Ok, so I NEED to share this video with you even though its like a week old.
1. because I’m irritated. I slow cooked a pork loin with potatoes and onions on low since last night. And my potatoes are hard as a friggin rock. So. We all need to take a moment and commiserate with me. By enjoying this video.
2. This is not my favorite Jackson Wang song (thats Dawn of Us or maybe On the Rocks) but the choreo is so good in this video. Get it, sir.
3. SHALLOWNESS. The man looks GOOD in this video.
4. He mentions Bobby Flay and it makes me giggle and swoon.
5. I love Bobby Flay. Like…its a thing in my life. A serious, serious thing in my life. He’s super, unreasonably hot. And I dont care what people have to say about it.
6. What does that say about me as a person that I am equally attracted to B.Flay who’s an old(er) white guy and Jackson Wang who’s basically a toddler.
7. If you look at number 6 for too long it says Im attracted to a toddler and thats wrong and gross and tells me that I super need to stop exaggerating how young Jackson is in an effort to both downplay how much I love (its a lot) and to emphasize how much I love him (I love him so much even though he’s the same age as a young person! Because he’s a young person! my love just…doesnt care about age!)


    You and Bobby Flay


      Oh my GOSH YES, Mindy. Mindy can you not imagine skipping and frolicking through the freaking tulips with BOBBY FLAY? Oh my gosh. We could hold hands and TWIRL. Mindy. Mindy. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.
      Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. What if the world were a magical but evil place and there was a knock on my door and it was JACKSON WANG and he was all “[ISA], I love you. Run off with me!” And I’d be all….shoosh, child yes. Lemme get a bag together. Black woman hair care is no ones joke. And while I was packing, there was a ring from the doorbell and Jackson is all, “Should I answer?” And I’m all, “I typically don’t answer the door because thats where the people are but I opened it and you were there so WHY NOT?!” and by the time I finished the sentence he already opened the door, because honestly, that was a lot, and on the other side was BOBBY FLAY and he was all, “[ISA] I LOVE YOU! RUN OFF WITH ME. FORSAKE JACKSON WANG AND BE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!”
      And then what on earth would I even do?
      Mindy. I love them both so much.


    You know, that’s maybe the first thing I remembered learning about you? That you love Bobby Flay, because I held more than a school girl crush and Alton Brown, so I.GET.IT.