to do with him? Lol.
          I’m afraid it will be really hard to get the Kai version of Exodus. He’s so popular…
          Speaking of Exodus, my friend showed me her Baekhyun version! We had this fun coffee afternoon with my friend and her Exo-L roommate and my friend (the older one) showed us The Power of Music, The War ver. A and that Baekhyun version of Exodus. It was so much fun! And it gave me this need to buy something K-pop related again.
          By the way, this friend’s older sister is in Korea for the semester (I might have mentioned it?) and she’s finally seen EXO! There was this Sale Festa, entrance was free and she got in! That must have been exciting, but the friend said the K-aeries were not very nice… I guess they do look down on international fans. Oh well. But it seems it’s the same in every fandom. (Even in Pentagon’s fandom.)

          Seeing Exo will comeback this month… I’m losing my hope for OT9. *sigh*
          And yes, while parts of the ban were lifted, it’s not perfectly fine either. Yet. I’ve read something about it on Twitter. So maybe that’s why…
          I like some of his songs, but I haven’t listened to his previous albums to be honest. My favourites are “What U Need” and “Sheep”. “Monodrama” is really good too. He’s actually pretty successful as a soloist! Even in Korea.
          Are you going to buy Lay’s new album? It will be sold in the US (so no shipping again!)… I guess I’ll wait to hear the songs. Plus it’s kinda expensive compared to the usual EXO albums.
          I can’t wait to pre-order EXO’s album!


          And while talking about buying stuff… I am seriously considering spending money on Chen’s season greetings (a diary). I think I’ll talk myself out of it (it costs around as much as a regular album plus shipping).

          If you’re not familiar with the term, season greetings are fan merch created by the fan sites, usually a calendar and/or a diary. It usually comes with other gifts too. The photos in the calendar/diary are the photos taken by the fan site, so that’s the main point I guess.

          And I am seriously considering a Shinwon’s season greetings (from Pentagon). I might actually buy it. I was talking myself into buying a calendar I won’t even use the other day (there is no Shinwon diary and I kinda don’t want to have a calendar with a handsome Korean on my table, I would feel too embarrassed). Lol. I still might not buy it tho.

          Speaking of Chen… He might be my next bias! That’s the result of following so many Twitter Chen fan sites.

          Yes, I’ve seen it! He’s a model, he really is. Gucci is lucky to have him, everything looks so good on him. I like it! I don’t think it’s his best look, but I like it. But I know people who can’t stand it.

          I had “Something New” on repeat for a while after it came out. You’re welcome!

          He is rather mysterious, but I feel like I kind of know his playful soft side a bit? But really, it might not be the way Jongin really behaves, it might be just me as a fan projecting my idea of Jongin into his drama character. Probably. Do give it a try, he’s really good there!

          Wow! I still haven’t finished it. I should. I want to. They were adorable! I’ll have to pay more attention to the BGM, but I remember it was quite good and fitting.
          I’m afraid Baekhyun is the ideal man of many women. Lol. 😛

          I haven’t seen the performances, but I’m glad they did so well! I’ve been listening to a lot of CBX music recently. And I’ve realized all EXO songs are genuinely good if you give them a chance. (Well, there are some side tracks I didn’t love, so maybe I’m stretching it a bit…)

          More than one person thinks that there were some shady things going on with SM… I’m happy the comeback is finally one step closer. I’ve seen those tweets, it was hilarious!
          And Baekhyun said during one of the gaming broadcasts that he misses Exo-Ls’ fanchants and that he listens to them on Youtube. How precious is that.

          Yay! You tell them. I think they would play EXO if they had a new song this year… I’m sure they will play it once it comes out. 😀
          The bright side of such a late comeback is no award shows. (Or minimum.) That means no drama. No mistreatment. No angry fans. No hurt fans. EXO doesn’t need the awards and we don’t need the drama.

          Me too! I hope he does post more often!
          “What If” is Kai’s favourite song from the album! I love both “Transformer” and “Exodus”. I’ll have to give “What If” a few more listens to really fall in love with it.
          By the way, I’ve been using Spotify lately! It’s pretty cool. 🙂


          Haha, I haven’t heard Ryeowook yet, so I can’t judge. Plus, he’s just returned from army, so I have a positive attitude towards him.

          The whole active anti mentality… I think a part of it is insecurity over their bias group. That’s why they feel they have to drag the group that’s “threatening” their faves.
          Also, the Exo-L friend I have used to be a very active Army. She left the fandom when BTS blew up in the US (she doesn’t like the Western pop culture and mainstream stuff). She did leave the fandom, but she can’t stop following them. She is still interested in what they do, but mostly makes fun of them.
          On the other hand, she knows them so well she can laugh at them. She doesn’t post it anywhere or gives dislikes or starts fanwars, she’s just enjoying how much she doesn’t like them anymore. It’s when you’re invested in something so much you either love it or hate it. Since she doesn’t love them, she has to “hate” them. And then she sees them perform and hears one of their songs and she kind of likes them again. Lol.
          Sorry for the rant… I should stop treating our conversation as a place for psychological rants.

          School is going ok so far, I just have to get used to being all responsible again, do the stuff I’m supposed to do… I’ve been motivating myself with the season greetings! 😀 If I keep motivating myself with albums and merch, I’ll end up being broke.

          So many things have happened, I almost forgot to update you on Seven O’Clock! (I know you don’t really care that much, but you know. I have to share.)
          You know Vaan has left the group. I’ve been trying to cope with it (I have no idea why I take everything so seriously) and I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep supporting them. I’ll be getting their first album (I loved all the songs, but it’s sold out, so I’m getting a second hand album, but at least it’s cheap), so I hope I’ll be able to get some kind of a closure.
          Anyways, SOC changed companies and now they’re having a comeback in a few days! They also have an official website and well… I’m in pain over it but also kind of excited. I’m not sure I’ll be buying the album, I’ll see if I like the songs. Plus, there’s no Vaan…

          Oh, and about that E’Dawn-HyunAh drama… I posted about it, so there’s not much to say. Only that Cube has been silent on that matter. I was nervous the whole week after the first statement, but now I’m just in denial and (relatively) happy. I’m afraid they’ve made the decision already, but don’t want to affect Pentagon’s comeback. Oh well.

          Why does this feel like writing a diary? Haha… Let me know if I bore you or anything.


          hey @estee I just returned today from my trip to Washington DC. This weekend flew by yet again and I didn’t get to do as much as I hoped. My family took me to visit a bible museum in DC that was super nice! And my cousin who lives there watches kdramas so we went out to eat korean food. Also I met this really nice korean lady in DC area who was telling me I should go teach english in Korea lol

          Anyway on monday morning when I had just parked in the garage at work, I checked instagram as I waited on my elevator and saw the first blank posts from the EXO IG account and knew comeback info was on its way which was when they posted the first teaser image which was so exciting and had me pumped for a monday morning. I only worked til wednesday this week because I flew to DC on thursday. On wednesday night (my time), they announced the official pre-order info and released those first images and omg the boys all look so amazing and yes the biker concept is true! The tracklist is so interesting too. Funny enough I have a Gravity playlist on spotify because I have quite a few songs I love that are titled “Gravity” from various artists so I have high hopes for that song! The logo is pretty cool and omg 3 versions of the new album, I’m trying to figure out which to pre-order and am wondering if I should pre-order all 3 cause I’m loving the initial images so much. Also Chen’s visuals are kinda my favorite so far in the new comeback images <3 The version names are so cool too, love the music theme: moderato, allegro, or ANDANTE in honor of Kai's drama 😉 yes I'm cheesy like that LOL but anyways I'll definitely pre-order soon but also have to figure out from where to pre-order would be best for me depending on shipping and all that!

