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Coffee Prince: Fourth Cup
by | July 11, 2007 | 55 Comments

Male bonding is too cute. (Now if they could just get rid of that manipulative Yu Ju… I don’t think she adds much.)

Btw, I know Coffee Prince is based on a novel, and I was curious to see how the drama and novel differ, so I picked up a copy of the book today. I’ll let you guys know if I find anything interesting. 😉


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After Han Gyul blows up at Eun Chan for messing up the order, Yu Ju takes him out to cool off. Despite losing his temper, she tells him it’s nice to see him worked up about something, since he’d always been rather apathetic. To cheer him up, she grabs his hand and swings it like a kid, which succeeds in making him smile.

Eun Chan scolds Min Yub for ordering the wrong amount — she’d delegated the task to him. Min Yub honestly can’t remember what he ordered, and he feels sorry that Eun Chan got the brunt of Han Gyul’s anger — but he’s too wimpy to step up himself.

Mr. Hong roasts the beans with the idea of selling them. Han Gyul gets the idea to give out 1kg bags of roasted beans in a promotional gesture, and sends everyone out on deliveries.

Eun Chan’s still upset over being unfairly accused, and Han Gyul gets annoyed when she refuses to respond to him. Annoyed at the nonreaction, he wants her to admit she was wrong, but she won’t. He blows up at her again, telling her to leave if she’s going to be uncooperative, and she stalks off angrily.

As Han Gyul is really about to lose it, Min Yub speaks up in remorse. He kneels in apology and owns up to his mistake, and Han Gyul feels like an ass. As well he should.

Yu Ju joins Eun Chan outside to commiserate, telling her a story of when she was unjustly accused (back in high school, involving a teacher she liked and a flasher). Eun Chan compliments Yu Ju for being pretty, good at art, and having a good personality. Yu Ju agrees. (Seriously. I know she’s joking, but…)

Eun Chan says she used to like art in school — or rather, she liked her art teacher — prompting Yu Ju to surmise that the teacher must’ve been good-looking. Eun Chan affirms he was — then stops in embarrassment at the implication that she (as a guy) liked another guy. Yu Ju gives an easygoing answer that it’s okay, she’s liked her female teachers too. (Good answer.)

Feeling apologetic but not actually apologizing, Han Gyul tells Eun Chan that Min Yub might’ve made the mistake, but it was her responsibility too. He grabs Eun Chan playfully, but she doesn’t like the way he disregards her own feelings — “You think everything’s fine just as long as you’re not mad!”

One her way home, Eun Chan runs into Han Sung, and they stop to chat over beer.

Eun Chan confides that she’s feeling down because she feels wrongly accused. The hypothetical scenario gets confusing, so they nickname the story participants Guy K and Girl N (the equivalent of the first two letters in the hangul alphabet). Guy K, the boss, used to be nice and appreciative to employee Girl N, but then suddenly lost his temper and accused Girl N of being useless.

Han Sung: “Does Girl N like Guy K?”
Eun Chan: “No, they’re like friends. And boss and employee. It’s not really a love relationship, just…”
Han Sung: “Just? What does ‘just’ mean?”
Eun Chan: “Just…”
Han Sung: “So, what does ‘just’ mean?”
Eun Chan: “It doesn’t mean anything. The reason for that is… To Girl N… there’s Guy A…”

Embarrassed, Eun Chan stops and changes the topic, but Han Sung laughs along, understanding what she means.

He walks her home, and she thanks him: “Actually, this is the first time anyone’s seen me home.” Han Sung tells her, “Call me anytime. I’ll see you home.” In good spirits, they part ways, and Eun Chan watches him go off. Han Sung tells his dog, “Seeing that girl makes you feel great, doesn’t it?”

The waffle guy comes by to reluctantly ask if the job offer’s still good, and introduces himself as No Sun Ki. Min Yub comments on the guy’s pretty looks: “Are you a girl or a guy? It’s hard to tell.”

Eun Chan retorts: “You shouldn’t talk, it’s hard to tell with you, too — whether you’re a gorilla or a human.” Sun Ki talks to himself in Japanese, muttering disgruntled things like “I can’t believe I have to work with these guys.”

Han Sung gifts Yu Ju with a serenade, at the end of which Yu Ju says, bittersweetly, “It makes me sad, wondering if hearing this song will bring me pain later.” A bit of advice, Yu Ju? If you don’t want that, how about maybe you DON’T BREAK HIS HEART? ‘Cause we’re all pretty sure you’re gonna.

