One of the things that has really stuck with me about Thirty But Seventeen over the years is that the heroine Seo-ri described her post-coma existence, where she had no stability or direction, as her life’s “intermission”. Eventually, the intermission would end, and her life would go on again.
I think these last six months were my intermission. It was painful to try and imagine the future – as far as I was concerned, I didn’t have one – so I was convinced I would be stuck in my torturous situation forever. But now that I have a full-time job on the horizon, the future is opening up again, and I can imagine all the wonderful things coming my way, like:
A place to live that’s just mine
Full of all my things, finally in one place
My clothes and books and treasures
Accessible at all times
Money to spend
Going to the cinema and the theatre
Visiting friends around the country
Eating out at my favourite restaurants
Taking holidays
Time that is just mine
To spend finishing my novel
Experimenting with recipes
Watching all the dramas on my list
Exploring my new neighbourhood
Resting, finally
And the possibility of being alone with myself, and liking it

Love, February


    Such intermissions exist and I have experience of this, more than one. But it shall pass and makes you more resilient.

    Glad that you are out of it 😊


    Intermissions are important too. Glad you’re doing better now!


    Congrats, you made it through. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in this phase😊


    I am so happy you found this job and you can start a life of small pleasures and luxuries.
    I’ve been living there for some years and now the only thing I really want is time to do things and time to do nothing. Time is the only thing I wish I could have more.
    But sometimes, when I’m sitting in my sofa, like now, spending whole morning going through the beanie wall that I neglected for the last week, I feel like I’m a millionaire enjoying every pleasure in life.