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Fini’s Sixth (Woohoo!) Annual Kpop Top 20 for 2023

Wishing all you Beanies a Happy New Year! I know I’ve pretty much gone silent on Dramabeans, but I love popping back in to make my yearly list. As always, I’d love to hear how everyone is doing and what your favorite songs have been!

20. Macarena – Blitzers | Macarena
Is this song ridiculous, dumb fun? Yes. Do I have any idea what the Macarena has to do with anything? No. Is this exactly what I want from kpop sometimes? Absolutely, yes.

19. Together Promise – Jinyoung | Single
Simple but charming melodies coupled with a touch of nostalgia. This song keeps my head nodding and a smile on my face.

18. blueblueseOul – OnlyOneOf | seOul cOllectiOn
As a bit of a departure from OOO’s almost industrial sound, this song embraces a floaty, dreaming atmosphere that is propelled forward with an addicting beat and fittingly airy vocals.

17. OVERDRIVE – WEi | Love Pt. 3: Eternally
As a self-recognized sucker for summery and bright concepts, this song hit all the right notes – especially with the unique use of the chromatic runs in the chorus!

16. Chill Kill – Red Velvet | Chill Kill
Admittedly, this song did not immediately charm me. But I somehow kept finding myself going back to it and all of a sudden, a flip switched. This song is oddly equal parts creepy and bright, but grounded in a strong vocal performance.

15. Move – Treasure (T5) | Reboot
You know when a song just makes you feel cool? Hello, Move. The slinky groove of the bass is super addicting and I would play this song on repeat to keep it going. The falsetto vocal layering as the song reaches its climax is the icing on the cake in this track.

14. Good & Great – Key | Good & Great
If Key releases music, I can guarantee it will make my favorites list. This is a straightforward track with a nice, funky bass line. However, Key elevates the song by putting a little magic in everything he touches – from the hilariously relatable concept, to the fun choreography, to the creative and charismatic vocal delivery.

13. Farewell, Neverland – Tomorrow X Together | The Name Chapter: Temptation
This song captures some of TXT’s greatest charms and biggest strengths for me: dream-like music that sounds like a fairytale, encompassing hints of both sadness and yearning.

12. Blue – Taemin | Guilty
There’s not much to say here, other than I found this song simply beautiful. Taemin gives a strong, yet peaceful performance with a chorus that feels like flying.

11. Fantasize – The Boyz | PHANTASY Pt. 1 Christmas In August
I hadn’t loved a song by The Boyz in a minute but then out of nowhere, they released an album where any song could have made this list. In fact, I changed my mind about 10 times before settling on Fantasize. I applaud The Boyz for making this so hard on me this year!


    This is a solid list – with some new songs for me to check out too – thanks for sharing Infinitize!!

    2023 was a solid year of bangers, but if I had to narrow it to the top 3 releases for me, NCT127 Fact Check, ATEEZ Silver Light and D.O.’s Lost 😍


Fini’s Sixth Annual Kpop Top 20 for 2023: A Continuation

10. Violet – TAN | TAN MADE
This track boasts a fantastic instrumental with great use of driving guitar for added depth. Throw in a bit of harmony, a head-bopping bass line, and some funky vocals – I’m sold.

9. Abyss – WOODZ | OO-LI
A slower song by WOODZ that makes me feel like looking out the window on a rainy day with a warm cup of hot chocolate in hand, a little nostalgic and a bit bitter-sweet. WOODZ is always experimenting with his sound and constantly surprising me with how well he does it all.

8. Island of Misfit Toys – B.I | To Die For
I am so addicted to B.I’s voice. It is not perfect, but that is what makes his music so incredibly authentic and captivating to me. This song propels along with a catchy, incessant beat that kept me coming back over and over.

7. Groovy – CRAVITY | Master: Piece
This song was a huge grower for me. Delightful, simple fun that maintains its upbeat energy throughout. I can’t tell you how often I got the trippin’, trippin’, trippin’ hook stuck in my head.