The Coffee Prince guys go out for dinner together, where they marvel at Eun Chan’s appetite. To prove how yupgi (bizarre, quirky, slightly disgusting but somewhat cute) Eun Chan is, Ha Rim tosses a piece of cooked meat on the floor — which Eun Chan then eats.

Ha Rim (who calls her “My Chan”) says the behavior really is Eun Chan-like, and they start using her name as a verb, adjective, and adverb: “Eun Chan-like,” “Eun Chan-ly,” pulling an Eun Chan. She retorts that “Han Gyul-like” or “Han Gyul-ish” can be used similarly to describe someone with a fussy personality and bad temper.

Actually, the whole group is a little yupgi, really, with Min Yub mixing beans into his soju and going around trying to drunk-kiss everyone. The guys deflect his unwanted attention, but Eun Chan’s distracted by food, and doesn’t see him in time to prevent him planting a kiss right on the lips. Ha Rim: “Hey, Eun Chan’s mine!” and Han Gyul automatically responds, “Why is he yours? He’s mine.”

She’s disgusted, hitting Min Yub in retaliation and stuffing peppers up his nose. They are so weird. But it’s cute.

Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be” plays as our Coffee Princes prepare for the grand opening, which draws a fairly decent crowd. Eun Chan’s family arrives, and we see that her mother has a little flirty thing going on with both Mr. Gu (the butcher) and Mr. Hong (the cafe manager).

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When Han Sung arrives, Eun Chan’s alarmed to realize he knows Han Gyul. She desperately waves him aside and begs him not to act like he knows her. She hurriedly explains that Han Gyul believes her to be a guy; she lied to keep the job.

Vastly amused to realize she and Han Gyul are Girl N and Guy K, Han Sung wonders how anyone could mistake her for a guy — “Anyone can see right away you’re a girl.”

After closing, Han Gyul offers Eun Chan a ride home, but when he gets a sudden call from Yu Ju, he leaves in a hurry, leaving Eun Chan to find her own way.

Yu Ju invites Han Gyul in, but he declines, saying he’s so exhausted he can’t think straight, and might find himself suddenly taking hold of her hand. Running her fingers along his face, Yu Ju tells him, “Don’t do that,” and sends him off with an early birthday present. It’s a toy that makes him laugh, and the accompanying note reads: “Laugh just like that! Happy birthday.” So Han Gyul returns to her apartment and does a silly dance in appreciation.

Sigh, mixed signals. Yu Ju knows how he feels (he’s not exactly subtle about it) but doesn’t choose him. She runs her fingers along his face and then pushes him away. She’s flirting, then hiding behind a facade of innocence. But she can’t be unaware of her effect, which makes her at the very least inconsiderate. (At worst, she’s manipulative, cold-hearted, and enjoys toying with men, but I’m not going that far. I just think she’s thoughtless and hurtful.)

In the midst of a boring day with no customers — they only turned out for the opening because it was free — Min Yub accuses Eun Chan of still meeting with Eun Sae (his “angel”) and challenges him to a fight. First up is a digging match, but he’s too dim to realize that while he’s “racing” to dig as fast as he can, Eun Chan’s just sitting back, observing. Then, they have a water-drinking contest — but Eun Chan doesn’t participate, leaving Min Yub to drink the entire bucketful alone.

Han Gyul arrives to find Mr. Hong taking a nap and the rest of his staff goofing off, and punishes them.

He makes Eun Chan and Min Yub play a basketball game against him, two-to-one. They’re to play for an hour straight with no breaks, while the other two guys remain in their upside-down positions. Eventually, Min Yub tires and can’t continue, and crawls over to the sidelines. Eun Chan keeps playing despite her exhaustion, and Han Gyul finally calls an end when time winds down.

He tells her, “You’re cool, Go Eun Chan. For sticking through to the end without giving up, you’re cool.”

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They cool off in an outdoor fountain while The Wannadies’ “You and Me Song” plays.


In a grumbly mood, Mr. Hong bristles at the way Han Gyul orders him around despite their equal status. He says the only reason they’ve done any business is because of his coffee-roasting ability, and Han Gyul shoots back that they wouldn’t have had any business if he hadn’t renovated the place to begin with. The others try to smooth things over and keep them from fighting.

Han Gyul’s grandmother hears the cafe isn’t doing well, and orders Han Gyul to start reporting sales figures to his father… which is probably not going to go well given their current rift.

