Beanie level: Eunuch in drag

Last drawing from Scarlet Heart Ryeo Toon Parody


    This was the cover of my unfinished K-toon. (It’s what I was working on when I was fired at DramaFever.


      I love it (especially the traditional mask)! May I ask what the plot was?


        Phantom of the Oppa Possible Summary
        A theater light crashes down as the contestants for Produce 101 rehearse their big number. It almost hits the girl in front (the most popular of all the contestants.) Someone screams, β€œthe phantom Oppa is here!” Girl in front storms off, refusing to sing.

        Show PD moans, “if that baby diva won’t sing and dance, we’ll have a hole in the front! And we go live in 20 minutes!”
        (Traditional Korean Singer) Madame Gee Ri bursts in to the rescue.
        β€œLet Dae Ti Na, the orphan daughter of my dead friend take her place. She has an exquisite voice, and has been practicing the dance for weeks. I know she could do it!”
        Dae Ti-na (or Christine in the original Phanom) belts out,

        β€œThink of me. Think of me fondly when you see me dance.
        Remember me once you’ve seen me. And please give me this chance.
        Then you’ll find that I solve this diva problem. Just let me
        If you ever need a back up
        Spare a thought for me.”

        Everyone is blown away by her voice.
        PD says, “She can sing, but can she dance?”
        Ti-na does the little “Pick me. Pick me. Pick me up dance and pantomime.”

        “We’re desperate. You’re hired!”
        Afterwards, Ti Na confesses to Madame Gee Ri’s daughter, Gee Yi-gyeong (Yun Eun-ji) that she is coached by a mysteries phantom Oppa. But before she can say more,

        Ra Mu-yeol, (Seo In-guk) the show’s newest sponsor, comes into her dressing room. β€œDae Tin Na, my childhood friend and first love, what a shocker finding you here. I haven’t seen you in years!”
        β€œRa Mu-yeol, the genius chaebol who I adored. How are you?”
        β€œI’m rich, handsome, and rich. Have you eaten? Do you want to have dinner with me?”
        β€œThat would be lovely.”
        Mu-yeol and Yi-gyeong go to Subway.

        Jealous Phantom Oppa (Ma Dong Seok) is shown in her mirror.

        Later, when Ti-Na comes back to the theater she looks for Phantom.
        β€œOh, my oppa. Please reveal yourself. Today was so exciting. I think I’m going to realize my dream of being in a Girls’ Group!”

        Oppa grabs her wrist and leads her to an underground river and into his β€œlair.”

        Phantom of the Opera (parody)
        He explains he doesn’t want her to join the Girls Group that produce 101 is creating (Oui 2 QT.) And that he wants her to go solo and sing his songs.
        (Music of the night)
        Ti Na is freaked out.
        Melee: Ti Na escapes and runs to Mu-yeol. She tells him about the phantom. They go off for Subway sandwiches.
        Oppa, hiding in plain sight, sees them and vows revenge.

        6 months time skip

        Ti Na and and Mu-yeol are engaged and throwing a party. Ti Na is won the show and is the lead singer for Oui 2 QT. At the party, Oppa, (dressed as the devil) announces that he’s written a song for the group to sing.
        Oppa’s song is a remake of Big Bang’s β€œI am a good boy,” but β€œI am a good girl.” (It’s stupid. No, it’s genius.)
        Oppa ties up the Oui 2 CT girls and gets in place for a duet with Ti Na. They sing his song, but Ti Na is shocked to discover that Phantom is singing with her. (He says, “Hey, Kim Jong Kook can sing higher notes than you.”


          He tells her he loves her and gives her a ring. Meanwhile, everyone else except for Ti Na could tell it was him the whole time. (That was such a bad wig. And why would any girl in our group wear a mask?) But he confesses to Di-Na. “You must know my feelings are genuine. Who would do such a stupid, humiliating thing for any reason except for true love?”

          He tells her he loves her and gives her a ring. She throws it to the ground and rips off his mask. BUT SHOCK, He isn’t deformed!
          (Why do you always wear it? I thought it made me look cool.)

          Oui 2 QT girls are found gagged and furious.
          Angry netizens form mob to get Oppa.

          Mu-yeol tracks Ti Na through her phone and finds the lair. She’s wearing a wedding dress (make-over!) and Mu-yeol rescues her.
          Angry fan boys storm the lair to attack Oppa.
          The End
          (You need to realize this was just a rough draft. It would have changed as I drew the toons. They always did take on a life of their own. And sometimes characters wouldn’t act like I wanted them to–but were stubborn. )


            Forty year time skip:

            Mu’s an old man. He goes to Ti Na’s grave with a monkey music box. He looks down and sees that the Phantom has left a rose tied with a black ribbon (his trademark) and the ring that he gave to Ti Na: the Phantom still loves her. Mu sadly looks at it amazed that Ti na truly loved the Phantom. Who would choose him over me???


            This is awesome. I love it! And Ma Dong-seok as the phantom? I never would have thought of that. I’ve read some of your other webtoons before, and I just love how you effortlessly blend together so many elements of Korean popular culture and k-drama tropes.


    Omo the title! Sold!


I made homemade Dumplings (filling and dough) for the first time today. On the right I fried them. On the left they’re steamed. I liked the steamed ones better.


    this might me out of blue but would you mind answering this : ??
    You might’ve seen this & chose not to answer in which case please excuse me!

    [I probably think you love muffins, but I’ve read so many “behind the scene” stories of beanie handles that I won’t jump to conclusion yet]


      My given name is Barbara. My nickname is “Barb.” And when I was looking for a fake name to draw cartoons under I looked up “barb” and saw that it is a sarcastic comment–which I knew, or a person who makes sarcastic comments, which I didn’t. And I am sarcastic in real life. So I looked up synonyms for barb and one was “wag.” I also like puns (lowest form of humor) so I thought, “ragamuffin could be wagamuffin.” And that’s the story. I published Korean Drama toons at DramaFever under the name “wagamuffin.” So I just kept it for my screen name here.


My newest manhwa is out today, \”Green Gu Virus.\”