6. O (Circle) – Onew | Circle
I find that I lack the words to really describe Circle. It is such a unique song with interesting beats and melodies that are completely unexpected. Onew’s performance is gorgeous as always and full of emotion. Truly a beautiful piece.

5. I AM – IVE | I’ve Ive
This song comes in swinging and lands punch after punch of pure, pop bliss. It is exciting and propulsive, running from one dynamic melody to the next. The one song where I am absolutely in love with the stratospheric pitch of the vocals.

4. Turn It Off – NINE.i | New Mind
Before hearing this song, I did not even know the group NINE.i. Well, now this song and their New Mind album is one of my favorites of the year. This song’s full instrumental and surprising vocal melodies throw a lot at you and never let up, resulting in an unexpectedly layered and bounding release that is unlike any other this year.

3. chrOme hearts – OnlyOneOf | seOul cOllectiOn
chrOme hearts follows its predecessors libidO and skinz with its industrial, almost jolting beat. Yet, this track continues to evolve the group’s sound and stands completely on its own with its edgy, almost ominous-sounding, versus and smooth, sexy chorus. The choreography and styling are also a treat. Ouch, indeed.

2. The Feeling – SHINee | Hard
SHINee played around with some new genres and sounds this year – some I liked, some took a while to grow on me. However, this track was a pure shot of that special something that makes SHINee, well, SHINee. Incredible upbeat melodies, amazing vocals, and a soaring chorus that is truly a victory lap for the group.

1. Feel me – Golden Child | Feel Me
Golden Child didn’t release much music this year, but they solidly delivered with all three songs on this album. Feel me knows exactly how to build tension, grow and pull back at the perfect moments, and break out in a triumphant chorus backed with powerful, clear vocals. I only ask one thing of Golcha for this upcoming year – more music, please!


Fini’s Fifth Annual Kpop Top 20 for 2022

Happy New Year! Another year has gone by – and I have been completely absent on Dramabeans. How is everyone?! This list has become something of a tradition now – I always find it fun to look back at musical highs of the year as well as compare my top tracks from year to year. I’d love to hear some of your favorites as well – how much did you enjoy 2022’s kpop offerings and what are you looking forward to in the future?

20. Keep me up – B.I | Love or Loved Part 1
This song does not have any grand climax, but it has a consistent hypnotic quality and groove that mixes with the rawness of B.I’s vocals in such a satisfying way.

19. Cupid – DKZ | Chase Episode 2. MAUM
In a time dominated by shout choruses, the cheerful energy of Cupid shines through. I admittedly have a bias for bright and bubbly, and this song more than satisfied.

18. About You – WOODZ | Yumi’s Cells 2 OST
WOODZ is a true chameleon when it comes to genre-tackling. He does it all. And he does it all so well. This song is just super cute. Sometimes, that’s just exactly what I need.

17. DARARI (Remix) – TREASURE | The Second Step: Chapter Two
I’ll be honest, I have no idea if I’ve heard the original version of this song. That aside, this remix rocks. Literally. What an incredibly fun and catchy hook.

16. But You – iKON | Flashback
This song was such an unexpected turn for the group – a dive into the 80s synth trend that, for me, really worked. The chorus is a bit understated, but the melody grows with repeated listens and iKON’s vocals are a highlight.

15. New Addiction – CRAViTY | New Wave
New Wave was one of my favorite albums this year. It wasn’t groundbreaking, but all of the tracks were poppy, fun, and worked seamlessly together to create a fantastic ride throughout. I had a hard time picking my favorite off of the album, so in the end…here you go!

14. Replay – Golden Child | AURA
Golden Child’s sound doesn’t seem to bend to boy group trends. They have a firm identity and know how to run with it. And Replay certainly runs and doesn’t stop with its incessant, and bold, intensity.

13. Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go – Tomorrow X Together | Minisode: Thursday’s Child
TXT always brings such unique wistfulness to their songs. Even with its upbeat melodies, this track still has a hint of melancholy – a strange dichotomy that I cannot get enough of when it comes to this group.