The two cousins chat, and Han Sung asks about Eun Chan, wondering what “his” deal is. Han Gyul: “That guy’s really funny. He’s definitely not an ordinary guy.” Han Sung laughs knowingly.

Han Gyul returns to the cafe later that night to see Eun Chan still there, and gets a lesson in pouring coffee. Telling Eun Chan he needs to get some work done, he sends her off, declining her offer of help. Han Gyul: “I said go home, I can’t focus with people around.” Eun Chan: “Fine, I’m going. I’ll go even if you ask me not to. I have things to do too… I’ve got to brush my teeth, wash my hair, go to sleep, dream some dreams.”

She takes off, but first rattles off a quick rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Han Gyul may face an opportunity to go abroad to New York, but it’s contingent on how well the cafe does. If things don’t go well, he’ll stay, but if they do, he’s off to the States. At home, Eun Chan wonders to her sister which option is better.

Eun Sae asks about Sun Ki (whom Eun Sae has a crush on, since he’s so purty), and Eun Chan tells her it’s not cool to string along Min Yub if she’s not interested. Eun Sae says two-timing is a family trademark, citing their mother’s flirting with both Mr. Gu and Mr. Hong, and Eun Chan wonders, “Am I two-timing too?” (Note: the word doesn’t necessarily imply cheating, it means more that one is indecisive and stringing two people along at the same time.)

Eun Chan explains that there’s a certain guy who always makes her feel good when they meet — he’s warm, welcoming. Then there’s another guy who’s sometimes okay, sometimes not. He’s not an awful person, but he’s not great either. Eun Sae tells her that’s two-timing, and tsk-tsks that she’s got two cases of unrequited affection going at the same time, with neither guy aware of it.

Eun Chan arrives in the morning with milk for Han Gyul, who’s spent the night working at the cafe. Seeing him sleeping on the couch, she waves at him, then prods him, and blows air into his face. He awakes to see her poised like that, hovering above him.


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  1. kim24

    ahhh thanks for this. so far this drama is getting better and better. honestly, i actually like Yu Ju, i still like her character so far. I cant wait for the next episode.

  2. Anonymous

    thanks a lot!!! 🙂

  3. nhetski

    thank you!!! i’ve watched this live, downloaded it and watched it again, then read your summary, read everything in soompi then will watch it again with subs! i guess u can say i’m really loving this drama haha

    i love this part of the summary:
    Eun Sae tells her thats two-timing, and tsk-tsks that shes got two cases of unrequited affection going at the same time, with neither guy aware of it.

    poor Eun Chan.. and so honest of her/his sister 🙂

    and i agree to your comments about Yu Ju. she’s such a tease! :\

    thanks again sarah!

  4. samgirl

    i truly appreciate your in depth episode analysis, i cant speak korean though I understand a little but your synopsis makes the wait bearable before the subs are released thank you soo much!!

  5. wengwa

    hey there! tnx for this summary coz i can fully understand coffee prince. i haven’t downloaded episodes 3 and 4 coz i’m very busy right now, maybe this weekend i can. i truely appreciate u for sharing this summary to us. God Bless You! Keep it up. I love the way Yoon Eun Hye act on her Eun Chan role, she’s really a good actress. As of now i’m rooting for Eun Chan and Han Sung but i can’t really tell what will happen when things get better between him and Han Gyul, maybe i’ll be a shipper too hehe… anyway, thanks again for making us understand the story. Take Care always.

  6. Anonymous

    thankyou thank you THANK YOU!

  7. dare

    thank you for the summary. really helps when i can’t understand korean.
    i didn’t know Han Sung was cousins with Han Gyul.

  8. Acey

    Does Yu Ju know Eun Chan’s a girl? I swear she must – although maybe it’s just me, but she doesn’t seem to have the same sickeningly obvious coyness (her hair is a very useful prop) that she has with other guys when she was commiserating with Eun Chan. Or maybe that special brand of coy is reserved for ‘men with the surname Choi’, as she put it? I dunno, man.

    I really like the music that’s accompanying this series though – makes me sad that the official soundtrack will only have what, 20 songs at most? Thank god for soompi-ers! I really liked the song Han Sung sang to Yu Ju, the Voice had something to do with it but it also sounded familiar? Do you know what song it is? I also liked the song in episode 3 in the recording studio with Han Sung and Yu Ju. I also like the houses (not only massive, but also stylish! I love Han Gyul’s pull-out closet and open-concept bathroom. Hallmarks of a bachelor lifestyle.) And the dog.

