‘Seo In-gook’

Drama Recaps
Police Unit 38: Episode 9
by | July 20, 2016 | 97 Comments
Our swindler has shown us many faces, but the tiny cracks in his facade give us a glimpse of something rawer beneath. The question of what’s real and what’s not becomes vitally important this hour as the seeds of doubt are planted in Sung-il’s mind, and he has to decide whether he can trust his... More »

Drama Recaps
Police Unit 38: Episode 8
by | July 18, 2016 | 78 Comments
The crew gets together once again to take down an even bigger bad guy than last time, and the stakes are raised higher than ever with a side of personal vengeance. With the law protecting those who do most harm, Sung-hee’s faith in the system and the people she works for is shaken beyond repair.... More »

Drama Recaps
Police Unit 38: Episode 7
by | July 17, 2016 | 104 Comments
It’s never been clearer that Jung-do has his own private endgame, but it’s also never been murkier what exactly that endgame is, and how all the pieces and players fit together. But I’m acutely aware that we could be giving the show (and Jung-do) too much credit, as it walks the fine line between complexity... More »

Drama Recaps
Police Unit 38: Episode 6
by | July 12, 2016 | 98 Comments
What’s really fun about ensemble dramas is not only do you have a lot of personalities around, but they collide with each other in fascinating, messy, and unexpected ways, modulating and changing one another until the personalities you finish with have somehow all become puzzle pieces of each other. It’s beginning to happen to our... More »

Drama Recaps
Police Unit 38: Episode 5
by | July 11, 2016 | 76 Comments
It’s an episode of clearing hurdles for our tax-collecting con artists. While the team’s first major con nears its climax, it becomes increasingly apparent that there’s more at stake here for Jung-do than simply money. And as Sung-il proves himself a resourceful student of the scamming arts, we see that Sung-hee is fast running out... More »

Drama Recaps
Police Unit 38: Episode 4
by | July 8, 2016 | 63 Comments
Between a fracturing team and a mark who turns out to be cleverer than anticipated, Jung-do will have to think and move fast to keep his plans from falling apart. An old friend is determined to place hurdles in his way and seems a lot less friendly than we initially perceived, and Sung-il finally gets... More »

Drama Recaps
Police Unit 38: Episode 3
by | July 6, 2016 | 68 Comments
Assembling Jung-do’s team may look like a simple task at the outset, but it’s not so easy to take a group of criminals and expect them to get along. And even if things went as planned, there’s no way to control every possible complication, and a pretty big one presents itself right off the bat.... More »

Drama Casting & News
Ahn So-hee offered leading role in MBC’s Shopping King Louie
by | July 6, 2016 | 46 Comments
Former Wonder Girl idol Ahn So-hee (Heart to Heart) may be joining the cast of upcoming MBC rom-com Shopping King Louie, which is currently finalizing terms with Seo In-gook (Police Unit 38) to star. She’s been offered a leading role in it, and while her reps were quick to counter reports that she had signed... More »

Drama Recaps
Police Unit 38: Episode 2
by | July 5, 2016 | 82 Comments
We’ve decided to pick up Police Unit 38 for recaps, so I’m here to help do some catching up. We learn more about our resident con-man Jung-do in this episode, as well as why he’s targeting Sung-il and the other men he’s been conning. There’s more to Sung-il as well — he’s more than just... More »

Drama Casting & News
Seo In-gook up for MBC rom-com Shopping King Louie
by | June 29, 2016 | 102 Comments
Seo In-gook, Nam Ji-hyun, Yoon Sang-hyun Hee, Shopping King Louie is the new drama that initially courted Yook Sung-jae to headline, and I find it funny that they’ve now cast Seo In-gook (Police Unit 38) in the role, since Yook Sung-jae’s drama debut in Answer Me 1994 had everyone calling him Little Seo In-gook. The... More »

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