          Thank you! So far October is going better for me than September 🙂 and yes exactly, our procrastinator selves need meaningful deadlines to kick us into productive mode 😉
          I've been loving 100 Days Prince so much lately, as DO is making my heart flutter with the way he's been delivering his lines. He's also so manly one moment and super adorable the next in this drama, aww! I'm all caught up with the show and whoo halfway through the drama yay and it's become a fun rom-com.
          I still haven't finished Mr. Sunshine for a similar reason that you haven't finished Time. I'm too exhausted lately for the sad ending that Mr. Sunshine seems to be headed for :/ but I'll watch it soon as I literally just have 2 episodes left.

          So I remember seeing this image http://i.ytimg.com/vi/k3m8Dwwb0Fc/hqdefault.jpg on IG and never imagined it was official album artwork but this beautiful image is in the Miracles in December photobook and this album packaging is a top favorite of mine, rivaling the gorgeous Power of Music album packaging 😀
          Yeah so I may have to buy the Xiumin version of Exodus because it seems that Exodus album is sold out at all the online kpop album shops, what is up with that? What did you think of the Baekhyun version?


          I thought about ordering Exodus random version and trying out my luck and see whose version I get but all the online shops are showing the korean version as sold out? 🙁
          That is amazing that you were able to meet up with EXO-Ls in real life and look at albums! I own The War ver. A and it is my absolute favorite photobook from the 3 available. Lately I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with watching EXO album unboxings on YT so I had seen ver B and private version photbooks. It sounds like you had a lovely time with new EXO-L friends though, how lovely! And your friend’s sister is so lucky that she got to see EXO in concert! #goalsforreals but sorry to hear she had issues with local fans. I had not heard they looked down on people in real life too, that’s concerning but hope it’s something that rarely happens and not a common issue. But at least she got to see them free, that is amazing! I saw that SM was giving out free tickets as lottery to see CBX in Gangnam yesterday and I thought about looking into flights to Korea for a second until I remembered that I had to be in Washington DC yesterday LOL but man I need to save more in order to afford another trip to Korea and well all this merch I’ve been buying lately is probably not good for my savings plans.

          Lay is in the comeback! Well chinese version of song at least but this is a positive thing and a good start it seems to start including him in EXO activities again. I watched his MV today and wow I was amazed at how good his English pronunciation is and omg I’m in love with how good he looks and dances in the MV <3 and I think I'll wait to hear more of the album before deciding to buy the new album or not but so far this song is a very strong start to me positively thinking about perhaps buying it once it's available here in US. Also "Give Me a Chance" is so catchy, I listened to it one time and I was already singing the chorus to myself afterwards. I'm currently listening to it again! I got behind on the new music from friday since I was traveling. I still haven't even listened to Twenty One Pilots new album and they're my favorite American rock band currently. But I did buy the album on friday as I happened to stop by a music store with my cousins lol, I'm such a dedicated music fan 😛 I'll also be seeing Twenty One Pilots in concert for the first time next month…but anyway back to the topic at hand, EXO merch!

          Ok so I had never heard of season greetings until I started watching these EXO album unboxing videos on YT recently and I had thought these were actually official SM merch haha so thank you so much for explaining that! The 2017 seasons greetings was amazing! Where do people buy these from though? Do you happen to have a link to the EXO seasons greetings for the upcoming year? So each kpop group allows themselves to be photographed by the fan sites? That is interesting! I'll look into these season greetings for sure! I buy an agenda for every new year so I may be tempted to buy an EXO one!


          Wow that’s so interesting that Chen is your latest bias because he’s been capturing my attention a lot more lately too! And I find him so amazingly hot in the new comeback images, I mean look at him with that hair and styling! I did a double take on him and I’m not even following Chen fan accounts 😛 but there’s something so appealing about his look in this comeback so far, this may be his era! 😉 ohh also since I visited koreatown with my coworkers this week, we stopped by a gift shop in the area and turns out they sell kpop albums there so she was buying BTS and Big Bang merch and I bought 3 more EXO albums hahah. I lucked out and found SIng for You- Suho version which is my favorite cover of the korean version of Sing for You so I had to buy it! And well I also bought XOXO album because the packaging is yearbook style and has EXO as class of 2013 which is the year I graduated from college so I am and always will be class of 2013 so I felt the need to own this album. I can’t find a good pic of what I mean but here’s one of my favorite album unboxing YouTubers with her version of XOXO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZNdB45iwpg&index=6&list=PLlbySy0bSqEyCB4LHueLHfiamMrABXp3y also Sehun’s rainbow hair in it which you may already be familiar with is spectacular http://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2893/9131405847_ae17675a35_b.jpg and the yearbook packaging for this album is beyond precious, but just a bit delicate so I do try to take good care of my EXO albums! The 3rd album I got at that store was Lotto repackage and it has one of the most gorgeous photobooks I have ever seen, like every member is sexy in it! 😉 and I got a free official poster with it from the store that I bought it at, or more like it’s included in the price of the album! But yes now I have my first official EXO poster, and it’s this one http://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61Yzd-UMR2L._SL1000_.jpg and I’m not sure what to do with it yet as like you I am a bit hesitant to put up hot korean men in my room LOL
          Finally I stopped by another gift shop at that koreatown area and they were selling kpop albums there too and so I ended up also buying the Winter Special 2016 album so omg yes I bought 4 albums in one day. As per the photocards I pulled, it is rather funny cause I pulled Luhan in my XOXO copy and he is one of my favorites from the chinese members, such a cutie seriously! And I kinda pulled CBX in the 3 other albums I bought that day! I got Chen photocard in Sing For You, Baekhyun photocard in Winter Special 2016, aaand I got my first Xiumin photocard in Lotto repackage and omg he looks jaw-dropping hot in that pic! 😉 So I am a super happy EXO-L who is also slightly crazy! But I mean I love their music so much lately that it was inevitable that I would want a physical copy of all their albums. I do not plan to buy a copy of EXACT as I prefer the Lotto album packaging. I also don’t plan to buy more copies of Sing for You as I am super happy with the Suho version.


          So yes Chen has been climbing up my bias list recently but back to my bae Kai, he is still my #1 bias and I will for sure watch his drama Andante! 😀 And my baby Baekhyun is still my #2 aka biaswrecker 😉

          Yes I’ve been listening to the albums I bought more recently and I totally agree that pretty much every EXO song (and CBX for that matter) is good if you give it a chance. From The War, the only song I skip is “Diamond” but I found some new favorites such as “Forever” and “Touch It” 🙂 Oh and then there’s songs that I appreciate more once I’ve seen them live such as “What U Do?” which I pretty much love now. Also songs like “Lucky One” have been growing on me lately, I remember not liking the MV so I hadn’t listened to this one much. I pretty much love the entire Sing For You mini album, it’s short but sweet! <3 and the packaging is so dreamy and beautiful. The album I need to listen to more of is XOXO as I haven't listened to it all the way through yet.

