Our song 我们的歌 (C music show) – Recommendation post

This show has 14 eps (most of it are subbed on YT, the last 2 eps are New Year special “bonus” ep not subbed).
Quoting MDL
“This variety show pairs up new Chinese singers with popular and well-established Chinese singers that have been singing for years to bring you a new version of classic award-winning songs. At the same time, they will compete with their performance.”

What I like about this show compared to music shows I’ve seen is the concept of pairing a junior singer and a senior singer.
The junior singers are already well-known so it wasn’t stressful as other competitve show with debut as the goal.
I enjoyed the performances and got to know many Chinese singers 🥰, also meaningful since it was the last show of one of the senior singers.
The junior singers learnt a lot from their senior singers, but it was also the case the other way around, seeing different duos trying different styles 🤗.

The teasing between senior singers 😆, each duo facing the same hot potato vote or comment after a performance : junior hoping the senior will save them from this : it worked..sometimes 🤣.
Junior singers saying things like “my grandmother is a fan of yours”, oops you just hurt senior singers 🤐.
Near the end, there were more scenes of “team building”, funny games to decide the order of the performances, I really enjoyed them 👌.
I started the show for the music but also to see mischevious Zhou Shen. I was served, even more since the senior singer, Hacken Lee, he was paired with was also funny and laid-back 😁.

Thank you @bebeswtz for the recommendation 😘 and @peony for the subs link 😘.

It’s time to say goodbye to all the senior singers, the junior singers and the MC : people loving music 💕.
Sharing one of my favorite songs from the show 🙂


    Our Song was the best😍
    I was also grateful that it introduced me to so many senior singers at once so effortlessly and even made me fall in love with all of them, it was like a crash course! It was a very heartwarming show to watch indeed.
    Did you go through dailymotion or yt towards the end, Kudo?
    Nica said ep 13 subs are bit wonky and she’ll put it up soon, still not there. I guess she’s too busy ☹️
    If I ever hear of updates I’ll let u know!❤
    There are behind the stage clips too, but the fan who subbed them was not like Nica and just subbed Sean’s parts and whomever was directly talking to him at the time.
    As a result the 50% of the entire thing became confusing and useless. If you want link for that lemme know, his discussions with Na jie are intact thankfully and they are so cute! Sean trying to bribe Na jie with his homemade cookies lol.


      I watched up to ep11 on YT, switched to dailymotion for ep12.
      Thanks for the offer but I already watched ep13&14 raw on YT , went back to the 2 (?) parts subbed on dailymotion .

      This show was great indeed 🙂


        Waah you loved it so much you watched it raw!😄 Admirable, pengyou!


    Sounds like an adaptation of Korea’s Immortal Songs?


      No it’s not…. “Immortal Songs” is new artists singing older songs (classics), but “Our Songs” isn’t just about reinventing oldies and classics, but there’s a mentorship aspect to it what with pairing a new/younger singer with a senior singer and the added element of mentorship and actually spending time with each other as a whole as the cast/participants of the show…. Much, much more deeper in meaning and the bonds built between the singer than those who participate in “Immortal Songs” who don’t really get to know the other participants and are off on their own in practices, and don’t actually spend time to get to know the other participants to learn and feed off of each other as people and as artists in their craft


    Thanks for the recommendation @kudoran! I discovered Liu Yuning in the THE LONG BALLAD (recommended if you have time). I’ve been watching clips from “Our Song” but didn’t know it was subbed.😄

    I recognize Zhou Shen from OSTs. A very special voice indeed.


    I watched this last night. I loved this trio. 😭

    The melody that they sing at 3:00 is very famous. It’s from Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” (2nd movement). It was later given words in the song “Goin’ Home”. Here’s a link of the Dvorak: https://youtu.be/pHyN3izk38c