12. Villain – DRIPPIN | Villain
DRIPPIN hit me with one of the few songs that I loved right off the bat at the beginning of the year. It’s slinky, funky, and has a killer instrumental backdrop that I couldn’t help returning to again and again.

11. Super Yuppers! – WJSN Chocome | Super Yuppers!
The kind of quirkiness I love to see embraced in kpop. I had this song tirelessly and unapologetically on repeat immediately after the first listen.


    From your Iist I only know Ikon’s But You and i do like the song. Since i mostly listen to OSTs, my discovery for 2022 is an old song – Spring Day by BTS 😄


    I think you and I have the same taste! I just listened to these and loved pretty much all of them! I’m looking forward to checking out your top 10 later.


    Super Yuppers! Was a favourite of mine too. 🙂


Fini’s Fifth Annual Kpop Top 20 for 2022: A Continuation

10. Forever 1 – Girls’ Generation | Forever 1
I’ll admit I was nervous about this song. SNSD are legends, and that comes with a lot of expectations. The song delivers in a big way. The chorus is grand and doesn’t hold back – it’s joyous and a triumphant return for the group.

9. Love Me Out Loud – Chungha | Bare & Rare
This song has such a dramatic and gorgeously executed chorus that definitely had me screaming and shouting along in the car. Chungha’s vocals bring such fullness to a track that absolutely dazzles.

8. Silence – DRIPPIN | Villain: The End
Silence is reminiscent of an Infinite track – and this is a major compliment (see username). It’s a sound I’ve sorely missed and DRIPPIN does it justice. Hyeop continues to be one of my favorite vocalists in the current generation of boy groups.

7. Adrenaline – CRAViTY | Liberty: In Our Cosmos
I had never really paid much attention to CRAViTY before and now they’ve made this list twice! Adrenaline brought the energy right from the start and then kept the momentum going to deliver a song with fantastic drive and an addictive chorus.

6. After LIKE – IVE | After Like
Super catchy and just makes you want to get up and dance. Brilliant use of a well-known sample while still having the song strongly stand on its own.

5. be free – KB (OnlyOneOf) | undergrOund idOl #2
What a banger. This track delivers the groove in spades. It’ll have you head-bobbing along from start to finish.

4. Another Life – Key | Gasoline
There’s no one who does drama better than Key, and Another Life brings the drama to the forefront. This song has great depth throughout the instrumental and vocals that create wonderful drive and tension throughout the track.

3. Smiley – Yena (Feat. BIBI) – | SMiLEY
It’s adorable. It’s happy. It’s FUN. This song understood its superhero assignment and certainly makes me smiley whenever I listen to it. True love at first listen.

2. The One – DRIPPIN | Villain: The End
DRIPPIN is on my list three times?! I can’t believe it, but this group took me by storm this year with each of their singles becoming mainstays on my playlist. Admittedly, The One took a couple of listens before I was sold – and then at that point, I couldn’t get enough of it. I am frequently annoyed by kpop tracks that sound like multiple songs mashed together, but here I must concede. Plus that chorus. Wow.

1. because – Rie (OnlyOneOf) | undergrOund idOl #4
During the first half of this year, I had overall felt disappointed and underwhelmed by kpop offerings. Then OnlyOneOf started to release their undergrOund idOl series. These songs were a turnaround for me. I eagerly looked forward to each release – each highlighting a member through different genres and styles yet still complementing one another. Rie’s vocals are given a chance to soar through this track, evoking a sense of nostalgia and possibility that took this song to my top spot this year.


Fini’s Fourth Annual Kpop Top 20 for 2021

Happy New Year, Beanies! I haven’t been on very much this year, but I wanted to pop back in as I love creating my list of top kpop songs of the year as well as reading what others thought were the best! I had to set a rule for myself that I would only choose one song per artist as there were quite a few knockout albums this year (which I will cheat a little and mark with a heart). Looking at my list though, I hope to have more girl group and female solo artists highlighted in 2022!

