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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for more (or agonizing when there was no more), and what made you want to throw your remote through the screen? Time to weigh in…



Currently weecapping: Forest & Hyena

I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day: Can it be? Is this the winter drama I’ve been waiting for all winter? The best word I can find to describe this drama would be “quiet” — there’s quiet in each scene, in the constant rains and snows, and as we watch each character go through their day. I can see how this drama might not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed the opening week, with all its deliberate scenes, careful dialogue, and not a whole lotta plot (in a good way, not in a Forest way). After just two episodes, I love the little world we’ve got set up, from the rural town, to the bookstore, the adorable book club, and especially the Good Night Club. I’m finding the role of Hae-won really refreshing for Park Min-young after her recent string of silly rom-coms — but it’s Seo Kang-joon who’s the most comfortable here, which I didn’t expect, and am enjoying very much. After such a solid and sure-of-itself premiere week, I’m excited to see what comes next!

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2: It’s over, and I couldn’t be more happy/sad. I feel used in the best sense, since my emotions have been dragged all over the place during this show once I decided to let go and give into the dramatics. The final week included an extra episode, as there was quite a bit to tie up, and while some of it was concluded really nicely (President Yeo, Dr. Park Min-guk), the comically rageful end for supreme baddie Chairman Do was not only rushed, but a little silly. But whatever! I really only care about the little world of Doldam, and the characters in there, so I’m super pleased. Maybe it was one o’clock in the morning speaking, but I didn’t not cry during several scenes of this drama’s conclusion. Eun-jae’s new confidence and surety in her path, Woo-jin’s new father figure and a place that’s home for him, their sudden/adorable affection, the sweet romance between Ah-reum and Eun-tak — basically, every character in this story. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love that this story was about people that led with their hearts, and strived to make choices out of integrity, love, and respect.



Currently recapping: I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day

Itaewon Class: Poor little Geun-soo. He’s such a sweet kid stuck in a horrible family. At least he’s got DanBam now. Although Yi-seo can be terrible, I’m glad she’s not becoming magically nicer because of love. Whether or not she’s actually a sociopath is up for debate, but I appreciate that the show hasn’t backed down on portraying her as someone displaying sociopathic behaviors. Her behavioral or ideological “changes” are only to suit her own needs (like winning Sae-ro-yi’s approval) rather than because she cares about ethicality or how her behavior impacts others. I don’t think she’s any less prejudiced now—she just chose to surface-level “accept” the people Sae-ro-yi cares about. On that topic, I’m glad the show is trying to tackle issues of identity and discrimination even if they’re not always hitting the mark. It might not be the most nuanced conversation, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Never Twice: Yay for Poong-ki not being stupid. At least Bak-ha has the USB now, and it doesn’t look like she’s letting Hae-jun’s mom off the hook. Although Hae-jun’s mom suddenly growing a conscience felt out of place to me. And we seem to have yet another separation between Bak-ha and Hae-jun. What is this, the third time? Why is it always one step forward and two steps back for those two? Just be a family already! It’s what we’re all here for.

The Cursed: So-jin is an interesting character. She’s willing to kill pretty much anyone, no questions asked. She did admit to feeling guilty about it sometimes, although that doesn’t seem to stop her. I wonder why she trusts Jin-hee so much. Given how wary she is of people, there has to be more to it than just reading Jin-hee’s articles and finding her to be a “good person.” At this point, this has turned into a battle of the shamans. The Forest CEO’s shaman is super shady and way more interesting than the Forest CEO. I’m curious as to who she really is. Also, is it a requirement that shamans look crazed while performing rituals? I can’t imagine that the only way to engage with the spirits is to make bizarre faces and convulse.

Hi Bye, Mama!: What a strong premiere week! There’s a good balance of light-heartedness and grief. From the first episode, I was invested in this family. I’m really curious about the relationship between Kang-hwa and Min-jung. Neither of them seems happy, and I’m left wondering if the relationship has always felt this cold. It’s clear Kang-hwa isn’t over Yu-ri’s passing, so why did he even get remarried? It isn’t fair to Min-jung, but then again, we don’t know why she married him either. Maybe it’s more a marriage of convenience for both of them. I really need Kang-hwa to step up when it comes to his daughter, though. I get that it’s hard for him because she’s a direct reminder of Yu-ri’s death, but there’s no acceptable reason to avoid your own toddler. If Kang-hwa won’t get therapy for himself, he should at least try it for his daughter’s sake since it’s clear he’s not dealing.



Hi Bye, Mama!: I dove into this show only knowing the basic premise: a mom watches over her family as a ghost. Knowing that the writer of Go Back Spouses is behind this show excites me, because it remains one of my favorite dramas – it made me cry as hard as it made me laugh. I’m looking forward to diving deeper into the interlaced physical and spiritual worlds, and am sure that all the ghostly hijinks will bring as much joy as it does tears. Yuri and Kang-hwa are already breaking my heart! I can’t wait for them to reunite so that he can heal, and am expecting tons of cute mom and daughter moments that Yuri has been deprived of for years.


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Unpopular opinion :
I think RDTK 2 is better that the first season in some ways ...
First of all ...I think that the character devalopments are more realistic and relatable .
Second : Teacher Kim is now obviously the protagonist ... the writer's goal was to make him the main character but he did a better job doing that in the second season .
Third : boring unrealistic hospital politics are (were since it's now finished !) Less annoying .I skipped the scenes and sequences with those stuff in both seasons....it did actually get on my nerves even though I skipped it in the first season but its easier to ignore it in the second season ...
Fourth : I'm not a medical student ....I don't know about the stuff but I can tell that the second season was more logic in terms of the medical stuff ( I'm not saying that it was 100% logical but at least not as heavily dramatic as the first season ....

BUT there is one thing that I actually liked better in the first season ...THE FEMALE LEAD ... I've never watched any lee sung kyung drama ...just some short parts of KIM BUK JOO ...she can be cute in comedy ...but unlike SEO HYUN JIN who can pull of every role,( and her acting is so freaking detailed that amazes me every time I see her ) she loves doing the KIM BOOK JOO expressions in every character she plays I assume ..... i even came to like her character in the drama episode by episode but her acting is unbearable ... the pout and those eyes of her are annoying , she is gorgeous and stylish ...I like her in person , but not as an actress .
(What I was expecting from the Male and female lead was the total opposite of what happened LOL. I Thought that Ahn Hyeo Seop was going to be bad and Lee Sung Kyung ti be good from what i heard ...Ahn Hyeo Seop did a Fabulous job and showed us that he ha a really high potentaial of he plays a good character .... I do have a huge crush on the first seasons mele lead but yeah ....I have to admit that Ahn Hyeo Seop is a better character compared to KDJ)

In general , I think the backlash received on this season has a thing to do with people's negative background on second seasons ( and Cha Eun Jae )(And also the annoying stalking people's conversations behind the doors and walls )

Skip the politics ...enjoy the drama !


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Finally was able to finish RDTK 2 and enjoyed it, though the ending was a bit rushed.
One thing I did not enjoy is giving Kim Sabo multiple sclerosis and calling it a minor ailment. That made me quite angry. I have 3 family members who suffer from this "minor ailment," and can tell you that multiple lesions on the brain (which is what the name means) do not constitute a minor ailment. There is no known cure. Each member has some different difficulties, but common ones are visual and motor problems. Also, onset is most likely to be in the 30s.


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