Watching love to hate you and it is doing a lot of things well but I feel sometime it goes a bit too hard on not like other girls, women have several shades and media has been stuck on some shades for ages so any change from that is a breath of fresh air but at this point in the show our ml likes the fl cause she is not like other girls and idk it just rubs me the wrong way. I am still enjoying this, it gets points by simply not having a murder sub plot.


    The “not like other girls’ aspect is an issue for me as well, especially how the other female characters are portrayed. I feel there’s a little bit of critique here in how female characters are portrayed in romance dramas versus real women but having both actresses in real life be exactly like their on-screen personas undermines this point.

    I’m enjoying it as well for what it is, but it is neither as ground breaking nor as modern as I was led to expect. If anything it feels a little dated.


      I keep thinking of Secret Garden while watching even though there’s no body swap. I’m not sure why anyone would think this drama is ground breaking, it’s all things we’ve seen before, except for maybe the FL’s upfront sexual history, but even with that everything is very familiar here.

      (Congrats on your sparkly tracksuit btw)