20. Young Blood – DRIPPIN | A Better Tomorrow
Not an immediate hit with me, but then I kept going back to it…and back to it. It’s funny how some songs just grow on you.

19. Changer – A.C.E. | Changer: Dear Eris
I am a sucker for songs like these. Bright, energetic, with fun melodies. A bit reminiscent of B1A4’s Solo Day, which is a high compliment in my book.

18. Paradise – EXO| Don’t Stop the Feeling
Groovy track that really highlights EXO’s vocals. D.O. really shines throughout this album, though I am ready to have everyone back together…in a few years…*cries*

17. Cinema – CIX | ‘Hello’ Chapter Ø. Hello, Strange Dream
I love how this song builds throughout, adding layers and great harmonies while delivering a smooth yet catchy chorus.

16. Spider – Hoshi | solo mixtape ‘Spider’
Big fan of the driving bass in this one. However, it’s Hoshi’s atmospheric performance and impressively fitting choreography that really elevate the song.

15. Eternal Sunshine – ATEEZ | Zero: Fever Part. 3
Give me a bright, airy, summer-y instrumental and I’m there. On repeat.

14. Prism – The Boyz | Breaking Dawn
I wasn’t particularly drawn to any of The Boyz’ title tracks this year and almost bypassed this song. This is the ultimate title track that will never be. Just give it a listen and mourn with me.

13. AuRoRa – ONEWE | Planet Nine: Alter Ego ❤️
Over the last couple years, ONEWE’s Yonghoon has really risen to the top of my list in terms of vocalists. He adds such power and emotion to the band’s songs and just…sounds so good, okay?

12. Eeny Meeny – U-Know | Noir ❤️
Charismatic and funky. U-Know lets his vocals carry the relatively stripped down, but incredibly catchy track forward in a way that will have your head bobbing the entire time.

11. Sneakers – Ha Sung-woon | Select Shop
Oh boy do I love this song. A little bit ridiculous and a lot of charm. It’s a blast of pure, pop fun mixed with fantastic choreography.


Fini’s Fourth Annual Kpop Top 20 for 2021: A Continuation

10. 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) – TXT ft. Seori | The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape ❤️
Did I know that I needed TXT to go all punk-pop this year? No. But thank you, TXT. It is actually exactly what I needed.

9. Luna – ONEUS | Blood Moon
ONEUS certainly had an impressive year, packed full of great title tracks – it was hard to pick just one! However, I never tire of songs that take inspiration from traditional instrumentation, and this song does it stunningly.

8. Burn It – Golden Child | Yes.
This song brings the drama and intensity I need more of from boy group songs while simultaneously avoiding the overly dark and shouty concepts that have saturated kpop. More, I say!

7. Cosmos – B.I | Cosmos ❤️
B.I has had such a prolific year and I’ve pretty much fallen in love with everything that he released. I chose Cosmos mostly because this song is just a happy pill and puts a smile on my face. (Shout out to Midnight Blue as well, which I would have chosen had I been in a more melo mood.)

6. Buddy – LUCY | Gatcha! ❤️
This song builds so satisfyingly, exploding into an anthemic chorus that is simply uplifting and joyous sounding.

5. Beautiful Beautiful – ONF | City of ONF
Everything about this song screams fun and I particularly adore the a cappella refrain. What a solid song. I am also totally impressed with ONF’s worldbuilding through their MVs this year – I’ll be looking forward to their return post-military.

4. Chaser – Woodz | Only Lovers Left ❤️
I’ll pretty much listen to Woodz tackle whatever genre (which he does), but he and rock are a match made in heaven. I still can’t believe he was originally UNIQ’s main rapper, because his vocals are incredible.

3. CØDE – SHINee | Atlantis ❤️
It seemed to be the longest wait in the history of waiting, but SHINee came back this year to prove that they are the best of the best. Any song from Atlantis could be on this list, but CØDE is just SO SHINee.

