OK, I’m uber bored so I’ll play too

1. Explain your username (and/or avatar).
Pet name+ favorite color+ favorite number, have been using the same id since high school. My avatar is a plushie from I am not a robot.

2. What is the first drama that you watched (or the first drama that made an impression)?
Korean: Goong, Everything: Kimi wa petto

3. Tell us about a job or two that you’ve had in the past.
From the summer job in my dad’s company during high school, to the internship I did in college to anything post grad school, all my jobs have been about sitting for in front of a computer all day. Looking back I am sad about that; I wish I’d tried a fun job once, something to do with art or animals.

4. Have you ever lived a moment that you thought belonged in a drama?
Strangely, not that I can think of.

5. What drama genres do you especially like?
OCN style thrillers, fantasy, everything as far away as real life as possible.

6. What drama genres do you especially dislike?
Office dramas, horror

7. Is there a drama character you’ve ever strongly identified with, and why?
Cha SooHyun (the character played by Song HyeKyo in Encounter/Boyfriend), minus the chaebol family and the douchy ex she was me, from the bossy exterior down to the love of art (also detached, disenchanted with the world, longing for more).

8. What was your major in school?
Computer Science

9. What’s a random skill you have?
I can watch movies without subtitles in about a dozen languages.

10. Favourite non-Korean movie and/or TV show?
Waves of life, Thai drama

11. Which Hallyu celebrity would you actually want to meet and spend an hour with?
Back in the Healer days I’d said Ji Chang Wook because (at least in my head) he is a dorky overachiever. These days… maybe Lee Bo-young

12. Your favorite drama has an unholy alliance with your most hated drama and produces a mutant baby drama. Describe the plot.
A misanthropic chaebol allergic to touch meets a soul weary immortal looking for a way to die. Chaos ensues. Neither get what they want. (No one said it was supposed to be a good drama, right?)