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Kim Joon to quit T-Max to act full-time
by | February 19, 2009 | 44 Comments

The title says it all: It’s being reported that Kim Joon is capitalizing on his newfound Boys Before Flowers fame to pursue a full-time acting career.

This means he’ll be dropping out of kpop group T-Max, which probably is a good idea since he’s been stretching himself thin trying to keep up with a busy shooting schedule while also promoting his group. Plus, his absence presents difficulties for the other members.

I say, good for everyone involved. I was skeptical of Kim Joon’s casting initially, since he’d never acted before, but while his character remains on the sidelines of the story, he comes across as a natural. He has potential and screen presence. Plus, T-Max is still a relatively new group (they debuted with a single album in 2007), so this is as good a time as any for them to part ways.

With Kim Joon’s profile skyrocketing (I’d bet higher than even he’d expected), he (like the rest of the cast) is already fielding offers for a follow-up project. According to his rep, Kim is carefully considering his next step, preferring to pick a role that will take him to the next level as an actor. (For example, he’s an enthusiastic fan of arthouse director Kim Ki-duk (Coast Guard, 3 Iron) and would dearly love to work with him, for free if necessary.)

Ha. Just as I hit publish, a few other reports counter that he may not be quitting, or that he’s quitting only temporarily, or that he plans to return after BBF. The stories are a bit contradictory; I’m guessing they all have a bit of truth but it’s unclear which is the most true. (Sorry if I just confused everyone, LOL.)

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44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Genie

    Bummed, kinda. I wanted him to perform Paradise, at least once haha.

  2. bluelime

    glad to see kim joon pursuing an acting career. : )

  3. tlina069

    I’d say good for him! I think he’s the dark horse in the series. ^_^

  4. sonam

    A Kim Ki Duk fan? This guy is cool! Yes, he’s a natural and I hope things work out for him. He must have gotten some interesting offers to want to focus full time on acting.

  5. rainey

    All the Prince Song fans will be really happy about this.

  6. shu

    poor thing. i heard when he went to join the auditions and got in, thats when only his team mates know about it. and they were quite unhappy. like betray them like them. now he wants to pull out totally from them for acting. either is they want to kick him out alr, or he had incurred their wrath.
    anw, i dun think its a temp thing, i mean what the point of announcing that he pulled out from the group just to joined it back soon after. which celebrity have done this beore anyway.
    but anw, i really like prince song. kim joon finally looks like he has his story in bbf.

  7. Liz

    Honestly, I would be a little ticked off if I were one of his group members or a fan of his band- isn’t this pretty much saying that BOF is more important than his band? Although he’s the least popular member of the four that was better than what he was getting out of his music? But I guess it’s his personal decision.

  8. Anonymous

    I think he’ll do better off with an acting career. The dude is pretty good for his first time unlike another cast memeber….. but ya he only have like one line in Paradise so if he want fame acting is the way to go!! good for him

  9. Sue

    wowwwwwww the bof header swampageeee!

  10. 10 Hibiscus

    When I saw the video of T-Max singing on a radio program, I was clearly disappointed when I realized that he gets to sing only two lines in the song “Paradise”. Besides, he’s pretty much good for a first-time actor unlike other newbies out there and I think it would do him good to pursue acting full-time. It’s way hard to balance acting and singing and I think he chose the one thing that really matters to him most right now which is acting. I’m hoping he and Kim Bum will work together in future projects to come…:) I love their friendship! 😀

  11. 11 cinamoroll

    well, quite understandable because he is from small budget company(I would say unknown until he became famous), and apprently, the concept of T-Max was to parody/copy JPOP Idol groups, which is ridiculous! All of their songs except paradise are remake of JPOP Idol singers songs and stuff. I heared that finally the company is going to give them something genuine to sing from now on. anyway, their songs have very few rap parts, so KimJoon used to sing and rap about what, like 20second? I would say this is very smart choice. As for other two members, I love their voices! why can’t they sing songs like FlytotheSky?

  12. 12 Empress

    I wish he would quit that outfit he has on in the main picture. 1. the scarf 2. the shirt with oddly long sleeves and 3. acid wash jeans? LOL!

  13. 13 lovenyc52

    omg i love your yi-jung/ga-eul header… i really hope this version takes their relationship to the next level – they are really the cutest couple :o)

    interesting news about kim joon. i haven’t gone too far in the series yet so i haven’t seen him do too much, but i wish him the best!!

  14. 14 Amy

    Kim Joon has a pretty good voice. He didn’t know his own lines from “Paradise” too well, but his voice is nice to listen to. However, I think I agree with Liz in an above comment. If I were one of his bandmates, I’d probably be a little ticked off at how he’s handling the BOF thing. Granted, this would be great for him if he wasn’t really that into singing to begin with, but if he went into singing because he knew he wanted to eventually springboard to other projects, then that would suck for any of his bandmates who are actually serious about their music.

  15. 15 marz

    ^ true that. it would suck for his bandmates. but i guess if he does decide to persue acting more its better sooner to quit than later. cause that be worse off.
    but i see his acting potential btw.. he also has a nice voice which gives him good projection when acting.