    One thing I noticed from the last episode: Han Gyul’s wearing an earring on the left ear! I guess that’s meant to explicitly quell any worries people may have over his possible homosexuality heh but really, I think he and Eun Chan are extraordinarily comfortable with each other’s bodies – simple, casual touches – but I think this is mostly true of Han Gyul. He seems to like touching people he likes (even his grandma) it’s pretty sweet. Halfway through the episode now – onward ho!

    Aaa yay the comments are working again – I can even edit them! Like I’m doing now =)

  9. jaephin

    Hi there javabeans,
    thanks for your weekly summary for the drama episodes.. it’s been enjoyful to read your summary plus your insights to the epi.. and I’m like you, really interested to know how the story is going to unfold for the coming ones.. ‘See’ u next week! & ThankQ ^^
    P.S. May i know where you can get hold of this novel? I’m residing in Singapore..

  10. 10 marie_s

    yes i love male bonding. i can understand your sentiments towards that. still, i’d have to agree with han sung, i mean, how can you mistake her for a guy. i love the song this will be, reminds me of new york! (it was used in the movie of queen latifah where she plays a taxi driver.)

  11. 11 marie_s

    yu ju sounds really annoying. she reminds me of the female villain (park eun hye i think) in exhibition of fireworks (han chae young and kang ji hwan). seems sweet but is scheming. i’d much rather that villains be straight villains. speaking of kang ji hwan, i am watching his new drama scandal in old soul. as of episode two, it is quite enjoyable and the script seems to being somewhere. hope you can make a summary too! 🙂

  12. 12 ANNIE797

    Thank Java beans for your weekly summary for the episodes 3 and 4. Also i want to ask you about the novel, does it has in english where can I get it in USA. Thank you.

  13. 13 miraigal

    Thanks..reading your summary has truly made this drama more enjoyable as I have not started to watch it yet. I felt like I am watching the drama already! Although the plot and dialogues are pretty repetitive (I heard countless of them in other dramas), they seem different because of the chemistry of the 2 main leads. I hope their chemistry grows and not end up quarrelling (like they always do after the first 10 episodes!!!).

  14. 14 Bamidele

    Javabean if you wouldn’t mind, please give us some yummy spoilers from the book, I want to read it but I guess it wouldn’t have an English version right???

    I freaking HATE that stupid manipulative bitch named Yoo Ju, in all honesty what she is doing is soooooooo wrong. She is with the cousin of a guy who likes her, she knows she screwed the cousin over once, and the other Guy helped them get back together. This bitch has the nerves to tease him to no end with her stupid hair, if it is in her way I’ll gladly chop it off for her. The she has all this arm holding, hair touching, hand holding with him. Girls like that really tick me off. Han Kyul and Han Sung are morons to have anything to do with her.
    I already am preparing myself for her to hurt our dear Han Sung again, she is stupid, how dare she talk to DK on the phone, the guy SHE LEFT HIM FOR. I mean is there any decency in her, does she even use the brain she has. The fact that Han Sung doesn’t tell her off pisses me off. He is letting himself sink deeper and deeper into her bullshit.

    Sorry to rant, but everytime I see her, I want to do some bitch slapping and hair pulling.

  15. 15 ginnie

    Eun Chan is so obviously a girl. The more they show her, the more obvious it becomes to me. It makes it very puzzling.

    hehe…they added another cliche. Han Kyul gets to go to New York, ha…..I was wondering when they were going to add US since we already have Yu Ju coming back from dear old Paris…or was it New York too? hmm….hee..

    Yu Ju…her character ….well……she’s poison but hey there are some people that wants to drink it…so whose fault is that…=P

    I am curious about the book too. Is it also like the show?

  16. 16 canyayasis

    the gods were smiling when i found this website! thank you (chohng-mal!)

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    cute episode, i just wished that yu jin wasn’t so freaking annoying and manipulative…. and i wished eun chan hadn’t forgived whats his face so soon cause he treated her really bad… thanks for summary good as usual

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    i find the scenes where eun chan gets mad sort of awkward.
    but i looooovvvveeee that dumb guy. haha!! hilarious.

  19. 19 yakatoo

    thanks javabeans! i used to always wait til i watch the episodes with subs before i read your recaps, just felt it just might spoil the fun. but coffee prince is just soooo addictive can’t help but jump right ahead into your recaps. the summaries you make give me my much needed coffee prince fix even before the subs are out! hehehe. but wondering – where’d you get the book? been searching online high and low for it but can’t find any! do share source please! thanks again!!! 😀

  20. 20 javabeans

    Sorry guys, the book’s only in Korean! I got it at a Korean bookstore.

