2022 Roundup, 11- Secondary character that stole your heart and the show.

Law Café may have turned out as something of a disappointment for me, but it earned me a bean and the reason I chose to stick with it was the crazy chaebol played by Jo Han-chul. He waltzed through the crazy spectrum with flair.


    He is so good as the second son of the chaebol family – the middle child always scheming to get ahead and a spoilt brat no less. When he yells and rolls on the floor like a 5 year old, it’s believable.


      In Reborn Rich.


      I noticed and was very pleased to see him! Jo Han-chul always brings good presence to his characters.


    I must be working off another version of the list or you have last year’s version as you mention 2021 in your day 9 feedback.


      No, I’m working off last year’s list and forgot to change the year. Was it altered?


        Yes see below:

        2022 roundup

        1- FL you will never forget.

        2- ML you will never forget.

        3- Favourite womance / bromance.

        4- Greatest disappointment: the drama that could have been but wasn’t.

        5- The drama that will always live in your memory.

        6- Your favorite OST/BGM.

        7- The OTP you didn’t think you would adore.
8- The drama beanies convinced you to watch and you can’t be grateful enough.

        9- The oldie (not 2022) you loved the most.

        10- Favourite villain.
11- Favourite bestie.

        12- Drama beanies loved but you didn’t / Drama you loved but beanies didn’t.

        13- Favourite kiss.

        14- Most unnecessary subplot.

        15- Nam Da Reum Award: which younger version of main character impressed you the most.
16- Your 2022 crush.
17- Favourite directing.

        18- Non k-drama recommendation.

        19- Your guilty pleasure.

        20- Best used trope / Best subverted trope.

        21- Most stylish drama.

        22-31 – Freestyle


        It was sent round for suggestions over a few weeks so this is the co constructed 2022 list.


    I dropped TLC on episode 9 I think, but he was definitely the best in the drama. When you want a good psycho you know Jo Han Chul will nail it.