DYLB #11
This was so satisfying and wholesome I felt like crying by the end of it!

1. I’m living for SA and JY healthy and mature relationship. SA has always been honest, so that’s a given, but JY’s started to open up too, slowly and surely, and since we’re all been waiting for it, the moment felt so earned!

2. How much did I love the way they made a whole ep to make a point about them holding hands? They never did before, but now that it happened it all just happened so naturally. I love that it happened after already kissing several times, cause as much as I love the kisses (and desperately hoping for more), the hand holding felt more intimate and solidified their relationship.

3. And I thought I could not squee any harder, they served us the sleeping on the bus scene and I died…

4. Surprise, surprise! None of the toxic friends got on my nerves today *gasp* I even cheered for Sourface when she duked it out Professor Duster. See JK, see how much good you can do when you focus the negative energy on people who deserve it :O You have my full permission to chew that bitch head off.

5. With that said, I’m not sure if I like the direction they are going for JK/HH. Show, not matter how many cute flashbacks you showed me about them, you cannot make me forget the fact that their relationship has turned toxic. Are we sure them getting back together is healthy for their personal development? But then again, I barely have the energy to care, as long as they stay away from OTP, they can do whatever *shrug*

6. Simon was insufferable, but I supposed only someone as detached and heartless like him would be cruel enough to just break the truth to SA. And she knew he was right. But that bitch really need to fix his attitude, just treat other people with a little bit of respect and decency! It’s not that hard?!

7. And my dear SA, even though it is true you are late with the violin, you are NOT late with JY okay? Didn’t you see how he’s a thousand times happier when he’s around you? Didn’t you know that you’d already known him better, in a span of a few months, than people who knew him for years?

8. Plus, by now, I think it’s pretty clear for JY (and us) that his feelings for JK was not exactly love like he thought. This, what he’s feeling right now with SA, is love. I hope someday SA knows that too.

9. Park Joon Young is officially the best, softest, swooniest boyfriend ever. He may be my favourite male lead this year. I love him so much, please don’t break his heart, show *sobs*

10. Am I the only one don’t bother by them talking to each other in formal language? I understand that speaking in banmal shows that they are close and what not, but I don’t think they need banmal to make that point. They’re already felt intimate enough and speaking in banmal to each other at this point just, idk, not fit with their personalities? May be that’s just me, but I actually found them talking like that really endearing.

11. Excited for Meet the family 2.0 and Umbrella scene 2.0. But I will not be fooled by the cute, show; it’s the even-numbered episode, my dudes, prepare for the angst *hold me pls*


    When he held her hand and then went further and interlaced their fingers i died so so sweet and then he laid his head on hers on the bus. How are they so adorable and mature at the same time?


      He’s so sweet it’s almost impossible! And he cherished her so much. I really wish that she understood how much he loves everything about her, it would’ve helped her to be more confident in herself.


    I was waiting for him to kiss SA’s forehead or something but it may be bad for my heart which is about to burst! I love them so much!!!



    Joon Young ONLY SMILES when he is with Song Ah — to the point that it radiates so much I think he smiles a lot to Song Ah IRL! *squeeeeeeee

    I love that Joon Young is the boyfriend who is sweet enough to say THANK YOU to her girlfriend. I am getting tired with male leads who keep on saying SORRY instead of TYs to their female leads. It shows how genuine his feelings are with Song Ah. You know, he does not need cheesy words, it just shows. Yaaa, what a great boyfriend. *me.jelly, hahahaha


    8. I think JY pretty much confirmed this in that restaurant scene, when he said that it was also his first time to feel this way. Wasn’t that his 3rd confession, now?


    Yeah I really hope they don’t put Jung Kyung and Hyun Ho back together again. Maybe as friends but after that break up? Seriously?

    And I agree with the banmal, I think it would be weird for them to switch so quickly because their personalities are the kind to open up slowly. Maybe at the end of the drama will it happen and I don’t mind one bit.

    Also I’m expecting some tough waves up ahead for the end of episode 12. I suggest everyone put on a life jacket and brace themselves for the angst that is coming.