  21. 21 yeli

    this episode looks great….cant wait to see it with Subs…..thanks girl for another amazing summary! 😀

    By the way, i love your little side comments on that annoying girl….Yu Ju?….I totally agree….she makes me mad…haha 😀

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    If anyone want to watch this Drama go to http://www.veoh.com and search for
    the coffee prince and then click on series, ep1,2,3 and 4 with english version is out there already.

  23. 23 Brnice

    Hmmmm…. I couldn’t tell why precisely, but I can feel a certain love triangle building up throughout your summaries…

    I’m feeling we’ll have Han Sung liking (like very much “wanting to be her boyfriend”) Eun Chan and leaving Yoo Ju as he realizes it (she’ll then have “that pain” she was foreseeing while hearing the serenade) ; of course, Eun Chan can’t really decide for the moment, but, what do you know : girls like challenges, so she’s definitely going to want to be with Han Gyul (which I disapprove of in advance, because I really really like “Mr. Soulful Voice” aka Han Sung…), otherwise he wouldn’t be the male lead. Of course, Han Gyul is going to resist his attraction to Eun Chan until he realizes that Yoo Ju is an insufferable-annoying-spoiled-bratty-plastic surgery produced-annoying (did I say that already?) girl – especially since she’s going to be single and crying her eyes out because of a potential break-up with Han Sung over his love for Eun Chan – and, well, until he can come to terms with “liking a guy” ; but maybe seeing Han Sung and Eun Chan might…

    Okay… Let’s stop here for the random speculation about what’s going to follow – sorry for those who went through it… :o)

    But, anyway, I think I’m really going to love this series, despite the clichs… Again, Thank you so much for taking the time to do these wonderful recaps, javabeans !

  24. 24 Sharon

    Just a long time reader posting to say how much I loved the 4th episode of Coffee Prince(which is quickly climbing up to my list of top fav kdramas!)

    I gotta say though, Eun Chan has been crying A LOT from the past 2 episodes, and find it surprising how Han Gyul doesn’t suspect that it’s a bit girl-ish. =P I mean, do guys cry like that when an angry person yells at them? At 24 years old? I personally find that not very likely… but maybe that’s just me.

    The whole goofing off at the fountain was cute, and basically I found this episode the most satisfying so far. Thanks for the summary! Can’t wait until next Monday!

    And I love love the music in Coffee Prince.

  25. 25 gna4

    lol… thank you for this… I understand like 1/3 of the language.. bad me ^^ shame on me.
    About Yu Ju I understand what you mean, in fact she seems like she could be a younger version of Madam Gong from Flowers For My Life.. but I liked Madam Gong -unlike Yu Ju, who gets really irritating. I hope no one ends up with her. =]

  26. 26 Nhi

    Am I the only one who’s not annoy by Yu Ju? Or rather, I don’t really care about her. Whether you like her or not, every drama needs one of them. Her character is a must.

    Even after four episodes, I’m still not sure if I like this drama or not. :/

  27. 27 jiwonee

    all the coffee prince shop members are so cute in their own way. coffee prince is based on a novel? i heard it was a manga. and i still can’t believe hankyul thinks eun chan is a guy. i mean, come on its so obvious. guys don’t cry when they get yelled at, they like take it out on a wall or something. and yooju is pissing me off -_-” anyways, thank you so much for the summary! i can’t wait until the next episode comes out :]

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  31. 31 its_trish

    I agree that it’s getting harder to buy everyone thinking Eun Chan’s a guy still.. but I do have to give my props – they’re doing a really good job of making it believable (vs. the taiwan and japanese hana kimi efforts.. still good though!)
    I can’t wait for MR. Sexy Voice to fall for – and show it – Eun Chan.. since she has already admitted to having feelings for him *cough Guy A
    I predict most of the guys will fall for her *cough Ha Rim and Min Yub maybe even pretty boy?
    I think YEH is doing an awesome job – I look forward to her next ventures!
    Thanks for the superb summary and recap – as always ^^

  32. 32 secret admirer

    I’m with you, javabeans… most definitely rooting for the Han Sung and Eun Chan get-together. There’s something so cute about them when they are on screen together… it’s a more subtle connection. But then you know how it is, 99.9% of K-drama male and female leads end up as a couple by ep 16. Do you think that they dare to change that this time? I’m sure that Gong Yoo is attractive to many female viewers (i for once admit that this guy’s physique is awesome!), but it’s just that LSK is more charming to me. I guess it’s just me getting tired of the conventional drop-dead-gorgeous men. You know i can only take so many scenes of GY being topless. After a while, it’s just the same “where’s the beef” routine… 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome recap… Love the new edit function.
    Your banner rotation is cool… Love JH and HCY.