  16. 16 Angela

    He likes Kim Ki Duk?! Now I’m an even bigger fan of his!! Can’t wait to see him on the next episode… ^_^

  17. 17 twreckx

    That he’s a fan of Kim Ki-Duk’s work is great (adds a few notches on his plus column for me). I hope he knows that the level of acting KKD requires is quite high and I really hope he spends time learning as well as acting. Good luck to him.

    PS Does anyone else get distracted by his upper lip fuzz? His face never seems quite as baby-bottom smooth as the others. Hmmnn

  18. 18 funkination

    oh no surely he can do both! why does it have to be one or another?
    T-max isn’t going to be the same without him.

  19. 19 asik g

    The more Kim Joon, the better. I see some potential..and hotness.. Thank you! 😀

  20. 20 chau

    no no..dont quit. he’s great as a singer too . no no

  21. 21 sub

    Hyungjoon-ah~~~~ how could you do this? *heatattack*
    pls tell me this isn’t true.
    he’s my favourite member from T-Max tho i love Minchul n Yunhwa as well…
    T-Max is great of the three voices creating the great dynamics….
    i’m frustrated now……….and hoping this is not true…….


    @cinamoroll : clearly you don’t even know T-Max, so please don’t pretend that you do and say false stuffs about them. their songs are Jpop inspired, but NOT remake of anything except for Lion Heart. your statements are so far fetched. n why should they sing fly to the sky kinda songs? to be called ftts wannabe? lol. isn’t it a good thing they have their own style that’s different from other kpop singers?

  22. 22 stargazer377

    whatever Kim Joon is doing (quitting, going back, doing T-Max part time) i wish him the best of luck. he does have a nice voice though.
    and if he has to sing songs like Almost Paradise, i’d choose acting over singing as well. (sorry T-Max! and their fans) =X although i do feel bad for the other 2 members.

  23. 23 kirara

    Javabeans,, its ok if your news isn’t up to date.. its good for some of us like me who don’t know where we would get that kind of news.

    Well good look to him to whatever he decides to do. It could be good that he puts his music career aside, but its also good to be multi talented in more than just doing acting alone.

    Thanks for the tidbit.

  24. 24 le

    it would be cool if he stayed with them, him being in the group has definitely helped them with popularity, i’m also liking his character in BOF more but he is barely given any lines, i hope we’ll see his storyline soon, it is cool how almost every character on BOF is given an interesting storyline.

  25. 25 Yin

    so not a big fan of t-max. >.> But Kim Joon is way too good for them. XD
    But that’s subjective right? so don’t bash me.

  26. 26 Yaleni

    No, i HIGHLY doubt kim joon is quitting at all. It’s possible he might quit, but not anytime soon. i heard his group was scheduled to go to japan to promote their songs and make new albums…

  27. 27 whit3butt3rfly

    HA! Seriously? This guy annoys me so badly with his “Yo Yo Yo Man”. Or the “Hey Man, woh woh”. His English is horrible, and the fact that those words he utters aren’t really English, but how he manages to stuff even those small slang words just demonstrates how horrid his English is.

    In BOF/BBF he has a small part to play, so I think it’s silly for him to reckon that he should “take advantage” of his “fame” from the series… he is very minor character, and I disagree that he is natural. If anything he is quite unnatural in his role!

    Just my 2 cents worth!

  28. 28 vinz

    for me,it’s okay if he would still be a part of his group,T-Max…He could also be an actor….in fact, he’s good at it…….HE CAN BE BOTH…about his group,we can’t say that he betrayed his friends when he auditioned to be a part of the show…..maybe he really wants to be an actor and a singer at the same time……

  29. 29 f/4 hayranı

    harika süper mükemmel

  30. 30 NUVI YANG

    KIM joon wo ai ni .. .. ..
    kim joon ,, ,,
    you are so handsome.. ..
    I’m NUVI YANG.. ..

  31. 31 isabella

    oppa kim joon u so handsome,cute and i very like u so much
    i hope u succses and love u ,sarange kim joon JESUS BLESS U

  32. 32 Raine

    Kim Joon,your voice is good went to sing solo….
    In Jun Be Ok…
    You ft with Kim Hyun Joong…
    I Like Your Voice Very Much….

  33. 33 atien

    keren q ng_fans bgt ma kim joon coba z kimjoom islam n pndh ke indonesia trus nikah deh ma q>

  34. 34 dina_alcheon

    I LOVE oppa kim joon

  35. 35 jakelyn austria

    always be happy call me if your sad my number is 5312150 always love you jakelyn! sweet dreams.

  36. 36 jakelyn austria

    love you always.

  37. 37 Mia

    I very t_max because t_max very good music2 nya, and kim joon dan t_max kpn dateng ke indonesia. Pliase pesan di respon ya!ok.



  39. 39 sara


    i really love youuuuuuu <3

    you are the hottist guuuuy i haad ever seen ^^

    plz visit us in dubai 🙁

  40. 40 ditaa

    I never boring to see you jun … Saranghae … :* I just hope I can meet you letter … Hhaa 😀

  41. 41 ditaa

    I never boring to see you jun … Saranghae … :* I just hope I can meet you letter … Hhaa 😀 please visit to Indonesia .. 🙂

  42. 42 paresi irane

    i love you kim joon

  43. 43 fafa(iran)

    oh no kim jun why you quit T-max band?
    but i love you for ever

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