Sitcoms/Variety Shows
Producers talk about High Kick’s controversial ending
by | March 23, 2010 | 119 Comments
(Spoiler alert: Don’t read this post if you don’t want to know how the series High Kick Through The Roof ended.) There have been complaints about the rather dramatic way the series went out last week, and the producers PD has spoken up to explain, if not defend, their choice.... More »

Drama Casting & News
MBC’s Dong Yi off to solid start
by | March 23, 2010 | 34 Comments
Another Monday-Tuesday drama premiered this week, MBC’s historical series Dong Yi. It wasn’t able to top its competitors with its first outing, but its initial 11.4% held its own against SBS’s medical sageuk Jejoongwon (13.2%) and KBS’s comic trendy show Birth of the Rich (15.5%). As is often the case... More »

Drama Recaps
Oh My Lady: Episode 1
by | March 22, 2010 | 108 Comments
Cute show. Challenging, no. But amusing, generally yes. It pretty much delivered what I expected: some conventional setups and kdrama cliches, with a cute lead boy (Choi Siwon may have the body of a man but he’s firmly in boy-man territory for me) and a lovable leading lady. (I am... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Min Hyo-rin cast as lead in Romantic Movement
by | March 22, 2010 | 19 Comments
Min Hyo-rin is taking the lead in a new project, a short film adapted from the novel Romantic Movement by Swiss writer Alain de Botton. This is an omnibus project taking the first five chapters of the original novel and dividing them among four directors, each of whom is in... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Mother wins Best Picture at Asian Film Awards
by | March 22, 2010 | 17 Comments
Director Bong Joon-ho‘s thriller Mother, starring Kim Hye-ja as a mother determined to clear her son (Won Bin) of murder charges, picked up three awards at the recent Asian Film Awards, among them Best Picture and Best Actress. Director Bong also won the award for Best Screenplay with co-writer Park... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
The Housemaid wraps filming
by | March 22, 2010 | 19 Comments
The anticipated remake of psychological thriller The Housemaid — starring Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Jung-jae, and Seo Woo — has wrapped production after three months of filming. It has also released a new set of four stills, which feature the three lead actors and veteran actress Yoon Yeo-jung. The film has... More »

Drama Recaps
Personal Taste (the novel): Part 3
by | March 21, 2010 | 81 Comments
What a tangled web we weave… There are a lot of missed connections and misunderstandings in this next part, so hopefully it doesn’t get too confusing.   Chapter 7: “The silver fish vs. the she-cat” Woo-min remains unaware of In-hee’s designs on Jin-ho, so when she receives a call from... More »

Drama Casting & News
Official posters for Cinderella’s Sister
by | March 21, 2010 | 79 Comments
A set of two posters are out for Cinderella’s Sister (although, if you’ve been following the recent updates, the images are nothing new given the constant slew of news about this drama). The above features the four leads Moon Geun-young, Chun Jung-myung, Seo Woo, and Ok Taecyeon — and who... More »

Drama Recaps
The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry: Episode 15
by | March 21, 2010 | 62 Comments
Meltdown! Hey, if my 24-year old boyfriend were hanging out with a popstar who calls him oppa, I’d be gnashing my teeth on raw pasta too. Or making a voodoo effigy. To each her own. There’s trouble in paradise this week, as we close in on the finale, and all... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
On set with the cast of Into the Gunfire
by | March 21, 2010 | 23 Comments
TOP, Kwon Sang-woo On March 19, the production of Korean War movie Into the Gunfire opened up its Gyeongsangnam-do (a southern province) set location to the media for a look behind the scenes and an informal press conference. If you’ve missed the plot description in the previous posts, the gist... More »

Drama Recaps
Chuno: Episode 13
by | March 20, 2010 | 57 Comments
Well, this is the episode! It took 10+ years, thousands of miles, scores of drawings and over a dozen episodes, but this interminable story line of near-miss after near-miss has finally come to an end. Dae-Gil has found his beloved Un-Nyun. But this Un-Nyun is not the beautiful and carefree... More »