Drama Casting & News
Han Ji-hye cast in a Chinese drama
by | February 24, 2010 | 22 Comments
Han Ji-hye (East of Eden) has chosen a Chinese drama as her next project, a 26-episode series that has her working with director Huang Jianzhong (As You Wish, Good Woman). She plays the lead character, a Korean woman named Jeon Chae-hee who goes to China in search of her mother.... More »

Celebrity News
Kim Yuna is a ratings queen
by | February 24, 2010 | 59 Comments
Much has been made of the incredible pressure surrounding figure skater Kim Yuna‘s bid for an Olympic gold medal, and although the phrase “all eyes are on her” is usually just a figure of speech, with Yuna it’s pretty much true in a literal sense. The television broadcast for her... More »

Celebrity News
Go Soo in March’s W Korea
by | February 24, 2010 | 72 Comments
Mmmm, more Go Soo… Check out the actor, most recently of SBS’s Will It Snow For Christmas, in a spread for the March issue of fashion magazine W Korea. The issue will also feature an accompanying interview with the star. Referring to the term that arose out of his drama... More »

Drama Casting & News
Cast photos at Road No. 1’s MOU signing ceremony
by | February 24, 2010 | 31 Comments
On February 24, the actors of MBC’s upcoming war series Road No. 1 attended the MOU (memorandum of signing) ceremony for the drama. Above is the lead star So Ji-sub; below are his love interest, Kim Ha-neul, and friend played by Yoon Kye-sang. Tags: Kim Haneul, Road No. 1, So... More »

Drama Casting & News
Kim Jae-wook and Kim Joon in mobile drama
by | February 24, 2010 | 22 Comments
Kim Jae-wook (Antique Bakery) and T-MAX’s rapper Kim Joon (Boys Before Flowers) have been cast as the leads of a new Korean-Japanese co-production called Pygmalion’s Love (subtitle: Give Me Your Memory). The project is a “mobile drama,” meaning that it will not air on television but be available as mobile... More »

Drama Casting & News
Promo photos for Personal Taste
by | February 24, 2010 | 103 Comments
Promo pics are out for Personal Taste! I’ll freely admit that this is the upcoming drama that has grabbed my interest the most, partly due to its giggly-funny premise, partly due to its fab lead actors, and partly because I’m currently reading the novel. (Never fear, when I’m done I’ll... More »

Drama Recaps
Wish Upon a Star: Episode 14
by | February 23, 2010 | 114 Comments
Could these two be any more adorable? And to think, when the drama first aired, silly Pa-rang was my least favorite sibling. (For shame.) In keeping with this drama’s pattern, there are so many cute, funny, heartwarming moments that it’s too bad that there are other hateful characters muddying up... More »

Drama Recaps
Chuno: Episode 10
by | February 23, 2010 | 69 Comments
Hi, Dahee here. Hjkomo asked me to fill in for her for recapping episode ten, as she really does like her beauty sleep and would like to get back to doing it. I happily agreed, so here I am. No worries – she’ll be back for episode twelve (and Samsooki... More »

Drama Casting & News
God of Study ends on a ratings high
by | February 23, 2010 | 32 Comments
KBS’s God of Study ended today with a strong finale, which recorded a series high rating at 26.8% (TNS Media). It has led the Monday-Tuesday ratings race for its entire run, although all of the other shows have performed decently as well. MBC’s Pasta had dipped a bit in recent... More »

Drama Casting & News
Mata Hari rechristened Prosecutor Princess
by | February 23, 2010 | 20 Comments
The SBS drama previously called Prosecutor Mata Hari has confirmed a title change. Now dubbed Prosecutor Princess, it will begin filming shortly, with first shoots on February 25. Chief producer Kim Young-sub of SBS’s drama department explained, “The producers thought a lot about the name of Mata Hari, which brings... More »

Drama Casting & News
Posters revealed for A Man Called God
by | February 23, 2010 | 87 Comments
Posters are out (a whole mess of ‘em!) for MBC’s upcoming A Man Called God, and I can’t decide if I think they’re cool (a la Batman Begins) or unbearably cheesy (Batman & Robin). In the series, star Song Il-kook is back in a modern role after a couple high-profile... More »