2. Bad Love – Key | Bad Love ❤️
I debated really hard here as I love all of the tracks on Key’s mini album, but it just seemed wrong to not include this title. Key delivers in every aspect here. The 80s-inspired synth track surges with energy and showcases just what an incredible vocalist Key is – that outro is jaw-dropping.

1. libidO – OnlyOneOf | Instinct Part 1
These boys certainly took the theme and went with it. And it paid off big time. A risky track that is both gripping and almost industrial, OnlyOneOf unapologetically offers a unique take on edgy in the world of kpop. They had me eagerly waiting for each of their live performances of this song, and because I like a little bit spice, I’ll include the Guilty Pleasure version here.


    I love Waiting off of Only Lovers Left.
    It was nice to see the support Tablo and Lee HI gave B.I in his comeback efforts.


    Wodz! 💚
    Also, my first time watching OOO’s video 😲 (*clutches pearls)


Junho, is it true? Are you finally back?!

Beanies, in case you were looking for a way to celebrate, learn from my mistake and do not watch Homme Fatale. It was awful. Truly. But it’s okay, Junho. You’re back!


Seungyoun, you’ve done it again. *grooves*


I finally got around to completing 18 Again not too long ago, and I just couldn’t let this drama go without giving it some well-deserved praise on my wall. My gosh, Lee Do Hyun. What a great performance. The twenty-something year old actor nailed every emotional beat from a teenager struggling with newborn twins to the middle-aged father protecting and befriending his children while they are in high school. Not to mention those sweet scenes in between watching his children grow up – both full of joy and some heartbreak. Add a little romance in the mix and color me totally impressed.


    He did better than zac efron honestly.
    Well, to be fair, LDH got more airtime (18ish hour in total) to developed his character compared to zac’s 1.5ish hour movie.


    I started this one on Friday and I’m on episode 7 right now. I’m so impressed with LDH. I liked him so much in Sweet Home and he’s just proving now what a great actor he is. He nails the ahjussi teenager.


Kale (@christina41218) and I have adventured back into the magical land that is Boys Over Flowers. Among many questionable outfits, I simply could not let this one go. I think I will call it The Burger Dress. Comes with lettuce, tomato, and cheese for you to fully enjoy! Yum!


I have been following Lost in Translation since before it became an official Webtoon and have been able to watch how its creator, jjolee, has been able to grow a really amazing fandom surrounding her fictional Kpop group, Mayhem. Beanies, please check out the MV she made for Mayhem – it’s really wonderful and the song is great! Bonus for Day6 fans out there – Jae sings as one of the characters in the MV!


Fini’s Third (Pretty Much) Annual Kpop Top 20 for 2020

I have an unwritten rule for myself to include only one song off of albums, but I tend to break my own rules in descriptions sometimes. I’m also really bad at ranking, so these really don’t have a particular order!

With that being said, what songs did you love this year, Beanies??

20. Forbidden Island – Ha Sungwoon | Mirage
I was a little late to the party with Wanna One, but Ha Sungwoon has since released several memorable title tracks, with Forbidden Island delivering a dreamlike slow build up to a funky, high-energy chorus that makes for an addictive listen.

19. Star/Voice – Loona | 12:00
A simple but endlessly enjoyable listen with its light and floaty atmosphere. Confession: it took me several plays to realize I could actually sing along to the entirety of Star.

18. O2 -Suho | Self-Portrait
Suho’s voice is like sitting by a warm fire under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. Cozy, a little melancholy, beautiful.

17. Ghost – Baekhyun | Delight
Instant favorite from this album. Super catchy beat that you can’t help but groove to. Paired with Baekhyun’s smooth vocals – perfection. WHERE ARE MY LIVES?

16. Bbusyeo – ONEUS | Single
This was exactly the kind of song I needed right now. Fun, upbeat, colorful, and quirky. Reminiscent of the days of Got7’s Just Right and Seventeen’s Clap, I always welcome these bright, laid back songs into the mix.

