Kimbapnoona’s “End of the Decade” List Part 9

Best Character Who Suffers the Most Unjustified Fate: Song Ji-won, Age of Youth
Song Ji-won is a girl who is the dearest to my heart and I aspire to be her brazen self

She was everything I wanted in a heroine -intelligent, courageous, loyal, and caring. Therefore I was completely destroyed by seconds of two epilogues toward the end. I will take my bitterness toward the writer for doing that to my beloved character to my grave kicking and screaming, without even the courtesy of making it part of the narratives just to seemingly to bludgeon the tragedy onto viewers’s head when least expected.


    she was sooo entertaining !
    and for the Show to NOT let her actually have the guy… *le sigh*


      The SsongSong couple was the best! I love seeing them together so so so much.

      But that’s the thing, @kethysk, the writer did tell us that eventually they will be together and have an adorable daughter together, except….except….except….*cries
      And she didn’t even let us see how they eventually got together either……*wrings handkerchief