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If You Like… Noona Romances
by | September 29, 2013 | 248 Comments
If you’re anything like me, your ideal drama hero isn’t the cold chaebol with the icy exterior or even the perfect Daddy Long Legs caretaker. He’s the hotheaded ruffian on a motorcycle with a busted lip and a one-sided love for an unattainable noona. Why always a motorcycle? I don’t know. Blame Jung Woo-sung (Beat,... More »

Dramabeans Podcast #6
by | May 7, 2011 | 110 Comments
Podcast #6 is here! In which javabeans and girlfriday discuss: My Name Is Kim Sam-soon Soulmate (18:05) What’s Up Fox (23:25) Goong and Goong S (35:09)... More »

Extended Glossary
Glossary: Noona
by | June 26, 2010 | 108 Comments
Go Hyun-jung and Chun Jung-myung in What’s Up, Fox Today’s Korean word of the day is: Noona. Got a cheeky younger man in your life? Turns out there’s a reason he calls you what he does. Notorious noona-killers Chun Jung-myung and Kim Bum help give us a lesson on the ins and outs of the... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
Romantic-comedy drama recommendations
by | November 28, 2009 | 294 Comments
Since I’ve had a lot of requests for drama recommendations following You’re Beautiful, I thought I’d put this up as its own post. I may be spotty with some of the other genres out there, but I’m ALL about the trendy drama! The following is a list of my recommendations (and some that are not... More »