15. Ghosting – Tomorrow x Together | Blue Hour
TXT has embraced a dreamlike quality for many of their songs, and Ghosting wonderfully encompasses this airy, almost magical atmosphere. Here’s hoping this becomes something of a trademark sound for TXT.

14. Wish You Were Here – SuperM | Super One
SuperM, I chuckled at you with jumpin’ and poppin’ and then again with “we go hundred”, but the joke is on me. Super One is admittedly a solid album, with this track coming as a bit of a surprise. This song turns down the bombast for a chill, relaxing listen that lets the vocals shine through.

13. End of Spring – ONEWE| One
ONEWE’s vocalist has been one of my favorites this year. Combined with a super high-energy party rock anthem – I’m in love and jamming along.

12. Spring Breeze – SF9 | 9loryUS
Apparently, this was the year for cowboys and western inspired kpop songs. And you know what? I’m into it. Spring Breeze doesn’t take itself too seriously and just offers a fun ride along the way. Giddy up giddy up giddy up.

11. Zombie – Day6| The Demon
As much as I enjoyed all of The Demon album, I had to stick with the title track as my top choice. A bit under tempo, somewhat instrumentally depressing, and lyrically relatable – Zombie is THE mood song for 2020. You always get me, Day6.


    Ahhh I love Zombie! But I gotta say, my fave in the album is Afraid.


      My favorite on their album was by far ‘Love me or Leave me’. It was 3rd most listened to song of last year.

      I actually went back yesterday and listened to some of their songs and finally dowloaded ‘Afraid’. Weird how it takes some time for a song to grow on you.


        That’s true. Sometimes, it depends on your mood. Some songs I didn’t like before become faves later on when I listen to them again. Kind of like dramas.


        Loving all this Day6 love!


      Another good one for sure!


    You have some of my faves too! I looooooove Ghost by Baekhyun. It’s on repeat so often. And Star/Voice is awesome!


      Yes! I liked Candy as well, but Ghost just caught my attention right away! So good!


    For sure, Zombie. There are others, but I would have to look up names. And I gots no time for that. 🤣


      Oh, lee hi, Lonely. That’s the title right?


      Bahaha, I feel you. I was almost not motivated to make my list this year, but it is fun to go back and see later what all I liked at the time and what I’ll have forgotten about by next year. Pft. 🤣


Fini’s Third (Pretty Much) Annual Kpop Top 20 for 2020: A Continuation

10. Love Me Harder – Woodz | Equal
With UNIQ inactive and X1 disbanded prematurely, Cho Seungyoun was out to prove that this was still going to be his year. Love Me Harder has an insanely catchy whistle hook, strong vocals, fun choreography with a sexy twist, and an incredibly charismatic MV.

9. Go Away Go Away – Punch and Chanyeol | Romantic Dr. Teacher Kim 2
I didn’t even watch this drama, but I adore a good duet. Beautiful harmonization, melodic guitar, clear vocals, and soft rap make for a wonderfully peaceful listen.

8. Criminal – Taemin | Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1
“Destroy me more.” You did, Taemin. No other words are necessary for this song. Brilliant.

7. Bump Bump – Woodz | WHOOPS!
Woodz delivers a nostalgic punk rock vibe with just the right amount of upbeat quirkiness. Playful and just downright fun, Bump Bump has a captivating key change that keeps the song fresh until the very end.

6. Goblin (Favorite Boys) – A.C.E. | HJZM : The Butterfly Phantasy
I was confused upon first hearing this song. It seemed to throw a lot at me all at once. But the more I heard it and digested it, the more I grew to love it. The song spotlights great moments for A.C.E’s rappers, has a high-energy chorus, and sports some top notch choreography.

5. Open Mind – Wonho | Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me
A super solid solo debut that makes me excited to hear more from Wonho. All muscles aside, Open Mind has a great funky groove that’s both smooth and sensual. Refined and elegant choreography bring the entire song up a notch.

4. Dolphin – Oh My Girl | Nonstop
This song is SO charming and will get stuck in your head like nothing else. I’ve been “da da da-ing” for days with no signs of stopping. Simple hook, but incredibly effective.

