One spring night

This shows had some of the best characters and some of the worst characters you could encounter in life 🤐.

The old fathers keeping talking about marriage of their kids without their kids. The man who got dumped but still go ask his (never-to-be) father-in-law to set a date for the marriage 🤧.
The husband (then divorcee *phew* !) who assaulted his wife, planning to use his future (but then turned out never-to-be) brother-in-law for his loans.
The father who arranged his daughters’marriage for his connections and work benefits.
Those people till the end were so sure of themselves, never accepted the facts. It was frustrating during the first eps, but then it was some kind of dark humor, like really human can go that low 😳 *big sigh*

The main couple, both had their flaws but they talked, trusted each other. Had some apart time but not like the usual noble idiocy.
I liked the fact we saw their relationship evolve throughout the whole show.
The main couple’s friends were such nice friends, with whom they could talk and get advice or different point of views from.
The pharmacy’s boss bluntly telling the truth to male lead to make him fight for his relationship and not having regrets later.
The ost were used a bit too often, but I loved the soft rock ballad vibes so couldn’t complain 😆
One instrumental bgm reminded everytime of “Heard it Through the Grapevine”, both shows are different but share some similarities with the couple facing on the difficult life they chose.


    Loved this. The relationship between the sisters and mother were unique, especially that moment the mother stands up to the father. I love everything Jung Hae-in is in. Can’t praise him enough for this role as a single parent.


    I also watched this gem recently and felt dramas like this is a breath of fresh air from the mainstream plays.

    The director is the one behind Heard It Through The Grapevine and A Wife’s Credentials which I like. His another work The End of The World was one I dropped due to heavy workload at that time but one I would go back for sure – not least for its COVID-like tale.


      thanks for the reco’ 🙂 , I added A Wife’s Credentials to my to-watch list. I already watched Heard It Through The Grapevine some years ago and loved it. The End of The World might not be my cup of tea, also covid doesn’t help ^^’.


    I loved the sister’s bond. The youngest made every scene she was in. I liked that the female lead didn’t leave her boyfriend for another man but because it wasn’t going to work. Jung Hae In was *chef’s kiss* as usual.