          Aww Baekhyun's love for EXO-Ls is the sweetest! Hmm since I've barely been into kpop for a bit under 6 months and mostly EXO-L, I know nothing about the awards. I feel like those things tend to be popularity contests in the US rather than true recognition of artistry so it sounds like that may be the case in Korea too? I'm just happy we're getting a comeback before the year is over. My first EXO comeback, I am so excited looking forward to November 2!
          Oh I didn't know "What If" is Kai's favorite. I loved it at first listen because it reminds me of those boy bands from the 90s type songs. It is a classic boy band ballad with some really soulful notes delivered from Baekhyun!

          Oh yay, welcome to Spotify! I'd say be careful with Big Bang songs and Japanese songs because I had been listening to the Japanese "Fantastic Baby" and "Bad Boy" without realizing it because Spotify didn't label it as Japanese. Until my friend (the ELF) was in my car and was like, "what's wrong with this version of Fantastic Baby?" lol and I happen to now prefer the Japanese version of "Bad Boy" by Big Bang. I wish it labeled which songs are japanese though. But yes other than that, I love maintaining my spotify playlists and I pay for spotify so I don't have any ads 😛

          Ah that's an interesting take on the "anti-fan" mentality. And haha your EXO-L friend who used to be an army also has an interesting approach to BTS. Good that she doesn't just openly and actively hate on them online or something like that though! Sometimes musicians we like change directions and we can't follow them anymore, it happens! And aww don't worry about it, feel free to share what you want! I tend to look at our conversations as pen pals since we don't instantly answer each other. I've never had a pen pal before but maybe this is what it feels like chingu!

          Glad to hear you're finding ways to motivate yourself for school this year even if it is through kpop!

          Oh no, did SOC give a real reason for why Vaan left? That is upsetting news! 🙁


          Hey, @ohhaeyoung!
          It’s Monday again, sorry for making you wait. 😉

          Your trip to DC sounds like a blast! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. Also lol at the Korean lady. It really seems you should just go to South Korea and teach English there. 😀

          Haha! I think I told you how my friend texted me all caps… I found out about the teaser pictures in the morning, funny enough I got up earlier than usually and spent a good half an hour just going through it!
          I’m going to pre-order one version and since I am bad at decisions, I’ll order a random version from Ktown4u.
          Really? You don’t mind Chen’s mullet? I love Chen (he’s currently my bias if I haven’t mentioned it), but mullet is not my favourite hairstyle on him. I think Sehun suits this concept a lot.
          Yes for the version names! I love them.
          Have you ordered already? I’m planning to very soon. My Exo-L friend is ordering one version and her sister who’s in Korea right now will buy the other two.

          Haha, speaking of procrastination, I have procrastinated the whole weekend away. Really. I should just give up working over weekends and enjoy them without trying to force myself to do anything. It would be more fun that way.

          I am meaning to watch 100 Day My Prince. But I am still stuck at ep 4! Lol. The only drama I’ve been watching these days is Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost (as you might have noticed 😛 ).
          C-dramas are usually crack dramas for me. This one is my first fantasy/historical C-drama and I thought I wouldn’t like it (I’ve tried some before, but the CGI and the whole concept of dieties always scared me away), but here I am. The CGI are bearable and I kind of didn’t get they were immortals until I was a few eps in. Plus here I take them more like fantasy creatures rather than gods. I dunno.
          Plus the storyline is really fun (in which drama does the female lead almost eats the male lead in the first episode?).

          What about Mr. Sunshine? 😛 (No, I still haven’t finished Time.)

          I know that picture! I used it when I was testing myself on recognizing the members in the early days! Lol.
          Yeah, sold out. That’s why Marz (one of SM producers) hinted to Exo-Ls to pre-order a lot, so SM doesn’t underproduce.
          The Baekhyun version was really nice and dreamy. Beautiful pictures. But it was smaller than the other EXO albums and there were less photos than I’d expected.
          Wow, really? That’s bad… I just looked on eBay and there are random versions (either Chinese or Korean) and I’ve seen a Chanyeol and Baekhyun Korean version from a Taiwanese seller? It’s brand new, they say… But it’s not an official store. And then there’s a bunch of Chinese versions.

          The A version looked really great, I’ve seen the Private version last week (the roommate of my friend brought her albums) and I didn’t like it much. The photobook wasn’t really my style.


          She’s also brought Ex’Act and it was gorgeous! The concept was a book, so there was a table of contents and page numbers… She had the Lucky One version, so the photos were really beautiful too. And she brought also the Blooming Day and I think she had the Days version. It was really aesthetic, just as the MV. (Apart from some random cats here and there, lol.)

          I’m afraid that the chasm between the Korean and international (especially non-Asian) fans won’t disappear anytime soon. They might feel like we’re taking something that’s theirs (they’re Korean, we are outsiders). But there are a lot of nice K-fans too.

          Yes! I need anything remotely related to OT9. I love the whole MV and the song. “Give Me a Chance” is really a genuinely good song. And yes, very catchy. I think I’ll wait to hear more of the album too. Anyways, Lay did a listening party in China recently? People would tell him their music style, he would recommend a song from his new album and let them listen for a minute or so (I think) and he would watch their reaction and even made notes about their reactions. He’s a very devoted musician.

          I know about Twenty One Pilots’ new release and some of my friends do like it, but I still haven’t made myself listen to it. I’m so not used to listening to English music. I will listen to it though. I have decided. Yay for the concert! Enjoy and have fun! 😀
          (Edit: I have just listened to most of their new album and I do like some of the songs! “My Blood” is really nice.)

          About new music:
          Zion. T came out with a new EP! I LOVE his music and that’s what I’m listening to right now.
          IU’s “Bbi Bbi” has such clever lyrics and I love how laid-back it is. Also, this is just a delusional JiJi shipper speaking, but when I first saw the MV and the dance moves (there were no subs at that time), I got G-Dragon vibes from it. I guess it was the confidence emanating from the whole MV? I dunno. I do realize I’m being delusional… Lol.
          Also Lee Hongki is releasing a solo album in three days! And the title features Jung Ilhoon, so I’m super excited!
          I quite liked “Regular” by NCT 127. Btw, I’ve learned the 127 members over the weekend!
          I loved the visuals in SuJu’s new MV “One More Chance” (yes, I am shallow like that). The song didn’t stick though. But it was nice.
          Seven O’Clock finally made a comeback. I don’t know why I’m still supporting them, but I am. I have even ordered the new album and I’ll be buying their first one. The songs are nice, but the MVs (they have 2) are extremely low-cost.
          Also, it was Vaan’s birthday on 10/10 and he updated his Insta! Yay!


          So, it’s kinda late now, but I want to send you the season’s greeting info, so I’ll stop here and reply to the rest tomorrow. 🙂

          I don’t watch unboxing videos (they are kinda spoilers for me, lol).
          I had no idea about season’s greetings until I joined stan Twitter. People buy it through Twitter actually. The fan sites have accounts there and they sell their own season’s greetings. There are various people who decide to order for a certain area or country called Group Managers. They manage Group Orders (GOs). You can buy other merch through them too (both official and unofficial, fan-made stickers and such).
          Payments go usually through Paypal and there are three of them – for the goods, the Korea – US shipping and the local shipping.
          Some season’s greeting GOs might be already closed, but some are open till the end of October or November.
          I’m not sure they’re compiled anywhere and it largely depends on the group managers (whether they open or not). Of course, you can order stuff outside of group orders, but it would be more expensive. I’ve found some US or Canada based GOs, so you can look through them.