3. YooA – Bon Voyage | Bon Voyage
A late addition to this list, but I heard it once and instantly added it. This song is a breath of fresh air in which minimalism and nature meet fantasy and vibrancy to create a unique Disney-esque vibe in the world of kpop.

2. Hwasa – LMM | Maria
Such a stunning piece. Hwasa has incredible control and range as she effortlessly traverses both a light falsetto and power vocals in just the right places for an emotionally packed track.

1. Kai – Nothing On Me | KAI
This album is flawless. Pick any track – they are all masterpieces. Kai’s growth as an artist is tremendously evident and the care he put into cultivating each track is palpable. Nothing On Me’s dark synth instrumental is both hypnotizing and sexy with Kai’s vocals finally getting their chance to shine.


Also, I cannot be expected to move on from Brahms without having these dimples grace my wall.


Breaking my fan wall silence to sing my praises and have a final gush about Brahms. Brahms is such a unique drama in that it seems at the outset to be an inspirational piece about fulfilling one’s dreams and ambitions. That is…until you realize with each passing episode that that is the opposite of what this show set out to tell. Brahms conveyed what other dramas may shy away from: the inability to reach all of your dreams and the possibility of having to move away from something you love. As depressing as that sounds on paper, Brahms really was able to leave both its characters and us viewers in a place of hope (and a whole lot of love for our OTP).

The main leads of Brahms are going down as two of my favorite drama characters of all time. Joon-young and Song-ah are the introverted, sweet, and caring OTP that I didn’t know I was missing in dramaland until they appeared. Joon-young and his swoopy hair had me swooning from the first episode. I adored his consideration for Song-ah and his instant desire to have a connection with her – even just to be friends. The pure comfort in their relationship was just wonderfully palpable. (No bickering stage at all. Thank you, Brahms!) His arc from performing piano as if he was bound by chains to finding joy in playing the music he wanted to was lovely to see.

And Song-ah. Song-ah was such a relatable character to me. Not a brash or spunky FL, but a quiet and reserved one. And still, Brahms was able to give these two leads such spark and chemistry every time they were on screen together – in their smallest interactions and in their moments of stillness. Maybe Song-ah was frustrating to some as she did bottle up her emotions, but she was also communicative in the moments that mattered and determined where it counted. When she realized she was hurting herself, she stepped back and re-evaluated. Although it was heartbreaking to watch as her dream slipped from her fingers, it was also encouraging to see her take what she had learned and embrace a new path. And it doesn’t hurt that that happened to come with a hot world class pianist boyfriend at all, does it?


    Beautiful take on DYLB 🥰


      Thank you! ☺️ I just had to write something for this lovely show! 💕


        Right? And I won’t get tired reading all of them too! Haha! Show has a great narrative to think about and ponder on 🥰


Happy Birthday to the lovely @jaelegant! I think we can all enjoy a little Shinee spam to celebrate on your day!


I don\’t typically swoon over grabbing food from the mouth kisses, but uh, this one got me.


    BTS is cuter..

    they are playign their real life characters..

    When he did this.. she is stunned right.. in BTS..she is stunned but then asks him, why he had to take the whole pastry, she couldn’t taste enough 😛 .. it is funny because he was being cool about his semi adlib scene..and then her question was clearly not what he expected or how he expected her to react


      In an interview they did she said she was so shocked because she wasn’t expecting him to basically kiss her in the scene. She said it wasn’t a kiss scene but he was like “yes it was! I can show you my script!” 🤣


      That was too funny and cute! I mean, how dare he take the whole thing! Haha 🤣


    This scene was super sexy. I wouldn’t mind sharing my cake with him 🤭


    What series is this from?


Incoming long post that turned into an essay about my recently finished drama: Goodbye My Princess. My relationship with this drama was complicated. It was both beautiful and frustrating – gorgeously shot and acted, but also full of hopelessness. As a fan of romance dramas, it became increasingly clear throughout the show that I had to put aside my inherent want of a happy OTP – or really any OTP at all. I went into Goodbye My Princess knowing that it was a tragedy, but not really knowing WHY it was one.

