These kind of dolphin has been extinct
Or should I say lawyers?


    When Lee Bong-Ryun appears on the screen, I expect an impactful turn. It certainly doesn’t disappoint – just wondering if it’s a recurrent role as Attorney Woo’s alternative mentor.


      She was fantastic. I love that she had the brains not to use that Handaba report in court. That was a nice touch and honestly, I adored her character and hope to see her on the tail end of the show.


        I was nervous when she talked about a new piece of evidence….

        Min woo is now on a road of no return.


          When he threaten Sumi of that birth secret, he has stepped on that path of no return.

          Sorry, he is done.


            That quid pro quo of having Young woo fired, yeah, he don’t know jack if he agreed to that.

            He really think a job will be waiting for him at her firm. She will have him forgotten in a nanosecond and he is too stupid to know it.

            Remember when Sunshine figured out he was the one for posted on the board. Then how she called out what people think of him at the office. How he has no type of real friendship, or even casual relationship to not even know that he is dating someone, with Jun ho, his roommate and coworker.

            Yeah, his lack of redemption is well deserved.