          This one is ordering a Chen and a full EXO season’s greeting:
          https://twitter.com/MongChooGOs / the form with all orders: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10jABeJoHVSeVFPRfNMClkfIfxxVlp72qyMHJraxP4o8/edit#gid=0
          The order form for EXO SG (only a calendar + gifts):
          The order form for Chen SG (diary or calendar):

          And then there’s a Chanyeol – Baekhyun SG (diary or calendar):

          I can’t seem to find more of them (I have expected to see more US GOs…), sorry!
          I have found three more US/CAN GOMs, but they don’t have any SGs open right now. Just for future reference:

          If you have any questions about it, just ask me, I’ll answer to them ASAP.

          Yeah, I guess they do. The fan sites must be extremely rich because they have expensive equipment and go to every event their idols attend. Even the ones abroad!
          I confess: I have ordered a Shinwon SG! I don’t want to count how much I am spending right now on K-pop. The shipping! I had to order through a UK GO and the shipping from UK to the Czech Republic is kinda expensive.
          I was sorely tempted to get the Chen diary, but. I can’t afford to pay two shipping fees from UK. I could have ordered from Germany, but I’ve missed the deadline… Oh well. I wouldn’t use it in public anyway. But the photocards!


          hey @estee as you well know by now I had to take an emergency trip out of town to visit my grandmother who was suddenly very ill. I was back in Washington DC and it’s crazy how last time I was there was for a happy occasion with my family and this time it was for a more somber occasion. But that’s life, hills and valleys. So I’m sorry this took so long, I think it’s been over two weeks since you replied. I didn’t have access to a computer and the trip was a bit long, a full 5 days. But we are now able to instantly fangirl together along with other beanie buddies on KakaoTalk and that’s just so fun! It was so great to live react with y’all through the teasers and omg the comeback is tomorrow! Less than 24 hrs left…I ended up pre-ordering 2 versions already. I pre-ordered online the Moderato version from yesasia and the Andante version from the bookstore Barnes & Noble which is one of my favorite shops ever in the US and it’s so awesome that they’re carrying kpop albums now but more importantly have EXO’s new album available as pre-order! Did you preorder yours yet? I basically decided I’m going to get all 3 versions because this is my first EXO comeback and I’ve lost all reasoning 😛 so I’m going to buy the Allegro version at Target in store on Nov 2 and I’m so excited to drive there before work on Friday morning and be able to physically buy it. I ended up ordering one version from yesasia because of the “domestic” vs “international” postcards, https://twitter.com/weareoneEXO/status/1054756960606679040 I really like Chen’s look in this comeback, even the mullet haha and Sehun so suits this concept especially seeing he already kinda did this concept in his webdrama which I haven’t watched yet by the way but I saw that Viki will release it on Nov 7, I hope it gets subbed quickly. I was surprised at how much Lay also seems to suit this concept.

          I have now given up on working when I get home from work, I’m always too tired lately to actually get around to it. 100 Days Prince is a wonderful rom-com and I am happy with how it’s been going so far. I will finish it tonight I think. I still have never watched a C-drama but I remember the big hype for the Peach Blossoms drama last summer which sounds like it had those immortals and CGI storyline. Hehe have you seen My Girlfriend is a Gumiho? That is a kdrama where the male lead is afraid that the female lead will eat him haha. And seeing them as fantasy creatures is a good way to view it. I still have not finished Mr. Sunshine…am hoping to do so this weekend.

          Aw I don’t think I’ve seen the Baekhyun version of Exodus buuuut guess what? Exodus finally came back in stock on ktown4u so I ordered it and there’s a memo line when ordering where you can write something to the people filling the order and I wrote there asking for the Kai or Baekhyun version and they sent me Kai!! And I got a Tao photocard with it so yay I have my bias’s cover.


          I did have to pay a bit for shipping but it rounds out to the price they charge for kpop albums in the stores I normally buy at anyway. I received my copy really quickly, within 3 or 4 days all the way from Korea 😀

          The reason I don’t like the Version B and Private versions of The War photobooks is cause Kai has dreads in both of those and I prefer my man without the dreads. Thankfully there are zero dreadlock pictures in Version A. I am thinking of buying Ex’Act now…but I would want the Lucky One version. I really don’t like the Monster version photobook. Hehe Blooming Days is such a gorgeous album and yes there a few random cats…kinda like Power MV 😛

          I guess I can’t speak on the Korean fans/International fans issue since I haven’t really had any direct contact with Korean fans. I’ve decided I love “Give Me a Chance”, it is my favorite Lay song. I listened to his whole new album, first all of the English and I was a bit underwhelmed in the lyrics department. I pay huge attention to lyrics when I hear English songs so then I waited a few days and listened to just the Chinese version of the Namanana album and I really enjoyed it a lot more in Chinese haha. It sounded really nice and some words sounded kinda like Korean sometimes although I was aware it was Chinese. I’ve never really listened to Chinese music before.

          The Twenty One Pilots concert is coming up soon for me yay, I can’t wait to go! I still prefer the Blurryface or Vessels abum more than the new one. But I do really love some of the new songs such as “Neon Gravestones”, “Jumpsuit” and “Chlorine”. “My Blood” is one of my top songs from the new album too 😀
          Ok so Zion T, I like his song with Seulgi and I’m currently listening through the rest and I like the music style, very chill and laidback. I read the IU lyrics since you mentioned it and they are pretty clever! I don’t think I’ve seen enough GD dancing to compare to her dance style 😛 Did you like Lee Hongki’s solo album? I still only know Doyoung and Mark from NCT 127. I recently sampled some more NCT 127 songs and “Limitless” is amazing, that chorus is so good! Who is your NCT 127 bias? Suju’s mini album didn’t really stick with me either, like when I listen to it, I think it sounds fine and dandy but I don’t feel the need to hear it more or hear it “one more time” if you pardon the pun LOL
          What’d you think of Seven O’Clock’s comeback?
          Also glad to hear Vaan is still actively posting!

          Thanks for the season greeting info! I guess there are fanmade season greetings as well as one from SM? I recently bought unofficial merch myself…I went to a kpop store that I mentioned buying albums at last time and I bought some postcards that had the Countdown album pictures cause I love those pictures. I’ve been listening to Countdown more lately and I really love it so I may buy myself a copy sometime in the future. I also bought a pair of Kokobop era socks hahaha which I am wearing today to pay tribute to the end of the Kokobop era 😛


          So anyways at this kpop store I ended up buying a copy of Overdose and I got the cutest Chanyeol photocard with his big ole ears hehe and I got another poster with my album, it’s this one http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0001/9650/9713/products/DWED.jpg?v=1531762984 and it is so beautiful. The photobook for Overdose is one of my top favorites, the boys are styled so amazingly and their makeup looks gorgeous. My current favorite album packaging for EXO albums is now Power of Music, Overdose, and Miracles in December. Hehe I would bubble wrap my albums before showing them to friends now too 😉

          Lotto really was Jongdae’s best era thus far but I have a feeling he’s gonna wreck us all in Tempo 😉 So I read the lyrics to “Diamond” since you mentioned it and now I appreciate the song a lot more, so thanks for that! “Touch It” is amazing and I think I read somewhere that Chen wrote the lyrics to that one? His voice really shines on the song too. Ok I just listened to “My Lady” and it’s so nice!