The ML of Goodbye My Princess, Chengyin, is a conundrum. He begins the show aware that he is a pawn in the play that is palace politics, but nevertheless remains happy, satisfied with his position as the 5th prince, and has a good relationship with his older brother, the Crown Prince. Of course, all that changes when his brother is killed and he learns The Secrets of His Past that throw him into the middle of these power plays and seed his thirst for revenge. Typically with such a setup, I would expect to root for our ML as he breaks free of his life as a pawn and, of course, finds love along the way. However, that is simply not the story Goodbye My Princess was going to tell. Instead, the show gives us his simultaneously climb up the imperial ladder along with the utter destruction of both his own and our charming FL’s happiness.

In the first arc of the drama, Chengyin believes he can have it all. He has fallen in love with the FL Xiaofeng, yet seeks to destroy her family as they had destroyed his in the past. He manipulates Xiaofeng, and his betrayal ultimately leads to the death of her mother and grandfather – throwing the two literally into the River of Oblivion (i.e. yes, amnesia) to erase the pain of their love. With the memories gone, it is to their misfortune that they will meet again and marry one another as the new Crown Prince and Princess Consort. We see that Chengyin falls once again for the princess, and yet he is forced to treat her with coldness in order to prevent her from becoming involved in the ever scheming palace that is a constant threat to both of their lives. And here is where we start to see the true downfall of the Crown Prince at his own hands. He is horrible to Xiaofeng. Of course we see that all his actions have a reason, but he cannot quite be forgiven (props to the actor for making us almost want to though). We start to see that we shouldn’t be wanting these two together. We see Chengyin struggle with what he must do, but then we see how even his good intentions ultimately harm Xiaofeng. Ironically, she is no damsel but rather smart, strong, and capable. Had Xiaofeng not been kept in the dark and the two worked together, there may have been a happy ending.

Now it wouldn’t be a drama if the FL didn’t fall in love with the ML in return due to some small moments of affection and a lingering sense of their past, and Xiaofeng is actually able to forgive Chengyin for killing her family as she understands it was a military move between two warring states. However, when Xiaofeng regains her memories, what was once forgiven can no longer be so, for what truly hurt her was that Chengyin did all these things KNOWING it would cause her immense pain and went through with it anyway. Now it’s her turn to treat him with coldness, and we see now that Chengyin can no longer truly distinguish between his cold play-acting for her safety and being downright cruel to her. Chengyin’s actions eventually go beyond the point of no return, and even when it is finally, finally safe to admit his love openly to Xiaofeng, she can no longer accept him. And here’s the thing: SHE SHOULDN’T. In true tragedy form, we end in death, but not for our ML. His tragedy may just be worse. He has gained all the power he could ever want, but he is left to live his years in emptiness. An emptiness entirely of his own doing.

tl;dr – Did I enjoy GMP? Yes. Was it an easy watch? No. I really need the two leads to do a happy romance together, because despite it all, they had amazing chemistry (I just need to be able to root for them, okay?)


Love, love, love. Why’d you have to make it so short, Jae?? 😭


Heirs. For better or for worse, Kale(@christina41218) and I have completed you. You had it all: shirtless beach showers in California, cringe-worthy English dialogue, youthful escapades such as stock trading and underage engagements, broody misunderstandings, at least one good slap every other episode, horrendous father figures, tears, tears, and more tears, and unjustified redemption arcs to easily solve all our problems at the last minute. What a ride you were.

After all this, that’s not to say you didn’t have addictive qualities, an enjoyable sismance between our leads’ moms, and a certain nostalgia factor that comes with a young Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo Bin. But the best part was none other the shining gem that was Krystal’s character. A character that stole every scene she was in in the funniest way: by turning petty jealousy into acts of kindness and friendship while pretending to be huffy about it. Plus, this line will forever crack me up now.