Fini’s 2nd (Potentially) Annual Kpop Top 19 for 2019

I love going through and making playlists with Beanies’ top songs of the year. It’s a fun way to see what everyone is listening to and also a great way to discover new songs.

This year I roped Kale (@christina41218) and Jig (@crysta) into making a list with me (and they both completed them before me, of course) so be sure to check theirs out as well!

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here we go:

19. Noir – Sunmi | Single
Sunmi brilliantly relates the lyrics to the addictive nature of social media, the modern-day film noir. She eats candy hearts as she feeds herself on “likes” and attention, but she ultimately destroys herself in the process.

I feel so high. Everything goes blurry one two three. Now I’m blind. I don’t know why […] We are in noir.

18. Fish in the Water – AKMU | SAILING
Country-inspired kpop? Never in a million years would I think this is what I needed, but here we are. This song just makes me want to go outside to bask in the sun and enjoy the little moments of each day.

You must live, live to death, and play music for me […] Live like the way we sing.

17. Twit – Hwasa | Single
Blind love and adoration? How about lost individualism and living life for someone you’ve put on a pedestal. An addicting track that’s wrapped in a cheeky package tied with sassy bow.

You give so much, but why are you the only one feeling unhappy? Because you only breathe for me. You look so lonely.

16. I Wanna Be – Key | I Wanna Be
We got lucky with this song being on the repackage album this year so I could include it! It’s insanely catchy, and I’m obsessed with the key change towards the end. Plus, Mullet Key.

My heart that faces you, if you change it into a melody, this song won’t end today. But you know, even this isn’t enough. I’ll probably be humming this song again.

15. My Dear – Chen | Dear my dear
It’s not often that I fall head over heels for a ballad, but My Dear is stunningly gorgeous. A perfect, soothing listen before going to sleep. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud.

To you, beneath the moonlight showering down, become the star of this night. And promise to shine for me.

14. Waggy – Mamamoo | White Wind
Is this song about love for a puppy? Maybe. Am I questioning why this song is on my list? Also maybe. That being said, it’s just pure goofy fun with a whimsical and refreshing sound.

When I see that person, I start singing without realizing it. Like a good feeling afternoon sunlight, I think I’ve fallen for a refreshing person.

13. Red – The Rose | RED
My intellectual thought for this song is that it makes me want to jump up and down and sing along loudly to the Korean lyrics that I don’t know at all.

In this road I walk alone, I want to shine in this darkness. Throw your sticks and stones. So what if we’re different from others. Don’t mind anything.

12. Paper Cuts – EXO-CBX | Single
This song was love at first note. The live performance by Chen, Xiumin, and Baekhyun is so pure and full of palpable, overflowing emotion. It’s both melancholy and uplifting, truly beautiful.

In the fleeting moments that go by too rapidly, I live everyday life filled with what I can only do now

11. My Beauty – VERIVERY | Extraordinary You OST
Cute, cute song with a charming use of falsetto throughout that makes for a sweet song, reminiscent of first love. I’d never listened to this group before watching Extraordinary You, but now they’ll be on my radar.

Baby, every time you smile at me, I keep smiling like a fool. I keep falling. I can’t escape.

10. I Wanna Know – Roh Tae Hyun | biRTHday
Tae Hyun was an incredible performer on Produce 101, and I’m so glad he’s gotten a chance to show more of his talent and potential with a solo release. Haven’t heard it yet? What are you waiting for?

Stop all the suffocating work. You can go completely crazy, oh sounds beautiful. Stop sighing, there’s no rush. You need some time to rest.

9. 4x4ever – Mamamoo | reality in BLACK
I’ve had a bit of drought when it comes to girl groups lately, but Mamamoo released two outstanding, utterly enjoyable albums this year, so I decided to include one song from each. Super vocals set in a powerful track with a strong message about believing in yourself.

Love myself, myself 4ever. I’m going to try enjoying this moment. So I don’t regret it.


    Yay, another list. Key’s is definitely one of my 2019 favorites and fell in love with Woosung’s Face which has led me to listening to some of The Rose.
    That AKMU reminds me of Alison Krauss and Union Station.


      Yes! Face was *this* close to making my favorites as well. I love Woosung’s voice.


    @jaelegant has also totally willingly decided to get in on the fun, so check out her top songs as well! Bonus points if you can guess her favorite group.


      My favorite group is a result of earlier brainwashing and I’m typing this from the truck of Fini’s car (at least the music is good). Save me!!!!


        Sadly, no one came to save Jules and she will just have to remain in my clutches. *crazy laugh*


    So many Mamamoo tracks! They worked hard this year and I’m happy to see you enjoyed their song so much 😀


      I haven’t been following too many girl groups recently, so I was happy that I found some awesome songs with Mamamoo this year. Both albums from this year are a lot of fun and I had a hard time just picking two!