          Yes my first comeback and I’m learning so much about promotions…they only do two weeks of music show promotions in Korea? I can’t wait for all the stages! I’m supposed to receive my Andante version of the album guaranteed by Friday yay! I just saw the shipping notice 😀

          I recently learned YG releases their music in an even more confusing manner than the other companies so that was probably what further contributed to my confusion. Ah well, Big Bang sounds good in Japanese too 😀 but yes I do now realize The Best of Big Bang is supposed to be a Japanese album haha.
          Ok so I’m no army but I do have a soft spot for RM in BTS and I listened to his new mixtape/playlist that he released as a free download titled “mono” and it is amazing! It’s like poetry the way the songs sound and the lyrics too are so meaningful and melancholy. The lyric video for “seoul” is beautiful and I just love the whole collection of songs, it fits this autumn season so well! I really enjoy our pen pal discussions too! If you’re interested in the free RM music: https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/1054386911895269376

          I am following Edawn on IG but I’m guessing this means things between him and Cube are really bad? I read that new Pentagon music is rumored for November…maybe that’s why Cube is still quiet about the whole thing? Ugh that is frustrating…
          I did hear the Wendy x John Legend…I’m not much of a fan of John Legend but the song was cute. I didn’t know Lana del Rey had collaborated with someone from NCT, for what song was that?

          I had not seen Chanyeol’s stage in Berlin…every time I see Chanyeol hold a guitar, I fall more in love with him <3 and his voice is so rocker sometimes instead of rapper! That was a beautiful cover, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.
          Aww I hope Pentagon does get the chance to visit Czech Republic and hopefully hold a concert there too! 😀


          I know what you mean, I don’t like to talk too much about kpop with my family members. And I definitely don’t tell them I love EXO haha. Only my ELF friend at work and some of my coworkers know that I like EXO since I do have a bit of EXO merch at my desk. I even put a Big Bang towel on my cubicle now which I got for free a while back with some Korean snacks I bought online.

          Speaking of merch…I was browsing through the store down the street from where I live that sells kpop albums now and they had a copy of Elyxion in Seoul DVD and it has the most gorgeous packaging. It was a bit pricey but I bought it anyway. It doesn’t have English subtitles but I started to watch DVD 1 and the performances are worth every dollar! I got a beautiful Xiumin photocard with it yay! I think this is the only live DVD I will buy for now though.

          Anyway a couple of final things…one is silly and one is serious. I had a dream recently about EXO but this time it was only Sehun and Suho in my dream…I dreamt I was eating lunch with them for some reason and Sehun was sitting next to me and Suho across from me and I was so charmed and having the time of my life and then I woke up LOL
          Anyway on to the sad and serious, I can’t believe dramafever is gone. I’m really heartbroken about it…sometimes being a kdrama fan is rough! :/

          Comeback season is here, let’s enjoy it to the fullest! I’ve made some good connections with a couple of EXO-Ls on IG too, one is from Brazil and one is from Canada and they are just the sweetest! It is so fun to talk to EXO-Ls online and fangirl together since I don’t have any friends irl who are EXO-L. I’m planning on wearing my Baekhyun shoes to a party this saturday yay and well hopefully I can be more reasonable about my merch purchases in the future, hahaha. Anyway hope your school term is going well and it’s almost the winter holidays season 😀


        So I kept seeing “Pentagon” trend on twitter one day this week, and I swear I kept thinking it was related to Cube making a decision about Edawn/Hyuna but nope turns out there was something going on at the Pentagon building in Washington DC. It does seem strange that they’ve been quiet for so long now…but I did notice Pentagon is still promoting the new mini-album. Hmm, well I guess this is the painful part of kpop, we as fans tend to get attached to all the members in our favorite groups sometimes :/ but I will keep hoping for positive news about this situation.

        Oh one final thing I wanted to talk about is that Super Junior is releasing a mini album this week with Latino influences and even collaborated with famous Mexican group Reik so that’s pretty exciting. I’m glad SM is paying some attention to global audiences too. Aaaand speaking of kpop and spanish, I just recently happened to watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk1iZ8na42I when EXO was in Mexico and they covered a song in my native language. When I first watched this, I think I cried and was in awe at how beautiful they sound and how understandable it is <3 they all did such a beautiful job with the only mispronunciation that was really noticeable was in Suho's verse and it was one word that he mispronounced. It is such a beautiful feeling to see them and understand a whole song they're singing. I was not even familiar with the song as it is from famous Mexican singer Luis Miguel but he's more from my parents' generation so I never got into his music lol…and today I stumbled upon this video of DO singing an English version of "Sing for You" with Chanyeol accompanying him on piano. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5oo-nP3MpQ and they are so talented and precious always!

        Anyway wow I had a lot to share and talk about…hope to hear from you soon and i'm sure we'll be learning more and more details about the comeback every week!! And haha it feels sort of like a diary/writing a letter to me 😀 but it's so much fun to learn more about kpop and especially EXO with you @estee! Let me know what version of the album you pre-order or are leaning towards ok?


          ah whoops I meant English version of “For Life”, aish I’m a bit sleep deprived from my travels! Also I noticed the Lotto poster link I shared was broken, so trying out this one http://www.kpoptown.com/45391-home_default/exo-3rd-album-repackage-lotto-poster-chinese-ver.jpg
          I’m not one to ever put posters up so am unsure of what to do with it, just have it rolled up for now.
          and this was my Xiumin photocard http://media.karousell.com/media/photos/products/2016/09/05/wtt_exo_lotto_xiumin_pc_1473068463_47e974ef.jpg since I was talking about how hot Xiu looks lol
          ok gonna go get ready for bed now, hoping for more fabulous EXO news this week!


          I’m hoping this will be Chen’s era, lol.
          Wow, I’m excited for your album spree! The Suho version looks really good! I don’t really want to watch the unboxing video (I know I’ve seen a lot of them already in real life, but I kind of don’t want to spoil them anymore), but I’ve seen some pics of it, so I get what you mean! 🙂 I know Sehun’s rainbow hair! They look so good on him in that pic! That’s why he’s sometimes called Iridescent Boy (it’s also the name of a famous Sehun fansite).
          Haha, my friend brought her albums in bubble wrap.

          Ah! You have Lotto. I have no doubt they all look sexy in the photobook, the Lotto era was extremely visually pleasing (*cough*Jongdae*cough*). I don’t know if I want to get Lotto or Ex’Act now. And the poster looks gorgeous.
          I’m so happy you got such nice photocards! (Xiumin does look hot in that one!)

          I have to admit there are songs I still haven’t properly listened to from The War album (and we’re getting the new one soon!) But “Diamond” is one of the songs I like! It sounds like a song dedicated to antis. I haven’t gotten into “Chill” or “Touch It”, but “What U Do” has been my absolute favourite at the beginning. “Forever” is really good, but “Going Crazy” and “The Eve” are my top songs from the album at the moment.
          I haven’t listened to the winter albums (apart from the titles and the whole Universe album). I think I’ve heard XOXO once (“My Lady” is good!)

          It differs award show from award show. MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) is more of a popularity contest (every big group would get something so the fans would be happy), but there are award shows which are more about the art (Golden Disc Awards and Korean Music Awards I think?).
          Aw, your first EXO comeback! I’m so excited for you! And for the comeback, of course!

          Spotify usually does label the versions and there is a labeled Japanese version, but the one you’ve been listening to is from a Japanese album The Best of Big Bang (their biggest hits) and that’s the one without the labels.
          I have the Spotify app now and it’s very limiting (I can’t skip or listen to a certain song at will). I see why you pay for it, but I don’t think it would pay off for me.

