So I’ve seen the Butter vid a couple times now, and I can’t stop thinking about the dude (is it J-Hope?) eating a pat of butter at the end. Gross!

But… I used to eat straight butter when I was a child. The memory is fuzzy, but I think I just licked a stick of it like a lollipop. Did I eat the whole thing? I can’t remember.

I also used to drink a 2-liter bottle of soda in one sitting, and in my college years I would eat a couple king-sized Snickers for lunch. When I worked at Starbucks, I would be too tired to go out for my dinner break, so I just ate a (free) venti cup of whipped cream with toffee nut syrup.

Once, I bought a dozen donuts for me and my 2 roommates. They didn’t come home within an hour, so I ate the whole dozen myself.

It’s amazing what my body would let me get away with when I was younger. If I tried any of those things now, I’d be bedridden for a week.

Enjoy your youth while it lasts, y’all.