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Shampoo ad + fake hair = Irony?
by | March 23, 2008 | 33 Comments

Yoon Eun Hye‘s one of the most in-demand CF models working these days, and now she adds one more to the roster: she’s signed with cosmetic company Amore Pacific’s “premium Oriental-medicine shampoo” Ryeo [려/呂], which boasts restorative herbal effects from its special “patented formula” (geez, do I sound like a brainless ad shot in glossy colors and fuzzy backlighting or what?).

The shampoo CF brought in famed art director Jung Gu Ho (Hwang Jini), who’s credited with the set dressing, costuming, and the concept behind Yoon Eun Hye’s tradition-inspired look. Obviously, since her hair was cut short for last year’s Coffee Prince and hasn’t miraculously sprouted over a foot in length overnight, we can only presume that the commercial’s long-haired look has been generously enhanced by artificial means. Does nobody care given that the product being hawked is shampoo? Ah, right, I’m forgetting this is Korean beauty advertising — it doesn’t matter if it’s natural as long as it’s beautiful.

Funny, you’d think with such boasting of credentials, the promo picture released to the public would be better quality. Me, I prefer the candid, unstylized photo by a long shot (right).

The CF will be unveiled to the public on April 1.

Via My Daily


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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. E

    i love the concept…but I agree..the picture on the right is much more appealing.

  2. ROKKU

    she is beautiful.

  3. all4movies

    Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t need any touch ups, but the “fake” hair does.

  4. nileey

    that’s quite funny, having a person put on a wig to advertise for shampoo! oh well, if it can sell, why not?

  5. Momo

    False advertisement!
    Why Amore Pacific, why?
    Let YEH use her short hair,
    it’s natural and better-looking, than the wig.

  6. clover

    wow.. yeah. the candid picture is gorgeous.

  7. Jo

    geeez…the promo pic looks ridiculous!
    I stared at it for like five seconds….who on earth will have hair like this?? It’s like she went back to the caveman days….>_>

  8. Mics

    I am an advertisting arts major in Fine Arts and one of the major rules in advertising is against false advertising. Ofcourse in some ways there are ways to get around this rule without being obvious and avoiding getting sued. This company is just plain rude to its potential market! How can they make false advertisements like this that are too obvious a fake? This must mean that they think their market are composed of idiots or they mean their product is a shampoo directed for fake hair…

    Anyway, anyone involved in this whole advertisement is stupid. Yeah including YEH for agreeing to fool the public. Disappointing as I really like this girl.

    I just wish that I am wrong and that she did magically grow her hair that long in a short amount of time …

  9. marcel

    hmm.. the wig looks like a big pile of burnt dookie… but YEH looks nice in the candid pic.. she seems like a nice enough person but yeah never impressed me as being someone with a great deal of integrity..

  10. 10 L4E

    They chose the right day to air such a CF, April fools.

  11. 11 orchid

    I am with you javabeans. The second photos is WAY better!

  12. 12 Cheesey

    She’s a stunning girl

    yes false advertising is illegal, but you look at the artistic image she portrays and you have to admit that she’s stunning in the photos

    It wouldn’t be the first time a company has doctored it’s products image/effects to attract the attention of the consumer – a little bit of exageration and voila – you have people lining up to buy your product. t’s a bit like in Australia Pantene (shampoo) advertising – they claim that the hair is so healthy it shines – it’s all computer generated – I don’t care how healthy your hair may be – it’s not going to behave like water…And didn’t Penelope Cruz get sued (or something) recently because she was advertising a mascara that claimed to enlarge eyelashes (apparently every woman’s dream) when in fact, at the time of filming/shooting the commercial, she was actually wearing false eye lashes….it’s not about reality…it’s about money

  13. 13 MS

    False advertising! I ad agency should be ashamed.

  14. 14 gumdropz

    Ugly pictures with an ugly girl!

  15. 15 aig

    the only believable korean star to endorse a hair product is jun ji hyun!
    this one looks sooo fake… it makes me want to buy a wig instead.

  16. 16 cartman

    yep..candid one’s better

  17. 17 robbo4

    Other than the ridiculous comment by ‘dumbdropz’, I concur with what most everyone else says; The add is ridiculous, but YEH, sitting under that pile of oily, hairy ooze, looks incredible!!!

  18. 18 belleza

    Janice Dickinson Belleza: YEH’s hair looks like an alien. Which makes 2 aliens in the picture oh snap!!

    Tyra Belleza: Girl I’m feeling your weave, okay. YEH is our next top model, okay!! Can I touch your breasts, I love touching breasts!!!

    Normal Belleza: Love the concept here. Should add that the proper ad picture on the left would look better than the candid *in print* It’s set in high contrast, with a reduced color pallete, which looks utterly crap on a computer screen with already so much white around it. But it’s ideal on glossy white. I like YEH’s weave; hair products are more about imparting a message rather than a consonant image (i.e. fake hair + shampoo = (y)eh?) “Classical” Asian hair should be glossy with every black strand shining silk-like.

  19. 19 Myeongwol

    at first i thought it was just a bad fanmade photoshopped pic of Yeh with a random Hwang Jin Yi wig 😐

  20. 20 ripgal

    What’s the point of the AD if her hair’s fake? uhhh..
    Agree that the candid pic looks way better… (but cut the fake hair and stuff, I think she looks extremely gorgeous.. i’m so jealous! XD)

    But again, it’s YEH.. and if she sells, the product sells..

  21. 21 Eisa

    YEH does look great in that second picture although I agree with “Momo” if they wanted her for their promotion then they should have left her with her natural hair, unless she did grow that much hair in such a short amount of time, doubt it but maybe it happened :P.

  22. 22 cheuy

    Kim Tae Hee is way prettier and this girl is nothing in comparison! She’s actually kinda weird looking…..

  23. 23 :O

    yoon eun hye 🙂
    seriously. the candid unstylized picture is way better.

  24. 24 Isla

    That picture is disgusting! What the hell were they thinking?

  25. 25 kirsten

    Duh! That picture is obviously photoshopped.
    The original pictures for the ad wont be released until April.

  26. 26 dae

    I fell down my seat after reading this. wait let me gape some more.

    … okay… am not too sure what they’re highlighting in this ad … i feel it would have been a greater opportunity for a shampoo manufacturing company to have made a series of ad(s) where they would feature the progression of how eun hye’s hair lengthens while continuing to improve its texture.

    like personally for me all shampoos are effective only up to a maximum of 2wks after that my hair gets limp using the same shampoo everyday… so i try to mix up if the shampoo line has different variety to offer. although i do have a brand that’s safe for me to use.

    i just don’t get it – shampoo ad presenting a model with fake hair… it”s definitely NOT an analogy to a model promoting a brand of brassiere with an augmented breast. DUH!

  27. 27 Alodia

    I used to work in the movies and commercial production.
    Well… most (if not all) shampoo commercials used fake hairs always to make the hair look better and shows more volume on tv. Because hair looks different on television.
    but the only difference with this tv ad is that it’s obvious that the hair is fake bec YEH has short hair. ^^
    They should just use the original length of her hair and just add volume.

  28. 28 Alexision

    Is it wrong to use a scheme like that to their advantage? I personally don’t think it is. If people are willing to buy the product in spite of what they dish out, then, it’s all fair game, isn’t it?

  29. 29 javafiend

    Is it false advertising when something is so obviously fake?

  30. 30 ityneres

    well.. quite simply.. you’d be an idiot to think that woman needs a wig or anything else for that matter. i think she looks far worse with it, in her more natural photograph she just has a radiance about her that that wig seems to kill.

  31. 31 Anonymous

    that is preety

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