  33. 33 Acey

    Hmm I dunno.. does anyone, like me, prefer to keep the two couples separate? I like keeping Han Sung and Yu Ju together, though I do have several reservations about that relationship (mainly about Yu Ju, whose redeeming quality is that she’s the kind of pretty I like to see) – I just think if they get tangled up with Han Gyul and Eun Chan it’s going to be sooo messy and confusing? Probably I’m just lazy and cowardly, and don’t want to have the face the dilemma of choosing haha

  34. 34 Philippa

    Thanks! It’s funny! Thanks a lot! This drama is awesome!!!!!!!!! I actually agree with that other dude on what he said “who would believe that you’re a guy or something like that/////” lol. She is such a good actress, so does anybody know if she really got her hair cut for this drama? Just like Ella? I would never cut my hair THAT short! I got it cut once when I was 6 and I LOOKED like a BOY! lol. I used to get teased a LOT! lol.
    Thank you so much again! lol. That’s so funny when they were drunk and like kissing each other! lol.
    P.S. This is like sooooo off the topic. lol. But Transformer is a MUST watch movie! My friend and I watched Harry Potter and Transformer today in theatres (and we did NOT sneak in to see the second movie for FREE! lmao) and we think that Transformer was more interesting. The movie just sucked compare to the book! lol. They skipped and changed soooo many things!
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  35. 35 yakatoo

    shoot too bad book’s only in korean. 🙁
    and acey, am with you on the HG-EC love team. I mean, yea HS may be all sweet and i’t’s but tragic that he’s stuck on the crazy girl who’s bound to break his heart, but really i’m after the sparks between HG and EC! hmmmm….

  36. 36 secret admirer

    Ha ha ha. Already forming 2 camps rooting for 2 different couple-set-up. I mean i do see the sparks between HG and EC (there’s plenty of chemistry between these 2). But i was hoping that they would move toward a new path and give us a non-traditional coupling. We’ve all seen many times before the bad-boy-turns-good from involving in a relationship with a non-submissive-bad-eating-manner strong female antagonist. But hey, this does not take credit away from the production team for making this (so far) the best romantic comedy of 2007. I just wish that there’s a little bit more substance in this cup of coffee beneath all the froth. Come on, Coffee Prince, surprise us at the end.

  37. 37 nicole

    ha, i was watching this online and downloaded it afterwards as well…and i’ve just got to say that i totally agree with your comments concerning Yu Ju….. can’t stand her…but it’s sad to say that there are lots of girls like her….. lol.. but anyways, thanks for the summary too because the version that i’m watching does not have subs… so the summary helps…a lot!!

  38. 38 Roudy

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    and one more thing I totally agree with you regading the 2nd actress..I don’t like her painting.

    thanks again.

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    i just wanted to thank you for your great overview and cool songs that you have for coffee prince. you’re great! i was wondering if you can romanize the title and the singer for the song that han sung sang to serenade yu ju. i love the song. also, if you could, could you provide a romanized lyrics of it. but, if you’re busy, i perfectly understand. great work again! love your blog………

  44. 44 deehan

    does anybody know whats the song title and the artist of the song played when han kyul went to yu ju’s flat (the time she gave him his birthday gift?) (when han kyul made silly dance)

    i kinda like the tune of the song…..


  45. 45 hellodarling

    yeah, when i watch yoo ju, she really annoys me, i dunno why….

    for those who want to read the novel, i think someone is translating at this xanga~~~

  46. 46 catherine

    “Han Sung gifts Yu Ju with a serenade”
    does anynoe where i can get dis song?

  47. 49 tessagoh

    hey, does anyone know the title for the song serenaded by han sung? please post title and singer and even better, link to the song here! thanks!

  48. 50 HanzAi

    Hi..if i’m not wrong the title is
    “Ocean travel [Choi Han Sung ver. ] – Lee Sun Gyu”
    and I’m finding the lyrics wif eng translation which was serenaded by Han Sung…juz dunno y i luv so much his voice and the way he sang..wich makes me listen over again n again…manly voice i guess..so sexy..heehee!!

    You can also view him singing live in YouTube.