          To clarify, my anti-BTS friend is a very nice person and actually kind of likes BTS. There are times when she likes them and times when she doesn’t. I don’t really know anymore.
          Aw, thank you! I’ve never had a pen pal before either! And this feels really nice.

          It is upsetting. They just said that after discussions Vaan has decided to leave the group. No other explanation. Luckily Vaan did update his Insta and he doesn’t seem to be sick. I think I am almost over it, it is still sad sometimes (like when SOC performs their older songs and other members rap Vaan’s parts), but it’s manageable. 🙂


          Haha, too bad it wasn’t about our Pentagon! HyunAh has just left Cube the other day. No news about E’Dawn, but he’s created his own Instagram account. It’s a bit of a mess in the fandom right now, but I hope it’ll be alright.

          I don’t know Reik, but the song was nice! I think I would listen to it more if there wasn’t so much new music recently. Btw, SM seems to be doing much more collaborations with international artists these days! RV’s Wendy and John Legend, NCT’s Jungwoo and Lana Del Rey…

          I think I’ve seen those videos before. 😉 They are all so precious and talented! And I’m so happy they didn’t totally butcher your language, haha. (Have you seen Chanyeol’s special stage during Music Bank in Berlin? Did we talk about it? I suddenly can’t remember.)
          Ah, I think I get how you felt when you watched them perform in your native language! It isn’t the same thing, but Pentagon’s Yuto has said during a recent fanmeeting that he would like to visit the Czech Republic! I was shocked he knows my country and surprised and excited that he would like to visit. I almost cried, lol.

          I’m enjoying our fangirling too! 😀

          One last thing, on Sunday I met my cousin who is studying Korean at my university (I did mention her before I think) and we got to talk a bit about K-pop and such and were supposed to meet today, but didn’t after all. I’m half excited, half nervous to be honest. I guess talking about K-pop to someone who doesn’t know me and talking to my cousin is a bit different for me.

          Get enough sleep and have a great peaceful week full of beautiful music and exciting EXO-related news!


          Hey, @ohhaeyoung!
          I’m sorry for such a long wait. School has been crazy since the beginning of November and we talk some on KKT (I agree, the fangirling is so much fun!). But I’m happy we keep exchanging these “letters” because there are a lot of things you can’t really share on KKT. Like stuff about Pentagon…

          I am really sorry about your grandma. I’ve lost both my grandfathers and one of them lived really close, so his loss was a bit more difficult for me. I hope your whole family feels better soon.

          I thought I would buy the Vivace version… But I haven’t. I really really wanted to because of that Kai photocard that was visible (and the individual posters! – not that I would have any place to put it), but there was a Pentagon fanclub membership (it costs money, not like with EXO) and I’m paying domestic shipping for my Pentagon albums and the Shinwon season greetings (don’t order through GO, the postage fees must be already more than I would pay through a normal site). So I’ll just buy the repackage.
          I’m expecting my album to arrive any day now (as I’ve been the past two weeks).
          I envy you that you can just walk into a shop and get EXO’s album. Btw, it’s great having all the versions, you get more photocards! I’ve regretted not ordering at least two albums before, but oh well. (That’s why I wanted to get Vivace…)

          I’m not a big fan of mullet on Jongdae… But all is good now, the mullet is gone. And I agree, Sehun suits it a lot, Lay too! Sehun’s black hair is my favourite look on him…
          I still haven’t seen more from Dokgo Rewind… Partly too busy, partly not that much interested in the plot.

          You should rest when you come back from work! I still haven’t seen 100 Days My Husband and I’m not sure I’ll ever finish it. And three weeks is a lot, I’ve stopped watching that C-drama (I didn’t like how the main girl was basically cheating on the second lead when engaged to him) and now I’m watching… nothing. I’ve tried Terius behind Me and Devilish Joy, but neither was that amazing and I had no time to continue with either.
          Peach Blossoms had a lot of hype and I did try to watch it, but the CGI scared me off.
          I’ve seen the first few eps of Gumiho! It was funny and Shin Min Ah was so cute!
          What about your Mr. Sunshine?

          The Exodus. Is it Korean or Chinese version? I’ve been thinking about getting a Jongdae one… I’m really happy for you tho! Could you maybe send some pictures? I’m strongly Kai biased these days (seriously, I wanted to order Vivace so much because of that gorgeous Kai photocard and the possibility of getting his poster…) Wow, what speed!

          Ah, the dreads! I share your opinion! I’ve seen the Lucky One version and the pics are really nice! Maybe except Kai… He has weird hair I think.

          I’ll be replying here now so we don’t need to scroll as much.


          Give Me A Chance is really the best! I’ve tried listening to Lay’s new album, but I got only half through maybe… I completely agree with the lyrics, it’s much worse when I can actually understand. Haha, yes, some words are similar in Chinese and Korean! Japanese too.
          How was the concert? Did you manage to go in the end? I have to admit I haven’t listened to that album since. I guess I’m just really not used to English music, when I want to listen to something different from my usual K-pop, I listen to K-indies.

          Yay! I love most of the new album. And I agree, his style is so chill and it’s just perfect for me.
          I think there’s nothing similar, it’s just this crazy shipper mind probably…
          Reading this makes me realize it’s been so long! I’m sorry once again.
          I loved his solo album, I had it on repeat that weekend and I still listen to it from time to time. I think I loved all the songs and I’ve been tempted to buy the album (because the songs are so good), but I haven’t in the end. My favourite one is probably “Yellow” or “Bonfire”. But the title “Cookies” is amazing as well.

          “Limitless” is probably my favourite! I’ve liked it since last year, way before I knew the members. My bias would be Jaehyun. He’s just… But it’s based on looks, I don’t know their personalities. And it’s funny because my Exo-L friend (she’s my classmate) has an Exo-L roommate now and she introduced us. This roommate is also a big NCT fan (my classmate used to be one as well), so she keeps sharing NCT pictures with us. And there’s a lot of Jaehyun! Lol.
          My latest favourites from NCT were “Fire Truck” (the MV is really interesting and it’s their debut song and it’s so fun and if I can use that word – lit) and “Regular”.

          I’m afraid I’ve been a terrible SOC fan. Meaning I haven’t followed this comeback at all. I did listen to the album and it’s nice. Nothing that amazing… And I feel guilty about not watching their Vlives (I did watch a few) and such. I’ve been busy (obviously, I keep saying that) and there was EXO comeback. And I think I might stop supporting them. But then I feel guilty… I will keep supporting Vaan though.
          It’s the other way around with Pentagon. I guess you’ve read that E’Dawn has officially left Cube and Pentagon. It will be two weeks tomorrow. I think I’m over it, partly because I already went through it twice before. I did have a mini crying party about it (luckily I was alone in my room) and played Pentagon songs loudly. It was painful and I was “avoiding” Pentagon for a week or so (I had EXO during that time, so…). I’m not sure I can keep supporting Hyojong though. I want to, but seeing him posting pictures of HyunAh makes me feel like he chose her over Pentagon and that hurts. So I might just unfollow him on Insta, but I’m still keeping him for now.

          Btw, I’m trying the Spotify premium! It’s really good, but the free trial will be ending soon…


          About group orders, I guess they don’t really pay off, it takes really long and you need to pay three times and if you pay through PayPal, you pay additional fees each time. So it’s much better to order albums through official sites (my personal experience from buying Pentagon albums through a GO). End of rant.
          I’ve been tempted to buy some Exodus Chen pictures… He looks gorgeous there.
          Countdown is great! Lovin’ You Mo’ and Tactix are my faves!
          I’ve been listening to Blooming Day album today! It’s probably the album of the year and it’s so underrated!
          I love the idea of KoKoBop socks! Btw, I think I haven’t fully appreciated the KoKoBop stages…
          Chen and Kai are especially handsome there. I guess I didn’t like the song much at first, so I didn’t watch all the stages.

          Ah, that’s the photocard! It’s really cute! And Overdose looked so good!
          I still think Lotto was Jongdae’s best era! But Overdose was good too…
          Yes, he did! As well as to “She’s Dreaming” which is a really lovely song. I think they sang “My Lady” in the acoustic medley during Exordium. And DO sang it during the Mugi Box (I have finally finished watching it tonight!).
          We started watching it last week with my Exo-L classmate, but it was late and the subs were so tiring. We then talked instead and we had amazing time, we shared a lot of personal things. I am really happy that I have a real life friend thanks to EXO now, not only a K-pop friend, but a real friend. You are a friend too! We just live too far from each other…

          No, it depends on the company. Pentagon is usually doing 4 weeks of promotions and with Shine they did 6 weeks. And EXO usually does 4 weeks too I think. These promotions were just really rushed and short. I loved the stages tho.

          I’ve heard of the RM mixtape, but I haven’t listened to it yet. I’ll save the link and listen to it if I feel like new music, thanks! Have I mentioned Yuto from Pentagon was going to have a mixtape? I’m excited about it!

          I haven’t heard the John Legend x Wendy station since… And it’s strange, I can’t seem to find any Lana del Rey collab with NCT now. So maybe it wasn’t a thing.

          Hopefully! Europe would be enough honestly, I’m willing to travel for them. 😛

          I’ve seen that Elyxion packaging and it’s so beautiful! And you get a photocard… Wow. We watched a bit from Elyxion behind with my friends (the classmate and the roommate) on Youtube (oops!) and it was fun to watch it together. We’ve had one evening when we met in a study room (haha!) and “studied” EXO. It was really fun.
          Also we’ve met up a few times with a girl from our school, she’s studying English literature and last semester I’ve noticed she was a K-pop fan. She is multifandom, loves NCT and BTS and likes Pentagon. So I was able to talk about the E’Dawn drama with her a bit. It was nice.


          EXO dreams can be so sweet!
          I had another EXO dream recently. The evening before I was thinking about how I should appreciate Suho more and in the dream I went to the filming site of their repackage MV (it was in a forest) and there was Kai (we stared at each other for a while ’cause he’s my bias! :-D) and also Suho and Sehun. (No Jongdae…) And then I talked to Junmyeon (in fluent Korean!) about their condition that day and then he went on a stage, sang a song and fell down, but it was probably meant as a joke or something. And then I said I really liked his humour and that his jokes were funny.

          It is! I haven’t watched anything on DF (because it wasn’t available in my country), but it must be tough. Where do you watch your dramas now? *hugs*

          I’m glad you’re making more Exo-L friends! And I really hope you can meet a real life Exo-L friend who will be just as sweet as you are! Did you wear the shoes to the party?
          Tbh, I’ve ordered the Pentagon fanclub membership (yes, it’s paid in Cube) and I’ll get a box of goods for the money, but it was kinda pricey… So I’m feeling down these days because I keep paying money, but there is still no merch at home! And I’m hoping my EXO album hasn’t gotten lost.

          School has been busy and will be busy, the semester is ending in two weeks which means exams… But I’m feeling good today!

          From new music, I really like Key’s “One of Those Nights”, the MV is aesthetic and the harmonies beautiful. My favourite song from Don’t Mess Up My Tempo is probably “Bad Dream”. It’s just so good! “Ooh La La” is my second favourite. But the whole album is amazing really. I’ve listened to it for two weeks at least.
          This makes me realize I haven’t mentioned how excited I was about the comeback! I don’t remember how much I’ve shared in the group chat, but I was so excited on the comeback day! I was at the dorm and my roommate was there too, so I had to keep quiet. And I watched the showcase live! It was so exciting.

          I’m also listening to the Seven O’Clock album while writing this and the songs are pretty good. And my Seven O’Clock album has arrived! Maybe two weeks ago… I wasn’t really that excited about it (because I wasn’t following them at the moment). But I got a cute photocard and the album is quite pretty. And I got a group poster.

          Have I mentioned I love Kai’s voice? It’s so unique and he doesn’t have many lines. I need him to get a Station song or something. I am addicted to his voice, maybe because we couldn’t hear it very much so far.

          I hope this is all and I’ll try to answer earlier next time! I really don’t want to neglect you as my friend just because we have a group chat or because I have more K-pop friends now. You are still a very precious friend to me! <3

          (Excuse the sad lack of emoticons, I’m typing this on my laptop…)


          @estee I was so happy to read your responses even though we started our KKT chat, I enjoy our letters to each other a lot too! I’m sorry I’m just now replying over three weeks later. That week you replied is when I got my wisdom teeth removed and then I promptly got sick with a bad cold after getting my wisdom teeth removed so have been feeling very tired and this Christmas season is so busy too. My family is doing a lot better now, of course there are moments with the holidays here that make us feel all nostalgic and remember our loss a lot more strongly. It’s been a hard year in some ways but that is life. Thank you for your sweet words!

          I think I’m ok without Vivace version as I think I’m done buying versions of Tempo since repackage is basically Tempo and I bought both versions of Love Shot. Those new songs add so much to Tempo album though, it feels more complete somehow! And the photos, what a blessing for us EXO-L! So how do you like your first Exo album in terms of photobook and packaging? It is your first physical Exo album right? 😀 Also did you end up ordering Love Shot?

          Man they exchanged the mullet on Jongdae for coconut hair, why? I mean his face is still gorgeou. Every time I see Lay in the Tempo MV I get so happy, he looks soooo cute but his clips are so short. I started Dokgo Rewind but yeah the plot is not so great. I’ve only seen the first episode but will try to finish it before the new year which is coming at us fast. You should watch more Gumiho…it is sooo cute and the female lead is like the most adorable thing ever. Honestly the OTP just had me going “aww” the whole time <3 I finished Mr. Sunshine and it was so depressing…I do not recommend.

          Kai is still holding my attention especially in this Love Shot era, my baby looks so happy promoting this title track and dancing his heart out all sexily like that haha. I’ve been paying a little less attention to Baekhyun these days as Suho is kinda climbing up my bias list right now. I also just adore his IG, he is the cutest cottonball ever! From what I heard from my Chinese best friend is that Chinese is not related to Korean language though. However to my untrained ears the languages all sounded similar haha. I did go to the Twenty One Pilots concert and it was interesting…a lot of teenage fans, I kind of felt old being there LOL and I’m not sure I’d go to one of their concerts again just cause the crowd was so young. I felt a little out of place. I had no idea their fanbase was teenagers! Now I wonder how I’ll feel at a kpop concert…I normally love going to concerts but I’m used to a more diverse in age crowd haha.

          Ok so I just watched NCT 127 “Fire Truck” MV for the first time and it was def interesting and yes lit. I used that word for a while but then old ppl started using it (specifically old ppl related to Trump) recently so Twitter declared “lit” is over but meh it’ll slip out sometimes when I talk. So I don’t like their latest song “Simon Says” at all…


          but I really liked “Regular” so idk about NCT. Also I got an NCT poster for free recently but am not sure if it’s 127, I’ll send you a pic so you can let me know haha. I pretty much still just like “Limitless” the most.
          This Exo Love Shot era is finally giving us the promotions we needed and I’m so happy. I’m still so behind on my dramas though and have been neglecting dramas for kpop oops! Since you care for Vaan a lot, hopefully he’s able to get opportunities in the new year! Ah Edawn, yeah his IG activity does make it feel like he chose his girlfriend over his group unfortunately. And aww sorry to hear that Cube decided to part ways with him though, as the loss of any member is always felt heavily. This is the heartbreaking part of kpop tbh…when members are gone. I’m glad you were able to let your feelings out about it, as I shared the other day I get emotional about Exo in ways I didn’t expect…like actually crying cause they had little promotions? I’m like what is wrong with me? Hahaha anyways one of the IG friends I met decided to stop being a public EXO fan cause it was affecting her too much, the fan culture can get a bit weird on social media. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance it…like in October I spent a lot of my mobile data browsing exo IG stuff oops!

          Ooh yeah I was reading recently some EXO-Ls saying they had not even received some things they ordered through Group Orders so that kinda scares me away from them even more. Also I’ve decided to just get merch from official websites and if it’s not available there, I’ll live. I’m planning on returning to Korea in late 2019 or early 2020 anyway so I’ll be able to buy merch directly in Korea and for cheaper than online anyway.

          I love spotify! I also love the fact that my most listened to artist on spotify was EXO 😀 and CBX. And yes Blooming Days is album of the year for sure! When I remember 2018 I’ll always remember it as the year I got into kpop and became an EXO-L and it’s all because of Blooming Days! OMG thank you for sharing that Ko Ko Bop stage with me, I had never seen it before and it was amazing! Chen and Kai do look so handsome, they both have great hair and perfect styling here. Chen’s eye makeup with his hair like that, wow! And Kai just looks so perfect too. I did not appreciate Ko Ko Bop when I first heard it either so I don’t think I’ve watched the comeback stages for it. The Chinese version of KoKoBop and Chinese MV version of it is the version that I liked first. Actually I’m gonna go ahead and say it, Chinese MV for Ko Ko Bop is superior. To this day I still can’t watch Korean version of Ko Ko Bop MV without getting lost.

          I’m glad you said the subs for Mugi Box were tiring. For some reason I got really fatigued watching Mugi Box. It was rather long and I sat down to watch it all in one go and I kept getting annoyed. I was wondering why afterwards and all I could think was that Sehun was missing and he must bring a lot of balance to the group after all.


          . I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Vlive for Love Shot though and haven’t felt that way again while watching Exo content. Maybe I was too tired for Mugi Box that day and should’ve only watched half and taken a break like you did watching it in parts. That’s so amazing to hear that EXO has allowed you to meet a new friend! And thank you that is so sweet of you to say, I consider you to be my friend too! <3

          Ah ok now that you mention it I have noticed some artists seem to promote for a full month. I’m sad that the music show stages were all so short-lived for both Tempo and Love Shot but at least Love Shot promotions feel more well-rounded. There is so much to look forward to right now and there’s surprises too like that Exo arcade show.

          Ah no you hadn’t mentioned that about Yuto from Pentagon, that’s awesome! Let me know how you like it once it’s out 😀
          And well although NCT maybe didn’t collab with Lana Del Rey, they sure did collab with Mickey Mouse LOL. I actually tuned in to watch their performance on TV the night it aired here in the states cause kpop in the US is so exciting to me. Although I do notice that kpop really has become popular in America as when I go to buy kpop albums there’s always a crowd of ppl looking at the albums now. Speaking of buying albums, I now also bought Exact Lucky One version and got Chen pc, and I ordered Hey Mama! and I got Baekhyun version yay. I also got Mama and got Chanyeol pc. Oh and I ordered Love Me Right when I bought Andante version of DMUMT and got Chen pc. So I think I now have completed the Korean cd collection for EXO. Oh and as you know I have Chen and Xiumin versions of Exodus.
          Haha I watched a lot of Elyxion clips on YouTube, no worries! I only bought the DVDs cause of the beautiful packaging mostly. Your EXO study session sounds soooo fun! I love that my ELF coworker is so supportive of EXO now too, she was just sending me Exo memes she found on pinterest last night haha. And she gave me the CBX Girls cd for Christmas which is so sweet. I got her the SM Super Junior season greetings. I’m glad you found someone to talk to about the Edawn stuff about as well in person. Having kpop friends is really so fun and freeing!

          Ooooh I love your EXO dream! The fact that you could speak fluent Korean in your dream, omo! And the part of Kai in a forest and eye contact, whoa! And you telling Suho that he’s funny, that is all literally so sweet, what a great dream!

          I’m actually paying for Kocowa now haha and watching on Viki and Netflix. And thank you that is so sweet of you Ester! I hope I can meet a real life good EXO-L friend too. I actually ended up not talking to the IG EXO-Ls anymore these past few weeks. One of them decided to quit IG and I’m really sad about it and the other just doesn’t post much anymore. :/ But anyways yeah a real life EXO-L friend would be so great!
          And I still haven’t worn the CBX shoes…we ended up not going to that party after all.


          Oh wow, did you get your Pentagon membership goodies yet? I remember I paid to join the official Relient K fanclub back when they had one LOL but they did not manage it well…aaah I still love Relient K but they’re down to two members and are pretty inactive lately.

          For new music I really like Yesung’s song “Watcha Doin’” <3 and Key’s “One of Those Nights” is pretty good but for some reason didn’t really stick with me. Oh also lately I discovered Red Velvet’s “Automatic” and I don’t know how I never watched that MV before, it’s one of my favorite RV songs now! Also Don’t Mess Up My Tempo is an album that really grew on me. Especially now with the repackaged songs, it feels complete as I mentioned earlier! Also Onew, my Shinee bias enlisted and released a solo album and I quite like it. It’s a ballads album and I love ballads. Ah yeah Tempo comeback was so exciting, you shared a little that day from what I remember. I worked that day but fangirled a lot after work over Exo that evening and well I had two of the physical albums in my hands that day too. 😀 My excitement for Love Shot kept growing the more I saw how hyped Kai was for it. But Kai also seemed super excited about Tempo and I read someone recently say that Kai loves Exo so much that he cries when concerts end and is generally so happy to be on stage and the more I see of Exo, the more I realize this is true. I’m so happy that he loves what he does. He was born for the stage and for dancing and it’s honestly so gorgeous to see. I personally don’t dance and have never really had any rhythm but man I so appreciate seeing him dance.

          Well I’m glad you liked the Seven O Clock album packaging, kpop album packaging is so fun to me! I own physical cds for all Switchfoot and Relient K albums but now I look at them and go pfft it’s all jewel cases and kpop packaging looks like books and so pretty on a shelf! And the photocards, I don’t collect them but am happy to have the ones I pull in the albums. Oh I got two official posters for free with my Love Shot albums, I’ll send you pictures 😉
          You are a precious friend to me too! Hope you’re having a happy winter holiday season and fun new year’s celebrations. I type up my responses on my laptop too so no emoticons either!

          Also I just realized I took over a month to reply, so sorry about that…I'll try to reply sooner in the new year as well! <3 😀


          Hi @ohhaeyoung!
          It’s okay, as you see, I’m replying over three weeks later too. I had exams, but now I’m finally finished (and I aced them, yay!). And on Tuesday I’m leaving for a week-long tr